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 Galen Fitzpatrick

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PostSubject: Galen Fitzpatrick   Galen Fitzpatrick I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:40 pm

Name: Galen Mac Giolla Phádraig (Fitzpatrick)
Aliases: Dark Prince
Age: 455 years old, appears to be in his early to mid twenties
Date of Birth: October 13th, 1555
Place of Birth: Baile Átha Cliath(Dublin), Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Private Investigator

Height: 6'1
Weight: 195lbs
Hair color: black
Eye color: Hazel
Build: Medium build, well toned.
Complexion: Medium
Race: Shifter
Fae Clan: Dark
Position: Prince and Heir (Though he hasn't any reason to believe he'd be an Heir at this time)
Powers: Able to take on the form of any Human or Fae in Human form. Is able to take the memories from others for the last 24 hours. (Used when taking on the form of another if it suits his purpose.) - He is able to shift into another human by using a picture or just visual and in person, which only will last a maximum of 30mins but if he touches another then he will have their imprint and he can can that form for a maximum of a few hours.
Strengths: Has an excellent sense of hearing, in all forms. Never forgets a scent, once he has yours he'll always be able to track you down if he so wishes.
Weaknesses: Silver. Also, during a full moon, he has no control over his shifting.
Fae Race: Shape Shifter
Family: Ash Mac Giolla Phádraig - "The Ash" (Father), Bridgette Mac Giolla Phádraig (Mother)

Brief History: Born of two Fae Parents, both Shifters and both change into tigers of normal coloring. During his first shift, both his parents were more than surprised to see that when he changed, he wasn't like them, not exactly. Instead of orange, black and white coloring, his markings were black and white, with black being more domineering. Right away his parents knew there was a tinge of the Dark Fae in him already, no matter what side he would choose. He grew up fine, though every once in awhile the Dark side of things tended to intrigue him far more than then should have. At age 20, he was forced to choose and without giving it a second thought, he choose to be Dark Fae. This came as a surprise to not only the Light Fae but to his parents as well, hoping he would have followed in his Father's footsteps. Now they remain divided and have for a few centuries.
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Galen Fitzpatrick
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