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 Peter Harold Xarhilm

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PostSubject: Peter Harold Xarhilm   Peter Harold Xarhilm I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 8:25 am

Name: Peter Harold Xarhilm
Aliases: The Phoenix
Age: 21
Date of Birth: July 4th, 1989
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona
Nationality: United States of America
Occupation: Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Assassin

Height: 7'1"
Weight: 209 lbs.
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Blue
Build: Athletic
Complexion: Unknown (Beast appearance)

Race: (Fae) Permanent Shifted
Clan: Dark
Position: Knight
Family: Alejandros Xarhilm (Brother - deceased; killed by Spellbound overdose), Samantha Xarhilm (Sister - deceased; killed by his Brother), Lawrence Xarhilm (Father - deceased; killed by his Brother), Wanda Xarhilm (Mother - deceased; killed by his Brother)

Powers: Primal Fire - Ranged Primal Energy, fire-based; Reincarnation - When he is killed his body dissolves into ash leaving no traces behind, from these ashes he will eventually rebirth himself like the Phoenix of Legend.

Strengths: Flight - He is capable of flight; Combat Training - He is trained in the usage of hand-to-hand techniques to defend himself in melee; Enhanced Senses - His sense of smell, sight and hearing are improved; and Average Attributes - He has the same attributes as a typical fae; Hot-Blooded - His blood looks the same as others, but his body temperature is the same as molten lead. So when his blood is shed, it looks like normal blood but it burns like molten lead.
Weaknesses: Aversion to Salt, Vulnerable to Cold Iron, Cannot enter Hallow Ground, Dislike of Church Bells, and Hollowed Bone Structure.

Brief History: Peter is a Fae, was born a Fae--but he is a Shifter. But one that's stuck in one form, and only one. He was born originally looking like a human, but when he had matured into puberty his transformation had happened--his entire family makes it a public event when a member obtains their shifted form, his happened to be a humanoid phoenix. However, as he was beginning to discover what his new shape was going to grant him in the future his brother had begun to delve into a drug known as Spellbound--his brother had yet to 'ascend' into his shaped form. His Father had warned him to stop using this drug, but Peter was told not to meddle as his father was going to take care of it. One day his Brother was desperate for money for more Spellbound and his Father had caught him whilst he was trying to steal money from their family safe. The two got into a fight--his Brother prematurely shifted and attacked his family, Peter barely got away even as the rest of his family were murdered by his Brother. Later that same day, his brother had taken more Spellbound--too much, actually--and it ended up taking his life. Peter was devastated but he had vowed to himself that he was going to find whoever had created this Drug and he was going to torch them into ash and consume the ashes. Over the years, he hired himself out to the Dark clan as a mercenary (bounty hunter or assassin, didn't matter to him). Slowly accumulating funds over the years of work, using the money he earned to try and find the source of this Spellbound hitting the streets. Slowly, he is coming closer to the truth--but at what cost?
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Peter Harold Xarhilm
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