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 Words of a Prophecy

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PostWords of a Prophecy

13:04:25 [Delaney] As the storm overhead rippled the Worlds from one existence to another, Darkness had come to claim it’s prize. The succubus had survived The Morrigan’s attempt on her life, only to end up under the ownership of Galen, the Dark Prince, and worse, Dannethion. The Elder Lust Daemon had promised to switch her into one of his own, to take her to his own dimension to teach her the way of their kind, or kill her if unsuccessful. It would seem that the Dark Prince however had motives of his own which the Succubi had used to her advantage and in a moment of passion instigated by her lust, she’d formed a partnership with Galen to be her eyes and ears in that of the Dark Clan, the surprise however on Delaney when it was discovered Galen was actually a Prince. Dannethion arrived to claim his prize, making it no way possible for Delaney to say no, though she did stand up to the creature, which proved to be a test he’d planned all along. Terms and conditions of her “freedom” were revealed; from dawn each day to 13:04:43 [Delaney] each day to midday, she would be under the care of the Arch Daemon, transformed into a creature not unlike himself. From Midday to Dawn the next day, she’d be under the guardianship of Galen, meaning freedom had become utterly out of her reach. Training with Evelynne and Jon, Dannethion’s Son, the succubus would be out of reach for hours at a time, safe from The Morrigan but was it truly the lesser of two evils? Her innocence or guilt were no longer questionable, it was life or death for the Succubus, and neither choice were good. The Morrigan and The Ash finally gave way to the tumultuous storm that had given Boson near hurricane winds among other things. Boston is now on the clean up, fallen trees, smashed windows, lost roofs and downed power lines. It was a storm Bostonites had not seen in a long time and the damage was substantial. Many still had no power, using whatever means they could to survive. News states that it could be days before power lines are fixed and Boston will no longer be in the -
13:05:09 [Delaney] the dark. In other news, Spellbound has taken it’s first victim. A young female from south Boston, 19 years of age. Autopsy concluded that Spellbound was within her blood system, making the drug all the more dangerous and now deadly.. Cops are still baffled by the how and where, unable to figure out the true source of the powerful toxin and those investigating it on the side of the Fae, Galen - under the instructions of The Morrigan were no further to finding the truth, his belief that Delaney is innocent making him start from scratch in his investigation.

13:33:23 Galen It had been unfortunate that he and Delaney hadn't got a chance to speak before she was taken again, the sleep she had been put into had lasted right up until it was time for her to go for her training but he had slept right through it, in the form of a tiger at the foot of the bed. He stayed there in case she had woken up but not a sound was heard and when he woke up, she was gone. He forced himself to let it go, he had no choice and and he had tried but to no avail. At least her time would be split up and while she wasn't there, it gave him the chance to get to the bottom of whatever was going on with both sides as well as the drug issue. It was now early afternoon and he was back in his human form, having taken a shower and now dressed in a basic black suit with a deep blue dress shirt and black tie and shoes. He was going to see The Morrigan and, in such an audience, he wouldn't dare show up in normal street clothes. He had made his way to the Manor, the butler answering the door, "I need to speak-13:33:30 [Galen] with the Queen, it's rather urgent. The butler nodded his head slightly then let him in before leading him down the Hall of Shadows to where her throne room would be. As they got close, Galen was stopped before he could enter. "Wait here and I well let her know you have arrived." Galen stood there, looking confident with his head held high, deep down he knew Delaney had used her powers against him but even so, he would have helped her anyway, at least a bit because there was something very wrong going on around here and on the other side of the spectrum. He needed answers and who better to start with.-e-

13:40:01 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: The Hall of Shadows, the ballroom during festivities, the Throne Room during all other occasions, particularity when the Dark Queen was attending audiences. Though the dark were usually the first to disobey rules, obligations, policies and procedures there were some facets of Fae life that even The Morrigan was compelled to do and as such, the woman sat in her ornate obsidian throne with intricate carvings into the glossy black, etched and cut to perfection. Runes and triskilions laced the large chair as her legs dangled over the left arm. While she may have to follow Court procedures, she wasn’t about to give in completely to the age old acts. Leaning back, she reached with her left arm toward a bowl of cherries where a Fae male stood, holding the fruit within his hand, barely moving, much akin to a statue. The cherry was promptly brought to her lips, chewed then another male would step forward with another bowl for her to spit the pit into. She was relax, lax yet none couldn’t deny she held a feminine ==

13:40:19 [BWRP] power. Not like the succubus, something stronger, deeper, powerful. Clan leader and Queen for centuries, the woman was as old as some of the eldest Fae, her lineage going back to the very beginning when the mists rolled upon the old country in the lands beyond where humanity now roam. Where the fountain of youth, the eternal dream and knowledge existed, in the myths and legends that man has yet to prove, The Morrigan was part of the Da’naan, part of the very beginning in much the way The Ash was for The Light. “My Lady, Galen Mac Giolla Phádraig is here to see you.” Morrigan continued to chew for a moment, relishing the juicy fruit before she turned her attention to the butler. “Very well, let him in..” A subtle wave given to dismiss the other males in her service, including the Butler. She wanted to see The Dark Prince alone. After all, he was royalty and deserved as such. As the man would be brought to her, the Queen remained in her comfortable position, ensuing more leg and thigh were revealed than==13:40:43 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: than probably necessary as she eyed him in a hungry manner. Arching a brow, head canting to one side, dark silky hair caught the soft lights of the room every so often. “Galen, My Prince.. Pray tell, what brings you to my Court today. Do you have news on our little annoyance?.”

13:59:04 Galen There was lot of things that just weren't adding up and for as much as he enjoyed chaos and the like, some things needed to keep order or else a lot of their kind, if not all, were in danger. He waited patiently for the Butler to come back, "She is ready to see you." Then he took his leave while Galen stepped inside, seeing His Queen perched atop her throne. He carried a devilish grin on his face as he approached her, bowing slightly out of respect then stood tall as he looked her over. For one so old, her beauty hadn't been stolen away in the slightest, still a picture of perfection in his eyes. "I apologize on such an abrupt request in seeing you my Queen, but a few things have been brought to my attention that I felt needed to be discussed with you." Of course he was going to leave out some details, if she believed he was under the spell of Delaney ,his credibility and respect would be tossed aside and he'd never be able to get the information he requested. "As far as Delaney goes, I intend to get what -13:59:15 [Galen] information I can of her, so far she believes herself innocent of all things, though we both know this to be untrue. I will do what it takes to pull the truth from her. As for the drug itself, a human has been found dead with it in her system, as you may or may not already know. This makes matters more grave for us all but rest assured, I am doing everything possible to find out the full chain of command on who is out there dealing. Catch one, the rest will fall into place." He remained as he was, arms to his sides as he continued to grin. "However, I do have one question for you, if you will humble me in an answer. I would never question your methods my Queen, I hope you do know that." The grin grew wider, almost devilish. "You seem very hell bent on making sure Delaney is out of commission, is there something I should know in regards to that? I understand your motives are your own but if it's something that may be helpful to me in getting to the truth, the I would greatly appreciate knowing what it is." -e-

14:08:46 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: If the Dark Leader was still upset over the massive argument and storm she’d had with The Ash just the previous day, she didn’t show it. The fact that most of Boston was without power didn’t phase the woman. Triskilion Manor had it’s own power source which functioned perfectly fine during such situations. While most humans were struggling to clean up after the storm, the Queen was chewing cherries, while sitting casually in the opulent throne room within the Hall of Shadows. Mortals were only a mean of a way to her. They were sometimes useful but generally a pain, often leaving messes behind which had to be cleaned up. The mere thought of humans alone made her cringe - interfering monstrosities that had ruined the World with its humanity. At least the Dark Fae worked behind the scenes causing all kinds of strife, feminine, poverty, war among so many other things and they viewed it as helping! They were keeping the population down. Galen’s words weren’t lost on her and for a moment, she paused, --14:09:05 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: , rolling her eyes as he mentioned the dead girl; a wave of her hand to dismiss it. “It is of no matter..” the teen was worthless. Whether humans died or not was irrelevant. The key to finding out who the drug was being purchased from, was. “Just one more to add to the pile..” her lips curved into a smile as she slipped her legs down, shifting on the chair to sit in a more “proper” fashion yet as Galen mentioned Delaney her eyes narrowed and her features shifted just momentarily before they were quickly masked. “She’s still alive? I figured she’d be dead by now by Dannethion. I can’t imagine him tolerating her or her presence much. It’s only a matter of time before she’s dust in the wind.” As if to gloat, the woman expelled a sigh of satisfaction though her eyes remained fixed on Galen. “Don’t tell me she caught you under a spell? What did you do, Galen..Let her kiss you?” The foresight the Queen had couldn’t be denied. Climbing from her seat she strolled toward the Prince, walking around him, eyeing him up -

14:09:24 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: and down as she tutted. “I can smell her on you.” She shuddered inwardly before continuing. “My reasons for wanted her out of the way are very simple. She’s a nuisance and bought nothing but trouble to both Clans. The Ash is too sentimental toward others. She was raised by humans. She may have been born the creature she was, but she doesn’t belong in this World. I’m surprised more people cannot see that.” The Queen was definitely hiding something, but the mask upon her feature made it difficult to procure. Galen would have to be more tactful with his questions to get anything other than the same answers she’d continually give..

14:26:50 Galen didn't expect any sympathy from her, he knew how much she disliked Humans but a death was still a problem and would bring even more publicity to the drug, making it harder for him to do his job. But for now, that wasn't the main topic as he watched her features change as soon as Delaney's name was spoken, it amused him as well because it meant it went further than just her being a nuisance. "She is indeed still alive, she's in training right now with him." He didn't mention much more because now the Morrigan had her gazed fixed on him, sizing him up and even more so as he watched her get off her throne and start circling him. He didn't faltered, he let her look him over and the grin still stayed on his face. "I'm under no spell of hers. The only reason I need her alive is so that I can get to the bottom of this drug issue. That's my job and as I recall, the very one you gave me yourself, my Queen." He turned to face her, "And of course you smell her on me, if I am to get answers, I do have to be near her, -14:27:27 [Galen] don't I?" He eyed her over in turn, titling his head just a bit. "SUrely you don't believe I have compassion for her? You know where my loyalties lay, where they always will." His words were purred out to her, possibly insinuating more as he relaxed his body some. "You seem more than irritated over her, and that's not like you to let anyone get under your skin." He leaned toward her a bit, his eyes studying her more closely, until they landed on her eyes, reaching out for her hand, bringing the back of it to his mouth in order to kiss it with a subtle, cat-like grin. "If she upsets you that much then lets hope her training fails and they get rid of her. If that happens, one of two things will follow. Either the distribution will slow on the street and make it easier to go down the chain and wipe them all out, or nothing happens and that's one less bastard Fae out of this world to taint everything." -e-

14:38:44 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: “That’s my point exactly, Galen.. Though why your Father couldn’t see fit to agree with me, we could have avoided this entire issue had she just died the night of the meeting.” The Morrigan moved back toward her obsidian throne, fingers carefully running over the runes that were etched into the stone. Her form shifted much as a shadow - one moment it was there, next it was gone. Among the many talents the Dark Queen had, she was a soul taker, a carrier of souls and a battle ready fearsome who would let no man live, if she had the ultimate choice. Though in her human form which she kept on for appearances in the Manor, she was beautiful, sexual and young - despite her true age. There was resonance in her motion that left most breathless and not on a sexual manner. This was pure power. She silenced a room with her presence and very few dared defy her. Satisfied with Galen’s answers however, she was quiet for the moment, contemplating his words. “In your lessons as a Youngling, did you ever hear of the Midhir -
14:38:56 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: Prophecy?” She paused while slowly turning to face the male. “The prophecy that speaks of one who will destroy the world as it is known, where darkness and light shall be challenged and tear between the now no longer exists?” There was emphasizes in her words as she questioned the Prince. All Fae knew of the Midhir Prophecy, for it was believed that it would mean the end of their Realm. The Fae would no longer be as they are. “We have lived this way for millennia’s. This is our way of existence and while I could do without the pesky humans, this IS our World. The Ash believes that if change is to come, then so be it. It is time. Well, frankly, I’m not of the same mindset. The only changes that should come about is we go to War and the humans are destroyed utterly and completely. We reclaim our lands. Pure and simple. The Prophecy states otherwise.” There was a drawn out silence as she gazed around the room before looking to Galen once more. “If the Succubus is who I think she is, then she’ll kill us all. I, =14:39:10 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: , for one, won‘t allow that to happen and that‘s where YOU come in. If the Lust daemon cannot kill her, or rid her from here entirely, then Galen, YOU will. ”

14:57:29 Galen watched as she moved back toward her throne and though the words he spoke weren't something he necessarily believed in, they seemed to have an impact on her and she seemed satisfied, which is what his aim had been. Trust was important to have if one was to gain the knowledge needed to successfully pursue any goal, whether it was Delaney or the Morrigan herself, he'd do what he had to in order to gain it and hold it. "My Father has always been a sympathizer for Humans, I believe it will be his one fatal flaw but he is set in his ways." Galen had never completely followed the ways and means of the Light Fae, born of parents that were both and the Ash himself, he still had a dark streak within him that had only grown as years went by. As she posed the question about the prophecy, he nodded his head. "Of curse I do." He had heard it and knew of his Father's thoughts as well as hers and though he didn't put much faith in such things, he knew there was a truth to it all and he had been on her side of it. This -14:58:05 [Galen] was their world and they had the right to keep it, no change should just come about because it can. As he listened further, things began to make sense, she believed Delaney was the one? He hid the shock he felt, careful not to betray anything in which she may see inside of him but he did look a bit confused at her last statement and something inside of him stirred at the thought of having to kill Delaney. The Lust Daemon had said he wouldn't kill her, at least not in training but only if it were successful but was he in on this as well, or was it only assumed? He remained silent for a few moments before finally speaking in a clam voice. "Me? Well you have to forgive my ignorance on this matter, my Queen. You know I will follow through with any order you have for me but I must ask, why would I be the only other person to do this if he doesn't?" He was genuinely curious of this answer but as he waited for the answer, other things started to go through his mind. This had nothing to do with the drug at all, she -14:58:45 [Galen] knew this. It was a cover up, something that all Fae would be involved in if it meant identities being found out. He didn't make it known he was focusing on anything else except for her answer.-e-

15:10:11 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: She seemed shocked that he dare question the why. Didn’t he know? Wasn’t he aware? “You are Heir to the Light. You are Prince of the Dark. When the time comes for you to take power in your rightful place, most will have a difficult time following you. However, slay the one who stands to destroy us all, people will follow you without question. Light and Dark.” she stopped then shrugs. “But it is of no matter now. I’ve matters to attend and this topic now bores me. The Daemon Dog will likely do us both a favor, and if my suspicions are correct on just how this Succubus is, then matters will be solved. Even if she isn’t - she could still be one selling her blood, and an example to all Fae who may be doing as such. “ She shrugged then offered him a loose wave. “Go now, Galen. Whilst you spend time with me, you aer lacking in the job I’ve given. Keep in mind what I’ve said and if the opportunity arises.. , then take advantage of it. Don’t let her fool you. She doesn’t care about you. She doesn’t want 5:10:26 [NPCs] TheMorrigan: you other than to use you. Whatever she makes you feel, it isn’t real. Remember that.” With that, the Queen turned back toward her throne and moved passed it, slipping behind the curtain and disappearing into the shadows, leaving Galen to show himself out.

15:19:44 Galen HIs rightful place, sounded so imminent but he listened to her reason all the same, whether he thought it was justified or not. The thought of another killing her seemed just as bad as if he were to do the act. Did she really believe Delaney was this risk spoke of in the prophecy? She didn't even know what she was until only recently. Her last few words stuck with him though, last night she had used, hadn't she? She had got inside him and asked him to be the eyes and ears oft he Dark Fae, to find out what he could but the Queen was right, she didn't care for him or even really like him. Was all of this a mistake? He was being used no matter what, either by the Morrigan, The ASh, Delaney, was he not only a pawn? When she dismissed him, he gave her a slight bow "Yes, my Queen. It'll be done, one way or the other." He turned immediately and quickly left the Hall of Shadows, all the way out of the manor and only then did he let out a low growl at his frustrations. At least he knew something more than he had, -15:20:00 [Galen] valuable information but he wasn't so sure he was ready to tell Delaney just yet. A lot more things weren't making sense and he needed a drink in the worst way possible.-e-

15:27:04 [Vyserhad] As night began to fall in the later hours, the Gargoyle; Vyserhad, was beginning to awake. His eyes pushed through the stone first--the bright red glow resonating as his body began to crack. Crickle. As he began to move, the large stone creature rearing up as he spreads his arms and wings as he roars out with resonance as the shards of his body flew outwards! He had placed himself in a location where structural damage from his shards was minimal. As the stone shards embedded themselves into the walls, ground and flying into the sky...the gargoyle began to stretch a bit. Grunting. Then he spreaded his large bat wings and took flight. He wasn't entirely sure of this world or it's laws, but he knew that people always seemed to scream and run away whenever they saw him. This confused the poor creature, as he thought all humans were like Jon! Why did they keep running away?

15:36:19 Delaney had returned from training just as Dannethion had stated. It was after Midday though, closer to evening as darkness settled on the horizon. Del had chosen to sleep when she returned, the first day draining and challenging, her routine being changed. Dann had seen it fit to return her to Galen’s place, though she had been to exhausted to think on such things or argue. Now, it was dark and she’d woken in a groggy fashion, never one to enjoy waking as she rolled in the bed. Catching the clock on the bedside table, she noticed the time and expelled a breath of air. She had only so many hours to find the answers to her riddles before she’d be returned once more for training. The muscles in her form felt as if they’d been given a once over or more, and she bore several wounds upon her flesh, scratches and bruises - all in all, she had seen better days. Though it wasn’t anything a healing would do, should she be fortunate to taste upon someone this evening. She wondered if Galen would honor her request, or if he’d 15:36:37 [Delaney] request, or if he’d changed his mind from a working partnership to find answers behind The Morrigan and her reasons for wanted her dead. Beyond that, she still had to find the Blood Stone for the Goblins AND the answers to her parentage. It was going to be a busy night, though she was grateful to find some of her clothes had been brought over and as such she took little time having a shower and getting dressed in her usual black leather pants, tight fitting and snug and a small black t-shirt that feminine yet plain. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail that swayed with her walk. She wasn’t aware of Galen’s talk, or his plans for the night. Her own plans consisted on going to the Cork and getting some answers whether Galen agreed or not.

15:53:03 Galen had decided a long walk was in order so that he could clear his head and get better perspective on everything he had found out earlier in talking with the Morrigan, the sun now setting and the evening had returned once more. Before heading to the Cork, he needed to stop home, surely Delaney would have been returned by now after her first day of training and so home would be the first stop before drinking. He quietly made his way into the apartment, closing the door behind him and turned on a light, seeing as the power hadn't been disturbed from last night's storm. He removed his jacket and tossed it on the chair before calling out. "Delaney? You here?" He waited to hear her voice and then frowned as there was no response. "DOn't tell me you're sleeping again." He sighed heavily then walked straight to the bedroom, half expecting to see her curled up in the bed but when he got inside and turned the light on, nothing had changed from the night before, she wasn't there. Maybe she was in the bathroom? The -15:53:24 [Galen] apartment wasn't exactly large. "Delaney?" His voice sounded more strained this time as panic began to set in and he started to frantically check every room, closet, anywhere she may have been hiding. "Delaney!" He was more frantic now, "I swear to god if he didn't return you." Well what was going to do if she hadn't been? He didn't hold any sort of power or command to make him bring her back, it was just a verbal agreement. "Or if you ran off.." Maybe she had been and then took off to get away? He needed to find her, make sure was okay and to get to her before someone else did. Maybe the Morrigan was ready to have her killed, but he wasn't and so he grabbed his jacket, exited the apartment and locked the door behind him before he started off to the Cork to see if she had maybe gone there, or to ask around if anyone had seen her.-e-

16:02:43 [Vyserhad] And it was by chance only that Vyserhad had stumbled upon the place known as 'The Cork'. He was hovering in mid air as his wings flap--he was able to stay aloft and flying for excessively long periods of time. But he noticed that aside from humans, various other things were entering as well--and quite a few of them were setting off his Daemon sense. Tilting his head, the Gargoyle flew down towards and the ground and slipped inside. Strange place. The people inside of The Cork did give him momentary glances as he entered--but regarded him about as normally as Jon did. Folding his wings before he had entered, the gargoyle was glancing around. It was like the pubs back in his home village, but he was from a day and age where Medieval times were the normal. So--this modernized bar has him staring at everything...looking absolutely confused and utterly hopelessly lost.
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Post on Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:34 am by Delaney
16:06:08 Delaney had left the apartment just before Galen had gotten home. So in turn, they’d missed each other by approximately half and hour. The fact that he hadn’t been around made her question his whereabouts. What was he up to? She was certain she couldn’t trust him yet but over time, if she could truly get him to see the truth then perhaps, just maybe he’d be someone she could count on. In the meantime, she had work to do. There were many things that needed answers and the Cork was one place she could go where she shouldn’t be harmed. It was neutral territory. No harm or foul could occur to another Fae while within the walls of the glamored building. It was the best place for Del to go, and she’d have the element of surprise as most would believe she was away with Dannethion, not aware of the arrangement that had been decided. The walk to the Cork gave a clear view on just how disastrous the Storm had been. Roofs had been blown off, windows smashed, debris lay strewn over all the streets. Every so often a light ==16:06:25 [Delaney] a light would flicker, which Delaney now knew to be the Fae, in particular the will’o wisps. Humans would think it as bulbs going out. How strange things had become, her thoughts running through her head as she turned the corner, coming across the large, stone Gargoyle. “I keep thinking I’ve seen everything but.. Every day, I’m more surprised.” She commented almost sarcastically as she came to a stop. He had landed just across from The Cork and in her path to the Pub. Was she scared? At this point, little could surprise her. If he wanted a fight, she’d be ready. The stone creature had other plans however, and turned to enter The Cork, which was, indeed a good side. It would show he was there on peaceful matters, or to talk - because there was definitely no fighting within The Cork; Trick the Elder saw to that. Moments later, Delaney followed within, using the large creature to hide her entrance from most as she shifted inconspicuously toward the bar.

16:11:40 [Evelynne] "Hi there!", said a voice that matched up with a person that sat in a dark corner. Most of the shadows covered the woman, that in a human bar would of been considered as goregous in a black silk dress, a reasonable tan, piercing blue eyes, and an athletic form that was uncommon for women in modern days, but to the Fae, she was currently a 6'5 foot tall claw dragon, with five glowing red eyes, and silky black fur of black and red coloration in a fashion that was similar to tie dye. "You look like you just wandered into a strip club or something." Evelynne's speech was clear and surprisingly pleasant despite the form. The ones that did venture near the clawdragon would find themselves feeling unusually lustful for the people nearby and were being overly friendly with drinks and gambling and the occasional crack across the ass for those who ventured by. Lust? There was great fun to be had with that, provided of course, she wanted it returned. A large bottle of Whiskey unopened between her paws. For most of the 16:13:17 [Evelynne] fae, they were goregous and she was not. In the Fae world, it was little different to her then the human world had been. She never seemed to quite blend in anywhere, but alas, she wasn't trying to either. Faint memories of her joining a "New York", mutant school came to mind as well with them being insistent that she had to be human for classes. What was the point?

16:28:00 Galen was a cross between pissed off and worried as he briskly walked through the streets, sidestepping fallen branches and pieces of debris laying around that were left over from the storm last night. Most places were still without power but the lack of light didn't effect him as his eye sight was already heightened. He kept an eye out on people walking and milling about, wondering if he'd be successful in finding her tonight. He still had questions and at this point, he wasn't even sure she was in this realm or not in order to ask her. So far no sign of her but he was quickly approaching the Cork and maybe he would have better luck there. It was a half hour after her that he would arrive, missing her initial entrance but he began to search for her right away, seeing a rather odd beast inside as well, one he hadn't seen before but this was no time to worry about others, it was neutral ground and whoever was here, were here not to cause trouble, at least he hoped. He was still searching but he stopped as a man -16:28:23 [Galen] came up to him, one of his eyes and ears on the street and he stepped right in front of him. "Galen, there you are." Galen looked at him, offering a brief smile but was looking around him to see if he could spot Delaney, or any effects of presence but the guy was insistent. "Hey!" He snapped his fingers at Galen. "Galen? I'm talking to you. I have a lead for you if you want it. Unless I'm keeping you from something?" Galen looked at him and sighed, feeling way to overdressed to be in here right now, still in a suit and tie as he was when meeting with The Morrigan. "Yeah. I'm listening, go ahead." Though he wasn't paying much attention as he caught a brief glimpse of Delaney. "Shit." The guy stopped talking and looked at him unny. "Excuse me?" Galen shook his head, not you, just hurry up, there's someone else here I have to talk to. He was relieved, she was here but he hadn't seen her long enough to know if she was okay or not.-e-

16:36:46 Reilly` Oh what a glorious night it had been! Thunder, lightning, wind and rain. All coming together in the clash of a glorious chaotic symphony. Who could resist such a night? Certainly not she who travelled the night....and so travel the night she surely had, prancing and dancing amidst the torrential rain and blue-white flashes that skittered across the darkling sky. A hoof would stamp and then a goblin leap, a dog to howl, then a bird to greet the thunder’s growl, dancing in time with the violent storm, despite what mortal eyes might peep from windows safe. As the storm raged the creature revelled in every beat and every rumble, every splash and sing with every thrashing branch. Water gathered and beaded on a shaggy pelt, rivers shining on a sleek black coat whilst lightning reflected off of luminous yellow eyes, burning like fire against the night skies. And out the shadows prey would creep, fearing the storm but addle-minded too much to hear her thoughts speak, chasing an evasive firefly only -- 16:37:30 Reilly` visible to her eye. And who could resist such fun when the night was so young? A prank the dancer on the chaser would play, jumping out from the mists to give fright. But alas before the prey a firefly had faded, replaced instead by a pulsing sun, glowing brightly with firefly-magic, all its forms before her shaded, displayed in time with lightning strikes, each a form more terrible than the last. A lightshow horse with flaming mane, neon-bright fangs in gaping mouth, stardust galaxy wing and two glowering yellow torchlights aimed to her eye, firecracker-mad parade brighter than the sun, each monster following after the other was gone. And all along there only a small goblin stood, hands clawed and mouth agape in a baboon grin, surprised when the prey did fall, deader than winter’s hall. And so the night did finally pass, the creature fleeing from the new dawn, carrying someone else’s wallet in its paw. When again the blind-folk did awake, on their doorstep a murder to be found. Death blamed on --16:37:42 Reilly` the drug that had been coursing through her system, irony that without it only a goblin she would’ve seen. But even this day does pass, and soon it is time for night once more and a mischievous creature still has much more to explore.

16:38:48 [Vyserhad] Vyserhad was glancing back and forth--suddenly dropping to all fours as he scampered off. Getting up nearby the bar--if there was one, and if there was a television set in here--he'd stare at it. Blinking his bright red eyes. He could sense so many Hellbloods in here that he's just stopped caring. And then he heard someone speaking towards him, "Huh? What? Strip club?" and he turned slowly to glance towards the human-form of Evelynne. The gargoyle had always felt so out of place in these modern eras...where was Jon? He could always tell me what everything was, "No, if I walked into one--wouldn't it hurt?" apparently having thought a 'strip club' was an actual weapon. Like a club used to strip something. What for, he didn't know! But that's the first thing that came to mind when Evelynne mentioned it. Poor misguided, confused, little gargoyle.

16:40:04 [Delaney] The beauty of the Cork was everyone could be themselves. Pointed ears, rune tattoos, horns, scales, tails, wings or whatever else isn’t consider the “norm” as humans would put it. For Delany, she remained almost the same, the same pale, porcelain complexion with the riveting dark hair, glossy strands that even though they were pulled back, still offered a startling contrast with her beautiful features. Her eyes were pale blue, the lightest they could be, unnatural in all manners and yet utterly hypnotic and tantalizing. Her bow shaped lips, tinged with the same steely blue, along with the tips of her fingers and ears. Beyond that she appeared as any other human would. She had seen better days however, due to the bruises and cuts that donned her flesh; they’d heal over time but much faster if she had the taste of energy from a man. As she approached the bar, she nestled in comfortably glancing around and catching sight of Evelynne, one of the claw dragons who was training with her. Delaney offered a quick---16:40:22 [Delaney] offered a quick wave with a smile as Eveylnne said hi, before turning to Trick who was, in his usual place, behind the bar. His features offered no surprise to see the Succubus there, although he was aware that just her natural presence would cause something of a stir without her even doing anything. “Delaney.” He commented in a loose manner as she offered him a tight smile. “Listen, Trick - I get you don’t like me. I respect your position. But, I have a few questions. Do you mind if we go somewhere private?” Trick gazed around the room, then came back to the succubus. “Follow me.” Delaney would do as asked, moving with the small dwarf toward a back room behind the bar. “In here..” Del actually had to duck in order to enter and she couldn’t help but comment on the space. “Tolkien much?” which caused Trick to smile. “Who do you think he got it from?” which in turn allowed Del to widen her eyes in surprise. “Now, Ms. Delaney, don’t have much time but why don’t you ask me what it is you want to know?”---16:40:36 [Delaney] She hadn’t seen Galen enter, or the conversation he’d been pulled into.. At least, not yet.

16:48:59 [Evelynne] "Its a place where people get paid to dance and take off their clothes at the same time." She chuckled softly to herself before deciding to offer him the bottle of Whiskey. While she knew of Jon, she was hearing his name as Sanguinoth instead of Jon. The others were studied quietly before she waved at Delaney brightly. After offering the whiskey she studied the ones gathered and wondered if anyone wanted to dance or something, but that could get odd too. Her sarcasm against herself and others was costly.

16:54:09 Galen was annoyed enough that his eyes flashed yellow for a moment or two while he looked back to the man that had so abruptly distracted him from his real reason on being here. The man looked at him, not phased by this little act. "I don't know what the Hell has crawled up your ass but I'm trying to give you information , Galen. You are still working on that right?" Galen nodded then sighed. "Fine, sorry. What information do you have?" The man pulled him off to one aside then looked around to make sure no one was looking at them. "OKay, I have a lead on someone who was seen dealing Spellbound. Word is, he's got quite the clientele built up which means he'd been doing it for awhile. It's hard to say how far up the chain he is but that's where you come in. I'll send you the picture I have of him and the location we saw him. Hopefully it'll end up being a good lead." Galen listened this time, nodding as he spoke then grinned a bit. "Perfect. Thanks. I'll get on it." Anything that would help prove Delaney's- 16:54:28 [Galen] innocence would be beneficial and so far it was the only real one he had. He would have to start getting on the streets, assuming other Human forms and finding out everything he could, there wasn't much time left as he had found out earlier today. Galen gave him a smack on the shoulder. "Thanks again." Then he side stepped him to make his way toward the location he had seen Delaney. She was gone again and he cursed under his breath before he decided that he really, really needed a good strong drink. He stopped at the bar, getting the bartenders attention then ordered two whiskey's, one of which he downed right away but then picked up the other glass, once delivered, and leaned against the counter and sipped slowly on it, keeping his eyes open for her to appear again.-e-

17:01:07 [Delaney] Straight and to the point. She’d not expect anything less from Trick. The elder Light Fae showed little upon his features as Del would sit feeling much like Alice in the hallway just after she’d grown twice her size. “Two things.. What do you know of the Blood Stone and do you know anything about my parents. Who they were? Who my Mother is? Why she left?” The Elder Fae let her get the words that needed to be spoken, seemingly aware of what she was there for. He took a moment to mull over the words, formulating the answers. “The Blood Stone is one of 13 artifacts that are powerful weapons of the Fae. The 13 and imbued with Fae powers, both Light and Dark and originate back to the very time of our kind.” He paused somewhat. “The Blood Stone is said to made of green jasper dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide, though it is believed to hold the power of life within it. Any who try to call upon the power of the Bloodstone will have the power to raise the dead, to create an army of undead and to ==17:01:18 [Delaney] to control them. Or so legend says.” He narrowed his eyes. “The 13 artifacts are split between races, the Bloodstone in the hands of the Goblins for safe keeping. It has been missing now for two months. Close to your arrival in Boston, actually.” Delaney’s frown couldn’t be ignored as she folded her arms over her chest. “Could this has anything to do with Spellbound, the drug?” She questioned and Trick held up his hands. “I cannot answer all of your questions, Ms. Jones. My apologies, but even I am unable to give you what it is you require.” he rose, standing in order to tell her the meeting was over. “As for your lineage, I’m sorry. I can’t help you.” Moments late, the elder Fae was slipping of his chair and heading back to the bar, leaving Delaney alone momentarily. It wasn’t much longer before the young Succubus exited, slipping back into the bar, passing Galen, but not seeing him - lost in her thoughts.

17:09:40 Reilly` enjoyed the darker streets. Few people were out tonight as almost this entire section was still without power. She knew that last night’s unfortunate victim had been found and knew as well that if Fae got anywhere near it they would find the tell-tale residue of another Fae presence on it. But as always the pooka was far too busy enjoying the now instead of fretting over the past or possible future. There had been so much magical energy in the air last night that her traces would be wholly unintelligible, they wouldn’t even be able to tell what species it had come from. But whilst out this way the previous night, the unfortunate girl’s attention in a certain direction had piqued her curiosity and she found now whilst following it that it was in fact a leyline. Not only that but she would find that it led to the Cork itself. A quick glance was enough to tell the Fae that it was glamoured which could only meant a handful of things. Judging by other tell-tale signs she decided on the first of them. --17:10:16 Reilly` A bar or pub most likely. She tugged at the terrible yellow and white Hawaiian shirt she was wearing, getting it into position, something which it constantly fell out of because it was too large. Along with the shirt were worn a pair of faded bellbottom jeans and on pale feet only frayed flip-flops. Green eyes stared from out a pale face topped with haphazardly-styled short black hair. This was the pooka’s human form, and it was a form for the creature, being an adapt shapeshifter it did not use glamour to conjure its appearance, it simply changed its entire shape. And so when the ill-clad woman waltzed through the doors all that could be seen was that which appeared solid and true. Only an ill-clad woman, no glamour to be seen through. She would pause for a moment inside. “Ah well now, I’m almost feeling at home. I was worried that everyone was living under a rock, or that this was just a particularly sparsely-populated area.” She flashed a rogueish grin, speaking aloud and clearly to --17:10:32 Reilly` herself, finally sauntering off in the direction of the bar and placing herself on a stool.

17:23:16 Galen continued to search the crowds of people, hoping to get another glimpse of her unless she had taken off. He wouldn't have known, he had been standing near the exit but where had she gone off too? He had downed his second drink and now ordered up a third, the whiskey warmed him up more than he usually was, not aiming to get drunk but enough to dull the days events if he could. He caught sight of an oddly dressed woman making her way to the bar, eying her over a few times with a brow arched, sipping on his drink. Shaking his head with a sigh, he was about to push off the bar and wander through the crowds but he was stopped by the sight of Delaney walking by him, seemingly not even noticing he was there. He could see marks on her and it caused him to growl openly before following behind her, grabbing her arm carefully. "Delaney! Where the Hell of you been? You weren't there when I went back to the apartment, I thought he hadn't returned you." He paused and looked her over. "What did he do to you?" He looked -
17:23:30 [Galen] sad, the anger fading from his features and from his voice. This was the one thing he had been afraid of, what training required another to hurt her? It didn't seem right.-e-

17:32:59 [Delaney] Her thoughts on the Bloodstone and what Trick had told her, she was for, lack of a better word stunned when Galen suddenly freaked over her, grabbing her arm as well as rambling about where she’d been, what she’d been up to. Not use to having to give her whereabouts, or sharing information with others, she tugged on her arm as she spun, her pony tail swishing with her action, her demure hues clearly landing upon his features. “Galen.. What the hell!?” Trying to break free, it took a moment or two to notice he was actually concerned and this too caught her off guard. She took a moment, pausing as she contemplated how to react. She wasn’t giving off anything more than her natural sense. In fact she was trying to keep her pheromones down to a near minimum to not to overly influence him. She’d never gain his trust by constantly alluring him to her will. But this was a strange facet indeed. What did he care? He couldn’t still be glamour from yesterday. “I’m fine your Highness. Fine.” The bright ==17:33:14 [Delaney] Hawaiian shirt caught her eyes; it was difficult to not notice as the new Fae entered within. Not someone Del recognized but then again, Laney had only recently arrived, every day she was seeing different races of Fae. “I got back late and slept, then figured any questions I had, I could ask around here, seeing its neutral ground. No one should try to hurt me here, right?” She wasn’t naïve but she was well aware of the rules of the House. Dark, Light and Neutral mixed here, most talking about the other but no one broke out into a fight. “I didn’t think it’d be a problem.” She frowned, turning her sultry hues back onto the dark prince. “Worried I’d ran? Can’t say I didn’t think about it. I’m not exactly use to being told what to do and when to do it.. “

17:35:46 [Evelynne] When Vyserhad wandered off for a little while she didn't seem to mind. The Whiskey bottle she'd bought earlier was left on a table before she walked up to the bar and propped against it. The humans males gave her a grin while the fae kept giving her odd glances. "Under a rock? Nah." After a brief sigh, she said again, "A bar maybe." She was kidding. The stools were looked over and she frowned realizing that she would wreck most of them. Did any of them play pool? A good many of her previous pastimes when she was around people were quickly going out the window. Hmm now what?

17:44:36 Galen immediately pulled his hand back as she pulled her arm away from him, she seemed angry with him at first, but why? Should he not care where she when or how she was doing? SHe was still under his care while in this world and he had a right to know where she was. He openly winced as she called him by a more official title, whether it had been out of spite or not, he hated it. "Don't, Delaney. Don't use that title with me. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it but it didn't seem important. I am who I am, regardless of status." He took a long drink of whiskey, downing about half the glass and trying to not look at the marks. "You can't go running around here. It's not this place I worry about, you have to travel to get here, unless you've been taught teleporting in that training of yours." He sounded spiteful but it wasn't because of her. "And yeah, I did worry you might have tried. I gave you my word I would help but I need you to promise you won't ever run. You don't understand how dangerous things are." No,-17:44:51 [Galen] he wasn't still under her influence, he had agreed and he would continue to help but this time it was because he really wanted to. "I can't protect you if you go off without letting me know where you are. In case you haven't noticed, you haven't exactly made a lot of friends, people are after you. So please, if this is going to work and you want me to keep helping you, tell me where you are going at the very least or wait for me and I will go wherever you do." His eyes were locked on hers, refusing to look anywhere else for fear of getting enraged over the marks on her body.-e-

17:57:55 [Delaney] Arched her brow in questioning manner, her hands moving to those slim hips of hers. “Galen, I asked for your help for getting questions to answers I have. Not to keep watch over me constantly or protect me. I’m a big girl, Galen. I can take care of myself.” She didn’t mean to sound so curt with the man, but speaking with Trick had given her very little to go on and with her true parents, she’d hit yet again, another brick wall. “Look, I’m not use to have someone watch over me. I’ve been on my own for close to 8 years since I left home. I do it my way, with no one else interfering. Not use to having a shadow, specially one who’s constantly following my every move. “ Del paused, leaning against the bar, wincing somewhat from the bruised rib she’d gained from her training. “Whiskey, please..” she asked of Trick who would procure her drink, then slide it toward her. Moments later, she was bringing it to her lips, swigging it back in one full shot. “It’s gonna take some time to get use to. Considering just days --17:58:07 [Delaney] ago you wanted to rip my intestines out.” Her words were met with a small laugh, though it was actually true. They were close enough to Evelynne, so their conversation could likely be heard - it wasn’t a secret. Galen had stood up during the Meeting and claimed Delaney as his “guest” during her time on this plane. There was no need to whisper. “Anyhow, d’you find anything out while I was gone?” She winced against, trying to get comfortable, her eyes landing at the dart board where an elf and a dwarf were playing, surprisingly despite the height of it they were managing to score 180 points each time, which left the rest of the group to cheer. Even though things had been as they were over the last few nights, the atmosphere in the pub was jovial. Even Fae had to escape..

18:03:46 [Evelynne] "Are you doin' alright Miss?", she asked seeing a bit of frustration across Delaney's face, and having a general idea why it was there. "Lemme buy the drinks?" She asked looking as meek and mild as possible. With her tails she would slide some currency up on the countertop. Despite her not having found work yet, getting cash wasn't all that hard. It probably would get unnerving as few people ever saw her exiting or leaving an area. Yes, even the "Prince", would have his drinks bought if he wanted them. 180 points? If they were playing 300, it would be a quick game but cricket was more challenging with needing to hit the numbers 15-20 three times, plus the bullseyes and point difference being made up of the hitting the numbers an extra few times before the other person could do the same, was more of a challenging game.

18:13:29 Galen This wasn't exactly how he had seen his days being spent, watching over a rogue Succubus who had been accused of being behind the selling of the drug. Now things had changed though, he knew something more and the real reason that the Morrigan had wanted her dead. It was worse that he may have to be the one to kill her in the end. "Look, I know this isn't easy and trust me, it's not ideal for me either but I need to figure out things and I need to make sure you stay alive for it." The Morrigan had told him that she didn't care about him that anything he felt was because she willed it so and he couldn't help but believe it. Even now, though not under the influence, he still had compassion for her but he wouldn't let that be confused with anything else. He needed to find the truth and as she was using him, he would use her. As the topic was changed, he had decided not to tell her about what he had leaned. "No, I went to visit the Morrigan today but I didn't find out anything. SHe said that she believes -18:13:47 [Galen] you're still behind the drugs." He looked down at his glass, swirling the amber liquid around as he continued. "I'll likely go out into the streets tomorrow, while you're" He winced at that then downed the drink, turning after to place the glass down on the counter and ordering up another one. He could feel the effects starting to take hold, a nice warm buzz starting up as he turned from her slightly to accept the next drink. "So, how was training, or are you not allowed to talk about it." He sounded bitter as he picked up the glass, turned toward her again, then began sipping on it as he waited for her answers but a voice caused him to lower the glass and look toward Evelynne, seeing her form and looking away in disgust. Was that what Delaney looked like when she was in the other realm? Changing someone against their will, it sickened him.-e-

18:24:05 [Delaney] Evelynne’s question was met with a nod, the offer to buy a drink with a smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. Or I’ll will be.” She shrugged, before requesting her second drink, another whiskey. Unlike Eveylnne, she didn’t remain as the claw dragon, retaining her original and true form while back here on this plane. What went on in the other plane, under Dannethion’s guardianship she didn’t wish to talk about. It was essentially going from one prison to the next. Her own apartment not having been seen for close to two days now. She missed the shambled loft, with it’s “je ne sais quoi” type of style. Galen’s voice brought her back to the now. “Why the hell would I sell my blood -- I’m the one that choose NEUTRAL, so I could protect the humans when I was given a choice. Why would I purposely hurt them?” She was naturally frustrated with the charge but it made her determined to find out what was behind The Morrigan’s actions. “Nothing else? She didn’t say anything?” Another sip of drink, then in a laconic tone she --18:24:20 [Delaney] she continued. “Figured since you’re the heir and anything to her Throne, you’d at least have some inside information. “ And I could get it from you, if I truly desired. the thought followed the words. This however brought the previous night back to the forefront where she had kissed Galen for the second time, a natural need that had occurred - a desire to taste she could ignore and it was he too had felt. Beyond her abilities, the power between the connection had been strong, ultimately so. He’d heal her in a second if she .. This proved to be a train she had to get off and quickly because already she could feel the arousal in her growing, spreading upward through her aching body causing her to inwardly groan as she swallowed another mouthful of the whiskey. She was as much as slave to lust as she was a giver of, the temptation was sometimes utterly overwhelming, to take and take again like an addiction one had. Kissing a Fae kind had awakened something within her and the mere thought of it happening 18:24:39 [Delaney] again sent her mind spinning. What would it taste to go further.. To truly taste the man, inherently, completely. She cleared her throat, though the pheromones were seeping off her in droves, the sweet scent of desire wafting through the Pub. “I can’t..” she whispered under her breath. The man wouldn’t trust her if she did this, he’d think she was manipulating him even when she truly wasn’t. It was the only way she’d get answers. “I don’t think I can do this..”

18:30:38 [Evelynne] Hey look at the claw dragon's grin! See how sharp the teeth are! She sent a look toward Galen, and very briefly if he caught her eyes, he would find, very briefly he was paralyzed if only for a few minutes. "Watch it..", was said to the pair of them in a soft tone. "We don't want another Cafe incident." She herself was temporarily capable of pulling off lust as well. "That can affect every last one of us here." She sighed and ordered the drinks with her going with not Whiskey despite her having already bought a bottle of it, but a White Russian. She loved the cream and would indulge because of her normally having an allergy to it! How they reacted to her, was up to them of course, but she wasn't in the mood to deal with a room full of exasperated humans laying unconcious on the floor with her being one of the crowd again. "Thinking you can't get something done, is a bad beginning." She was the street kid that had to do everything the hard way. "Self reliance..sometimes you're the only one you have that you 18:34:04 [Evelynne] can believe in." She sighed. "At the sametime learn the balance. Stuff gets broken, bullets fly..." She was calm despite being near Delaney. She sat back on her haunches and sipped the White Russian quietly. She looked back over her shoulder toward the pool table with a look of longing, which probably would release Galen from her glance.

18:43:09 Galen listened to the brief exchange of words between her and Evelynne, how could she say she was okay? The marks on her body, the fact she had to be changed into something else in order to be trained. If it had of been him, he wouldn't have been able to deal with it. When Delaney seemed too defensive, he shook his head. "I didn't say you were the one to do this, as I recall I agreed to help and that's exactly what I plan on doing. He downed the last of his drink again, anger causing him to drink way too fast but he seemed confused by her words, saying that he was an heir to the Morrigans' throne. "What?" He half laughed at that comment. "I'm not her Heir. Do you think that it's she who is my Mother?" How would she know otherwise, he was a Dark Fae and dubbed a prince, of course she'd think it. "There is no blood between her and I, you assume too much sometimes. The Ash is my Father, and yeah, he's light..I know and I'm not. I chose to be on the opposite side of what everyone assumed I would be. The Light held - 18:43:26 [Galen] nothing for me, I've always had a Dark streak. " He smirked then ordered up another drink. Suddenly there was a shift in what the felt, all this time he hadn't even realized it but she had been keeping her ability to a minimum but now he could feel something else. Her words caused him to look at her again as he got his fifth drink of the night. "You can't what, Delaney?" He heard the voice of Evelyn and turned to look at her, his eyes flashing yellow for moment but then he suddenly felt himself unable to move, still staring at her. What the hell had provoked this? Did they all think it was okay to use their powers on him like this? This was the second time it went unprovoked but for a couple of minutes he wasn't able to move. As the time wound down, he suddenly was able to move and he growled loudly, enough that a few others had turned their head to look at all three of them. "HOw dare you! DOn't you ever fucking do that again! This is neutral ground!"-e-

18:53:24 [Delaney] What Eve said was true. Del knew as much. However Del had been referring to ignoring Galen and the pull that was there. The man was gorgeous. He was animal, he was everything the Succubus in her wanted and damn, did she want him right there and then. Everyone else could go ignored and she’d take him, fully and completely and she knew he’d never look by, nor ever feel anything like it with anyone else, again. Though those thoughts weren’t productive, yet looking to his form, how his shoulders, his arms, his chest that demanded nails to be raked over it - it was a battle she fought and struggled incessantly hard to do. Yes, she had to get a handle on her thoughts and think of the man for who he was. Dark Prince, possible enemy, possible ally, most definitely one of The Morrigan’s most trusted and that was the one woman who wanted her dead. Galen’s outburst snapped her from her reverie and she glanced to Eve then back to the man. “Wait, what.. The Ash is your Father?” Yes, it was confusing for her but at 18:53:43 [Delaney] but at least now she had the truth. Though, it wasn’t at all what she’d thought. Perhaps she did assume too much at times. But when one had no answers, one tended to do that. Her hand reached toward Galen, aiming to rest on his arm, the action done entirely to calm him in response to his words, though the touch proved to be shocking to her in how it reverberated through her body. Calm.. Calm.. Now is not the time or place. Calm.. Laney She’d been doing so good so far. Trick cast a glance toward Eve for the unprovoked attack, placing a glass he was cleaning down upon the table. “None of that here.. Keep it down.” He commented both to Eve, then toward Del. “And you too, Del. Or take it outside. It‘s fair game out there. “ Del winced somewhat, part of her already dragging Galen out the room. Eve too - One Fae would be amazing, but two!…LANEY!, STOP.. Calm... “Honestly, my abilities - I’m learning to control them, but that kiss.. Wow.” She stopped, glancing to Galen, speaking the truth. “It makes 18:54:08 [BWRP] it hard for me to… concentrate. And the strength I get from you, so powerful.. It’d heal me in a second. Where as with a human, I’d near have to kill them.” Revealing something of her thoughts, she shrugged - not embarrassed, but wanted to try and diffuse the situation, feeling a hint of bad blood between Eve and Galen. “I’m sorry. I’ve not had hundreds of years to keep it under wraps.. I’ve tried though. I am trying and I will get it. Don’t have much of a choice in it, really..”
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19:03:27 [Evelynne] The teenager closed her eyes and kept them that way for a while. Sometimes what looked deliberate actually was not. The crowd was uneasy enough with her in there. She'd heard the pair of them loud and clear as well as the bartender. A few darts stuck into the wall after that outburst. Evelynne carefully moved her claws back to where they wouldn't stick into the floor. "If it is going to work, you both are going to have to agree. You're under scrutiny from about everyone." She'd seen the whole thing go down. "You're either going to get stronger or break." The White Russian was sipped at quietly. If they managed to drag her off, so be it. The pair weren't the only reluctant ones about the situation. "Get strong enough and you'll lead..both of you." As per her being stared at, that had been happening all night. Hundreds of years?! Shit, she was only 17! "Evidently they see what you both are not."

19:13:20 [Vyserhad] Throughout the time that the three were interacting with each other, Vyserhad had been eyeing the various drinks and food--but lacking any kind of monetary item, he had nothing to use to buy anything with. So with a defeated and disappointed sigh, the Gargoyle had gone off to go see what the various patrons were doing. He was too strong to play more mundune games. And that wasn't an understatement--the last time he had tried to play pool with Jon he wound up hitting the ball too hard and it went flying out through a wall like a cannonball. And it had split apart on the other side. And then...another Fae had approached him, 'Hey, you. You look new here. Ever armwrestled before?' he glanced over at this Fae--which looked like a four-armed He-man. He shook his head, "No. What is this...armwrestle? Is it where you wrestle with your arms?"
19:25:02 Galen was still focused on Evelynne, the 'attack' hasn't been received well and he was beyond pissed off at her. "Listen you little fuck. Use all the cryptic words you want but don't you ever dare to do that to me again. Here or out there.' He motioned towards the door with his head, eyes still yellow and his fangs were on the verge of being bared to her. It was then he heard trick and he shut up but he was also painfully aware that Delaney had her hand on his arm, her words causing him to look away from Evelynne and back to her. "What?" That kiss, he had recalled both times and even the Morrigan had called him out on it, he couldn't forget it but it was clear, she needed to heal and it was simply an urge and once her training was done, if successful, then she wouldn't likely give him the time of day unless she wanted something. His eyes had changed back to hazel as he watched her. Her words had struck him for different reasons, the main portion was that she mentioned she would have to kill a human in order to-19:25:42 [Galen] heal but with him, it wouldn't hurt him like that. The last thing he needed was for her to go off and kill a human, it wouldn't help his case at all and then maybe he would have to kill her. He shook his head, feeling drawn to her in such close proximity. "That kiss, you did it because you were compelled to but if you need to heal.." And clearly she did, he didn't want her to have to go back like this. "Then fine. Take energy from me or whatever it is you do. A kiss, if that'll do it, so you can heal." He had troubles at first, when he was young and learning, in shifting and in controlling it. He knew exactly what it was like to be out of control even now. "And sometimes centuries don't matter. I still can't control my shift on a full moon." It sort of got blurted out, why he felt he had to tell her that, he wasn't sure. He ignored the question about his Father for now, focusing ont he situation at hand.-e-

19:36:40 [Delaney] Laney had put the truth out there, her feelings made clear so the male may understand that she’s not purposely trying to arouse him. In fact she’s trying hard NOT to make that happen. For a brief moment she wondered if it was even possibly for anyone to want her, care for her, even love her for who and what she was, without any influence of her doing. It was something she couldn’t answer but it left a hollow feeling within. Eve was right though, yet again the young teen had been the one with foresight in the situation, so changing the topic Del tried to focused spoke of her knowledge of the Bloodstone, the murder and.. Wait, what? Galen was telling her to kiss him?” Gazing his way once more, she arch her brows wondering where that came from. It had only been said in passing that a kiss from him would heal her without having to kill. She hadn’t been seeking his permission and the flat gaze that was offered to him said as much. “I’m not a pity case. I don’t need your damn pity. “ She snapped wondering where--19:37:12 [Delaney] where the conversation had taken a turn for a loop. There was clearly a mixed reaction, temptation, desire, yet pride could be equally dangerous at times. Turning from him she uttered the words. “Not now. Not here..” she didn’t want to just publicly go on a whim with him in front of others. People were watching, and most knew that he was her prison guard. Kissing him now, even if it did help her heal wouldn’t make any sense, no matter what the longing. “So, there is obviously another reason The Morrigan wants me dead. Why don’t we break into the Manor, see what we can find out?” A change of topic indeed. “You’ve got access to a lot of things, and I need to find out what the hell it is she has on me and why she wants me dead.” Eyes shifted toward the near comical gargoyle, then apologetically to Eve for Galen’s outburst, then back to the man himself as she inched closer to whisper, her hand still on his arm as if she barely noticed. “A lot of things have been happening since I arrived in town and now--19:37:27 [Delaney] murder on top of it.” She was of course, referring to the young girl who had been found, drug overdose of Spellbound it would seem. “Someome is out to get me. We both know that. Start at the top. We find out what The Morrigan is hiding. Are you with me? Not tonight, for time is limited, but tomorrow when I’m done my training. “

19:46:04 [Evelynne] She shook her head and thought about Stryfe. Really with a name like that, she should of known better! A faint smile caught her lips as she remembered the Devil's son accidently waking up a passed out bartender with Vodka to the face of all things. She really did hate people for the way they toyed with each other. "Right guys." She softly made a tch sound before wandering back over to Vyserhad. "Yup. Try to push the other's arm down on the table first with the opposing hand." She sat down on the floor again looking at the door. " they have a band here or something? I could go for some music!" She understood Galen was angry but he had his hands full already with Delaney.

19:50:57 [Vyserhad] Vyserhad blinks as he glances at Evelynne and then back at the four-armed fae, "I don't know...I wouldn't want to hurt you." and this caused the man to glance at him indignantly and then he smiled, "Oh, naw, you won't. So you wanna play or not?" and the Gargoyle frowned--then, reluctlantly, he nodded, "Sure." and the two sat down. Vyserhad sat up the traditional position for the arm and the other man took his in his own, "Object of the game is to slam the other persons arm into the table, when I say go." and Vyserhad nodded. Arm. Table. Got it! "Ready...go!" and as the man began to push his arm against Vyserhad...the gargoyle floored the excessively muscular fae's arm against the table with almost no resistance. This left the fae and various other flabbergasted, "You didn't even try." Vyserhad stated with a frown, "Have another go?" he asked--the fae was a mix between humiliated and infuriated and disbelief...and he glared at Vyserhad.

19:54:46 Galen had offered the kiss but was it really because he was trying to save her life or was it because he may have been influenced by her in some manor? A trick to make him want to believe it was of his own free will? Between the two creatures he didn't know what to believe. The Morrigan had told him straight out that she wouldn't care for him. They were all creatures of habit, this was hers. He shook his head. "This isn't pity, Delaney. I'm trying to keep your ass alive and if you go off and kill a human, even speaking in passing about it, you could end up dead." It wasn't long and she had quickly changed the subject, he understood it wouldn't right here, though it hadn't stopped her before. Her words caused him to tense up a bit. He knew the reason why the Morrigan wanted her dead, he knew his place in it and right now he wished he hadn't. At the mention of breaking into the Manor, he shook his head. "No, -we- aren't doing anything. I can't risk you getting caught snooping around. The Morrigan has made her -19:55:15 [Galen] point clear, we leave it alone. We try a different avenue." He leaned his head a bit toward her as she whispered and he finished off his last drink. He could understand her concern but if she stumbled onto the truth, she'd never trust him and she wouldn't want to finish her training, which would cause her to be dead anyway. He shut his eyes, trying to calm himself down on a whole lot of levels. "We'll figure it out. No, there isn't time. You'll have to leave..Again." He sighed and looked away, the wounds, the fact she'd be gone again, it was hard and he didn't know why. "If you won't come home with me then you stay here until he comes for you. You'll at least be safe."-e-

20:07:04 [Delaney] Ugh.. This was so frustrating for the woman. Part of her wanted to tell him to stick right there and then. To shove it somewhere even his Tiger-self wouldn’t like. But she held in, kept it back. The Morrigan was the key to all of the things happening. Delaney felt sure of that her gut instinct generally on par with most things. Had she been on her own, and had she the time to venture out, she’d be investigating by herself with nothing or no one holding her back. Problem was.. But then she had a thought - Perhaps she could speak to The Ash. Galen was his son. Then again, Laney had chosen neither side when the time had come, so she couldn’t exactly ask for help for any of them. A resigned sigh was given as she nodded in reluctant agreement. “I’m not staying here all night.” Which only gave her one other avenue of action. To go home with Galen. A thought that was equally uninviting due to the circumstances but also her natural feelings. Things were going to lead from one to the other. She’d be invading-- 20:07:17 [Delaney] his dreams next, even though she’d not exactly mean to. The thought was there to warn him but she held back. Maybe that wouldn’t happen.. Just the close proximity. “Fine, we’ll go back to your place, but honestly, seriously Galen - this isn’t going to bode well for either of us. “ What she was referring to exactly wasn’t quite clear however she pushed passed him as she made her way through the Pub, nodding to Evelynne and the Gargoyle who was in her presence before making a beeline for the door. Fresh air would be good.. carrots.. Del, think of carrots. No.. not carrots.. Think of puppy dogs.. Cute little pupp.. God, I want to run my fingers down his arms, feel the beast inside him, the strength.. Grah! .. the thoughts continued, most not appropriate for the eyes or ears of others.

20:13:17 [Evelynne] waved one of her tails at Delaney and ignored Galen. There was little she could do that would't piss him off. Since Delaney happened to be lusting at the time, she caught the thought. +Good Luck.+, would be thought for Delaney in return. Akwardly she looked about and sighed. "Yup. Another spot I don't quite fit in at." She looked back to Vyserhad and grinned. "Nicely done." She found a way to slip outside likely through the Bar's backdoors. A lot of tension in the room vanished with her. Forest..Hunt..AIR..

0:17:46 [Vyserhad] As it was only inevitable that Vyserhad floored this fae's arm a total of five times before he got up and left. Finding the game of arm wrestling to be boring. The strong fae's friends had to hold him back because he was looking as if he was about to bash the bloody table over the back of the gargoyle's head! Vyserhad noticed everyone was beginning to leave--and then tossed a gaze outside. How close was dawn?

20:22:21 Galen had no clue as to what she meant about it not going well for wither of them but the main thing was to make sure she was alive and safe and since he was looking after her, it was his responsibility. He followed her outside, not bothering to look at any other, let alone Evelynne who had done more than enough to piss him off tonight. None of this had gone to plan but he had stood up to look after her in this world, and he would do so, despite the prophecy and the real means in which the Morrigan had wanted her killed. He'd lead her home and hope for the best, afterall, she was only going to be there a few hours before she was taken from him again.-e-
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