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The Ash stood in the conservatory. His favorite room of the entire Hall, which was saying a lot considering the Hall was almost never ending in it’s beauty, style and opulence. His eyes were closed, those dark, rich features at peace in a near zen-like manner as his lips parted with soft, gentle breathing in time with the subtle piano music that cascaded through the many rooms in the background. The flora and fauna around him were both exotic and natural, a mix of flowers, breeds, species of most that were unknown to man, a delicate balance to encourage the simplicity of ecosystem. “Mr. Ash - everything is as you wished. The Owls are ready to send the word. I just wanted to clarify that you meant to invite everyone?” The small dryad secretary, Nyx spoke from a few feet away. A small, delicate creature who was beautiful, and yet almost eerie at the same time, beguiling but intriguing. “Ah, Nyx. How you question me on this. Yes, everyone. That includes the Dark. And those Humans who know, or work for us, with us.” The Clan leader opened his eyes, succulent chocolate hues oozed with confidence as white teeth shone with his genuine smile. His equally dark skin contrasting with the white suit he was privy to wear on most occasions. “It shall be fine, Nyx. Do not fret. I have seen this. It has been spoken to me and it shall be done. A night like no other. One to celebrate our was as we did so many, many moons ago.” Nyx couldn’t help the small smile that appeared upon her lips. “Very well. I can say.. I’m rather excited about the whole event. It’s been a long while since I’ve .. Well, danced.” The smaller fae spun out the room, delicate steps that found her moving back through the halls. Within minutes, a flock of Birds were released, all of which were white owls, their features ruffling in the wind as they flew. Before dawn, most citizens of Boston would find the invitation. The Black and White Ball, Masquerade to be held at Trinity Hall. Starting the day the moon was next full. Full dress and decoration required… RSVP is not necessary.

The day before had been just as any other that use to be in the City of Boston. Despite it’s corruption of Government, underground darkness, drugs and more, most enjoyed what could be considered a normal day. Uneventful and enjoyable. Though in the background, wheels were turning as the Midhir prophecy resonates further into fruition. Everyone would have woken with an invitation in the mail, one that spoke of a Masquerade Ball to be held the next full moon. Both humans and Fae alike, though of course, Humans would not be aware of the Fae. The Ash, as told by one of his most trusted advisors is following what is expected of him, where on the night the moon turns dark, the event should happen. It will be a night of dancing, glamour, enchantment and delight, an ancient tradition that has long since been sat, riddled in dust has been awoken, and Trinity Hall will be the sight of such splendor for one night. Those of the Dark and Light will be present. A peace offering that will extend the uncomfortable relationship the two currently experience into one night of joint effort. There is nothing more that either side enjoys than dancing and merriment, bewitching costumes, dark crevices were lovers can kiss, passions bridle and music tempts the very souls. The Morrigan and The Ash will be united, a standing front to bridge the insanity The Morrigan has recently been behind. Will the truce remain after such a night? It is yet to be seen. There is but a week of time to prepare, suffice to say both Clan leaders and their courts will be busy, until then, one can only hope Boston continues in it’s normalcy.. Although what that truly is anymore, remains to be seen.
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