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 Avery Thomas

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Name: Sawynnedoril
Aliases:Avery Thomas, Dreamer, Mr. Feel-good
Age: 117
Date of Birth: October 28th 1893
Place of Birth: Coleville, England
Nationality: British (living illegally in the US)
Occupation: Dealer

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Brown
Build: Slight
Complexion: Fair

Race: Elf
Clan: Neutral
Position: Folk
Chicanery - Sawynnedoril can manipulate the emotions of others, enhancing or depressing them as he sees fit. He often uses this to create unnaturally powerful emotions in humans which he can later extract and sell.
Oneromancy - In short: Dream magic. Sawynnedoril can influence people's dreams to follow any path he sees fit, and for brief amounts of time he can enter a person's dream to commune with them. Again, he typically uses this ability to create incredibly vivid dreams that he will later steal and sell.
Strengths: Charisma and wit, charm and smooth talking
Weaknesses: Abhors mirrors, can't cross a line of brick dust, is bound by his true name
Family: Agwynnedoril (Father), Melindirielle (Mother), both alive and living in the UK
Brief History: Sawynnedoril was born in the English countryside near the turn of the century. He had a loving home life, learning from his mother and father how to balance life in the mortal world with life among his elf kin. His parents were both active within the Seelie court and tried to teach him the ways of the Light. Sawynnedoril had a bit of a rebellious streak.
He was far more interesting in mingling in the human world. Instead of bothering with court politics he went out and caused havoc. Like any capricious teen he drank, slept around,and experimented with drugs. Somewhere in there he learned how to live the easy life.
Drugs were easy to come by if you knew the right people, but what about the more abstract things? Could a person buy happiness? What about love? The strange nature of the Fae and their powers opened up a world of opportunity to Sawynnedoril. He used his charms and wit to make friends, fall in love, and have endless fun...then turn around and sell the emotions just like a drug. The sad and weary flocked to him just to feel something other than the doldrums of their miserable lives and he was happy to oblige.
His parents were understandably upset to see that their son had degraded himself to the level of a dealer. Rather than torture his parents, forcing them to watch his debouched lifestyle he left for America to make his fortune. He is still little more than a dealer, though he has moved to selling hard drugs as well as abstracts, and lives in a shit hole apartment in Southy.
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Avery Thomas
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