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 Truths, Dreams and Nightmares

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12:35:49 [BWRP] Summary: Preparations for the Black and White Masquerade were being done - there was a constant cavalcade of people in and out of Trinity Hall over the last few days. From Caterers, designers, decorators, musicians and more. Some were human, others were, of course, Fae. The Building itself was beautiful, but with the adding area of outdoor marquis tents among other patio items, the Ball itself would be both inside and out. Rumors were abound about the evening and how wonderful everyone hoped it would be. It had been many years since a Masque had been held, specifically at Trinity Hall and the Black and White Ball was a tradition of ancient times; Fae traditions that hadn’t been kept during more modern eras. The Morrigan seemed to have cooled down her attempt on starting a war, but most knew that she was biding her time no doubt planning something for the Ball. However, The Ash had made it clearly aware to Peter that he was in fact, in the offensive position this time around - though how things would bode for either===12:36:03 [BWRP] Summary: side was still to be determined. The Sword of Light had been discovered and in the care of Peter, the Phoenix having been given a quick history lesson as to it’s history and his lineage. The Spear of Finias had also been located, the powers of the Four of 13 working as they drew each other together, Peter and his Mate, Penance as perfect example. Boston itself had enjoyed days of normal. The Fall proving to be quite warm thus far, though the shifting of leaves on the trees was every indication the days were getting shorter, the nights longer and the weather cooler. The crisp scent of air wasn’t lost on most, and the hint of Halloween resonated upon the buildings and homes, both old and new alike - though Cops were concerned about Spellbound ending in the goodie bags of children. Their attempt to close in upon the dealer, maker and provider still proving to be difficult and unsolved as of yet. One can only hope it is soon before any more deaths occur. Until then, it was business as usual.. Or so it seemed--12:36:13 [BWRP] Summary: for most Bostonites and their families, as well as for the hidden realm of the Fae.

12:36:40 Hector` happened to be hiking one of the islands near the harbor. For those of you who like visuals. He had his fill of humans for the time being so now it was time to get off on his own for the moment. He had a lot to think about, most notably the issues that had come up since his arrival. Being who and what he was, those sensitive to the supernatural seemed automatically aware of the ancient near deity that is Hector… It wasn’t like he was difficult to find, it seemed anyone remotely interested in finding him could hunt him down with ease. That didn’t bother him though, it was a rare day that someone actually looked for him to harm him, and which those atypical days come, he could hold his own well enough. Hector was indeed notorious but he was infamous for a his peacemaking ability and desire… Unfortunately, keeping the peace requires a surprising amount of brutality and at time hostility… It was a necessary evil however, usually… 12:36:52 Hector` ANYWHO-AND-A-WHAT’S-IT He came to a stop on a rather large stone that jutted out into a rather deep lack near the center of the island. Being the inquisitive bastard he was, he found himself leaning over the edge, looking into the depths with apparent interest.

12:48:56 Delaney had managed to elude Galen after she’d left the Club several nights ago. In fact, she’d been busy tying loose ends that had been necessary. One such item being the return of the Bloodstone to the Goblins. Their situation on one of the Islands just beyond the Harbor, of course in plain sight of humans and yet, they had no idea what they truly were. The Stone had been given to her by Nyx, the assistant to The Ash, who had arranged the item to be returned to Delaney’s hand. It was only right due to the sense Del had made a promise to the Goblins that she’d return the stone to the rightful caretakers once it was found. The Stone would be safe one in the Goblin’s hands - The Morrigan would not be able to gain it’s power to create an mass army of the dead. Del couldn’t help but feel the Dark Queen was likely brooding over such a loss and a keen sense of satisfaction at being the one to have put a hole in those plans. For now, Laney took the time to enjoy the afternoon, the colors shifting from green to a variety -12:49:08 [Delaney] of yellows, reds and browns couldn’t be missed. Finding a beautiful spot that allowed her the opportunity to sit on a small hill of rocks, overlooking the river that ebbed and flowed through the island, she gazed outward, coming to rest as she contemplated passed events. Things were a muddle. A mess but Delaney was a fighter. Giving up wasn’t an option. This whole World may be new to her, but she would find a way to make it work. Or die trying.

13:04:24 Hector` glanced towards the mouth of the river at the edge of the lake. His keen, too sharp, eyes spotted a very familiar person whom he had grown quite curious about. It was a little sad, even given his extensive age, that so many of his actions were run by his inquisitive nature… He was hardly a normal nobleman… He glanced about, looking to see if there was anyone around, humans that is, before he took a step back from the edge of rocks before he dove into the water, before he hit the surface however, his form seemed to shimmer before it abruptly shifted to something more build for cutting through the water. There was something canine like about this form only it was elongated, with a much more powerful tail used for swimming. His body was distinctly blue and keeping up with the mammal like appearance, slick fur covered his whole body. When wet, it plastered smoothly to his body to keep the hydrodynamics still presents much like a seals fur. The ten foot long creature seemed to glide 13:04:48 Hector` beneath the water without so much as needing a breath as he moved down the river until he came to the point where Del found herself where he would turn and head towards the shore. As his powerful forelegs pulled him from the depths along the smooth stones, his hind legs caught the bottom of the riverbed and he simply walked out the rest of the way out of the water. His elongated, dog like snout opened, his tongue lulled out the side of his mouth in a wolfy smile before his body shudder, like a dogs once again, shaking the moisture from his fur before he pranced on over to where Del stood looking over the water. In mid stride, he shifted again, back to his human form. He arched his back and rolled his neck a bit as he dusted his hands off. “Hey there.” He chirped towards Del, offering her a broad smile.

13:18:14 Beatrice~ was dockside after finishing the day up at the parlor and closing shoppe, heading down to the harbor and up to a particular speedboat wich was grey-and-pearl colored with artistic purple flames painted on its sides and engine chassi. Beatrice pulled up her keys thumbing through them on the ring before pulling out the correct key and hopping into the boat and turning the ignition on. After setting the boat loose and the engine revved up Bea turned the vessel off of the dock and rode in nearby at a gas pump and filled the engine with petrol before resuming the ride. Beatrice wouldnt ride too fast as to get in trouble but wanted to have fun with the outing, wearing black jeans and a leather aviator's coat against the cold and slowing the boat down to check out the few beautiful women by the shore or on the dock or the islands.

13:19:55 [Delaney] :lost in her reverie, she was aware of things around her, ultimately but at the same time it was peaceful to just sit and relax for a moment, to take in the scenery around her including that of the water. The late afternoon soon echoed atop the ripples, creating a golden hue that scattered across the surface. The light catching every so often to add a gleam, which was at times so bright she had to squint. Such was the case as Hector would approach. The shifting waters, the subtle innuendos of waves that lapped against the rock surface was enough to cause her to hold her breath, momentarily in preparation of facing something, yet again. Her eyes landed upon the mammal type creature, the color and aura of the creature was beautiful, azure and teal, elegant and aquatic despite the fur she couldn’t help but gaze. Beads of moisture rippled of the creatures back though as it moved toward her location on the rock, the figure changed shape - a familiar shape at that. It was the male from the bar several --13:20:07 [Delaney] nights ago. Hector.. She recalled, not one to forget names and in particular this male for Del had very much felt badly for how things had turned, mainly due to her. Her own azure hues remained fixed on the male however and as he approached, she offered a small wave, somewhat sheepish despite the confidence she bore. Adorned in her black leather jacket under which was a black t-shirt, black pants that fit snug, and matching leather boots - her smooth porcelain skin was radiant against the backdrop and of course, her natural charm and elegance made it difficult for most to ignore. “Hello Hector. Is the water warm?” She questioned curiously, still somewhat bewildered by his previous appearance. “Magnificent coat by the way…”

13:34:23 Hector` moved to take a seat at her side, his motions measures, sure and rather slow before he settled down with a sigh on the large rock Del choose to place herself on. “Hector…” He mused lightly. “Isn’t that the worst name sake you ever heard? Named for a human killed by a Fae, or a gifted human, however you may look at it.” He sighed lightly then, his hands sprawled out behind him as he leaned back on them. “Wonder what name I would have chosen for myself…” He mused lightly, only voicing it aloud so Del could have a part in his thoughts, maybe even offer an opinion. “Chilly actually, I probably would have minded in this form.” He said with a grin, but when she mentioned his coat, he laughed. The sound was as charming and pleasing to the ear as ever. “Well thank you, it’s a shame you didn’t get to feel it. It’s one of my favorites.” He admitted. After all, he had many many forms, including his true form which was rather, frightening, to some. “How are you though? I’ve been anxious about you 13:36:21 Hector` I don’t like the idea of life being unfairly hostile towards you…” He admitted, perhaps she charmed him more then she thought, or perhaps he was just that kind of person. He tilted his head a back a bit, his eyes closed as he basked in the sun for a moment.

13:48:00 Delaney watched as the man came and sat beside her, her eyes turning back to the water due process as she bent her legs at the knees, pulling them into her chest, her arms circling her shins. Fingertips lightly touching each other, her raven strands licked gently at her tapered face, most of it however pulled back into a ponytail that caught the breeze on occasion. The faintest tint of silver blue resonated within her skin, glittery on occasion as it caught the sun. The air was fresh, but cool - the sun however warm and the location itself offered a certain heat that was comfortable and out of any major wind fluctuations. “Hector - sounds like a strong name to me. Then again, I’m not really one to judge. Delaney isn’t all that great and I honestly don’t know if that was what my birth parents gave me, or the human’s who raised me.” She paused, glancing his way momentarily as he basked in the sun. Most knew of her background. It hadn’t been a secret, especially when she had to face trials by the Light and Dark,--13:48:12 [Delaney] before given a chance to chose what Clan. Her discovery it would seem, was well spread through the Fae World. She turned back to the water. “You shouldn’t be anxious about me. Life is what it is. I’m learning to deal.” There was a forced laugh before she continued. “Boston has had it’s moments, but I guess I’m meant to be here. My dreams have spoken as much.” The slightest hesitation in the words gave him an indication she was somewhat unsure about admitting such a thing, but after the night at the Bar and how he’d been understanding and even gentle considering what she had done to him, gave her reason enough to trust him. At least so far. “Do you know anything of the Four of 13?” The question asked of course in reference to the four artifacts of the 13, the Sword, the Spear, The Cauldron and the Stone of Destiny. “I ask because they’ve been brought to my attention as of late, and I can’t help shake the feeling there is some relevance to them.. “

14:34:31 Hector` listened to her carefully even though it wasn’t totally obvious. He always seemed, content, in everything. He stretched his legs out in front of him, working the long tendons and ligaments from the tips of his toes all away to the small of his back. As for his wardrobe, it was appropriate and simple for a human, perhaps a little light for the cool weather. Black slacks and a simple white polo that clung almost snugly to his torso. His eyes opened then and he turned his penetrating gaze on her. “Less than most of our kind really know their parents, your truly included. You’ll find it isn’t much of a disadvantage… You’re thoughts and way of thinking are still surprisingly human.” He observed with a hint of a smirk. “Which is surprisingly charming, or that could be just you, it is terribly difficult to tell with your type.” He almost teased. What broke down his content smirk was her comment about not worrying about her. “I disagree Little One… It isn’t an annoying obligation to show concern for another, 14:34:49 Hector` it is pleasure…” He smirked then. “I’m sure you are well experience in what pleasures are.” Then it was obvious he was playing with her. When the conversation switched to something more academic, he nodded. “The Sword, Spear, Cauldron and Stone, yes, I am well educated in such thing…” From there, he’d go into detail of history behind the items before he’d ask why they were relevant to her.

14:44:50 Delaney caught the teasing elegance in his voice, and any other female may have blushed. Delaney however shrugged in a light manner, for it was true. She was experienced in some things, most of it being a natural way of life for her. The humanity however was still well within the female, being as “young” as she was. “I suppose I’ve yet to be tainted by time.” Her comment given loosely while she brushed a strand of hair away from her eyes, tucking it behind her ear. The history however fully caught her attention. The Four of 13 and how the 13 artifacts came to light. 13 based on 13 Gods and Goddesses who were the very Firsts of the Fae. Choosing the land to settle millennia’s before humans, though as Humanity had come, being forced to go into hiding. The artifacts based on the Midhir prophecy, which Delaney had not, until now heard of fully. The prophet Midhir who during the time of Gods had prophesized a shift so large it would tear asunder the very realm. IN response, the Gods and Goddesses had created 13 ==14:45:07 [Delaney] had created 13 artifacts in preparation of the prophecy coming to pass. Artifacts to stop or aid when such a time arose. Laney had taken this information in; it was far more than she’d been aware of previously and Hector was kind enough to give her the quick, yet highly informative lesson. The one God who’d been cursed, one of the 13 for his beliefs that man and Fae alike should live together and how his descendants from there on in would be punished for his actions, sought out and killed and only when the prophecy was in motion, would the One - the descendant of the Challenger be able to stop the curse, and invoke the Four of 13 with their death. At that point, forgiveness would be given to the one God and his family would be allowed to return back into the realm of the Fae, if it remains in existence at that time. Del was quiet as she mulled over the words, taking them within. Her face revealing as such as she contemplated what to say in response. “I never realized there was so much history. But = 14:45:20 [Delaney] Prophecies and such - are they true? I mean, how believable can they be? I’ve had a dream with an old Crone who speaks to me, who shows me these objects and that each one is safe. I.. I don’t know why I see them or to what purpose they are. I wonder if it’s meaningful to anyone..”

14:58:55 Galen With everything that had been going on lately, trying to figure out who was involved in dealing Spellbound, constant attacks on Fae and Humans alike and of course, having to tell some one cared about that they could never be together then watching her try to kiss another, dance with others, the last thing he needed to deal with was a Ball. But maybe it would be a brief distraction, at least for one night, as long as he could keep his shifting under control. It would have to be on a Full Moon of all nights. Even though he had made it a point to avoid his Father whenever he could, avoiding Trinity Hall especially, he did have to speak to him and get things straightened out. He hadn't spoken nor seen Delaney since the night at the bar, having lost her when he had gone after her but then again, why did he chase her down to begin with? He had made the decision not to care, or at least not to show he did and yet he was drawn back to her over and over again. Right now he had to focus on other things, and so he -14:59:10 [Galen] had made the trip to Trinity Hall, watching the preparations for the Ball already taking place. He was still pledged to the Dark Fae but he was the son of The Ash and none would question his being there, and people were too busy getting ready that they didn't even bother giving him a second glance as he walked up the stairs and straight inside. The night of the Phoenix's attack, his Father had over stepped himself and had made the bond stronger between them, that was one thing he had to find the answer to. He didn't have to ask around as to where his Father was, the bond was strong and he just to follow it to find him in the conservatory, a green house all of glass, and as he approached, he took a moment to look around but only took a few steps inside before he spoke. "We need to talk." His voice held a bitter edge to it, still caught between his loyalties and the larger bond between himself and his Father. He wore suit, more so out of respect, black in color with a deep blue dress shirt underneath the suit - 14:59:22 [Galen] jacket, bringing out the darker features he held as he waited to be acknowledged by his Father.-e-

15:01:00 Hector` studied her as she took in what he had to say as if they had an impressive significance to her. Well, if it had only been polite concern and curiosity that brought her to his attention before, he was now quite infatuated only not exactly in a love stuck fashion. “If there are events of importance, they will become history or cease to exist to those coming later. Things that are not known, don’t exist. It is the mentality of the living be they human or Fae. If what you say is true, which I am certain it is, then you are far more essential, deserve to be far more cherished than most if not nearly all in this world. Someone from the past speaks to you of these things, and the only reason that comes to mind why this would be is because you are of significant importance to things to come…” He turned a bit towards her, his legs crossing as he moved closer, his knees almost touching her thigh and calf as he leaned towards her, studying her curiously, a small smile coming to him. 15:01:13 Hector` “I think, I will watch over you… Assuming you won’t try to rape me at some point.” He said with grin. “How opposed to that would you be? The watching over part, not so much the sex…”

15:04:37 [BWRP] TheASH: The man was indeed in the conservatory, one of his favorite locations within Trinity Hall. Surrounded by the flora and fauna of species both wild and rare, the warmth of the sun shone through the glass as the tall male with a linebacker stature stood. His white suit clean, crisp and contrasting against his dark, chocolate skin. He felt the presence of his son but it was still a surprise, Galen not having been to the Hall for a considerable amount of time, let alone in the presence of the Clan Leader. “Galen..” He spoke, his voice rich, smooth as he turned to great his son, a hand extended in greeting. “It is good to see you, here. “ His eyes narrowed as he looked over his son, seeing the dark brooding male before him, feeling the sense of confliction among other things within Galen. “What is it you require?” He questioned in response. “Please, just ask.”

15:13:08 Delaney eyes widened toward the male’s words, specifically of rape as she was about to exclaim. Only then to realize he was joking, or at least she thought. “Well, I promise not to do that. There’s not pleasure in that for me. However, I do have skills to ensure I don’t have to succumb to such situations, it’s mutually benefiting for both. Or so I like to think.” She grinned though for a brief moment her eyes lost their shine, her thoughts shifting to the man she’d recently opened her heart to - a mistake it would seem, but one that had happened all the same. Brushing it aside as best she could she cleared her voice, her gaze turning back to Hector as he mentioned watching over her, that sense of space for a moment being intruded upon, though it was soon forgotten as she mulled his words further. “I think there is something. The Morrigan wants me dead. That much is obvious. She knows something that I don’t. Or, she just generally doesn’t like me. “ There was a pause once more before she continued. “I would --15:13:21 [Delaney] very much love to read this Prophecy however. If such a text even exists anymore.” She stopped, then turned to watch the water once more, the ripples hypnotic in their motion. “This is a common prophecy though? All would be aware of it? At least Fae?” She wondered what Galen hadn’t told her. If he was hiding something from her. “I suppose it’s okay to watch over me. I tend to get into trouble often. More often than not lately. Anyhow, why would you want to? What‘s in it for you, Hector? ”

15:13:12 Galen Contrasting indeed, his Father and himself standing there, true Light and Dark but he didn't take his Father's hand, instead he looked at it for a moment then turned his gaze to his Fathers face. "No he hadn't stepped foot in this place in a long time, for good reason but he smirked faintly as he spoke. "Don't get use to it. The next and final time you'll see me here will be at the Ball and that's only because I have to be. " He took a few more steps inside, gaze averted away from him while he looked over the plants, feeling the warmth of the room, even if it was cooler outside. He had made a choice so long ago and it was something he had to remember. He was of the Dark Fae. "Why did you do it?" Words spoken, he turned around to face his Father, hands clasped behind his back, his face remaining stoic, eyes cold. "I'm not on your side, I haven't been for a very long time and yet, not only did you help your little Light Fae but me as well? Why? You created a bond stronger than before. I need to know why?" -15:13:20 [Galen] His voice had a slight angry tone as he finished his sentence, his gaze never faltering from its position on his Fathers face.-e-

15:18:52 [BWRP] TheASH: The Ash seemed resigned by his son’s attitude, expelled in a sigh. “Galen, I don’t know why you fight me so much. I may not agree with your decision. Feel let down by it, but you are still my son. Blood first and foremost.” He stopped, moving toward a particular orchid that was white, smooth with the strange scent of vanilla that was released by the way his large index finger and thumb rubbed the petal. “And that is why I helped. There will always be a bond between us. Regardless of what I do. My actions just emphasized it. Why would I not help my Son? You stood up against The Morrigan. You cared enough to help others, even humans. I thought..” he stopped momentarily before he turned to Galen once more. “I thought perhaps you’d had a change of heart. Were you doing it for others, yourself or the young Succubus..?

15:29:07 Galen would have remained in a distant mood in front of his Father, had a touchy subject not have been brought up. He understood why he'd help his Son but it had pissed him off, he would have healed eventually but then he wouldn't been able to help. With a sigh of his own, he looked away from him, pacing back and forth within the enclosed green house. "It's none of your concern why I did what I did and until I am told otherwise, I will still serve The Morrigan." Though it was a lie and he knew it, he had betrayed her but in retrospect, she'd betrayed him too, did that cancel things out? He stopped pacing long enough to stop in front of his Father, his nose wrinkling a bit at the scent of the orchid. "And as far as the Succubus goes, it doesn't matter. I stood up for her, to look after her in this world while she's here and not in training." His voice now sounded bitter again, but this time it wasn't because of his Father, just thinking of her being hurt left him rattled inside. "Do you remember that? I said I -15:29:24 [Galen] would and that is why I did what I did. She is no good to me dead, and I believe she hs something to do with the drug. I will find out." If he could keep tabs on her, she had avoided him for the last few days. "I don't care about her, not like that." He knew there was a bond between him and his Father, that his words would be clear lies but he still said them, it somehow made it seem true. -e-

15:32:23 Hector` studied, as he always seemed to do. He got the most out of things by just watching, including when it came to people. Their faces and mannerisms told much more than their words… His head tilted to the side in a rather feline, or perhaps birdlike way when she asked about the actually original prophesy. I don’t believe there is such a thing as an original copy… There are old copies, and even older in the minds of Fae… If you like, I can make decent use of my old mind and write it out for you if I cannot find you a copy somewhere in the area. As for being widely known… That is more difficult to say. The sources are out there but much like the humans, Fae had grown to rely more on the ability to research rather than learning and keeping their words in their mind… So, an easy answer is, they are likely after you for the same reason I want to be there to keep them from you… There is the possibility you are an intricate person to the prophecy.” He told her, worried his words light frighten her. 15:32:38 Hector` His hand extended towards her, taking it lightly in his grasp, pulling it lightly from her legs as his eyes fell to her fingers. He opened his hand under hers, his other hand would flatten hers against his palm as his careful fingers traced along her flesh carefully. His eyes didn’t lift from her hand as he spoke. “There are several reason why I would want to watch over you… Most notable, your possible significance to prophecy. Most truthful would be, you’ve captured a portion of myself, enough that I am rather opposed to your troubles. Which, is not an easy thing to do Delaney.” His eyes returned towards her, a curious look crossing him. “So, what would I gain? Nothing. Actually, I only expect to sacrifice in the endeavor, but, that is something you should not concern yourself over.”

15:41:32 BWRP TheASH: eyed his son, shaking his head after hearing Galen’s words. “Galen, you forget - I know when you are lying. I also know when you are hurting. Your allegiances are your own choice, much to my dislike but you are still of my blood.” He turned away from the flower to face the younger man completely, his eyes locking with those of his son. Dark meeting dark. “The woman - you stood up for her and you tried to protect her. I know you care about her.” He inched closer as he shook his head sadly. “Trick was right though. And trust us when we say it is for the best.” He paused, letting out another sigh. “I feel you will be hurt. She is here for a reason. One that cannot be changed. You cannot stop what is already in motion Galen. There is much going on beyond this.” He motioned to the conservatory and Trinity Hall. “You are charged with keeping her safe but only til the time comes. You know of the Prophecy, Galen. You know what is to come. Your heart, your wants - you can succumb to them but in the end, you will ==15:41:50 [BWRP] TheASH: hurt for there is nothing you can do to stop what is happening.Though, I must ask. Do you love her?”

15:49:37 Delaney found herself intrigued by the man beside her as she listened further to his words of the prophecy. Though, she brushed aside her importance in it as she scoffed slightly. “What I’ve seen since my arrival in Boston and discovering that I am Fae is war, hurt, pain and sacrifice. I was given a choice and I chose the side of Humans. They are the underdogs in this. The Fae are powerful, but the humans could stand to benefit from us further if we helped them more. Maybe it’s my upbringing, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s not so much the Prophecy that the curtain between the Worlds will rip apart, but more so just making both Clans aware that having two sides doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe, like the God who cannot be named, he wasn’t so wrong. The Morrigan fights for her own selfish reasons and the Light, forgive me, seem to only believe in the elite, the pure - but no one can be so pure and clean of any sin.” She shook her head, her ponytail swishing lightly as she moved to stand, stretching her form catlike, ==15:49:48 [Delaney] rolling her shoulders then raising her eyes skyward, watching several birds fly overhead. “Most think of me as a creature of lust. While that is so, there is much more to me than that. It makes me happy to know there is someone who may see that in me.” She was referring to Hector, of course. “So yes, you can watch over me only if I may do the same for you as friends would do.” Her arm shifted as she extended her hand his way. “I promise not to kiss you without your permission.” She grinning impishly, letting him know he doesn’t need to shy from a handshake.

15:53:10 Galen was not so keen in being known so well by his Father, wishing he could just keep his thoughts and feelings his own but in truth, it wasn't possible around him and that much he was painfully aware of. He also wished he didn't look at him that way, with sympathy in his eyes. It wasn't fair, the one time he had opened himself up and let himself feel for another and it ended up like this. He knew what was to come and even he couldn't deny that things had begun, the Prophecy has been put into place and nothing could stop it now that it had been started. He knew his place as well but it still stop the fact he did care. As his Father asked such a personal question, he looked away, angered by the whole situation. "What if I did love her? What difference does it make in the end? If I have to kill her, watch her die? Look, I don't need a shrink session. You said yourself that nothing can stop what's been put into place." And then a thought came to mind, something drastic but it would see himself the pain and then -15:53:47 [Galen] what of the Prophecy? If he was the one to kill her, then what if he just ended his own life? He entertained the thought but he turned back to his Father. "You already know the answer, don't you? Yes, I do. But it doesn't matter anymore. Nothing does." -e-

15:59:56 [BWRP] TheASH: The Ash wanted to tell his son so much more, but he couldn’t for even he wasn’t certain of the truth entirely. “Prophecies are often misread and misunderstood. We can only go by the knowledge of our forefathers, of our lineage to try and understand what is to happen. Would that I could tell you that it would make a difference.” He moved to place his hand upon his son’s shoulder. “You are pivotal in this Galen. You hold a destiny within your hand, so everything you do, does have meaning. But Delaney will have a choice. One she has to face and make consciously. I would not see you hurt, but if you love her. If you care, you can help her when that time comes. You can support her in that decision even though it may pain you more than you think you can handle. If what we believe is true, everything will change. Delaney is the key to that. Delaney will have to choose between her life and all others..” The Ash looked saddened by this. “She is the key to the Four, Galen. Her blood is the blood that will--16:00:08 [BWRP] TheASH: the Four when the World is at an end. If she cannot make that decision. You will be faced with the choice to end it for her..”

16:01:54 Hector` let her have her say, her own thoughts on everything that had taken place. His eyes were downcast as he considered them and a smile came to him when she mentioned her thoughts on the two sides. “I’m not an idealist Delaney… I am aware of the faults of my court but it is the lesser of two evils, terrible saying that it is, it is the only one that comes to mind that remotely gets my point across.” He said, he remained where he was and I assume she took her hand away from his when she got up? He really wasn’t that shy when it came to personal contact. Sure, he’d frown a bit when she did so but he fallowed after her soon after, arching his back and breaking his gaze from her to looked towards the stun as it fell beyond the horizon. When she made her stipulation, he shook his head a bit. “There can be friendship between us, I am not opposed to any sort of companionship, but, let’s leave the protection to me… To have you die for me, would be, unbearable.” He said, his hand taking hers as he smiled again, 16:02:06 Hector` mostly at her comment about kissing him. “You have my permission to do whatever you wish, I reserve the right to decline however.” He said with a chuckle as his hands closed about her. “Feel free to seek me for any reason, at any time.”

16:10:53 Delaney chuckled to the man’s words and actions. He was, aside from Galen one of the more friendliest Fae she’d come across till this point. Even after meeting The Ash, she felt that Hector was much more attuned to her on some level and she dared say she trusted the male’s words. One she could count on. Unlike Galen who had turned his back on her. Or at least it was how she felt. “That I shall, Hector. I’m very glad our path’s have crossed. I have very few friends as it is. Those I’ve ever gotten close to before end up dead. “ (or they lied to begin with..) though she kept the thought to herself. “I’ll trust you however. I believe I can. Thank you for the information and knowledge you shared with me. Its definitely a help though I can’t say I’m really further ahead in terms of the why and such.” She smiled brightly, then shrugged. “But I suppose that’s part of what life is, human or fae.” A slight pivot, she turned upon the rock before glancing toward the City of Boston, the sun now setting on the horizon ==16:11:09 [Delaney] behind her casting a orange hue over the skyline. “I do have to head back however and I, for one cannot swim as you. Are you heading back to the City?”

16:14:44 Galen The words were heard but they went in one ear and out the other, having been sick and tired of hearing about Prophecy's, changes and lives lost. The grip on his shoulder, though not one that made him stay against his will, did keep him grounded for a moment. "In my opinion, many things are lost in translation. So, Father. I will be the good little pawn, as I have always been and do my duty at the time it is needed. I will put those walls up around me, as I have done so many times before and I will shut myself off, to do the will of others." His voice was laced with bitterness, his eyes cold and empty. "Nothing else I can do but wait and put off anything for myself. Figures and it's kind of ironic, isn't it? The first time I feel anything, and it'll end up in tragedy." For an instant, he looked sad as he looked upon his Father. "Everyone is placed on this Earth for a reason, HUman and Fae alike, it's a shame my purpose sucks." He took a step back from him and turned his gaze away from him, walking over-16:15:15 [Galen] toward a plant he hadn't seen before, the scent was appealing as he reached out to take leaf between his fingers. "I wanted you to know that I didn't pick the Dark Fae to spite you. I was more afraid to be Light and end up doing something more to disgrace you, since that dark streak grew more inside of me."-e-

16:21:38 Hector` seemed to be doing a lot of listening, but Del had a lot to say so it was to be expected, like she said, she had very few people she could speak with. “Well, lucky for you, I enjoy the company of interesting people and you sure as hell are one of the more interesting people I have ever had the pressure to meet.” He said, winking towards her before he turned his eyes towards the water when she mentioned swimming. “I could head back to the city, yes…” He mused lightly before he glanced over his shoulder towards her. “I swam here though… I’d offer you a ride, but the only seat I’d have would be a rather wet one.” He said with a chuckle, speaking of her riding on his back in that particular form he had taken to get to the islands in the first place. “Did you charter a seat on a boat to get you here?” He asked, his brow furrowed, he wasn’t aware of there being a bridge.

16:24:45 [BWRP] TheASH: The Ash did feel his son’s pain, no matter what their differences were. “Galen.. Galen, that isn’t true. Your purpose isn’t a shameful one, nor does it suck as you say!” He moved, coming to stand behind the younger Fae. “You have to understand, You are Destiny, Galen. You. That is perhaps the most important thing of all. You are chosen because you are strong. Because of the blood in you. Because you stood up to your birthright and followed your own path. Your own choice.” The Ash didn’t like the dark streak within Galen, it was more so worse in Lian but there wasn’t anything The Ash could do without twisting fate and that was something he’d not do, despite the power of being able. “It hurts, yes but you cannot be selfish in this. What you chose will effect the entire Fae realm, even the humans at that. You didn’t ask for this power, this gift, but neither did Delaney. She is .. Will be paying a price for what her ancestor did at the time of Fae. Fact is, her ancestor wasn’t all that wrong. He was --16:25:01 [BWRP] TheASH: perhaps wise for his years and time. Delaney doesn’t have a choice in this either. But.. She cannot know. You cannot tell her. This is what she has to do on her own.” The Ash stayed for a moment before turning away. “I know your reasons for doing what you did. I respect that, Galen. Don’t like it. Still feel you are more suited to the Light but..” he shrugged. “Eithe way Galen, you know the truth now. Probably more than I should have said. How you act, how you respond, and what you do with it is entirely up to you. Just as it always was and always will be.

16:26:05 [The_Nightmare] And so darkness began to fall as the sun slithers down beyond the horizon. Deep within the abode of The Morrigan's Manor, within a locked room that had no windows--no doors, and no physical method of entry--a beast was beginning to stir. Slowly four glowing purple eyes resonated within the darkness. As he pushed himself to his feet, he could feel his stomach lurching--as the beast felt a bubble surging up as his great jaws opened. Belching out as the bones of multiple humanoids were seen flying out of his gullet and clattering around his lair. Falling to the floor as his four-way jaws began to close as his tongue slithers up and into his jaws. He stretched like a feline and then...he was gone. He was not given any tasks by his Mistress for tonight--so the beast was merely going to roam around Boston whilst inside of the Shadow Realm--observing those he felt were most likely to accept his appearance. However, during his wanderings of finding such creatures--he came upon two outside of the city limits.

16:35:15 Delaney nodded her head to the question of her arrival on the island. “You could say that. I have to return something to it’s rightful owners and they had arranged transportation for me. It’s just on the other side of the island, waiting for me for when I’m done. Care not to get wet?” She grinned, motioning toward the location of the boat the Goblin’s had arranged, much akin to a ferry. “So what it is you like to do, Hector?” She’d question, assuming he walked with her toward the docked boat. “And the woman at the bar the other night.. She is a close friend of yours? She looks vaguely familiar but I was sort of seeing a green-eyed monster that night so I didn’t quite get the appropriate look.” The question though brought back thoughts of Galen and his name echoed in her mind, a thought he himself may pick up due to the connection they’d made, one Del had thought would be unbreakable but one Galen had proven to show otherwise.

16:39:00 Galen let the leaf go as he listened to his Father's words, each one of them hitting hard as he shut his eyes for a moment. It wasn't about him or his happiness, it was about the rest, the Fae and the Humans. Delaney didn't have much choice in the matter, they were all linked together but it didn't help how he felt about her. He nodded his head slowly, opening his eyes and turning back around. "Anything I know will not be divulged to her." And he meant it. Not that he had even seen her enough to say anything to her but he would keep his word and the knowledge he had would remain his own. "I'm not suited for the Light, as much as you may think so." With a shrug, he turned to walk out of the conservatory but he paused to look at his Father. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry." He didn't elaborate on his apology as he turned back around and made his way out of Trinity Hall. He had work to do back at the office but he didn't want to back there quite yet, instead he decided to go to the Cork and tie a few on so he -16:39:16 [Galen] could momentarily forget about his whole situation.-e-

16:45:06 [BWRP] TheASH: The Ash shook his head just after Galen had left, his eyes remaining upon the scene long after he’d left. Moments later, he left the Conservatory on the whole, feeling the weight that Galen had upon his shoulders as Nyx appeared. “If only he’d remember the Stone. He’s got the gift. It will be up to him but I don’t think he realizes it yet. I mentioned destiny several times.” The elder male kept his eyes on Nyx. “How are the preparations coming for the ball?” He questioned and together they went off discussing things..

16:48:07 [The_Nightmare] Galen was likely aware of the other Dark Prince that The Morrigan had only recently taken into her clan. The human-turned-fae was a creature that was often alone. After all, whenever he appeared most Fae tended to avoid him--it was the downside of his new 'gift'. But this gift was more like a curse, "You look troubled." came a young voice from around Galen as Wesley emerged from the shadows nearby. He was right outside of the Cork when he emerged, so if Galen continued to go inside--he'd follow him within. Of course people would likely give him widened-eye looks...but not much he could do to anyone in there. Besides, he only ate troublesome Fae--and The Ash couldn't interfere because these were Fae that were proven to be trying to break the Veil and breaking the Laws both The Ash and The Morrigan had appointed--and his prey were mostly Dark Clan members who broke the Laws anyway!

16:48:51 Delaney and Hector moved toward the boat, the distant rumbling of the engine alerting her to it’s exact location as they would board. Idle conversation would find them both, passing conversations on the Prophecy and Hector’s knowledge due to his age. He was a veritable resource, one she was beginning to realize that could come in very handy and by the time they’d reached the shoreline in Boston she felt even more secure in her choice of friendship with the Elder Fae. Parting ways however, she watched as Hector would head off to deal with issues and items that he’d put off thus far, while Delaney headed toward the Cork, her daytime outing having given her a fresh perspective on things.

16:58:55 Galen had shoved his hands in his pockets and walked down the street toward the Cork while the meeting with his Father had been replayed in his mind. All this talk of destiny and what had to be done, the Stone hadn't come to mind as his mind was on other things, blinded by emotions. His gaze was focused in front of him, looking through people as they walked by but two things happened that caused him to stop just outside the Cork. First, he felt something stir inside of him, a feeling that was familiar and he even found himself looking around to see if Delaney was nearby, but he didn't find her. The other thing was a voice, this one he knew well enough and he glanced over in Wesley's direction. "I'm perfectly fine." HIs words were clipped with a sarcastic tone but he gave a shrug and made his way inside, walking toward the bar and if he followed him all the way to the bar, he would turn to look at him after ordering two glasses of Whiskey. "And what brings you out tonight?" -16:58:58 [Galen] Though he wasn't so sure he wanted to know.-e-

17:07:24 Delaney would be found just outside the bar, having walked from the Harbor to the Cork, coming to a stop at the door. Adjusting her pony tail, she contemplated the words Hector had spoken to her about, in particular the Prophecy. Could it be she had a part to play in all of this or was it just random, nonsense? She most certainly wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things, the role she had now was more of a pain than anything else. Shrugging it off, she pushed the door, entering into Fae Elysium, the smell of alcohol, smoke and ale assuaging her nostrils immediately. There was a small crowd this evening, though the night was still early, the Pub itself much more of a sit down and talk atmosphere as opposed to the Club she’d visited several nights ago. It was only then she thought of the possibility of Galen being here. Instinctively part of her was almost running to the male to tell him what she’d learned of the Midhir Prophecy. The man had shared her dream so it had become something of a focus between the==17:07:57 [Delaney] two. Only then the reality of the situation kicked in. There was no finding Galen. At least there shouldn’t be but she was still essentially going to have to work with him at some point. The thought became all to real as she neared the bar, seeing him there with another male.. A hideous creature if ever there was one. Del opted to head to the pool table instead and before long, was playing a game of pool, alone.

17:10:38 [The_Nightmare] Wesley padded in after Galen as he closed the door behind him. He got up onto his hindlegs though he was grateful for the fact that the Cork was designed to compensate for extremely tall creatures such as himself--as he came up to the bar he sat down onto a stool next to Galen as he curls his tail around the stool, "Assimilating my existance, as always. She hasn't given me anything to do tonight, so I'm free to intermingle for once. She's been keeping me very busy as of late." he orders himself a glass of A&W Root Beer--he hated alcohol and he wasn't of the age to actually drink irregardless. Not alot of people agreed with how the Morrigan had taken a traumatized boy and mutated him into a Fae with her powers--but then again, not alot of people knew the truth about his creation. He lifted his right hand and looked it over and returned it to the counter, "Are you sure everything's fine? You look depressed or upset."

17:12:25 Jade was brushing up on her Organic Chemistry, but there was little that she didn't remember. She was actually looking over some of the other books she had, her own collections that she had made wiht her own experiments and investigations. Her eyes turned toward the door as she noted out the window that it was getting late. Often, she had the bad fortune of forgetting to keep track of time, but what was time for people whom lived for so long? Not even a ripple in the constant river of the universe. At that time, her stomach started to grumble and she decided that perhaps, it was time to get something that would enfuse her body with nutrients to keep going throught the rest of the day, at least something more than fruit and water. Anywho, she got ready, pencil skirt, chiffon blue blouse, and some flats. She might just go to a nice restaurant and get some actually good food, as opposed to some crappy fast food.

17:20:32 Galen Two glasses half filled with amber liquid, were placed on counter in front of Galen as he listened to WEsley speak. His presence didn't disturb him but his creation had. Before he spoke, he took one of the glasses and downed it in a few swallows then picked up the second and turned to look over at him. The Morrigan had been quiet lately, had word not even got to her about his actions? Or did she know all along? Either way, he didn't care at the moment as he tried to reassure him that nothing was wrong. "I'm always brooding and moody, that shouldn't come as a surprise to you, Wesley." That stirring was back and stronger than ever and this time, when he looked around, he did catch sight of Delaney, now at a pool table playing by herself. Like that would last long, no doubt someone would saddle themselves up to her and.He shook his head and looked back to Wesley as he downed the second glass of Whiskey. Did she know her part? Did she knew just how involved in all of this she was? He knew a lot and he -17:20:35 [Galen] couldn't tell her anything about it, not that it mattered. He had made his position clear to her. "So the Morrigan has been quiet, huh? That's very unlike her." He turned his head and raised a hand to order up too more drinks.-e-

17:27:30 [The_Nightmare] "I'm the one who should be moody and brooding, Galen. I have more than a few good reasons of why." he sighed and shook his head. Bringing up his glass as he took a drink of his root beer. After a moment he put it down onto the counter and noticed that Galen's eyes were trailed elsewhere--he turns his head and peers off towards the female. He knew her. All within the Dark Court knew her, "So that's her, then? Delaney? The one that the Morrigan hates so much? Don't see why. She looks like a nice enough person." he glances back over at Galen now however, "Yeah, quiet. Ever since that one night when the Phoenix came into the Manor, she's been absent--locked herself in her chambers, ordered everyone to leave her alone and not to bother her--I can't even feel her anymore, if that's any consolation. I don't know what's got her so riled up, and it...worries me, a little." it wasn't a secret amongst the Dark Royalty that Wesley's life was tied to the Morrigan. They didn't know what would happen if she died whilst 17:27:39 [The_Nightmare] Wesley was housing a portion of her essence--would he die too? Or become human again? Or would she simply inhabit his body and try to take him over? These were all bad things, except for the second one--but Wesley has been in this body for so long, he wouldn't be able to live a normal life again even if he WAS returned to human shape, "But the last thing I remember is hearing her screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing some guy called 'Peter'."

17:30:21 Delaney noted others within the Cork, nodded a brief hello to most of them. A small smile here, a wink there - she maneuvered around the pool table with ease arranging the balls and then preparing to cue off. The cue within her hand as she leaned over, though finding her jacket to get it the way, it was removed, leaving her in a tee-shirt and dark pants, leather boots that rose to her knees. Reassuming her position, she shot though the ball was hit too hard, causing it to hit the others then bounce of the table, rolling onto the ground with a thud that was lost in idle conversation around her. “Goddamn it..” she mouthed before giving up on pool altogether. What the hell was she doing? She was grown up. She could handle this situation. Just because he didn’t want to be with her.. Seconds later she was moving to the bar, opting to take a seat just across from Galen and the other Dark Prince, before ordering a drink. A shot of whiskey ordered, she’d raise it toward the two in a silent salute before taking a drink.

17:39:32 Galen had to agree that Wesley did have much more to be brooding over, given his situation but the thought of the Morrigan being quiet, locked in her own chambers and now Wesley couldn't feel her, this was all unnerving. The name Peter, stuck in his mind, the Phoenix? What did she have to do with him still? Did he deny her completely after all? Two more drinks were set down in front of him, one hand already on one of the glasses as he tensed at the mention of Delaney but he played it off as if he didn't care. "Yeah, that's her. A big pain in the ass." Just play it off as if you could care less, she shouldn't mean anything to you.. It was then he saw her out of the corner of his eye, sitting down and thinking nothing of it. He watched her, then downed the third glass after saluting her back. He set the glass down hard, almost hard enough to crack the glass but he couldn't' resist some sort of comment in her direction. "Makes it hard to watch over you when you're going out of your way to avoid me." He -17:39:48 [Galen] gave her a sideway glance then looked to Wesley. "I'm sure the Morrigan will get over whatever it was. I suppose I should have a discussion with her, sooner than later."-e-

17:43:08 Jade ended up going to the Cork. Why did she end up going to that place so much? She wasn't sure, but she had the sneaking suspecion it was because she really liked their beer, and well, she liked how many Fae gathered there without having to deal with politics. She stood out , in front of the door for a few moments, seeing people go in and out before she actually went in there. Her eyes swept the rplace before she went to the bar and asked for a beer. A well, wasn't she coming off as a lush. Well, whatever, her eyes located Galen. Wow, was she in the lack of friends it seemed since she was forced to crash people's parties. She asked for a couple more beers and headed to Galen's and the other gentleman's, his companion it seemed, way. "Hello gentleman. Hope you don't mind a poor doctor joining you?" She sideglanced at the pretty girl who made Galen moody. "Oh, still think you don't what she does then?" She smiled. The little playful side of her coming out to play.

17:46:55 [The_Nightmare] Wesley glances at Delaney--he noticed her curves and her scent was lovely. But the beast couldn't feel lust, couldn't feel the desire to mate--or love; the Morrigan had made sure of that. She had made him only feel hunger or calm. He could actually control when he got hungry or not, depending upon his mood. Wesley was a Shadow Beast--a human that was infused with the Morrigan's shadow power and converted into a Fae, typically against their will and made as her assassins. Whilst there were many Shadow Beasts all over the world acting on the Morrigan's behalf, Wesley was the strongest one in Boston--and the only one. He took another drink from his root beer and raised his glass to Delaney in a friendly gesture. He then places his glass down and glances back at Galen, "You won't be able to see her--she won't see me, and I'm a Dark Prince just like you. What makes you think you'll be able to get in to see her?" and then Jade came by as he shrugged, "As long as you don't mind sitting to an aberattion of shadow and17:47:05 [The_Nightmare] flesh, I don't mind." and then he glances at Delaney then he averts his gaze and towards his root beer. Galen knew that Wesley only looked at the majority of people as prey--because that's how the Morrigan remade him. He just tended to hide it alot with trying to be friendly. He braces one elbow on the counter as he places his palm against his cheek as he heaved out a deep sigh, he wasn't happy with his lot in life.

17:54:18 Delaney arched a brow to the words Galen threw her way, seeming confused for just a moment before she responded in return. “That so? You gave up that job. I thought we were clear on that.” She responded, speaking his very words in response, clearly showing she was affected by them, all the while she was trying not to be. Another drink was taken, the glass to her lips as she sipped it slowly, allowing the amber liquid to flow down her throat, swallowing it with ease. The natural charm she basked within was enough to cause attention as usual, but there was also something else - a light that seemed to resonate from her as she sat within the glow of an overhead bulb, catching the eye of even The Morrigan‘s creation. Though it was likely as food than anything else. She had caught Wesley looking several times which made her slightly uncomfortable. Jade arrived shortly thereafter; the woman from the previous night opting to sit with the males. Quite the little foursome, weren’t they? Regardless, Delaney--17:54:27 [Delaney] Delaney spoke. “So any news on the drug yet? Spellbound?” She questioned, all knew of it, of course.
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Truths, Dreams and Nightmares :: Comments

Re: Truths, Dreams and Nightmares
Post on Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:51 pm by Delaney
18:02:46 Galen kept his attention on Wesley for the moment as he sipped on the fourth drink, the alcohol was warming his insides and he could almost start feeling the effects. "I'll make her see me if I have to. I have many questions that she needs to answer for me. One way or another, she'll see me." He nodded to confirm his words then looked over as Jade approached them, a smirk given in her direction. "Something like that." He was about to say something else but Delaney's words pissed him off. "Excuse me? I don't recall saying I gave up any job. I told you I would protect you and look over you while you were here and I still intend to keep my word on that. I think I've been managing to do a good job." The last time they had spent the night together had briefly flashed into his mind but he began downing the drink to forget about it. The topic had been changed to the drug, a nice little distraction, but he too was curious if there had been any further developments. He hadn't got a chance to tell Delaney what he had -18:03:06 [Galen] found out, since the last time he saw her she had decided to try and lock lips with some other guy. That thought only angered him more as he ordered up two more drinks but the bartender gave him a warning. "Either you ease up and slow down or I'm cutting you off." Galen didn't look impressed but he nodded. "Sure. I'll slow down. Do as you say, I seem to be doing that a lot lately."-e-

18:09:44 Jade looked at Wesley and smiled. "Not if you don't mind sitting next to me?" She'd learned that one could never judge a book by it cover, a person by it's family tree, and any other such cliches that went well with the situation. "Umm. . . " she wasn't sure on how to enter the little chit chat that had been struck. Her eyes just kind of settled on Delaney, then to Galen then to Wesley. "I think I must introduce myself. As to make you feel more at ease? My name is Jade. By I rather introduce myself as doctor Black. It's a huge stroke to my ego." She offered Wesley her hand and then Delaney, since she had caught her looking at her like she had the plague. That is to say, that Jade had the plague. "Is that the substance that tainted that blood sample?" She was a bit informed, but sometimes her attention span didn't work in her benifit.

18:14:27 [The_Nightmare] Wesley wasn't sure if Galen had that kind of power--he couldn't enter the Morrigan's chambers and he pretty much had unrestricted access to all of her hidden locations. But what he feared the most was the Morrigan's wrath if Galen thought he could force her to do something she didn't want! "Don't do anything stupid, Galen." he stated as he glances up and gives his fellow Prince a worried look, "You're the only one in the Court that actually treats me like a person. To the rest, I'm just the Morrigan's Bastard Pet." he sighed with a slight growl under his breath as he went to down the rest of his root beer as he places the glass down upon the counter. As the hand was offered to her--Wesley seemed almost overeager to take it in his clawed hand, shaking it firmly but gently and being careful with his talons; "Wesley Darwyn, Prince of the Dark, Heir second under Galen. Pleased to meet you, Doctor Black." and then he released her hand and then glances over at Delaney, "Wow--I suppose appears can be deceiving. You 18:14:36 [The_Nightmare] really ARE an ass!" he blinked as Delaney came off to him exactly as Galen had stated! And then as Spellbound was brought up as he sighed, "If there's one person I think is deserving of getting the Morrigan's Justice, it's the creator of that damned drug. He's the reason that I'm stuck as a Shadow Beast to begin with." he went to cross his forearms onto the counter as he rests his chin on top of them as his lower eyes close as his upper eyes half-close, "My. Life. Sucks." he was depressed and 'emo' but only a few actually understood why and allowed him to be. There wasn't anything anyone or anything could do to make his life better.

18:29:38 Delaney eyed Wesley for the moment, her brow arched though she chose to ignore the comment, wondering just what Galen had told the other Dark Prince. Seems that it wasn’t pleasant and that very thought only added to the hurt feelings the woman already had. Swallowing, she glanced back to her drink to finish it off, sliding the glass back to the bar tender, noting that Trick wasn’t around this evening as usual but shrugging it off. You are an ass... She was somewhat stunned. Wasn’t it Galen who’d acted one way ,making her believe there was something there only for him to turn around the next moment and tell her otherwise. But she was the ass. Well, so be it. If that was what Galen thought of her, wasn’t much she could do about it now. She shook Jade’s hand, noting her title. “Doctor. A pleasure to meet you.” Which did allow some things to make sense, the conversation for one Jade had been having with Galen several nights back at the Club. She chose not to respond to Galen’s comment. Instead, she rose from ==18:29:50 [Delaney] from her stool. “Another night, perhaps.” As she turned and began to walk away. Delaney felt like a fourth wheel, in the wrong place - the words having hit her and a subtle reminder of her own feelings. Things she’d tried to forget during the day. There was no final look to any as she moved out, heading toward the exit.

18:38:25 Galen gripped the glass firmly in his hand as he glared at the bartender but then looked over at Wesley, after the introductions had been made. "I promise I won't do anything stupid. I just want some answers, I think she owes me some." After all, she had sent someone to kill Delaney and it was made clear that anyone else was free game if they were close to her. Loyalty only went so far with his kind but this had been completely unprovoked and yeah, he wanted answers. He caught Wesley's look, the anger in his face had disappeared for a moment as he spoke to him. "You may have been a creation of hers but it certainly doesn't warrant you any less respect from me or anyone else. Those who don't see it are all too absorbed in themselves." He gave him a smile to show him it would be fine. "I won't provoke her, promise." The fourth glass had been okay but now that he was working on the fifth, he was feeling it more, the risk of him running his mouth had increased but so far he was doing okay, as he looked to Jade.-18:38:36 [Galen] "That's what you were given the sample for. To figure out what's in it and whose blood. Though the information you've given has been useful for my case." He offered her a smile then went to take another sip of his whiskey, just as Delaney was getting up to leave. A frown crossed his face, she hadn't made a comment to what he had said so, "If you'll both excuse me a second." He got off the stood, standing straight and that's when he could feel the buzz more. He took a step and staggered a bit but righted himself quickly as he stalked after Delaney, "Hey! I'm not done talking to you." The drink was still in hand as he maneuvered himself in front of her, preventing her from leaving just yet. "And where are you going? If I'm to watch over you then you have to stop taking off and doing you're own thing. Don't you remember that there are people out there willing to try and kill you?"-e-

18:44:36 Jade looked at Wesley and smiled. "Pleasure is all mine." Which it was. Jade always found new people interesting. "Ahh, that makes sense then. Well, from the sample, I could try and recreate the drug, try and find an antidote?" She offered. Her eyes stayed calmed on Delaney and Galen. It was quite comical. As they both took off, she was left alone with Wesley. "So, you're Galen's brother? THat's quite something. Are you a moody and broody as he is? " She smiled, as she was just teasing. But there was a bit of hope that he wasnt. She rather liked people to be cheery. So far, it seemed that Galen cared a great deal for Wesley, and the same could be said for the other man. "And just let me say, the resemblance is uncany." A small smile escaped her, and she hoped that Wesley wouldn't take offense, since she hand't said it to offend him, rather to try and lighten the mood. It was always so heavy when she was around, she thought, that it was probably always -C-18:44:43 Jade -c-this way. -e-

18:48:43 Hector` wandered into The Cork, obviously after all the people of note had arrived. He looked well enough, perhaps a little groggy, he had just woken up after a long day of doing not much of anything important, well, he had done one thing of importance, identified himself as a guardian of prophecy. All the same, he walked into the bar, one fist brought up to his face as he rubbed his eyes left eye lightly. It was only then did he see Delaney walking towards him, well, to be more exact, towards the door.. He took in her expression with a furrowed brow for a moment before he looked around her towards the company she had been keeping. Jade, and that man whom she seemed to have issue with, along with another man whom he did not know. He’d take her arm lightly as she would pass him. “Delaney, are you alright?” It was about then Galen came ‘stalked’ after her… That got a glower in place pretty damn fast as his eyes locked on the man. “You are done if she decides you are done.” 18:48:54 Hector` He said coolly however there was a note of venom to his words, almost a paternal reaction it would seem. When the mention of him being a guardian, his eyes shifted back towards Delaney, seeking what it was exactly what she wanted before he’d shoot another, almost threatening, look towards Galen. He really had come to see Jade, funny how sidetracked people can get..

18:57:03 [Kerei] [] Her day had been uneventful for the most part. Luckily she had managed to get breakfast so her stomach wasn't entirely empty. Those bright azurite hues peeked out from under pink bangs. Her entire hair was pink. The girl might have been mistaken for cotton candy was she not so lively. As she walked down the streets, adorned in a pair of black jeans, white tank top and pink running shoes, the girl managed to spot the same white kitty from the day before. Her eyes lit up and she began to chase after the feline. "Desu, desu, desu, desu, desu!!!" High pitched voice could have come off as incredibly annoying or impossibly sweet. It was all a matter of personal opinions. Kerei was sidetracked by this animal she adored so much that she didn't notice the fact that she was running headfirst into a rather large and imposing man. Thud. She bumped into him and fell back, her head in a daze and her heart pounding. The tall man looked down at her as if she was nothing more than a stray puppy, --c18:57:33 [Kerei] which might have not been so far from the truth, and leaned down. "You have a problem wiff me, girlie?" the man spoke, his menacing tone letting her know that she was in trouble. As if she needed it. When Kerei looked up to see what she had slammed into those ugly shades of dark colors swirling about the man's body let her know that he was nothing but danger. The girl tried to crawl back, away from the man. He merely stood there and laughed. Without a single word the girl scrambled to her feet and turned around before she began to run. She could hear the heavy footsteps of the man behind her. "Hey! Stop! I just wanna talk, sweet cheeks." Kerei didn't believe it for one single second. Naive as she may be, nothing about that man told her he was telling the truth, and so she ran. Having no place to hide nearby the girl opted to try her luck and enter an unknown place. Should she have been paying attention she would have noticed the small letters that read The Cork overhead. --c18:57:37 [Kerei] The door closed behind her and she sighed, happy to be out of sight.. But now what had she gotten herself into eh? Quiet and meek the girl tip toed her way to the nearest wall, facing all of the patrons of the establishment. She was more scared than ever, but there was nothing much she could do for now. It was either that man.. or all of these people. Gauging from the intensity of the vibes that strummed the air, she was beginning to doubt her choice of action. []

19:01:23 [The_Nightmare] Wesley kept his head on his arms and his eyes in their positions even as he listened to Jade. He knew what she was trying to do and he appreciated it but it did little to remove the melancholy from the Shadow Beast's heart. However, when Galen promised him he wouldn't do anything to get himself hurt by the Morrigan he lifted his head and looks at him directly, "Alright. Remember, you promised!" Wesley was too young to be getting this deep in the intrigue and death of the Fae world. By all rights, he shouldn't even BE a Fae to begin with. He had no choice in the matter of his changing. Then he glances over at Jade, "No, we're not blood related. I'm only related to him in the fact that we're both Princes. I was...created, in a way. By our leader, the Morrigan. I used to be human. The change wasn't pleasant, but I've been ordered to not go into the details by the Morrigan." and Galen did look out for Wesley alot--Wesley was stronger than Galen physically, but he was more mature mentally than Wesley was. And 19:01:33 [The_Nightmare] Wesley did have his own share of screw-ups in the past. Failing the Morrigan was often a very painful process, and the fact he was still alive was only because he was the Second Heir. Or maybe because a part of her was inside of him? It didn't matter. However as he heard someone speaking to Galen as if they had a RIGHT to speak to a Prince like that, the beast turned and trailed his eyes intently upon the D'jinn, and a most loud and feral SNAARRRRLLLL exited the creature's throat as his fangs were lightly bared. No aggression. But he made it clear and OBVIOUS that he did not approve of the way they told Galen to basically 'screw off'.

19:03:58 Delaney had just about made it out the door, though Galen’s sudden appearance along with the swaying stance obviously brought her to a stop. Beyond that, he practically yelled at her as if she as a child, something of which Del didn’t care for. “I’m well aware of things Galen. I may not have been clear several days back but I’m very attuned to the current situation. Mostly in part to you and because you don’t seem to let me forget it, even if I wanted to.” The words were near whispered, but clear enough for him to hear. Though as she finished her sentence, she expelled a breath of air. “I was going home. I’m tired and I feel sick.” She didn’t mention that what she felt was hurt, the fact Galen had been bad mouthing her to the other Dark Prince wasn’t sitting well with her. Why had she let herself get so close to this man? Hector’s arrival allowed her to get sidetracked briefly as the man’s hand rested atop her arm, though she turned to her new friend and nodded. “I’m fine, Hector. Thank you for being so concerned.==19:04:24 [Delaney] I can handle this, however.” She glanced toward the bar momentarily letting her eyes point in the general direction. “Though I believe a certain young Doctor would be very happy to see you.” She smiled, though it appeared worn, tired - which was very true of her current demeanor. Tired of straining and pretending to be okay when truly, when it came to matters of the heart, she wasn’t. Should Hector leave, she would then glance back to Galen. “I don’t believe I will be requiring your services any more.” The words were out, but she immediately regretted them. The look within her eyes said as much, but due to Galen’s intoxicated manner, he may well miss the quickly masked regret. The snarl from behind likely added to the fact. “I’m sorry, Galen.. But ugh, this is driving me so crazy...” she mumbled under her breath, taking her leave just as Kerei would enter within.

19:20:06 Galen listened to the words spoken in just a whisper, a mixture of anger and regret swirled inside his very being but he couldn't back down, even if all he wanted to do was to hug her, tell her it would be okay, but he knew it wouldn't be. It seemed that he had already pushed buttons without trying as some guy interrupted his goal, putting himself in his business which was not very invited. Galen turned his gaze tot he man speaking, his own glare given as he growled quietly before speaking. "And who the Hell do you think you are? I don't believe this conversation involved you."He looked to his hand on Delaney's arm for a brief moment but between the alcohol and the jealous streak that was now heightened, he looked back to Hector with his eyes flashing yellow, fangs bared as he spoke. "Walk away!" But in his jealousy, he vaguely heard her mention something about the Doctor and how she'd be happy to see Hector. It may have helped, it he hadn't been getting drunk but his eyes were back on Delaney now and her -19:20:18 [Galen] words stung him. He heard Wesley, and he would have been happy to let him take Hector, had they not been inside on neutral ground. He didn't catch the regret in her eyes and the anger was back now, "If that's what you want, then fine! Consider me gone! I guess you have a new person to look after you, is that it?" For an instant he looked hurt but his anger and the whiskey overpowered it all as he slammed down his drink on a nearby table and stormed out of the Cork. He wanted to hurt somebody, hurt another to make his pain stop but instead he just walked back to his office where he would remain locked away fro the night, likely passed out at his desk until the next morning.-e-

19:21:17 Jade nodded as she listened but she said nothing. It must be a painful way to live. The way that Wesley did. He had to live in his true form, so to speak, every waking moment. Her eyes turned to see what was going on outside, there was a lot of comotion, and she for one, was not to get in the middle of matters of the heart. "Well, umm, I heard about what the drug did, so, I will try to find a way to undo some damage. And I'll try to get it to you through Galen. " That was just the kind of person, Jade was. She stood with a smile. "I will catch you later, Wesley. It was very nice to make your acquaintace." Jade offered another of her smiles her big eyes settling on the bar as she paid the tender for their drinks. After a moment, she went out the door, taking little notice of what was unfolding close to there, and just making her way out of there. Perhaps it was time she went to get that dinner she had initially set out to get. She was thinking maybe she should've brought a -C-19:22:09 Jade sweater, but she could always buy one somewhere. Anyway, she just walked down the street. She did believe there was a nice eatery somewhere around here.
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19:48:46 Jade continued on her way down the street to find a restaurant to eat. Perhaps, she was thinking, she shouldn't have had a beer before dinner. But oh well, that's how things went. She just continued on her way. Hmm, maybe after dinner, she'd save room for donuts. -e-

19:51:13 [The_Nightmare] Wesley did not stop glaring at Hector. It seems that he was going to have to teach that Light Lord what it meant to know his place later. However when Jade announced that she was leaving he nodded towards her, "Call my name if you need anything--I'll hear you, as long as it's night and shadows are nearby." and then when she left he turned to go order himself yet another root beer from the tender. It was unfortunate if he drank anything because, like with food--they didn't digest until he slept. So if he ate anyone between now and sunrise, they'd likely marinate in that slobberified root beer until morning--and then they'd be marinating in slobberified root beer AND gastric juices at the same time! As he took his drink he noticed that Galen had stormed off as he frowned--he hated seeing Galen that upset. To him, Galen was like the Elder Brother he never had. He takes a drink from his glass. Ahhhh, root beer.

20:15:47 [Lilium ] Lilium had completely lost her buzz from the Spellbound, though she continued to where the shades to hide her blood shot eyes. Her left index finger pushed against his chest, grey/blue eyes narrowed behind the dark shades. "Look, I'm not telling you shit about where I get the fucking drugs. So back off. Or, I swear..." That feminine voice came out past her pale orange lips like a snake ready to strike. Her finger moved from his cheat, hands sitting on each his bone as she spoke. "I know you got to be something mixed in with the cops, otherwise you would not be asking me so many damn questions." Lilium was almost sure he was some kind of authority. Her right hand moved, sliding the slender fingers through her hair and then back to her hip. The mildly wavy auburn hair fell back into spot, bangs resting brushed towards the right side of her smooth face.~e

20:21:03 [TheTwins] He sighed and shook his head." I'm not with the cops or anything. I'm an actor. I'm just asking ebcause my brother got in deep with somethign pretty serious at work. I'm lead to believe it may be the same drug youve been taking."He didn't exactly lie to the girl. He was an actor and his brother did pick up on a case involving the drug, but that was as far as it went. He looked down to the ground. " I'm just trying to help him out" He heaved a seemingly troubled sighand leaned back against the wall.

20:25:54 [Lilium ] Why did he think she cared about him or his brother. Lilium didn't normally care to much about other people when she was clean and it didn't change now. "Well, Mr. Actor. Look, I don't know anymore about the drug than you do. It makes me feel good, powerful, and takes all the pain away. I can't help you find the exact spot where the drug is coming from, but it's like I said. I came in contact with it at the club first, some thin, short black haired chick Fae chick forced it on me. Ever since then, I cannot get enough of the drug. My drug dealer, I know he isn't the source, so he doesn't have to be in with this. Plus, I don't even know his real name."~e

20:30:03 [TheTwins] He looked up to her and fixed his posture, no longer leaning against a wall." There's other things you can do to take this pain away, they usually cost alot less too." He figured he could try and help this girl out. The feeling can usually last longer too." He didn't know anything off teh top of his head that wasn't drug related. He shrugged." You wouldn't mind if I accompanied you then?" I'm new around here, I'd get lost easily."

20:34:27 [Lilium ] Her arms moved to cross over her chest. Lilium did not want any other drug, she was fine with Spellbound. Her body turned and she moved to the door and opened it. "Fine, I don't care. I 'm not going to go around those places anyways. I would hate for my dealers to get caught," she gave him a dirty look over her shoulder. Lilium walked out into the dark night, moving till she hit the sidewalk. She waited there for a second to see if he would follow her, then continued onward without care. "If you are a Actor, why are you trying to help with your brothers case?" Lilium asked, figuring he would be following her.

20:38:54 [TheTwins] He did indeed follow her" Wouldn't you want to help someone you care about?" He asked bluntly. He didn't care about her attitude. He figured it was the drugs speaking at this point. " So if you don't mind telling me about yourself?" He kept pace with her, smiling, hoping his smile could warm her icy heart. He didn't hope too much though, peopl elike her took alot of work to warm up to.

20:44:58 [Lilium ] She did not even pay any attention to his smile, disregarding it completely. "I've never really held any body close enough to care about helping." Lilium did hold someone close, but she decided to break away from the feelings that she held for him.'Try', anyways. "Look, I am just going to head home. You can follow me and check out my house if you want. I don't care. I still do not see why his work is any of your business though." She rounded a corner and turned into an alley way, moving at a casual pace .~e

21:00:43 [Lilium ] She did not even pay any attention to his smile, disregarding it completely. "I've never really held any body close enough to care about helping." Lilium did hold someone close, but she decided to break away from the feelings that she held for him.'Try', anyways. "Look, I am just going to head home. You can follow me and check out my house if you want. I don't care. I still do not see why his work is any of your business though." She rounded a corner and turned into an alley way, moving at a casual pace .~e

21:09:18 [The_Nightmare] Wesley had down his last glass of root beer and had departed from the Cork. He didn't want to hunt today. He's spent the last week doing nothing but consuming the Morrigan's targets, whole and alive. A week of listening to screams and feeling squirming and lively food. He wasn't anxious to return to that anytime soon. So--the beast slips off and into the shadows as he went to go and find some people to interact with! And he spots Lilium and a man, talking--but he overheard their conversation. So just as the two were beginning to move out of the alleyway and towards the sidewalk the shadows suddenly come to life around them as a large four-legged creature emerges before them. Pulling himself out of the shadows as he turns to glance towards the two, "Hello." he said--in a rather young and polite tone.

21:41:11 [Felica`Verdias] It was quite a distance from the shop to her apartment. Hands shoved deep into the pockets of her leather coat. The weatherman had actually been correct about the coolness that would settle upon the city tonight. The days when he spoke of sun and there was only cloud and rain, she cursed him. Tonight she actually praised him for once. As she made her way along Sasha’s words of concern seemed to drift to the forefront of her mind. She would take the concern as a warning. The area surrounding the shop was not the best nor friendliest. Being aware of one’s surroundings could only mean less harm would come to them. She wished it were true in this district. Strange thing occur with no rhythm or reason to them. That was why Sasha placed wards and charms upon the shop. Making it hard for one to use any gift they may conceal upon those in the shop. Sasha had many rare and expensive items. Old artifacts and tomes, worth a lot to the right person. Her concern for Felica’s safety was becoming more ardent.21:41:34 [Felica`Verdias] Perhaps this was why she was walked now with a stone in her pocket again. Warding off any evildoers that might come across her path as she headed home.

22:15:10 [Lilium ] Even though she had spent more time around the Fae than Humans; Lilium did not find herself seeing the actual forms of the Fae quit as often. Her eyes became wide, staring at the creature as she backed up. She had to removed the shades in order to see on the dark streets. Her left hand gripped the glasses as she peered at the being. This creature would notice that Lilium held a very strong aura due to the seal on her leg, which left her as a beacon to all Fae. That was it, Lilium was going to start carrying the one foot iron rod around with her at night time. Her slowly easing blood shot grey/blue eyes narrowed in a glare, watching him steadily. "What the hell do you want," she spoke in a hasty voice. Lilium had become a little more worried about running in to random Fae after finding out she was The Lights prophet. ~e

22:25:00 [The_Nightmare] The beast, Wesley, noticed the way her eyes widened when she saw him and he turns to face her as he began to pad casually towards her. The fear was a nice thing to feel--but what's more is that her frightened demeanor was coming across to him as prey stuck in the crosshairs of a hungry predator. The beast was huge--almost as big as a man on all fours, but slender and lithe. He was tall, but scrawny. But still intimidating as his tail swishes back and forth. Each time his heart beats his chest region pulsates with dull purple light, showing off his ribs and spine clearly to Lilium's eyes. And then came the demanding question, "The hell do I want? I'm just wandering the city, looking for interesting people to interact with. So unless you want me to eat you for talking down to a Prince of the Dark Court, I'd suggest you moderate your tone when you are addressing me. I've done nothing to earn your resentment other than say 'Hello'."

22:50:51 [Felica`Verdias] Her attention had been turned inward to her thoughts. Too focused on them to notice the shift in the shadows. Her path home was always well lit. Sasha had always explained to her the importance of staying away from the shadows. Felica often thought Sasha was a worrier. But she did as she was asked, hence the small stone in her pocket. She turned down the next street her gaze lifted and her sense getting a jolt. She felt that flicker of pain in her head, like eating ice cream too fast. Her hand shot up to her temple before pressing two fingers against it. This didn’t ward it off but it helped her to think that the pain was subsiding. It wasn’t but mind or matter, so something like that. Upon turning the corner it was then that she felt it, and it was then that she saw. Just to her left down a narrow alleyway. Well not saw, more like heard. She quickly pressed her slender form against the brick of the nearby building. Her pale gaze narrowing upon what looking like a woman, then to a second that looked 22:51:03 [Felica`Verdias] ….”Damn shadows…” She uttered to herself. She felt the stone in the palm of her hand as she looked down the alleyway. She wasn’t sure just what was going on, if anything. Could be a simple conversation. Perhaps she should press on. Her pale gaze narrowed as she saw shadows dancing about. What was going on?

22:53:12 [Lilium ] So what, did he think she was going to play nice with another shit hole piece of Dark shit? Lilium felt some anger due to Rath just up and leaving her with nothing said. Her eyes ran over the creatures form, looking at the pulsating color show through his chest. "Well, there are no interesting people here to meet. So, you can turn around and go back to where ever the hell you came from, Mr. Prince." She waved her hand, as is dismissing him from being in front of her. Lilium did hold fear, but she feared Rath more than anything. That was only because he held her emotions within his hands and had crushed them. Lilium had not noticed the other, due to the creature at hand.~e

22:58:27 [The_Nightmare] Wesley was typically a mildly-tempered person. He often made requests, in a stern voice--and most of the time, people complied. He was patient and tended to apologize if the other parties were gruff. But this...this...female. This woman, she did not know just how much her mouth was pissing him off. His eyes narrowed at her response and he was a blurr...his form like a surging waterspray of blackness as he was upon her in seconds. A clawed hand went to snatch around her throat and lift her up and off the ground as he went to stand up onto his hindclaws. If she was his grasp he'd lift her into the air--holding her a good three to four feet up and off the ground--a grip tight enough to cut off her ability to speak but not her ability to breathe, "I decide where I go, when I go. You? You are prey. You will do as you are told, or I will kill you. I will swallow you whole and let you digest when the sun comes. Or I could simply strangle you right here and now, and leave your corpse to the Boggarts."

23:02:27 [~Avery] I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air. They fly so high, nearly reach the sky...The Westham Football club's team song, Avery's ringtone, was abruptly cut short as he answered the call which had awoken him. "Mmm....ya, this is Dreamer. Who this? Oh, bloody hell, Marlo! What's crackin', mate? Naw, I ain't doin' a thing. Pints at the Dubliner? Ya, mate, I'll be there in thirty. Just let me clean up. Ya ya, cheers." When the call ended Avery swung his feet off of his lumpy single matress and rubbed his eyes. "Damn, near forgot the game was almost on. Hammers better beat those bloody Tottenham slags or I'm out fifty quid." He disappeared off to his bathroom and then to the closet, coming out fully showered and dressed in ten minutes sharp. Jeans, high tops, and a beat up suit jacket over his hoodie was the dress for the evening. Avery made a final check and grabbed up a few choice items just incase he needed to make a sale, then was out the door.23:02:38 [~Avery] He hopped the bus out of Southy up towards midtown for the Dubliner--an irish style college pub frequented by students from Boston College. Avery didn't much like the wankers that went there, but it was the only decent place to watch Premiere League so he had to make due.

3:23:10 [Lilium ] Lilium did not expect his move, the attack that had brought her up off the ground. Both hands ran up quickly to the clawed hand around her neck, trying to release some of the pressure. Though she could not speak, her eyes still held that fiery look. As he spoke, Lilium moved her knees up to her body and kicked outward at his face with both of her legs. She knew that her counter attack may not do anything to him, but she did have ballet dancers legs and they had to be strong for all the movements and jumps she had to do. Inside, she could feel something boiling, like a inner light that threatened to come out. Her eyes searched around the alley looking for something, anything to help her. To the right, as the two stood close to the brick wall. Lilium saw a nail and did what instincts told her to do. She pressed her hand against the nail and pulled down quickly, wincing and squirming as the pain struck. Blood began to ooze down her palm and drip of her elbow as she struggled to press her palm against the wall.~c23:23:55 [Lilium ] This was a force push. The ability would cause a Fae targeted to be pressed through a dimension and sent to another place. It could be a block, a city, or a continent away. The power just simply sent the creature targeted away, that is if it works on the creature. It can also only be used once a day. A bright light flashed from her palm, illuminating the entire alley in a holy light. Fuck that prick, him and his 'Prince' status.~e
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23:27:10 [Felica`Verdias] She stood pressed against the wall. Her pale gaze peered down at the woman, and whatever the other thing was. She gasped the moment that the blur seemed to take hold of the woman and lift her several feet off the ground. She looked behind herself, to see if there was anyone about that might help. The street was just as bare now as they had been hours ago. She knew that most locked their doors and remained indoors at this ungodly hour. She could ask her very self the reason why she was out here. Simple answer was that she was a slow and distracted walker. Was there anything that she could do? She would think that it was highly unlikely. Her slender form tensed against the wall as she moved along, step-by-step, inch-by-inch. She felt the flicker of cold as she slipped through shadows. A lump forged in her throat. What Felica didn’t realize about the small stone that Sasha gave her held great magical properties. One’s that allowed the holder the ability to go unnoticed. Not invisible, just altered.23:27:29 [Felica`Verdias] Like blur, pretty much how she saw magic beings at the moment, without realizing that they were such.

23:34:26 [The_Nightmare] The hit to Wesley's face with the feet did little to deter the monster but it did cause him to push his head towards the side--and then the bright flash of light as she went to forcibly teleport the creature away. She was dropped by three or four feet as the creature was sucked into the energy that she conjured up--the light wasn't sunlight, so it caused no ill effects upon the creature as he appeared about a mile away. He hit the ground on his backside and now...he was genuinely pissed off. Getting up and off the ground as the creature slashed the air, creating a swirling vortex of twisting blackness as he slips inside of this. Taking himself into the Shadow Realm--he would return to where he was banished from. But he was hiding in the shadows, wanting to observe Lilium further. Likely the flash would alert others, and he wanted to ensure that Lilium was alone before he came after her for...vengeance. He would make her bleed for her ignorance. She would be made to learn that there was a reason this creature

23:45:04 [Lilium ] Her body came tumbling to the ground, feet hitting as she fell backwards and on to her bottom. She knew that creature would find her again. That damn seal on her leg was a beacon to all Fae. Her hands pushed against the ground, cursing as she felt dirt and rocks enter the wound on her right palm. She grumbled as she stood, finding that her shades had been broken and now sat in shards on the ground. Her left hand dusted the dark grey fitted capri cargo pants and then the back of her black tank top. Her black converse shoes tapped against the ground, knocking a bit of the dirt off. "Mother fucker," she winced as her palm pulsed with pain. She caught the slight movement of someone in front of her. "Hey, do you have a napkin or something," she questioned and moved forward. Her voice held a rasp from the grip the creature had put on her. Lilium walked forward, body a bit sore from the drop. Freaking A, some Spellbound would be good right now.~e

00:05:53 [Felica`Verdias] Felica watched as the events before her unfolded. It was all a blur as the magic used between the pair was hidden. Felica tilted her head to the side when the woman was dropped and the other thing, whatever it was disappeared. Slowly she would continue to make her way toward the far end of the alleyway. Looking at the woman who looked to be about the same age as herself, but Felica knew that could be an untruth, as most things around her were. Her cool blue gaze locked upon Lilium as she sat there for a bit. She seemed to enjoy cursing. Not that Felica was a delicate flower, but she didn’t see the need to curse every second word. She would search her pocket upon the question asked of her. A napkin…no…but… “Here…” she said as she stepped to the woman, closing the space between them. A dark blue bandanna was pulled from the pocket of her coat. “That might help.” She told the woman, her gaze would life and look about the area. The shadows seemed to move as if they themselves were agitated by something.

00:15:12 [Lilium ] Lilium took the bandanna gently, enjoying the kindness that she has rarely found around this area. "Thank you. I appreciate it," her voice became calmly nice, as if that cursing person was another being all together. She only cursed when things went wrong or hurt. Lilium continued to speak as she tied the bandanna around her palm, tightening it as she walked past her and to the entrance of the alley. "What the," she spoke agitated, realizing she had been in the alley next to her apartment the entire time. "I'm not sure what that was. Some freaking Dark Fae that thought he was big stuff. The cut stung, burned. "Not to be rude, but I need to go up and clean this. You can come with if you want," she asked her as she grabbed her cell phone and flipped it open. She dialed the number saved under 'Dreamer', waiting for him to answer as she turned the corner and headed to the doors of the complex. Figuring the woman followed, Lilium began to speak, "I'm not s ure how you are about Drugs,~c00:15:40 [Lilium ] but I am fixing to have someone bring me some." Lilium did not want to offend the girl by taking it in front of her. She climbed the steps, reaching the third story, and grabbed her keys from her pocket-balancing the phone against her shoulder. She opened the door and entered, leaving open for the girl to close upon entering. If she did not follow Lilium; she would close the door.~ {Tag fail.}

00:50:36 [Felica`Verdias] Felica stepped back to access the situation for herself. The woman seemed hardly injured. Just her hand was hurt. From the distance Felica had not gotten a good look at what had happened. And by the looks of Lilium she didn’t look like she was going to explain. She seemed appreciative for her stopping to offer a hand. Even for as brief as it was Felica was concerned. “Is everything okay?” She would ask looking at the woman as she walked passed her. “Do you live close by?” She would simply ask. The look upon the woman’s face told Felica that her home just might be around here. She would then step back and allow the woman space to make her call. Though she would hear the conversation as she was not at all far from where Lilium stood. Her conversation on the phone seemed important. Felica was about to excuse herself as she went over what she had said about the dark fae. Shivers raced up and down her spine at the mere mention of the name. She wondered what this girl had done to have one come at her in such a <00:51:15 [Felica`Verdias] manner. Her interest was peeked; she would then accept Lilium’s invitation to following her to her apartment. She would follow carefully, glancing behind her to make sure that nothing or anyone followed.
00:52:49 [~Avery] "Fuckin' Wanka! Did you see that?! Who saw that? My granmum could have blocked that shot! It came right AT you! Pissant Green..." Avery collapsed back into his seat and chugged down the rest of his beer. It was fifty in and Westham was down by three to Tottenham. Tottenham! Avery groused silently, his friend Marlo sitting by with his bar stool spun the other direction looking out at the crowd for lonely girls. "Calm down man," Marlo drawled through his drunken haze. "You're gonna blow a gasket. How 'bout you stop stressin' about fuckin' soccer and check out some of these honeys? They're BC girls, dawg. You know how those catholic girls be." Avery just seethed and took his next beer from the bartender, slugging down a good portion in one go. "I can't be thinkin' 'bout girls right now, mate. The Hammers are just givin' this game away! Oh, for fuck's sake, shoot McCarthy you yarpy bastard!"

01:00:43 [Lilium ] 'Ass,' Lilium thought as she got no answer on the other line. Good for nothing dealers. She was sure he would return her call at some point. Lilium closed the flip phone and set it on the counter that split the living room carpet from the tile of the kitchen. "You can make yourself at home," Lilium pointed to the couch as she moved to the bathroom. The sound of water could be heard as she cleaned the wound and grabbed a first aid kit. She took a bandage wrap out and a clip, rapping it around her hand and clipping the fabric in place. Lilium moved out of the bathroom quickly and headed to her room. From beneath the bed she pulled a one foot iron rod and returned to the living room. "You may want to pick one of these things up. They home in handy when Fae are about," she spoke while moving to the kitchen. Lilium looked at her phone, checking to see if 'Dreamer' guy had called back or texted yet. Lilium took a seat on the stool at the counter after locking the door to her home. The open window ~c01:01:06 [Lilium ] llowed for a cool breeze to enter, causing the long parted grey curtains to sway softly. "Do you know much about those fucks or that on," it mad her angry to think of that prick picking her up as so. It was the red headed temper.~e

01:20:53 [Felica`Verdias] Accessing the apartment upon entering she would make her way into the main part, which looked to be the living room. She would step toward a lamp and let her hand moved under it. “Mind if I turn some lights on.” She asked, a little concerned by what the creature that Lilium had dealt with truly was. She folded her arms before her as she turned to look about the apartment. She didn’t pry, just glanced about. Her attention had gone briefly to where Lilium had disappeared, but then turned to look out the window. The sky was dark, matching that of the streets. ~Great, might be a little hard getting home tonight. ~ She scolded herself for getting side tracked. The city was very much a different place these last few weeks. Something was moving in, she could only guess it was more Fae, more powerful fae. She turned upon hearing Lilium returning to the main room with a couple of irons in her hands. She smirked at her comment her hand extended to receiv e the iron. As to the question about what she had just come up
01:22:08 [~Avery] "Tottenham scores!" roared the television. "For fuck's sake. I can't watch this crap." Avery scowled and downed the rest of his beer. He tossed a twenty up on the counter and started for the door. Marlo had already gotten up and started chatting up a couple cute girls who seemed to be buying his charm. They must be new here--haven't heard about his reputation yet. Marlo turned around to se his wingman heading for the door. "Hey! Avery! What the fuck, man?" The irrate dealer only gave a wave of his hand then pushed outside. In the quiet of the night he could here his phone beep once and pulled it out of his pocket. One missed call. He didn't recognise the number, and if he were in his right mind he wouldn't have called back--never know when the cops are on a sting--but in his condition he didn't think about it. He punched the call button and put the phone up to his ear, fishing in his pocket with the other hand for a joint.

01:32:59 [The_Nightmare] So...this insolent human was a drug addict. Maybe that was why it was so easy for him to rile her up--and the fact she was using magic only made sense to the Shadow Beast now. She was hooked on Spellbound. Whilst light would be manifesting in the building, the creature took shelter in Lilium's bedroom. Pulling himself up and out of the floor beneath her bed. Like the Boogieman of those old children's tales. It was presently only a little past midnight--so the evening was still young for the beast. Poor Lilium. He kept himself hidden quite well beneath the bed--laying on the floor and covering his chest so that the glow couldn't be scene--closing his eyes as he went still like a statue. He was listening to Lilium and Felica speak. But due to the fact that so many fae lived in this apartment complex, it was likely she wouldn't be able to tell he was there.

01:38:25 [Lilium ] Yeah, her home did not really old a lot of light, but it was enough to see through. "You can try to turn the lap on, but that bulb has been blown for months." Lilium sat the iron bar on the counter just as the phone vibrated on the counter top. Lilium stood and walked to the window, glancing back to Felica. "I got to take this,"she spoke quickly as she climbed out the window to the fire escape. Lilium flipped open the phone and began to speak. "Hey, this is Lilium. You know....The red headed chick that can't handle the stuff to well. Yeah, if you come back where you were the other night. I will get some more stuff. Come up the fire escape or take the stairs. I don't care, just get here." She left no chance before shutting the phone and entering back through the window. "So, I am guessing you have no experience in this stuff," she asked the woman. Yes, Lilium was hooked on Spellbound...That was thanks to the woman forcing it down her throat at the club. Mone y! Lilium listened to~c01:38:40 [Lilium ] Felica as she headed into her room in order to grab her money from the night stand by her bed. She tried to keep little money on her when out on the street.~e

01:56:12 [Felica`Verdias] She would try the lamp. Her eyes drifted to the left and right of her when Lilium explained how it might not turn on. That didn’t sit well with her. The shadows were bad enough on the street. In a small apartment there were more then one cared to admit. If Lilium didn’t know much about the fae and their powers was it wish to behave the way she had toward them. It would only bring pain and suffering. Felica knew about the pain and suffering. Sasha had given her book on the subject. Not that she cared to reads all of them. Just one was enough. Lilium abruptly dismissed herself form the room and headed out on the fire escape. Bringing her attention back to the room. 01:56:52 [Felica`Verdias] There was that shudder again. Her crystal gaze drifted through out the apartment. Was there something here? If there were then it would come out. She knew of fae that merely enjoyed just watching humans, without interacting with them. But there were others that seemed to enjoy teasing and tormenting humans. Some were even twisted enough to invade dreams, and thoughts. This was the little information that she held firmly too so far. It wasn’t that she didn’t know anything about the fae. It was that there were far too many to learn about. “My boss at the shop could possibly tell you more. Perhaps I can make you an appointment with her.” She told Lilium, as she watched her come in from the fire escape and head into her room. The iron rob in her hand, her gaze appraising it for the moment.

01:58:15 [~Avery] "Oi this is..." Avery didn't have a second to finish before Lilium, the girl he now only vaguely remembered from the night before, rambled out her order and then hung up. Avery was left looking at his phone warily. Well it certainly didn't sound like the cops. Whatever, anything was better than staying here and listening to Westham get beat even worse. He posted up at the nearest bus stop, reading the map and trying to remember where he was slanging the night before, until he finally got his baring and was heading in the right directon. The bus dropped him off right by the club he was at the night before and a few minutes later, maybe fifteen in total since he had gotten off of the phone, he was up the fire escape at the third story window. He rapped his knuckle on the glass and without any shred of restraint of sobriety called out through the glass. "Eh love! It's ya boy Dreamer. Knock knock, let me in!"

02:07:03 [The_Nightmare] Excellent. She was calling the dealer, and he was coming. The shadow beast slowly began to open his eyes as he turns his head--watching as the woman's feet were walking into the room and off somewhere to grab her money. He slowly 'melts' into the floor as he slinks back into the Shadow Realm as he went to surge outside--observing from this realm in the shadows, he wanted to look at this dealer., he was just a shrimpy thing. But he needed to see Lilium handing him the money, and Avery handing her the drugs--then he would strike. The Dark Prince was a beast of patience and ambush--this was going to be a particularly bad night for these two, he knew that much right now. Felica he didn't even consider a threat.

02:10:34 [Lilium ] Lilium did hold her iron bar in her hand, though the grip was only light. She rummaged around in the drawer and took her money. Lilium returned quickly to the window, walking past Felica, and stuck her head out the open window. Her hands pressed against the pane until she pulled herself up on the fire escape. "I've got sixty, how much will that get me," she asked handing him the money. Lilium knew nothing about drugs and the price. Her back pressed against the brick wall next to the window. "Sorry about the fast call. I just really need it right now. Too much stuff going down."~e

02:30:15 [~Avery] The bus ride over had been an interesting one. Avery was only just a little drunk when he started the trip, but a little drunk was never enough. He spotted some poor looking son of a bitch with half a fifth of cheap burbon in the back of the bus and after a bit of bartering he traded it for a solid gram of reefer. When Lilium opened the window he was putting the bottle to his face and drinking all he could stand. "Oi, sup love? You ready to party?" Avery looked at the money in her hand and weighed his options. Usually he would have just made the sale and split, but right now he was drunk, riled up, and feeling sociable. He fished awkwardly in his pocket for the little wrapper of Fairy (the whole transaction going on outside and out of sight from the inside of the apartment) and forced it in her hand without grabbing the bills. "Tell you what, tonight's on the house. Let's get loose and have a good time, ya?"

02:43:52 [Felica`Verdias] Felica could only stand there and watched as Lilium dismissed her question in order to see to something on the fire escape. Judging from her conversation on the phone and her strange twitchy behavior. Felica could only guess that it was something she didn’t want part of. She heard their voices carry in from the fire escape. Which was her cue to leave through the apartment door. She looked down at the iron cub in her hand and decides that she will take it with her. A safety precaution, a just in casey. She made her way out of the apartment. Taking the stairs namely because it was lit then the elevators tend to be. She would make her way out the front door and head for her own apartment.

02:48:33 [The_Nightmare] He saw Felica leaving the apartment--and she took the iron bar with her. Things were just getting better and better, it seemed! The iron bar was pretty much one of the only things in the apartment that could actually HURT the Shadow Beast enough to keep him at bay! He observed Lilium handing Avery the money, but he didn't take it and instead handed her the drug 'Spellbound' anyway. He continued to observe, he wanted to see how this was going to end. He wanted to jump in at this point, but his instincts were telling him No. But it seemed Felica wanted nothing to do with this--he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. He would remember her appearance. And then Wesley realized he was helping Galen right now! He was observing a drug deal going on right now, and they couldn't sense or see him because he wasn't even in the same DIMENSION anymore! Apparently being a Shadow Beast had it's perks!
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02:55:37 [Lilium ] Lilium took the drug from him and crawled through the window, not caring if he came in or not. "Thanks, I appreciate it," she responded while taking a seat on the couch and opened the wrapper. Lilium quickly took the drug, swallowing with the anxious hope of the feelings to come. "You can come in if you want," she spoke while laying over on the couch, legs hanging over the couch and feet against the floor. "I've waited for this for the past two days," her voice came out slow as she sat the money on the coffee table, as well as her iron bar. She could feel the sudden feel of drugs pressing into her system, causing her body to mellow. Her eyes closed, enjoying the dim light of her apartment. "You-you are a good friend dealer guy," her voice mumbled with a slurred happiness.~e

03:03:10 [~Avery] Because of the booze it took a moment to realise that Lilium was toting a wrought iron bar around in her hand. Once that came into view Avery fell back a few paces. He didn't want to be anywhere near that thing while she could swing it at him. Once she was well into the apartment her swing his legs in and sat on the windowsill, pulling another doobie out of his jecker pocket and lighting it up. When she finally put the iron bar down on the table he could relax and lit up. He held the first drag in for a long time, then let it out and chased it with a slug of burbon. "Cannonball," he croaked between short coughs. The booze was harsh, but what could you expect? It was probably one of those eight dollar fifths. Once he recovered Avery leaned against the sill and eyes Lilium as she sank into the couch. "You got that right, love. I'm a right fucking saint in these parts. "

03:10:04 [The_Nightmare] ANOTHER iron bar? The beast's eyes narrowed as he watched her place it on the table nearby herself as she swallowed down that drug. How many doses of that stuff has she choked down already? How much longer was she going to be choking it down before the leylines started to cause her to discharge that energy violently? But it had proved one thing to the Shadow Beast as he was watching--Avery was a dealer, but he likely wasn't the one making the stuff. He memorized the man's face and attire and scent--and accent. He could have eaten either of these two or both right now, it was in his right to do so--but they were both high, or Lilium was, and the other guy was just drunk. He needed to be careful with this--he needed to be observant. He needed to wait for the right moment to ambush.

03:17:16 [Lilium ] A small giggle passed from her form as she buried her face into the couch. A saint! Ha! That was indeed funny. She pushed up from the couch and stood, moving to the kitchen. Her eyes wondered the room, looking for something but did not find it. "Well, Mr-Mr. Saint. You can drop by and hang out whenevvvver you want. Just make ya have some of that stuff for me to buy." Lilium left the kitchen, eyes dilated beyond all get out. She entered her room and took her shoes off, sitting them beside the bed, and then returned to the living room. Her movements are sluggish, laid back, and a bit unstable. The drug always hit her a little rough. She was a petite girl, skinny, and could barely hold tolerance to Ibuprofen. Her back leaned against the wall opposite of the window, next to her door. "You know, I never understood drugs to well. Ya think I could learn how ta sell an be a dealer. I need more money."~e

03:24:29 [~Avery] For a minute Avery wondered if he should take the money on the table. At this point she was high and probably wouldn't notice, but his nature stopped him from doing so. The Fae were a strange type--their word was literally their bond. Even if Avery wanted to take the money, now that he said this round was on him it would pain him terribly to do so. Well, nobody could accuse a drunk of making good choices. Instead he slipped inside and walked over to the table where the iron bar was sitting. He stared at it for a moment, scowling, then with a nice little bump from his shin he tipped the table enough for it to roll off and disappear under the couch. "Oops. Damn pints have me stumblin'." Now that he didn't have to worry about that he went over to lean in the girl's bedroom doorway and smirked. "You wanna deal? Now why would I teach you that? I give you the in and out on how to slang and then suddenly I gots competition and nobody to blame but myself."

03:29:39 [The_Nightmare] Avery didn't realize it yet--but he likely just got rid of the only thing in the whole apartment that was likely keeping the Shadow Beast from entering. The beast crawls through the shadows in this realm as he examines her apartment from the other side, examining a table which had unpaid bills on them. Unpaid lights, unpaid gas, and water...sheesh. She really was slacking behind on her bills! But...this gave him an idea. He could wait for the two to do whatever, and once they left he could make it seem their power went out. He still had a few hours before dawn, so he could watch them for a bit longer--but he needed to ambush them soon, or else his chance to catch Avery was going to slip out between his fingers!

03:35:11 [Lilium ] She shook her head as she leaned against the wall near her door frame. Her head turned to him, arms crossing over her chest. "Hey, I didn't mean it like that. I could work under ya and take a percentage of the profit. You wouldn't lose business, but I can help and make a little cash." Her eyes still set closed, talking, and enjoying the quiet dark behind her eyes. "I'm not tryin to take your business, just try an get more customers for you an make me a little money." Her eyes opened head turning to him as she pouted out her lips. "Come on, please. For me," she asked, giving a ever so sultry upset look. She was just doing it to try and get her way.~e

03:46:26 [~Avery] Start his own opperation? Get a few more dealers under him? No, he was too small time. If he started cutting his piece of the pie more than one way it seemed like things would just get complicated. Plus, there was something about this girl that rubbed him the wrong way. He couldn't put his finger on it, but the questions she asked the other night, the wrought iron bar on her table, and the addiction to Spellbound all pointed to trouble. No, he needed to stay just the way he was, keep grabbing new buyers, and get rich on his own. If he started letting people in on the deal he was just inviting more problems. "Sorry love, can't put ya under me wing.....but I might have something else for ya to make a little cash." Memories. Avery dealt more than drugs, and a good memory was pure profit. She wouldn't remember that he'd already taken one from her the other night, and already sold it for a hefty sum. 03:46:34 [~Avery] "Tell you what, love. I know where you're at. I'll swing by soon and we'll talk business. I'll get you up to date and put some quid in your pocket. All you gotta do is stay here and think good thoughts. I'm skippin' out though. I'm properly knackered. So get some rest, an ol' Dreamer will be back soon." She was going to be tripping for a while now and there wasn't much point in him sticking around for that. It was almost ten after and the last bus would be coming through soon, so this was his last chance to get a ride home. He went to the window and slipped halfway out then turned back to give her one last look. "Ta, love. Have a good time with ya trip." Then was down the fire escape and on his way home.

03:56:49 [The_Nightmare] As Avery left--the lights went out in Lilium's apartment. A shadow nearby the window almost seemed to twitch as the window shut after the Fae left--a click as it locked. And several other clicks, as the front door locked itself from the -outside- and her bedroom door shut itself as well. And before Lilium the shadows began to swell and expand as the creature from the alleyway began to emerge! He pulled himself out of the floor like some kind of demon crawling out of the depths of hell as he pulled his body up and out of the floor. The iron bar was gone--under the couch, the first was with Felica. The sun wasn't going to rise for at least three hours. And she has already expended her day-recharge power. The beast focused all four of his eyes upon her as he remained upon all fours and spoke softly, "You ARE aware of what you took, right? And what it does to humans?"

04:03:35 [Lilium ] She had been in a world of bliss after nodding to Dreamer in a good bye manner. Her world was feeling great, so much energy ran through her body. Lilium had not rarely use the power, so it was building in her like a time bomb, but she knew not how to access it. Her fingers ran through her hair, she always enjoyed that feeling when high. This had been her fifth time taking the drug. Then suddenly the lights went out. "What," she said. They must have cut her power early! Assholes! Then the clicks. When her door shut, Lilium stumbled away in the dark from surprise. What the hell was going on? She moved tot he door, trying to open it just as she heard the voice. Her dilated eyes set on the beast in front of her, watching in horror as her left hand tried to turn the knob, back against the door. "I-I know what it does....The power it can give," she spoke hesitantly. She thought about getting the bar, but realized it was no longer under her bed... It was him, from the alley. Lilium became directly ~c04:03:53 [Lilium ] angry, "Get your Prince ass out of my home," she about near hissed at him with that feminine voice. Lilium found it hard to concentrate on what she needed to do.~e

04:09:52 [The_Nightmare] Wesley began to pad towards her, "You are powerless to command me, Human." he stated defiantly towards her as he stops by her table and reaches out and picks up one of her letters and examines it, "You are letting this drug control you--why? Are you not aware that Spellbound kills those that take it? Eventually. There are no survivors, a perfect mortality rate." he drops the letter onto the table as he was forcing himself to maintain his temper as he focuses his four eyes upon her--as he began to slowly and casually pad towards her. Each footstep was a heavy thud as the beast--almost near invisible in the shadows, the only thing showing her where he was were the glowing of his bright slitted eyes. And he was getting closer...and closer... "Why are you so rude?"

04:15:10 [Lilium ] If Lilium could, she would push through the door for how much she was trying to step back from the beast, only held there by the door. The high was beginning to wear off due to the scare and fear running through her system. "I-I don't care. This is my life and you have no say in it." Her voice held an ever so shaky sound. The sound of his footsteps coming closer made her want to lash out, start kicking or throwing stuff at him. "I'm rude, because you are a pathetic creature picking on a human. What I do is not your business." Lilium was not past being rude to anyone. Her heart beat fast, as if she was running, and the world around her held a vertigo feeling-due to the drug and lack of lights. She could barely see. Not only did she have a terrible fear of the dark, but she had fear of Fae that she could not kill. Right now, two of her main fears had been placed in front of her. ~e

04:22:24 [The_Nightmare] "Your fear is so thick that I can literally taste it coming from your body." Wesley was upon her now. But he didn't do anything--he merely stood there, "I am 'picking' on you because you responded to my polite greeting earlier with an insult. I warned you not to speak to me as if I am some insect underneath your boot, and you disregarded my warning. You sent me away with your magic--and I did nothing to you afterwards. I could have appeared right after that, I can transport thousands of miles in mere instants--in the darkness. I am the Shadow, the Monster under the Bed, I am the Darkness that slithers into your soul and brings the chills down one's spine." he was speaking with his jaws having split into four-directions. Giving him a very nightmarish and horrific visage as he spoke, "One of my nicknames has been the Boogieman of Boston. And given the terror that is ebbing from you--I am inclined to agree with such a...unintimidating name. Why do you fe ar me when I've done nothing but approach you?"

04:31:46 [Lilium ] Her heart, it pounded in her ears, mixing with his voice to do nothing but completely bring a sweet upon her forehead. The high was gone, he had terrified it right out of her system. Her jaw shook, as if wanting to say something, but the fear gripped at her throat. The thing, he is so close that she could make out the way his mouth moved in the dark the split. Then it hit, the same visions she had been having. Everything around her stopped, her eyes didn't even move. He may thought she had been frozen in fear. The blood red eclipse appeared in the sky and soon turned into a murder of crows. Directly after that, the stone throne with the red pillow and wooden bowl came into vision. After it left, she took in a deep breath. Realization hit. "It's you... You...The Dark. You are going to attack at the ball," her voice exclaimed in sudden horror. Now it made since, why she would get an invitation to a Fae party.~c04:33:06 [Lilium ] "You, stay away from me! Your kind is nothing but a insect beneath the foot of The Light." Lilium knew The dark had a good chance of winning and this angered her. She may want to be neutral to all of this, but she was pulled into it. "You are sick, pathetic," she spoke before spitting at him. Oh, the fear crawled up her spine. Lilium could feel the hair on the back of her neck stand on end as she bit her lip, hands balled up into fists at her side. As if she could protect herself against someone like him, but she was not past trying.~e

04:37:32 [The_Nightmare] Her accusation made his eyes blink, "What? Why would I attack the Ball?" and he was spat on. He closes his eyes and jaws and shook his head violently to shake it off, "You...don't know what I am? No, of course not..." the beast began to...back away? He moved away from her, "I...I really don't want to hurt anyone...but it hurts. When I don't do what she wants..." the power slowly began to come back on--but only dimmed. Giving her the ability to see the beast's shape and the look of...sorrow? Yes...sorrow. Sorrow on his face! "I never did--but she forced it. Took me from my family. I was like you, once. Human. Normal. Then she came. She took me away--turned me into a beast of the night. Made me hunt...her enemies--made me eat them. She wanted to hear them scream...through me. She...wanted them to suffer. I am a Prince. A Prince of Darkness. Second heir under Galen, son of the Light. But...I am also a prisoner." he backed away a bit further from her, "I was..., I am Wesley Darwyn."

04:44:06 [Lilium ] She had not meant that it was 'him', more of The Dark. When he backed away, a sigh of relief passed from her lungs as she slid down against the door. Her head dropped as she breathed a small sigh, happy that the creature did not attack her again. When the lights came on, she let her dilated pupils set on his form. Her body shook, almost as if she was cold, but this was from fear. Auburn locks of her red hair fell over her shoulders and framed her face. "If, if you do not want to be who you are...Then change it, break away..." She did not feel sorry for him, but she also didn't want this creature to eat her. At the moment, he seemed to back down. Had she gotten to him? Was this foe brought down by an angry red head? Probably not. Still, if Lilium could get to the iron rod, she would take a swing, but that would be impossible. "Go try and find someone that can help you and stop being the boogie man." ~e

04:49:12 [The_Nightmare] "No." Wesley shook his head, "Nobody can help me." his sorrowful face began to fade as he looked upon her directly, "Not whilst the Morrigan lives. As long as she lives, and her power lives inside of me--I will never be free of her grasp." one thing that might strike as odd to Lilium was that his voice was really...REALLY young. A small boy, perhaps? Or an adolescent, "My fate...might be your fate, or worse. You may say that nobody should be able to tell you how to live your life--but you will die. Those who die to the drug are not...right. Their souls do not leave easily. They do not rest--they linger. I can see them, those souls--when I enter the Shadow Realm. Stuck in perpetual agony, screaming silent screams and writhing in silent agony. In the places where they died. You will join them too--if you do not stop yourself. Why...why do you do this to yourself?"

04:55:20 [Lilium ] Lilium had caught notice of the sound of his voice, but she did not want to ask to many questions. She listened, though turned her head away from him when he asked her why she would not stop. "I can't stop. Not now. I feel like I need it. The power. It's the addiction. I can't just stop cold turkey. I keep turning to it when something goes wrong." Her legs pulled up close to her, feeling the soft grey carpet beneath her feet. "The Morrigan, that is who is over the Dark. I can't help you. Why are you telling this to me? I'm not going to be able to stop. I want more and more everyday and I am not strong enough to stop on my own. If I die then I die. I can't stop it."~e

05:03:45 [The_Nightmare] "Why? I don't know why...but...but... I see people who suffer...suffer from that drug, and it reminds me of my family...shadows, wisps. I can feel familiarity, but do not know. I do not know...maybe...maybe you are important. Something compels want to help you, for some reason. Attack on the Ball? The Dark? You said the Dark is going to attack the Ball? Why? Why would the Dark Mother do such a thing? That would provoke the would make the hunt harder. Those who are making Spellbound would hide. I wouldn't be able to find them. I don't know how or why...but I feel as if they...they are to fault for many things happening." he shook his head and then he began to pad over towards her slowly and then stopped--he peers at her intently, "You are not the enemy in this. It is not your fault. The drug forces you to take always take more...until you overdose, and die."

05:10:56 [Lilium ] Her voice came out in a whisper, "I don't know why...I don't even know if it is the Ball. I just know that something is going to happen soon and I got that invitation and the visions keep getting stronger, clearer as the ball gets closer. You don't know how hard it is for me to do this on your own. I lost my job, dropped out of college, and do nothing but wait till I can get my next fix. I lost my will to care about going on when I got involved with all of this Fae business, when I got involved with Rath and the other Fae. No one can help me or you. So why not enjoy life until the end? It's not like I can run. The seal is a beacon and always attracts trouble. I only recently learned I was the profit of Light and I didn't choose that or any of this. It was forced on me. So, we are both stuck living lives we do not want." Still, she avoided eye contact with the creature. She thought back about him speaking of a man named Galen, she held no clue to whom he is.

05:17:36 [The_Nightmare] Wesley approached a bit more as he began to sit down upon the floor next to her--he looked at her. In a way--she was like him. She was living a life she did not want, dealing with things that she did not deserve--and she was suffering for it. In a way, he was the same. He was living a life he did not enjoy, doing duties he did not like--and he was suffering emotionally for it. Though her words of why bother living, why fight if there was nothing worth fighting for...but the fact that she was the Prophet of the Light struck him suddenly. Their prophet has emerged? And she was hooked on Spellbound? He lifted a clawed hand and placed it over his forehead, "My life is...unsalvageable. I am fated to live in the shadow, eternally. But still have a choice. The battle will be...hard. But the rewards...favorable. I am in worse shape than you...and yet I live, I presevere."
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