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 Fear of Forsight

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PostFear of Forsight

The Morrigan had revealed one of her many secrets - her fear of the Midhir Prophecy coming to pass. Her belief that the newly arrived Succubus could well be the one that would destroy them all was motive behind the Queen of Dark wanting Delaney dead. Delaney had no idea of such things, and while Galen was now privy to this information, it may well come to him to end Laney’s life before such things arise. Boston was still in shambles, though the cleanup was being done. Power was still out in half of the city which had caused a multitude of activities during the night on behalf of the Fae. Things went missing, pets acted spooked, and electronics though void of power, flickered on and off. The Mortals were exhausted from the storm and the activities and Police were still confounded over who was selling the drug, Spellbound. Doctors equally so at the secret ingredient within the candy-wrapper cover drug. Though Humans had no knowledge of the Midhir prophecy and thankfully so for else chaos would be the --- be the only way of life. Even Fae were prone not to believe in it, although prophecies were common and more than half the population had the gift of foresight. The Dark Queen was taking no chances. Not only had she requested Delaney’s blood of Galen, but also of another - an assassin who has been hired to wipe out the lust demon and anyone who may know of her or get in his way. More and more Fae seemed to be arriving in Boston. More than there ever had been before, slipping into the Cork, acknowledging the Clans and making their allegiances aware. The hub itself was becoming central - much akin to olden times when most Fae settled on this land, centuries ago. The pull was strange, unknown - the leylines were growing stronger, more powerful and as such, the Fae were reacting. All Fae. Stories of lands long gone, of Tir na og, and of the 13 artifacts were coming to the surface, especially the Four of 13 which were among the most powerful items in this dimension. Though it was coming to light that several were--several items were missing, including the Bloodstone of the Goblins. There was a deeper, darker essence working within the underground of Boston. The Four needed to be gathered in order to protect the livelihood of the Fae and the one who would be the Challenger needed to be destroyed before she destroyed life as it is known in this day and age..
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Fear of Forsight

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