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 Relics and other Dangers

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PostRelics and other Dangers

Delaney woke in Galen’s arms marveled at the fact he wasn’t dead. It was the first time she’d woken up in someone’s arms after sleeping with them and they weren’t dead. She had also healed impeccably as well as gained in strength from Galen.

Jessica came across a teen who was selling spellbound, so she purchased an ounce of the drug just as Del arrive on the scene. The Teen ran off, Del gave chase only before she had chance to speak to the male, someone shot him. Jessica in the meantime, went to The Cork to give the drug to Galen.

Trick warned Galen about the Dangers of falling for Del, and that he should end it now before things went to deep. As such, heeding his warning, Galen kissed Jessica just in time for Delaney to arrive at The Cork and witness it, shattering her hopes of having any type of relationship with the male. Galen then proceeded to make it quite clear that he’d be there whenever she needed help, or healing but that was it. Delaney left bitter and proceeded to run through the City only to stumble upon Police Detective Claire, still in possession with the Bloodstone, crashing her car. Unknown to them both, Peter was hidden by the magic of Morrigan and in an attempt to get the Bloodstone, Claire’s tire were blown out. Del moved in to help the human, however Peter, after going a massive transformation and bearing a new Sword from his very stomach knocked Del out of the way harshly, then grabbed Claire and brought her to Triskilon Manor.

Penance watched in frustration as Peter took Claire, though there was little she could do. Not feeling well, she ventured back to her apartment only to have sudden visions of a time long passed, while experiencing massive pain in her side before she vomited near black tar.

Del suffered severe injuries, and although Dr. Jade was present there was truly only one thing that could heal her, and Galen, shattered to see her so broken, picked her up and carried her home after giving the blood sample to Jade to determine the blood type and Fae type if possible.

The Sword Peter awakened was the Sword of Light, one of four items out of 13 that will bring about the end. He is Keeper of the Sword, although the sword itself has limited power. It will not be usable until the right time. However, while Peter was at the Morrigan’s Court, she spotted the sword and proceeded to shift angrily, turning into a mad cloud of darkness, banning Peter from her Court. Peter left, bringing Claire and the bloodstone in his possession to The Ash, where Claire was glamoured into forgetting most of the events and the Bloodstone was kept for Delaney in order to return it to the Goblins.

Lilium discovered, quite shockingly that she was having precognition and images. Unknown to her she has been chosen by the Light to be a prophet, one who will foreshadow events to come. Her first image was that of an lunar eclipse, with the moon red blood in color, only to watch it shatter into a murder of Ravens. Confused by the image and bewildered, she ventured out to a near by bar and was unfortunately slipped Spellbound. Losing control, it was up to Rath to bring her home and take care of her for the rest of the night.

Plot completion Points:

1. The Sword of Light has been discovered, though not yet found by Del.
2. The Bloodstone was returned to Ash - (out of the hands of the Morrigan)
3. Lilium becomes the Prophet of Light
4. A sample of Spellbound was finally taken by the Fae, and given to Dr. Jade.
5. Penance witnessed The Spear of Finris.
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Relics and other Dangers

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