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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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 Delaney Jones

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"Life is hard when you don't know who you are. It's harder when you don't know what you are. My love carries a death sentence. I was lost for years, searching while hiding, only to find that I belong to a world hidden from humans. I won't hide anymore. I will live the life I choose."

Name: Delaney Jones
Aliases: Too Many to Mention
Age: appears mid twenties, 25 or so
Date of Birth: Adopted, Birth Certificate states Dec 17th
Place of Birth: Adopted, Birth Certificate states Mystic, Connecticut.
Nationality: US (based on Birth Certificate, but unknown)
Occupation: Rogue, Investigator, Protector

Height: 5’10
Weight: 135lbs
Hair colour: Raven black
Eye colour: Azure Blue
Build: Lean, perfect physique
Complexion: Fair, flawless

Fae Race:

Fae Lust Demon - Succubus. ( A succubus is a derivative of the fae which feeds on sexual energy - typically they drain the life force from their victims and they're devastatingly sexy. Even the touch of a Succubus can compel a person, male or female, to do whatever the Succubus wants. )

Fae Court Neutral

Powers: (Maximum of 2 ):
1)Frenzy: can inspire in a person - or group of persons - a sexual hunger that cannot be placated, no matter what they do. They will continue seeking the fulfillment of that hunger until either the demon releases them from the frenzy, or until they die.
2)Lure: A Lust Demon can manipulate their pheromones to draw someone to them and effectively seduce them without a word or touch. A very strong will may be able to resist the tug of the Lure.

Intelligence, wit, charm, charisma, sex appeal, above normal speed, dexterity, agility and strength. Fighter - Kick boxing, Judo, skilled with some weaponry, knives in particular. (x3)

#Young Fae - has killed by accident, not fully trained to control her powers yet.
# Circle of Salt
# Holy water
# Holy symbols
# Silver - As with some other supernatural beings, demons react poorly to silver. Blades or other weapons made of the material can cause them grave injury, even death.

"It's kind of tough growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen when you find out you're part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans."

Family: True parents are unknown. However, both had to have been Fae in order for Delaney to be so. Is in search of her true family.

Brief History: Growing up with human parents, the product of a strict upbringing, Del was raised to believe that sex of any kind was inherently evil, nor had she any reason to believe she was anything other than the girl next door – until she drained her boyfriend to death in their first sexual encounter. When she discovered her mysterious abilities after the traumatizing “first-time”, she left home, hit the road alone and afraid and sets out on her own, ‘feeding’ whenever the urge becomes too overwhelming. However, after leaving a trail of victims behind her, Del is exposed to the world of the Fae - , an ancient race of supernatural beings hidden among us; creatures of legend and folklore who pass as humans while feeding off them in secret, as they have for millennia. The Fae are intent upon claiming Del as their own and give her a choice. The Fae take her in and help uncover her true being as a succubus - allowing gorgeous and charismatic Del to discover her secret: she is not Human but part of the Fae. She possesses superhuman, sex-fuelled strengths -One look, one touch and you’re left breathless, sometimes even lifeless. When forced to choose allegiance, between the Dark or Light clans of Fae, Del goes rogue, refusing to belong to any world other than human, and to use her powers to protect them from her kind. A new and sexy hero for the underdog, caught in the middle of her eternally warring people, Delaney has become part vigilante, part mercenary as she takes on a variety of paid jobs, Fae assignments and personal missions. However Del's greatest challenges remain her own: where did she come from, why is she here, and who can she trust?. Adding to her troubles, Delaney’s desire to track down her birth mother puts her even more at risk as she searches for her true origin above all else.
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Delaney Jones
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