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 An ordinary day..

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PostAn ordinary day..

13:34:22 [Peter_Xarhilm] Another day. Just another day for the Phoenix. He had spent the evening with Penance again, the two sleeping together in his bed. He had awakened, got some breakfast and was now putting on the straps of daggers on his left thigh. Placing the Amulet of Courage that Penance made for him around his neck, and attaching the scabbard which contained the Sword of Light on his right hip. The belt strap for the scabbard in question was worn around his waist. Peter needed some answers from The Ash, but he was going to wait for The Ash to call for him. Due to the events of the evening prior, Peter was no longer working as The Morrigan's Enforcer--having been forcibly exiled from the Clan of the Dark. He went to The Ash instead, and joined the Clan of the Light. He only did this for protection against The Morrigan--for himself and his mate, Penance. As he had also claimed Penance as his charge. Right now he was looking at himself in his mirror in his bedroom, pondering what he was going to do today.

13:35:19 [Vran] Her greeting to him returned Vran to the present. The raven's black eyes shifted away from the vision, the vision of the cauldron, of the witch, of her future. He felt a thrill run through him. This girl would one day have what the Morrigan should possess. In any other form he would have laughed. Instead, black wings lifted, he cawed, hopped along the windowsill slightly away from the girl, as she opened the casement. One quick look around the room, he noted the place and the possessions. Torn between staying to learn more and leaving, he gave the girl one last look from the side of his head, tapped her hand once with his beak, and stepped backwards, spreading wings off into the night, to report back what he had learned, to she who was the leader of the Dark, and his Queen.

13:50:10 [Peter_Xarhilm whispers to Penance] Another day. Just another day for the Phoenix. He had spent the evening with Penance again, the two sleeping together in his bed. He had awakened, got some breakfast and was now putting on the straps of daggers on his left thigh. Placing the Amulet of Courage that Penance made for him around his neck, and attaching the scabbard which contained the Sword of Light on his right hip. The belt strap for the scabbard in question was worn around his waist. Peter needed some answers from The Ash, but he was going to wait for The Ash to call for him. Due to the events of the evening prior, Peter was no longer working as The Morrigan's Enforcer--having been forcibly exiled from the Clan of the Dark. He went to The Ash instead, and joined the Clan of the Light. He only did this for protection against The Morrigan--for himself and his mate, Penance. As he had also claimed Penance as his charge. Right now he was looking at himself in his mirror in his bedroom, pondering what he was going to do today.

13:56:22 ClaireMether woke up with a start, looking around wildly. She was...home? In bed? She looked down at herself, realizing that she was in her normal sleeping attire. When the heck had she come home? What had happened? She groaned as a headache formed, holding her head in one hand. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, trying to remember. Everything was blurry, like someone had turned the memories in her head out of focus and dumped them into clouds. The last thing she remembered clearly was the car crash, and trying to run....then it all got fuzzy. She got out of bed, brushing her teeth and using the restroom while she tried to put the pieces together; she went out into her kitchen, where she saw a note, and she froze as she recognized the writing. I owed you one. Won't be any trouble from the rental company or insurance. New car waiting outside. The stone is safe. Forget the case, the veil is disappearing. Be careful. She went over to her freezer, pulled out a new pack of cigarettes, then grabbed her13:56:54 [ClaireMether] lighter off the counter; she pulled out a cigarette, lit it, took a deep drag, then tossed the note in the sink and lit it on fire. Cancer...who the hell was he really? What the hell did he mean by 'the veil is disappearing'? She took a deep drag, wondering how the stone had disappeared; last she remembered it had been gripped in her hands. She sighed, sitting down at the table and wondering why her phone hadn't been blown up by the station wondering where she was at. Her eyes widened as she remembered that she'd lost the phone in the wreck; she ran to her house phone and dialed the station, trying to think of something, anything, to tell the captain that would sound reasonable. After two rings the captain did indeed pick up the phone. Captain Jenkins, Boston Police Department. "Captain it's Mether, I don't know what-" The Captain cut her off. Mether, you should still be resting after that wreck. A friend of yours came by and told us what happened. Take as much time off as you need.13:57:15 [ClaireMether] We can take care of things. Then the phone clicked before Claire could respond. She hung up her end, taking another drag and wondering when her life had turned into an episode of the Twilight Zone.

14:05:12 [Penance] "How long was I out for?", asked Penance who sat up and rubbed her eyes. She was awake for the second time and let out a long yawn and a stretch that seemed to reach all the way down to her toes, that was associated with yawning. "Did yas' get some rest too?" she asked. He was there when she woke up! W00T! She felt her heart flutter a little with happiness and desperately wanted to nail that feeling down or stick it in a pokeball to keep it! Now what to do? The woman was a master at add libbing as she went along, but seldom planned out a day, unless of course, she had orders to fill~

14:10:15 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was glancing over his talons on his hands and feet--which were appearing to be getting a bit rigid, from all of the clawing he's been doing lately. He sighed and opened one of the dresser drawers and pulled out a steel nail file. Sitting down on the bed as he began to file his talons into their sharper appearance--he couldn't use sandpaper as it was too brittle for his talons which were as hard as bone, "Entire morning and some of the afternoon, it's three O'clock right now." he responded and then nodded, "I did. I slept better than usual, as well." he took care to make the tips of his talons as fine of a pinpoint as he could get--he wanted maximum penetration if he decided to use these in combat! As usual, the Phoenix ate birdseed for breakfast--he was beginning to dislike it less and less as the days went by as it kept him full for the longest period of time! "Waiting for my new employer to call upon me."

14:19:46 [Penance] "Can I?" she asked with a soft smile. "I know how to use one of those." She knew how to put on a razor edge to a blade. She wriggled the fingers on her right hand expectantly before laying her hand out flat. "I could also do a little oiling for you here and there as well to keep them from getting ridgid." Hey, he'd been pampering her right? Surprisingly, she wasn't hungry just yet, but that would probably change later in the day. The power was back on in most of her favorite eateries.

14:23:53 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was also pretty adapt at keeping his talons nice and sharp. He stops filing the talons to glance at her--almost as if considering it. Then he places the file in her open offered palm, "I don't want them filed down, I'm basically resharpening them--think of that file as a whetstone, and my talons as the sword you're trying to sharpen. Too much and they break, too little and they're useless." and at the mention of the oil he pondered, "I could never use oils--I can't get the bottles open and applying the oil to my talons without making a mess didn't make it work it--I often had a taken a shower after the attempt because the oil gunked up my feathers."
14:31:13 [Penance] "Oh no! Those are far too nice to file down! I've done some sharpening work and the little bit of oil- I can do that or polishing even!" She would take the file and disappeared back into the kitchen and returned with a chair which she would sit down next to the bed before settling next to him. "Come on- slide em up on my lap." The file stayed in her right hand. She almost giggled remembering doing a manicure a few times. She'd done the manicure before making something like cat claws out of mithril! "Btw, nice shiny!" She'd finally noticed the blade he carried with him. As for the spear, it looked like a minuture spear necklace hanging around her neck, and the odds were high, she hadn't even noticed it there yet for herself.

14:37:47 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter watches her as she heads off to grab a chair and then places his hand on her lap with the palm up so that she can see the talons--the talons were long and hooked--though not nearly as thick or hooked as his foot talons, but that was typical of any bird species. But his hand talons' length only made them useful for slashing weapons and not so much grabbing weapons, "Hrm?" he noticed she was referring to the sword in the scabbard on his right hip--he had obtained the scabbard from one of The Ash's attendants at Trinity Hall, as they realized he couldn't keep it out all the time; "Oh that, yeah, it is. Still have no idea what it is--and you wouldn't believe me if I told you where it came from."
14:42:26 [Penance] She blinked before carefully starting to put an edge onto his talons. They would be a thing of dark beauty before she was done. Sadly she didn't have her kit at the apartment, or they'd be polished too. "Well- I have no proof that you're insane and if I were to try to prove it, I'd get locked up for being the nutter." She grinned knowing all too well how stories about the Fae and magic could go. "So try me." She kept busy sharpening his talons, but did it like she would a knife's edge. If you took it down too far, it would break and she knew that, but he'd find not only the tips sharpened but the sides as well. She seemed to have an actual passion for using the file!
14:49:31 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter snickers as she says that, he could feel the discomfort of having his talons being filed--once she was done with his first hand he lifted it and examined them, flexing his fingers as he smiles--seemingly he approved and then placed his other hand on her lap with the palm up, "Basically, I vomited lava out of my stomach and it formed into the sword. It shoots out blinding rays of light when I swing it, though. And it was able to slice a car in half near perfectly, or perfectly, with a single slash. When I checked the sword earlier--there's not a single scratch, marr, or notch anywhere along the blade at all. It's weird."
14:53:08 [Penance] She chuckled. "Fae blade.." How did she know? Call it a hunch? "How's the person who own's the car doing?" She tch'd softly looking at his other hand. He'd knicked one of his talons and it wasn't going to be even. That one was gonna take some time to fix! As for the lava, she had no trouble believing that. Who'd think she'd ever be sharpening the talons of a phoenix? Wasn't perspective fun?
14:54:47 ClaireMether was lounging on her couch now, having another cigarette and trying to relax. She'd had WAY too much excitement in her life lately, and a day to herself sounded very good. She was still in her sleepwear, just an oversized blue shirt and black panties, and unless something required her to dress, she had no intention of changing her attire. She had taken apart her handgun and was in the process of cleaning the parts. She also was trying to think of what she wanted to eat...she had some stuff in her fridge, although anyone who peeked through her kitchen would've thought a college student lived there. Claire had never been one for cooking, something which other girls had teased her about in school; she got the grades though, and that's what mattered. She took another drag then finished cleaning up her handgun, then thought about playing some music. She hadn't had much time for her violin as of late, and it might relax her some. She decided to do just that, as soon as she was finished with her gun.

14:58:58 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had noticed one of his talons was nicked--and it made him frown, as he was very much a vain bird. He enjoyed his body being 'perfect' in every shape, way, and form--the main reason his feathers shined in the light as they did was because of the shampoo solution he used all over his body when he took a shower--it was designed to bring out the fiery aspect of his inner core, whilst also only being a visual effect. However he'd let Penance handle it, "Fae blade? Probably. And the owner of the car? She's fine. She had some kind of magical artifact. Long story, can't say anymore about it--don't want you becoming a target." he was very vague in general about it--he noticed her necklace and thought it was nice, but he'd wait until after she was done sharpening his talons to mention it--he didn't want to lose this free manacure!

15:10:03 [Penance] "Peter, remember that when we met I was about to use pepper spray it seemed in a can on a cubi'?" She continued to work one talon at a time before he would have a nice neat set done of wickedly sharp talons. "If you changed boss's I'm already a target." She shrugged her shoulders gently. "Some things are worth fighting for." She hadn't grown overly lax in not dealing with conflicts, tho to her they were an everyday occurance, but if she were lucky enough to sneak in a trip into her favorite bookstore or to blade dance in a park, she'd take it!

15:20:26 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter nodded, "I remember that--you probably had something else inside of that can aside from typical pepper-spray, like iron dust or something?" come to think of it...he scratches his chin. Iron dust could be a useful weapon against Fae in the future! However at her arguing over wanting to know what he knew he shook his head, "Sorry. Can't tell you what I found, even if you're one to skirt danger constantly I still don't want to put you into a position like that--especially not against ones who know where you live and where you go at all times of the day, everyday."

15:27:38 [Penance] She chuckled. "You were right, tho its iron and pepper in a blessed can." As per them knowing where she went all the time, she actually pitied the ones that followed her to her jobs. As per having her apartment being checked, that was easily changed. "I trust you, hun. Its just a little easier for me to handle stuff if we're on the same page." The file was sat down before she gasped feeling her stomach churn suddenly. She'd eaten next to nothing over the last few days. "Let's get out of here for a while?" She hated sitting. "Sides I need to get some clothing and stuff back from my apartment." Really, she could sympathize with Delaney's dilemma!

15:32:50 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter took the file back as he brings his foot up onto the bed--bracing his heel against it and letting his toes hang over as he began to file his foot talons as he sighs, "I need to get these talons all sharpened first. There's an assortment of foods in the kitchen if you're hungry." he was hoping that she was going to be moving out of her apartment and into his own. He could even get a larger one, if necessary. He enjoyed being with her, and wanted them both to be in the same place--but he knew, for a fact that he and Penance would likely never have children of their own. Because their genetics were too diverse--he was of an entirely different species than a human. Mammals and Birds were in their own classes. So unless he utilized magical stimulants to force the pregnancy, it wouldn't happen. He nodded, "I understand that, Penance, but trust me--things that I know are things I'd wish I didn't know."

15:38:40 [Penance] She grinned. "One of these days, you really should come with me to the WeaponShop." She didn't know all that many people who would do well robbing the Demonic Flames Weapon Shop, let alone fighting in there! "I'd wind up cleaning out your ice box." She rose finally and would do a severe raid of his fridge'. The outfit she wore was horrible with ash all over it and a hole was right over where she'd been pinned to the wall, and her pants were slightly torn, and she realized she hadn't bothered to brush her hair. "What the hell did happen?" The Dagwood Sammich- from hell was made with it weighing well over two lbs before she was done. She hopped up on the kitchen counter to eat it. Maybe he knew she'd be hungry later?

15:43:24 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was able to sharpen his foot talons faster than his hand talons because he had two hands free to do it with, and he had to make sure each toe talon was perfectly sharpened and pinprick sharp. Because these were the talons that he used the most because of his walking around, grabbing his enemies, amongst other things. After he was done with both feet he stands up and puts the file into a dresser drawer and closes it up, and snatches a black bottle off his desk as he pads out of his bedroom and places the bottle down on the counter nearby Penance as he went to sit down on one of his open-back chairs and peers up and over at Penance, "That's the oil I try to use, but never wants to work--so I just go without most of the time. Bad thing about talons is that they aren't exactly friendly with childproof caps. I don't have fingerprints or ridges on my hands anymore, so my grip is considerably less than a normal person--unless you need me to clench a fist or my toes around someone."

15:56:46 [Lilium whispers to Delaney] Alright, I did not plan to add the push force for a while after the precognition from the light as started, like just adding it in if she ever gets into a life threatening battle. Has any mod been set to do the precognition things or should I just incorporate it? Cause, I am not sure what is going on between the Light and Dark at the moment.15:58:36 [Lilium ] The morning had been rough, full of vomiting and a headache. Still, she held a bit of a headache, but at least the purging had ceased. Lilium had already taken a shower, washing away the sweat from the crash the other night. Lilium still kept her door locked and had a peep hole installed, she tired of unexpected visitors. Today she had done nothing but cleaned, main focus on the couch that she had slept on. Her auburn, mildly wavy hair had been pulled up into a messy bun, to keep it from falling into her face as she cleaned. Lilium finally finished cleaning and found herself still itching for more of that drug. She knew it was bad, knew everything about it would lead to pain, but she still wanted it terribly bad. Her bills had finally been paid, thanks to Rath, and she even had enough to actually buy groceries! Ah snap! Her attire consists of a light blue T-shirt that held a picture of little clouds fighting and throwing lightening bolts at each other, black and purple swirl boy shorts panties, and a pair ~c 15:59:12 [Lilium ] of short dark grey shorts. She sat on her couch, eating a bowl of Smacks cereal with soy milk. The book she had took set open on the coffee table as she read over it a bit. Lilium pulled her long dancers legs up onto the couch, crossed. Mmmm, cereal. So long it had been. ~e

15:59:47 ClaireMether finished with her handgun and reassembled it, getting up off the couch and putting it back in its holster, which at the moment hung on her bedroom door. She went into her closet and gently picked up her violin case, carrying it out to her living room and opening it. Inside lay a Strativari, a highly prized violin that had been made in the 18th century. Her father had bought it for her, one of the few nice things he'd ever done for her. She was about to pick it up when her cell phone rang. She cursed and slowly sat down her violin case, closing it and getting to her phone. "Detective Mether." There's somewhere you should go. Just start driving, and think about the stone. The place you're looking for is in the Warehouse District. Don't take too long. "Cancer, what the fuck are you-" Click. The call ended, and it took all her willpower not to sling her phone against the wall. She stomped into her room, looking through her clothes and trying to decide if she gave a damn what she looked like.

16:26:40 JessicaG Is leaving the college after a long day of studying, she feels rather tired and just want to get a good sleep. While she walks she thought about the meeting of her clan last week, how they are worried with the new drug and the magic spells are becoming more and more chaotic. She so want to help, but they always think she is too young, even the fae she met also telling her this. She is not that young, she thought, and she is very smart. Suddenly she looked up from the road and sees she is in the area of the warehouse district, where The Cork is there. She is thinking if to go in or not, even that the fae know about her, they still don't like it she goes in by herself.

16:34:39 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was able to sharpen his foot talons faster than his hand talons because he had two hands free to do it with, and he had to make sure each toe talon was perfectly sharpened and pinprick sharp. Because these were the talons that he used the most because of his walking around, grabbing his enemies, amongst other things. After he was done with both feet he stands up and puts the file into a dresser drawer and closes it up, and snatches a black bottle off his desk as he pads out of his bedroom and places the bottle down on the counter nearby Penance as he went to sit down on one of his open-back chairs and peers up and over at Penance, "That's the oil I try to use, but never wants to work--so I just go without most of the time. Bad thing about talons is that they aren't exactly friendly with childproof caps. I don't have fingerprints or ridges on my hands anymore, so my grip is considerably less than a normal person--unless you need me to clench a fist or my toes around someone." [Repost]
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Post on Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:10 pm by Delaney
20:14:54 [Elleion Vault] He entered, closing the door behind him. Elleion peeked a brow as he saw her walking to a back room. For a moment he debated on following her back there, but decided not to. His long legs moved him over to the window, leaning against the wall as she returned and took a seat on the couch. His light blue eyes gazed to the iron rod. She meant business, kinky. His arms crossed over his chest, "Well, since I am in your home. My name is Elleion. May I have your dear," he asked, keeping distance from her and that rod.~e

20:19:51 [Lilium ] Lilium scanned over the book, reading about browines as he spoke. Well, at least she knew his name down. "I'm Lilium, Now, can you tell me what those visions mean," her thick French accent came through as she closed the book and looked to him. Lilium felt uneasy around him, like her gut was telling her this was a bad idea.~e

20:25:34 [Lilium ] Lilium scanned over the book, reading about browines as he spoke. Well, at least she knew his name down. "I'm Lilium, Now, can you tell me what those visions mean," her thick French accent came through as she closed the book and looked to him. Lilium felt uneasy around him, like her gut was telling her this was a bad idea. "You can't stay for long. Rath tends to show up at random times," she gave a nod, letting him know he was not going to be staying for to long.[e] Takes his end thing.

20:28:47 [BWRP] Plotpost: The Ash stood in the conservatory. His favorite room of the entire Hall, which was saying a lot considering the Hall was almost never ending in it’s beauty, style and opulence. His eyes were closed, those dark, rich features at peace in a near zen-like manner as his lips parted with soft, gentle breathing in time with the subtle piano music that cascaded through the many rooms in the background. The flora and fauna around him were both exotic and natural, a mix of flowers, breeds, species of most that were unknown to man, a delicate balance to encourage the simplicity of ecosystem. “Mr. Ash - everything is as you wished. The Owls are ready to send the word. I just wanted to clarify that you meant to invite everyone?” The small dryad secretary, Nyx spoke from a few feet away. A small, delicate creature who was beautiful, and yet almost eerie at the same time, beguiling but intriguing. “Ah, Nyx. How you question me on this. Yes, everyone. That includes the Dark. And those Humans who know, or work for---20:29:04 [BWRP] Plotpost: for us, with us.” The Clan leader opened his eyes, succulent chocolate hues oozed with confidence as white teeth shone with his genuine smile. His equally dark skin contrasting with the white suit he was privy to wear on most occasions. “It shall be fine, Nyx. Do not fret. I have seen this. It has been spoken to me and it shall be done. A night like no other. One to celebrate our was as we did so many, many moons ago.” Nyx couldn’t help the small smile that appeared upon her lips. “Very well. I can say.. I’m rather excited about the whole event. It’s been a long while since I’ve .. Well, danced.” The smaller fae spun out the room, delicate steps that found her moving back through the halls. Within minutes, a flock of Birds were released, all of which were white owls, their features ruffling in the wind as they flew. Before dawn, most citizens of Boston would find the invitation. The Black and White Ball, Masquerade to be held at Trinity Hall. Starting the day the moon was next full. Full dress and--20:29:23 [BWRP] Plotpost: decoration required… RSVP is not necessary.

21:19:28 [Ogawa] [Ogawa had his bags packed. The lease was paid in full to his landlord. He was waiting for the U-haul to come by. He was moving out of that stupid apartment complex to find a bigger area. A warehouse was for rent in the newspaper, and he was looking for the owner. There was a number to call, and it said to ask for someone named Penance. What better way to pass the time waiting than to secure his new home? He pulled out a phone, and began to dial in the number. He wrote it on his hand so he wouldn't forget, after all. Let's go ahead and secure place. Penance: ring ring.]

21:30:43 [Penance] Damn. She wasn't expecting phone calls anytime soon! "This is the Jenkins Morgue- You stab em' we'll slab em." There was a long silence so whoever called her on her Droid could answer. The cell phone number was unlisted, but there were a few that she had given it to. Hey! She did custom order knife work! Peter had to go on his rounds after their play time. Ah, it felt damned good to not have her place empty and to get a shower. Every now and then yet her side itched and she didn't know why and her wrists and ankles ached a little, but alas, she felt like she was on top of the world even if it were a temporary feeling!
21:35:06 [Ogawa] [Ogawa... blinked. Following that he said "Um, I think I have the wrong number, but I saw an add in the paper about renting out a warehouse. If I could ask, could someone named Penance give me a call? This is my cellphone and my number is 610 - 555- 3297. Thanks for your patience. Domo! Bye!" That said, Ogawa hung up the phone and sat down. He'll wait for a reply, he guesses.]

21:37:26 [Penance] The woman called him back. Ring, Ring, Ring! "Hey man. I was kidding. Yes, there's some warehouse space to rent." She'd been half delerious do to a lack of sleep when she rand the ad in the paper. "How big of a place are you needing?" Hey, she had a few investments going! It was easy work! "And how soon?" The music from The Cork could be heard in the background of her phone.

21:40:45 [Kerei] [] "Desu, desu, desu!" Through the (downtown) city streets a pink haired female ran. Following a very cute white kitty. They were her weakness. Pink curls bobbed up and down her shoulders. She was dressed in low rise jeans, a black tank top and a pair of very bright pink sneakers. There was nothing dull about the girl. However, one thing above all else stood out. She was alone and had no belongings. Anyway, she kept following the cat, almost getting run over by some cars who screeched to a stop, drivers yelling at her to get out of the way. Her eyes lit up as soon as she was able to catch the kitty that had caught her attention so much. She held it in her arms, cradled it and began to pet it as she walked down the streets again, this time a bit slower. "Desu, desu, desu.." []
21:45:04 [Ogawa] ["Well, I just moved out of my apartment, and I have a habit of collecting and remaking bladed memorabelia. So, at least big enough to live comfortably in for a time and to tinker around with some things. Is there any way I could come by with my things and set up a downpayment for a space tonight?" He noticed a pinkhaired girl running down the street after a kitty, and then he smirked. Maneki, his tiger familiar, took a glance at her and lay her head back down on the concrete beside him. Tell me again why were were moving away from the comfy couches, Boss? Ogawa looked down at Maneki... her face said that she was less than pleased. For the purpose of more room and privacy. That apartment was full of idiots and manwhores. This will be better. You'll see, Ogawa replied. Well, if it's not, I'm eating your Naruto collection, the tiger promised.]

21:50:44 [Penance] Luckily, Penance hadn't heard that or she would of laughed her ass off, much to his expense. "Bladed stuff you say?" She grinned but he could not see it. "Meet me outside of the Cork. I'll be the one smoking cinnamon Prime Time cigars, wearing the goth outfit propped against the east wall. You've got half an hour to get there." She didn't care what he brought. Why in the hell was his voice familiar? It was just as well. She lit up a smoke of hers and pulled on it taking a long drag. Much was on her mind.
21:58:19 [Kerei] [] She was trying not to think of home. Trying not to think of everything that made her sad, so she distracted herself with the kitty for a while. Kerei stayed there for only a couple of seconds though. People walking by were beginning to scare her. Her blue eyes peeked out from under her heavy bangs and she could see what she always feared would never go away. Colors. All kinds of distorted rainbows ranging from dark to extremely obscure. This wasn't the good part of the neighborhood and only now did she realize this. With a trembling lower lip the girl put the cat down, watching it run away before she slowly turned and began to walk once more. This time she stopped though, right beside a tall man who seemed to be on a phone call. She kept her distance but let herself be known because she kept staring up at him. His colors were odd and even though they weren't all what she would consider good, they were interesting to say the least. "Excuse me sir. Do you know where I can find some food?" -c21:58:30 [Kerei] Her voice was high pitched and very girlish. Everything about her screamed cute actually. That was when her gaze trailed down and she noticed the large... feline beside him. Her eyes lit up. "DESUUUUUUUUUU" Kerei wanted to pet it. []
22:17:50 [Ogawa] [He nodded. "Domo arigatou gozaimasu," the young man said in a formal thank you. When he hung up the phone, he rang up the U-Haul company and told them to get the lead out. Ogawa was in the process of calling a cab when the girl with pink hair walked up to him and asked about food. He looked at this one and almost blinked. He wondered if she actually recognised the fact that he was Japanese. He doubted it, but then held up a finger to indicate that he would address her. When the girl noticed Maneki, the bengal tiger retorted to being called a cat with a growl. Can I eat her, Boss? the tiger asked. Ogawa furrowed his eyebrows as he finished asking for a cab. What? No! We don't harm innocents! Ogawa cried through their psionic link. Lucky that Gojira was sleeping right now. She called me a kitty, Maneki grumbles. Do you have claws, whiskers, a tail, and go batshit over a laser pointer? Ogawa retorted. ...You suck, Boss, Maneki replied. +

22:23:30 [Penance] "To The Cork I go.", was said in an odd tone with her clicking off her phone. The woman put on her skull and roses shirt, black cargo pants again, and her black double spiked boots. The Cork was like a five minute walk away from where she lived, but then again, few could walk quite the same way Penance did when her mind was on something. The scent of metal and cinnamon would linger in the air off the woman. A few people were out on the streets selling drugs but nobody approached her while she leaned against the building. She wasn't Fae, and she didn't have that sweetheart look about her. A long yawn escaped her lips.

22:26:38 [Kerei] [] For a moment she merely stood there, silent as the grave. A gust of wind blew her bangs over her eyes, covering them. Through her own hair the girl noticed something from afar. It was a gray shadow in the corner. It made her take a step back and bite down on her lower lip before she shifted her gaze, now staring at her own shoes. "Huh..." It wasn't the fact that she had seen yet another ghost wondering around, it was that strange vibe she got. Unknown to her, the man and his familiar had a strong bond of sorts. The only thing Kerei could tell was that they were close. That something other than normal owner-pet relationship was going on. Not to mention that tigers weren't normal in the big city.. at least not that much. "So, No, never mind." She raised her head, now staring up at the man with puppy dog eyes. "Donations? I need money for food first." Of course a little runaway would need food eventually. She just wasn't planning on it so soon. []

22:37:57 [Ogawa] [Ogawa was a man of many things. Hateful towards demons, vampires, zombies, werewolves, and other things that went bump in the night. But he had one weakness in the socialization department that made him get those big jiggly bridge of crying eyes and the guilty conscience: Puppy eyes. The eyes of Puss in Boots from Shrek? The worst thing ever. Stabs him like an icy dagger. "So young! So brave! So hungry! Ogawa cried out suddenly. Oh gods, not this crap, Maneki said. "Alone in a hostile world with no one around who knows her name, capable only of relying off of the kindness of strangers to help her get by just so! Oh come with me, little one! I shall feed you and take you in as a friend!" Anime fist shake motion is inserted right here. Oh Goddess. We have a straggler. And she has the mastered the art of googly eyes. Ogawa Masanori Asumoto, you're an idiot.]

22:45:22 [Kerei] [] She just stared up at him, those puppy dog eyes shifting into more of a confused expression. Blink, blink. Kerei almost had to put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing. This was not the kind of reaction she was expecting. Again that vibration hit her. The guitar string strummed to the beat of an invisible melody between the man and the tiger. "Does this mean I get food?" She didn't trust easily, but because of her 'gift' sometimes she was able to tell the good seeds from the bad ones. This guy was odd, yes, but she sensed absolutely no evil in him for now at least. The girl stretched out her right hand, smooth skin betrayed by deep scars that covered her wrists. "My name is Kerei. What's yours?" The question was innocent enough. She hoped that not only would she get some food, but at least a name and a possible friend. Here's to hoping. []
22:53:12 [Ogawa] [The Uhaul was brought to bearing in that moment, and Ogawa stood as Maneki sluggishly got up and padded over to the girl. A sniff was given. Well, she's not much, but she's got a bit of sensitivity on her, Oggie, the tiger said nonchalantly. Ogaawa took this time to hastily throw all of his stuff into the Uhaul and shut the door. He opened the door to the Uhaul directly thereafter and then stepped aside from Kerei. "Ogawa Masanori Asumoto," the young man said with a grin. He would help her up into the truck if she would allow. "A pleasure to meet you, Kerei." Maneki just leapt up the back wall of the Uhaul and clung to the top of the vehicle. The big cat didn't like being claustrophobic, let alone being touched by strange wierd people. "Yes, we're going to a restaraunt and bar! Uhaul-Man! To The Cork!" And then off they went. The Taxi arrived ten minutes later. First confused, then pissed off.]

23:00:02 [Penance] The woman was indeed where she said she would be. The woman was listening to tunes via her phone and a hands free headset. Ogawa would probably recognize her from a few nights back. She was the kind of gal that knew how to dissapear into the wood work, yet had an unmistakeable face. The group she listened to was a virtual unknown called Hourstruck. A half a dozen German bands would play after that with a guy named GroundZero doing the DJ work. For the woman to be there at the Cork, she had to have been claimed, but her benefactor was out of sight.

23:00:49 [Kerei] [] Out of the corner of her eye she was still oogling at the tiger. She wanted to hug it, pet it, feed it. Just play with it. Kerei loved cats, and this one was really big so it was just too adorable to ignore. But since she was afraid it might bite her, her hands stayed in her pockets for now. "Ogawa Masanori Asumoto" she repeated with perfect pronounciation. By now she had noticed the similarities in apparent nationalities and it was a comforting thought. She got into the vehicle, but as soon as the doors closed and they took off Kerei had some confessions to make. "Ogawa, I just want you to know that if you try anything funny I have a knife in my pocket and I'm not afraid to use it... I don't care if you aren't.. Human." She didn't know what he was, but was certain a simple human was not it. Hopefully he wouldn't get too offended. If he did, she could always open the door and bail out of a speeding car. That was how she had run away in the first place. -c23:01:00 [Kerei] The bruise that was forming in her thigh was proof. []
23:09:45 [Ogawa] [Ogawa was not unreasonable. I mean, sure, he had moments where he broke a dude's jaw and completely owned a demon, but that was because they were either doing bad, or completely disrespected his family or his friends. So when Kerei was so honest, Ogawa nodded. "Understandable. Self defense is very important for anyone on their own," he said. Surprising answer, but Ogawa was a philosopher that way. "No harm will come to you from me. They traveled along then until they came to the warehouse district, where Ogawa soon after gave directions to the Cork and then jumped out of the car. He sang at this bar occasionally. So when he hopped out he walked towards the bar while the Uhaul guy parked the van. He had to find Penance.]

23:13:42 [Penance] Well, considering that she was expecting a guy to be moving, it wouldn't take her long to find Ogawa. The woman meandered over and slid out an unlit Prime Time cinnamon cigar and offered him and the gal both one. "You guys have a light?" She did smell of cinnamon already but had to bum lights. Why was she chain smoking?! Now and then, she felt the stress of what she'd become. Tonight was no different..Who'd believe that about two years ago, she was still living with her mother and fighting her step dad? "Take it you were the one who wanted to know about the warehouses?"
23:40:55 Elleion Vault walked causally over to the couch, sitting down on the couch. He made sure to sit on the opposite side in order to keep her from fretting to much. She did have that iron bar still. Both hands moved back behind his head in a relaxing position. The couch felt much better than against the wall. While he sat there, blood vines began to form out of his wrists, crawling back behind the couch. The vines began to trail across the couch till they reached Lilium's form. The black vines took on the demonic strength equal to his. Those vines slipped on either side of her as she reverted back to the book she was reading. Just a little taste would be fine. A lick at her life. [e]
23:47:03 [Lilium ] Her eyes focused on the book for a moment, giving him a glare as he sat down on the other end of the couch-closest to the window. Why did Lilium always seem to fall into bad spots? She did not notice the vines as they crawled towards her, but she stood and took the book to her room before the vines could grab her. Lilium sat the item on her night stand, "Give me a moment. I need to change," she spoke loud enough for him to hear. Lilium changed quickly into a spaghetti strapped cream tank top and one of the many black shorts she owns. Black matched with almost anything! After a few moments, she returned to the living room and moved into the kitchen. She grabbed some hot chocolate mix and began to fix her some. "So, what made you decide to go to the Light? Did something happen," she asked while stirring the beverage.~e
23:51:40 Elleion Vault retracted the vines as she stood, better not blow his cover. His light blue eyes roamed over the home as he waited. When she entered, his eyes crawled over her body like a snake after a rat. Mmmm. Her auburn hair, pale skin, and lovely eyes of grey/blue. That body! She must do something in order to have such a nice... He bit his lip, smiling as she walked past and into the kitchen. He noticed she no longer held the iron bar. "Eh, I just like to help people and that Dark stuff was getting pretty old," he responded but did not turn his head towards her. "So, what about you? Why are you the prophet of Light," he knew she did not have a choice, but he was just trying to make idle conversation for the moment.[e]
23:55:56 [Lilium ] She dropped the used spoon in the sink and turned, pressing the lip of the mug against her lips. "I...I didn't choose. It chose me," her voice came out in a whisper as her eyes gazed into the brown beverage. Still, this entire thing with him being there made her very uneasy. Lilium leaned her bottom against the cabinet, sighing happily to the taste of the chocolate. "Rath, I haven't seen him all day," she mumbled and took another sip of the drink. After the sip, she sat the cup down on the counter next to her, arms crossing over her chest idly.~e
00:00:30 Elleion Vault "It will all work out in the end. The Light does well for it's followers." He made sure to keep playing the fox in sheep's clothing, enjoying leading her along to the big bad wolf. "You know. That fellow, Rath, he is bad news. That guy... I mean talk around The Cork says he is just going to run over you. I mean, he is an Incubus. What do you think he is going to do? Happily keep you around. Plus, you will die before he will...Long before he will." He stood and made way to the kitchen, leaning against the wall with his own arms crossed over his mildly toned chest. "I'm here for you and The Light is."[e]

00:06:20 [Lilium ] Why is everyone trying to get me to leave Rath?! That made her face become angered, but she still managed to hold her tongue. He was right, she didn't have that iron bar anymore. It sat on the floor in front of the couch. "You know. A lot of people have been telling me the same thing. I know he is an Incubus, but I think he really likes me. He cares for me and takes care of me." Her eyes looked to the ground, running over her purple painted toenails. Rath isn't as bad as everyone thinks he is...So she thinks. Death, that did not sound so good to her. She did not want to die old and she knew Rath would move on if she got old. "I don't...Like the sound of dying.~
00:27:09 Elleion Vault 's lips curved up to reveal a 'genuine' smile. "Well, you know...There is a Goblet that can possibly extend your life," he hoped by just telling her that there is one; she would trust him a little more. Elleion pressed away from the wall, taking a few steps towards her. He stopped about two feet away from her, hands sliding in his pockets. "I could, possibly help you find it...For a small price," his eyes held a devious sparkle. Elleion took a few more steps closer, now standing five inches away and looking down to her. "You see, I need a little taste of life in order to keep going. I am still a demon. I could trade information for a taste. I will not take all and you will be able to live longer if we find the Goblet. You are a prophet, so it should not be so hard. That may been what the vision was about," his hands gently took her forearms, attempting to get her approval. ~e

00:28:54 [Ogawa] [Ogawa politely declined the cigar... after all, he only smoked one thing, and it wasn't tobacco. It was positively Marijuana. So Ogawa had Kerei go inside and tell Trick that anything she wanted was on his tab. When that was done and she scampered inside, Ogawa nodded to Penance. "Shall we?" he asked.]

00:32:46 [Penance] sneezed. She pocketed her smokes. "Yeah." She sighed. "Why do you look familiar?" She looked back to the alley between the district and The Cork. "Now I need to know something, are you looking for an apartment or a warehouse?" It was a natter of remodeling. "As for cost- That depends on a few things.." She wanted to get a feel for him- and how much trouble he'd be. "My prices range from a rare for a rare to work needing done sometimes." Cash, really had little meaning to the woman.

00:38:33 [Ogawa] [Ogawa shrugged. "If it's not too much, I'd like both. I may be young, but I keep myself busy," Ogawa said with a shrug. "Money isn't really a problem for me, it's usually availability and nosy-ass neighbors. Yeah. The Morrigan knows his name and doesn't particularly like him. Ogawa doesn't really care. He was told to make a name for himself, and that's exactly what he's doing. Toes need stepped on for that to work. Ogawa however was making certain that he did it in a manner that made him a hero in the end, rather than a fiend to be hunted down. There was the difference. "In terms of work... that in itself would depend on what you needed done. I dabble with design, but mostly I work with home security and New Age practices." Nicely put, he thought. New Age Practices... hehe. Witchcraft, anyone? Best way to get a taste of religion is to lick a witch.]

00:40:35 [Lilium ] It did sound nice. The life she could have, but for such a small price... It seemed like pretty high price to her. When he grabbed her arms; her eyes looked up to him quickly, angry to the fact that he touched her. Lilium did not move, she stood there, looking at his shirt. "I can live longer if we find this and all I have to give you is a little bit of my life. She thought about this for good moment, nervous, but she gave in. "Ok, but I do not want you to take so much that I cannot move or function," her voice came out in a soft manner, unsure. "What do you have to do?~e

00:45:55 [Penance] Her thoughts on religion were these, 'Jesus saves. Allah forgives. Cthulu, thinks you'd be a tasty snack!" Her neck burned at that thought and she kept it quiet. "I can work with that. Your friend gonna be okay if we go for a walk?" She was holding him responsible for Kerei. "Its about a five to ten minute walk from here. There's a base apartment that was almost gutted and a warehouse below. The last time the cops gave a damn around here, they did a raid and I bought up a lot of the buildings." She was telling him the truth. "If you help me keep them clean, I can work with you. I just want to know a few things. 1. What is your real job. 2. Your name. 3. Did you choose a clan. 4. What did you mean about blades. 5. Will you let me touch you while you answer these questions?" She had a six sense and knew when she was being lied to. The questions were probably odd..she knew, but with all that was going down she needed to know where he stood.

00:54:05 Elleion Vault "I will show you. With that said, he pulled her close to his body, feeling the warmth of her against him. Arousing, though he kept his lust down. He leaned forward, pressing his lips softly to hers. Within the 'kiss' he opened her mouth and began to breath in. The breath between him became chilled and took on a grey color. So delicious her life, so young and full of energy. His arms wrapped around her body, keeping hr close as he pulled the life from her body. His eyes took on the black pools on ink that they had on the street as he feed. Mmm, everything about her. He could just eat her up![e]

00:59:24 [Lilium ] Her body shook, eyes closing and rolling back as he took the very life-the breath!-right out of her. Lilium found herself frozen, unable to move as he took what he wanted. Her chest began to hurt, ping with pain as he feed. This is not what she wanted; to be lip locked with some demon. Then out she went. ~e
01:00:40 [Elleion Vault] He smiled as she passed out and let go, letting her body drop roughly to the kitchen. That was it and he left.[e]

01:09:03 [~Avery] This was a good time of night, a profitable time of night. Everybody was out of the bars for the night and everybody needed something. The winners, those amorous young couples bound to hook up for the evening needed a little somethin'-somethin' to make their evening even more interesting and the losers who couldn't get laid needed something to take their mind off of the failure. That is where Avery stepped in. He was leaning up against his beat up car on the cub outside of a popular club, eyeing the people exiting for people trying to score. He had everything: hard drugs, soft drugs, uppers, downers, things that make you giggle, things that make you forget--but what set him apart from every other two-bit dealer was that he also had stright up raw unadultarated emotions. That's right people. You want to feel happy? Fuck drugs, Avery will just sell you a full bottle of it, no smoking, snorting, or fucking required.01:09:09 [~Avery] However despite his amazing product business was slow and Avery sat against the door of his ride checking his watch as the time dragged on by.
01:13:54 [Lilium ] About fifteen minutes passed before Lilium woke. Her body ached, but she was alive. At least he kept his promise. Quickly, she got to her feet and gazed around, looking to see if he was still there...but nothing. Good. Both hands pushed through her light auburn hair, brushing the mild waves back. Her hands moved down to adjust the cream tank top and black shorts. The fall to the floor had ruffled her clothes up. Lilium could still taste him on her lips, feel the coldness in her chest. She did feel drained, but not so much. It was a very odd feeling. It felt good for her feet to press against living room carpet as she moved to the window. She pushed it up, the bottom pane reaching just below her chest. The cool air of the night felt good, ever so soothing. Though, in the back of her mind she fought with Spellbound. That drug... She wished that woman had not forced it down her throat and got her addicted. Lilium wanted the drug, she itched for it, but she knew she would have to try and fight it. If not for~c01:14:24 [Lilium ] her own sake than for Rath's. She has put him through so much hell. Her eyes peered into the dark alley as she pushed against the pane and pulled herself out on to the fire escape. She sat down on the cold metal grate, torso pushed against the bars as she gazed to the ground. The seal on her right ankle itched, causing great discomfort. That damn thing... She hated that it now made her a beacon to demons. Even more, she hated that she was also the prophet of The Light. 'No more,' she thought,'I've got to keep away from that drug.'~e

01:15:39 [Ogawa] [Ogawa walked with the woman, and when she suddenly went into a barrage, he knew it was time to be honest as well. There was more to this woman than what met the eye. He would know, he saw her grow a spear out of her gut and get hung from a wall. He answered her questions in reverse order. "5.) Not at all. Forehead please. 4.) I enchant them with sacred oils and spells I read from books. 3.) I was born into one. 2.) Ogawa Masanori Asumoto, and 1.) I'm one of the last of a clan of Ninja assassins. I specialize in Demon Hunting. I am very proficient in it." If his head was being touched, Gojira would take over and start singing bad kareoke. He does that whenever he bathes in he seasalt pouch in Ogawa's satchel. Workin' at the Car Wash! Workin' at the car wash yeeeaaaah!]

01:24:23 [Penance] She would indeed touch his forehead gently. There was no bad feeling off of this one or that hateful sense of being lied to. He'd find that she ran hotter then most humans did. "I have an additional condition then- do not attack demons unless they attack you in this district." Her reasonings for that were difficult to explain. "Come on." She started walking with her hands in her pocket. The bilding was actually at the corner of the one she stayed in- and he'd find the place that she stayed in was partially demon warded but it was against theft and forceful entry. "My name is Penance Jenkins. I'm an amateur weaponsmith, martial arts student, and part time bar bouncer. I have no official clan." She would answer the questions that she herself had asked for him. "Wanna head inside to check the place out?" She had the keys with her. With the odd singing she quirked a brow. The critters were noisy- but she couldn't hear them but she could feel them buzzing.

01:32:22 [Ogawa] [Ogawa nodded to her request. The rules of an Elysium cannot be broken under any circumstances. War could be risked in places where it shouldn't. He was not naive. He was made to study for many reasons. In order to hunt the enemy, one must had to know how the enemy worked. That way one could tink like the enemy and predict how they moved as a collective unit. Ogawa simply grinned. "Let me guess: the warehouse section is underground for storage purposes, because the owners previous were notorious drug peddlers and illegal arms dealers?" Ogawa was right on the money with this, because he had a contact in LAI. Police records were not hard for him to come by. Knowledge is power, indeed. Little did he know was that his contact was... family. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!]
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01:36:56 [Dannethion] Dannethion was in the city again. His form under the disguise of invisibility as he had no desire to be bothered by these insects that wandered throughout the town. He was following the sensation of one he sensed was a Slayer of his could he tell the sense? They had demonic blood within them--and it allowed this entity to sense it, and home in upon it directly. Entities as old as Dannethion simply weren't senile old fools--his training of Delaney, Sanguinnoth (Jonathan Stryfe) and Evelynne was progressing well. He was planning on unfolding the first test upon all three--and it was a test they would all be participating in, in this very city. He stops by a warehouse as he turns his head and peers at it. Turning as he padded off towards the side--looking for an entrance. Wards. He could sense them--and they were demonic-warding ones. A pity they didn't work against Daemonic entities of his status, but he decided a less than forceful entrance was warranted--and so, he simply walked in.

01:39:06 [Penance] "Correct.". She shrugged her shoulders. "I bought the buildings and the grounds under them- but I had to partner with a demon unfortunately that has part of his place bordering these.." She didn't seem happy about it. "I made him tell me his name.." How? She had a poison on her that could actually kill demons and she laced her mithril daggers in it! "I'm going to be honest and up front with you. Sometimes I'll need your help for security and maitenence- and a few artifacts from time to time. Suggestions for our lease in the matter?" She was up for negotiation with Ogawa. Damn it! He looked familiar! She winced feeling the spear burn her neck. Something was up! Where?! She looked around for who triggered that burning feeling. FINALLY! She found the legendary spear around her neck! "We were followed..and where in the world?!" She didn't remember anything about that spear!

01:40:23 [~Avery] Finally, some business. Avery saw the guy from a mile away. He hadn't come up and asked him for a score yet, but he would. Avery knew the look. The guy had just come out of the club with that dejected-but-proud swagger. He was a decent looking guy, or would be if he lost about twenty pounds. He obviously hadn't gotten the girl tonight, and looking for the next best thing, he immediately spotted Avery, recognised the look of a dealer, and started to head over. Avery could help but smirk at the dude's semi-casual I'm-totally-not-walking-up-to-a-dealer stride as he slowly made his way forward. "Hey man," the guy said quietly, "you got a bump?" Avery smirked. A coke-head huh? Sure, he was the type: too much money and not enough to do. "Ya, sure," replied Avery, "but I forgot something over here in the alley. Help me look?" A minute later the two ducked aound the corner into the dark to make the deal. 01:40:31 [~Avery] "Ok so what you in for," asked Avery, opening his coat to show row upon roaw of baggies. "Uh, just a gram, man," replied the loser nervously. New customers always got the deal: high quality shit for a low-low price and a phone number for future calls. "Ok brotha," said Avery, pulling out a little baggy with his number on a card stapled to the outside. "Here you go. Eighty bucks." The chump's eye's went wide. "Eighty? Damn. Hook it up man." The exchange went down, money for blow, a well timed handshake, and the bro left with a skip in his step while Avery counted his cash.

01:48:54 [Lilium ] The night had been slow, except for Elleion and what went on. Her head swam as she looked at the stars, slowly her body was trying to get used to the life that had been taken from her. Then, the whisper of people talking... Who? Her eyes looked to the two, watching... What were they doing in the alley? Then it hit her... They were either going to have sex or drugs. This is Boston! No other reason for two strange people to be in an alley. Lilium held no clue how to approach a drug dealer. She was but a fresh hatching in the world of drugs. Even though that woman forced and addiction on her, she was not going to even try to other drugs. She watched from the third floor fire escape as they got close. Would she? She stood slowly, moving down to the second-first-and stopped. The ladders had been cold on her skin and bare feet. She wasn't about to touch the alley with her bare feet though. Lilium leaned over, laying on the cold grate as the two stopped soon enough."Hey," she whispered loud enough for him~c 01:49:04 [Lilium ] to hear after the other man left. The conversation the men had gave away that the man was indeed a drug dealer. "Do-do you have...any...Spellbound," she asked ever so nervously. It was completely obvious that she was knew to such a thing.~e

01:54:11 [Ogawa] [Boss, not to alarm you of your precious pow-wow... but a daemon just entered the area. An ancient. Possibly associated with Asmodeus, but I doubt it. This thing is different. It's... It's... Maneki said, trying to warn Ogawa. She seemed to be hesitant to speak on what it meant. Ogawa couldn't help but blink. At the same time, Penance spoke about being followed. Ogawa narrowed his eyes. He didn't have his sword, and his hunting gear was in the Uhaul. This was bad. "Hide if you can. I'll be back," the Ninja said. His courtesies were dropped, and that alternate state of mind he was trained to shift to came into play. The Hunter's mind was brutal, calculating, and efficient. Sure, something like that wouldn't try to hide its power. Why would it? As ancient as it was, and the way the Veil worked, Ogawa knew that there was bound to be a problem. Odds are, the Hunter could not take his one alone. Was he interested in trying? Not with all of these innocents here. Innocent blood would not be shed +

01:54:27 [Ogawa] - because of him. So he ran to his uhaul. He made it in record time, and then ripped open the back door. He threw aside the television, the couch, and the dresser drawers until he came to a runed chest. By opening it up, he began to change. The Mon Yuroi battlearmor that was blacktalon issued, followed by his robes, then his black doeskin boots. He snapped on his belt, put on his gloves, and then picked up Reizo. Then he pulled out his cellphone. It was time to call in a contact. He had to get Penance out of here. What if the thing was after the Spear? What if it was the one in charge of pushing out Spellbound? Ogawa couldn't take the risks. Not if everything was as bad as Maneki refused to say. Gojira, get out of the salt, and get ready for battle. We have work to do, The Hunter said to his pseudodragon familiar. Then he pulled out his cellphone, punched in Olivia's number, and said two phrases. "This is a code 13 Dragonfly. Trace my phone to find me." Then he hung up and used his his gear to +01:54:55 [Ogawa] - run faster, or at least fast enough to get back to Penance. Hopefully in record time.]

01:56:27 [~Avery] Twenty, fourty, sixty, seventy, seventy-five, eighty. A ten and two fives? What kind of coke-head didn't carry enough twenties on them for a full gram? Obviously a broke one or a new one. Either way, money is money. That was a third of his expenses for the month in one sale. Granted he lived in a shitty apartment in Southy, but it was cheap and he was getting papered up. He tucked the bills into his pocket and was ready to go back to his car to try and find one last buyer before he headed home when a voice came from above. It didn't have the "FREEZE ASSHOLE!" tone of a cop, so Avery had no reason to jump. He just turned around and looked up the fire ladder at the pretty red head girl dangling over the railing. "Oh, sup girl? How you doin' tonight?" His voice had a rich english accent, alomost musical if not for the hard city/cockney edge. "Do I got what? How 'bout you come down and let me holla at you for a minute, love. We'll see what I got."

02:01:25 [Dannethion] Dannethion was amused with the way that these mortals scampered when they realized he was there. A deep gutteral laugh filled the warehouse--as the Arch-Daemon began to materialize. Ancient? He was far beyond an Ancient. One could almost say that he was Timeless. For he existed long before many of these prime-material worlds did--hundreds of billions of years ago. As he fully materialized in a visual form--in his natural form, he kept a note of where he sensed the human; Ogawa. As he glances over at Penance he smiled a bit, "Hello, Human. I couldn't help but notice that you had a Demon Slayer with you." he lifted his head and glances around the interior of the warehouse, "And warded too--a pity they do not work on Hellbloods of my...rank." he lowered his gaze and then turned his head to glance upon her more directly, "Ah, I think your friend is coming back."

02:04:19 [Lilium ] Lilium did not like the way he sounded, not at all. It wasn't his accent, but the way his words spilled out. Her hair fell over her back, reaching the middle of her back at the end. Her hands pressed against the rail, holding on as she leaned over and looked down to him. "I kind of don't have any shoes on," her own feminine French accent came out, still ever so soft. "Um, you can come up here...I really do not want to touch the filthy ground with me feet." Lilium used her left ballet dancer leg to push the ladder, causing it to slide down with a loud clank! Though, it did not reach the ground. The bottom step sat three feet above the ground. This guy didn't know what Spellbound was? The new drug hitting the market thanks to the Fae? At that point, Lilium did not think him to be Fae, not what so ever.~e

02:06:38 [TYP0D3M0N] She wasn't about to run. The woman knew that she was human and still had human limits. "Why hello there.", was said simply enough. "What brings you out here tonight?" Her tone was surprisingly relaxed given the situation. The spear caused her to feel like she was on fire, yet she kept her reactions under control. The warehose district might of been her turf, but at the same time, The Cork definitely was not. "Probably." Various voices carried to her ears, including Lili's and Avery's. It was a shame. His answers would determine her responses. There was definite concern, but not fear.

02:12:37 [~Avery] Clang-clang-clang! The ladder dropped down right in front of him and Avery smiled. Cute girl, mean addiction, willing to hit up some random dealer in the middle of the night? Things were looking up. As he climbed the ladder--and with unnatural grace at that, seeming as though he just glided up with the slightest touch on the iron rails--he wondered how much he could push a dose of fairy on her for. Fourty? Sixty? A hundred? No no, he had to stick to the deal to keep them coming back. He popped out of the fire escape next to Lilium and perched up on the railing next to her, hooking his feet into the iron rungs to keep his balance. "So love, did I hear you right? Was you looking for a hit off the fairy?" He smirked to emphasize his point and produced a wrapper from his pocket--small asa candy but covered in sparkles with a picture of a little blue fairy on it.

02:15:49 [Ogawa] [[Ogawa stopped. Something was wrong. No crickets. No bugs, no birds. Not even fucking Pigeons. A lack of sound like that only meant one thng: It was here, and so was Penance. He didn't write the warding system, but he did recognise... this was Headquarters work, or at least a variation. This was bad. Ogawa could already feel the aura resonating from that one. It was choking. Like blood and sulfer and lustful phermones all rolled into one repulsive package. The hunter was not so keen on it and it made him almost sick. When he looked through the window, though... the sight he got was even worse. It was... like a dragon with no wings. Crab-like claws snapped in midair. That thing looked wicked on levels that words could not describe. Ogawa didn't want to fight it. He didn't even want to look at it. He wanted to grab Penance and run. to hell with being a hero. Even heroes knew when to retreat. But... Penance... She was so calm. How? That spear had to have been driving her insane. He noticed an eye, and then + 02:16:09 [Ogawa] - Gojira spoke. He knows we're here... the Pseododragon said grimly. Ogawa gulped, then opened the front door. WHAT are you DOING? Maneki hissed in his mind. If he already knows, it's rude to keep him waiting. At most, we can keep him occupied for Penance to run if things get bad. The Three Tailed Tiger King wasn't always violent. Maybe this one wants to speak instead of fight. If he wants the latter, well, we'll have to Oblige him until we come up with a plan. So Ogawa entered, and his thoughtful mind would race, although his outward features would remain calm and his energy would be suppressed to a minimum. "Greetings, Dark One," Ogawa said clearly. If you do not project fear, fear cannot betray you.]

02:19:39 [Lilium ] She backed up, watching and finding his process of climbing a little odd. When he spoke of Spellbound-well, fairy; she knew he had to be of the Fae. Lilium pressed her back against the brick wall, brushing her bangs back to the right side as those grey/blue eyes looked to him nervously still. "Um, yeah. Fairy...The crystal stuff," she made sure to keep her voice low. "I, kind-of don't really have a lot of money though." This was true. Rath had to be the one to pay her bills that month. "I kind of just work at the I basically live of tips. How much do think I could get for twenty." Lilium knew that it probably made her look stupid offering twenty for one hit. Her heart hurt. She knew that what she was doing is horribly bad. How many hits did it take till she would become a 'lost soul'. Lilium did not know, but she is willing to push it. I mean, this would only be her third hit. "I don't know what else you guys taken." There was no way she would be giving up sex, ~c 02:19:51 [Lilium ] hopefully her cravings would never get that bad. Lilium really is a good girl!~e

02:23:31 [Dannethion] Dannethion turned his gaze and fixed all six eyes upon Ogawa. And suddenly--he'd KNOW that he wasn't looking at a Daemon. A demon, or even a devil. He was looking upon an ARCHDAEMON. He could feel the vibrations of nervousness lingering in the air around Ogawa--he always seemed to disturb the presence of people and animals alike when he arrived and it amused him to no end, "Greetings to you as well, Half-Blood." oh yes--he knew that he was only half-human. He idly wondered if this was one of C'Zar's children...he narrowed his eyes at him, and then he smirked. He sighed and brought his haunches down upon the ground and then glances back at Penance, "Demon-Slayer. I wish to inquire a favor of you. No, I don't want you to look aside whilst I eat souls or devour someone's dog--I need assist me in a training exercise for three individuals I am trying to...teach the values of competence towards. In return, I will grant you a favor--from me. Of anything. As long as you do not require 02:23:43 [Dannethion] me to give out the True Names of any Hellblooded, including myself." he then focuses more on Penance, "And from you--I've heard you're a talented metalsmith. I require a customized piece to be crafted. How good are you with...armorcrafting?"

02:27:40 [~Avery] "For twenty? Ooo, not much, love, not much at all." This poor girl was a freshy for sure. He had some hardcore junkies beating down his door ready to give up their life savings for another hit of this shit. Just last week a guy was trying to give up the deed on his house for four hundred bucks worth! Those kinds of customers were dangerous though--caused too much trouble, made too much noise. But this girl was playing right into his hands. You see, ol' Avery dealt in more than just mundane drugs. He had a whole other market, and this young little thing would be perfect for that. "But you know what? I like you. I'll give you a solid trip for twenty...but you gotta do something special for me." He smiled a devilish smile, his slanted eyes narrowing. "Now before you get all worked up, I ain't trying to get inta ya knickers. Ya ain't even gotta be sweet on me for it, but you gotta do just what I say. We crystal?"

02:31:50 [Penance] "That depends.", she said slowly. "How big, when, what should it do, and out of what?" Hanging out in the Demonic Flames WeaponShop had changed her a good bit. Somehow she doubted Ogawa would agree, but according to Dannehtion's answer, she might. The young woman had extrodinary talent for finding things and getting things done. The quesions were, why come to a human weaponsmith and how much of her time/self would be required? Sweat trickled down her brow and Ogawa was right. The spear was maddening at that point, yet she kept her cool. She hadn't become a bouncer without a reason either. She could adapt!

02:33:49 [Olivia_Iconnu] A faint humm could be heard or rather felt that would drive sensitive ears insane. The sonic humm came from a plane of high speed that would not be seen by the naked eye or most spiritual creatures. The miniture version of the Halo was about. The cloaking ability on the plane was awesome! Some clouds would have faint silver linings as the scene was watched by the pilot below. According to need, the new comer may or may not show.

02:35:05 [Lilium ] Her eyes did seem to light up when he told her she would be able to get some, but a smile did not cross her face. She was unsure what he wanted, though it is extremely nice to know he did want in her 'knickers'. "I just have to do what you say. Ok, sound easy enough," her voice responded in a soft tone. Lilium was a nice girl when people were not pissing her off. Lilium moved away from the wall about an inch, the cold brick has started to chill her body straight to the bone. "Alright, crystal clear. What is it I will have to do," the question came out nervously still. This entire drug thing is so new and she did not know all the slang for stuff. The smile on his face made her uneasy as well. "You...You are Fae are you not? Could he feel the seal on her leg, the beacon? It always seemed to attract bad news, but Lilium could not hide it. The things was there out of her own fault. The way she stood, her leg tried to conceal the seal on her ankle. It wouldn't be hard, since it was a burn ~c02:35:25 [Lilium ] mark about the size of a quarter. This could also be bad for him, selling drugs the prophet of The Light. Prophet or not, she wanted the drugs.~e

02:42:07 [~Avery] "Ya ya, just what I say. Won;t be no thing at all, love." You see, he wanted her memories. Avery had the unique ability to extract her memories, emotions, and even phycosis (though he was no good at getting those) and then put them into others. He could steal her first kiss, her best lay, her favorite sunset, or anything she had ever remembered. It was too early for anything that big though. He'd tak something small, hook her up with a good dose of fairy for cheep, and she would be back in no time. Then when she needed him he could take the good stuff. "Ok, so what you need to do is just think about a time when you were very happy. A nice walk in the park, a great first date, a round just swinging on the swings in the park. Anything." He intentionally disreguarded the question about whether he was fae. If she knew about Spellbound and knew about the Fae then she knew enough, no need to confirm what she already knows.

02:42:44 [Ogawa] [The Hunter listened, and the familiars that were with him did as well. The three listened intently, because even if Ogawa's live was only a blink compared to Dannethion's existence, the three were neither naive nor stupid. Maneki? Gojira? Ogawa asked to their private psionic channel. Times like this was where having ancient familiars with wisdom of the ages came in handy. It's probably a trap, Gojira said. The word of a demon is a lot like the word of a dragon. They're a wily bunch and very intelligent. The difference with a dragon is that we honor our words. Demons, daemons, devils and Arch daemons all come from the same place, and one of the things they're known for is treachery. That is the ninth circle, and Lucifer's domain. This one looks every bit of chummy with the Morning Star as those types get. Ogawa considered this. It was true, and the aura of power exuded from that one spoke it better than his words. I agree with Gojira, Maneki said.+

02:42:59 [Ogawa] - The probability of an archdaemon keeping to their word in this world and in this city are about as slim as... well... You actually being Jesus, Ogawa. The whole thing is fishy beyond words that could describe it in languages beyond this world. I want to say this presumption is based purely off of reputation, but my gut instincts say this won't end well for us. Any of us. Ogawa nodded. So the voices of reason and wisdom have spoken, and the result for the proposal was as simple as it could be. "No," Ogawa said flatly. Dannethion didn't need the hunter's reasons; the answer was final, and there wouldn't be a debate involved. Ogawa was no archdaemon's pawn, no matter the reward. it was said that the Three Tailed Tiger King was not an archdaemon. He was certainly not nearly old enough to be. But the one known as Czar Iconnu was revered as a savior. He liberated people and his actions as a hero, if be it a misguided one, spoke much louder than his words. Czar rarely spoke.]

02:48:43 [Lilium ] He just wanted her to think? That is all? Such a small price for something so addictive! "Oh, ok. I guess I can do that."Those grey/blue eyes lined with black eyeliner closed gently, remembering a few days ago with Rath. His hug. She always felt so safe in his arms. She could almost smell his scent as she though about the hug. Her body felt calm, warm, all around happy just to think about him. The cool air around her didn't even bother her. Not even the cold uncomfortable metal grate that they stood on. Lilium did take notice that he said nothing about the Fae, which gave her all the response she needed. Her arms crossed under her chest as her pale orange lips curved into an ever so soft smile. Her eyes even seemed to smile while they are closed. ~e

02:51:05 [Dannethion] Dannethion feigned disappointment on his face--but he truly didn't care, "As you wish, but perhaps you should learn to think for yourself for a change." he didn't elaborate further beyond that--though the familiars might become aware that the Arch-Daemon knew they were aligned with the Demon Slayer. He glances away from the half-blooded now and focused upon Penance as he seems to have dismissed Ogawa from his presence of mind, "A suit of armor for me, made of the strongest metal you have available--not including iron, of course. I will implant the enchantments upon it myself--just infuse with blank enchanting glyphs. Everything else of the armor I leave to your imagination--but I want the inside to be comfortable. The price given will depend on the quality of the armor made--I will grant you one week to get it done." he glances over at Ogawa again and then back at Penance, "I have tasks that demand my attention elsewhere--I will return in one week's time to this location to see if you accepted or declined my02:51:17 [Dannethion] offer. Good day, human;" he glances at Ogawa, "Half-blood." and then he gets up as he began to turn as he casually pads out of the warehouse--his form dissipating into nothingness as he reassumes his invisibility upon exiting the premises.

02:56:53 [~Avery] Fucking awesome. Avery could feel how happy the memory had made her, and a little voice inside of him told him not to steal such a precious thought, but two bigger and brawnier voiuces came and kicked the little voice's ass so he didn't have to deal with the guilt. Avery reached out a hand, letting his open palm hover just an inch above her closed eyes while he shut his own. His fae Charm came to life and after a moment he could see her joyful embrace in the arms of some hunk. Hell ya, this would sell very well. His other hand reached into his pocket to produce a tiny glass vial, which he popped the top off of with his thumb. "That's right, love. Just keep thinking it." His Charm reached in, gently weaving around her beautiful little memory until his magic had a firm old on it, and then with just the slightest of effort he took it. His magic wisked it away without a single pain.

02:57:01 [~Avery] The girl simply forgot what she was thinking about. No sense of loss, no distress; it was just gone. In her mind that moment never ever happened and she would be left wondering exactly what she was just doing. Avery capped the glass vial preventing the smokey rose-colored mist from escaping and deftly hid it in his pocket. "There we are love. No big issue. Right, well, slide me that Jackson and you'll get your fix."

03:00:00 [Penance] "I can do that- but its gonna take me two weeks not one." She could still feel him in the area. "Its going to take me a weak alone to get that metal. Is this satisfactory? Also- rare for a rare is the price. I know you're not gone yet." She didn't sound happy. She was usually up for challenges. A quick look to Ogawa was given and she slid back on her bottom to sit on the pavement holding her neck. She wanted to black out, but didn't. Dann's presence wasn't kind, but again there wasn't fear.

03:04:46 [Ogawa] [The hunter remained unfettered, and his feathers unruffled. His familiars were doing their job: to speak mind and give helpful advice. Is it wise to invoke the advice of a friend, then turn it down? Absolutely not. That costs you friends. The friends he has in these two were a direct result of him acting for himself. They did not tell him to go into the woods and summon them. He went to the woulds on his own will, and asked the Great Spirits of Love and Nature to give him friendship and loyal companions. If Ogawa said yes, they would have followed him to his death, and fought to their nown to save him. Three clawdragons on one human was beyond difficult, and by training, Ogawa was presuming that Dannethion was meaning "teach them to hunt as a pack." Which meant Ogawa wasn't the hunter, he was the hunted. Not a wise move on his part. So When Dannethion was gone, and his familiars confirmed his presence faded, Ogawa stepped over to Penance and knelt before her. "Are you alright?" he asked.]

03:11:42 [Lilium ] She continued to think as he spoke, remembering every little bit of that moment. Was it truely love she felt for that Incubus? Then, after that thought had been taken; she forgot. A confused look formed over her eyes as she opened them. That was odd. Lilium directly thought back to asking him about being a Fae. Oh yeah, now she remembered. He never answered. When he spoke, her eyes lit up again. Her hands roamed over her shorts, searching for pockets. CRAP! It was in her apartment. Lilium was in her relaxation clothing! "I do have the money. It is up in my apartment though. Would it be a bother to go get it. I don't care if you follow. I just got to get it out of my kitchen," her voice seemed ever so anxious to get the drug. She turned and grabbed the fire escape ladder, climbing up it until she reached the third and final floor. Lilium placed her bottom against the grate and moved her legs inside the apartment and then slid her body. She was careful not to hit her head. Her feet roamed from the ~c03:12:00 [Lilium ] carpet to the tile of the kitchen floor. There, on her counter sat a five. Where is the twenty! "I really do have the money," she tried to speak loud enough so he could here if he did not follow her. Aggravation took over as she moved to her bedroom, searching the night stand, and then the living. Finally! The twenty was sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. She grabbed it and moved to the window. "Found it," she responded as he now stood at the window sill. Lilium held out the cash for him to take. "Sorry about that." Was she really about to do this again? ~e

03:24:04 [~Avery] This would be a good memory, and easy to pass off. Somebody wanted to feel happy? Done. Somebody wanted to know what love at first sight was like? Done. Maybe they were just sad and needed a hug? He had it. In his mind he tried to postulate a price for such a precious little memory when the girl suddenly didn't have her cash. Avery was a pro and able to keep his cool, but if this bitch didn't have the money he was gonna have to turn on the big boy voice and scare her into stealing a few more memories. There was no way he was leaving her without a profit. Despite he annoyance he just grinned and shrugged, tucking the Spellbound back into his pocket. "Ya sure, love. You just pop up to grab your cash and I'll be right behind ya." He followed her up the fire escape to her place and slipped halfway in the window after she went through, straddling the windowsill as he check out her apartment. 03:24:11 [~Avery] "You got a nice flat," he said, lying just a little. Maybe if she didn't have the cash there was something he could just steal. When she went to the kitchen and came up empty-handed he was only just barely able to fight back and sneer. Avery didn't like people who lied for drugs. Slights against him were not easily forgotten and if this little junky didn't come up with something soon he was likely to lose his temper. She made good though. When she came out and offered him the bill he took it gratefull and exchanged the little wrapper of Fairy with her. "Here we are, love. Pleasure doing business. And here," he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a business card--manilla paper that simply said "Dreamer" on it and had a cell number at the bottom, "is my info incase you ever need another." He gave one more disarming grin and then reached into his pocket, pulling out a well-rolled joint. "Anyhow, before I'm off, care to smoke a J? No charge."

03:24:54 [Olivia_Iconnu] "I feel like I'm on fire and that my head is splitting in half.", she admitted. "A breather will help." She actually laid down and laid her cheek against the cooler pavement. "Give me some time then we need to get back to my apartment." In truth she aleady had a dragon set made- but dimmensions were going to be tricky. Alright, it was gonna take more then five minutes..

03:35:22 [Lilium ] After hand him the money and taking the drug and the business card; Lilium moved to sit on the edge of her couch-which was about four feet away from the window. Her eyes looked over the wrapper, eager to take the drug, as she slid the business card into her shirt. J? What? Her eyes looked up to him as she unwrapped the item, making sure it did not fall out of the wrapper. For a drug addicted girl, she spoke ever so properly. Not the kind of person one would think had an addiction. "Oh, that. No thank you. I'm not getting pulled into that stuff. As if Spellbound was any better. Her heart raced as she placed the crystals on her tongue and swallowed. Soon, soon she would feel that magical power that she did the other day. Hopefully the crash would not hurt so bad this time. "You-can go ahead and smoke though. I don't mind." Her apartment did look nice, very clean. She held no T.V. though, only a small stereo. "So, by any chance I can get your name," she questioned as she drug began to~c 03:35:37 [Lilium ] kick in. Lilium slid back, legs hanging over the arm of the couch as her eyes gazed up to the ceiling. Everything began to feel good-the air, the couch, her clothes. Her head swam. Such a little dose did much to this petite woman.~e

03:41:24 [Ogawa] [Ogawa nodded. "I understand. You need to go rest. I have to do some things. I'm sorry that things got off on the wrong foot. I take full responsibility for that monster's presence," He sighed. "I will have to leave Boston for a while. If Archdaemons are in Boston, then we're in far more trouble than just the Morrigan." He stood, and then picked up Penance's unconscious form and then walked her to the Cork. He would sit her in a chair and look towards Trick. "Take care of her. Keep her safe." Ogawa said quietly. After which, he turned, and left the bar. He went all the way back to his motorcycle, the kawasaki ninja, and mounted it. From there, Ogawa rode. Out onto the freeway, and out of Boston. Then out of Massachusetts. Where was he going? Another city. One that Dannethion had never been to. Ogawa was heading to Serenda Falls... in another time it was a place where nightmares came to life. It was a place so cruel and so unforgiving that even Lucifer himself dared not to venture. +

03:43:45 [~Avery] It was hard for Avery to not laugh. Not getting pulled into that stuff? Weed? Here was this girl about to slam a gram of Fairy, the most addictive shit on the market--shit that will seriously make you lose your soul--but she won't smoke some weed. He just chuckled and lit up, taking a long drag off of his joint. "Suit yourself," he said around the smoke in a choked voice before blowing out the cloud. Avery never got high on anything he sold--knowing full well what junk like coke, pony, and Spellbound can do to a person--but he never shied away from some good reefer. Avery chuckled and took another little drag on his joint as he watch the girl sink into the magic induced high. "Damn girl, you are a light weight. A little dab'll do it for ya." He ashed the joint out the window and leaned back on the windowsill, relaxing into his own high. "My name? You got my name. Says Dreamer right there on that card. That's all you gotta know for now. But what do I call you?"

03:52:14 [Lilium ] She ran her hands through her hair, smiling as she let her arms stretch out above her on the couch. Lilium was gone, but not so much that she could not understand-not yet anyways. "Yeeaaah... I-I just got started on thi-is stuff." What she did not know is that Spellbound can turn you into a "lost soul'. She just knew it as something that could take pain away and give her powers. Her pupils dilated, almost to the point of it making her eyes look completely back-roaming over the color. "Me? My name is Lilium," her words came out slow. Both hands pressed to the couch at her waist, pushing until she was able to swing her legs over and stand. Her movements seemed sluggish and she stumbled when she walked. Lilium caught herself on the wall by the window, forehead against the wall. A small little giggle passed her closed lips. "I-I'm going to be in so much trouble when Rath fin-finds out," she gave a quite laugh as she pushed her index finger to her lips. ~c03:52:29 [Lilium ] "Shhhhhhh, don't, don't tell him," she smiled as her eyes closed. "Tomorrow, more. I want to-to-to get some more."~e
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