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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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 Felicity "Felix" Deveraux

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PostSubject: Felicity "Felix" Deveraux   Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:03 am

"All that we see, is not all that there is.."
- David Deveraux, Keeper Elder

Felicity "Felix" Deveraux
17th Oct
Officially a 'trust fund brat', Unofficially she is a Keeper (Do NOT Meta)

Neutral - Good
- 6th Sense, including a small measure of true sight, manifesting as a 'feeling'
- Ability to sense the recent past of a person or object by physical contact, can also on occasion manifest as a more typical kind of soothsay and show her the near future.

- Always armed
- Eidetic memory
- Top physical condition
- Human
- Always needs to wear gloves
- Father
- Brother

'Keepers symbol of the knotted ouroboros (see pic) '
On the inside of the right wrist

' I started with nothing and still have most of it left '
Across her shoulder blades interwoven with a Sakura tree branch

Brief History:

Rich daddy pretty sums up her history, wanting for nothing it was only what she felt as an overly strict enforcement on her schooling and learning from the same father that kept her from being twisted by the lifestyle. Irritation at what she saw as his repression found an outlet in martial art which he encouraged, only annoying her further.

It was only when she was 18 she actually met her father, or at least the real him she was sworn to secrecy before he told her the ridiculous fairy tale of monsters and goblins living in the world, and that his actual job was to keep track of their fueds and attempt to control how many humans discovered the truth in order to maintain the balance so to speak, a secret order known as the The Keepers . Naturally she rejected the story as a mid life crisis and demanded proof just to see him squirm when confronted with his craziness. She still regrets that demand to this day and has spoken to no one of what happened that night.

She threw herself into this new learning, immersed in tomes and scrolls older than most modern countries, she was used to learning, though her eidetic memory helped, but there was more .. it was her other 'talents' and sheer conviction above anything else that helped see her quickly rise from an apprentice to second and ultimately a first, able to work as she preferred, entirely alone.

Now .. new month, new city ... Hello Boston.

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PostSubject: Re: Felicity "Felix" Deveraux   Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:17 am

Approved! Welcome. (Great char btw!)
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Felicity "Felix" Deveraux
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