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 Midhir Prophecy

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PostSubject: Midhir Prophecy   Midhir Prophecy I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 27, 2010 8:57 am

"In a time of great upheaval
When the veil between worlds is crumbling
Luxury shall overspread the land, and fornication shall not cease to debauch mankind.
One dark night a moon shall come
It shall pass away the sun and all Light
In that time the stones shall speak,
In the hands of humans, life was given.
Her fate is set –
She will be the Keeper.
from the most ancient of bloodlines
A mix of pure like no other.
A balance that shifts to an end.
As the Tiger shall reveal it’s colors -
The one who sees her truth.
She who will unite,
Is born to destroy.
The winds shall do battle together with a blast of ill-omen
A Raven will fly down and eat up the bodies of the dead who rise
Blood and tears shall mix in death
Roots and branches shall change their places.
The seas shall rise as fish turn to serpents
and the arena of the winds shall be opened once again.
Famine shall then return, and the inhabitants shall grieve for the destruction of their cities.
In those days the oaks of the forests shall burn.
She is one who will challenge -
And an end will come to this dark land."

(part of the ongoing plot - important information to know and read).

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Midhir Prophecy
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