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 The Stone of Destiny

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PostThe Stone of Destiny

13:34:22 [Vran] Triskilon Manor was a forbidding, brooding place. It had the electrical air of an impending storm about it, always. Shapeless forms hulked through the shadows. The halls often echoed with strange cries. Vran quite liked it. Of all buildings in the mortal world, he felt most at home here. The Raven fae was used to waiting. Waiting for events he had foreseen to actually transpire, waiting for the dying to expire, waiting for a mortal to leave an iron-fenced homestead so that he could seduce, distract or trouble them. He was not used to waiting for the Morrigan. He had exciting news. The cauldron! The Witch! The girl with the seal! He wished to make a full report, be roughly bedded by the Queen, and then sent out to do something about it. Instead, he sat on a stone bench in a chequer-floored hall, staring up at the ceiling, or down at his black boots. There was no need for faery glamour here and he appeared in his true form as the Morrigan's Battle Herald; ears pointed, the spheres of his eyes entirely black, 13:34:31 [Vran] , clad in black feathers and black leather. He fingered the triple-raven silver cloak clasp and debated sending out a few Fury curses here and there. Just to pass the time. Her "people" (and the term was a loose one) had told him to wait. The Queen was busy. That was the end of the matter. Vran had frowned at that. She'd been busy for days! He had decided that to leave the manor and return again was becoming tedious and instead he would just sit until he was called. He was a patient man, but even he had his limits.

13:41:35 [The_Nightmare] As Vran was heading off to depart from Triskilon Manor, he would have been interrupted in his attempt to do so as a large swirling pool of inky blackness appeared in front of him on the floor--this whirlpool of shadow was disturbed as a clawed hand emerged from the depths and clutched against the floor, as the Shadow Beast--the Dark Prince, Wesley Darwyn, began to pull his body up and out of it as if it was some kind of physically adhesive black tar. The tendrils and resistive substance clung to his body as he pulled his body up and out of the floor like a zombie emerging from a freshly dug grave. Upon leaving his Shadow Portal he shook his body around as he turns slowly to let his four eyes slide over Vran's form--the beast was...horrific...and that was putting it mildly. It was likely the pulsating chest region, where his heart resonated outwards a dull purple glow with each beat to display his silhouetted bones therein, that likely attributed to his hideous and nightmarish appearance. He was typically
13:41:37 [The_Nightmare] regarded as nothing more than an animal or a beast by the others of the Dark Court--excluding the Morrigan (when it suited her), and Galen. Vran, however, was an unknown to him. He opened his jaws as he went to speak to him, "Hello." he stated in his rather young voice and in a polite manner.

13:44:32 Jade was woking on her lab, trying to figure out what was in Spellbound. It was consistently sad that the world was growing so full of drugs. Jade wasn't really sure why all this happened, in all her time alive, she had never felt like she needed to be on something to bring out her pleasure for life, or anything for that matter. Her eyes rested on the vial between her fingers. The lights in her hourse, were dimly lit, the brightest spots in the kitchen and her reading station, which was a deep purple velvet, it kept her skin rather warm, which was nice in a place like Boston. Anywho, that's where she was. (shall make longer posts later).

13:53:08 Hector` was woken by a rather strange smell coming from his floor boards. He had fallen asleep early that evening, the only reason being for the early turning in was the fact he had free time and long ago he decided free time is best spent catching up on ones sleep… No one ever knows when they will be needed to stay up for 40+ hours straight, especially in times like these. Anywho, he was awake and rather groggy but he rolled out of bed to investigate. A human would never have been able to pick up the strange scent but a Fae, well, the most mild things can wake them. He came down the stairs, once again bringing his fists to his eyes to rub them as he leaned on the frame of the door at the bottom of the stairs as he looked into the lab. “Pleasant odor.” He muttered, sarcasm of course but he didn’t seem all that irritable.

13:59:16 [Vran] Now here was something to pass the time... Vran thought, as a strange whirlpool of darkness appeared before him. Carrion eater's beady eyes watched as the thing coalesced, a slight smile on his face. It was an impressively dramatic entrance, quite a spectacle. He wasn't so much alarmed as fascinated. Vran had an almost "what will they think of next?" whimsical attitude to the less conventional members of the Dark. It wasn't good to piss them off, even if they were nominally on the same side, as you never knew what fell powers they might exhibit. At the same time, he was likely to have little in common with many of the Morrigan's foot soldiers and hanger's on of the more monstrous variety. Essentially, Vran was a creature of Nature, the Dark side of Nature, admittedly, the death cold of winter, the troubling menace of the storm. He was not a monster. He stared at the pulsating heart, ran his gaze over the weird mutated limbs, the twisted forms of his body. Could this be the creature that they called the

13:59:30 [Vran] Queen's "Favoured Pet"? He looked askance at it for just a moment, his head tilted to one side, wondering whether She had the same knd of relationship with it as She did with him. Would the Morrigan take such a one as this Shadow Beast as a lover? He wasn't sure if he wanted to know. A small smile twisted his face, before he regained his composure. "Hello. Well met, Shadow. How keeps the Queen these nights?" he asked, as always in the Dark court, as faithful to courtly manner as he was ever like to get. If anyone had been to see Her, perhaps it would have been this creature...

14:01:27 Jade looked at Hector as he came in through her lab door. "I thought, I left the door closed?" She pushed him out, and locked her door behind her. "What are you doing up? I mean, not what are you doing up, but what are you doing in here? I mean, you know, people knock sometimes." Jade was a bit annoyed with the fact that she had forgotten to close the door. "Are you hungry?" She had Alicia cooking something for her and Jade tonight, she was sure there would be more than enough for Hector too. And well, Alicia always left at around 6 to do her own stuff, leaving food for Jade as a thanks for letting her work at the office, and letting her stay at one of her other appartments. "Didn't mean to wake you by the way."

14:06:38 [The_Nightmare] Wesley was the Second Heir under Galen, many knew he was formerly a human in the Dark Court--but not many understand how he had come to be this monstrosity that now stood before many. Not many knew that he was not just a creature of the Dark, he was a literal extension of the Morrigan's essence and will--he was as much a part of her, as she was him. He was only but one of many such creatures that she has 'rebirthed' over the ages. But he WAS by far, one of the youngest. As he received a polite response from Vran he nodded towards him in recognition. He padded off towards the side and went to sit down on the floor on his haunches like an animal as he curled his tail up against his side as he crosses his forelegs on a windowsil of a tinted glass window. No sunlight was permitted to enter this Manor, as it was almost always eternally dark--lit either by lamps or candles. He was observing the sun in the distance as it was still high in the sky--he couldn't leave the Manor whilst the sun shone and everyone knew
14:06:39 [The_Nightmare] this. Typically he had slept until Dusk but that was only because he couldn't find anything to do inside of this Manor before the sun set everyday, "She keeps well." he glances over his shoulder at Vran, "I haven't seen you before--who are you?"

14:11:11 Hector` blinked innocently towards her when she said she thought she had closed the door, she had, but he was terribly crafty and long ago he mastered the art of the doorknob. “Well, sometimes I do know, other times I do not.” He said with a small, still sleepy, grin. As she pushed him out of her lab. He could have refused to go but went backwards with little resistance. “As for being up, what ever you are playing with seeped through the ceiling up into my room and work me… What can I say, sensitive nose.” He said, tapping his nose as he moved up the stairs at a measured pace. “Not terribly hungry no…” To be honest, he was hungry, but whatever was being prepared wasn’t something he particularly liked to eat. “What are you doing up?”

14:18:35 [Vran] Hmm... she keeps well. So, he had been to see her. Vran tried not to feel envious. Oh, he was well aware that the Queen had other lovers and consorts, and that each was only in favour so long as Her whim permitted it. Perhaps his star was on the wane. If so, at least it left him free to pursue the seduction of mortal women, freely, without incurring the Dark Queen's displeasure. He watched the Shadow creature settle itself down on the floor, before coming over to take a seat on the windowsill where it had laid it's forepaws. His feathered cloak settled around him as he sat down, rustling ominously. "I am the Battle Herald of the Armies of Dark, and honoured to be Her consort," he announced. An official title, which he then followed with a muttered, "at least for the moment..." He paused, staring at the creature, and gods it was quite spectacularly ugly, before beginning, "And you, Shadow Beast is what I've heard you called as, although whether that's what you prefer, only you can say." Hopefully it

14:21:04 Jade looked at Hector with a quirked brow. "Huh. That's weird because I wasn't using anything at the moment. I was just reading." She chuckled and led him to her house anyway, since well, it was a lot more comfortable than the stuff in her lab. "Well, I was doing some research. Trying to help the world with my brilliance." Slender fingers wrapped around the knob of her door and she slipped inside. "If you don't like what Alicia cooked, I'm sure we can order some take out." She had tons of flyers on one of her tables. Her place was rather spacious, a huge television that was hardly used, and a lot of books lined the walls. Her furniture was elegant and delicate, her floors were made of black polished marble, that created a nice constract with the light earthy tones on the walls. There was a rug on her living room floor, that was plush, a mousy gray, it was her favorite because it was so warm in winter.

14:28:17 Hector` allowed himself to be directed to her floor of the complex. “That is weird… You sure you didn’t use any cleaner or anything, it had an ammonia scent.” He told her as he wandered her apartment, looking literally in every room before he ended up back in the living room and he eyed the carpet. He spun on his heel to face her, his back towards the plush carpet before he simply fell back. His body hit the floor with a dull thud and he groaned for just a second before he went spread eagle on his back. “Not quite as soft as I would have hopped…” He admitted. When she brought up food, or take out rather, he shook his head. “I don’t want to be a bother, I’ll head out tonight sometime, I have things to do…”

14:32:14 Jade looked at Hector as he tried out her carpet. "Well, not really, it's a carpert." She went to get some food form the fridge eating it cold. "And I'm sure that I didn't. Must have dreamt it." Her eyes settled on the weird Fae. "Oh. That sounds good. So, what brings you here then?" She continued to eat her whatever it was, it tasted a lot like pasta.

14:35:54 [The_Nightmare] Wesley glances ahead through the window as he heard the title. A Consort? But the Morrigan wasn't a creature of flesh like many felt--she wasn't held to the same laws as many other creatures, likely Vran included. Very few knew of the true nature of the Morrigan--fortunately, Wesley was one of them. To the Morrigan, a consort was useless--it was just a title to hold one's pride to make themselves think of themselves as somewhat more important than the typical Dark Court's royalty, "Shadow Beast, Shadoan, Nightmare Beast, the Boogieman--I've been given an assortment of names by allies and enemies alike--usually by my food before I consume them whole." he glances back over his shoulder at Vran, "I am Wesley Darwyn, and I prefer to be called by my human name--former human name, actually. Wesley. Or Wes. Whichever you prefer." Vran wasn't like the others--he actually seemed to be polite, for the moment.

14:53:35 [Vran] He wondered why the beast gave him such a peculiar look when he said "consort". Consort, yes, consort. Carnal intercourse... well, maybe such things seemed odd to him. Either he didn't get any at all, or he was bonking the Queen, that was what he inferred by the silence. Who knew what went through the mind of a creature like that, though? He used the pause to try to not think about sex. Vran laughed aloud in pleasant surprise, continuing into a chuckle as the Shadow Beast talked about consuming his prey, in such a wonderful deadpan delivery. Maybe he could grow to like this creature... despite the lingering question as to whether it was taking his place as the Queen's latest piece of ass. He nodded as the creature gave his name, (his real, actual name, the sucker). "Wes, then. Shortest is always best. Easiest to shout in times of peril." So, if you've been to see the Queen, you must know how come she's not letting any other visitors in. Right?" he felt free to ask, having formed some minor bond with this

14:58:13 [Lilium ] A few snaps and pops could be heard as Lilium woke up sleeping next to her closed door. That thing from the last night had left. Her arms stretched in the air as a yawn passed her lips. After the relaxing stretch, she pushed from the ground and opened the door to her room Both hands ran over her eyes as she walked to the bathroom and undressed. A nice warm bath would feel absolutely nice. Not much of what the creature said moved through her mind, though she did wonder how many times it would take before the drug took her over. A small sigh passed her lips as she began to run the water, a little over warm. While the tub filled with water, Lilium moved to the sink and brushed her teeth and washed her face, clearing away the eye liner. After cleaning her face, she turned to the tub and stepped in ever to gently, as not not slip. Her body eased down in the soothing water and she leaned forward and turned the faucet off. The water came up to her breasts, high but not enough to spill over the side if she laid ~c
14:58:25 [Lilium ] down. Lilium laid back, resting her head against the wall and her back against the tub. Both eyes closed as the water seemed to sooth every aching muscle. The tips of her auburn hair curled a bit as it touched the water. A bit of steam fogged up the mirror over the sink.~e

15:12:51 [The_Nightmare] It was fortunate for Wesley then that only the Morrigan could command him--others were beneath him, his station, and his notice. He wasn't effected by his real name at all--he only heard it if people uttered it aloud. And only if it was nighttime, outdoors, and with shadows around. Oh how frustrated would Vran be if he had discovered that Wesley was privy to locations of hidden hideaways that only the Morrigan and her Shadow Fiends could enter? Probably jealousy. The beast pushes off the floor and away from the window as he gets back up onto all fours. As he walked Vran might notice his stance and movements were like a panther--but his body was shaped peculiarly. He was an omnipedal, meaning he was comfortable on either all fours or on his hindlegs. His tail swaying back and forth quite liberally. He was casual with how deadpan he mentioned eating people mostly because to him--it was natural. It's what he was designed for, after all--to swallow humanoids whole, and alive. He nodded at the question, "Right
15:12:52 [The_Nightmare] now, only the Royalty can come to see her--she doesn't want to be disturbed by anyone else. And even then, Royalty can only meet with her if she calls for them. Though it's odd, you're her consort and yet she never mentioned anything about you to me. And I see her more than most of the Dark Court." then again...he was often bringing her things that she wanted, or 'capturing' her enemies. Usually, she let them stay inside of Wesley so he could digest them when he slept. Such a nice feeling...the sensation of squirming, wriggling prey...his eyes began to half-close as he remembered that feeling. Okay. That's it--he was going to EAT someone tonight! Even if it was the goddamned mayor! SOMEONE WAS GETTING NOMMED!

15:18:24 Galen had gone back to his office the night before, having pounded back a few drinks at the Cork and half a bottle of whiskey that was kept in his drawer in the desk, passing out with his head on arms and head on the desk. It wasn't very classy for a Prince but he had only hoped to forget about the last little while, about everything and every one. It had worked, only until he feel asleep in which a dream came to him. It was more like a flash back though, from darkness came a light and at first he could see himself at a young age, sitting with his Father in a conservatory much like the one he had visited just the other day. There were plants of types, and he could feel the warm and moist air, smell the various scents of the flowers, it was if he had been standing there now, it was that vivid. He watched his younger self listening to his Father as he spoke in a serious tone. "It is time I tell you something very important, Galen, my Son. For a very long time, something has been passed down through generation -15:18:49 [Galen] after generation of our family and now it is your turn to receive it. Long ago Fal created a stone but it is no ordinary stone as it will be able to predict the one who will lead and who make the sacrifice, when the time comes, for the good of all Fae. It is one of a few artifacts that will be revealed and now is the time for you to be the bearer of the Stone of Destiny and of Truth." The Ash would place a box on a small table as a young Galen watched wide eyed as it was opened. Inside there was a ring made of platinum with a simple stone in the middle, something that resembled granite and it didn't look fancy but it held more power than Galen had realized at the time. The Ash carefully removed it, "Place your hand out, Galen." -15:19:03 [Galen] Young Galen would do as was asked by his Father, placing his hand put so that The Ash could place it upon his middle finger on the right hand. It slid on perfectly and it just as Galen was about to ask a question, The Ash seemed to anticipate it and spoke first. "The time will be made known to you. Other artifacts will be found first and if such a time comes, you make sure you are in full possession of the ring, never take it off." Did the Ash know it would be in his Son's lifetime that everything would come to pass? Galen, within his dream, was now in place of his younger self, feeling the ring and it's coolness against his skin, looking down at the stone which didn't seem anything more that you'd pick up in a gravel pit but something about it drew a respect he couldn't deny. Suddenly the dram was no longer a flashback but a warning as he looked to his Father.-15:19:15 [Galen] "The time is now Galen. You must find the ring. There isn't much time. Remember...", and then there was blackness again until Galen's head shoot up off the desk, gasping and looking around, remembering he had been in his office, but now he did remember the ring and he looked down at is finger, as if he could still feel it, only it wasn't there. It was then his secretary was coming in, startled as she opened the door to see him still in his clothes from yesterday and the office reeked of Whiskey. "Are you..?" Galen looked at her and forced the fuzzy feeling and the headache as he got up and ran passed her. "Sorry Marie, I got to find a ring!" -e-

15:26:00 [Vran] "Fair enough," he said. "That's Her perogative. But since I have no other orders, I'll just keep waiting... until she's ready." He stretched out his legs and crossed the ankles, arms behind his head, resting on the glass of the window. He could wait, wait and wait. It wasn't as though it was urgent enough to break her Royal council. He was after all, only a consort, and a former changeling at that. "Well, a Queen doesn't have to spill all her secrets to everyone, does she?" he replied. "You have your role to play, and I have mine." He wasn't bothered. It wasn't as though he was attempting to attention seek or curry favour. Back when he learned politics, things were a lot simpler, and more direct. You could trade with the neighbouring provinces, form alliances of marriage, or you could kill them. It was nice and easy. Kingdoms were won by the strongest, through force of arms, through tactics, or through judicious planning. He wasn't all about the game-playing, whispering and rumour-mongering. Vran thought
15:26:10 [Vran] silently for a moment, then sat up suddenly. "Hey, Wes... when you eat these people, it's just the bodies, right? The physical bodies?" some premise had caused a little light to flick on which made his eyes gleam, black in the blackness.

15:26:39 Delaney flickered in through the ancient land she’d visited so oft as of late. The rolling hills, the gentle v-shaped valley, the perfectly green dale split by the azure waters of a river the surged through at a constant flow. Around her birds that no longer grace the planet chirped and sung, insects - mainly crickets and critters accompanied them as if in tune, creating a melody of delight that even Del felt she could waltz to. One-two-three, one-two-three. Constant and rhythmic, her bare feet tread over the pasture in careful steps, light on toes, delicate and yet every bit solid as she was beyond the land. Her hair cascaded in a dark waterfall of strands over her shoulder, down her back, while upon her she wore the simple white cotton dress, with empire waist, short hem and lace trim. The voice that sung to her in her dreams, had woken her once more in this place, this haven of solitude and splendor where she felt safe. Warm. Secure. Laney.. Come see! the childlike voice resonated as it flowed across the--15:26:54 [Delaney] water, rippling with the warm sun overhead that twinkled when caught by tiny beads of moisture. Come.. See what we have!. The dream always began the same. The sounds and scenery, followed by the voice that had something of important to show her. First it was the vision of all four items with note of a prophecy but Delaney had awakened before she got the full story. The second and third time had been when the Stone of Light and the Spear of Finias had been discovered, Del not knowing who their Keeper’s are but knowing that the items were safe. She couldn’t help but wonder what it was this time? Would it be the Cauldron? Or the Stone? Either one were still missing, thus she stepped forward following the guiding hand that was leading her. And then, suddenly things changed. She was looking upon a scene, a vision of the most uncanny familiarity only not. The male, The Ash stood before her, along with a young male. Delaney stood and watched, inching closer - she could hear everything. See everything. Just --15:27:15 [Delaney] as they had shared a dream previously. Then the image shifted and Galen was older, to which Delaney was ultimately drawn to the man. Intrinsically so as she stepped forward, taking hold of his free hand as The Ash spoke. Her fingers entwined with his, squeezing them to give him strength as she continued to listen. Galen was the Keeper of the Stone.. She gazed toward him and nodded, letting him know she was there, when the dream shifted again and darkness began to ooze in, pulling away the beautiful scenery, the scents and sounds, leaving her standing in pure black void. It was oppressive, stagnant as she began to shout then tried to move. Realizing she was trapped, she couldn’t get out - held in a box it would seem, dug well into the earth. Nails raked at the wood overtop as she struggled, her cries near silent as the succubus panicked. I’m here! Down Here! Please.. she called at the top of her lungs in hopes of being discovered before the air ran out. It was then she woke - startled with a gasp as--15:27:26 [Delaney] as her eyes opened, gazed up at the ceiling a rush of goosebumps flared over her naked flesh. Heart pounding, her skin was covered in a sheen of perspiration, one thought on her mind. To find the ring.. She had to help Galen.

15:29:54 [Lilium ] She opened her eyes and watched the slow drip of the water from the faucet. It is enjoyable for her to watch the ripples crawl over the surface to each drop. As she watched the water drip slowly, one stopped in mid fall. Lilium perked her left brow as she sat up, wondering what exactly was going on. Her eyes became wide as they seemed to focus into the droplet of water. Her vision pulled the droplet close, like a microscope. Within the droplet she could dark shadows for as far as her eyes could see in the vision, as if such an army would never end. Lilium couldn't really figure out who or what the shadows are. The water around her became red in color as the frozen ripples of the tub took on the form of a blood red moon. Then, it was gone. Her vision returned and Lilium took in a large gasp of air. It seemed she couldn't breath when such things happened. Quickly, she finished her bath; washing her hair and body. With her right hand she reached over and grabbed a white towel off the rack and wrapped it ~c
15:30:12 [Lilium ] around her form while stepping out. Lilium moved to her room and dried her body and hair-till it was damp. She grabbed a bra and long formfitting dress that resembled a V-neck T-shirt, a pair of boy short panties, and leggings. Lilium slid the black bra on and clipped it into place, next came the dark purple dress thing that reached an inch below her bottom, the black undies where slid on, and then the dark grey leggings. She slid her feet, without socks, into a pair of black and white converse shoes. She brushed her hair and applied a little eye liner and mascara. Looking sexy! Oh yeah. {lol} Lilium grabbed her cell phone and stuck it in her shirt, pressed between her breasts, and then her keys from the nightstand in her room. She moved to the living room and knelt down beside the couch, grabbing the iron bar, and pulled it out. She sat the item on the couch and moved to her door and opened it. Lilium made sure to lock her home up upon leaving and she made her way down the flights of steps. Her grey/blue~c
15:30:25 [Lilium ] eyes were not blood shot or dilated anymore. Something was going down at the ball. She could tell. It seemed as the date for the ball came, more visions did. Something was telling her to do something, but what? Who does she talk to, tell? The keys are held strongly within her left hand, not wanting to lose them like she had the last time. It had been a while since she walked on the street without being high off Spellbound. The lights did not hurt her eyes and the sounds did nothing to her ears. A soft breeze felt good as it roamed through her hair and crawled over her skin, but the smell of exhaust and garbage took away the soothing of the air.~e

15:39:41 [The_Nightmare] Wesley was now standing in front of one of the many full-bodied mirrors placed throughout the Manor. The Morrigan was many things, unfortunately--Vanity was one of them. And the shadow beast had taken to looking at his visage at every opportunity. He liked looking over his skin and noticing how much it resembled a statue of living cobalt-obsidian combination. However when Vran asked him the question he broke his gaze away from the mirror to peer upon the Consort, "Hm? Well, I can't digest them until I sleep. So they just kinda just settle in--if I eat or drink anything, they also settle there. I use that to carry people to the Morrigan with no chance of them getting away. When I sleep, they settle--generally I don't digest bones, because I like to decorate my room with them. I get bored waiting for the sun to set so I tend to try and put the bones together--assembling them like legos or something. When they die though, I feel like this...surge. A surge of pleasant energy that flows through my body. It makes
15:39:42 [The_Nightmare] my body hurt less, and it feels...wonderful, really." it was basically the cat-nip for the Shadow Beast of his prey. Even though he didn't realize it, he digested both body and soul of his prey. He absorbed a majority of their essence, and the Morrigan took the remainder--further strengthening their mental links to one another.

15:48:30 Galen didn't waste any time in getting to another one of his 'safe' places, grabbing a shower and changing his clothes. "How the Hell did I forget that?" He couldn't understand but everything finally made since, all his Father's words about Destiny, how he was Destiny, it was the stone. It bothered him that it was only because of that dream, that he remembered it at all and no matter how such he would drink at any given time, it never caused blackouts like this. It didn't matter for now, he knew where he had to go and he managed to borrow a friends truck and then placed a few old shovels in the back and pulled a tarp over them before he took off to a field that was just on the outskirts of the city. Many, many years ago, once he had pledged loyalty to the Morrigan and the Dark Fae, he had removed the ring from his hand and buried it as deep as he could, near one of the largest trees that circled the field and that's where he had left the Prophecy, buried and forgotten since he didn't believe it in to begin-
15:48:46 [Galen] with. To him it was just a reminder of his Father and of the Light Fae, and he wanted no part of it, all of these memories coming back as he drove as fast as he could without getting stopped, needing to get his hands on it as soon as possible. It was hitting dusk and he knew he wouldn't have much light , thankfully he did have a battery operated lamp as he pulled up into the field, parking a short distance away. He rummaged in the back and grabbed the shovel and lamp, then went to find the tree in which the ring was buried near. He wore less fancy clothes this time, a pair of faded, dark jeans, old sneakers and a black shirt.-e-

15:58:27 Delaney knew time was of the essence. What she didn’t know was that the dream had been shared, just like previously. Unaware that Galen would be going to location, Delaney was going to find the ring, believing it was lost and give it back to it’s rightful Keeper. It was the only reason she could deduce for having the dream she had. Thus, after crawling out of bed, her naked form slipped to the shower where upon which she proceeded to cleanse herself in a quick scrub of soap and water. Minutes later she exited, hair dripping wet as she began to get dressed, not even drying first which proved to cause some difficulty in putting on her t-shirt, damn thing sticking to her at first. Before long, the dark haired beauty was heading out, leather jacket that had seen better days, jeans that hung low on her hips and leather boots that rose to her knees. Moisture seeped from her wet hair, dripping down over the grey t-shirt she wore, over the leather, creating paths of it’s own as she exited her rundown loft apartment. The==15:58:41 [Delaney] tree she’d seen, the sensation of being stuck underground. The ring was calling to be found and Laney had heard it’s song. She didn’t waste any more time as she exited down toward the curb, where upon a biker had stopped, letting his ride come to a stop while he straddled the seat. It took only a mere touch from Del for him to give her the bike and the helmet as she’d take off, spinning the wheels around before forcing herself out into the Boston rush hour. Time wise, she’d end up at the location long before Galen would, being able to weave in and out of traffic. The bike was parked, hidden among the bushes as Delaney would head toward the tree, stepping quietly - it could be trapped. Something The Morrigan had set up, but in her heart, deep within, she knew this was something she had to do. Lowering to her knees, using just her fingers, she’d begin to tug away at the dirt - leaving just her back to any one coming upon her person, the light slowly fading into night.

16:00:57 [BWRP whispers to Cashmere] she could be a pusher of Spellbound?

16:02:34 [Cashmere whispers to BWRP] yeah definatly, Cashmere has access to many drugs, being a person of the night

16:03:56 [BWRP whispers to Cashmere] so maybe she's selling it on the streets and such. peddling it. she doesn't know her suppllier though. Gets it from a third party sort of thing

16:05:19 [The_Nightmare] Wesley was now growing excited! The sun has gone down--or is going down! He could feel the blanket of night falling over the city almost like a blanket that was being drapped around his body as he slept as a boy. But now--there were no blankets, no pillows--just a cushion, and the cold air in his room. He decided that he was going to get himself a blanket so he could sleep like a person. It had to be sturdy and strong, able to withstand his claws and spines when he slept--made from the hide of a creature, most likely. The beast explodes into shadowy mist and fades away as he lunged himself into the Shadow Realm. He wanted to find Galen. The beast surging all over the city--trying to locate him. He found Delaney first, however--and she was just standing there. Doing nothing. As she dug in the ground, he began to manifest out of the shadows behind her...he remained crouched down like a panther stalking it's prey--observing her. This woman was the cause of ALL of the pain and drama going on between the Morrigan,

16:05:20 [The_Nightmare] Galen and the humans. She was to blame for it all--so easy it could have been, to just lunge...bite and swallow. And she'd be gone forever. His body tensed, his eyes narrowing. bite, that's all it'd take to disable her. But at the same time, Galen still liked her--he knew it. He didn't want to eat her because of Galen's affection for her. But he didn't need to know about it, right? Bones were bones--hers would be no different than the ones in the rest of his lair, right? No... No... He wouldn't lie or do this to Galen. Not unless Galen said it was okay--he considered Galen his elder brother--and wouldn't do things that upsetted him.

16:12:01 Cashmere walked out onto the side of the street by the park, huddled against the cold in a beautiful fur coat, a beautiful young thing, with creamy alabaster skin and wide striking blue eyes that would melt anyone's heart, a cascade of dyed platnium blonde hair done up to fall down about the neck and shoulders, and under the coat wearing a seafoam green diaphenous gown with flared shoulders and a V-neckline showing off a small but shapely bust and complimented with dazzling jewelery. Cashmere was looking around to make some money and was doing fairly well getting a new supply of this stuff called Spellbound it was all the rage nowadays just coming onto the Scene and was said to be a powerful hallucinagen though Cashmere hasnt tried it yet. Noticing a girl digging in the dirt (delaney), Cashmere thought she might already be on something and approached her, "Hey miss, would you like to have fun? maybe party?" she offered in a breathy, mincing voice, "I might be able to help you out."

16:14:03 Delaney thinks there was just an earthquake.. O.o

16:14:43 [Beatrice~] You sure its not just your heart beating for me? Razz)

16:14:56 [Delaney] LOL Bea )

16:15:48 [Galen] Okay, is anyone else showing up in the field that I should know about before I post?)

16:16:51 [Cashmere] lol Galen, I didnt realize the nightmare would be there too, tho cashmere cant see him)

16:18:28 [Jade] umm, I'm still lurking with the HWs =\

16:19:08 [Galen] OKay..I'm posting..)

16:19:35 Galen didn't have time to waste, two of the other artifacts had been found and now he had to get his hands on the ring before anyone else could. What if the Morrigan had a part to play, surely his Father wouldn't have made him forget this and no one else knew about the Stone, at least he didn't believe so. He was walking through the field, the lamp not turned on just yet, staying as quiet as he could while he neared the are he believed he had buried the ring. He had heard something off in the distance and now he could see a figure near the largest tree. At first he didn't know who would be out there, unaware that Delaney had shared the same dream as him, and for an instant, he thought it may be another that the Morrigan herself had sent. He raised the shovel a bit, stalking even closer with slow and steady steps but then something else appeared behind the form and he knew it to be only one person, Wesley, but what was he doing here. As he grew closer he caught a whiff of something familiar, not Wesley this-

16:19:39 [Galen] time, it was Delaney. He was confused, shovel still raised as he approached them both. "Wesley! Delaney! What the Hell are you both doing here!?" He was angry at first, emotions getting the better of him but he had no idea how both would be here at the same time. He trusted Wesley, which was saying a lot since not many trusted each other in the Dark Fae, but would he be here to betray him? Was he indeed sent by the Morrigan. It was then something happened, he remembered a part of the dream that had been lost to him until he had seen Delaney. SHe had been there with him, her hand was in his, she had been in his dream, had see done that on purpose? "What the Hell is going on?" ANd then another showed up, rather over dressed for being in the middle of a field in the outskirts of the city. "And who the Hell are you?"-e-

16:25:28 [Delaney] :felt that familiar sensation one got when they were being stared at, though she shook it off as she dug, dirt getting under her fingernails. The air was definitely getting cooler now the sun had set though the chirp of crickets could be heard. At least for the time being though strangely enough, they stopped at one point - silence which unnerved her a little. Glancing over her shoulder, she couldn’t see anything - her eyesight was as good as a human, if not a little better, but spotting a shadow creature wasn’t something she could easily do. The commotion however was soon enough to give her reason to stand suddenly as she spun around, catching sight of Galen, the creature who he had called Wesley and a girl who’d been trying to what?.. “What!?” she questioned surprised as if her hand had been caught in the cookie jar. A deer within the headlights. “Wait! -- I’m.. the dream. I saw..” She began to speak, though her eyes shifted back toward Cash. “What was it you said you had?” Then back to Galen and the --

16:25:40 [Delaney] shadowy creature of whom she was aware of but still couldn’t really see. “I had a dream. I came to help.. I didn’t know you were coming..” Her tone was enough to show her words were true, her eyes even more so. “I had to find it for you.. It was calling for you. The ring.”

16:25:52 [Delaney] OMG.. now my dishwasher just busted.. -rips out HAIR! brb )

16:33:23 [The_Nightmare] Wesley glances aside as Galen appeared. There were truly few people that the Shadow Beast could trust at all, period--irregardless of faction. Galen was the only creature he could. The Morrigan was his Mistress as much as his extension of himself, there was no loyalty or trust--how could one be loyal or trusting of themselves? He couldn't betray her, no matter how much he may have wanted to break out of her grasp. He was stuck as her minion until somehow, someway--she'd be killed or otherwise. Wesley remembered his mission that the Morrigan had given him--but so far, it wasn't paying off. But Galen calling his name caused the beast to relax a bit, "Galen!" he wanted to just JUMP through the air and pounce his friend and just cover his face and hair with nothing with slobbering licks of affection! But he didn't...because Galen made him promise to NEVER do that again! After he had humiliated him that one day... but his tail was swaying back and forth a bit more rapidly like a canine who was pleased--this his

16:33:24 [The_Nightmare] gaze fixated itself towards Cashamere...and his eyes darkened a bit. Galen knew that look--he was eyeing her over, sizing her up. Cashamere was likely to become Wesley's prey for the evening--unless something happened. But he glances over at Delaney as his eyes narrowed..he didn't like her and it showed. He glances back over at Galen, "I was looking for you, the sun set. And I found her instead." he glances over at her and then back at Galen, "Dream? What? Ring?" he blinked his eyes--utterly confused!

16:35:49 [Delaney] back )

16:36:02 [Galen] wb)

16:40:27 Cashmere didnt seem to know what going on, only that this lady was totally out of it, and it might be a good avenue to sell to her and fulfill the quota. "Um, uh..." Cashmere was cut off by a man approaching. Turning back to the girl. "Well I have lots of things, some stuff that will have you literally Spellbound..." okay so it wasnt subtle? but the teen was ordered to get the stuff on the streets. When Cashmere was addressed by a man who approached and asked who she was curtly, "Well! Cashmere, purveyor of parties and such," Cashmere heard a third voice obviously a man's and hoped the out-of-it Delaney would buy something or this was gonna get awkward fast, shifting about nervously.

16:42:23 [Lilium ] {Back.}

16:43:24 [Delaney] wb )

16:43:40 [Lilium ] {Thanks.}

16:44:28 [Lilium ] {Still, Lilium will be walking around till needed or what not.}

16:49:41 Nephilum enters this room

16:49:58 Nephilum exits from this room

16:53:53 Galen What? What did she mean, what? SHe was over the spot his ring was, the one he was suppose to be digging up and she had already started the process but her confession of the dream, she had really been there. Was she so closely linked to it as well? Of course she was but this was turning out to be more than he had bargained for as his gaze turned to Wesley, seemingly happy enough to see him which meant he wasn't likely he was here for the ring, his reason was soon enough voiced. His gaze went back to Delaney, "You there? You saw everything?" And now she was looking for the ring, to give it back to him? He looked back over to WEsley, about to speak but he suddenly caught the look he was giving Cashmere and in turn he heard her words. Spellbound. She had used it specifically and in conjunction with drugs? He was quick on her, pushing her against a tree by her shoulders as he growled loudly as he spoke. "Where did you get it!" Too much was going on, he had come here to find the ring and go home and now he had -

16:54:13 [Galen] to deal with all sorts of emotions, Delaney, whom he still cared for but couldn't' allow himself to do it, Wesley, someone he trusted but the irony of him being in this one spot, even if he had been looking for him and now a woman who spoke of Spellbound, under his hands and the weight of his body. -e-

16:55:29 [Galen] "You were there"*)

17:02:07 [Delaney] Suddenly there was so much going on. People were around, things seemed out of context, and she couldn’t help but get the sense that Wesley wanted to eat her. There was a moment of near chaos as Galen suddenly spun toward Cash, aiming to pin her against the tree questioning Spellbound. All the while Delaney used the opportunity to dig further into the ground, trying to find it. She wasn’t going to take it from Galen, her intent was to find it for him. “I was there..” She called back over her shoulder, eyeing Nightmare one more before turning back to the mound. She should stick up for Cash, but it was because of people like the Pusher that Del was initially in trouble. Was it because of her that Del had been blamed? No, Delaney dug instead, though seeing Galen had brought a shovel, she paused momentarily to turn and go grab it, yanking it from it’s position then aiming back to the location she’d already started, knowing it would go much easier, faster with a shovel, assuming she wasn’t interrupted.

17:09:50 [The_Nightmare] Wesley was confused, to say the least. Confused...and distracted. He was paying attention to Galen but the beast's hunger began to rise. Slowly his jaws began to open as he started to salivate. And pant. That was the first sign that he was getting hungry. His long back tongue was looping out as he panted, swishing back and forth as thick rivulets of clear liquid was seen oozing out of his jaws in copious amounts. Like the Xenomorphs in the Alien movies. There was THAT much saliva oozing out of his jaws. And then--a loud 'crack' was heard as his jaws split! Pulling apart and into four directions like an 'X' as the fangs, tongue, and hot breath were seen. Panting towards the ground--his eyes were trained fully on Cashamere. He couldn't really see or hear anything else going on around him. Delaney was given an equal look--she was prey, only if Galen allowed it. But this other female? She...she was viable food, viable prey. His tail was swaying back and forth. His stomach was growling. But only he could feel or
17:09:51 [The_Nightmare] hear it. He slowly began to pad forwards--moving towards Cashamere and Galen. Would Galen let him eat her? Please, let him! He was soooooooooooooooooo hungry! The eyes focused once again upon Cashamere in a 'You look delicious enough to eat' kind of way.
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The Stone of Destiny :: Comments

Re: The Stone of Destiny
Post on Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:35 pm by Delaney
17:14:15 Cashmere squeaked and was forced against the tree cringing into it, giving a look of helplessness and fragility, "Oh please dont hurt me sir!" a breathless yet shrill voice cried out, "Are you a cop? if so I'll come with you willingly, are you worse than a cop? well then I will comply though I must say it puts me between a rock and a hard place, but just dont hurt me!" Cashmere gave up on being able to do as ordered, "Hey wait...werent you at the Hard knox the other day...both of you were! This is all so strange, what is the chance of that?" she questoned out loud, but if Galen turned angrier or more pressing Cashmere would cry out, "Like I said I'll tell you what you wanna know just dont hurt me and give me a moment." Cashmere suddenly felt a pang of imminent danger, the Shadow Beast being just that to Cashmere, shadow. "You obviously could have me dead, I ask for a chance to redeem myself, it is no coincidence that I see the two of you again, Im sure you could sense that too."
17:15:25 [Cashmere] She would cling to the man (Galen), sparkling nails of different hues dug harmlessly into his clothing, giving off an aura of need, looking up with radient blue sparkling eyes into his and seeing salvation there.

17:26:33 Galen was trying to keep every emotion intact but it was becoming harder as he could feel Welsey;s hunger before he heard the sound but then there was Cashmere who wasn't be all too subtle about her dealing habits and because of this stuff out on the street, someone he cared about..No, someone he knew had been blamed. He could see fear in her face but whether it was genuine or not, that remained to be seen. Most people, when faced with an uncertain circumstance could play it off in two ways, anger or what she was doing now, begging. His eyes remained the normal color but his temper had risen. "I'm not a cop but I am a private investigator and unless you tell me what it is I wish to know, you'll end up as one of those missing off the street, unmissed and a meal." Her words would depend on whether or not he'd be generous, with his rage over the matter, she better be careful.-

17:26:43 [Galen] "Wesley, are you hungry?" He grinned but he kept the woman pinned against the tree. "Now, I want you to tell me where you got it. Where did you get Spellbound from and I want all the names you have!" Sure, it was far from professional but he had let emotions get tied up in the matter now. He quickly looked over to see Delaney, still digging, even through all of this. SHe seemed adamant on retrieving it, but he did trust her, even if he had wished to do all of this alone. His gaze returned back to Cashmere to await her answer.-e-

17:28:31 [Lilium ] Lilium had moved into the park and already took a seat on the cold wooden bench that sat near the pond. Her eyes looked over the pond, watching the ducks as they swam. Her eyes gazed up to the sky, watching the grey clouds sit lazily there above the city. Small flakes began to fall. Snow? At this time? Lilium stood, reaching out to catch one of the flakes. Her index finger and thumb pressed against one of the flakes, finishing that it was not snow, but ash. This confused her as suddenly the entire city was covered in the substance. Her shoes pressed against the ash covered grass, watching the foot prints she made. Upon looking up, she stood in front a large building. Enormous and beautiful. Her eyes looked over the ash colored trees, slightly confused to where she had been sent. Lilium walked forward, entering through the large doors, as she simply followed to what pulled her. Nothing, something, confusion. Her eyes scanned the area, unsure to everything here, but it held such a strong and easy aura.~c
17:28:45 [Lilium ] "Hello," her voice called out gently as she moved through the fancy hall, heading towards a set of closed doors.~e

17:40:22 Delaney was still digging. Though soon enough she stopped afraid that she’d dig too far and lose it in the debris. What Galen and even Wesley were doing was important. The drug, Spellbound - it needed to be stopped. However, Delaney knew the ring was just as important. It sung to her, but she knew it was Galen’s. She knew it belonged to the male. She had seen the history. But, at the same time, she knew Wesley couldn’t know of it. He had to be secret. Keep it safe, keep it secret. The shovel was tossed aside as she reached into the hole, it wasn’t deep but it was noticeable. Pulling away the soil, her fingers reached within until she grasped a small wooden box. Taking it within her grasp, she sat back on her knees, raising it upward as she raised it to the light momentarily to peer at it before placing it within her pocket. Moments later, she was shifting the soil back into it’s hole to conceal her efforts. Meanwhile, Nyx would be at Trinity Hall, awaiting Lili. The small dryad smiling as the woman would arrive.==
17:40:40 [Delaney] “Come inside. I work with The Ash. You must tell me all you see..”

17:46:58 [Lilium ] For some reason, Lilium did not directly fear this person. She simply followed him and began to speak. "The moon runs red with blood as an eclipse happens. It soon turns into a murder of crows or an unkindness of ravens. I am unsure to which one because of how quickly the image happens. I have seen a stone thrown. Upon the seat sat a rad pillow with a wooden bowl on top of it. Though, the bowl is always empty. Then, an army of shadows. I cannot completely make out what they are, but it goes on for as far as I can see on the horizon. Then Ash, it covered the entire city...then here. I cam here and do not know how. What is this place? Have I died from consuming too much of the Spellbound?" Lilium held so many questions. This place did not look like Hell, but she found that looks can be deceiving.~e

17:50:58 [Delaney] Nyx would shake her head, smiling softly in response. “No, but that is something you must stop. It is a dangerous drug and it is unknown where the source comes from. You do not know what you are putting into your body.” The assistant paused, taking in the words the woman said, making mental notes. “I will tell The Ash what it is you see. It is important.” She paused, then continued. “You are chosen it would seem. You are a prophet. Do you know what that is, Lili?” How Nyx new the woman’s name might have been strange, then again, they were dealing with the Fae at this time.

17:52:57 [The_Nightmare] Wesley was beyond hungry at this point. He was STARVING! Those jaws opened a bit wider as Galen was going on, his tongue getting longer and longer--as he pulls into his nostrils the scents of all prey within the next mile, "So... hungry... can't....errrrraaaggggggghhhhh!!!" and he was gone. A black blurr, like a watercolor paint of blackness was suddenly released into the air! The beast had lunged off and away, through the bushes to the side! The bushes literally EXPLODED into leaves and twigs flying everywhere as the beast completely abandoned using the Shadow Realm. The next closest humanoid was consumed. A scream was heard in the distance, a female one--and then the beast's roar and then...nothing. Slowly the beast was coming back, the sounds of squishing heard--muffled noises. As he returned, there were legs protruding out between his jaws of a female wearing jeans and sneaks. His tongue was wrapping around their legs as his throat was seen stretched out. He came back to give Cashamere an example of what

17:53:11 [The_Nightmare] was awaiting her. As he swallowed the female whole, his teeth gripped her flesh and held her in place. He was still salivating. After a few moments...he swallowed and she was gone. Vanishing down between his jaws and into his gullet. His finned frill against his neck was spreaded outwards. But his jaws were opening and closing and his tongue flicking around as he 'swallowed' further even as she was pushing down his gullet. They could see the skeleton of the human slipping down past his chest as it pulsated the dull glow within. And his underbelly swelled a bit. The hunger was gone now...satiated with the meat that now filled his belly. He turned to face the female Cashamere as his jaws remained open, panting as he salivated. A fate that likely awaited her if she didn't give Galen what he wanted! An intimidation tactic that would likely...prove effective.

18:03:01 Cashmere looked up at the man, and could be felt trembling in his hands, "A private investigator? yes I understand..." nodding, platnium curls bobbing, "missing? unmissed and a meal?!" the last word evoked strong confusion and fear. "No no I'll tell you it's just theyre powerful people and if they hear of this I will be hurt in a gruesome manner...I know I dont mean nothing to you sir, but I wont stand in your way if you want to take them down, just make sure...and I mean no offense in this...make sure you succeed or I might as well be killed now as then... A man named Francis Deen gave me the stuff, hijacking my cab to tell me to sell it or else, he seemed more interested in making new customers than the money I think." Cashmere sighed some, a distasteful look at the last thought. "I am but a pawn in all this, his and now your's..." Cashmere seemed to give off a peaceful aura, looking up into Galen's eyes her tears stopped. "I dont know where his headquarters is in Boston,18:04:29 [Cashmere] but Im sure he'll come looking for me soon if I dont sell this stuff." she would reach in a Chanel handbag and hand Galen a bag full of the stuff, "Thats all of it." she told him with words that rang with truth. Cashmere heard a loud rustling sound in the distance than a woman scream violently, was that connected to this man? it was hard to pin the two together though coincidence seemed to be something in short suppy. Then the squishing sound getting closer. Cashmere would likely feint if she saw the beast of course, but got a burning sense of impending doom if she didnt give everything the man wanted to him.

18:04:56 [Lilium ] Lilium gave a nod. She knew what being a prophet meant-kind of. "I know what the drug does... I can't stop... I know what it mean to be a prophet, but I don't know what I should do. Everything is so confusing and new." Lilium ran her finger through her head, aggravated that she could not decipher the visions. Her arms moved till she crossed them over her chest idly. "Is this where the ball will take place," she asked to get off the point of her being on Spellbound.~e

18:13:20 [Delaney] The small dryad listened intently, nodding when appropriate, smiling and agreeing when needed. “A prophet doesn’t see the final answer. She or he see’s what could be, what will be in the images their brain can comprehend. It is up to the will of others to determine what it means. Do not fret over the answer. Merely relay the message. You are.. Like an answering machine. Someone has called and left a message but the message isn’t for you, so you may not know exactly what it pertains to.” Nyx hoped she had calmed the girl down somewhat, at least as far as the visions go. “You’ve come to the right place. This is Trinity Hall. It is where the King of Light, the Clan leader resides and yes, this is where the Ball will be.” Nyx seemed quite proud of the residence, and likely so considering it’s history. “Most see it as a school for gifted youngster, but you - well, now you know what it truly is. I trust you shall keep it safe, quiet yes?”

18:17:43 Galen knew Wesley wouldn't just take something out of his hands but he could hear him, how hungry he was and then he was gone, shutting his eyes a bit. "Shouldn't tease him." He grinned back at her though, tilting his head as if studying her face well, which is exactly what he was doing, even as he listened to her speak. She seemed like she had no clue as to what she was doing, out there trying to unload something like this but that name would stick with him. "Francis Deen?" He repeated it to make sure he got it right but then he heard Wesley returning shortly after hearing a woman scream, looking over a bit as he saw legs hanging out of his jaws. He didn't always agree with it but it was who Wesley was and he had to eat, he couldn't deny him that. He turned back to Cashmere, looking more serious than before, taking the bag away fro her in harsh manner., letting her shoulders go final but he stayed in front of her still. "You listen to me, you have no idea what gruesome truly is yet. If I find out you're still-
18:18:09 [Galen] dealing or if you tell anyone about me or any of us you've seen here tonight, I will make sure that my friend here will find you and..Well..What he chooses to do will be up to him. Trust me, it'll be worse than anything out on the streets. Do you understand?" He held the back up for her look at. "This is a poison on the streets right now, people have died and more will follow. Those death's will be on you as much as anyone else dealing it. If you see us again, you better be clean of all drugs." He stepped away, putting himself between Wesley and Cashmere. "You better have been telling the truth and if so, you better find a safe place to go." He turned to look back to Wesley, "She will be off limits for now but I meant it, if you happen to see her doing wrong, free game. Deal?" He grinned then looked to Delaney, just as she concealed what she had dug up, wanting to go get it now but even Wesley couldn't know what it was, too much was at stake.-e-

18:22:48 [Delaney] :had for the most part gone unnoticed. At least by the cannibalistic creature and Dark Prince Wesley. Luckily other things had caught the beast’s attention while Del had been able to grab the small box and place it for safe keeping. Her eyes met Galen’s just momentarily as things seemed to calm down. While she longed to give him a cold icy glare, it just wasn’t in her. She’d been there to help. Having found out about the Stone - she felt it was up to her to locate it and luckily so, for as things had happened, Galen had been otherwise occupied, but so to had Wesley. Now, she placed both hands in her pockets and shrugged somewhat, offering a small smile to her former lover before moving off toward the bushes, where within was the bike she’d concealed earlier. Trying not to notice the legs dangling from the shadow-beast’s mouth, she passed him while his attention was upon the drug pusher. Galen and her was off keen mind, similar in their motives. No matter what, no one else should know.

18:38:20 [The_Nightmare] Wesley's jaws began to crack as he started to fuse them together again. The muffled noises were still coming from inside as his meal was struggling, even now. Fighting against the interior of his stomach as he opened his jaws widely all of a sudden and exhumed a rather disgustingly loud belch. Then he lowered his head and flicks his tongue out to lick his lips and then retracts it into his jaws and nodded towards Galen, "Okay, okay--I won't eat her unless I catch her selling the drug again." but he couldn't help but feel an intense conscience about Lilium and he frowns a bit. But it was made clear by the Morrigan that she wanted the female to overdose and die. How could he choose between serving his Mistress and Galen? His...conscience was heavy. He couldn't bear it on his own--on top of his depression and his duties as the Morrigan's servant, "Meet me at the Cork later tonight, Galen. I've got something I need to get off my chest." he pushes himself up and off the ground and stands up onto his hindclaws as
18:38:21 [The_Nightmare] he curls his tail around his ankles, " me, right, Galen?"

18:46:46 Galen would assume the threats were met with all intentions intact and he would let Cashmere figure out how to get back to the city, since she managed to get out there all by herself to begin with. He looked at Wesley, hearing the rather large belch and he grinned. He hated to ask anything more of him, knowing the Morrigan likely kept him busy but it was more of a suggestion in passing, if he happened to see her. He found the question he asked a bit strange, especially following needing to get something off his chest but he nodded. "Of course I trust you, Wesley, you're one of the very few of out kind that I do. I'll meet you there, we'll talk. Just give me a few minutes, okay?" He offered a smile then glanced over toward Delaney as she was walking away toward the bushes. He knew she had it but he knew he couldn't just demand it back in front of Wesley, or the other woman if she lingered around but he had caught look before and he called out. "Delaney, wait." If she didn't hop on the bike right away then he'd-
18:47:04 [Galen] walk over to her, still unsure how he felt about his dreams being seen by her, but it had been done regardless. If she took off then he'd stand there a moment before heading to his truck.-e-

18:55:51 Delaney was at the bike just as Galen approached, his voice calling her name as she paused, back to him, hands on the handle bar. What ever had been going on seemed to have calmed, people dispersing. There was a moment where she imaged she’d get away unhindered, more so afraid that the shadow beast would claim her for desert but it wasn’t his voice who’d stalled her in her action. It was a familiar tone, the way he spoke her name that caused her to stop and not run. “Look Galen, we can talk about this later.” She wasn’t sure if it was safe to mention. She knew she could trust him, or at least she hoped he could. Her dream had showed her that it was his birthright, and yet Galen was under The Morrigan’s control, leadership and anchor. If the ring fell into the wrong hands, then whatever was to happen, couldn’t. While she didn’t know the prophecy on the whole, she knew the items were important as were the Keepers of each. Her dreams had told her that much. “I’ll get on my bike, ride off and we can meet up, unless --
18:56:19 [Delaney] you know otherwise.. “ she was asking if it was safe to talk.. But at the same time, she was almost afraid to turn around and look to him, knowing it would bring up memories that were just brimming under the surface.

19:02:19 [The_Nightmare] Wesley had padded over to Galen before he moved towards Delaney and threw his arms around him and hugged him--like how your younger brother hugs you for being there for him through hard times. He whispered to Galen's ear as he did this, 'Watch your back, Galen. Be careful, be aware.' and then he releases him and pads away and drops back down to all fours--nodding towards his 'big brother' as he went to go speak to Delaney. He looked at the succubus and then he turned and vanished. His body becoming a black streak as he disappeared into the shadows of the night. Moving on foot towards the Cork--where he went to open the door and slink inside. He would wait in here--the one place where the Morrigan couldn't observe him, or read his mind--but it was a two-way deal. This was the one place in the whole world where he could be and not having to worry about her spying on him. He

19:09:13 Galen The tone he had used had been purely out of habit, it wasn't harsh and maybe just a bit too endearing, considering he wasn't suppose to feel anything for her nor her him. He had caught her before taking off, he wanted his ring, it was his by right but currently they were playing a silent game of trust, hoping the other was as trustworthy as themselves but he knew his answer to that. He knew why she had started to take off, and he could have let her go, more so, he should have let her go and get it to safety but it was if he had been compelled to say something. "Look, about last night." Funny how that exact phrase ended up followed by harsher words then he had ever wanted to say to her so many night before. "I mean, I meant what I said, you need to be careful out there, I just.." He stopped, sensing Wesley had gone off, likely the Cork but took a look around, almost expecting another hug out of the blue but he was gone and he looked back to Delaney. "I need that, Delaney. You know I do. You saw it." He -
19:09:26 [Galen] wasn't angry, cocky or anything of the sort, his voice was calm and even tempered as he held his hand out. "I didn't expect anyone else out here, let alone you, Wesley and some strung out bitch." He didn't take his eyes off of her. You don't care about her, you can't afford to. Just get the ring and go. All thought to himself of course as he waited on her decision. "I thank you for retrieving it for me, don't get me wrong, and I don't know how you were in my dream but, please. I need it."-e-

19:18:15 Delaney slowly turned around, her body pivoting until her back was now to the bike, her eyes coming to meet his. Hands still in pockets however as she offered a small smile. “I wasn’t stealing it Galen.” She commented as a matter-of-fact, the hint of a shrug given at the same time. “If you believe it is safe, then I will give it to you. I just wasn’t sure of the other one. His intentions. I think he’s .. going to eat me.” Her brow arched somewhat as she began to step forward, moving to the male and bridging the distance between them. Coming to a stop just before him, she raised her face, eyes looking upward as the darkness around them seemed hindered o the light overhead. The moon not full but getting close. “About last night..” She said, mimicking him. “This whole thing.. I don’t trust. I don’t give. I never let someone get close to me since my boyfriend eight years back. He died.. “She paused momentarily, biting her lip before continuing. “You.. I wasn’t expecting this. But I’m clear now. Clear as to how --
19:18:28 [Delaney] things are. What you want. Aside from this.” Her arm extending toward him, she handed him the box that held the ring. “This belongs to you. I saw it. I don’t know how, or why. But I did..”

19:29:05 [Fenrir] [A jet flew over quiet Boston. No, not flew, coasted. The Jet was big, but manuverable. It was familiar to most around, but not to here. Jon was back, and he was in a human form! It was an exciting revelation for the man. Sick to death of living off the wilds, the human vigilante had found himself ready to make a stand on many different levels. It's why he stood above the city wearing his vigilante uniform of the Fenrir. Jon grinned under his helmet. And then from the cargo bay door at a thousand plus feet of air between him and the ground... Jon took a running start and leapt from the bottom of the jet! For a moment, the gripping hands of gravity took him. Away from the Faded Halo, and out of the way of the turbine fumes. Then the backpack units electromagnetic engines kicked to life, and the suit was not only airborn, it was flying! Jon was free! He was alive! And his triumphant cry was heard by most of the city whenever he began to weave in between the buildings. +
19:29:27 [Fenrir] - Ducking, weaving, spinning, twisting, dipping, rising over objects. Jonathan Stryfe, no the vigilante had returned. He looked like a monster, but he didn't care. He was free! So what if he looked like a flying werewolf with wings! He was a hero, and he was ready to not only work but also ready to set up some shops. This place looked like it needed more pot. And this Spellbound crap the cops keep talking about on the police radio... this stuff has to go! Best way to do this: Look like a bullet proof monster. Cha-ching.]

19:39:20 Galen hated the way this felt, hated that he had allowed himself to care about her, and how he had openly admitted to loving her to his Father but there wasn't anything he could do. As he listened to her, he actually lowered his gaze a bit. "Things don' make sense sometimes. But as I said last night. If you want me out of your life, if you have someone else...protecting You." He looked back up to her, clearly there was hurt in his eyes but only briefly. "Then I will stay out of your way, if that's truly what you want. " It sickened to no end to think another was watching over her, possibly even sleeping with her. "I'm sorry for your loss. Life is cruel sometimes and there isn't much we can do." Oh the bitter irony of his words, if only she knew how he had really felt. To love someone but never be able to tell them. When she reached the box out to him, he looked down at it and carefully took it in his hands. "I'm not sure either, but thank you." And he really did mean it this time. "Once it's on me, then it'll -19:39:31 [Galen] be safe. No one will have to know what it really is." And he actually grinned a bit. "Wesley, he's a Prince too. Second Heir, under me. He's like a brother, even if he isn't blood. He won't eat you." Though he had caught the way he looked at her a few times, it made him uneasy but he had meant when he said he trusted him. Before she left, he'd carefully open the box with one hand while holding it int he other, lifting the top slowly as he peered inside to see the ring that he had discarded so long ago. "It's funny. I had this ring in my possession and I didn't realize it was all real, until recently." He looked back to her in that moment. "I wanted to be rid of it, anything to do with my Father. I had actually forgot about it until I had that dream. I'm sure how I managed to forget."-

19:39:42 [Galen] He looked genuinely concerned when he spoke those words but the time had come that the be reunited with it. He carefully removed the ring from the box, then set the box on the ground before standing straight, still facing her. He looked to her once before he slid that ring back onto his middle finger on his right hand and as son as he did, he shut his eyes, letting loose a low growl that almost resembled a purr, the warm spreading throughout his entire body and he could feel it. He was now connected to it, a silent song only he could hear as he smiled. "It was long over do." Even his voice sounded somewhat distant before he opened his eyes and looked back at her, "Thank you, Delaney."-
19:39:50 [Galen] It was an overwhelming feeling at first but then he did something he probably shouldn't have. He leaned in toward her, kissing her cheek but then his lips found their way to hers, meaning to just be a soft kiss but something like another purr came from him as he did so.-e-

19:49:22 [Delaney] :watched the scene transpire as the ring was taken out from the box. “It’s Destiny..” she commented, recalling the dream. “The Stone of Fal. Stone of Truth.” her eyes turned from his to look upon the stone jewel, the platinum catching the light of the moon overhead just briefly. “It is.. Fitting, I suppose.” She didn’t expand on the words further to explain her meaning, her attention having turned back to Galen as she shook her head. “There is one yes - a Sentinel. Someone who has offered to protect. I thought it best, you know? Since we’re just.. Well, considering things. But no, I’m not sleeping with him. I’ve not required any healing thus far.” A light shrug, as if the only reason she had been with Galen was to heal, but both knew that that wasn’t true. About to take a step back, she was caught of guard as Galen moved in, placing his lips upon her cheek, then to her mouth. A slight gasp of surprise was offered, but soon lost as she felt that immediate connection. The electricity and impulse that seemed --19:49:38 [Delaney] to garner control the moment they touched. All else was lost and the kiss was quickly deepened as she raised her arms, placing her hands upon his neck, fingers raking up through his hair and body pressed to his, angling inward in order to do so. Images flashed in her mind, moments they had shared, the intensity, the passion, the hunger and need - how much she felt in tune with the male on so many levels and it wasn’t just her powers, her abilities. It went far beyond it. But then his words echoed in her mind, plainly stating what couldn’t be, what could never be and the moment was dashed. Pulling back she broke the kiss. Her lips swollen from the force shared, her eyes meeting his once more, though now glossy from moisture. “Galen.. I know you feel something.. I know you do…. “ confusion splayed upon her features as she turned once more before heading into the surrounding forest, the bike she’d borrowed being left behind.

19:58:16 Galen hadn't planned on that move, it was the furthest thing from he should be doing right now but being so close to her, missing her and hating the fighting that always ensued, he couldn't have resisted. And this wasn't her -charms-, he felt something much more, even in the kiss they now shared that she had deepened further. His arms went around her as he complied with the kiss. You shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong. It's not your place. The thoughts were there but went unheeded as she pulled back to accuse him of feeling something for her before she turned around to head off into the woods, leaving her bike behind. He didn't answer her right away, instead he watched her leave, knowing he was suppose to be at the Cork to meet with Wesley, but he couldn't leave it like this, there wasn't much time left in the scheme of things and so he did the only thing he could do, he followed her into the woods and ...fade To black..-e-

The Stone of Destiny

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