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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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Plot Posts - Summary

Summery of things so far in the form of plot posts to keep people abreast of the situation. (for those to lazy to read logs! :P)
1010Seasons change.....
Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:27 am
Delaney View latest post
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13:34:22 [Vran] Triskilon Manor was a forbidding, brooding place. It had the electrical air of an impending storm about it, always. Shapeless forms hulked through the shadows. The halls often echoed with strange cries. Vran quite liked it. Of all buildings in the mortal world, he felt most at home here. The Raven fae was used to waiting. Waiting for events he had foreseen to actually transpire, waiting for the dying to expire, waiting for a mortal to leave an iron-fenced homestead so that he could seduce, distract or trouble them. He was not used to waiting for the Morrigan. He had exciting news....
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05:27:57 [The_Nightmare] Wesley had left after the female had passed out--but having taken her to her bed first. And he took the wrapper in which Avery had given Lilium and he phased through the shadows. Traveling the distance between the apartment and to the Manor in seconds. And in time too, as the sun was rising he emerged out of the shadows in one of the many halls. Holding the wrapper in his hand--as he wondered what to do with it. His life was such a torture--why did he let himself suffer all the time? He gets up onto his hindclaws as he padded off and away--going towards one of the large...
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12:35:49 [BWRP] Summary: Preparations for the Black and White Masquerade were being done - there was a constant cavalcade of people in and out of Trinity Hall over the last few days. From Caterers, designers, decorators, musicians and more. Some were human, others were, of course, Fae. The Building itself was beautiful, but with the adding area of outdoor marquis tents among other patio items, the Ball itself would be both inside and out. Rumors were abound about the evening and how wonderful everyone hoped it would be. It had been many years since a Masque had been held, specifically at Trinity...
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11:40:06 [BWRP] The day before had been just as any other that use to be in the City of Boston. Despite it’s corruption of Government, underground darkness, drugs and more, most enjoyed what could be considered a normal day. Uneventful and enjoyable. Though in the background, wheels were turning as the Midhir prophecy resonates further into fruition. Everyone would have woken with an invitation in the mail, one that spoke of a Masquerade Ball to be held the next full moon. Both humans and Fae alike, though of course, Humans would not be aware of the Fae. The Ash, as told by one of his most trusted...
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13:34:22 [Peter_Xarhilm] Another day. Just another day for the Phoenix. He had spent the evening with Penance again, the two sleeping together in his bed. He had awakened, got some breakfast and was now putting on the straps of daggers on his left thigh. Placing the Amulet of Courage that Penance made for him around his neck, and attaching the scabbard which contained the Sword of Light on his right hip. The belt strap for the scabbard in question was worn around his waist. Peter needed some answers from The Ash, but he was going to wait for The Ash to call for him. Due to the events of the evening...
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11:46:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had spent the entire evening sleeping with Penance. Having both claimed her Heart and her body, as far as the Phoenix was concerned the two were as close as two individuals on opposing sides of the fence could get. It was true that Peter had left the Dark Clan and had chosen to remain Neutral--he was no longer concerned about the Humans, as he didn't think they were the problem--it was Fae. Fae who had powers who weren't easily controllable. Fae like The Ash and The Morrigan, who apparently had Godlike powers and they answered to no one. They could do as they pleased,...
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14:55:26 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had spent the night in his own apartment. But his mind was still a sea of chaos, uncertainty, and disgust. He was angry at The Ash and The Morrigan both. Angry at the Fae. At the stupid Veil. At everything that embodied the Fae. As he had awakened--he ate a bowl of birdseed (Yes, birdseed. He thought it was good eating! Plus it reminded him of the Roadrunner Cartoons), and drank a bottle of water and was now outside. He was in a more secluded section of the Apartment complex. Standing up on a higher level on a concrete floor, with his arms folded over the railing...
by Delaney - Comments: 5 - Views: 617

14:23:57 [Delaney] The Morrigan had revealed one of her many secrets - her fear of the Midhir Prophecy coming to pass. Her belief that the newly arrived Succubus could well be the one that would destroy them all was motive behind the Queen of Dark wanting Delaney dead. Delaney had no idea of such things, and while Galen was now privy to this information, it may well come to him to end Laney’s life before such things arise. Boston was still in shambles, though the cleanup was being done. Power was still out in half of the city which had caused a multitude of activities during the night on behalf...
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22:12:33 [Lilium ] When that skin crawling feeling hit, when he appeared; her eyes lowered to angry slits. Well, she was not taking a step forward into the pond, so she simply turned around. Her arms still continued to stay crossed over her chest, grey/blue eyes glaring through the black lash slitted eyelids. "Can I help you with anything," she spoke with an agitated tone. His devilish looks did not make her timid or swoon. "Have you been following me," she asked in an Alston angry tone. Lilium did very well keeping her inner fear from playing on the outside. Keeping strong, that is how she should...
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13:04:25 [Delaney] As the storm overhead rippled the Worlds from one existence to another, Darkness had come to claim it’s prize. The succubus had survived The Morrigan’s attempt on her life, only to end up under the ownership of Galen, the Dark Prince, and worse, Dannethion. The Elder Lust Daemon had promised to switch her into one of his own, to take her to his own dimension to teach her the way of their kind, or kill her if unsuccessful. It would seem that the Dark Prince however had motives of his own which the Succubi had used to her advantage and in a moment of passion instigated by her lust,...
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11:54:51 [Dannethion] Dannethion was content and happy. Despite the agitation of being summoned from Hell to attend a gathering that he originally thought was just going to be listening to the Leader's speak turned into something more...pathetic. It was simply a gathering for The Morrigan to show off her spoiled bratness by trying to kill off Delaney, which he had foiled when The Ash announced for someone to stand up for her innocence--Dannethion took a chance when he did. But she was a fellow Lust Demon. Now Delaney belonged to him. He was beginning to think that these creatures of this dimension...
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A meeting is called
:39:27 [BWRP] The Diner. Fresh baked goods and coffee. That was the norm. But the previous day had destroyed the usually quiet café, leaving it in shambles and most of it’s occupants in a state of shock. What had started out to be a typically foggy day in Boston, turned into a battle of the strange and mysterious. Delaney’s attempt to question the human Jessica quickly festered into a near nightmare for humans present as Dannethion, the Lust Arch-Daemon Fae arrived on the scene. The beast, ferocious in his looks soon made it clear what his intentions were - the human, or Delaney, cumulating into...
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A Beast arrives
1:25:17 [Delaney] The prior night had been interesting to say the least. Word was out about the drug, Spellbound though fingerpointing to each Clan had seemed to come to a pause. That was at least while the newly arrived Succubus had caused a stir in the Cork. Most people had come to expect a certain reaction however Delaney had been given something of a free reign until Trick, the Elder Dwarve had put a stop to her frenzy. Not before she'd upset Galen, the Dark Prince and the Unseelie he'd been having a conversation with. Beyond that, the human that had entered within The Cork had added to the...
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