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 Relics and other Dangers

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PostRelics and other Dangers

11:46:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had spent the entire evening sleeping with Penance. Having both claimed her Heart and her body, as far as the Phoenix was concerned the two were as close as two individuals on opposing sides of the fence could get. It was true that Peter had left the Dark Clan and had chosen to remain Neutral--he was no longer concerned about the Humans, as he didn't think they were the problem--it was Fae. Fae who had powers who weren't easily controllable. Fae like The Ash and The Morrigan, who apparently had Godlike powers and they answered to no one. They could do as they pleased, and mostly couldn't feel the backlash of their decisions unless disputed by the other. It was for this reason that Peter felt they were just really powerful Fae, acting along the lines of a 'Playing God' scenario. Peter had taken a shower, put on his daggers and put on his necklace and was now flying outside. It was a half-hour after midday, and he was just enjoying the rays of the sun beating down against his feathers--and enjoying the

12:35:57 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter still couldn't help but feel a bit estranged. It was likely because that he was born in a human body, and spent much of his life in one--and he has only recently become a Phoenix. Whilst he's been able to function as easily in this form as he was in his human form, he still couldn't help but feel as if he was more animal than human. Especially with how his feet close like hands. He closes his eyes as he flies along...opening them again as he suddenly swoops down and flaps his wings as he touches down upon an abandoned sidewalk somewhere in downtown Boston. Why he had landed was because a large piece of cut glass was set against a truck and he was looking over himself as he dusts his feathers off. Then places his hands on his sides and tilts his head at the image in the mirror, seemingly admiring himself and seemingly exploring his new appearance. He brought a hand up to stroke his chin, "I wonder...who created the Fae?" he thought to himself aloud.

12:44:34 Delaney had woken earlier, beside Galen. Her fear at first was that he’d be dead, only he wasn’t! Thank goodness for small miracles, if one believed in that. It was the first time in eight years where she’d woken up with someone who wasn’t a corpse at her own doing. The thought made her feel rather strange however and she needed to think about just what had happened. It wasn’t like her to get attached to anyone and Galen was quickly filling that spot. After finding a piece of paper and a pen, she’d scribbled a note stating she had to see Trick at the Cork and wouldn’t be long. Specifically telling him not to worry, with an addendum that stated Thanks for last night.. . What else was she suppose to say? She was completely healed of any injury thanks to their indiscretion, beyond that, she had his strength, his power within her own energy resource. Before long, the Young Succubus would be found shifting from one building to the next, sticking to the shadows as best she could as she maneuvered through the City,12:44:48 [Delaney] well aware that The Morrigan could and likely would send someone after her again. She paused however, full stop as she turned the corner just within the warehouse district, eyeing Peter. Pressed against the building in a hopes not to be seen, she inwardly cursed her actions, which in turn caused that inner alarm to flare - her imbued blood began to coarse through her body, just in case..

12:56:55 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter tilted his head at his image in the mirror. Then he turns a bit so he can look at his side and rear regions--looking at the wings and the way they came out of his body, and his tail feathers as he lifts and lowers them and then turns to face the mirror more fully. However, a scent began to enter his nostrils--it was the Succubi from the other night. He drops his arms to his sides as he tilts his head back as he inhales deeply through the holes on the front of his beak, closed to his face. He then bows his head and exhales deeply--his hot breath distending the air as he did so, fogging up the mirror as he turns and glances upwards. His bright sapphire eyes peering into her direction, "I can smell you, Delaney. What is it you want?" he had asked in a casual manner. But it was apparent that he still didn't trust her--he didn't fully believe that she wasn't the cause of the blood-selling. Even despite The Ash telling him it wasn't her--he wasn't inclined to believe much of the things that either The Dark or 12:57:04 [Peter_Xarhilm] The Light had to tell him, but as he got closer to Delaney--he could feel...a tingle. He wasn't sure why. But something inside of him was tingling. Was it her powers of lust? No...his mind was clear--it was harder for Succubi to seduce Phoenixes due to the fact they weren't even the SAME biology, and Phoenixes tended to ignite into flames and turn to ash when they died, and Succubi tended to die with them--not very pleasant. Also having a beak made it easier for them not to life-suck him dry like a grape. Yay for kissing barriers!

13:05:06 [Delaney] Her powers were purely defensive. What she wasn’t aware that the night spent with Galen had given her more than his strength. It had given him her power - albeit temporarily. This wasn’t to be known by the Succubus, and likely not for a while until a near death situation occurred and it simply would just happen. The effect would wear off of course, but it was a part of Delaney’s bloodline which was, of course a completely mystery. Her heart however pounded within her chest, against her ribcage as she heard Peter’s voice. Surprised however to hear him actually talk, rather than just blast the entire building to smithereens. Puzzled, she composed herself and motioned from the shelter of the building, coming to rest a fair distance away from the creature. Her ebony dark strands hung in rivulets around her face, still interwoven with ribbons of silver, ivy and baby’s breath from the living dream she’d experienced. The dress she wore was the same white attire, cotton in material, near translucent with the light --13:05:21 [Delaney] with the light behind her. The empire waist, and short hemline added a near doll-like appearance to the ravishing beauty, innocent and purity though, those who knew her powers knew that it couldn’t possibly be true. A contrast in all manners, her azure hues shifted to the pale ice, near neon blue as she peered at the large Bird, eyes narrowed to keep him in her sights, keenly aware of his actions should they suddenly change. The pheromones were of course, being secreted, anyone close by would start to feel the heat. “Why did you try to kill me?” the question was purged before she had the sense to reign it in. “Why does The Morrigan want me dead?” Straight to the point. Why not?

13:16:00 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter took note of that heat as he rolls his neck around a bit--like her, he was resonating heat; but his kind of heat could have likely killed her if it was applied full force. The Phoenix began to pad towards the side--she could see how his feet moved, the way the toes curled under and those vicious talons laying against his soles and then the toes splaying apart as the talons clicked upon the concrete. His legs were also double-jointed like an animal's hindlegs. His tailfeathers twitching up and down--though he was wearing an amulet of sorts that was different from the other night, and a series of daggers sheathed in a holster on his left thigh. He brought up his shoulders towards her in response, "Why does The Lady Dark want anyone dead? Either they've pissed her off, failed her, or she just doesn't like you. As for the particular reason why she wanted you dead? She contracted me to kill you, was paying me a mint too--ten mill. Said I could do whatever it took to make sure you didn't get out of that 13:16:09 [Peter_Xarhilm] fight alive--even gave me permission to nuke the Dark Prince's home if I had too. Human casulties? She didn't care--told me to go crazy, but make sure it got done. I was informed you were the dealer of blood for Spellbound." and his eyes narrowed, "I still don't have any reason to believe otherwise." and then his face softens a bit, "You know, for someone trying to avoid becoming a target you're making it painfully easy for hunters to track you. The Lady Dark doesn't give up easily--she'll likely have me killed, as much good as that'll do her--I'm a Phoenix. We can't just 'die'. Or she'll hire something nastier to come after you. And I'm pretty much the top of the class in the assassination bit--you're my first contract to have ever gotten away alive. But something also caused me to nearly Supernova too--and that was an uncalculated risk. So tell me--what the hell did you do to get her to hate your guts so much?"

13:29:11 [Delaney] Listened to the male’s words, brows arched, eyes remaining narrowed. At first, she wasn’t sure if he’d give her any information but the Phoenix seemed more than forthcoming, with no reason to lie. Her arms folded over the subtle curve of her breasts, head canted as she took in the information. By the time he was finished, her anger had started to curdle - not toward Peter but The Morrigan. “I’m not hiding from her. Not really. I’ve petitioned her to face me alone.” The words were spoken with conviction and confidence. “As for her lies , and that is what they are, lies - it proves to me that I am a stronger foe than she anticipated. She’s hiding behind the truth. I’ve no reason to sell my blood, considering that I have no idea what I was until a few months ago. Beyond that..” she frowned, dropping her arms as she shook her head. “I’ve nothing to defend myself over because I’ve done nothing wrong. I shouldn’t have to stay in hiding, or cower behind others for something I haven’t done. I have issued a ==3:29:26 [Delaney] a challenge to face her. Now, I wait and see what she does next.” There was a pause as she considered her life, Galen’s life - all the innocent people that could have died because of The Morrigan. “How can someone put so much power to abuse and get away with it. It has to change. She can’t be allowed to go on, to do this. People died because of your actions, acting on her willingness to kill me, and pay you and I can’t see even Ten Million being worth that.” The creature could attack her at any given moment, but Delaney was passionate about this and she wanted him to know it. Why? She wasn’t sure but some how people needed to know the truth. “If not, kill me now and be done with it, but know that you are killing the innocent for a darker power to grow more powerful. I don’t know why I’m such a threat. Maybe because I’m the only one who’s stood up to her, so far.”

13:38:42 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter stops as he glances at her, "The Ash spoke with me yesterday--wanted to know why I did what I did. That contract on you was a disaster--my first professional blunder, period." he waved a clawed hand aside, "At most, my collateral damage was limited to maybe four or six humans including the target--I killed around seventy-five people that night. Fae and humans combined, and yet you still live. You're lucky you moved from that window--only a fire-based entity can survive a direct hit from my Ash Sphere--that orb was like a bowling bowl combined with a dynamite stick, only it was white-hot. I would have killed you if I had thrown that orb a moment sooner." he brought up his shoulders in another shrug, "I agree with you that the Clan Leaders are too powerful. They have no accountability, no one can tell them what to do and what not to do--their word is Law and either you obey it, or they banish you from this dimension." he shook his head, "They're both Tyrants, they're both Dictators--except The Ash is
13:38:53 [Peter_Xarhilm] less forceful with his rulings. They expect you to do as they say, when they say, and how they say it; if you don't, they can do whatever they please with you. And so far, nobody has the power to stop them--yet." he peers at her intently as if gauging her, "If she confronts you. You'll die. No way around it--she can just look at you, and you'd feel as if you're just shriveling up. I've seen her made people just put a gun to their own foreheads and blow their own brains out, simply because she didn't like how their shoes looked." he shrugged at her, "And what would killing you serve? I failed my contract. And," he waves a taloned hand at her, "as far as I'm concerned, I'm done with you--the Leaders, and the Fae. They can play their make-believe of hiding from the cold hard facts. The humans are going to become aware of us, and there's nothing either The Light or the Dark can do about it. There's only so many lies you can tell the Humans before they start catching on. More and more people are beginning to13:39:08 [Peter_Xarhilm] realize what's happening." and he glances down, "And that's mostly my fault, granted." he glances back up at her, "War is coming, and I personally think it's going to end up being Light versus Dark--The Ash versus The Morrigan. If things keep escalating as they are."

13:46:56 [Delaney] The words he spoke mirrored that of her own. She’d not mention him of the dream - it would sound facetious and even childish to speak to the creature of such things of magic items that she would require in order to defeat The Morrigan. Though, she did comment on some of his words. “This World is changing. That I agree.” For a moment, she mulled over her words, contemplating what to say. He’d agreed he wasn’t going to kill her and she could tell from his tone alone, he was equally passionate in his beliefs. “I know how powerful she is. I know how strong she can be. I know the darkness in her and I’ve yet to truly face her. At the meeting.. She caught me off guard, but I know what I’m dealing with now. There are others too, like you that want to put an end to the tyranny. Most are fearful of change, but if they see others working toward the same goal, they may come around. Even those of the Dark are.. Questioning. “ In reference to Galen who she knew was torn between his Leader and the truth. “I’m not---13:47:23 [Delaney] suggesting we form an alliance. You did try to kill me. As you said, you yourself are among one of the more powerful creatures there is. I managed to elude death at your hands. I will do so at The Morrigans. There was means and methods, ways.. And I will find it.” She glanced around, gazing at the buildings in the area, knowing Galen was near by - hopefully he’d find her note. “I’m sure you think I’m just some young Fae, but perhaps it takes only one to start a revolution. Young or not. I’m not so conditioned with the ways of their courts, which in turn, gives me an advantage.”

13:52:32 [Lilium ] Lush wavy auburn hair swayed in the passing breeze as she set on a wooden bench at the college. Her elbows pressed to the wooden surface of the table, fingers on either side of her temples in her hair. Soft grey/blue eyes peered down into the English book, reading over the words as she studied. Last night was hazy and she could not remember much about. It was almost like a lustful dream, but it held a fog to her memory. Had he truly fed from her to the point of memory loss? No, probably till her body passed out from being drained. Her left hand dropped to the book, letting her face rest completely on her right hand, and turned the page. The sun made her hair seem a bit more orange than usual, skin ever to warm looking. The sky held a range of colors, melding from dark blue on one side to a blue as it came close to the sun. Her mind kept falling to thoughts of Rath, debating on everything, but she tried her hardest to keep her mind on the work at hand. Gripping her torso is a white V-neck T-shirt-under her~c

13:53:45 [Lilium ] shirt the amulet- that crawled down to the black pleated skirt, the hem sat two inches above her knees. On her feet is a pair of black and white converse boots, that tied up the front with white shoe lace. The college held few occupants, either leaving or coming to class. Lilium felt out right stupid about putting the seal on upside down on her leg and the burn still itched, though her socks helped with that. What Rath said, about the seal now making her a beacon; was it true? Plus, what would any Fae want with a human?~e

14:20:26 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter began to pad towards Delaney slowly as he focused his eyes intently upon her--it was like staring into the eyes of a predator, but that was mostly because of the sharp talons and the slitted pupils--they made him appear more feral than he actually was, "Change is going to happen. Irregardless if you die, if Morrigan dies--or if the Ash tries his hardest to blind himself to the fact of it all." he stops about ten-feet from her as he looks her over, "You aren't prepared to face The Lady Dark. Not mentally, not physically, not spiritually." he brings his shoulders up into a casual shrug. He sighs and turns a bit and glances into the direction of where the Cork was at, "..." and then he made his way towards it on foot.

14:21:21 [Lilium ] Lilium set up, letting both hands fall to the book to close it. Beside her book set her keyring that held three keys; ballet studio key, home, and BMW. Her left hand took hold of the keys as her right hand grabbed the book and brought it close to her chest. Ugh, it hurt to walk. It had hurt the entire day. So sore, all over. At the moment, her want to research on the Fae is at a minimum. She did not want to completely fuck something else up. Plus, she was going to see if Rath knew a way to remove the inverted seal later. Lilium walked across the green cut grass off the college, cutting through as she headed for the black vehicle. The keys jingled within her grip as she fumbled to find the car key. Once at the car, she slid the key in place and unlocked the door. With the same hand, she removed the key and opened to door. Lilium slid into the drivers seat, turned, and set her book on the back seat. Her body turned back around, closed the door, and turned the car on. Before she could push it into reverse; her~c 14:21:43 [Lilium ] black cheap flip phone made a small beep that alerted her of a call. Lilium retrieved the phone out of the middle console. Fuck, she had missed a call from the owner of the ballet studio. Before returning the call, Lilium kicked on the air conditioner. The phone rang on the other end, four times before the woman answered. She seemed very angry, "Have you seen the studio! Someone busted up a section of the mirror! I can't believe this! Did you head to the studio the other night, cause the door was unlocked as well!" Lilium bit her tongue as she lied through her teeth about the events. "No, but I did notice the window was up when I left for school today, maybe someone broke in?" The woman went out about the price of the new mirror and what not before ending the conversation. Lilium pushed the car in reverse and then drive, heading home for the rest of the day. She parked her car out front of the complex, in one of the many reserved spots for the attendants of the complex. She got out, locked the~c 14:22:14 [Lilium ] doors, and headed inside. Lilium made her way to the mailbox covered wall, noticing that she left her mailbox key in the keyhole-who knows for how long. She opened the mailbox, finding FINAL NOTICE bill for the rent. Ugh, not again. She retrieved the key, slid it on her key ring, and shut the mailbox-leaving the bill inside. Her feet pressed against the stairs, moving up the first and second flight before reaching her apartment. The landlord had her door fixed in the morning. She unlocked her door and entered, locking it behind her. Her home is clean, she worked hard on in it the following morning. Still, she kept that one foot iron bar under her bed, just in case something went down. Lilium slipped the knee high converse boots off and socks, placed them beside the couch and plopped down on the cushion. Lilium held no T.V, but she did have a stereo system. She leaned forward, grabbed the stereo remote and turned it on. She had moved her Incubus mix tape over from the small radio/CD player in her room. She~c 14:24:10 [Lilium ] had not even made the connection that the band was named Incubus. Pardon me began to play, it is the first track on the CD. The volume set at a medium setting, just enough to fill the room, but not to keep from hearing anyone. Her body stretched out on the couch, eyes closing as she enjoyed the music, mumbling along with the music. After the first track came Warning, then she set it on random for the track and left the remote on the coffee table.~e

14:24:41 JessicaG Has come back after her weekly meeting with the clan of witches in New-York. She heard about the huge storm in Boston and thought about her family, if they are alright. She called them and they were fine and she breathed a sigh of relief. In the meeting of the clan, they spoke about the strange drugs that claimed a victim from it. The drug is not a normal drug, nobody knows what it is. As she walks the street to her college for her class, she was thinking how Delaney was doing. She was claimed by the demon called Dannethion to teach her and she wanted to talk to her, or maybe to Dannethion or the man who kinda insulted her at the party but also taught her about the Fae. She knows she's got to do something.14:24:53 JessicaG As she continued walking down the streets, which were not in a good neighborhood, she saw a man dressed in a long brown coat and a hat. He looked at all direction like is always searching for someone or something. She quietly passed by him and he suddenly said to her, "Hey, wanna have some fun, girl?". She looked at him, confused. "Huh? What kind of fun?". He smiles," Fun….you know, drugs. I have all kinds of it, Heroine, cocaine, marihuana, and also something I've got from somebody, something new. It gives you the ride of your life, he said it called 'Spellbound', wants to try?". She than thought about it if to take it and give it to Dannethion or Delaney to examine it.

14:27:05 Delaney didn’t ignore the man. He spoke the truth. But her time would come and she would do it. Or at least prepare Galen to meet his destiny. She was convinced that Galen was a chosen one; the way he’d seen into her dream, heard from the same crone who’d given the instructions on what to do. She wasn’t aware that The Morrigan had told Galen the true reason she wanted Delaney dead and that Delaney was the one who could possibly cause everything to tumble down and destroy all that is known. A brief nod was given to the man who’d gazed her down, she had however stood her ground in a stubborn, obstinate fashion as if to show him she was neither afraid nor belittled by his powers and strength. Though when he turned from her to walk the path to The Cork, she exhaled only then realizing she had been holding her breath the entire time. I’ve got to find out more about those items.. Maybe Trick knows more about these things than he did the Bloodstone. Delaney was unaware that the Bloodstone had been found and in the14:27:27 [Delaney] hands of a human at that! If she had, her plan of action would currently change so she could tie up at least one loose end before beginning another.

14:39:44 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter paused after a moment and glances over his shoulder at her, "Do you know what a Phoenix symbolizes, Delaney?" he didn't wait for a response--he wanted her to think about that. Then he turned and continued a few steps, then his massive wings spreaded as he kicked off the ground and took to the sky. The way the sun shone off his feathers made him appear almost as if he was made of flames. As he takes to the sky, he went to fly the rest of the way to the Cork. Though he was addled with his own debts and reasons. He was pondering challenging The Ash himself--as he felt that if Delaney could challenge The Morrigan and survive, maybe he had a chance of besting the other? Who knows. But he pushes these thoughts aside for fear of The Clan Leaders being omnipotent. He lands right outside of The Cork as he went to open the door and slips inside.
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Relics and other Dangers :: Comments

Re: Relics and other Dangers
Post on Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:58 am by Delaney
14:40:44 Galen had awoken alone in the make shift hideout, alone but what else did he expect. Nothing. Last night had been great, mind blowing..etc but the night had been only a one time and he wouldn't be letting it happen again. The tension was now broken and there were things to get done and so as he woke up, he had seen the note laying there from Delaney, telling him to meet her at the Cork, and so he would brings some clothes up above and use the shower to get cleaned up, something that had been added in recent years. Now dressed and clean, he left some things behind but would likely begin a hunt for a new place to stay soon enough. taking only his bag with a few changes of clothes and he made his way out, locking up after him. Walls were back up, and his mind was focused on the task at hand, and it would be a matter of a half hour and he'd be walking into the Cork, not keeping any eye contact with anyone but he didn't see Delaney there yet either. Guess he had time for a drink and so that was his first stop, -
14:41:05 [Galen] moving to the counter and ordered up a beer, needing it in the worst way. He kept his bag over his shoulder, wearing jeans, his worn out sneakers and a dark blue shirt with long sleeves. He couldn't let himself feel for someone like her, she'd made it clear hadn't she? It had been the best night of his life and he still felt for her but none of it mattered now, beer is what he would focus on for now until she showed up.-e-

14:43:10 [Lilium ] 'Who was it? That woman whom owned the shop,' she thought upon laying on her couch. She couldn't remember, but she was told that the person could possibly show her how to properly protect herself from the Fae. She did not think to much on it and sat up, turning the volume down till it his background music level. Her bare feet noted the cool surface of the kitchen tile as she knelt down, retrieving a tea kettle from beneath the sink. She stood, filled it with water and placed it on the stove eye, turning it one. From a drawer near the sink, she pulled a peach flavored tea bag and a tea cup out of the cabinet. Lilium set the items on the counter, waiting for the tea water to boil. Freaking A, that asshole made her look upon her home in a new way. She wanted to smack him upside the head for making her feel alone here now. What a dick. A yawn passed through her lips as she took a seat on one of the two stools. Her left hand pulled the amulet from her shirt, twisting between her slender digits. Lilium wanted to~c14:43:33 [Lilium ] learn, ever so much she did. She wanted to know how to strengthen her 6th sense. How to tone it to the point of being able to fend for herself.~e

14:49:40 [Delaney] In her mind, the Phoenix symbolized death and rebirth. A cycle. Unless there was something much more - she couldn’t tell if the Male was being cryptic. She’d have mulled over the thoughts further if she hadn’t caught sight of Jessica across the street, talking to someone rather shady looking. Her piercing gaze took in the situation, and knowing the girl’s knack of getting into some kind of trouble, Del didn’t hesitate to break her path to the Cork by crossing the road, skirting through traffic before stepping toward the human. “Hey Jess..” She called, offering a wave, unaware she would likely scare of the pusher who was offering Jess Spellbound, unaware that that transaction was actually taking place. “How are you!? Hadn’t seen you in a few days.. I was, worried.” She continued, noting that it was likely a good thing Jessica had been out of town. “I’m on my way to the Cork to meet an.. Acquaintance. Perhaps you’d like to walk with me there?” She knew Galen was likely waiting for her and probably pissed at -14:49:53 [Delaney] at her not being where she said she’d be, but she had to be sure Jess was okay.

14:59:20 JessicaG Looked at the man and tried to stay relaxed and cool. She nodded slowly, "Hmm…sure, give me some 'spellbound'. How much is it?". She hoped it is the real one, and not a fake or something. The man smiled and said, "Just 50 bucks for one…." She thought, wow expensive, how does teenagers were able to take them. Maybe they stole the money. She took out her wallet from her backpack and took out 50 dollars and handed them to the man. She looked around to see that no one is watching, she don't want to use it but it's still illegal to buy it. The man just gave her the drug as soon as she heard a familiar voice talking towards her. The man was freaked, he probably thought the drug is in Jessica's hand and it's her problem and he pushed her aside a bit hard making her fall on her bottom. The man ran almost in the speed of light.14:59:31 JessicaG "ouch!", than she got up slowly and looked at Delaney and smiles. She seem ok, she thought, how great. She was walking towards her to meet her and smiled, "Hi, yeah, have been out of town for a few days…..I would really like to come with you, I want to talk to you…" Suddenly she reminded of the drug and why did she bought it. "Oh…and this guy told me it was the drug called 'spellbound', thought it might help you examine it, hope it's the real one…" She gave Delaney the so-called drug.

14:59:26 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had noticed the Dark Prince the instant he had entered the Cork. Closing the door behind him as he padded up towards the bar and went to take a seat at a stool right by Galen as he orders his usual from the Tender on duty, "Ra's Nectar." he ordered but he didn't glance aside as he spoke to Galen, "You're tougher than you originally look. Not many can survive the pulverizing you took the other day." he didn't really fear being attacked here by him as this place was neutral and any could come here and be safe--Trick saw to that personally.

15:08:19 [Delaney] Gazed toward Jessica as the male ran. “He just sold it to you!? I’ll be back, Jess. Go to the Cork! Bring it Galen.. The Dark Prince.” And without another word, Delaney ran. Still holding on to some of Galen’s strength the night before, she could move with some distance, slightly beyond the usual speed. The male was human, and Del could cover ground much faster as she honed in upon the man, catching him through the crowd, swerving in and out and near knocking people down. The glamour allowed her to clearly blend in without betraying the Fae laws, humans had no idea what passed them, most of them so busy in their daily lives. She didn’t want to lose the male because he could be tied in to the Spellbound conspiracy and have information on who gave him the wicked drug, something Delaney needed proof of more than anything to clear her own name. Getting closer, the drug pusher knew he was being chased but by what, he wasn’t sure, he couldn’t quite see as he made his way down a nearby alley, before reaching to a --15:08:36 [Delaney] to a fire escape ladder, jumping on a few garbage cans in order to reach. About to climb up, he’d suddenly stop, feeling a hand upon his ankle, but beyond that was the warmth that quickly spread through him. Near climatic in it’s essence, knees weakening, his body becoming slowly under Delaney’s touch. “Hey there..” she whispered in that oh so sultry tone. “How ‘bout you come down from there. We’ve got some talking to do…”

15:12:44 Galen was served his beer and with a nod of his head toward the bartender, he picked it up and raised it a bit to him, "Sláinte", then lowered it and brought the glass to his mouth, chugging back about half before he managed to take a breath and lower the glass back to the counter. Still no Delaney. One beer may turn to many if she didn't show up, at least it would be a way enjoying his night. He kept his gaze set forward, looking at all the bottles that lined the shelves in the back but a voice nearby had caught him off guard and he turned his head to look at the source. "What the fu-." He eyed Peter over a few times, "fuck.." Well now they were on neural ground so obviously no fights but this thing had tried to kill him, Delaney and others but had successfully killed many innocent people along the way. A part of him wanted to lash out at him, thanks to him he had taken a great risk and Delaney almost did die but he knew he couldn't, no fighting in here. He looked away from him, hands tightening around the -15:13:08 [Galen] glass that stayed still on the counter for now. "Well lucky me." He shook his head. "Pretty bold of you to still be walking around. I'm surprised really, after all the people you've killed. So what now? Stalking us all separately.." Just after he spoke those words, he immediately looked back over at him, standing up off the stool. "I swear to GOd if you have hurt Delaney, I will kill you!!" His eyes flashed yellow and he bared his fangs toward the bird creature.-e-

15:21:25 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter lifted a clawed hand as he waved off the Dark Prince's threat, "You weren't able to kill me that night, you won't be able to kill me anytime soon--you and I both know that. And even if you could, it wouldn't matter. Phoenixes aren't bound to the same laws of Mortality as normal Fae." he sighed. That true 'immortality' was something that all Phoenixes had to live with, "And I don't need to stalk Delaney--she's so easy to track, I didn't have to try. She bumped into me earlier--we spoke, and I left. Simple as that. No fireballs, or Ash Spheres, nothing." and he glances sidelong towards Galen as his sapphire eyes pierce towards him with a look, "And I was under orders from your Queen to kill her. So go take it up with her--and yes, she gave me permission to do whatever it took." he glances ahead as he went to take his glass as he charged the drink to his usual account--despite his casual appearance and simple life, Peter was quite rich--he had accumulated enough wealth to be able to live in luxury but he 15:21:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] chose to live amongst the middle-class because he felt he had some kind of kinship with them. His eyes focus on his drink as he takes a sip from it as his beak clicks as it touches the glass, "And your Father pulled me into his chambers yesterday, and we spoke--if you want to find out about what, you can go ask him yourself. Seventy-three. That's how many that died. Seventy-three people that didn't do anything to earn death. All because of one woman." though whether or not he was talking about Delaney or Morrigan was unknown, "And I don't believe in God or the Devil--the wonders of being an Atheist." he took another drink from his special brew, "But no, I'm not stalking either of you. I'm just trying to push back my guilt and attone, and waiting for The Lady Dark's assassins to come after me--if they are. I don't care about this incident anymore--what you and Delaney do from now on is your own business. I want nothing more to do with it."

15:22:48 JessicaG Heard what Delaney said, and blinked as she just started running after the man. She looked after her until she disappeared from sight. She sigh and than walked towards the direction of The Cork. The place where she was first encountered with the Fae creatures and their whole world. She hoped it wouldn't make a mess again when she will come back there. She found the place again, probably it is because she knows the truth about the Fae and can see behind their glamour. She entered The Cork and searched for Galen, she met him once at the meeting but didn't know his name, so she said "hmm….I am looking for Galen, the dark prince, Delaney told me to give you something…."

15:31:57 [Delaney] “But.. Oh.. Wow…” the teenager was quick to succumb to the succubus ways, in fact it was love at first sight for the male who was taken by the ravishing, dark haired beauty. “What.. Whatever you want..” Delaney allowed her hand to slide upward, toward the crest of his hips, then to his waist as he climbed down, coming to stand before her. He looked around eighteen and while Del felt some guilt in doing this upon a younger male, she needed to get answers. “Shush.. “ she whispered in her hypnotic tone, her eyes elusive and light blue, pulling the male further into her spell. “Tell me where you got the drug from? Who gave it to you.. ?” The teen whimpered, feeling himself about to climax at the near touch, squirming in his place. “Oh.. Shit.. Man.. This dude… I don’t know his name.. told me could make a profit. Argh.. God. What are you doing to me.. You make me wanna f*ck right here..” Del rolled her eyes, releasing her hand somewhat. She had no interest in bedding the teen, especially after last night with --15:32:10 [Delaney] with Galen. She felt it very hard to imagine anyone, especially a human living up to that expectation. “Just tell me where.. Where did you meet him, what did he look like..?” The teen’s eyes closed as his face cringed in pleasure though as he was about to speak the sudden ring of gun fire shot through the air, snapping Delaney’s attention from the boy to around her as she stepped back. Not knowing where the weapon was being shot from, she spun, eyeing intently before the teen tried to speak. However, the only sound was a gurgle that came from his lips as blood began to pour from them and the younger male fell to his knees, dead. He’d been shot. Delaney was left gazing, then shook her head, realizing his blood was upon her as she shouted out into the alley. “This isn’t over!” before slowly stepping back..

15:42:21 Galen didn't care if it would have killed him, he would protect Delaney but as Peter began to talk, he slowly found himself calming down but found it hard to believe that this one time killer was now trying to atone for many deaths. He had spoken about Morrigan, how she had sent him to kill Delaney and it only proved to solidify his suspicions all along but why on Earth would his Father call upon him, guess it was just one more question he'd have to ask when he finally went to go see him. He didn't know if the bird creature was referring to Delaney or Morrigan in regards to the death's that had been dealt out but it didn't matter, they were dead and not coming back. The only thing that bothered him he most was that Morrigan had instructed him to do whatever necessary, which meant Galen's own death in the process. She really didn't care about him, she didn't care what happened and it was now more clear that his position meant nothing with her, she was blinded by killing Delaney. All the more reason he'd go on-15:42:29 [Galen] protecting her. Obviously there was no use in speaking with the Morrigan now, not after all of this but he would seek out his Father for answers, for some sort of insight into what the Hell was going on. His anger was no longer directed toward him anymore, "So you believe she'll come after you. I guess we're in the same boat then." He looked back to the glass and took his seat again, enough fighting had gone on in the last little while, there wasn't anything to fight about here. "that's a lot of death, a lot of HUmans and I imagine Fae. You'll have to forgive me if I don't forgive you right off for trying to kill me or her, whether or not you're looking for it. But I will thank you, if all you say is true then I have a lot more thinking to do over matters than I once did." He would have commented further but someone had come up, interrupting them both and he turned his head in annoyance, looking at Jessica. He eyed her over as she spoke his name. "I'm Galen, where's Delaney!?" He had skipped over the fact-15:42:44 [Galen] she had something to give him at first, "And what did she want you to give to me?" -e-

15:51:41 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter shrugs, "It's the way that my life works, Galen." he commented about the assassins coming after him bit. He was interrupted as well as Jessica comes barging over--he peers at the female. The scent was human--nothing otherworldy about her, other than that she appears naive. He shook his head and returns to his drink, "If I was expecting forgiveness then I'd be a fool. I made a mistake, and I'm paying for it--there's no purpose in hiding from one's mistakes, there is only running away from it--or admitting it and taking responsibility. Which is what I'm doing." but what more could the Dark Prince expect from the Phoenix? He finishes his drink and turns around on his stool to peer over at Jessica and what--he stopped and stared. He suddenly got up and went to snatch the gift she had from her hands, "Where did you get this?!" oh he knew what this was could he not forget it. It ruined his whole family and his entire life!

15:57:01 JessicaG Looked at the two people at the bar, but one of them was not in his human form but in the form of a humanoid bird. She was surprised, she still needs time to get used to all of this, but than she turns her head to the man who identified himself as Galen. She saw it was the man who talked to her at the meeting, he kinda opened her eyes to the situation and she felt she can trust him. Well, if Delaney can trust him than she will too. She nodded and went over to him, "She is chasing the guy that sold this to me, it is the drug 'spellbound'….". Suddenly as she handed it to Galen, the humanoid bird snatched it from her and she looked surprised and quite angry, she wanted it to be handed to Galen and Galen alone. "Hmm…excuse me! Give it to Galen….Now!" She knew she couldn't beat this guy, but she was just quite angry how he snatched it from her.
16:00:56 [Delaney] It wouldn’t do good to remain in the alley, although if the Cops showed up she could talk her way out of it, for lack of a better word. She felt bad for the kid but someone was obviously covering their tracks. And had been watching him in order to do just that. It angered her that the human had been killed so easily - that someone was playing with both the Fae and human’s alike with this particular drug, though she still had her beliefs that The Morrigan was behind it all. Especially because the Witch was blaming it on Delaney or at least trying to use her as a scapegoat. It made matters worse that the male’s blood was upon her. She needed to wash, feeling dirty but the only place she could think of going was to The Cork. Surely somewhere there would have a power that included making her some clothes! Looking around once more, she still felt terrible about leaving the boy just there - he likely had a mother and or father somewhere that was missing him. She couldn’t just leave him there alone. Instead, she --6:01:15 [Delaney] she moved from the alleyway out into the path of the mid afternoon rush, the sidewalks full of people moving on through their lives, though she stopped one in particular, her hand on his shoulder as the woman looked toward the Succubus. “There’s a boy, he’s been badly hurt. Shot by someone for selling drugs. I need you to call 911 and explain this. Stay with him until the Cops show.” The woman smiled softly, her eyes soft and adoring as they gazed over Del, nodding. “Is there anything else I can do?” Delaney shook her head. “Don’t mention me or anything about it and just stay with him.. “ it didn’t assuage the guilt but it did help in some manners. He was already dead, but Del felt much better than just leaving him in an alley. If he’d not been talking to her, he might still have been alive. “I will. Don’t you worry.. I’ll take good care of him.” The woman responded as she reached for her cell phone, calling 911.

16:05:01 Galen didn't like HUmans in here, especially unclaimed but he'd seen her around enough that, seriously, what was the point in arguing it. If Trick let her in then he had no right to say anything but he had noticed that now Peter had also turned his attention tot he scene and what ever was being offered to him was quickly snatched up before Galen had a chance to see what it was. He looked confused but as soon as Jessica said what it was, his eyes went wide. "It's what! How the Hell did she get a hold of it?" He lowered his voice as some people looked around but he quickly placed a hand right over Jessica face, not hard but enough to keep her quiet as she depended it back from Peter. "Shh." He looked away from her, keeping his hand in place and turned his head to the bird. "Look, I need that. It's important. I have been working on this case for months now and a sample would be ideal. You want to repent or atone or whatever? Then please hand it over, it's important for a lot of Fae." He reached his hand out toward-16:05:15 [Galen] him, palm up as he waited to see if he would comply. -e-

16:10:56 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter wasn't sure what to believe at this point. He held in his hands the very same substance that ended so many lives. As he stares down at it, at the crystals and sparkles--he could still hear it, see it... See his father engaging his brother in a brawl, then his brother suddenly transforming into a massive four-armed cyclops and killed his sister, mother and father all at once--the only reason he was still alive was because his mother had trapped him in the closet and told him not to leave it. He was still a young boy at the time, but he could remember it vividly. Galen could see the phoenix's eyes were distant--and pained. Jessica's screaming demands were ignored as he closed his eyes and closed his talons over the substance and exhaled a deep sigh. He turns his head to face Galen as he opened them again, "Only if you bring me along when you find those who are producing it--I want to reduce that whole facility to the ground, and turn their suppliers into ash." he held out his hand and dropped it into 16:11:10 [Peter_Xarhilm] Galen's palm. There was a personal tone of voice when he had addressed Galen. He glances at Jessica and then turns and began to head towards the door. Delaney had something to do with this, he was positive of it. He stops at the door and stands by a window, as he went to peer outside--crossing his arms over the windowsil.

16:16:34 JessicaG Looked at Peter angry, until Galen out his hand gently on her face and calmed her down a bit. She hushed down, taking a deep breath, and waited while hearing Galen asking for the drug. She continues to stare at Peter, hoping he will hand it over to Galen. She finally relaxed and sigh as he handed it to Galen, asking a favor in return. She thought that this drug has caused a lot of troubles to human and Fae a lot, no wonder everyone is so nervous around it. She looked at Galen and said, "Delaney will soon be here…..". She took a seat beside him.

16:21:20 Delaney could already hear the sirens as she ran back into the alley, then using the same fire escape she climbed up, moving toward the roof. From there, it’d be a simple track to the Cork, using the chimneys and such to hide behind on occasion. There was nothing to denote that any weapon had been fired from up here, but it had to have come from somewhere and the aim was perfect, so definitely an expert marksman. Trying to push thoughts of the dead boy away, she ran in a stealth manner, carefully leaping from one roof to the next before entering into the warehouse district, her eyes on the Cork up ahead. She paused just beyond the door after climbing down a drainpipe, suddenly concerned about Jessica. Hopefully she’d made it to the Elysium safely and nothing had happened. It was dangerous for Del to have asked her to run though it hadn’t been a thought at the time. Getting info on the Dealer was a priority. She could only assume Jess had made it okay. She hadn’t gotten any information from the boy unfortunately --16:21:33 [Delaney] and he’d died. Right there, before her. She leaned back against the wall, closing her eyes unable to enter the building just yet as she let her natural grief well, tears filling her eyes as she couldn’t hold back. Tears for the unknown teen, tears for all those 75 people .. Everyone who seemed to come in contact with her or around her ended up dead. She was suppose to give pleasure but it was at a high price..

16:27:27 [Lilium whispers to Delaney] Hm, I was thinking about if she had precognition and a push force. The push force would be able to send Fae away from her, but not into another dimension. Like a few blocks, a mile, or in another city. It just sends them away from her. But the only way she can use it is by cutting her palm and placing her hand against a wall. Kind of like opening a portal, though this would only be able to happen once a day. The precognition, that one is a bit different. A moderator or someone who can fix things into the plot would have to be the one to send the messages to her, via the mind. Kind of like a prophet.

16:27:28 Galen had a hard time trusting this creature because of the attack on him and everyone else but he needed that drug as part of his investigation. It was only then that he had realized he hadn't been in his office in many days. The look on Peter's face showed there was something deep behind that drug, something personal and as he asked his favor and placed the drug in his hand, he nodded his head. "You aren't exactly inconspicuous but I will make sure you are well informed of the progress. I have a feeling that whoever is behind this, well, I may need your help in the end anyway. As he walked away toward the window, he watched him curiously but then looked back to Jessica, removing his hand from her face before she took a seat next to him. "Okay. Thanks." He looked back at his beer, picking it up and finishing it off before he placed the empty glass son the counter. He stopped the bartender before he brought him another one. "No, make it a whiskey." -16:27:37 [Galen] The bartender would nod and go fetch his drink while Galen looked down in his hand, seeing the crystals up close for the first time. Whoever was dealing this, he'd find them and bring them down. He knew it wasn't Delaney, but he had his suspicions and it all pointed to the Morrigan. He stood up, placed it in his pocket then sat back down, still waiting for her but he looked back to Jessica as his drink was delivered. "You just seem to be everywhere. You need to be careful around here. RIght now things are strained and dangerous." He looked over at Peter, he'd be asking him about his personal interest in this drug, it was his job but for now he let it be as he turned and reached for his drink, downing half of it. -e-

16:30:47 ClaireMether currently had no partner after what had happened yesterday, and that was about the only good news she'd had in the last 48 hours. She'd gotten no answers from the strange man who'd helped her yesterday, and after retrieving her evidence she'd gotten back home without incident. Now she kept the stone with her at all times. She'd managed to get a renal car after several calls and talks with the insurance company, and she had the feeling that some outside influence was greasing the wheels, although she couldn't prove it. At any rate, she was back to work, and was en route to a 911 call about a shooting. When she arrived the ambulance had just gotten there; she got out of her car and showed her badge, moving past where the crime scene had been cut off. She grimaced as she saw them trying to use CPR, but it was a lost cause; the boy was dead. She cursed silently and waited for the EMTs to get the body away. She was directed to a woman who'd been right next to the boy. Claire walked over and saw where two
16:31:54 [ClaireMether] beat cops had her in handcuffs. "Hold on a minute. I need to ask her a few questions." She walked up to the woman and smiled, her voice soft and tender. "Ma'am, I'm Detective Mether...what happened here?"

16:36:46 [BWRP] Trick had been watching Galen and the others converse, possibly hearing the conversation. He’d not make it hidden but he had kept quiet. That was until the whiskey was poured and offered toward the Dark Prince. He eyed the Royal firmly, while holding a rag in the other hand, dusting circles atop the bar. “You know, you can’t get into deeply.” He commented in that wise tone, keeping his eyes on Galen, though acknowledging Jessica. “I’m sure The Morrigan has told you her suspicions about Del and, if that is correct, I’m sure she’s also asked something of you too.” He stopped, gazing around the bar, eyeing Peter before turning back to Galen. “If you let things go to far, with Delany.. It stands to ruin everything. You can’t love her and be forced to kill her. Either way, you’ll end up hurting her and if you do.. That spells trouble for us all. You do realize that, right?” If Trick was trying to push Galen’s buttons - he was making a good job of it. “If she is who I suspect she is, you need to tread very--16:37:04 [BWRP] very carefully. If I were you, I’d end it before things get any worse. Hurt her now instead of later. Don’t let her fall in love you with.” He let his words be spoken, before turning back toward the other clients, leaving Galen alone with his thoughts.

16:39:48 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was staring out the window, but he wasn't looking through it--he was lost in his own thoughts.... 'Mommy! Why is Ally and Pappa fighting?!' 'They're not fighting, hunny, they're just arguing.' and then came the fists, 'Stop it, both of you!' had shouted his sister. And then he was being pushed into the closet, 'Mommy, I'm scared! What's going on?!' 'It'll be alright little one, just stay in here and everything will be--' and then the roar and the shifting, 'Stay in here and don't come out, no matter what happens!' 'But mommy!' 'Peter! Please...' 'Alright...' and then the blood. So much blood. The talons on the windowsil began to tighten. So tight that the talons penetrated the wood as his eyes narrowed sharply. If Galen was looking, he'd see a death glare in the eyes of the Phoenix--and his body was radiating heat at an intense level. But only those within five-feet of himself would feel it. He had been approached by The Lady Dark after he had been discovered by Fae EMTs who had been called on the place 16:39:59 [Peter_Xarhilm] place, 'What happened here?' she had asked him, 'Ally and Papa were fighting, then Mommy put me in the closet--and sister was yelling.' he had said back to her. The Lady Dark had taken him with her that night--she had taught him that it was the humans who had done this to him, and being of that age--he listened. She trained him. Had the best trainers teach him the way of the Phoenix--and of Taijutsu. He was her weapon, her enforcer. And he killed indiscriminantly....ever consumed by the hatred in his heart of any who had willingly sold that Drug. And now, he didn't know WHAT to believe. He didn't know what to think. This stupid drug... ~At times I wished that Fae never existed at all--all we're doing is causing destruction, moreso than the humans did during the World Wars.~ he thought to himself. A turmoil of chaotic, and uncaring feelings resonated from the Phoenix--he didn't try to hide it.

16:43:18 [BWRP] The woman was still in a daze as Claire would come to question her. Placing the cell phone in her pocket, she eyed the cop with a small, but sad smile upon his face. “Drug deal. I was coming across at the time. He was a drug dealer, selling something I’m sure. Then.. He was shot.” The woman’s story had holes in it of course. Del hadn’t the time to go into detail. “One minute he was there, next.. Poof. I called 911 and well, here you are and I know you’ll take good care of it.” The elder woman motioned to tap Claire on the wrist, before making a move to walk away as if she truly hadn’t a care in the World.

16:45:29 JessicaG Sat there, looking at Galen and then looked around the place called The Cork. It looked like a regular pub, very cossy and comfortable. She likes it. She looked back at Galen as he talked to her, "Oh….yeah, it seem so…but I only want to help, especially to Delaney. I feel like I have a connection to her, you know?". She then chuckled to herself, well, how could he know? He wouldn't know how she feels, or would he? Than she said, "I really like to help all of you….". Than she looked at the man called Trick speaking to Galen. He talked about strange things for her, 'delaney's suspicion', 'The Morrigan'. He thought that Delaney couldn't be a suspect, no way.

16:48:09 ClaireMether frowned as she heard the woman; her story had more holes than swiss cheese. No wonder the beat cops had her in cuffs. Still, this woman didn't strike Claire as a killer, and if what she was saying made any sense, Claire would have been hesitant to call the woman a liar. She definitely believed what she was saying. It was definitely odd. "Who was he trying to sell drugs too? Do you know what kind of drugs?" There was a look in the woman's eyes that Claire recognized, and she racked her brain for it as she waited for an answer. Then it hit her at once; she'd seen the same look when someone was hypnotized. Had someone done something to this woman? She would have to wait and see.

16:50:49 [Lilium ] Time passed and Lilium had her tea and turned the stove off. Now, she stood passing her living room, reading over the old book she found in the city library and...kind of stole it. It was one of those books that they would not let any take outside of the place. People could read it, but she did not want to spend all her time in the library. Breaking Benjamin-Dance with the Devil played quietly in the background. She pressed her back up against the wall near the wall near the window, reading. The book held many races and history of them...and the pictures didn't do justice to any of them, but she had only seen one person in their true form. At the moment, she was reading about pixies and faeries. Her eyes scanned out over the depicted picture of the creatures. Pictures...Where there ones of an...Incubus? Lilium's left hand moved over the old pages, slowly turning the pages and reading the titles. She stopped as she hit Incubus in old English writing. Her eyes scanned directly for the picture. She did not ~c 16:51:09 [Lilium ] find it on that page of the thick book, but upon turning the page she gazed at the form of this devilish looking creature. It looked like a monster; horns, wings, and a tail. The body looked very muscular. The image made her heart beat, throb painfully so. Not because it frightened her, but because she had completely forgot the Fae had other forms. The wind blew the curtains about, causing the pages of the book to flip past the picture of the Incubus. Her eye began scanning through the book again, fingers on her left hand turning the pages.~e

16:51:17 [BWRP] The woman paused, shaking her head. “Do be a dear and get things of me.” Of course, pointing to the cuffs. “I didn’t see him with anyone. But, well, you just had to look at him to know. I’m sure if you check his pack there, its likely got drugs in it.” Her eyes shifted to the boy’s body and the backpack he’d been carrying. “Though, maybe they stole it. You know, the people who shot him. I hear there’s a lot of money in drugs these days. Sad really. Back in the day.. Never was like that when I was a kid. That’s for sure.”

16:55:19 ClaireMether shook her head, and now her tone became a bit firmer. This woman was a suspect, but she knew that the beat cops had goofed putting the cuffs on her. She didn't have any blood on her, she had no murder weapon, and she look very...out of place here. She quickly got the keys and unlatched the cuffs, although her hand rested on the woman's shoulder. "Please give me another minute of your time. Did you see the shooter?" The forensics team was already crawling over the crime scene, and she made a mental note to ask about the contents of his backpack as soon as she was done with this woman.

17:00:02 [BWRP] “Kids these days. With their guns, all that electrical nonsense. Course’, I have a cell phone. Comes in handy but the rest of that stuff. I can’t tell heads nor tails of it. Waste of money.” she rambled, frowning when Claire asked her more questions. “I told you. I didn’t see anyone. I heard the shot and then saw the kid. Not ever day you see a dead body. ‘Specially one so young.” She paused momentarily, her eyes going blank as if she was gazing out into space before she spoke again, only this time the voice was very different. “I know you have it, Claire. I know you took it. It’s mine and it belongs to me. When the moon turns red, Claire, you’ll have no choice but to return it to it’s rightful owner.” The woman then blinked and smiled, reverting back to who she truly is. “Am I free to go now? My grandson is waiting for me.

17:01:06 Galen watched Jessica, his eyes moving over her critically as she spoke, grinning slightly when she made mention of a connection. 'Yeah, I know you mean, all to well." He had recalled last night, something he had denied himself but eventually he had to give in, there was too much tension not to but he had made his feelings somewhat known, and he had let himself feel for her. She had told him she felt something too but how could it work. "I know you want to help, but I don't see how." He went to look at his glass and then Trick was there, looking at him. As he listened, the grin was gone from his face and he looked nearly pissed off at hearing his words. There was a truth to them but he also knew there were other factors, and he was right. One way or another, he'd end up hurting her, maybe it was better now then later. "And supposed I agreed, what would you have me do?" He looked away from Trick, he knew he was getting feelings and she was too and last night had been something amazing but many more like it and -
17:01:34 [Galen] he wouldn't be able to stop further feelings from developing. He had a duty, he knew that and he couldn't risk getting emotions involved, but how..? He suddenly looked at Jessica, eyeing her over, she had said DElaney would be coming or never. He downed the whiskey, slammed the glass down then got up off the stool, standing in front of Jessica now fully. "You can help me. I've never kissed a Human before, and I'm very curious." He grinned widely then brought both hands to her face, laying them gently there before he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, his hands moving down over her hips then to her legs, pulling them open only so he could get closer to her while she remained on the stool, arms back down around her waist as he tried to deepen the kiss. HIs movements were smooth, trying to make her want it as he came across as wanting it.-e-

17:03:08 [Lilium ] For some reason, Lilium felt a great urge to look out the window. A hard breeze came through, knocking the book out of her hand as if someone did it instead of the wind. Lilium would have jumped back if her back was not already against the wall. The book slid across the floor in her leaving room and under the couch. Not a sound could be heard and as she looked out the window, everything seemed deadly still. Lilium leaned out the window, gazing up and down the alley it looked over. Nothing still, no movement nor sound-not even the wind made a sound. Her eyes peered up to the large moon above. Something strange, something very odd was happening. A lunar eclipse began to start, though...what should have been darkness was red. The moon had a blood red eclipse. Grey/blue eyes starred at awe at the sudden change, noting the dark veil circled around it. Her heart raced, did anyone else see this? As the eclipse past, it left no moon, which cast the city in darkness. Suddenly, the flutter of wings could be heard. ~c
17:03:26 [Lilium ] Lilium backed quickly away from the window, only to have a murder of raven take her apartment by storm through the window. She let out a scream, tripping over the couch before...CLICK. Lilium stood against the wall still, no book in hand, but just like she had before all of that took place. Her heart raced still, eyes looking around to see nothing in her apartment. She turned towards the window, everything was normal. Lilium moved to the stereo and turned it off and moved to the couch. She bent down, finding the book underneath. This is very strange. She grabbed the book and stood then took a seat on the couch. She kept the book closed, staring at the black old brown cover.~e

17:06:51 [Delaney] Letting out a breath of air Del had wiped her tears, brushing aside the moisture as she cleared her mind. All she longed for, that very moment was Galen and the thought itself caused her to smile - a small smile, but one all the same. The male had come into her life like a lion, or a Tiger for that fact and after last night, she‘d definitely felt closer to him. On a level she‘d not done before. This was all new to her. She didn‘t really go on dates, or anything that a normal woman would do. But Galen - he was of her kind. He even understood her to some degree and right now, she longed for those strong arms around her - the need was near crushing in some ways. This in mind, the succubus pushed against the glamoured door to open it and entered within. The sound of music playing in the background greeted her, with the usual smell of variety of ales on tap, among other things. Forgetting she was covered in blood, she stepped through the small crowds, noting to a passing waitress as she spoke. “Seen --17:07:04 [Delaney] Galen around?” The waitress nodded and pointed toward the bar area. Del didn’t notice the strange looks the girl gave her and brushed passed her heading toward the bar. She wanted to tell Galen that she did care, that he did mean something to her. That she was falling for him, only she stopped, suddenly hit by a brick wall, her stomach churning, her eyes seeing but her mind not computing. Galen.. And Jessica.. right there, in front of her. Kissing.... Del could only stare…until she plucked up enough courage to start turning away.

17:10:41 Rath was entering the bar behind Delaney. He wore what he usually did: simple hoodie under a blazer, tattered jeans. The girl was blocking his way, and he huffed in annoyance at the delay. He had business here; or at least he thought he did. As she stopped and turned she would bump right into Rath. He eyed her cautiously. Something about her was painfully familiar, and she was covered in blood. Not to mention she was a succubus. Licking his lips, Rath put a hand to her shoulder. "Hold on a minute. Do I know you?" Rath was stalling. Something, some strong feeling told her he should be talking to this person.

17:11:16 [Peter_Xarhilm] And suddenly, Peter glanced down and noticed that there was an envelope--a plain one. On the window sil. How had it had gotten there? He reached to pick it up--and he saw the signature on the front, shaped like an intertwined S around a T. He knew what it was--he went to head outside as he was slicing it open and opened it up and went to retrieve the contents therein and disintigrated the envelope in his hands and went to read the letter: 'I know you failed, Peter. I counted on it. I wanted to see how hard she would push if I pushed back. The deaths there that night were not your fault--they were because of Delaney. She brought them clustered towards you--she forced them to run into your wrath. In a way, she murdered them. Murdered them all. But you have a chance to redeem yourself. There is a human cop, you know of her--she was there the night that you first met that human who has fallen for the incubus. I know about her, and of your affair with the human as well--did you think yourself hidden from 17:11:33 [Peter_Xarhilm] my sight? She has something in her possession that belongs to me. Bring it to me, and I will redeem you--and reward you handsomely. I also have information that could lead you to the one who started your brother to his fatal collision with the drug, Spellbound. Contained within this envelope is a map. The map is nothing more than a blank card---it will lead you to her. Take the magical item she has on her possession, and bring it to my home. Good luck, Phoenix.' It was unsigned. Peter wasn't sure what to think of this. was a lead. And any lead that would direct him to Spellbound's suppliers, he'd take. He incinerated the envelope in his hands and glances up. Holding up the card that remained. It was pointing into a direction...he glances towards it. His eyes narrowed, but he wasn't sure what to do about it.

17:14:37 JessicaG Nodded to Galen, she will talk to Delaney soon and maybe she can help her. Than she listened to Galen talking to Trick, he seemed pissed. As Galen asked for help, she smiled, but than it faded as she heard what he asked for her to help him. "Hmm? What?...." Those were the only words that came out when he suddenly pressed his lips against her, pushing his body towards her and putting his arms around her waist. She wanted to resist but couldn't, it was nice and Galen was cute, but it doesn't looked right. Than she saw Delaney right through Galen, she stopped and shouts, "Delaney!"
Re: Relics and other Dangers
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17:18:43 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter's eyes began to flare up as they began to glow. It was from The Lady Dark. He knew it...she was the only one who signed that S/T signature, in that way. She needed him--he was her weapon after all. Her prized sword, to stab into the hearts of her enemies. She wasn't going to give up on him--but if he declined her mission, he knew what would happen. She couldn't do anything to him--he couldn't die, and even his ashes were dangerous to touch if he did disintigrate. But Penance...he feared for her. If he turned down this task, she would go after Penance--his Penny. He frowns at the card. ~So that is how you want to play the game. Fine. I'll play your game--but I'll be waiting for the right moment to take you out of my life.~ he narrowed his eyes and then spreaded his wings and took to the sky--flying off and into the direction in which Claire was presently located.

17:24:42 [Lilium ] That image of the moon, the murder of ravens, it all...what was that? What did it mean? Was she seeing something? Lilium set the book on the coffee table and stood. She pulled on the white socks and the knee high black converse shoes that say beside the couch. She still wore the white fitted V-neck shirt and black pleated skirt, the hem two inches above her knees. She brushed her bangs to the right and out from in front of her eyes. She smoothed the back of her skirt down as she walked to the nightstand by her bed. Withing the drawer, which she opened, is the small pistol. She took the item, sliding it under her shirt and in the hem of her skirt. It kind of stuck out awkwardly, but nothing much. On the way out, she grabbed her keys off the coffee table and a black cap. The cap is kind of big, but gave her face a cute look. Lilium walked out of the apartment, locking the door behind her, and then moved down the stairs and out of the complex. She cut through the alleyway, down two blocks, and past honking ~c17:25:50 [Lilium ] cars she scurried across the cross walk. The park. That is where she meet all of those people... Everything seemed to be getting about to normal, in looks anyways. The park had been cleaned, though still held minimal damages. The pistol felt big, cold against her slightly tones abs-though not so much where it was noticeable. The cool metal brought chills over her body. "Je pense que je deviens fou," she mumbled in her sweet thick language. Lilium took a seat on the bench near the pond, watching the ducks swim about. So relaxing. Her mind roamed over the image, over and over again. It was sad...All the places she would have gone before-like to the studio or stayed at home- they all had potential to stress her.~e

17:29:05 Galen If Jessica didn't think it looked right then it wasn't anything compared to how it felt to Galen. It wasn't because she was homely or anything of the sort and it wasn't even because she was Human, though he wouldn't have been kissing a Human unless he had to, like now, but the kiss he now shared wit her was nothing compared to the kisses he had with DElaney. Last night had been the best of his life and though he had tried to put walls up, it had awoken something inside of him that he couldn't' have explained but now it was all lost. This had to be done, sad that he hoped she walked in soon to catch them like his. I'm sorry, Delaney.., he thought it to himself as he kept his hands on Jessica, eyes closed with a deep kiss. He knew who Delaney was, as did Trick, and nothing could deny the fact that he would end up hurting her. When Jessica had spotted her and pulled away, Galen stayed still then slowly looked over his shoulder, seeing the look on her face had hurt him more than he thought it-17:29:09 [Galen] would but he had made his choice. He stepped back from Jessica, looking at her for a moment. "You stay here.", then turned and walked after her. "Delaney, wait!" He ignored the fact of Rath being there, at least for the moment and he took one look at him that showed not to interrupt for the moment then reached out and took Delaneys' arm, pulling her aside. "Hang on." He let her arm go, his face looking serious though all he had really wanted to do was reach out for her. He saw the blood all over her, eyeing her over to make sure it wasn't hers. "Are you okay?" He sighed, continuing on. "About the other night, I'm always there for you, like that if you need to be healed, but that's all it was, that's all it can be." She still had some injuries, it would make sense. "I'm sorry, I thought we were clear on that." Somehow this was the hardest conversation he had ever had but outwardly, she'd never know that. He couldn't show his true feelings.-e-

17:29:33 ClaireMether 's eyes widened as the woman spoke to her in a voice that was very clearly not her own. She still held a shocked look on her face when the woman returned to normal, and she had to shake her head to snap out of it. "Yes ma'am, you're free to go, just please leave your contact information with the seargant over there in case we need to get a hold of you for anything." Claire turned around, reaching into her pocket and feeling the bloodstone still there; she somehow knew that the rock was what the voice was talking about. She turned and looked at the forensics team, grabbing a pair of latex gloves and eyeing the boy's backpack. "What've you found so far?" She was handed the backpack, which had already been put into an evidence bag; its contents had already been separated and bagged separately. She immediately grabbed the bag that had a small amount of Spellbound, cursing under hear breath; the kid hadn't just been dealing with any drug, it had to be this shit. She handed it back to forensics and got back to her 17:29:47 [ClaireMether] car, taking off the latex gloves and tossing them into the passenger seat. Her cell phone rang and she picked it up, hitting the SEND button. "Detective Mether." Circumstances have changed. You need to hide. Claire quickly got into her car and locked the doors. "Cancer? What the hell have you gotten me into?!" The walls are coming down, Claire. You hold one of the thirteen. Keep it safe, keep yourself safe. Only one person can be trusted with it. Find her. She heard a distinct click on the other side and the call ended. She tossed her cell phone into the passenger seat in frustration. What the hell was she supposed to do with that? Now she was in danger, as if last night hadn't been proof enough of that; where the hell was she supposed to go? She started the car and just drove, not having any destination in mind; she lit a cigarette and took a deep drag, sighing. What a day.

17:34:29 Delaney felt dirty. More than just the blood. She had wanted to shower and change at The Cork.. But she was stunned. Utterly and completely. It was as if she’d transported herself from one plane to another in a matter of a second, only to return void of anything. Voices were around her, echoing in her mind, people, faces all seemed to blur as a tear began to form once more. But no. She’d not cry now. Not over Galen. It was obviously the night before was just a night to “get rid of tension”. She’d even stated as much and he had agreed. That was, what it had been. Foolish to think otherwise - she’d let herself begin to believe there was something more only to be shown otherwise. Well, he held nothing over her and she him. He wanted to be with others, they’d made no commitment and her face, her posture became obstinately stubborn, cold - near stoic. She hadn’t heard Rath at first, but then saw him standing there as she blinked. “What.. Huh? Oh..” she paused, swallowing, feeling the intensity of heat flowing through --17:34:49 [Delaney] through her, her anger and her lust conflicting over what she’d just witnessed. Exotic blue eyes narrowed as she peered back at the Incubus, seeing him for what he was. “No. I don’t believe so, why?” She was curt in her response. Rath had just caught her at the wrong time, unfortunately. Ignoring Jessica’s voice for the time being, she was about to continue on her path out the door but was stopped by Galen, his hand grabbing her arm as she peered around to look to the man. His words were like a bullet, shot again and again as she took each and everyone one in. “No, we weren’t clear on that. Not last night and definitely NOT this morning, but hey. It’s loud and clear now.” She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of telling him what she’d planned on saying before. No, he’d lost that right. She shook her arm free of his as she glared toward him, then moved off, exiting The Cork.

17:37:55 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was far above the city--following the card without any care in the world. However, as he reached it--he glances downwards. The closer he got to this signal--the more powerful that tingling sensation in his stomach got. He winced, "Ugh...must have been something I ate today." maybe it was the birdseed...had to have been. But ever since he's been close to Delaney, he's been feeling this tingling sensation. He glances down--the pinging on the card was following a car down below. His eyes narrowed, "Gotcha." he tucks the card away between a strap on his thigh to hold it there as he folded his wings and ducked downwards. Swooping down--oddly, as he came down, he noticed that people seemed to carry on as if they didn't even notice...but he could feel that The Lady Dark was involved. Likely rendering him invisible or some such to keep the Ash from interfering. He held out his hands and focused an intense blast of heat outwards as he swooped past the car and spun around in the air, aiming blasts of 17:38:04 [Peter_Xarhilm] distended heated air at the car's front wheels! The heat was directed, so it was super-intense at the focused points. He was aiming on melting the front wheels of her car so that it would flip over and crash--or worse. He wasn't concerned about the Bloodstone being destroyed. An ancient artifact of that origin simply couldn't be destroyed by mundune methods! As for the driver? He didn't care--the quicker he got done here, grabbed the stone, and brought it to Morrigan the better. He didn't need would-be heroes coming to the 'rescue'.

17:44:13 JessicaG Looked very very surprised at Galen and Delaney the way both of them act. She stays for a bit in her place as Galen ran towards Delaney to talk to her, but than she stood up and ran towards Delaney as she exited the cork, looking confused as ever. "All I wanted was to talk you and help all the Fae....were you and Galen loved each other? I am so sorry.....I just wanted to tell about something I heard in the clan of witches, about a certain cauldron....magical cauldron...."

17:49:39 Galen God how he wanted to reach out for her, to hug her, to take her away and repeat last night, to sooth all her worries because the look on her face right now wasn't something he was handling well, though she still wouldn't know that. He had to be firm in his words but she sounded so bitter. There had been tension between them and it had been released only to have more today. She had healed completely and he hadn't wanted to leave that safe house but now it was all done. He had her once and no matter how much he still did want her, he couldn't have her again. He called out after her, before she exited completely. "I'm still going to help you. I promise you that." Though he highly doubted she wanted anything to do with him right now. He turned away, returning to the bar then looked up at Trick who was looking at him now but it was clear then how much he had regretted his decision, no matter how much it had to be done. Another Whiskey was brought to him by Trick but Galen wouldn't look at him, though he would -
17:49:57 [Galen] take the drink, he needed it more than ever and as he finished half, he looked back to the door where Delaney had exited first, then Jessica. How much crap was he going to have to go through before it was all over. He turned his back to the crowd, leaning his arms on the counter, intent on drowning his sorrows in a few more glasses of whiskey.-e-

17:54:30 ClaireMether drove down the highway, taking another drag off her cigarette as she wondered what she would do about all of this. This case was taking drastic turns, with the wierd shit that happened yesterday, and now this kid ending up dead...what was going on in this city? She slowed and turned down a street, deciding she would go home, when suddenly she nearly lost control of her car. She hadn't been going that fast right after a turn, but she skidded and completely lost control, the car flipping and smashing into the side of a building. She let out a sharp cry of pain as she tried to get out; her left arm and leg were pinned. she managed to unhook her seatbelt and she crashed onto the top of the inside of her car; her leg hurt like hell, and one small movement of her left arm confirmed that the damn thing was broken. She smelled burnt rubber, and wondered what the hell had happened to her car; she couldn't see a way out from her current vantage point, and her broken arm was beginning to bleed, a lot. She saw her cell
17:55:25 [ClaireMether] cell phone and started reaching for it, stretching her right arm out. It was just out of reach, and she pushed off of her right foot, snatching the phone and letting out a sigh, trying not to scream again. she had to stop the bleeding, but first, 911.

18:00:42 [Delaney] Unfortunately, Jessica’s words were missed as Del had already exited The Cork. Once outside she felt the cool afternoon air upon her, but inside she was hot. Heated, frustrated and angry. Like a pulsing wave of energy, she began to run letting the sense of hurt curdle through her. Picking up speed, she heard something of an explosion from up ahead - her eyes honing in on the scene. FOCUS DEL.. . The problem was, she was having a hard time doing anything because she’d never been rejected before. But the blasts - like a “thwop thwop..” was almost terrifying, screams echoing in response as the squeal of tires resonated across the pavement. She ran faster, harder - the distance not too far as she arrived, back at the scene of where the boy had been shot, her eyes going to the car that was toppled. She had no idea who was in it or why but Del would waste no time before running over to help. Especially if it was a human. Del had forsaken both sides, both Clans for the sake of humans and so far, they’d ==18:00:58 [Delaney] been dying around her. This was her chance to save someone and she’d not stop her run until approaching the car. Her strength was profound, more than a human as she’d come to a stop beside the vehicle. “Hello.. Are you okay!? I’m gonna help you out, alright!” Her heat giving off an aura that was slowly spreading through the amassed crowd. Del needed to use the strength and those watching could well question what a woman was doing raising the car.. Her clouded pheromones should help do the trick though as she began to try and raise it. “Hang in there.. You’ll be okay!” There was something more.. An inner tune.. A song. The Goblins had asked her to collect the Bloodstone. It was a job and they’d shaken on the deal, the Goblin offering her a minimal gift that was being able to acknowledge the stone when it was found. The buzzing within her was strange and Del didn’t quite understand what it was, but the Stone was talking.. Asking to be brought home.

18:08:47 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter watched as his plan flawlessly happened. The car flipped over, as he had intended, melted pieces of tire were where the vehicle had been previously. As it crashed into the side of a building and then came to a stop. The Phoenix hoped that the crash had killed the occupant. He was about to land to investigate when...not HER again! His eyebrows were narrowed into a glare. Why is it whenever he was on a job she had to be involved in it somehow? He went to drop down quietly--with Delaney so focused on helping the occupant he was hoping to sneak up behind her and--he suddenly halted. Pain. Piercing, agonizing pain! He fell over onto his knees, clutching at his stomach, "Aggghhhhhh...!!" he screamed. Eyes clenching shut as he panted. There was a twisting...knotted sensation in his stomach region, "Wh....ugghhhh...." the Phoenix began to convulse and started choking! Gagging and then...he vomited up what looked like lava. This lava...had something shiny inside of it. As the lava hit the ground, he was
18:09:00 [Peter_Xarhilm] panting and gripping the earth... |Wield me.| He heard in his head.... "Wh...what..." and...he saw something in the lava as it was reforming around first it was small. Like an orb--and then it expanded outwards. A...sword? It pulsated. The bloodstone pulsated. Bringing his talons over--the Phoenix closed his talons around the hilt and pommel and--power. It surged into him. Like white lightning. He began to push himself to his feet, panting a bit. Holding up the sword as he examined it, " sam going on..."

18:25:25 Galen Trick watched him and he couldn't stand it anymore, eye judging him, slight pity and yet Trick had been the one to tell him to do this, just not in so many words. He finished off the whiskey and slammed the glass down on the counter, eyes momentarily going to Trick. "So it's done. No feelings to worry about. She hates me now." He turned away in disgust and reached to check for his keys to his office, feeling something else and then he remembered, the drug! He had to get it somewhere safe and his office had a safe, bound by spells as well as HUman proof and so he decided to head off out of the Cork without looking at anyone. He had exited the pub and began walking a few blocks toward his office but then he could hear people talking, "Yeah, there was some sort of a crash, something weird going on." Others were in a panic, some running towards the area and so he began to run, only faster than most of them could to find out what was going on. He had no clue Delaney would be on the scene, nor that Peter was
18:25:45 [Galen] there either, it was the fact that something had caught others in a panic that the had to go and find out. Within five minutes, he arrived on the scene, and what a scene it was. There was an over turned car, there was Delaney but what surprised him the most was Peter and what was happening. He had seen him wretch and then there was lava but within it, something shiny and it wasn't until he held it up that he could see it and what it was. "Holy shit.." He stood still and couldn't' take his eyes off it, he had seen it before, he knew what it was but what had it been doing inside of him? Things were coming to pass and things were starting to make sense, he now stood in view of it all and of those around helping. "It can't be."-e-

18:27:11 Jade was working in her office still, just getting some last information on some blood work she had asked for one of her patients. Jade was in charge of treating very important people who also happened to be very good informants who relayed information to her from all sorts of fun places. Anyway, the small framed woman, worked her way around her office as she put the chart in place, then put some copies into color coated files before she took off her white coat and proceded to go get herself out of the office. She wished her secretary a good night before she finally left. Well, as much as she loved her job, and she did, she also loved just spending some time with her people. Relaxing, and grabbing a glass of beer. Her hand ran through her hair, as she stepped outside, well, she was really looking forward to just winding down, and well, after that going to check on her clinic and well, some ofther stuff she had to attend to. Jade, started to walk, she prefered that to driving, since it kept her -c18:27:50 Jade active, and it gave her a better feeling for the city.

18:28:28 [BWRP] PLOTPOST: The Sword of Light. Answerer Fragarach. One of the Four of 13. Hidden, thought lost for millennia by those who are now stars within the realm of the otherworld. Brought to the now, inherently created to bring the End of Worlds at the time of Final Judgment. To be wielded by the one, and only one. Given to the care of Peter Xarhilm until the time was ready. It was protected. It was safe. None other than they who had been prophesized would use it was it truly was. None could take it from Peter, though some would try should they be aware of just what Sword had been born from the depths of the Phoenix. This sword was a sign that things were changing, the end was nigh and events were beginning to unfurl. More than just the veil tearing, but the fabric between Worlds was breaking down. There was no turning back now. //End PLOT POST

18:32:34 [leesaoren] The office had been cleaned--more or less--so when Lee set down his "payment" on the desk, it was without hassle. The desk had been neatly arranged, the newspapers had been tossed, all remnants of the junk food disappeared. Lee had set down three things on the desk: an oriental-looking sword--Lee guessed Japanese--a glass flask of some kind of blue liquid and a bright red ruby. He had--unwillingly at first--accepted these items in lieu of cash for tracking down a Stalker for the Dark-siders. Lee didn't care why the Dark had wanted this particular creep found; they promised worthy payment and, so he assumed, they had paid well. He sat down in his rolling chair, shrugged off his blue jacket--tossing it carelessly onto the ground--and flexed his fingers. He tore off the black fingerless gloves he wore--adding them to the pile with the jacket--and picked up the blade. It had a simple handle--a polished black wooden number--a black-coated steel tsuba and a sheath so deeply black, it seemed to eat at the light 18:32:37 [leesaoren] around it. "Well," Lee said, gently tugging on the sheath to reveal the blade, "at least it'll be a hell of a conversation piece." Carefully, he removed the scabbard, revealing a shockingly bright blade.The blade's edge was lined with real silver; it was inlaid with steel. Lee whistled. "Now this sure as hell beats eight hundred bucks," he murmured. The client claimed it was a weapon used in old ages to hunt down 'wolfos'. After examining the blade, Lee suspected the client had meant werewolves. He sheathed the blade and set it down on the ground beside the desk. "Bet that might come in handy," he said as he reached for the ruby. He paused; there was plenty of time to inspect his goods later. At the moment, he was dying for a drink. He looked at the empty bottle that looked lonely in the waste bin. "Ah hell," Lee said with a frown, grabbing his jacket. "Too thirsty to give a damn." He slipped his coat on, rolled up the sleeves and headed for a bar. If ever there was a weakness to Lee, it was the bottle.

18:42:39 [Delaney] Well this certainly took her mind of other matters. In fact, it was just what she needed. To focus on saving a human. Claire inside the car. Trapped. Del was also unaware that Peter was behind the accident, that he had caused the car to tumble as it had, all because of the Bloodstone. She wasn’t aware he had come up behind her, due to the invisibility that The Morrigan had actually aided him with. That was until he began to wretch. “What the..” she paused momentarily looking over her shoulder as Peter came to light, more so, opened up into light. It was near blinding at first and she had to pause in what she was doing, near losing grip on the car as she cringed. Quickly turning back, she didn’t notice Galen approach as she focused her attention back onto Claire. “Please.. Hang in there.. “ The strange buzzing within her seemed to grow louder, as if a plethora of bees buzzed around her head - deafening her as the Bloodstone called out, demanding to be taken. Unfortunately Delaney didn’t recognize it --18:42:51 [Delaney] for what it was. However, The Morrigan did. The Sword Peter had literally “birthed” was blinding her from the scene and the events but she too felt the Bloodstone and would stop at nothing to get it, including sending out more of her dogs.

18:49:16 [Peter_Xarhilm] The sword that Peter held was unique. The hilt, crossguards and pomel were crafted from solid and pure gold, carved into the shape of two Phoenixes back to back. Their talons clutching a gemstone that swirls with an energy, looking like flames were constantly storming within the gemstone. The blade came out between the two Phoenixes shoulders--the base of the blade was carved like the sun's rays and it extended into a sharpened tip. All along the blade were glowing fiery runes etched into both sides of the blade. One half said 'Renewal' and the other half said 'Rebirth' and both were in Latin. Old Latin. The blade itself was forged from some kind of glistening silvery-steelish metal. The blade was a Bastard sword--longer than a longsword but shorter than a greatsword. It was designed so that Peter could clutch it easily without clawing himself with his talons. Both Peter and the blade were resonating with energy, white lightning that cascaded over his form constantly. He groaned as he went to push himself
18:49:26 [Peter_Xarhilm] fully to his feet. He held up the blade and examined it closely, over both sides. Peter was aware of the Midhir prophecy, but he wasn't aware of what he held--to him, it just looked like a fancy-ass blade. Nothing special about it. He didn't know about the Thirteen Legendary Artifacts that would bring down the Veil for all of creation. He felt compelled as he went to hold up the blade and then he flips it around in his grip and rests the blade against his forearm. He glances over at Galen came in, "Great." he stated in annoyance. He still had a job to do, he glances towards the car and Delaney as he held out the blade in one hand and then lowered it, and he suddenly swiped the blade upwards! It lashed out a line of white light which showered the whole area in a blinding radiance! Anyone directly looking into it would be blinded for a few minutes! He slit the car in half--all except Peter was blinded but Delaney would have been tossed backwards as the Phoenix had lunged forwards and took flight! Having ripped
18:49:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] open her pants pocket--and went to snatch the Bloodstone from the human's possession, and then went to take flight with his prize in tow! get this to The Lady Dark.~ if the heroes were going to stop him--they better act quickly!

19:02:27 Galen As if today hadn't been bad enough, now he had to see proof of the Midhir Prophecy as well, for he knew that sword and how it was part of four, one had been revealed, how long until the other three. But why was Peter here and over a flipped car, he had just spoken to him not too long ago, he who was feeling guilt over the deaths and now this, surely it wasn't what it looked like. Then there was Delaney trying to help whoever was in the car. The first brilliance of the light caused him to look away and down to the ground, a part of him thinking he should just leave but he needed to be sure that nothing foul was going on. He watched the sword brought up but didn't look away in time as it was brought down and the streak of light from it ended up blinding him for a few minutes. He went down on his knees, hands over his eyes as he half screamed and growled loudly. He was blinded, quite literally, he couldn't see anything as he reached around, not knowing what had happened after but he could tell Peter had -19:02:32 [Galen] taken off or had just started to. "What are you doing! You said you changed!" He yelled this out but it was in particular direction, only based on the feel of wind, some scent, since he couldn't see.-e-

19:06:18 Jade took a taxi the rest of her way to The Cork, since she got tired about half way there. Her eyes scanned the quickly passing scenery and before she knew it she was there. She paid the cabdriver offering one of her sweet smiles as she walked the rest way there she noticed something, rather a whole scene of things taking place, some people were trying to get someone out of a car? Hmm, then it seemed that it was part of a bigger picture, than just rescuing some poor unfortunate soul from a terrible end. She hurried over to offer her expertise on the medical field. "Excuse me? " There was a slight accent to her speech. "Are you guys in need of assistance? I'm a doctor, couldn't help but notice the umm, overturned, and ripped car." Of course everything was taken out of context so she wasn't really sure of the exact circumtances of what was going on. As a good natured, person, of course, it was her duty to help, she never really questioned doing this for random strangers who might take a -C-19:07:00 Jade -c- knife and end her life in a whim of emotions, but that hadn't happened so far, so she could just keep thinking positively, and bring help to people she thought needed it.

19:14:22 [leesaoren] Sitting in the Cork, having come up side-streets and thus missing the madness surrounding a crashed car, Lee couldn't help but begin to wonder. Fae were killing humans, each other, themselves...he only had the most basic understanding of the world as it was now. The way he'd learned...well, was not an experience he cared to repeat, but it had opened his eyes to the secrets that walked the Earth right beside humanity. But as of seemed to be getting worse somehow. He didn't complain, nor did he really give a shit--it gave him work, to be sure--but something about the steadily rising rate of violence was beginning to sound alarm bells in the back of his mind. Slumped where he was at the bar, he threw his head back, draining the tall glass of beer he held in hand. He continued to brood there at the bar, wondering whether it was time to take sides yet or not. He was muscle, plain and simple. Who was he to pick sides? The thought bothered him. "Hey, buddy, another. Come on, come on, 19:14:27 [leesaoren] I'm still a payin' customer," he said. The tender sighed, but poured the man another drink. Lee was able to knock them back without suffering the slightest effects, it seemed, but men like that, in the tender's experience, tended to get hit hard when it finally did. Lee didn't seem to care. "Thanks pal," he said, fishing in his pocket to slide the man a twenty. "That about cover me so far?" The tender took the money wordlessly; clearly, Lee was going to be here awhile. "Question is," Lee murmured to himself, "do I even give enough of a shit to bother pickin' a side?" He shrugged as he sipped his drink, his mind only just starting to feel the comfortable numbness that would eventually take off the edge of his nerves.

19:15:28 [Delaney whispers to Rath] I know, Rath. You had no choice but to react as you did. And as I said he will be told. I know he's passionate about Rp and such but that was too much. That was the second incident last night. It wasn't just the logs, I had complaints too from others. It will be dealt with. I just don't want to bring that shit out into the Rp, esp while we are playing, and he isn't here. What you say or do with him, as I said is between you two etc.

19:15:53 ClaireMether had managed to dial 911, but could only manage to say where she was before her broken arm twinged in pain again, and she lost the phone. She felt a heat in her pocket, and she reached in and touched the rock; she felt a strange itching sensation in her left arm, and then the pain was gone. She tentatively moved it, and discovered that it was perfectly fine, much to her amazement. She didn't have long to ponder this phenomenon as someone had started to lift the car, and she recognized the voice that called out to her at once. It was the woman she'd helped at the apartment complex, the one that had kissed her...she looked down to try and grab her phone, and suddenly an intense light had washed over seemingly everything; she only caught this in her peripheral vision, and it was familiar to her, reminding her of her own ability to cause blinding light. In any case, she grabbed the phone and pulled the stone out of her pocket, noting a dull red glow had come over it. She looked up and saw a mass of feathers19:16:05 [ClaireMether] coming at her, and in a bit of panic she reached into her mind and used what she had dubbed as Glare. From the center of her forehead, a burst of blinding light, very similar to what the sword had just emitted, flooded the immediate area. She shrieked and rolled away from the bird man, dropping her phone but keeping the bloodstone in her hands as the bird man's hands ripped away a good portion of her $80 pants. She got to her feet and started running, clasping the stone with both hands now as she started pushing her way through the crowd.

19:17:40 Delaney was doing her best to help Claire escape when suddenly she was literally thrust backwards with a powerful force from the Phoenix - so much it ripped her from the car a considerable distance into a building across the intersection and sidewalk. The impact was so strong, it near cracked the brick and mortar before landing on the ground with a thud. She was completely, utterly still. That had to hurt.. And then some.

19:21:39 [Penance] The hell? There were more explosions? After sleeping for a while, she finally emerged from an unmentionable apartment and donned her black shirt with spiderlike sleeves and a skull on it, black cargo pants, and combat boots this time that she'd bought, and went for one of her long walks again. Instinct took her to the scene of the car wreck! "What in the worlds happened here?!", exclaimed the young woman. "Peter! The hell?!" A woman pushed past her with a stone in hand. Briefly chills went down her spine and she blinked. Was that her car? "Cops..I remember now.." Was Claire alright? A feeling drove her down to her knees and she blinked spotting Galen and Delaney too. She'd be off to the West of the wreck and out of the blast zone but flames would mark her position all too well as would her voice. Another human had entered the fray.

19:28:32 [Lilium ] At this point in time, Lilium had already returned home and put the gun up and took her car. She had drove to a small rave club. Neon signs of green and orange made a large arrow that pointed to the door. In the large arrow it read, 1st Cosmic. She had never been here before, but she knew that there probably wouldn't be anyone she knows there. Lilium paid the entrance fee and entered. The entire place is lit up with strobe and lasers and the people dressed a little more out there that what she was used to seeing. Dance, that was all she wanted to do. Just dance. The music soon faded into Drowning Pool-Tear Away. She had not heard this song, but she liked the way it sounded and the beat. The mass of people on thedance floor moved about, everyone dancing they were very mellow. Lilium pressed through the crowd, reaching close to the stage were the DJ stood. Her body ran over with that skin crawling sensation, Fae, but who in this crowd? Not one...but multiple. Her body began to move to the music, ~c
19:28:55 [Lilium ] hips swaying lightly as her hands ran up to her hair. There was not room to do much and everyone seemed to dance against one another due to the amount of people. Her eyes closed as she felt hair, skin, and clothes brush her. A female with straight black, short spiky hair ran her arm up Lilium's right arm. At the touch, she could tell this woman was not human, but could she tell Lilium could sense it? It damn well looked like it. The girl began to dance against her, pressing her chest against Lilium's. Dancing with girls kind of made her uneasy, but she could not move enough to get away. As the song went on, Lilium's face was suddenly taken by the woman; whom kissed her roughly. The kiss was unpleasant and unwanted, but what was this? Something in her mouth? The woman's tongue seemed to crawl down her throat, forcing the crystals down. Lilium pressed her arms against the woman, breaking away, but she had already swallowed it. What the... She had no clue what the woman gave her. Then hands, a pair of male ~c
19:29:15 [Lilium ] hands took Lilium by the waist and the form of a man could be felt dancing behind her as he music changed to some loud techno again. Her heart raced, pumping as the lights became bright and the sounds around her seemed to meld. Her eyes closed, mind fuzzing over as she turned around and pressed against the man as they danced. That girl again, she saw her through the faces-so clear-unlike the rest. Lilium stumbled as she slipped away from the man and pressed through the crowd. The woman always seemed to be out of reach. She passed through a door, following the woman. Lilium reached out again, but this time her left hand grabbed the woman right arm. That pill, it made her feel energized, almost powerful. "What... Is that," she asked, her voice a mellowed whisper. The woman gave a sly smile. Hooked. Lilium wanted more, it made her feel...alive. The club had been pushing the stuff out for a while, distributing it to one another through the mouth, as to keep people from seeing. The woman pressed her ~c
19:30:58 [Lilium ] index finger to her mouth in a 'Shhh' manner. The woman lead Lilium to a back room. Many people were in lustful passions. The meant nothing to her. The woman opened some wrapper and slipped the crystals into her mouth. She took Lilium but the shoulders, kissing her again, and Lilium took in the crystals willingly. The woman pulled back and pushed Lilium back, causing her to sit on a couch. She could hear the music as she laid down, legs hanging off the couch. Her eyes looked to the ceiling, gazing at the dim lights. The world around her seemed so small. Mmm, her body purred to the touch of hands running down her left thigh. She had the amulet thing on still, so why did everything feel so good.~e

19:33:31 Galen growled again, one sense had been taken away from him his more important at the moment since too much was going on and he couldn't' tell where everyone was. He heard the blast but he didn't know that Delaney had been thrown during it, or who else was around. "Delaney! Please. Just tell me you're ok. Even if you're pissed off at me. Say something!" He kept blinking, willing his sight to come back to him and soon things began to fade in again, he could vaguely see the ground but that was enough for him right now as he slowly stood up and tried to look around. People had obviously gathered around, the spectacle only a short time after the first cause of panic had claimed Boston. He looked back to the car where she had been, finding it split in half and his worry doubled as he looked around, no one was in the car and Delaney wasn't in sight. "Delaney!" Be as he looked up, he could see Peter, vaguely and he was carrying someone. At first he thought it was Delaney but the clothes weren't right, it was a women -19:33:44 [Galen] but not her. He again called out. "Don't do this! Put her down!" What was wrong with this bird creature? Was it all a lie, had he been feeding him a line? There were people around and he couldn't just shift, he'd already caused a problem before so he ran to the car to catch a scent, lifting his head a bit then turned his head in the direction it followed, seeing something in the distance. "Oh my God." He ran fast, getting to Delaney as she remained still, kneeling down. He still had the drug, he had to keep that safe and maybe the creature wouldn't hurt the woman. He was caught between the two as he reached out to touch Delaney on the shoulder. "Are you okay?"-e-

19:42:28 Jade saw several things when she was closer, that there was a bird creatures , and then there was a blast, she covered her eyes, and shielded her body from the gust of wind that might throw debris her way. Anyway, she just stared half open mouthed. There was something big at work here, but she was fairly clueless, which was rather pathetic to say the least. Her face, darkened a bit as she recogniced the screaming man, as the Prince of the Dark clan. What was he doing here? Anyway, she ran to see the woman who had been sent reeling back, the prince seem to thinking highly of her, and well, she seemed to be hurt? She wasn't sure, but she really wasnt sure of what to do about the bird thing either, such a pickle. In better news, at least she'd had something to rely to the Ash today. Quite fantastic, and eventful day.

19:49:23 Delaney was out. Darkness filled her mind, though it was a comfortable darkness. She didn’t feel the pain of her broken body, nor hear Galen’s words. Come Laney.. This way.. The voice resonated, calling out to her from the mist and then in the distance was the light. A light she recognized as the place of her dream the previous night was visible once more. Look Laney.. It’s come! The voice pointed toward a glow within a glow, a stone that was covered in moss, old, ancient - rooted into the ground. Deep within the stone, embedded into the rock was a Sword, the hilt upright, the blade catching the light from the glade. “It’s beautiful”, Delaney responded, reaching out to touch the sword that shone and sparkled, though the voice called out. No.. not yet, Laney. It’s not time yet.. Soon though. It’s safe until then.. Del nodded as she gazed around, her feet on the soft grass, the sweet smell of nature wafting through her nose.===19:50:11 [Delaney] We’ll keep it safe for you, Del until it’s time. But you must go now. Wake, Laney. Wake up. The Succubus shook her head, not wanting to leave, feeling at peace, at home in this very spot. “No. I don’t want to. Please let me stay.. The mist began to swirl within, convalescing behind her as she struggled to stay put. No Laney. He needs you. You need him. It is the circle, Laney. Let it complete.. Go now, Laney. Wake... And Del stirred upon the sidewalk. Quietly, softly but it was something. She was badly injured of course, drifting in and out of consciousness as she whispered, unaware that Galen was listening. “He needs me..Take me home”19:50:17 [Delaney] .

19:52:36 ClaireMether looked behind her to see if she was being pursued, only to find that the birdman had taken flight and was swooping at her! She went to pull her gun and it was knocked out of her hands by the crowd of people. She tried pushing forward through the crowd, but it seemed as though it had become a wall of people. All she could do was hold on tightly to the stone as she was caught by the shoulders and lifted into the air. "Why are you after me?! Put me down!!!" She was screaming at the top of her lungs, hoping to get some kind of response. She remembered Cancer's words to her, and she wondered just what the hell it was she was clinging to for dear life.
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19:56:32 [Peter_Xarhilm] "Just be quiet and hang on, and you'll survive this." Peter stated towards Claire, "And if you drop that stone, I'll turn you into a pile of ash." he added at the end. He had seen and smelled Penance as he had swooped past. His feet felt like steel vices gripping tightly to the bone--it was painful and uncomfortable, but the Phoenix wanted to ensure that she wasn't going to fall or be able to squirm out of his grip! He sighed...finally things were looking up. Flapping his wings as he gained altitude and off towards The Lady Dark's Manor--as he neared it, he noticed that one of the windows was open. He flew through this window--right into her 'Throne' room of sorts. As he flew in, he hurled Claire forwards towards the floor before Morrigan as he drops down to the floor with a heavy thud. Twirling his sword and folding it up against his forearm, "I hope that stone was worth the effort it took to obtain it, Your Majesty." Peter stated with a flourished bow towards The Lady Dark.

20:00:03 [Penance] "Damn it Peter!", swore Penance as she looked about. It wouldn't take her long to get up to look for anyone needing to leave the scene. "Hey..uh you guys need help out of here?", asked the woman looking back and forth from Galen, to Delaney, to Jade. It was clear she knew at least the Phoenix! "If we don't get outta' here stuff's only gonna get more messy!" She sighed and shook her head and felt dizzy..painfully dizzy..and her right side had been bothering her since she..Ah, she didn't want to think about it! Galen, Jade, and Delaney needed to get their asses out of there!

20:05:26 Galen remained by her side, smoothing her hair from her face and especially now, he wanted to do nothing but hold her, cradle her, make her better but if he did that, then things may happen again, like last night and all he had put together at the pub, kissing Jessica to make her see he wasn't interested in her, it would have been for nothing. He couldn't be with her, no matter how much he may have wanted it. The Prophecy was coming to pass, slowly but there all the same which meant time was running out. "Just wake up, Delaney." It was then he looked up, seeing Jade, recognizing the woman and her timing couldn't have been better. "She took a hard hit, I don't know how bad she is but I need to give you this." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the vial that contained a sample, full and pure, of Spellbound. He placed it careful in her hand. "No matter what, you take this back to wherever and you get it analyzed. I need to know what type of blood it is, who's it is. It's important. When you have the results -

20:05:47 [Galen] you tell me and only me. I'm working on this case so leave a message, whatever, just don't let anyone else know." He looked away then did something he knew he'd regret, maybe she'd regret but she needed to be healed and he knew the way. "I'm taking her with me." He leaned forward and carefully picked her up in his arms, just as she began to stir, her words weren't lost on him but he tried to hush her. "Laney..just rest. You're going to be okay. I promise you. I said I'd look after you no matter what, I meant it." He quickly moved away from the scene but stopped as he saw a parked car and a man sitting in it. "Get out! I need your car. It's an emergency!" The man looked confused then Galen bared his fangs with a growl, "NOW!" The man scrambled to get out, leaving keys and all in it then Galen leaned in through the drivers side and placed her in the seat before getting in and taking off toward the warehouse. He'd keep her there, mistake or not, he was going to help her.-e-

20:06:05 [BWRP] The Morrigan was seated in her obsidian Throne surrounded by a mixture of male and female fae. Some were pureblood, most were mixed races leaving to anomalies and abhorrent looking creatures. One in particular she was paying attention to as her long, clawed fingers combed through the male’s short strands. When Peter dropped in unannounced she paused just briefly but the Manor was so well guarded by spells, constructs and other items of the dark that only one who had a “gift” for her could enter. Dark pools of inky blackness peered toward the woman who had been unceremoniously dumped. “Fetch it for me. There’s a good boy.” Her voice oozed with power and strength as of her minions nodded, then began to crawl to Claire, much like an ape, while The Morrigan turned those spectral hues back on to Peter. “At least you accomplished one thing..” her lips curved into a sinister grin. “Now, you’ll see things change.. The dead will walk, Peter.. The dead will walk and it will be to our bidding.” She purposely--

20:06:54 [BWRP] used the word OUR in order to make Peter feel welcome. However, as she finished her sentence, she noted the sword. It caught her unawares as she suddenly hissed, her form evaporating into a dark, malevolent swirling fog while her voice cawed out in a near screech. “GET HIM OUT OF HERE. NOW. GET THAT THING AWAY..” She cried, shifting around the room building up significant speed, pulling in a draft so she was near tornadic. “LEAVE! Get out of here.. Curse you.. I curse you! Damn you.. PETER.. DAMN YOU!” as the small creature who’d been bid, grabbed the stone from Claire to bring it to the Throne.

20:07:27 Delaney is taken by Galen, and gets the hell out of there.

20:07:34 [Lilium ] Lilium sat up, back pressing against the couch as her head feel back. Something surged through her body. Something different. Lilium hadn't taken drugs before and she tried not to take lots of medicine. Her face pressed into the cushion. The people in this room were on many different drugs. Some seemed to stare at the wall blankly due to what drug they took. The hand began to creep her out, so much so that she stood and stumbled away from the couch. Lilium regained her balance, realization of what she was doing hitting her. Was that what the vision meant? The moon had been red... Was it a warning of the drugs. Her hands pressed to her temples, elbows close to her body, as she moved to a door at the back of the room. The vision could have refereed to Delaney or the Bloodstone as well. What did it mean? Lilium is harmless; though, she did not know how to access the ley, but due to the vision she recently had...It opened something up in her. Nothing big, but something. Her left hand took the doorknob and ~c20:07:58 [Lilium ] opened it, her shoulder pushed against the door as she opened it. The door opened up into the alley way. Lilium walked out the door, not able to completely walk in a straight line. Her fingers ran through the waves of her auburn hair, a smile on her face as warmth crawled through her. Her head rolled as she leaned against a brick wall of the building next to her. Mmm, her skin felt goooood. Her hands moved under her shirt, running over her stomach. Her hair ruffled as she pressed the back of it against the brick. Ah, home. She forgot that she was heading that way. Which way was that again? Lilium moved onward. The drug still coerced through her system. That woman.. The drug. Her legs gave way as she passed through the park. Lilium had completely forgotten that she drove. Her bottom pressed against the cold wooden bench and over she went. Her torso laid against the bench, pleated skirt ruffled up, but not showing anything, like the white v-neck shirt she wore. Her right knee high converse boot strings set~c20:08:54 [Lilium ] untied. A smile crossed her pale orange juicy lips, which parted lightly to laugh quietly for a moment. The bliss roamed over her, ever so high!~e

20:14:28 [Peter_Xarhilm] To say that Peter was baffled was an understatement. He had done as he was told: He brought her the item she wanted so badly. However, when she spoke of raising the dead that brought up something within his stomach that made him instantly regret having brought it to her. As she began to suddenly spazz out he blinked at her. Nobody had ever gotten under her skin like that before--nobody. He turned his head as he looked at the sword he held as he shifts so it was wielded in his hand again. And...the sword began to hum, ~It is not time. Not yet.~ the sword spoke to him. He glances back at Morrigan. The Lady Dark was going berserk, "Curse me for what?! I brought you the damn stone!" it wasn't time for what? The Phoenix apparently didn't understand what he was wielding! Which The Morrigan could likely turn to her advantage.

20:16:20 Jade wasn't exactly sure of what was going on, but everything seemed to be moving fast. She did as she was told . "I'll try and contact you with the results, personally." Her eyes locked on the car before she took what Galen gave her and slipped it into her coat, and then took on the opposite direction she had come. Down to her house. Which was her own personal creation, complete with a lab, which she used for such time as these. She only hoped that the woman wasn't dead and that everything worked out. When she was safely away, she would make her way her car, and then get to work on science stuff, it might sound a little geeky but she really liked running blood samples, it was quite interesting really.

20:20:28 [Penance] had little other to do then to walk back home for the evening to her apartment and to watch the stars. So, she simply sat down on the steps and looked about frustrated. Tailing people in cars wasn't appealing with her having a lack of one, but she damned well remembered liscene plate numbers. Tears were in her eyes between her right side burning and her wondering why Peter had decided to carry another chick off! "What a way to spend an evening!" She realized she hadn't eaten anything since leaving the apartment, but with the way her side felt, she was far, far, from hungry.

20:28:08 ClaireMether was carried through the sky, and it looked like they were quickly approaching a manor of sorts, although Claire knew she wouldn't be able to find her way back here. Still, her cop mentality was in full swing, and she did her best to memorize every detail of the place that she could. Assuming she could escape, she needed to know as much of the layout as possible. As the birdman flew in through a window, he dumped her on the floor; she got to her feet, and had to resist the urge to scream again. This looked like something out of a nightmare; there were strange creatures everywhere, and on the throne was a woman. Claire immediately looked down before she met the woman's eyes; this was some freaky shit, and she had a strong feeling that trying to meet that woman's eyes was NOT a good idea. She heard the woman talk, and then she realized that some ape-looking thing was crawling towards her. She took a step backwards, not wanting that freak to come anywhere near her. Then the woman on the throne went nuts,
20:28:19 [ClaireMether] screaming and suddenly it felt like a storm was brewing inside the room. Claire looked at the ape thing that was nearly upon her and used the Glare on it, the blinding light filling the room; she used the opprotunity to run, aiming to get out of the window and try to climb down the side of the manor.

20:34:40 [Lilium ] Moments later, Lilium sat up. She had momentarily passed out and still could not remember where she was heading now. The girls must have looked like she was messed up with the way she was walking. Lilium pushed from the seat, uncaring that her right converse boot had been untied. The Fae woman at the club, Lilium would have to find her again sometime. Home! Oh yeah.... She stumbled as she crossed the park, moving two blocks down, and finally reached her complex. Being a n00b to drugs, she couldn't help the way she was acting. Why was that stuff so damn addictive? She entered her apartment complex and began walking up the stairs, but could not keep her balance. Her voice spilled forth a feminine giggle as she walked with her hands on the stairs. It took a moment, but she finally reached her house. Keys? Lilium searched her body, but no key? She laughed at this, but she did not mind having to head back to the club. Maybe she could attain more of the drug. Her hands pressed to the wall as she turned around, ~c
20:36:46 [Lilium ] back sliding down till her bottom touched the floor. Just a moment to rest first. Her eyes gazed at a bug that flew about the light that started blinking above her. Watching the bug dance. the light hurt her eyes, but she didn't look away. Oh! The keys. Lilium moved to her knees, hand on her doorknob and helped herself up. The furthest she made it was the top of the stairs at the end of the hallway she lived on. She couldn't walk down it. She sat on the top stair, head against the wall, and eyes closed-but not asleep.~E

20:37:16 Rath wisped into existence outside the door to Lilium's apartment. Why he appeared outside her door was a mystery to him. Perhaps something to do with respecting her property. It was silly. He shadowstepped through the door, peering about the dark apartment. On her coffee table was a final notice for the rent. She didn't say anything about having money issues; Rath could have helped with that. In fact, he intended to. Pulling out his wallet, he emptied the bills into a pile next the envelope; close to a thousand dollars. Why Rath carried so much money on him was a mystery to him, though he was pretty well-off. He moved into her bedroom, glancing to part of the floor where they had made love. It was always sex before. Was it love? What is love? [Baby don't hurt me]. It was then that Rath felt Lilium's presence. He moved to the door, and opened it just as she was wandering down the hall. Had she lost her key, or something? He gave her a small smile. "Salut, ma coeur.

20:43:29 [Lilium ] Her head turned towards him, eyes still closed as she spoke. "Hé, je me sens. bon maintenant! Her words came out slurred a bit and slow. Both hands took hold of the rail for the stairs, letting her pull herself to her feet. Lilium stumbled as she moved close to him, giggling lightly as she fell into him, letting her weight press against his chest. "Was fixin' to go back to tha club. Lost me keys there. Yew, you should go! They have this stuff, it's soooo goood." She used him to help hold up her balance, face enjoying his warmth.~E

20:46:58 [BWRP whispers to Ogawa] no, they shouldn't and its why I list weaknesses and get other people to do so. Most fae would have a bad reaction to it. And knowledge as you say, is power. I understand the other powers, I do - spells and such via words, conjuring etc due to training. Its a power that can be acceptable as its part of the powers I list on the profile. But we need to be on equal footing with others. I gave people 2 powers, max. And the sword is ultimately powerful in this universise of BW. I don't want to ask you to lose the weapon, but as I said, it needs to be toned down, and your profile changed to reflect what the sword does.

20:50:54 Rath frowned darkly. He seized one of her arms in his strong grip, holding her up as he forcibly opened her eye. Her pupil was dilated like you wouldn't believe. Rath bent down enough to smell her breath, but he already knew from her aura that she had taken spellbound. Without saying another word, Rath hefted her over his shoulder fireman style, and carried her back into her apartment. He set her down on the bed, sitting on the edge. "You shouldn't have done that. I'm going to go back to the bar and get your keys, you're going to wait here." He didn't pause for her reply. Shadows swirled about his body before his disappeared, quickly appearing in front of The Toad. Rath pushed open the door, struggling to contain his anger. He had half a mind to find the dealer, and kill them.

21:02:30 [Lilium ] She let out a small scream/laugh as he pulled her over her shoulders. Her hands rubbed her eyes, clearing them from way he spread her lids. Lilium was about to say something, but he left too quick. She pushed into a sitting position, feeling the warm pain in the spot he grabbed her arms. 'He is so silly! He doesn't know'ere my keys are,' she thought as she pushed out of the bed. Her body moved ever so sluggishly as she fumbled with the door knob, fitting to open it, but she failed. Lilium moved to the window in the living room, it had been open all night. Her eyes spotted the money on the coffee table. Snap! That could buy soooo much. She took the wad, stuffing it into her bra, and climbed out the window. Meanwhile, as she climbed down the fire escape, at the club-lights flashed and sparked but no Fae were there. He had gone to the wrong club. By time he would probably realize that, Lilium had gone to 1st Cosmic. The doors opened and the crowd of ravers took her in again. The Fae girl, black hair, she now~c21:02:43 [Lilium ] held Lilium's key. "Aye, I need those," she followed the woman like a lost kitten, but how would Lilium drive her car back after getting the keys. The back room again, Lilium pulled out one bill and handed it too the woman. The woman gave Lilium the keys and brought her back to the rook where all the lustful people sat high, some sleeping and other having sex or relaxing. The woman dropped Lilium a pack, this would make three if she consumed it-in one night. That male from the dance club was back there and he slipped behind her, like when they were dancing. He took the packet and opened it, daring to slip it on to her tongue, and if he did-she took it happily.~e

21:03:47 [BWRP] The Morrigan was not listening - there’d be nothing for her to comment to Peter about, other than to curse him further. The longer he stayed in her Court, the sooner he’d feel her wrath - but it’d not be placed upon him, but one he cared for. “Penance will pay.. Penance Peter.. Get a-way-from here now.. And do not come back. Take that thing with you.” In reference to Claire who was trying to escape though she’d be unsuccessful to over come magic as powerful as this. The Morrigan was still within the room but no one could see, but they’d definitely feel the constricting air, the tightness in their chest and the pure darkness that was flooding the area. Those around her throne hissed, their hideous shapes twisting further, the one who’d attempted to take the bloodstone however would continue to chase Claire, grabbing at her, pawing at her. She’d notice, he didn’t have any eyes.. At least not in his head..

21:10:57 Rath was fast. And thanks to her seal, Lilium was more than easy to find. He was alerted the instant she left the apartment. He pushed through the crowds of the night club, girls making attempts to touch him like you'd see with a movie star walking out of a building. Normally Rath would lap up this kind of attention, and maybe take one of their souls later. Now, however, it was merely a distraction. He continued to push his way through the club until he reached the back room. Some man was grinding Lilium, and about to give her some more spellbound. Gritting his teeth, Rath shadowstepped forward and snatched the human male up by his neck, easily lifting him into the air. Mist swirled about their bodies as he shadowstepped outside into the alley behind the building. Normally he had much greater control over this ability, but he was upset, and inadvertently took Lili with him. She would plop down on the ground next to Rath, who still held the man by the throat. With a mighty throw, Rath tossed the man at a 21:11:08 Rath brick wall, a loud crack reverberating pleasantly in his ears. He moved up to him, glancing at the packet of spellbound scattered on the ground beside the man. "Where did you get this?" Rath asked menacingly.

21:14:25 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter's eyes narrowed at The Morrigan, "Fine." so he brought her the stone and now the Morrigan planned to basically toss him out because he had some stupid sword that makes flashes of light when he swung it? Stupid. The phoenix turned as he suddenly twirls the blade and folded it up against his forearm. He padded back towards the window, out came his free hand as he went to snatch up Claire and hold her up against his side. So long as The Morrigan left him and Penance out of her plans and didn't harm either, she had nothing to fear from him. He spreaded his wings and kicked off the floor and flew out of the window. For some reason--he didn't seem to be as badly effected by The Lady Dark's wrath as he should have been--he was effectively 'kicked' out of the Dark Clan. So where was he going from here? He was flying off towards The Ash's own manor--leaving Claire to deal with The Lady Dark--as the Phoenix landed before the man's mansion as he padded up towards the large doors and tapped his talons against the21:14:38 [Peter_Xarhilm] large door. He had brought Claire with him--because she still had the stone. If she didn't have it still, then he'd likely drop her off someplace random!

21:19:16 [Lilium ] Him entering was a blur, but when she hit the ground; she could feel the pain surge through her bottom and up her spine. A groan escaped her lungs as she pushed into a standing position. Her hands set on his back, trying to get him to calm down. "C'est bien le bébé. Les choses ne blessent pas, il fait juste vous vous sentez bon," she slurred as her over dilated eyes grumbled. The Light, Lilium's first vision was from the Light and she did not take warning. Her hands began to glow a holy light as she pressed against his back. She did not mean for this to happen. The Light had claimed her for there own business, a prophet of the sort, but she did not realize this. The man grumbled, he was but hum...Since he took the man. The Fae woman made escape with her drug. The guy grumbled through the hand on his throat. "The woman. Calm your ass, the gi-rl wanted it." he grumbled. She did, Lilium wanted the drug, not at first-but now!~e

21:27:09 Rath reached back to gently urge Lilium away, just a few steps. He turned back to the man, looking at him in silence. Gritting his teeth, Rath turned away to look at Lilium. He could easily tell she was under the effects of the drug. People have died from taking this. It only brought her deeper into the dangerous world of the Fae. And this man was to blame. Rath pivoted on his heel, striding up to the man and pressing his shoe up against the man's chest. He increased the pressure until the man had a hard time breathing. "I'm not going to ask you again. Where. Did. The. Drugs. Come. From?"

21:34:23 [Penance] The stars were brighter then Penance ever remembered them being. She could actually hear a faint crystaline music coming from them or felt it. She wasn't sure why, but everything seemed so dreamy! The days were much older then what she remembered them. Wine and merriment abounded in a busy market place. People gambled over clothing? The clothing was bloodied and not that of a commoner. The clothing belonged to a wealthy man. Bits of Egyptian linnen and cotton were amongst the clothing. It felt wrong somehow. "33 silver for the sandals!" It was a betrayal all over again and Penance wanted to scream at them. Whether anyone knew it or not, she did actually scream with a faint trickle of red working down the right side of her body. A man was being crucified. Her wrist and feet felt broken! She couldn't breathe! She gasped for air feeling if her lungs were slowly collapsing! A murderer was set loose. Thorns dug into her face and her scalp. Various images of people being impaled thousands of times over in the way
21:36:34 [Penance] Vlad emerged in her mind. She clawed at her face and eyes. So many died! A faint glow seemed to overtake her eyes. She choked! She had to get air! She dug at her throat before slumping over against the wall just staring ahead. What the hell was going on?! Sweat covered her form heavily as she seemed to be choking yet, there was no reason whatsoever, for it. The blood coming out of Penance was like an acrid tar that was thick and brackish. She wasn't a normal human..BUT, that was part of her own little odd tale. It would seem as if she had been speared but by what? There was no sight of one anywhere around her!

21:34:52 [Lilium ] The drugs started to slowly leave her system, enough for her to at least realize what was kind of going on. The man fought to breath, he really did not know, that woman just showed up one day and offered it to people. "Ma-an, that *breath a bit*woman. She 'ad it," he scrambled to try and break free to breath. Lilium shook her hands, trying to wave the dim light away. She thought she was on fire. "Rath, Rath," she tried to get his attention as she began to crash. The light dissipated as the churning sound of liquid hit the alley floor. Her body heaved over as she stood, leaning as the puke came out. It wasn't much, but just a bit. "I really, feel like crap. Please, Rath." She moved back to Rath, placing her head on his back. "Hoooome," she grumbled.

21:40:02 [BWRP] The Ash was unavailable at this time, however his secretary - a sweet looking dryad who carried the scent of pine responded to Peter. “I’m sorry, Peter. The Ash is currently detained. However, he was expecting you and had asked me to please pass this to you when you arrived. The small girl handed it toward Peter with a smile. “You are welcome to spend the night here, at Trinity if you are tired or your exertions have made you weak.” Meanwhile several other fae had come to gather Claire in their arms, a glamour used upon her person where she’d be healed of any injuries. The Bloodstone would taken from her person in to the proper keeping, eventually in time, to be returned to the Goblins once Delaney came to collect it. Claire would later be sent home - or rather dropped of at her home with a vague recollection of what happened that night. It would seem much akin to a nightmare. When Peter opened the letter it would read. Peter, if you have come then you have been shown the true colors of the Dark. I21:40:08 [BWRP] trust that you choice is made. Please note you are welcome and we can protect you and the gift that has been bestowed upon you. When the time comes, you will know what to do. In the meantime, please understand that there are reasons for everything and whilst they may not make sense yet, in time they will. It is much to ask for your trust, therefore I won’t. The Light will guide you however, Peter. Trust in that. It is the source of your very nature. Signed, The Ash..”

To Be Continued
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