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 The Morrigan Speaks

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PostThe Morrigan Speaks

05:27:57 [The_Nightmare] Wesley had left after the female had passed out--but having taken her to her bed first. And he took the wrapper in which Avery had given Lilium and he phased through the shadows. Traveling the distance between the apartment and to the Manor in seconds. And in time too, as the sun was rising he emerged out of the shadows in one of the many halls. Holding the wrapper in his hand--as he wondered what to do with it. His life was such a torture--why did he let himself suffer all the time? He gets up onto his hindclaws as he padded off and away--going towards one of the large full-bodied mirrors in the Manor. He ignored many of the others in his home, they looked at him like some kind of animal--staring at his appearance in the mirror and noting his horrific visage. He was an heir, but at times he felt more like the family pet. And thoughts went towards Morrigan--he hadn't felt her in a long time, and it made him feel...strange.

05:33:38 BWRP TheMorrigan: had been locked in her room for days. Ever since Peter had arrived at Triskilion Manor bearing the Sword of Light it had sent the Morrigan into the depths of her chambers, beyond doors and walls where others could be. The Sword had proven to her that the Midhir Prophecy was in motion and not good with change, The Morrigan took it as a time to take control. There would be no end of things as the Prophecy denotes, but the beginning of Darkness, with The Morrigan as Queen. Her plan was to use the events to become the ultimate leader of all Fae, while wiping out Humans and those who did not wish to support her. Every move, every action thus far had been to try and secure that. Delaney’s escape from death, the Sword of Light appearing and the loss of the Bloodstone had set her back. But The Morrigan was not to be defeated, nor would she walk away. Instead, she planned. She plotted and she prepared. Wesley. The one she’d created. The beginning of so many others who could follow in the same suit. Beckoning =05:33:54 [BWRP] TheMorrigan: him to her at the Manor. She’d be found, located deep within the bowels of the building, down below the sewers and into the very gut of the Earth - a secret lair that the creature would know of. Very few others did.
05:38:13 [The_Nightmare] Wesley closed his eyes as his jaws opened as he sighed--he could feel her again. The gentle caress of her shadowy thoughts into his own mind, he could feel her calling him. He hated being used like a pet, the same time, he enjoyed the caress of her darkness. He was very few who was immune to her powers of shadow and soul-consumption, because of the divine essence she infused into his core. In essence--he was a part of her. But he was independant, self-sentient. And he opens his eyes as he looks at the mirror. Narrowing his eyes at his visage. He turned and walked towards a wall as he slips into the shadow in it's corner--and he disappeared from the Manor. Slipping down and deep into the earth--emerging within the pitch black caves that she beckoned him too. He could see perfectly down here. And he glances around, Spellbound wrapper still in hand. Would she be proud that he found more evidence of the drug? Or punish him for obtaining it? The information of the Prophet of Light--and that she was05:38:20 [The_Nightmare] obsessed with Spellbound. He glances up and around as he calls out, "Mistress?"

05:47:00 BWRP TheMorrigan: stepped forth from the shadows, her form taking shape from the rivulets of mist and smoke that had bound her to invisibility. Long, snakelike tendrils of hair coiled around her face, wisps flowing of the tips as she took a more corporeal form. Her eyes of inky blackness landed upon the figure before her, the one she’d created, evolved like a Frankenstein of Fae. Yet, he was of her, a part of her - a child she’d never had. Stepping forward, her hand reached out to touch the essence of him, a gentle caress of welcome as she spoke. “It is time, Wesley. We have much to do.” The dark of her eyes briefly flickered with a hint of red as her pale visage came into light, ageless complexion that seeped of her power, magic and dark intent. Her hand lowering, she turned methodically toward the area behind her, set up with an old mahogany desk, bookshelves lined with manuscripts and editions of articles never shared with others. Annals of her past, records, translations, spells and more. Skulls of different sizes, races,

05:47:34 [BWRP] TheMorrigan: races, stood iconic among them, jars of other items skewered the remaining space. “The Sword of Light has made it’s presence known. It is only a matter of time before the other items come to pass and they meet.” She stopped, circulating momentarily close to her desk as a book opened on it’s own, flipping through pages then coming to a stop. “I sense the Cauldron though. It is the only one I can feel, due to my nature.” The witch, the wizard - the magic inherent in her person. “But I shall need you to bring it to me and it’s Keeper.” She paused, eyes landing on the male once more. “But what news have you, Wesley?. Speak!”

06:01:29 [The_Nightmare] Wesley closed his eyes as he let out a soothed growling sigh as her hand caressed the essence of his body. Slowly he opened his eyes and turned around--and she spoke. It was time? He padded after her and followed her in deeper into this cavern. Liking the way the dirt and soil felt beneath his clawed feet as it displaced the dirt beneath him. He was only aware of the Prophecy because of their connection, it was likely that he wasn't the only creature of her make that felt...lost. Alone. an abandoned dog that has lived with it's master for their entire life, and suddenly cut loose and abandoned in the wilds for only a few days. As he glances around her hidden study and at all of the mystical items scattered everywhere. Padding over towards one of the skulls as he examined it, reaching over to trail a talon lovingly across it's delicately white surface--he could hear the screams of it's owner when they died. He glances towards her as she began to speak again, about a cauldron and it's keeper.

06:01:38 [The_Nightmare] So he was to hunt her? "I found several things today. Many things." he padded over and went to place the wrapper of the Spellbound on her desk, "I found the Prophet of Light--and she's addicted to Spellbound. She seems to think you will attack...something. In the future. I think she said 'The Dark will attack the Ball'. She's...rude. Very rude. I said 'Hello' to her and she tells me to begone--treats me as if I'm some kind of minion for her to command. I wanted to kill her, but she used magic--it sent me away. Teleported me a mile out of town. I came back, and wanted to gut her--but she gave me information about Spellbound and herself--and one of her dealers, too. I saw him, calls himself the 'Dreamer'. I also met Galen earlier too--he and the succubus you hate so much, are having disagreements. Galen has...never gotten himself drunk before, to my knowledge. And he went over to get himself drunk with whiskey." and his eyes narrowed as he went to pad over towards one of her crystal balls as he trails his 06:01:48 [The_Nightmare] talons across the glass, "I hate the way she makes him feel--makes him act. That isn't the Galen I know... she's....ruined him. I want to kill bad...but I don't want to make Galen hate me if I do. He...also wants to talk to you, about things. He's still trying to find the owners of the Spellbound hitting the streets." he glances up and over at the Morrigan, " approve of this information and object I've brought you, Mistress?"

06:13:54 BWRP TheMorrigan: listened with intent, though her eyes narrowed, her visage darkened as she mentioned Delaney and Galen. “He has slept with the whore. She has beguiled him with her powers.” She spat in a rather unladylike manner. “But, it is not all bad. The more he hates, the more angry he becomes, the easier it will be for him to kill her. Galen has a darkness in him. It will surge and soon and it will be one less problem I have to deal with.” Her lips curved into a delicious smile as the remainder of the news was offered. Of course, The Morrigan knew of Spellbound, perhaps more than she allowed Wesley to know. Though she revealed to him by her look alone that she was happy with the news. “A prophet of light - it was only a matter of time before these things began to show themselves. As for Spellbound, perhaps it is a good thing she is addicted. None will believe her words. None will listen because she is hooked. It is the drug that talks, not her. We should ensure she has a constant supply of the drug.” The ==06:14:10 [BWRP] TheMorrigan: Morrigan paused. “I’ve heard that too much can kill a human…” The hint was dropped succinctly as she moved around her room, motioning toward the male, taking the Skull from his hand and placing it back upon the shelf as if he a child who was told not to touch anything. “This is good information, dear one. You have done well, child.” There was a moment of silence as she mulled over the Galen situation. “He doubts me. Galen does. But in time, he will see I am right. The whore will die and he will remain high in favor, one day to rule the Court at a time where there will be only one court.” The grin was wicked, though upon her elegant face it was difficult to see the twisted nuances that were formed. “For now, Wesley I want you to focus on the next task at hand. This must be done before the Ball. The Cauldron. It is an item that I need. Must required. For it will feed an army when there is no food.. “ She hinted at things to come. “The Keeper must stay with the cauldron but I wish to bring her to my=06:14:25 [BWRP] TheMorrigan: wish to bring her to my keeping. She is The prophet of the Dark.. I must know what she sees. Her name is Jessica.. She is a mortal witch. You do not harm her. You charm her, entice her.. Beguile her.”

06:22:38 [The_Nightmare] Wesley glances over at the Morrigan as she speaks. A great many of the things she was telling him unsettled the Shadow Beast--she wanted to keep the female supplied with the drug, to kill her? The Morrigan wanted to change her into a Lost Soul? Was there more going on with Spellbound that he didn't understand? He never picked up the skull, he merely traced a talon over it. The crystal ball he also traced a talon over--he was more...careful...with her things than anyone else. He turns to face her as he listens intently to what she was saying. His mission was to fetch Jessica, and bring her to the Morrigan. But the methods she picked were...odd to say the least, "You do not want me to consume her to bring her to you, Mistress? Why would she be allowed to be charmed by me? Mortals are afraid of me, I am not exactly a creature that they can warm up too." he tilts his head back and ponders this task, "What if she does not want to grant me the chance to charm her? What if others come to interfere?"

06:29:32 BWRP TheMorrigan: knew there was a side of Wesley that would bring people to him, fear or not. Some would be drawn to him because of his differences, because of his looks. Pity was a powerful tool that could be used. “She must come of her own will, Wesley. As a Keeper of the Cauldron, she will drawn to the other three items, and their Keepers. We must be stronger than that draw. You scare her, she will run directly to the others. You open up to her, allow her to pity you. Reveal to her that side of you who wallows in misery because of what you are.. She will come with you willingly.” The Morrigan paused, giving insight to the creature that she was in tune with his emotions, his feelings, his differences. “We cannot risk her meeting with the others. Once the Stone is discovered it is the last of Four, the task will become more difficult. So the time must be now. I will help. When I know you are close to her, I will sense it. I will aid if need be, but she must come on her own choice..”

06:37:13 [The_Nightmare] Wesley nodded as he listened to her. He didn't much like the idea of using his depression to lure someone into pitying him intentionally. Even Lilium had opened up...a little...when he lapsed into his depressive state. He idly wondered if she allowed him to be depressed intentionally so that she could use it as a further trap of the unwary? He rubs the back of his neck. Okay. So he needs to find the female called Jessica, and he needs to convince her to come with him of her own will to the Morrigan. This was not going to be easy, "Alright. I'll do my best. I don't know how this will work out, but I'll do what I can." this would be the first time he's gone after someone she wants without the end result of them becoming eaten by him. He drops his clawed hand to his side. He knew better than to question her about using his unstable mentality to get the job done.

06:41:18 BWRP TheMorrigan: watched him and his response. “Have faith in yourself and me, Wesley. I know what I created and I know what you are capable of. I have no doubt in you. You were made perfectly.” She motioned toward the male, letting her hand shift over the face in a delicate touch. “Once we have her in our possession, then things will truly start and soon, our Darkness will rule. Boston will no longer be as it was, and that is just the start of so many other things, Wesley. With you at my side, we will be invincible as a force and the Light will no longer have any say. Darkness prevails. Go now.. Leave me to complete my plans. I will be in touch..”

06:46:38 [The_Nightmare] Whilst Wesley was happy that the Morrigan was treating him so pleasantly, he didn't want to rule a world in Darkness. Sure, it would make being able to intermingle easier--because the Sun was his hated enemy. The shadows were a lonely place. As she stroked his cheek his fin pulls up a bit and flexes slightly, "Alright." he turns and drops onto all fours as he began to pad out of her study--and a thought: What if he couldn't find Jessica before the Ball? That didn't strike him as...good. As he dissipates within the shadows to return to his bone-filled lair. He began to push the bones aside as he went to lay down upon his large cushion in the middle of the featureless room of shadow and lay down upon his bed, he couldn't help but let his mind wander--if she took over the World, would there be more people for him to interact with him? And he didn't think that the Morrigan would have required him to be invincible--her power was...absolute. He...was merely a hunter.
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