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 Seasons change..

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PostSeasons change..

Preparations for the Black and White Masquerade were being done - there was a constant cavalcade of people in and out of Trinity Hall over the last few days. From Caterers, designers, decorators, musicians and more. Some were human, others were, of course, Fae. The Building itself was beautiful, but with the adding area of outdoor marquis tents among other patio items, the Ball itself would be both inside and out. Rumors were abound about the evening and how wonderful everyone hoped it would be. It had been many years since a Masque had been held, specifically at Trinity Hall and the Black and White Ball was a tradition of ancient times; Fae traditions that hadn’t been kept during more modern eras. The Morrigan seemed to have cooled down her attempt on starting a war, but most knew that she was biding her time no doubt planning something for the Ball. However, The Ash had made it clearly aware to Peter that he was in fact, in the offensive position this time around - though how things would bode for either side was still to be determined. The Sword of Light had been discovered and in the care of Peter, the Phoenix having been given a quick history lesson as to it’s history and his lineage. The Spear of Finias had also been located, the powers of the Four of 13 working as they drew each other together, Peter and his Mate, Penance as perfect example. Boston itself had enjoyed days of normal. The Fall proving to be quite warm thus far, though the shifting of leaves on the trees was every indication the days were getting shorter, the nights longer and the weather cooler. The crisp scent of air wasn’t lost on most, and the hint of Halloween resonated upon the buildings and homes, both old and new alike - though Cops were concerned about Spellbound ending in the goodie bags of children. Their attempt to close in upon the dealer, maker and provider still proving to be difficult and unsolved as of yet. One can only hope it is soon before any more deaths occur. Until then, it was business as usual.. Or so it seemed for most Bostonites and their families, as well as for the hidden realm of the Fae.
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Seasons change..

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