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 Penance Jenkins

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PostSubject: Penance Jenkins   Penance Jenkins I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 8:24 am

Name: Penance Jenkins
Weight: 141
Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Subject to dye
Alignment: Neutral
Jobs: Ocassional bar bouncer, novice weaponsmith

Special abilities: I can stay up for like, 62 hours without taking anything to keep awake. I am currently studying martial arts. I have a faster then normal healing time, due to a substance placed in my blood. I have a sixth sense it seems. Demons give me a headache, and those who are affiliated with the light, leaves me feeling mildly high. I can feel it when people use glamor on me, but that doesn't mean it won't work, it just means that I knew it!

Weaknesses: I get pissed when people try to take away my smokes, coffee, and oh yeah, if you hack my damned head off or my arm or something, I probably will die.

Magical item: 1 weapon sigil tattoo, on my left shoulder.

Penance: 3 : something (as a hardship or penalty) resembling an act of penance (as in compensating for an offense)
Pariah: Social outcast
22:29:58 [Kunkka] Apparently Arena kids are the colored folk trying to eat at Whitey's Bar. lawl

Chapter I: Alright. You wanna' know about me? I fucking hate myself- but hey, listen up because I'm only going to tell you my mini series of Unfortunate Events once. The last 21 years of my life have been total crap. I'm the product of the cleaning lady banging the guy she was working for. Guess what? The jerk never gave me his last name. You know how most little girls are tucked in at night with a song or cheesy book with maybe warm milk and cookies? My step mother was a real winner that tried to shove me down the steps and kept me locked in the attic. I got to trip in puke heading to the bathroom and over the beer cans with wierd half naked guys still there in the house because they were too messed up to leave. I tried the pills a few times, the liquor...I learned quick not to do that twice. My mom married a guy I barely remember now and we tried leaving the state but I was kidnapped then brought back to my mom with the police.

Chapter II: Well- we did leave the state and had a nice little place out in the country for a bit. I went to school. Life was good that is until the day Jake had a heart attack in the middle of the river we were playing in. He never came back out of the water leaving me to for help. Yeah- at the lovely age of 6- I watched my stepdad die. Mom never did take that well. The house stank.. clothing didn't stay in the house. Mom remarried..a bastard worse then dad. He beat her a lot and busted out the windows. I got to trip over the beer cans again. Imagine that in front of having the school nurse who lives across the street. We moved but a policewoman came and knocked on the door.

Chapter III: I didn't know what DFS was other then at the age of 7, I would be staying with people other then my mom until the house got clean, she got away from the marriage she was in, it took me more then 8 years to move back in with mom. In the meanwhile..I started getting some pretty erratic behaviors and they kept my ass drugged ...until I was about half a damned zombie. some of my roomates tried to kill me over the years, as I stayed in the nice facilities with the padded foam walls. If I was bad enough- I got the good shit and could sleep in for a few days! Mom kept getting creepy boyfriends that I got to meet and I kept tripping over beercans again. The church groups tried to get me to blend in with them telling me GOD was great. I don't know about GOD but I do know I was damned often enough. Surely God wouldn't have a four year old watch a guy choking to death on his own puke? Crap. I'd forgotten about that. Let's just say I never fit in.

Chapter IV: What do you know? The bastards actually let me out of foster care. I went back home to my mom and the abuse for a few years. I shoulda stayed but hey- we know what decisions the courts are capable of making. I tried to kill my stepdad..I left and took to the streets and started beating those who beat women. Its very..very..gratifying. Wanna know any fucking thing else?

Pain Nailed to the Ground:
Now I've got something to say So just get out of my way I won't take shit from you or anyone that stands in my way I've been quiet too long and now it's out of control I've had it up to here and nothing's gonna stop me now
I don't believe in god or destiny I always lived my life with one foot into the grave The world is cruel and filled with enemies I take my chances cause I know my life won't go anywhere
We're searching, we're burning out It's hard to find when both feet are nailed to the ground We're stranded, we're all tied up We're hammered down with both feet are nailed to the ground
Nothing in life is for free, everything has price You start to pay when you're born until the day you die They turn you into a machine and keep you in the line If you fall out of their path they will come after you
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Penance Jenkins
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