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11:40:06 [BWRP] The day before had been just as any other that use to be in the City of Boston. Despite it’s corruption of Government, underground darkness, drugs and more, most enjoyed what could be considered a normal day. Uneventful and enjoyable. Though in the background, wheels were turning as the Midhir prophecy resonates further into fruition. Everyone would have woken with an invitation in the mail, one that spoke of a Masquerade Ball to be held the next full moon. Both humans and Fae alike, though of course, Humans would not be aware of the Fae. The Ash, as told by one of his most trusted advisors is following what is expected of him, where on the night the moon turns dark, the event should happen. It will be a night of dancing, glamour, enchantment and delight, an ancient tradition that has long since been sat, riddled in dust has been awoken, and Trinity Hall will be the sight of such splendor for one night. Those of the Dark and Light will be present. A peace offering that will extend the uncomfortable--11:40:30 [BWRP] relationship the two currently experience into one night of joint effort. There is nothing more that either side enjoys than dancing and merriment, bewitching costumes, dark crevices were lovers can kiss, passions bridle and music tempts the very souls. The Morrigan and The Ash will be united, a standing front to bridge the insanity The Morrigan has recently been behind. Will the truce remain after such a night? It is yet to be seen. There is but a week of time to prepare, suffice to say both Clan leaders and their courts will be busy, until then, one can only hope Boston continues in it’s normalcy.. Although what that truly is anymore, remains to be seen.

11:50:59 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had spent the evening with Penance in her apartment--another night of passion and love, and the phoenix was growing ever closer in his bonds with his human mate. But right now he was back in his own apartment--he had received the invitation in his mail instead of inside of his apartment, which told him that The Ash was trying to unite humans and fae both, Dark and Light--he knew it was a fleeting chance, a failed attempt to bring all the diversity together. He didn't know if he was going to attend--he didn't want The Morrigan to have a chance to use him as a living bomb to nuke that many people at once. But as he stood by one of the windows in his apartment--it was open as he was completely unequipped with any of his weaponry, only wearing his necklace as he was leaning in the sil on his elbows. Eating yet another bowl of damned Phoenix Birdseed (Sigh), his ankles crossed as he ponders the events of the last few days. The sword, the spear, the was all beginning to drive him insane. And11:51:09 [Peter_Xarhilm] it was ALL connected to that damned sex-sucker, Delaney. He wasn't sure how he felt about her--he was angry at her. He enjoyed working for The Lady Dark, even if she WAS a bitch, she paid well and she rewarded him equally for the quality of his work. The Ash hasn't sent him a single contract since he joined the Light Clan. He sighed and ate another spoonful of seed. A week pre-planning? That gave The Morrigan more than enough time to plot a scheme. Peter knew the Lady Dark very well--and he knew that she'd know that The Ash had taken her prize away from her, she wouldn't let that just 'go away' and he knew that she'd seek revenge. A week. He predicted that was when humans were going to become aware of the fae, and shiznit was going to hit the fan. He finishes eating his bowl of birdseed and puts it down onto a table nearby--grabbing his opened bottle of war as he drank from it. He was still waiting to hear from The Ash, so he could speak to him in private--he had also labled his request of considerable
11:51:17 [Peter_Xarhilm] Importance--as he was quite sure the Leader of the Light Clan was going to be intrigued when he discovered what the Phoenix had in his possession!

11:57:45 [BWRP] TheAsh: Indeed The Ash knew of Peter’s gift. The Advisor that held the esteem position also have the gift of foresight and the moment the Sword had come to light, the man had been aware of it’s presence. The same with the Spear. This was of considerable important and after being held up for an entire day with advisors, crones and others The Ash had now made the time to speak with the Phoenix. Instead of requesting the creature attend Trinity Hall, a vehicle pulled up outside of the apartment complex where Peter and others resided. It would be, just as Peter finished his breakfast that a knock of the door would alert him to a guest. Perfect timing, considering The Ash was just on Peter’s mind..

12:02:29 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter glanced up as his door was knocked upon, he pushes off the window sil and closes the window. Locking it up as he turns and fetches the sword from his table and went to attach it around his waist and resting it's scabbard against his right hip and thigh--following that he reattached his holster with daggers onto his left hip. Turning as he padded over towards the door and began to unlock it and slowly opened the door--peering over at the messenger beyond, "Yes?"

12:08:53 [BWRP] TheAsh: Wards were set by Nyx - The Ash’ trusted assistant who, along with four others stood around the walls of the room, protecting the conversation from those beyond Peter’s apartment so not to fall on ears that shouldn’t be privy to such things. TO humans in the Apartment, it would merely appear as if Peter had guests. The Ash made his presence aware as large, black hands were offered to the Phoenix in a greeting, aiming to shake in welcome. “Peter..” The tall man smiled, his teeth shining white by the genuine ease it played upon his features with. “My apologies for not coming sooner. I have been.. Busy.” The Ash paused momentarily allowing the handshake to occur and would lower his arms to his side when done. “We have things to discuss, yes?” Without asking, the male entered into the apartment, following his small entourage, then coming to a stop he paused, turning back to face Peter once more. “T’is a nice place. Homely. But to business. You and I both know I’m not one for small talk.” His eyes narrowed just --
12:09:05 [BWRP] TheAsh: briefly. “The Bloodstone is safe in my possession until the Succubus comes to collect it. It is her right to return it to the Goblins as they arranged. However, I am aware that you took it first to The Morrigan. May I ask what caused you to change your mind?”

12:17:30 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter shook his hand with The Ash--he truly was humbled by the fact he had actually come to his home rather than insisting that he come to His. As the five people entered his apartment, he closed the door and locked it--the last lock being done with a magical key he had Mortin make for him. It enchanted the door with an 'Immutable Passage' ward, which basically meant that no amount of force--Godly or Otherwise--could breach it. You could nuke the whole apartment complex and the only thing left standing would be Peter's apartment. That's how powerful this ward was--and it was an understandable precaution. He leaned up against the door as he crosses his arms over his chest and crosses his legs by the ankles, "She contracted me to take the stone from the human and bring it to her. I did. But when she saw what I was carrying in my right hand, she went completely and utterly berserk. She was swirling around her chambers like a blackened, shadowy tornado. Told me to leave her sight and her court and never to return 12:17:48 [Peter_Xarhilm] return, and she cursed me multiple times. So I took the human and brought her to your place. That's pretty much the short of how it worked out."

12:24:44 [BWRP] TheAsh: The Ash listened with intent to Peter’s incident report and the reaction The Morrigan had upon seeing Peter with the Sword. His face was impassive, though his eyes shone for even he had never seen the Sword. Not in it’s person. It was one of legend, of fable and myth. One of prophecy that Fae, especially The Ash held true, but never thought in their life time (of a millennia plus) would it happen. It was a sign however that the end was near. That life was to change - had to change. The Sword was foretold it to make it’s presence known when it would be needed the most. Along with the three other items, it would bring about destruction and change. An end to both Clans? The shattering of the Veil? The death of Mankind on the whole, or even the Earth? The Ash wasn’t to know but he was of the mind that change was necessary even if it hurt. “The Sword of Light..” He spoke, the small smile still playing on his lips. “So it is true. May I.. see it?” He questioned, almost curiously - childlike in some ways, a --12:24:59 [BWRP] TheAsh: in some ways, a complete contrast to the human form he’d chosen of the tall, strong, African American.

12:28:26 [BWRP whispers to JessicaG] TheAsh: okay, so I worked on the plot some more. Jess can have the Cauldron, makes sense, since she is a witch but she doesn't know what it is yet in her position. to her, its just a small wooden bowl, like for mixing herbs and stuff. However, Jess will begin to have visions. The Morrigan will seek her out, following the power of the bowl, and will start to take control of Jess, making her a prophet for the dark. Jess will be.. sort of under Morrigans power in a way. Though she knows its wrong.

12:29:59 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter pushed off from the wall as he shrugs, "Why not? Not like I'll be using it anytime soon--thing is weird. Strong, and powerful. And believe it or not--it was inside of my gut this whole time. Vomited it up as lava and it formed into the blade." he reaches down and clenches his taloned fingers around the hilt--which was shaped so that only Peter could wield it comfortably for the time being. As he unsheathed the blade from the scabbard and held it up to examine it--the sword pulsated with energy. Both Peter and the blade were beginning to crackle with white lightning. The sword was a tribute to the Phoenix in every shape and form. He held the blade up and then places the tip of it against the floor so that Ash could look at it better. The Ash seemed almost awed by it and Peter took notice.

12:34:48 [BWRP] TheAsh: The Ash felt the power as it was unsheathed, coming to rest before him. His eyes unable to look away, the male kneeled before the blade, gazing at the meticulous metal work, design and etched patterns into the blade. Deep within, hidden along the edge were words of an ancient language that the Fae once spoke, now barely used save by the Elders and those who research such texts. “Ah.. She is beautiful.” He commented, aiming to reach out and touch but held back, letting his finger trace the blade but not make contact. “This Sword.. The Sword of Light. It is important, Peter. Do you know anything about it?” He slowly rose to stand, though his eyes kept upon the blade. “It yearns to be held. To be used, but it knows it is not the time. The Sword will guide you. It will let you know when it is time to be awakened.” He paused somewhat, raising he eyes to Peter. “And I shall tell you all about that now, if you so wish..”

12:38:31 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was scratching the back of his head with a talon from his other hand as The Ash spoke--the fact he knelt to the blade spoke highly of him. He's never seen a Clan Leader so much as bow to another Fae or object, "Yeah, please do. Sword of Light? Bloodstone? I have no idea what any of these things are. I don't know anything about either of these, but if you can enlighten me. Feel free." he glances down at the blade in his hand as he picked it up and off the floor and examined it himself. The blade resonated an aura and then he slowly brought it back down into the exquisitely crafted sheath. As he sheathed the blade, the white lightning ceases to course over his body--but one could notice his feathers shone with a divine light whenever he had it out. He crosses his arms and leans back up against the door as he crosses his ankles again. Peter sure knew how to take it easy it seems.

12:39:56 Hector` had indeed taken up residence in an apartment unit as well. What brought him to choose this particular complex was a certain offer from a rather charming young Fae that went by the name of Jade Black… Young was a relative term, truth be told, Jade was close to two hundred years old however when compared to himself being almost two and a half millennia older, Jade was indeed a youngster. What brought him state side was nothing other than boredom. Europe had grown dull for Hector and it had been a century since he had visited the Americas along with the Fae that dwelled there. For the moment however, the light hearted, easily amused and pleased Hector busied himself with getting his apartment in proper order… Unfortunately his décor was seriously lacking which would mean a trip elsewhere to acquire items that would make the spacious place a little more homely according to his own Romantic(Roman like) sense of taste. That being said, Hector drew the medium brown leather jacket over his shoulders, over
12:39:58 Hector` a black fleece sweater that fit him just right as he moved towards the door. It was only then did he note the letter slid under his door. With his head cantered to one side he plucked it up and read it once, an amused smile touched his lips. It would never cease to amaze him some people could locate him even when he arrived in town totally unannounced. He slid the invitation into his coat pocket and slipped out of the door. He forewent taking the car he had arrived to be ready for him on his fight over to Boston for a lengthy walk, there was the possibility he would regret this decision if he were to become laden with items from a particular store… Fortunately the apartment was pre-furnished…

12:50:08 [BWRP] TheAsh: The large black male offered a soft laugh to Peter’s response. The Phoenix would have no idea of things concerning Fae - at least not this particular items unless he’d been highly school in Fae prophecy and history. As Peter became comfortable, so to did The Ash, pulling a free chair from the kitchen table in order to sit. Once done, he crossed one large leg over the other, his hands held outward, palms upward, resting on his lap. “The Sword dates back to the beginning of the Fae. When the rolling mists came down from the heavens, when the Gods no longer cared for their home and chose the Green Earth below. That is the Fae heritage. How we came to be. A people of God’s without a home, taking this..” he motions all around him” as ours. How wondrous that time was. One reads the stories, the legends and it was a time of magic. Before Humanity, before all of what you seen now.” He stopped, smiling at his own words. “But, I digress. There was an elder. His name was Midhir. He had the gift of foresight, of ---12:50:24 [BWRP] TheAsh: of prophecy. One night, he had a vision, a clear but strange vision but one he knew was true. Or would be. In response to that vision, 13 artifacts were created, each one a given a different power from one of the 13 Gods and Goddesses.” His eyes shifted to the now sheathed sword. “Those items were then put into safe keeping so that when the time came, when the vision Midhir had came to pass, they would be awakened from their slumber and those chosen Keepers of the Items would be made aware of them.” There was a pause while The Ash closed his eyes. “There are three others that bare the importance that the Sword does. The other 9 items are still strong, the Bloodstone is but one. In the wrong hands can prove to be deadly. The other three though, a Spear, a cauldron and a Stone, will be brought together when our time on this chosen land is at an end. Only one can waken them however.. Only one can bring to light the power of all four items in order for them to be fully used. Of course, there is always a catch --12:50:36 [BWRP] TheAsh: catch with such things.. “ He stopped, wanting to ensure he still had Peter’s attention.

12:55:57 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was listening--however, the Spear part? He remembered the other night, how he found Penance--the necklace around her neck that she had but didn't seem to notice. She had looked like she'd been impaled by a spear the night he found her mangled in Ogawa's apartment. His eyes flicker as he glances up and he seems to be...smirking? No, he was smiling--pride and joy filled him. He wasn't alone in this, but no...this couldn't be mere coincidence, "It seems that Fate has already revealed the Spear, then. I think my Mate, Penance, is the Keeper of the Spear. I found her wounded badly with wounds like a spear--lots of large puncturing wounds, and she had this necklace on her neck that neither I or anyone else has seen her wearing before that night. It's a spear on a necklace. Though Penance has been through alot, and revealing this information might stonewall her. I'll see if my hunch is correct when I visit her again." but he was now listening fully to The Ash as he was done speaking.

12:57:51 JessicaG Woke up and get up from her bed quite quickly. She goes to wash herself, than she took a blue tank-top and black jeans and finishing with black sneakers. She looked quickly in the mirror and almost ran downstairs. Her clan of witches called her to meet her in their house, they want to discuss with everyone in it about the chaos in the magic, maybe they could find out what is going on. She opened the fridge and pours some orange juice and drank it fast. Than she got out of her house, than she looked at the mailbox and saw it is full. She opened it and took out some bills, junk mail, and some letters to her parents and one for her. She puts the others inside and opened her letter. She read the invitation for a masquerade ball in Trinity Hall for Fae and humans alike. She smiles and chuckles to herself, wow, this will be fun, she thought. 2:58:04 JessicaG Goes to the road and goes to the bus station near her house. As she waited she continue to read the invitation and thought that maybe there she can talk with Delaney even more. Every time she wanted to talk, something happened. As the bus stopped at her stop, she got off and stands infront of a two-story house, very very white. A beautiful garden with flowers of all kind was in its front. She walked to the entrance and knocked on the door. Her craft tutor opened the door and smiled to Jessica, "Hello, Jessica. Come in, come in…." and Jessica went inside.

13:00:48 [Sio] The soft smell of flowers would lightly wafted through the streets around the small shop that sat on the corner of the street. Its lush greenery would line the street in front of the plants home, as soft murmuring would be heard inside the shop. Inside the shop looked even more like a forest of flowers, so many beautiful colors, and shapes. Sio stood smiling at the counter of the store speaking with no one it would look to who ever walked into the store, but she was really having a conversation in her own way. The flowers around her looked lively and happy as she talked like they could understand; if you looked close it looked like some would sway back in response. Sio was a young woman with long dark brown hair, she was average in body build, and she liked it that way. Her deep hazel and yellow eyes complemented her dark hair and medium skin, her nails were unpainted and she wore no make-up she didn’t like the feeling of being painted. She was an attractive woman but not the most attractive, the soft green>c13:01:05 [Sio] cotton t-shirt she wore was slightly to big for her and hide some of her curves. The dark blue jeans were stained with dirty but she didn’t mind, she was with friends in her store, the flowers she talked too. She lived above her store which was always convenient; it was a small apartment but a good size for her. She hid who she really was from the world around her, “a centaur in the city” that line always made he laugh, she was indeed a country girl but she had gotten used to the city in her many years in here. The store she owned always had steady customers so she made a decent living, she always told her customer the proper way to take care of the plants she let leave. Sio had only encountered few of other Fae and chose to stay away from them and the business they brought with them. Sighing looking around she would go back to work watering and feeding all the plants in the store her mind else where, what if she did get tangled up with Fae shaking her head she would focuses back on the job at hand.

13:05:29 [BWRP] TheAsh: “It is likely so, Peter. For the Four items of 13 have a bond. They will pull the other Keepers together. Like a silent hum, a desire or yearning to seek out those of it’s kind. It makes only sense that your mate would have the spear. There is but one item I’ve no knowledge of its location. Yet. But it will make it’s presence known. “ He made no notion on which items. He found it irrelevant for eventually they would meet up. “Continuing on, there was one God, one who challenged the rest. He was powerful. A hero of those times, having saved our people from invasion time and time again. He believed the prophecy but he challenged our ways, especially after we hid ourselves once humanity began to rise. He felt we should live in peace, to bridge the differences between Clans, races and humans. He challenged our laws, our mana, our way of life. Powerful beings as we are should not live in hiding. Perhaps he was right..” The Ash seemed to reminisce for the moment. “As such, in a fit of Anger, the other Gods cursed--13:05:47 [BWRP] TheAsh: him for his retaliation. He and his wife were thrust into humanity, unable to live as they were in safety. The Hero became the outcast and the other 12 Gods cursed him and his descendants. Should the time ever come, should the moment ever happen when the Four of 13 are needed, the one to awaken them would do so though by death. Only their blood, their life can bring about the use of the Four. As it was, for millennia’s, his descendants were and have been hunted in hopes of awakening the powerful totems for the one who gains such powers of all Four, cannot be stopped.” The Ash paused again, smiling. “Fae matters aren’t much different from that of Humans. It has taken me many centuries plus to truly see that, and that perhaps this God was right.”

13:11:59 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter couldn't help but agree with this one God, and The Ash likely would have seen it in him--the Phoenix paused, "This one God...what was his name?" he suddenly got up and off the door and padded away from The Ash as he went over towards a cabinet nearby the door to his room. Opening it as he went to pick up an old black book as he began to open it--it had the names of his entire family, as far back as people existed. His family line was one that believed in keeping track of their relatives and all branches of their tree. The whole book was filled with nothing but names, their status amongst the family, and deeds they performed; Peter was acting on a hunch--and he hoped it wasn't true, but he was beginning to think that perhaps he was the descendant of this One God--he remembered as far back as he could tell that the one creed amongst his family was always that they needed to live peacefully with Humans--and his family was always being struck by some kind of magical tragedy which causes a large number of13:12:08 [Peter_Xarhilm] family member deaths. Spellbound and his Brother's suicidal destructive end, for example.

13:23:34 JessicaG As Jessica went inside, she couldn't ignore the beauty of the house, even that she saw it a lot of times. The house looked like it belongs to the 18th century, many statues and vases were scattered around the house. She walked after her tutor to the living room, couches were organized in a U shape and the leader of them was sitting in a chair infront of them. She waits her tutor will sit and than she sat beside her. The leader spoke, "We all can feel when we are making our spells the chaos and disturbance in it, and according to a vision I saw….". She looked at Jessica and smiled, "Jessica, dear…come" Jessica looked confused, but walked towards her. The woman put a gentle hand on her shoulder, "I think you know what I mean, right?" 3:23:46 JessicaG Jessica looked at her and blinked, than she nodded fast. "Yeah, I saw a vision too….something black, a cauldron…..but I have no idea what it was…" The leader smiled and nodded, she goes and disappeared in a back room. After two minutes she comes back and handed Jessica a large black box with many signs drawn on it. The woman said, "Open it….you will be surprise…" Jessica opened the box and her eyes widen up, she saw exactly what she saw in the vision, a small wooden black bowl, a cauldron. She looked it for a long time and than she looked at her clan, "What it will do? It looks like a normal cauldron…." The woman leader shook her head, "We don't know either, we just know you need to take it and keep it safe".

13:24:32 [BWRP] TheAsh: The Ash watched as Peter gathered the book, asking the question - a knowing smile playing upon his full lips as he shook his head. “This God is not of your blood Peter. However, those who have the items in their safe keeping are descendants of the other 13. So there is blood within you that traces back to that very beginning as there in myself, my offspring, The Morrigan and others. Yours ancestry goes back to Lugh. ” He paused momentarily, lowering his gaze as if saddened. His own son had chosen the side of the Dark. A day that he would remember well, a day that had caused The Ash great pain. His other son, Liam.. Deep down the Ash knew there was something wrong.. Something dark within him. He shook his head, clearing away his own family cobwebs. “You have the Sword because your descendant was chosen to Guard it as such. Same as your mate. The God though who challenged the others we dare not speak of his name, even now. Even in the banal of history his name is struck as if never there.” The Ash slowly--13:24:43 [BWRP] TheAsh: began to rise in his chair. “You are a Keeper. The Sword and the other items will bring you all together when the time is needed. The one who can awaken them will be drawn also and it is upon their death that salvation can occur. It is the only way this God can be allowed back into our good graces. By The Challengers descendent sacrificing their life above all others, no matter what the cost. “

13:29:36 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter paused... 'By The Challenger's descendant' and then he glances up and turns to peer over at The Ash, "You mean Delaney...right?" could that have been why The Morrigan was willing to risk it all to kill the Succubus? That she knew that Delaney was the descendant of the Rebel God? He closed the book--he knew the name of Lugh. He was also a Phoenix--he didn't think this was mere coincidence. He turned and placed the book back into the cabinet and then closes it and locks it. Turning to face The Ash as he pads off towards the side. One arm across his chest and one hand against his 'chin' of his beak, "You know The Morrigan is going to try and kill the humans and fae at the Masquerade party you're hosting, right? She likely knows you have the Bloodstone--which she was planning to use to create an army of the dead, by the way--and I doubt she's going to take that lying down. You and I both know that when she wants something--she'll stop at nothing to get it."

13:37:28 [BWRP] TheAsh: The Ash hesitated momentarily when Peter mentioned Delaney. His eyes narrowing for he had yet to meet the woman. He had heard from Trick about her, but also knowing The Morrigan and her desires to kill Delaney had given Ash the foreknowledge to believe that Delaney was indeed the one. “I’ve yet to meet the woman, though I believe she is in my son’s care.” He neither commented further or agreed upon what Peter said - it was not like him to make conclusions before meeting the woman. Although the signs were in place. “As for the Masquerade - it has been told to me by my most trusted Advisor that the Mask should be held that night at Trinity Hall. For more reasons than just The Morrigan. I am aware of her antics, also why she wanted the Bloodstone but by then the Bloodstone will be back in safe keeping with it’s descendant’s hand in the Goblin Race.” He gazed around momentarily checking the nearby clock before looking back to Peter. “Sometimes the best defense is to be on the offense.” Where his words as he--13:37:57 [BWRP] TheAsh: Were* his words as he moved toward the male, placing a large hand upon the creatures shoulder. “I am guided by the Light. There will be deaths regardless of the Mask or not. But my intentions are to minimize what I can within the power I hold. I trust you and your mate will attend.” It wasn’t a question but a statement. “For now, I must take my leave. I believe my Son will be visiting me later. He and I have much to discuss also, for he too is part of all this. If you ever need anything, Peter..” he motioned to Nyx, the small but very capable dryad who nodded and smiled toward the Phoenix. “Speak with Nyx. She will get you what you need, or inform me. We will be on your side. We do protect our own. In this case though, we are trying to protect all others too. Sometimes Fate, Destiny cannot be outrun.”

13:43:14 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter paused as he pondered over everything The Ash was telling him. What did he want? There were a few things he wanted--but the main thing was ever present on his mind. The Ash was fully aware of Peter's painful past as he nodded--when the Ash stated he needed to go he padded over towards the door to start unlocking it. He sighs a bit, "The only thing I want is to be able to live amongst humans without hiding what and who I am, to be free to be myself--for once. Instead of eternally living my life as a lie. That's all I want, but that's a gift nobody can give me--it has to come on it's own. And I fear it will not come without alot of bloodshed and death." he went to open the door for the five people who came, "I'll keep in touch--and give me some bloody contracts already! I'm dyin' of boredom over here!" he grinned at The Ash as the young Phoenix only could!

13:47:17 BWRP TheAsh: could only chuckle to Peter’s words, nodding. “There will be times ahead, Phoenix where only your skill and power will come in need. Use this time to be with your mate, to bond, to share a life. Things will get hectic soon enough. However, if you do require something to do, you could always help my son Galen who is trying to uncover the Spellbound mystery and just who is selling or giving their blood to the humans. People have died already and I fear this situation will only get worse. If humans were to discover it’s true power of being able to tap into our ley lines, it could create a fiasco no one wants. As much as I feel the Fae traditions should move with the times, dealing with humans and magic is not something I wish to see.” He nodded, saying his farewell before exiting the apartment with his entourage, heading back to Trinity Hall, many things weighing on his mind.

13:49:30 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter closed the door and locked it, and then scratches his chin of his beak with a talon as he went to head off and into his bedroom. First, a shower. Then, he was going to go for a flight over the city--he always flew at heights so that people mistook him for a large red eagle if they looked at him from the ground. And after the flight, maybe a nap--he's been more tired than normal lately.

13:59:40 JessicaG Is looking at the cauldron, which seems like her own cauldron which is a small wooden bowl too. She puts it back inside the box and puts the box inside her backpack, than she looks at her tutor. She gives an assure smile, "I think I know who need to really have this, I've met them….Don't worry, I will keep it safe until they will claim it" She takes her backpack, put it on her back with the box inside, she still can feel very strange aura coming from it, but she thinks it is probably the confusion she has and the unknown purpose of the thing. She walks outside of the house, and sat on the porch, thinking it over.

15:14:08 [Ogawa] [Ogawa had returned the next day, and the result was that he wasn't alone. On the corner of 4th and Main Street was a new bar! It bumped with music that rocked out the street outside. Two burly bouncers stood outside and monitored who went in and out. No minors, period. The ice blue neon lights above the bar's doors read the word Hard Knox in some strange runic font. The whole theme was a mix between being gothed out and a slight bit of industrial touches. Upon entering the bar there are pictures and murals EVERYWHERE! The main bar chamber is a great open two story space that offers a staircase leading up to the offices of the building proper. The murals on the ground floor are many things. From dragons in flight and fighting demonic-looking monsters to scenes of famous rockstars on stage. There is one thing that stands out, though. In the back wall behind the stage there is a mural of a demon perched on an old and abandoned church's crucifix. The demon had bat-like wings, tiger-like markings all over+
15:14:37 [Ogawa] - what skin was shown, and long and sharp claws that didn't seem too pleasant to look at. He wore a trenchcoat with a hood over his head, which only pronounced the demon's most striking feature: a pair of emerald green eyes that seemed to radiate an odd light, even in the dark. The veil hid it, but only barely. From above on the rail overlooking the party below Ogawa grinned. Business had officially started.]

15:29:29 Cashmere was a sight indeed standing out wherever in a multi-layered Victorian style dress and gold jewelery with six-inch black platform shoes and dyed platnium hair arranged in a cascade of curls framing a face alluring with garish levels of makeup forcing striking blue eyes to 'pop' framed by feathery eyeshadow. The kid looked too young to enter the bar by half, but the guards let Cashmere in after the flash of a (fake, but a good fake) ID and soon the youth would be seen dancing in the club, ignoring pick-up lines shouted over the noise. Cashmere took a cigarette offered to her and took a few drags off of it before coughing violently, then approaching the bar and ordering a bloody mary.

15:33:45 JessicaG After sitting quite a while and thinking, she finally sighs and stood up. She needs to relax and take a break before she will go work at the diner. She goes outside of the front of the house, and walks the street with her backpack on her back that has the strange artifact inside. She knows Delaney or maybe Galen will know what it is. She suddenly saw something new, a new bar called Hard Knox is standing infront of her. She is happy that she is finally 18 years old and can get to places like this, although here in America she can't drink yet. She walked to the entrance, show her ID to the bouncers and was let in but not to drink any alcohol. She looks at the surrounding and the music that was heard was really cool. She started dancing to the music, making her troubles disappeared with the sound of the music.

15:36:28 [Ogawa] [Cashmere got a funny look from the bartender, but following this the bartender looked up towards the second story balcony where Ogawa stood. The young man nodded, and then smiled down kindly at Cashmere. It was rare to find an asian girl that dressed wild and crazy. He liked girls that did that, personally. It showed a sense of individualism and no lacking in selfconfidence. So Ogawa smiled, and then after resumed looking after the rest of the party. He had to ensure that everyone was behaving, or else the big bad bouncers will get ya! Now let's see... He counted one witch, one cute asian girl, and about fifty customers. Grand openings ROCK!]

15:43:47 ClaireMether looked over the invitation again, wondering just who the heck was throwing this party; not just a party, but a masquerade? Who the heck had masquerades anymore? She sighed and set the invitation down on the table, lighting a cigarette and pulling out her cell phone. No new messages. She'd almost expected to hear from Cancer again, but nothing. He'd obviously meant her to discover The Cork last night, but she wasn't sure why. She also couldn't explain why it had seemed to appear out of nowhere. She'd driven through the warehouse district dozens of times, and it hadn't been there. She sighed, taking a drag off of her cigarette and sliding on her heels; she hadn't been out in a long time, and since she had the time off work, she wanted to go out and have a few drinks. She made it a point NOT to go back to The Cork though; there was a bar she'd seen an advertisment for that sounded interesting, and she needed to take her mind off of all the messed up shit that had been happening in her life. She picked up her

15:44:08 [ClaireMether] purse, making sure that she had her smokes, her cell, her handgun, and her wallet; then she picked up her keys and headed out to her car. Soon she was pulling up to Hard Knox, finding a parking spot that was pretty close. She looked over herself again in the rear view mirror; she usually wasn't one for going out and dressing up, and she had to make some adjustments to her make-up.

15:55:29 Cashmere sipped her bloody mary, spinning around in a barstool as if bored. Several people noticed Cashmere either with looks of intrige or adoration, with disdain as if she was too young to belong, with looks of arousal, weither tinged with curiousity or guilt one feels when its for someone inapropriately younger. Cashmere just moved to the music and spinned on the stool ever now and again while sipping the red drink, eyeing the large crowd that made up the floor and not able to distinguish one from the other, but noticing the demonic mural and raising the glass as if to toast the lifeless beast, "Cheers!"

16:00:57 JessicaG Is continuing to dance with the music, swaying with the beat. She is not feeling tired but forgetting everything for now and just spends her energy in the dance floor. Some guys also came over to start picking up on her and try to charm her, but she wasn't impress with anyone of them. She didn't even notice much of the paintings and the demonic mural on the wall while dedicated to the dance completely.

16:07:30 ClaireMether finished the final touches of her make-up and got out of her car, walking briskly up to the entrance. She was brimming with confidence, not really because of how she thought she looked, but because years as a cop had instilled a sense of confidence, almost arrogance in her. She was relieved to be going into a place and a situation that she knew; this may be a new bar, but it was still just a bar. She showed her ID to the bouncers and walked in, heading straight for the bar. She ordered a Lemon Drop and surveyed the crowd, thinking that perhaps she would dance after a drink or two. She looked down the bar and noticed Cashmere, thinking that the girl looked awfully young to be in a bar. She took a drink of her Lemon Drop, toying with the idea of messing with her a bit. she wasn't on duty, but she smiled as she toyed with the idea of giving the girl a scare. She did make a mental note to keep an eye on her regardless; the girl was drinking, and if she kept it up she'd need a ride home.

16:12:38 [Ogawa] [Ogawa smiled as the patrons began to come further in. More people poured in, and this moment, the positive energy from the place began to become stronger. This was what Ogawa grinned. Time to test out the new toy. For those dancing, why not... The lights dimmed down, and a giant projecter screen dropped down from the ceiling. The music slowly faded, and the screen played: Hard Knox proudly presents: Boston's AMV of the Week! This week is Airplanes ft. Haley Williams of Paramore and B.O.B. Anime: Kingdom Hearts. Oh yeah. Ogawa's being a nerd that way, but the dancing is good, and Ogawa doesn't slack off when it comes to showmanship. As for Cashmere, his smiled widened. He had to come down and socialize, now. So he descended as the AMV played, and those who were more interested in dancing? STROBELIGHTS MOTHAFUCKA! Yes, strobelights started going off around those dancing, giving every move a really awesome slowmotion effect. If Cash was still there, he'd sit beside her and nudge the bartender. +

16:21:43 JessicaG As the light in the club dimmed, she stopped dancing and looked at the projector coming down with widen eyes and smiles. As it presented the song from Kingdom Hearts, which was her favorite game and soundtrack ever, she whistles loudly and cheers. Than she continues dancing and listening until she stopped and went to the bar and asked for a drink of coke with planty of ice. She takes the drink after she paid the bartender with a smile, and drinks it slowly and smiles.

16:23:25 Cashmere drank down the first drink and slid it back, reaching into the corset bodice just under the gown and pulling out a huge five-inch thick wad of rubber banded bills, the speed Cashmere counted out the fare for that drink and the next it was clear the entire thing was all one dollar bills, no tens? twenties? who keeps that many ones on them? The music stopped and Cashmere saw a woman staring back, wich was returned by an impish grin towards Claire and a lewd gesture of two fingers brought up to Cashmere's plump cherry lips and a pale tiny pink tongue darting in between them briefly before the hand was lowered back to a new bloody mary. Then as Ogawa descended and the screen playing entirely different music and strobelights came on Cashmere just looked confused before words reached out over the music and din. "The mural?" a voice barely heard over the noise responded, only that it had a strong muscial tone to it was noted. "It's quite scary, but the kind of scary you show respect to, ya know?" 16:25:12 Cashmere then, "I love seeing people lose themselves..." Cashmere said while eying the crowd, noticing a girl whistle at the song, then come up for a drink Cashmere flashed the girl a friendly smile, the kind that could inspire a villian form a christmas tale have a new change of heart.

16:39:52 ClaireMether laughed at Cashmere's gesture, offering a devilish grin back; Claire wasn't above playing games. She finished off her Lemon Drop, noticing Ogawa joining the girl at the bar; she slowly licked the sugar off of the rim of the glass, her dark eyes giving them both a sinister, sexy look. She put the glass down and ordered a Blue Valium, a bit to the surprise of the bartender. She moved over and took the other seat next to Cashmere. She smiled at Ogawa, although her eyes were set on Cash; she wondered if the younger woman would catch on to what she wanted to do. The bartender handed Claire her blue valium, and she took a big drink, grimacing a bit as it went down her throat. "Whew...haven't had one of those in awhile. Name's Claire." She held out her hand towards Cash in a friendly manner, although her eyes seemed to suggest she was in more than a friendly mood. "You just in a drinking mood, or does dancing fit in somewhere too?" She glanced briefly at Ogawa. "You got any music in here to really dance to?16:40:03 [ClaireMether] Something industrial?" She'd have to lose the heels in order to dance the way she wanted to, IF Ogawa could oblige her. Had she seriously thought industrial dance was going to be on the agenda, she wouldn't have worn a dress, although she'd manage well enough if it came to it.

16:43:06 JessicaG Drinks slowly her drink, notices a girl sitting at the bar who seems even young from her. The girl smiled at her, so Jessica smiled at her back a polite smile. Still, she wonders how this girl who seems younger entered the bar, but she doesn't much care of it. The owner probably knows what he is doing. She nods to the girl and takes a seat on a stool to finish her drink. Than after finishing her drink, she goes back out there to the dancing floor and continues dancing with the music, enjoying herself.

16:46:36 [Ogawa] [Jon only grinned. However if he would have seen the gesture that Cashmere just did at Claire he would have absolutely lost it and fallen down the stares in a fit of laughter. The player just Lol'd. Seriously. Anyways, Ogawa just looked at the mural as she said that and smiled. There was a history behind the demon whom occupied that wallspace that was long and heartbreaking, yet few even knew the fellow's name. "In a small village in Osaka," Ogawa said with a great deal of reverence. "They say he was a hero that killed other demons that dared to hurt the villagers. Feasted on their ichor and hung their remains from the trees around the village to warn other demons that if they tried anything, they were next." Ogawa waved away Cashmere's money. It was no good here. He had her back. Then as a bottle of warmed sake slid over to him, he poured and sipped elegantly. +16:47:10 [Ogawa] - - "I came from that village to America about four years ago." He neglected to mention that it was rumored in that village that he was the son of that demon, and his mother a human woman that was trained by that village to work with that demon and hunt the monsters back. The Asumoto clan was not one to give away such secrets to complete strangers. Simply prey and allies were privvy to such knowledges. But... Poor Cashmere might scream and run away if she knew what Ogawa's true job was. Now as Claire came and introduced herself, Ogawa bowed politely. "Good evening, detective. How are you doing tonight? Letting your hair down, I see." She asked of his music selection, and Ogawa simply gave her a devilish grin capable of putting chills down the spine of a succubus and raising pleasure-filled goosebumps like a hot shower. "I have just what you need," he purred. "Would you two be willing to dance with me now?" He then pointed to the DJ on shift, and Orgy's cover of Blue Monday played.]

16:59:14 Cashmere smiled warmly but with genuine thanks as Ogawa waived away the charge for the drink as if he was someone of importance in the place. Cashmere picked up the stray singles and stuffed them back deep into the corset. "Osaka? Japan?" she asked when the woman staring at the teen earlier at the bar ordering a drink and taking a seat next to her. Cashmere caught the look of course, always knowing it. Ogawa's gory words seemed to warrant a cringe and another sip form her drink but not any less of a smile. When Cashmere heard the woman a seat over speak she turned and saw the hand offered, "Claire? I am Cashmere!" offering a shake with a soft ivory hand bedecked with rings and different colored nailpolishes. The volume of the reply revealed a breathless, lisping voice that sounded as sung as spoke. "Sure, I'll dance." came the awnser, bright blue eyes staring into the woman's, an asian with blue eyes? and ones that seemed to glow. 16:59:30 [Cashmere] If Claire took Cashmere out to dance she would look back to Ogawa and give him an apoligetic look and a shrug while leaving the seat.

17:03:51 Cashmere looked like she was from the East as well, but didnt look Japanese per se, and if Ogawa wished to dance with the two of them he would be definatly welcomed by Cashmere. The word 'Detective made Cashmere look at Claire nervously and raise an eyebrow.

17:09:25 Snoobie had been walking for god knows how long, did she even know what time of day it was? Certainly not, she’d been in a state of complete delirium for the last day or so. It was only a matter of time before the feeling of bliss wore off and she’d return to her normal cranky and absolutely ignorant self. Brushing past a few people who stood outside an unknown bar they’d gave her the usual scowls whilst hurling some abuse their way. Whilst usually she’d take no such abuse from any, this time she just gives them a toothy grin before walking into the bar called hard Knox. Hips beginning to sway immediately to the music as she entered the establishment. But alas, once more the urge to get some alcohol in her more powerful than the urge to go tear up something awful on the dance floor. Swaying back and forth as though she were in a world of her own, the pink haired female scoots over towards the bar. The actions taken almost as though the female were an android, ever action as if she were on autopilot. Truth be told,-

17:09:27 Snoobie - she didn’t know where she was. And in this blissfully drugged up state, she didn’t care. Ordering her usual concoction of drinks she’d slip a few notes across the bar. Same old same old. However, to any who knew this peculiar female, they knew fine well it was best she be here drowning herself in alcohol than to be in any other state and roaming the streets. It just wasn’t safe, not for herself, but the wellbeing of others.

17:10:12 [Delaney] One wouldn’t believe to look at the ravishing beauty that just the day before she’d been hurled against a building, her body broken, shattered - bruised and beaten. In fact, they’d be hard pressed to think she’d been involved at all in trying to save Claire from the wreckage. However, she’d been healed thanks to the likes of one Dark Prince and his promise. That was last night. Dawn came and went, so too did her training with Dannethion and after she’d returned, the energy in her was still pulsating that she’d defied any injuries again, for the now. Though, she was careful to avoid a certain person who’d made their intentions quite clear the previous day. I’m here, for whenever you need to be healed, but that’s all it can be. I thought you knew that. The words ringing in her mind as she exited her rundown, loft apartment. She knew that now. And although a favor had been called up, she wasn’t about to make a fool of herself and let fall for one that made it evidently clear he didn’t want her. The issue -

17:10:19 [Delaney] being though, Laney had never been denied before. This was new to her and she wasn’t sure exactly how to handle it. It left her in a daze, as she questioned herself, even her powers. Luckily there was something of a distraction and that was the new bar that had opened up recently. One she’d heard about via rumors and such - especially in the Fae world. A night out was perhaps just what she needed. Of course, she’d gotten the invitation too from The Ash but that was for further down the week. Delaney needed something now and she needed it quick. Dressed in a black latex dress that was form fitting, form shaping and tight as a second skin, the Succubus had left for the Bar, arriving shortly thereafter as the Bouncer allowed her within. Despite the runes, there was a natural ability to Delaney - Succubus were not magic creatures at all, it was within their blood, their power to attract, to compel and to seduce. Dark strands of hair were ravishing around her tapered face, her pale features all the more enhanced -
17:10:35 [Delaney] by the blood red lipstick that glossed her lips, and azure hues that seemed almost too unnatural to be real. Rivulets of gloss bound over her shoulder, the tips of which licked the smooth bare flesh of her neckline, the dress itself strapless. High heels accompanied the package on the whole, defining her shapely legs, toned thighs and exotic features as she confidently strolled within, immediately feeling the beat of the music while instinctively knowing that eyes would be upon her. It was, her charm, after all.. If one could call it that.

17:12:44 ClaireMether eyed Ogawa for a moment; he'd just shot down her chance of playing a trick on Cash, and that irritated her. Then she shook Cash's hand, pulling her up out of her seat. "don't worry Cashmere, I'm off-duty." She leaned in and whispered in Cash's ear, "I will have to drive you home though, wouldn't want you spending a night in jail." She looked behind Cash at Ogawa, grinning. "If you can keep up with us on the dance floor, then by all means, come on." She pulled Cash out onto the dance floor, drawing her into a fast, hard rhythm, although she couldn't really get her groove on with the current music. She liked it, but it wasn't the best to dance to; still, she was having fun with Cashmere, and should Ogawa join them, she'd be accomdating enough.

17:22:58 [Ogawa] [Ogawa grinned. Fair is fair in love and war, so it's been said. So when the two walked off, Ogawa stayed behind. There would be other days to speak with Claire. She snagged the only other asian in the bar, but he didn't seem to mind. Watching can be fun, too. When Delaney came in, his Hunter senses immediately went off. Her aura of erotic pleasures left unspoken came to him like the fragrance of cherry blossoms in autumn. He looked towards her direction and upnodded her casually. Ogawa was in his own domain. Welcome to my home, said the spider to the fly. he thought to himself with an amused grin. When Snoobie entered, his eyebrow perked. Something about that one was... off. he couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he knew that she had more than a few skeletons in her proverbial closet. But then again, this was Boston. When someone wasn't going Boondock Saints on a motherfucker, there was a war taking place in the spiritual plane. Not in here, and not tonight however. He could make certain of that.

17:25:36 Galen had awoken alone and even stayed within the area after sleeping away most of the morning and early afternoon but after a shower and getting changed, he returned to the shelter he had made a temporary home for now, waiting for her to be returned, only that never happened. He was a fool to think she would be returned back to him after all he had done to her the night before. He had kissed Jessica only because his place was known he couldn't allow himself to feel anything for her nor could he allow such a thing to happen on Delaney's behalf. Whether it had already happened or not, that wasn't the case and so he decided a drink was in order. He had received the invitation, that a Ball would commence in a weeks time but it was on the full moon, of all nights it would have to be that one. Did his Father do it on purpose? Knowing he couldn't control his shifting on the full moon? Either way, his presence would be required and demanded but that was the least of his worries for now.-

17:25:55 [Galen] The Morrigan had remained quiet, expecting to be summoned to her any given day but that had yet to happen, that and he needed to speak to his Father as well. The sample of Spellbound was given to the Doctor and he still hadn't heard back yet, now it was a waiting game and he wasn't one to just wait around, that gave him enough of a prompt to decide that hitting a bar and drinking his troubles away would be a good idea. He had no clients to meet with, no job to deal with and so he was off the clock as far as he was concerned and he had heard, though various others, that a new bar had opened up. Surely -She- wouldn't be there, likely hiding out at the Cork no doubt so it seemed the perfect place to go. -17:25:59 [Galen] He had changed into a pair of black pants and shoes, a black fitted shirt with sleeves that covered his arms and a black jacket covered his upper half, as he made his way toward the new bar in question, trying to forgot about last night and all the emotions it had drummed up.-e-

17:32:25 Cashmere was lifted out of her seat to go dance, and just nodded as Claire said that she was off-duty, but when she whispered in Cashmere's ear the teen leaned over and whispered back breathlessly, "Oh okay I see how it is, you want me to go with you instead of jail huh? so how much do I owe you or do you want a freebie instead, is it for you or your husband?" Cashmere raised an eyebrow at Claire but seemed to join her in the dance as if nothing was going on, shifting her body and hips expertly dancing very well even in 6-inch platforms.

17:34:51 Snoobie would for the moment merely be sat at the bar, hammering down drink after drink and during short intervals of not having a drink on hand she could be seen rocking out and drumming her fingertips manically upon the bar top. [Next post will be bigger]

17:35:45 Delaney was far from a fly. In her own right, she was a spider and considering the mood she was currently in, her web could be cast far and wide, effecting an entire City. Though, her training had proved fruitful so far, her powers, although natural were in some limitation. Most would feel a draw, a pull, an inclination to look, to see. Be baffled by her beauty, that sense of the unachievable that should be easily acquired. It was her natural guise as the pheromones of her being seeped from her pores like a scent perfume which non could truly deny. Those demur hues immediately went to the dance floor, and following the rhythm of the crowd, the latex clad beauty soon joined in. The pulsating strobe lights from the overhead video added to her motion, hypnotic and suggestive she relished the freedom she currently felt. No Ash. No Morrigan and no Galen. Beyond that, she was aware of others who were present. Claire, for one - the kiss they’d shared allowing a small bond of recognition to place and she sensed Jessica’s =17:36:00 [Delaney] presence somewhere. Just briefly her eyes met Ogawa as she narrowed her gaze, before arching a finely plucked brow in response, lips parted in a soft smile. So that was the demon hunter she’d heard of. Perhaps he could assist her with some things. In particular protection when it came to things like Peter and The Morrigan. While as a succubus Delaney had a deadly gift, she did have several weaknesses and in terms of the Fae, she was quite young and inexperienced in particular matters. A mental note was left before she turned her attention to the music, inching closer to a group of males, infiltrating their motions with that of her own, knowing their hands would likely be pawing at her soon enough.

17:39:22 ClaireMether continued dancing with Cashmere, but as the song ended she leaned into her again, whispering fiercely. "Take it from someone who knows, the cops are all on edge; if some beat cop catches you outside, drunk, and underage, you're in a world of shit. I'm trying to do you a favor by making sure you get home safe. I'm single, for all it matters. I just want to dance." She drew Cashmere back to the bar briefly so that they could finish their drinks. She hoped the next selection would be something she could really let go to. She wanted to have fun tonight damn it. Her eyes were drawn immediately to Delaney as she entered, and her heart rate increased for a brief period as she remembered the kiss they'd shared; she was able to look away after Del lost herself in the crowd, but her cheeks were definitely flushed. She finished her blue valium, eager to get back out to the dance floor with Cash.

17:46:05 [Ogawa] [Ogawa looked back to his Bartender, a burly man that went by the name of Spike, and shouted a few things at him. Then the youth wen back upstairs. His mind was wandering, and his thoughts once again revolved around the goings on around him. The Hunter had much work to do, and he had many peopple he had to get in contact with. So when he got upstairs, he went to his office and shut the door. So much for being able to get a chick tonight, it seemed. The one available so far seems more interested in Alcohol... and Ogawa got a wierd vibe from that one. It was creepy creepy in ways that went past everything that he encountered so far. He'd rather not try that until Maneki was with him.]

17:47:29 Cashmere swallowed some, looking into Claire's eyes and nodding slightly, leaning into the woman, "Is it you think I'm underage?" she asked, leaning to the side to pull out a small coin purse and gingerly removing a card from it, showing Claire the ID card. The card was of a 21-year old aquarius with the name Suna Kiempo from Georgia an asian girl without any makeup and the same bright blue eyes. if Claire was satisfied Cashmere would return the Id and pouch, then whisper back, "If you know what I am why do you wanna dance with me? to keep me from turning a trick or to mess with me? or are you really past all that?" Cashmere asked as if it was hard to believe, but gave Claire that intrigued, winning smile anyway.

17:49:27 Galen had every intention of letting loose tonight and to let the past rest in place of a few beer and shots, enough to let him forget everything over the last few days or at least try hard in attempting so. He reached the entrance and approached the bouncer, letting him check for whatever and with nothing found, he moved inside, ready to relax, listen to some good music and to get his drink on. It wasn't a solution, in fact it was a band aid that would eventually have to be removed, and likely in a painful manner, but for at least a little while it would be good to forget. He was quick to move inside the bar, people gathered in groups, some sitting alone and a good sized crowd at the bar trying to be the next one in line. He had missed Delaney's entrance or the fact she was on the dance floor, at least for the moment, only because he didn't expect to see her and he wasn't seeking her out tonight. -17:49:41 [Galen] The more she hated him the better, it was vital she didn't feel for him, nor him for her and so beer was the only thing on his mind, that and a few shots of whiskey that had his name on them. He waited behind a few people, but once they had received their drinks, he pushed his way in, ordering up two beer, one for each hand and a shot of whiskey to get him started. He glanced side to side, taking in the few people around him but then his attention would be turned forward as the drinks were served up in record time, pulling out his wallet and dropping a $20 on the counter. "Keep the change." He picked up the shot glass and then raised it to no one in particular, "Sláinte." No sooner were the rods said, then the shot was downed and the glass returned to the counter, all in one fluid motion. Now that he was double fisting, he turned around, drinking from one beer first and taking in the sights around him.-e-

17:52:05 Delaney pushed her hips back against one male in particular who’d come up behind her, his hands upon her small waist as he danced. Her eyes closed as she felt the rhythm further, though the notion of one other came upon her. At first, she imagined it was because his strength, his essence was still within her, she was prone to ‘see’ him in places all things considering. What Del wasn’t aware of was with the passion shared previously she’d gained briefly his powers also. Her senses were utterly heightened, eyesight and keen sense of smell as that familiar scent wafted toward her. Eyes opening, she gazed around, seeing at first only the crowd as she spun around in the male’s arms, the man obviously giving into her wiles as she smiled his way. The smile was cold however, despite the fact she raised her hands upward toward his face as if to offer him a kiss. But.. She didn’t. She could sense him. The one person she’d been trying to avoid. Could he not just leave her alone? Was this a game to him? Of course he’d --17:52:09 [Delaney] be willing to heal her. It meant one thing in particular and it’s not like he didn’t get anything out of the deal. She was certain he was more than appeased in many ways even in the short time they’d spent together. STOP it DEL.. Thrusting Galen out of her mind, she turned her attention back to her current dance partner, smiling toward Claire briefly with a knowing look within her gaze while she surrounded herself with the group of males once more. Each one getting the same attention as the next, knowing Galen was there in particular. It actually felt good in some way - let the man watch. It was just what he’d done to her the day before with Jessica. Ah yes, the Succubus had a jealous streak, one she wasn’t even aware of yet. A woman scorned is one thing. A succubus scorned is an altogether different creature entirely.
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Re: Gods and Men
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17:55:33 Hector` had finished everything he had wanted for that day. He was comfortably settled in and his large apartment was just as lavish as he had wanted. That being said, his day was open for more important things… For example, entertainment. Like most of the Fae community, he too was informed of the opening of a new, rather decent quality bar. This time he decided to take his newly acquired BMW Z4. It was lust at first sight and love at first drive. Of course being the male he was, he decided all speed limit signs were polite suggestions rather than honest to God limits… To say the least, the Z4 got him to the bar damn fast and once he had it parked nearby, he made his way into the new establishment with a slight smirk of anticipation. He loved the way young people and Fae acted, so carefree, it was rather refreshing to him. The moment he set foot inside, his sharp topaz eyes picked out people of interest, the most noticeable person by far was Del, who seemed to be on the hunt herself. 17:55:54 Hector` His ever inquisitive eyes studied her for the moment as he leaned against the bar once he found an open spot. Obviously he was in no real hurry to get into the dance fray just yet. When he grew mildly bored with watching Del so his gaze wandered a bit to others he found interesting.

18:01:49 Snoobie slumped forwards, hands gripping the edge of the bar to stop her slamming face down on top of the row of glasses. Pink hair falling down either side of her shoulders, hiding her face. One hand slips from the bar and begins to cradle her gut. An almighty crushing sensation beginning to take hold. It was happening. Right now. The hand that steadied her then lifts up to catch her ghastly cough that makes her lungs ache and bellow. Swiftly the female slips from her seat at the bar and rushes without any hesitance to the nearest closed space. Preferably the female toilets. Pushing the door aside she runs into a cubicle and locks the door. A few befuddled females stand about and all look at one another. Rolling their eyes in judgement as though the pink haired female were nothing more than a common drunk. The sounds of vomiting then ensued. However in place of the usual chunky odd coloured substance that lay i the toilet bowl, this time round is was a mass of hair, blood and bone. Not particularly a pleasant -

18:01:51 Snoobie - thing for anyone to fetch up violently. Cowering over the toilet bowl the female shakes and shudders briefly. Whispering quietly to herself she sounds as though she were pleading. “Not now. Jesus not now.” Pushing her head back against the cubicle wall she hears a female knock upon the door asking if she were alright. A kind thought, quickly dismissed by the Pink haired oddity. “Piss off.” She’ll do. Just grab her legs and pull her in... Thudding her head back against the cubicle wall forcefully she growls “Not now. Stop it. Not now. Ah mean it. Too many people ‘ere. Of all th’fuckin’ times an’ placus.” Attempting to pull herself up from the floor she falls back down flat on her ass. The weakness is starting. Need I remind you what happened last ti---”No. Shut up.” The female remains in the cubicle until further notice 18:03:14 Snoobie - thing for anyone to fetch up violently. Cowering over the toilet bowl the female shakes and shudders briefly. Whispering quietly to herself she sounds as though she were pleading. “Not now. Jesus not now.” Pushing her head back against the cubicle wall she hears a female knock upon the door asking if she were alright. A kind thought, quickly dismissed by the Pink haired oddity. “Piss off.” She’ll do. Just grab her legs and pull her in... Thudding her head back against the cubicle wall forcefully she growls “Not now. Stop it. Not now. Ah mean it. Too many people ‘ere. Of all th’fuckin’ times an’ placus.” Attempting to pull herself up from the floor she falls back down flat on her ass. The weakness is starting. Need I remind you what happened last ti---”No. Shut up.” The female remains in the cubicle until further notice. Fix'd.

18:10:41 [Dannethion] Dannethion made it a note to keep tabs on all creatures of the Otherworld that entered Earth. He was the only Arch-Daemon present in Boston at the moment, and as such it was his Right to keep tabs on all of the Dark Father's children. He was in that bar where Snoobie had fled into the bathroom--he had been following her and tracking her for some time, as he was being drawn by the demonic presence that nestled inside of her like a parasite. He was in human form right now, if you could believe that. Leaning up against the wall by the bathroom door as he was dressed in his typical black leather outfit. Wearing his deep red trenchcoat, with his large red broad-brimmed hat. Bringing up a cigarette to his mouth as he lit it with a match. Puffing on it as he waves the match out and then flicks it into a nearby trash bin, smoking on the cigarette as he waited for Snoobie to exit.

18:13:52 ClaireMether pushed the ID away when Cashmere offered it to her. She hadn't come here to bust anyone, she had just come for a good time and a few drinks, and Cashmere was making accomplishing this much harder than Claire had anticipated. She pressed into Cash, letting her head rest on the younger woman's neck. "Do you get this defensive with everyone you dance with, or am I just lucky today? Shut up and dance with me." She pulled Cashmere back out onto the dance floor, lifting her head from Cash's neck and wrapping her arms around her waist, turning around and leaning her back into Cash, her arms sliding off of her waist and pulling Cashmere's arms around her. "You're not scared are you?" She caught Delaney's smile and returned it, offering her a wink; she didn't know why, but just the sight of Delaney caused her pulse to quicken and her face to flush. She was waiting, perhaps in vain, for some industrial to be put on; then she could really let loose.

18:15:05 [Penance] "Man, the last time I saw this place it was a hell hole!", said Penance outside the doors of HardKnox. "The red headed bitch's place.." She scratched her head seeing NEON?! "Nice.." The woman meandered in, wearing a black spaghetti strap shirt that said, "Whiskey Makes ME FRISKY,", black cargo pants, and a new pair of combat boots. Bits of mithril were embedded into her skin, with a faint scent of Tungsten..Many would be clueless as to what that was! Bits of ash were in her hair and her cheeks were smudged. Penance meandered up to the bar and just sank onto a stool at the bar. She looked outright exhausted. Faint burn marks were still healing on her hands. It seemed she'd had another rough night! Other patrons were glance at, but for now, she didn't care to make sense out of things!

18:16:27 Galen was content with a shot of whiskey in his system and two beer in each of his hands as he slowly moved away from the bar to ease his curiosity of a new place, the beast very much alive inside of him it would seem as he decided to move off to a more secluded area of the bar so he could watch those dancing. He didn't dance himself, having not had much time for such things since his job and position had caused him to be more of a man of business than that of pleasure. Now he was a man who was drinking and planned on continuing on until he could readily forget the events that had unfolded over the last few days, only something stopped him in his tracks, voiding that idea altogether. It was a scent, -Her- scent and he knew it well and he wouldn't' ever forget it but how could she be here? No, his mind had to have been playing tricks on him, what were the odds she'd come here and not the Cork? - 18:16:43 [Galen] As he scanned the crowds and moved closer to the scent, his questions were certainly answered as he was faced with watching her dance with some other man. For a moment, just a brief moment, he had believed he was seeing things, his own mind playing tricks on him but he soon realized there was no denying that scent, nor that body. The way she moved, held the man, he suddenly felt sick to his stomach, even as he subconsciously started to down one beer. Had she somehow followed him here? Was she doing this to just mess with him. Either way, it was working because he could feel an unwanted jealousy coursing through him and he couldn't stop it. The beast in him wanted to stalk over and rip them apart from each other, to claim her as his but he had no right.- 18:16:53 [Galen] Trick has made it painfully clear that he wasn't to feel for her nor her for him but it didn't stop that jealousy at all. He stood there, still and watching until he finally forced himself to look away with a low and unmistakable growl, heading for an empty booth off to the side, beers placed roughly on the table and leaning forward now, one hand around the bottle that was near breaking with the force of his grip, looking over every so often. "How could she!" His words were quiet and to himself but he had no right saying anything, this had been brought o by his own actions because it was what had to be done.-e-

18:22:46 [Ogawa] [Ogawa's senses went off again. More fae, and something was going on with the wierd one. As a result, Ogawa sighed. He picked up a new toy he'd invented: a Smith and Wesson 500 with Iron hollowtipped bullets. With that, he made certain the gun was loaded before he ended up walking back downstairs. He looked to Spike, and in return Spike pointed at the bathroom. Ogawa nodded, and then made his way downstairs. He was walking with a purpose. And it was about this time that SAM - Arm of Justice began playing. Ogawa's strobelight factor had come into play again, and upon Dannethion's entrance was noted, do keep note that the specific wardings in nplace had made it to where that Dannethion's human form would be the only one he could take while in Hard Knox. Such was the bar's own way. He also made it a point, seeing how he owned the place, to go ahead and go in the bathroom. Luckily for Snoobie, the bathroom had been empty. Once inside he locked the door behind him and knocked on the cubicle which the woman was + 18:22:59 [Ogawa] - located. He knocked on the door. "Sumimasen, miss. Are you okay in there?" He wasn't being invasive, but he was being cautious. Gojira, he's here. Keep a lookout. I don't want any trouble coming from anywhere in the bar. If something bad starts going down, get everyone out of here, or get the offender gone. This isn't going to become a warzone. Not in my bar, Ogawa said psionically to his familiar. As it was, Ogawa was the only person in this bar that could access all of his powers. It was his bar, and his rules were law. Still, though... cannibalistic demonoid alien parasites needed to be dealt with. Gently, if possible.]

18:27:31 Delaney gazed momentarily toward Hector who’d been appraising her for the moment. Delaney knew she had eyes on her. She wasn’t cocky but she was confident and living eight years on the run had taught her much. Training with Dannethion had taught her more. The power that lay within her was strong, enough to take away the free will of others which was very much a weapon in it’s own right. Though Del was at the bar to merely entertain herself and to let go. Too much had happened over the last few weeks - she was wound up and despite spending the night healing, she was even more so. A demure wink, subtle but caught none the less would be offered to the elder Fae as she studied the male briefly before turning her back to the group of males she was currently entertained with. Moving to the center of the dance floor, the song changed and so to did her dance. The lights shining down, she found the spot where she stood in it’s glare, her hand sliding over her body, her hips swaying, gyrating to the beat, her upper torso-- 18:27:36 [Delaney] in a sensual sway as she closed her eyes. Dark strands of hair coiled in her action as the corset type bodice was behind with the glow of light. The music having slowed down considerably as if in tune with her delightful display. Slow motion, though it wasn’t - It was just within her mind while those around her bounced hard, moving with the constant thump. The jealousy was felt and intently and it actually made her smile as she spun of the dance floor, moving toward the bar area, coming to stop at Hector as she spoke, her eyes watching Galen as he moved to a booth before looking back to the elder Fae. “Hello.” It was simple, too the point as she leaned back against a post, canting her head slightly. “Care to buy a girl a drink?” She questioned plainly but politely. Not that she needed someone to attain anything for her - her cash supply was low but simply because she didn’t need it. He’d likely heard in Court of the young Succubus who was newly arrived in town, wreaking all kinds of havoc and choosing --18:27:46 [Delaney] neutrality for her side. Her mind however was on Galen, his words echoing in her mind from the previous day. I thought you know that. It can and never, will be...

18:30:48 Snoobie glanced around the cubicle in a sort of frenzy. With so many opportunities beyond the cubicle door she had assessed that this situation was getting rather dangerous. Searching for any sort of escape route, a loose tile on the ceiling or a window. The window looked like a possibility, thus she’d claw herself back up onto her feet. Heavy studded boots sliding across the flooring as she tried opening the window. Judging by the female’s current actions, whatever was happening to her, she actually looked as though she –didn’t- want this to happen. Not here at least. Grunting some she stops dead in her tracks as a male’s voice was heard through the door of the cubicle. “Goddamnit. Cannae a gurl have a period in peace?!” Nice excuse, judging by the fact that most men would blush up and get the fuck out. “Th’fuck ye’doin’ in th’gurls toilets anyway? Bugger off.” Slumping down she quickly flushes the toilet and gets rid of the evidence before slumping down on the toilet. Kicking her feet nervously 18:30:50 Snoobie - together, she hoped to god he’d just leave and let her attempt an escape anytime now.

18:44:25 Cashmere felt Claire press in and responded by wrapping a slender soft arm up around the womans shoulder to rest against her neck softly. "Everyone? no just the female cops who come in offering to dance with me and know I'm looking to make money, but if you just want to dance your wish is mine to make come true!" Cashmere said with exitement. As Claire spun around to lean in Cahsmere slid a soft hand with multicolored nails down the woman's leg and lifted it up some into the air holding her weight balanced on the other foot briefly before gently letting it back down to settle around Claire's waist with the other arm and press her fabric-laden bust against the detective's back. "Nervous? yeah I am a little, though you do make it hard!" she admitted with a wink.

18:47:19 [Ogawa] [Ogawa was not so easily deterred, but he was smarter than this. There was another window, and no loose tiles. Maneki, I need you, Ogawa whispered in his Psionics. There was a groan from the other end, and a girl that was dancing on the floor stops and begins to walk away from it to head to the bathroom. She had red hair with black highlights, and a very sensual air about her. She wore a plaid miniskirt, a tubetop, and knee-high boots. As she came towards the bathroom door, Ogawa unlocked it, and she walked in, but not before looking at Dannethion and making a smartassed comment. "What are you, some pervert? Get the fuck away from the girl's bathroom, you creep!" she yelled. And in case he had the inclination to argue, her tupetop labled her as Bouncer in the same runic font as the font on the sign that labled Hard Knox as the bar. Once inside Maneki spoke again. "You wanted to see me sir?" she asked. "Yeah," Ogawa replied. +18:47:33 [Ogawa] - "This girl is having some complications. I'm going back to the bar to work with Spike. Keep up the good work, Mandy." Ahh human aliases. Gotta love'em. Anyways, Ogawa left, and "Mandy" took over. "What's goin' on in there? If you're eating a baby penguin, share, god dammit," Mandy said in a joking gesture. Ogawa would head back to the bar and order himself a shot of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. Good stuff, that captain makes.]

18:51:09 [Penance] "Hey tender, can I get an Irish Car Bomb please?" It was a coffee mix that would wake somebody up and knock them on their ass at the same time! With just as cheerful as she'd been, she was no exhausted and cranky, yet unable to unwind at her own place! Where was Peter anyway?! She rocked a little back and forth on her stool then looked over at Delaney on the dance floor. Her neck itched like crazy again and the iron nail within the tip of the spear vibrated, which currently rested at her neck or rather on the end of a leather cord. The woman rubbed ash off of her cheeks and let out a long yawn that brought tears to her eyes!

18:51:14 Hector` continued to look at the patrons, he notices most what happened, including Snoobie’s little fit and Dann waiting outside for her. He considered that a moment, going over possibilities of both actions in his mind for a long moment. He decided it would be more beneficial to just observe for the time being. He even took the time to order some Jack on the Rocks. When it was brought to him, a sure hand plucked up the glass and he idly ran the index finger of his free hand about the rim, waiting for the ice to chill the liquor and water it down a bit. Sure, it was slightly odd to have straight Jack and ice but there were only so many normal things he could do in one day. What took his pretty golden eyes from surveying interesting people around him was the moment an interesting person demanded his attention. His gaze settled on Delaney as she came to stand beside him. A slight smile pulled across his lips, sure, her little talent worked on him as any male but he was old enough to be aware of it and to 18:51:35 Hector` resist it to some degree. When she asked for a drink, a chuckle escaped him. “Are you of age then?” He asked, his tone teasing and his Celtic accent plain on his words. Even before she answered, he took a drink from his Jack before he simply handed it to her and glanced over towards the tender. When he caught the man’s attention, he requested another drink for himself with a simple gesture from his hand. “You are our resident seductress?” He asked, pleasant as ever and perhaps a little impish judging by the expression on his face.

18:52:59 Snoobie merely sat and listened as the male was then replaced by a female. Okay. Just go out. Don’t look at her. You’ll be fine. That being said she replies to the female. “Jus’peachy luv. Jus’ad a bit too much t’drink.” Unlocking the cubicle door the pink haired female squints her eyes so the female named ‘Mandy’ was barely visible. Hell, does the beats need a temptation like that? Great job Ogawa. Rushing towards the toilet door she swung it open and made a run for the exit. Hopefully without being interrupted since her player is really fucking tired and needs sleep. Very Happy

18:58:02 Ogawa stabs the word Psionics to death in his post, then takes it out to the backyard, digs a hole, and throws the word's body in. After which he lights it on fire and buries it. Psionics is a bad word to use. More of... empathic connection would be a better candidate.

18:59:43 ClaireMether arched her back against Cashmere, reaching one arm around behind her to wrap around Cash's neck, gently bringing her face down next to hers. "Then relax. This is one of my favorite songs." She gave Cash a soft kiss on the cheek, then slipped out of her arms as she quickly slid off her heels. Industrial dancing with heels was asking for either broken shoes or broken ankles, and she wanted neither. As it was she would've preferred not to be in a dress, but she certainly wasn't going to strip out of that here. As the music picked up she rocked her body back and forth to the rhythm, moving her arms, hands, and wrists in fast, crisp movements to the beat. If Cashmere was up to the challenge, she could very well join Claire and put on quite a display of hard, fast dancing for the crowd. (Example of industrial dance:

19:01:13 Galen remained in his booth, watching from a far while Delaney moved off the dance floor and toward the bar. He noticed she walked up to another male, did she know he was there or was she that angry at him that she did this with all intentions. Nothing had been happening between the two of them, but still he watched, the first beer was just ending but the second one was close behind as his he again had to force himself to look away. He had no right and he knew it, he had kissed another , knowing full well she'd catch them and it had been a means of deterring her from feeling anything for him. Make her hate him, make her see that he was only there to help if she should need it but nothing more, only that wasn't the case. He hadn't expected to fall for her, to feel anything for a Succubus of all things but it was so much more than that and he knew she had felt it too. If she was who they all thought, then he had been told by the Morrigan herself that he would have to kill her, to prevent things from happening -19:01:23 [Galen] but that seemed impossible. He had to stop this, he had made the decision and he had to stick by his word but not before he began to down his second beer, looking away from the bar altogether to occupy his mind with something else, anything else but her here doing what she was doing.-e-

19:04:53 Delaney was truly using just her natural charm and appeal, which in itself was quite compelling at times, such as now. The setting allowed as such. She was purposely turning it on further due to the fact that Galen had showed up. Hoping to escape the male, he’d literally entered just after her. Why? If he didn’t want anything to do with her had he come here? Words were recalled during their previous encounter - perhaps it was just her power he was attracted to. Mayhap he’d had a taste and couldn’t stop. It wouldn’t be the first time. Regardless a drink was being handed to her and she took, despite the fact the man had just taken a drink from it. Before long a lipstick stain was etched upon the glass, the whiskey rolling down her throat as she swallowed the remains in one shot. His words however helped her smile - which actually felt good considering everything that had gone on recently. “Do you need to check my id?” She questioned in a flirtatious manner, knowing full well that with the tight fitted dress she wore--19:05:05 [Delaney] it was impossible for her to have anything else upon her person. “I wasn’t sure they allowed those of your age in a bar such as this.” She replied with the same knack he’d spoke to her followed by a nod. “I suppose you could say that.” In answer to Hector’s question, still feeling eyes on her from others. “Delaney.” Offering her free hand, she extended her arm in greeting, the other hand holding the now emptied glass, save the melting cubes of ice. “And you are?”

19:11:00 Cashmere felt an arm wrap around her slender neck, seeing the comely face come into view and kiss Cashmere on the cheek, wich warranted a rosy blush even through the copious amounts of make up. As Claire took her heels off, while not as easy to dance in as flat shoes or bare feet, Cashmere remained in the difficult to put on or remove platform patent(glossy) leather shoes. Cashmere was still very much able to keep up, being a fit and expert dancer, moving fluidly with Claire's moves, gyrating her body in halting-but-fluid moves to not mimic but compliment her dance partner. Several people in the crowd looked on in admiration. "You're very beautiful," Cashmere called out over the song matter-of-factly, before pausing briefly to catch her breath as the song dwindled down, ""So who's buying the next round, Ms. Claire-the-cop?" Cashmere asked while teasing.

19:12:51 [Ogawa] [With Snoobie gone, Dannethion's presence lingered. Ogawa snorted. He was for the most part harmless in here, thank you ancient rune system. So when he walked back upstairs to his office he set down his gun and picked up his guitar. Maybe it was just something in the back of his mind, or maybe this was his calling as an Asumoto, but he... kind of felt like an outsider. Everyone paired off and happy for the time being, Ogawa felt himself kind of jealous. Was he lonely? Maybe. But how many girls were interested in dating a Hunter? It's not a glamorous lifestyle. Ogawa got lucky by inheiriting a club, but even then... hard to get with somebody when this type of secret is snuggly burdened between the shoulderblades. He sat, he contemplated, and then finally... he decided to put on some nice headphones, play guitar, and find his zen. His guitar was a beat up Les Paul, but it was old, and still made an amazing sound. So Oggie tuned it, and played a jumbled mix of Metallica songs.]

19:17:38 Hector` continued to watch her, his eyes mostly remaining on her face as if he was trying to see right through. Which of course he couldn’t, he wasn’t a reader… He was actually quite glad he wasn’t a reader, it was so much more fun not to know what people really wanted or were really thinking. Part of the game was finding out who people really were by honest conversation (I use honest loosely) and good old observation. He could read mannerisms and expressions rather well but he couldn’t begin to guess what was going through Del’s mind, after all, he knew next to nothing about her. When she played along with the whole of age thing, he short her a rather charming and toothy smile as he lifted a brow. “Actually, the only reason I would ask for you identification at this point would be to see just where you kept it given your current wardrobe.” He said, his eyes flicking over her form before he held her gaze again. By then, he had a new drink and he took a rather long draft from his 19:17:57 Hector` Jack before he set it on the bar top so he could take her hand. His hand was considerably warmer than a humans, a toasty 109 degrees. “How old do you think I am then? I’m a little curious…” He asked, he didn’t offer his name till it was asked of him to which he released her hand. “Hector Danu, my current name anyway.”

9:17:46 [Dannethion] Rune system or not, Dannethion was not some mere 'Fae' that Ogawa could manipulate and control. No amount of power the human had could dictate what the Arch-Daemon could, or could not do, in any region of Earth. The only entities who could actually keep the Prince of Hell restrained were The Ash and The Morrigan--but The Morrigan had less pull because the Shadow is an alignment of Hell and thus had reduced effect--but effect nevertheless. He pushes off from the wall as Ogawa somehow knew that the Arch-Daemon's mind was focused on Snoobie. Ruining his chance for him to find out what the Gluttony Demon was doing with the girl, ~Imbecilic mortal. He's almost as brash as Jon. Unlike Jon, he's useless to me.~ he thought to himself as he walked deeper into the club as he smoked his cigarette--making a beeline for where he sensed Delaney's presence.

19:21:12 ClaireMether grinned as Cashmere joined her, and once the song was over she walked over and wrapped her arms around Cash, catching her breath as well. "Thanks...I'm impressed, I usually don't meet other people who can dance like that. You looked good." She walked back to the bar with her arm around Cashmere's waist, sitting down in a stool and helping the younger woman up into her lap. "Drinks are on me this round. I'd like a Stoplight, what's your fancy?" Claire made another note to call it quits after the Stoplight; the blue valium was starting to kick in, and the Stoplight would put her well into the land of intoxication. She didn't want to completely lose herself, but she was having a hell of a time with Cash.

19:22:38 [Penance] "Hey!" called Penance to Dannethion! "Hold on a minute!" She rose from where she sat and walked over toward Dannethion, just after she received her drink. "Sir, I'll be back for this.", was said under her breath for Spike. "I need to look you over once more! Also where do you want your package delivered?!" Somebody hadn't slept since she was dropped off at the cork! "I don't mean to interupt but I need to know!" Bits of carbide also stuck to her outfit. One might wonder where in the hell she got her supplies, but that was best left to the footnotes in a forgotten tome, as she wasn't gonna' tell.

19:28:05 Cashmere giggled childlike and nasally with the woman's arm wrapped around the youth, "Yeah im surprised you kept up at your age," Cashmere said in an obviously joking tone, and "Thanks!" to the compliment. Cashmere was hoisted into Claire's lap and shifted some exitedly the skirts of the cumperson Victorian dress parting about them. "Well I've been drinking bloody mary's so I'll stick to that," she replied. Cashmere looked up with an impish joy and seemed to be having a wonderful time, sliding her hand to brush over Claire's, sensually squeezing it.

19:29:55 [Delaney] “Wouldn’t you like to know.” She commented in a wry manner in response to the wardrobe comment. “It seems I don’t need Id. You knew well enough who I was. Much to my chagrin, I seem to have a reputation about me and I’ve only been in Boston a short while.” The words were lax, the comment loose as she shook his hand, feeling the warmth offered from the touch. Her own heat wasn’t much different, though it was a completely different guise on the whole, for it was pure lust, desire, sexual - wanton energy. Wards or not, her ability was easily at hand to charm the wood of a tree if need be. “Nice to meet you, Hector.” she spoke his name in a sultry tone, letting the r resonate of her tongue momentarily before she continued. “Frankly, I have no idea. I can only see so much. I’m actually quite unskilled in some things, believe it or not. Though where I am skilled certainly makes up for it.” The wink was offered, those beautiful azure hues fixed upon the man. There was definitely a sense of age, ==19:30:06 [Delaney] maturity to the Elder Fae but Delaney was no expert when it came to such things. “Plus, I wouldn’t want to insult you in any way. I only know that you are like me.. But what you are, is beyond me. At least for now.” She whispered softly, noting she knew he was Fae, but what Race exactly she wasn’t sure. Her hand released, she reached to put the emptied glass on a table beside her, catching a quick look toward Galen momentarily. He seemed to be inattentive, which irked the young woman. She most certainly wasn’t use to being ignored, let alone turned down and the thought allowed her brow to furrow momentarily. It wasn’t lost on her that Dannethion was nearby either, in his human form. Her trainer however seemed otherwise occupied for the moment.

19:34:51 [Dannethion] Dannethion was curious how Penance seemed to recognize who he was in human form when she's only seen his daemon form? Regardless he glances over at Delaney as he sent a mental message to her, ~I'm watching you, Delaney.~ and then he turns to glance towards Penance as he blows off some smoke into a random direction as he gives her his full attention though he keeps one hand hidden underneath his coat, "Yes, what is it?" she didn't know his name and that was intentional. He kept his name reserved only to those he knew on a more...personal...basis.
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19:37:53 ClaireMether ordered both drinks, and soon the bartender had them both delivered. She handed Cashmere her Bloody Mary, while she smiled at the sight of her Stoplight, a three shot drink colored green, yellow, and red, just like a traffice light. Oh the wit! She took the first glass and clinked it against Cash's bloody mary. "Cheers." She downed the green shot, then the yellow, and then the red all in rapid succession; she had the third glass empty on the counter about six or seven seconds after drinking the first glass. Definitely stopping there, she thought to herself. She leaned back and whispered something into Cashmere's ear, then smiled and kissed the nape of her neck lightly. She turned her head back around and whistled for the bartender. "Some sprite, please."

19:39:17 [Penance] "Sorry- I just remember feeling here, but I need to know where you want your package delivered..and big you need it to be or ...the suit for occasions like this one?" He hadn't left her a lot of specifics for what he wanted or needed aside from durability. "I won't be long.." Her voice trailed off into the music of the club. In a way, she was glad the place was busy, as next to nobody would really recognize her. She wished Peter were there so she could dance, but alas, she herself was working on the tail end of her days off!

19:46:43 Hector` laughed lightly to himself at her comment about wanting to know. “Normally when someone asks something, that is the case yes.” He agreed, his head tilted to one side as he continued to look at her. “Well, do you feel you deserve that reputation?” He asked, shifting a bit where he stood so the majority of his weight was on his other foot. He looked amused enough by her flirtation comment and wink. “And are we happy being able to get what we want with those particular skills?” He questioned with a speculating tone. He never really had the opportunity to carry on a decent conversation with a Fae quite like her. When she mentioned her concern about insulting him if she were to try to guess his age, another snicker escaped him as he shook his head a bit. “I’m quite difficult to offend and I’m guessing you will low ball my age if you were to actually try to guess… Age is inconsequential for our kind.” He followed her gaze then towards a particular male and he eyed her for a moment. “Ah, trouble in paradise?”

19:50:17 Jade had just gotten from finishing her shift at the local free clinic. Yes, she had her own private practice and yes, she liked money sometimes, but she also liked to give back to the community which meant a lot of the private sector money she made went to those who couldn't afford her. Anyway, she was actually looking rather raggety today, just wearing jeans and a tee shirt. It had the emblem of a band, Oblige , although, she rather prefered the classical musics of Mozart and T

19:51:16 Cashmere mimed the word 'Cheers' and clinked glasses in a toast, watching Clair drink her drinks, smirking some and admiring how Claire held her liquor. Cashmere sipped her own drink slowly seemingly not in a hurry to down it and perhaps catch a breath or two, shivering happily at the neck kiss, purring some. Then she set her drink down pointedly as Clair was ordering Sprite and turned to face the woman, speaking defensivly, "I am just dancing!" Cashmere said in a breathless syrupy tone, "Dancing and drinking!" and smiled innocently but passion was seem swimming in those metallic sapphire blue eyes.

19:54:08 [Jade] had just gotten from finishing her shift at the local free clinic. Yes, she had her own private practice and yes, she liked money sometimes, but she also liked to give back to the community which meant a lot of the private sector money she made went to those who couldn't afford her. Anyway, she was actually looking rather raggety today, just wearing jeans and a tee shirt. It had the emblem of a band, Oblige , although, she rather prefered the classical musics of Mozart and Tschakovsky, she also liked to keep up with the times. Anyway, (after the epic fail) she made her way to the bar to grab a beer. Her slender hand pushed the door open, and who did she happen to see as she scanned ther room? It was the Dark Prince. Her eyes settled on him as her jaw set and then made her way over. "Hello, how is your evening today?" Small chit chat always did for good introductions. "I've done what you asked me. The results came back unidentifyable. Could be a shifter, or some other sort - " -c-19:55:53 Jade "otherwise muddled DNA soft of creature." She was whispering most of this, because well, she was pretty sure that there shouldn't be anyone else knowning about this. She was hungry. When was the last time she ate anything? She couldn't remember. Just at the moment she realized she hadn't asked for permission to sit.

19:55:32 [Delaney] There were subtle innuendos behind his words, as well as nuances that she picked up. Charming, yes but she also skeptical of others, considering her arrival in town had sent The Dark Queen after her for no apparent reason what so ever. The man could even be one of the Dark Clan but she suspected not. Then again, Galen was a Dark Prince .. Which made her inwardly laugh at the irony. Of course he was bound to be an ass.. Hector’s words brought her back to the now as she seemed surprised at his question, not appraised of what he was eluding to at first only to connect seconds later. “Ah. Well sure.” Suggested perhaps a little too quickly making it all the more obvious. “Those skills can be useful at times. Yes. Though I’m being watched.” She noted, a quick glance to Dannethion. “Constantly..” as she rolled her eyes just briefly. “And I’m limited in what I can do. I’d rather be unknown than a celebrity.” Expressed with extreme sarcasm as she continued. “There isn’t much freedom to had really. Though, I imagine==19:55:45 [Delaney] it’s different for you.” Why, she wasn’t sure. She just couldn’t imagine others going through the mistakes she seemed to had made over the last few weeks. The trouble in paradise was completely ignored. She wasn’t exactly sure how to handle that - Galen had rejected her. How did one such as her explain that?

19:59:58 [Dannethion] Dannethion took another drag on his cigarette as he sighed. Exhaling it as he nods, "I'll meet you at the Park later, bring your measuring tools." he shrugs at that, "As for where to deliver it?" he reaches into his coat and withdraws a folded piece of paper that was held shut by a paperclip and handed it to her, "Don't open that until the product's done--otherwise the paper will disintigrate. I'll know when it's been delivered. Payment will be delivered to your home when the package has been delivered." once she took it he turns his head to glance towards Delaney again. He was curious as to what she was doing...flirting again? At least she wasn't broadcasting her aura again. Maybe his training IS working after all--see? Delaney isn't as hopelessly useless as he originally thought.

20:04:10 Galen So far it didn't' seem anything more than idle chit chat between Delaney and the male she had gone up to but it still didn't help matters in how she was presenting herself and he looked away again, in hopes of downing beer number two and getting something stronger the next round. He had finished off his beer, slamming the bottle down before he looked up, upon hearing a voice, and he saw the Doctor there, the one he had given a sample of the drug too and already she had given up all that she knew. It was heard to tell who to trust these days, but so far the Dark Queen herself had betrayed him, even though he still was pledged with them, he wanted to trust Jade. Her results caused him to look more pissed off than he had been already but she had done her best right? "Are you sure that's all you managed to get out of it? It's so..vague." A shifter? -20:04:21 [Galen] That word didn't settle well with him since he himself was one but at least it was a lead and something to move forward with. "I'm going to assume you did your best, so thank you." He had motioned for her to sit, if she so wanted to. "Did you want a drink or are you off duty?"-e-

20:05:43 [Evaleena] Truth be told, Eva was a new resident of the energetic city of Boston. Just yesterday, in fact, she had managed to put a down payment on a grubby little apartment that she adored. However, she was in need of financial means which, ultimately, had her navigating through the busy streets in search of a job. Several places appeared promising, and one had even assured her of a second interview. Still, Eva preferred to be thorough; there were, after all, tons of places she hadn't had the chance of applying for. Side stepping out of the way of a man hell bent on knocking her off the sidewalk, Eva came across a shadowed place that happened to catch her eye between a couple of washed out buildings. It wasn't extraordinary in appearance, but it was another potential opportunity. Eva combed her fingers through her long, auburn curls, hoping to smooth the tangles that the wind had caused before entering. Adjusting the light green blouse and tucking in the pockets of her jeans, she slipped inside, heeled shoes 20:05:53 [Evaleena] click clacking slightly against the floor. There she waited for a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. The heavy scent of booze assualted her nostrils while the steady buzz of conversation and music thrummed against her ears. After a moment of critical study, Eva navigated her way between perfumed bodies and tables to the bar, trying to locate someone who appeared to work there. A male voice greeted her and she wasted no time in leaning close enough for him to hear her inquirey. "I was hoping for an application?" She asked loudly, watching him respond by handing her a sheet of paper and promptly giving her directions to speak to the owner. Raising a brow, Eva obeyed, forcing herself back into the crowd toward the direction he had indicated. The door was slightly ajar, but she knocked anyway very softly against the rough surface. "Hello?"

20:09:44 [Penance] She accepted the note and nodded her head. She had no doubt about the paper vanishing as she'd seen her Sifu pull it on somebody else with a diagram. "Will do." She went back to her Irish Car Bomb. GREAT! She thought about it for a second, how in the hell?! She'd forgotten her cash. "Eh- dude, you don't mind if I wipe tables down for this or if I get a tab started? I swear I'll pay ya back for this drink!" The music was finally getting to her and her foot tapped along in anxiety and to the music. She really didn't look amused with herself. Yeash- Penance dear, get your act together!

20:11:09 Hector` he seemed done with his drink however it was only half empty. So, being the gentleman and unwasteful person he was, he pushed it towards her along the table, his eyes on the glass. “I’m done, you could finish it off if you like.” He offered, mildly concern she would take his offer the wrong way and by that I mean making use of her as a disposal. When she mentioned being watched and having an issue with it, he busted out with cheerful laughter shaking his head. “Delaney… You are always being watched! Honestly, how can someone such as yourself be upset with that sort of situation.” He said, laughter tugged at his words. Hector was characteristically a light hearted person. He had always been. It made life all the more interesting when you actually enjoy it. His amusement died by the time the trouble in paradise thing continued. “And why, pray tell, do you believe I am more free than yourself? Trust me, there are many things I would like to do that I cannot… 20:11:23 [Hector`] And many things I have done that I should not have, many mistakes that could have and should have been avoided.” He said, grimacing a bit as he looked away, memories consuming him for a moment and they were hardly pleasant.

20:12:17 TheTwins A figure slipped into the bar wearing a simple pair of dark blue jeans and black sneakers, converse, the toe of eash sneaker had been worn in, scuff and bits of dirt caked onto them. His shirt, wrinkled lightly, from a hard days work, cling loosely to his body. The white shirt has a simple emblem on it, it was a clock with both hands pointing to an impossible time. A pair of black framed glasses rested atop his head, hidded partially by messy brown locks of hair. His deep blue eys skimmed the room as he looked for any familiar faces. He had hoped this bar held something familiar to him. Alas he was alone. His feet slowly shifted, step after step lead him towards the nearest empty stool at the bar counter. He sat down and let his arms fall gently atop the polished surface.

20:15:29 Jade looked at Galen as she sat, he seemed a bit, what was the word she was looking for . . . afflicted. Yes, he seemed afflicted, but that was before she had even given her the news of what she found from what she had been offered. "Yes, that is all I found. And of course I did my best, otherwise, I would not be an MD. I take my job seriously. " At least as seriously as she could. Anyway, she nodded. "Well, I could send it in with a pharmacist friend I have, have him separate the compounds. But I'm not sure what good that will do. The blood itself is infused so much with drug, that it was a miracle I got anything at all." News of betreyal in the Fae worl traveled fast. There was no reason for her to act shady with the Dark Prince, although, wouldn't it be more suitable if she called him now, the Fallen Prince? This made her smile to herself before asked for a beer. "Well, if I wasn't off duty it would hardly be ethical of me to drink and then go back to my job. " -C-20:16:43 Jade she smiled and then settled her eyes on Galen again. "People don't pay me to go in there and act like a fool. I do that for free." A little lightheartedness never killed anyone right? Yeah. "Are you in a bad mood?"

20:15:31 [Ogawa] [Ogawa had been playing a jumbled mix of Metallica songs. They went together well, but when a knock came behind the door, Ogawa's Hunter sense went out to see what was beyond. Once he got the right information, he spoke "Come in!" he said as he set down the guitar. His current mix of emotions were... complicated. He was burdened. With what, it couldn't yet be discerned, although there was an alternative notion that was completely sensible: Lonely. This one felt alienated and alone. Why was yet undiscernible.]

20:19:54 [Delaney] She was about to explain about the different kind of looks one got. Some were better than others, however her eyes caught the woman who’d sat with Galen, whispering quietly to the man. Of course, unaware that Jade was in fact the Doctor, it was one more kick in the gut for Delaney. Another woman. Not Jessica. She as tempted to walk over there and debated doing it but she also sensed from Hector she’d picked upon a sore spot which caused her to pause in her action momentarily. “I suppose we are all slaves and prisoners to our fate.” The words were thought upon as she spoke them, the irony not lost on her though she was unaware of her position in the current happenings or the Midhir prophecy. “I suppose we always believe someone else is much better of than ourselves. Even Fae.” A light shrug was given as her eyes shifted toward the couple in the booth, her stomach churning. Succubi, when attached to a certain individual will feel a utter and complete sense of jealousy, near border lining chaos and this is ---20:20:14 [Delaney] is what she felt deep inside. Not just being denied and given the “cold” talk - she’d found the one male she could be with that hadn’t woken up dead beside her and he’d spurned her. Though that turned her attention to Hector which in turn made her wonder if it was the same with all Fae. They were stronger than mortals, could withstand much more and the energy they gave was insurmountable to anything else. Without thought, the woman took the drink he’d pushed her way before moving in, her hands rising to his face, aiming to gently hold his cheeks as she’d whisper. “Forgive me..But I must try something.” before she attempted to plant her lips upon Hector’s. She knew she couldn’t hurt him physically - at least not in a painful manner. Her intentions were misconstrued. This was a whole different ball game for her. Jealousy is a green monster and in this case it had settled hard inside Delaney.

20:26:35 [Penance] "What? Dance? I can do that.", she said with a grin. "Gonna snag someone too." She slid her ipod out of her pocket and hooked it up to the sound system. A catchy cross of metal and industrial music would play. She tapped her foot along and started what would be a partial kata instead of a dance and snapped some glowsticks that would be a bright red. "Hey miss?", she called out to Cashmere, "Wanna help me? You've got the mmmmooooooves!" She flicked her wrists and created a bit of a spiral pattern that would alternate into bars and lines keeping in tune with the beat. She could be wickedly fast as well. Whether or not anyone watched or not didn't matter. One thing was for sure, she loved music! Sweat trickled down her body. The lights were mesmerizing off the glow sticks with her taking center stage....

20:28:29 [Dannethion] Dannethion himself has seemingly vanished from the club altogether. Having gone outside as he exhaled the last puff of smoke as he flicks the cigarette butt onto the ground and stomped on it and put it out. Tucking down the brim of his hat down over his face as he places his hands into the pockets of his coat as he began to walk off and away. He had come here only to see what a glutton demon was doing here, and that was ruined by Ogawa--which he wouldn't forget--and it seems Penance was almost done with his armor. So all in all, things were even tonight. But he told himself that if Ogawa got in his way again--he was going to kill him. Czar's son or not. For now, he was going to go prepare Delaney's test that will be happening in the next few days. Whether she was prepared for it or not, ~Take a few days off from training, I'll be back for you in a few days--prepare yourself.~ he told Delaney even as he disappeared into the depths of the city.

20:29:23 Evaleena looked around the room as she waited for an answer, feeling the familiar tug against her skin as it clawed toward the throb of energies exploding throughout the crowd. It was easy enough to decipher the difference between certain people. Once, she had had the displeasure of catching a vampire's attention; Eva had not been prepared for the disturbing level of control it had taken her to avoid him. The knowledge that myths could have some truth to them had been an unsettling realization, but now the difference between human and whatever else was out there was apparent. This power of hers, whatever it was, had given her trouble in the past and no doubt it would again if she were not careful. So, although she knew there were others in this very bar, she turned toward the greeting as though she were blissfully normal. "Hi," She said, giving Ogawa a skeptical look. "Um... I was told to speak to the owner about a job?" Eva raised a red brow, disbelieving that this person could be an owner of anything but20:30:00 [Evaleena] but that guitar he was putting away. He looked a little younger than Eva expected someone of means and experience to look. So, she waited for him to tell her that the owner had stepped out and that he would be back in a few minutes, her fingers twiddling with the application still being held in her hands.

20:34:50 Hector` eyes narrowed considerably when he lost her attention for her, well, he was not sure who the male was she kept looking at. For the longest time, he just starred at Del, not sure if it was right to feel insulted by her lack of focus or not. Finally, irritated though it didn’t really show on his controlled face, he looked over towards the booth and his eyes brightened a bit at the sight of Jade, a chuckle escaped him as he watched her talk with the male. “How ironic…” He said more to himself then to her as he looked back towards her. “You’re desire is consorting with mine…” He murmured. He didn’t have anything to add to the fate comment, he was actually secretly impressed she came to that understanding at such a tender age but he didn’t feel the need to bolster the woman’s bloated ego more so than necessary. He was about to comment on something else but at moment, her hands were touching his face. Immediately his eyes narrowed and his hands lifted to grip her wrists20:35:05 Hector` and remove them however something in her eyes put his concerns to rest… This was an experiment of hers, not pass… He seemed to relax just a bit, his arms back where they once were, on the bar, the other on his knee as he let her kiss him… Assuming she let it end and nothing unfortunate happened to him, the first thing he’d say, quietly, not wanting to ruin her experimentation. “Yeah, you’re going to have to explain yourself.” His tone for the first time not all that friendly, he didn’t much like being used without his permission.

20:39:34 [Ogawa] [Ogawa never failed to disappoint in this aspect. He stepped forward and attempted to shake her hand. "Well, I own this place... My name is Ogawa Masanori Asumoto." The skeptical look said it all on her face. "It may be that I am young... Yes I know I do not seem very business oriented, but I do know what is to be done. As you can see, business is fine," he said with a polite smile. "According to stereotype, asians make the best business owners because we can calculate numbers the best." That was a joke, if one that made himself look rather foolish. He'd extend a hand to the couch. an invitational gesture. "Sit, please. I'm just playing guitar and obtain a little peace right now, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask."]

20:40:12 Galen raised a hand to get a waitresses attention, he needed something stronger and he knew just the ticket as he grinned. "I need you to dig deep and get me two glasses of Absinthe, the traditional way, and the real stuff. None of that cheap knock off stuff. Wormwood and all and the real dosage." The waitress looked at him a moment then nodded and left to go get the drinks while Galen looked back to Jade. "I don't trust many people but I have been lead to trust you, which is the -only- way you ended up with that sample. Don't send it off to anyone else, I trusted you and if sending it to them won't do much more good, then we will work with what you have found out." At her attempt of making a comment to lighten the mood, he pulled his eyes completely away from the situation. at the bar but her question caused any smile, fake or otherwise, to fade. "I'm fine, why do you ask?"-20:40:27 [Galen] The waitress returned with two glasses, a special silver spoon and two sugar cubes on a plate then placed the bottle on the table. Galen grinned, a true drink and one that would mess you up beyond words if indulged in too much. He placed the spoon over the glass, added the sugar cube on the top of it then picked up the bottle and poured the liquid inside over it, which would dissolve the sugar cube into the mixture. The liquid was a vibrant clear green in color but once poured over the sugar cube, it would turn cloudy. "Drink up Doctor. It's been a long, long night." He did the same to his own before raising it to her, "Sláinte" , spoken in an Irish accent, then drank down the liquid which burned but left a taste like black licorice. This wasn't just a drink you got drunk off of, it caused much more than that when consumed in a good amount.-20:40:36 [Galen] He had just looked up and back to the bar as Delaney made a move to kiss Hector. His eyes flashed yellow and he growled loud enough to be heard, nothing was tearing his eyes away from the scene.-e-

20:43:48 Delaney was temporarily caught of guard, not catching his words about Jade first and foremost for her mind was on other things. The kiss itself was harmless, nothing other than a kiss. But one she had been tempted to do for the wrong reasons. The situation on the whole was confusing to say the least as she stepped back, lowering her hands, hearing the tone in the male’s voice. Her brows furrowed, her eyes fixed on his, demure and yet lost as she wondered how he too had been oblivious to her charms. “I’ve lost my power..” She spoke - a near dreamlike state of disbelief. “ It is all I can think. I’ve lost them. I.. ” There was, for a moment a sense of innocence, Dannethion’s voice in the back of her mind though it was quickly put aside. Her eyes moistened as she blinked, trying to fight away the tears, feeling humbled and ashamed at her actions. Yes, Succubus can feel that too. Another step back, she shook her head, the dark strands of hair whipping around her face as she tried to formulate her words. “I’m sorry. I -20:44:03 [Delaney] am so sorry.” Indeed she was. So much, she turned away from him and moved into the crowd, trying to find her way to the exit through the mass of people that were within the bar.

20:48:59 Jade looked at the Galen. "Well, I could try and to some research on my own. And try to clear the sample, run it through electrophorisis, and see if I can get some more DNA sequencing going." Her eyes fell on the drink offered by the Dark Prince. "Umm, well, I'm pretty light weight when it comes to these things. I rather just have my beer." Her voice was always pleasant. "Just mentioned it because you seemed a bit afflicted by someone at the bar. By the smells. . . it was that girl, the girl that got injured by the parrot. And , she's with someone I've just recently met. Troubles of the heart?" Jade had learned that the heart was in constant struggle with the mind (well, two different parts of the mind were constant struggle with each other was more likely, but people always had these silly things they said about heart versus brain). Jade's eyes turned finally to noticed that it was indeed Hector whom she had smelled and the girl that Galen had been trying to aid. -C- 20:50:20 Jade Well that was something one didn't get to see everyday. Or perhaps, it was something completely common. She was sure she had a point but she always got carried away with tangents. Anywho, she had learned that it was better to take things as they came, and to just love and cherish those we love while we are with them. Otherwise things get too complicated, and that never did anyone any good. -e-

20:51:26 Cashmere was dancing alone with an alcohol induced flush about her cheeks and let the music soar inside and out through the dance moves. Some slender guy in baggy khaki's and grey aviator type jacket and an unkept goatee leaned forward and gave Cashmere a smile before offering a hand with a little white pill on it, "It's E, man," the guy said while handing over the pill. Cashmere took the pill but only pretended to take it before slipping it in what was likely a pocket under the garish Victorian gown, smiling to the man. When Penance called out Cashmere turned with a smile, "Yeah!" she replied before joining the other in dancing expert moves shifting her body expertly to the beat. "I'm Cashmere!" she called out over the music in a musical, mincing tone.

20:51:51 Evaleena avoided his hand altogether, her gaze straying upward as he came toward her, seeing as he was taller than her. Her jaw hardened slightly as she felt his inner conflicts untangle before her, but her eyes remained steady. Eva had, after all, had a lot of practice. "I'm Eva Baringer; nice to meet you." She said in response to his introduction, taking a seat as indicated. A flicker of a smile formed across her mouth at his attempt at humor, though it did not meet her eyes. He was one of them, that much was obvious. The movement of her hands rubbing her arms came off as harmless, indeed the motion was a safe one considering the light chill of the establishment. But she never felt safe in the presence of one with power, it caused her to feel that not-so-subtle weight lifting to reach for him, an invisible motion that felt as apart of her as her own limbs. "Well, if business is good, I'm hoping that means you have an opening somewhere in your business." Eva still remained skeptical of his claim, though

20:53:50 Hector` , for the first time in a long time, was caught off guard. Her reaction was bewildering to him… He would have never had guess the confident woman could have been so easily broken down by a mixture of her experiment and his reaction. That almost harsh look on his face calmed and turned into something more akin to concern as he rose up as she took her second step back. “Delaney… I just want an explanation, not an apology…” He said lightly, when she started to make her full retreat, his hand reached out and took her elbow carefully, stopping her. “You’re just as whole as you ever were… You’re charms are just less effective on Fae… And, I reacted the way I did because I am, more experienced, than the majority of this world.” He offered her a smile then, taking compassion on her as he chose to build her up a bit, obviously he wasn’t comfortable with the idea that something he did brought harm to her. “I’m actually quite content with the fact my old world charms are effective enough to earn such20:54:03 Hector` attention from one as lovely as yourself.” It wasn’t exactly a lie, a part of him really had enjoyed the attention and the kiss, he just wasn’t fond of the reasoning behind it. “Please don’t be upset… It is a waste of time to be saddened by such little things.”

20:55:44 [Penance] In mid step Penance cracked open two more glow sticks and tossed them to Cashmere. "Penance! Can you mirror?" she asked holding a pattern of the sticks for a few moments longer then usual for drama and for Cashmere to catch up. Her head kept bobbing along to the music. Where the hell was she getting the energy to dance like she was?! A little at a time, Penance made a pattern that looked faintly like a dragon flapping its wings in the lights the glow sticks provided. If she were going to give a dance, she wanted to make sure it was a show!

20:58:40 [Ogawa] [Ogawa nodded. "We just opened up tonight actually. So I have friends here helping out tonight. I really need people to get hired on, and the more the better. What kind of job were you looking for?" Ogawa both explained and asked. His hands plucked the strings of his guitar, and he kept his distance. When someone was uncomfortable around you, it's a feeling one can easily pick up. Ogawa understood this. After all, he didn't ask to be this way, fate chose it for him. The most he could do was make the most out of what he could and hope he didn't inconvenience people. "In truth this building was going out of business when I inheirited it. My aunt on my father side... she passed away recently, and no one in my family wanted the responsibility of it. So I took a lemon and tried to make lemonade, as you Americans would say."]

21:00:41 Cashmere caught the glow sticks and held one in each hand, the light refracting off of the different reflective colors of the nailpolish on Cashmere's hands. "Nice to meet you!," and, "Yes I can!" were replied over the din of the dance club. Cashmere moved the glowstick in perfect pantomime to Penance's moves standing next to her to join in giving a show to the crowd, wich certainly got a lot of attention while Cashmere scanned the crowd with dazzling blue eyes and seeing all the happy and the intense people getting into the scene and music and dancing and a wide smile appeared on her plump cherry lips painted pink and a giddy laugh escaped.

21:03:30 [Delaney] The woman was utterly confused. If he was unaffiliated by her charm, then what had happened with Galen. He was Fae and he’d obviously felt something with her as she him which made the situation all the more bewildering. She was stopped by the gesture of his hand upon her. Though she knew she’d made a mistake. Del was raised as a human, by human parents. Adopted of course, but humanity was far stronger than other Fae and this was the situation as now. Oval eyes peered toward the male as he spoke, long lashes laced with the moisture of her tears. “You are.. So nice.” She commented in a strange, almost foreign voice. “Everyone else has tried to kill me. Or at least it seems like it since I’ve got here.” A matter of fact, the statement couldn’t be more true and the female was obviously conflicted about something that was far beyond her understanding. She signed softly, and in a resigned manner she spoke the truth. The confidence was there, but underneath the surface, hidden behind the question of doubt that --21:03:54 [Delaney] Galen had planted within her. “I allowed myself to get close to someone, thinking that they felt the same. Only, it turns out they didn’t. I’m.. I’m not use to being turned down.” Her words sounded alien, strange to be admitting such a weakness, but it was the upbringing that she’d had until eight years ago. An attempt at hardening herself during that time had been successful on some levels, but this now - with Galen was beyond her scope. “Being what I am, its hard to truly imagine someone caring for ME. Not my powers. But for me. I thought.. Had hoped.. But I made a terrible mistake. It’s either that or my powers have gone because he’s sitting right over there and yesterday, I walked in upon him with another woman. This is just.. Out of my territory. I wanted to see if I kissed you, if all Fae gave me the same reaction, but it appear now.” A jumble of words had been given before she continued. “I am sorry. Truly I am. I was wrong. And I’ve taken up enough of your time with my foolishness. Thank you.. --

21:06:33 [Lilium ] The day had gone buy, passing fast as she slept till night hit. She pushed up from the carpet, feeling the cool air of the night run in through the open window. Her head swam, eyes throbbing as she stood. Both hands ran to her temples, rubbing them as she moved to the bathroom. Lilium gazed into the mirror, starring at the bloodshot grey/blue orbs. Her skin seemed to crawl, not because Fae are around, but because she needed more Spellbound...or rather 'Fairy' from what Dreamer had called it. Oh, the card! Lilium reached into her shirt with her left hand, pulling the card out and staring at the number while walking to her room. Lilium changed into a pair of carpi black cargo pants, a grey from fitting tanks top, and white sock and the normal ankle high black converse shoes. Those visions had become ever so clear and seemed to happen more often. Though, Lilium seemed to have fallen off the path of her life. She had quit going to college and was on the verge of losing her job. Lilium stuffed a twenty in her~c

21:07:23 [Lilium ] right pocket, along with the keys, I.D., and cell phone. Before leaving, she grabbed a pair off sun shades in order to hide her dilated bloodshot eyes. She made sure to lock the door behind her as she left. While moving down the stairs, Lilium ran her fingers through her mid back length wavy auburn hair, pulling loose the tangles as she headed down the flights of stairs. The club, Lilium knew she could get drugs there. Her heart raced, almost forgetting that anything else mattered. That is, until she reached the bottom step. Her heart paused for a moment as the vision hit. It was quick, faster than the other times it hit. The blood moon eclipse, ravens, stone thrown, pillow, the wooden bowl. It may have lasted all of ten seconds, but it was enough. Damn, she needed something to ease her mind. Her left hand readjusted the shades as she passed through the apartment complex doors and out to the street. Come on, where is a dealer when you need one! Her converse pressed softly to the sidewalk as she passed ~c21:08:58 [Lilium ] through the alley way. She found it quite hard to walk around at night with the shades on. Lilium glanced to the ballet studio in which she used to spend much of her time. She just turned her head and continued down the street.~e

21:09:42 [Evaleena] "Well," She answered, green eyes raising upward as she considered his question. "I've had a few months experience as a cocktail waitress. I'm afraid I don't know much about alcohol, but I can learn." Eva left the idea open for him to conclude at that point, watching his fingers as they produced random bits of melody. Never before had she had an interview with a guitar playing, teenage owner. The scene was strange to her, but she was grateful that a job might come of it. As he explained the demise of the bar's former owner, Eva brought about an expression of polite sympathy. "I'm sorry." Eva could sense the shadows he was doing a good job of concealing in his politely pleasent manner. The hollowness was ebbing its way into her mind, leaving her struggling to remain in the present state, in this normal conversation.

21:08:59 Galen had watched her attempt and the fact she had failed, wrists grabbed and now she was leaving. He didn't understand what she was doing, and he now knew how she had felt when she had seen him kiss another. It was all messed up and wrong but he was suppose to stay away from her, easier said than done. The drink, by this time, had caused a nice warm feeling to appear inside of him but if continued to drink what he was, then the night would end up being a black out session. She had been stopped and now she was still talking to the male. He couldn't deal with it, he looked to Jade as she spoke. "It has nothing to do with the heart. I don't' care what she does!" He looked at Jade once. "If there's more tests, then run them." He watched Delaney walk out of the bar and he got out of the booth, beyond angry. "Just do what you have to." He hated being short with Jade, she had helped but he wasn't letting Delaney off that easy. He decided to follow her as he left the bar, drinks and all behind.

21:12:50 Jade looked at the table. "Dang, Mr. Moodypants." She continued drinking her beer as she nodded about the test. "Well, if he didn't care about what does, sure could've fooled me." That was supposed to be inside her head, but too lazy to take out the i >.>, so, she just said it aloud to herself more than anyone. It was nice to see that Hector was fiting in quite well, she hadn't expected anything else. And well, what was awesome was BEEERRR after work.

21:16:27 [Ogawa] [Ogawa smiled. The Hollow feeling passes with polite conversation. He was very charming and polite. He wasn't like most fae at all... because he was only half-fae. The other half was human. But in regards to her experience... "We can train you to be a bartender if you like. We also have positions available for dancers, if you like, we have a kitchen in the back, or if you want to give it a try you can be a cocktail waitress, but the clothing you might wear will be kind of skimpy for that. It's how drinks get sold faster. If this offends you, I'm sorry." He wasn't trying to be a pervert... he just wants to see his bar successful. He won't ask her to do anything that she doesn't want to, and the notion could easily be sensed. Like his clan, he has a very strong sense of honor. Friendship and such goes a longway with this boy, it seems. "I never knew her, so it's not a problem, really."]

21:16:30 [Penance] The woman kept the dance up until the song ended! "Lady Cashmere! That was excellent!", she exclaimed before bowing to Cashmere. "All thanks goes to the lady!" Wait?! Was she implying that she herself wasn't a lady? She grinned devilishly before hopping off the stage and accepting the back slaps moving out the door of the club. She couldn't keep up the charade anymore yet that night. She needed to rest again. The woman had a habit of testing her limits on a daily basis. It was a toss up between where she went first, her place or the park? At any rate, she was gone!
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