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 Lilium Vancourt

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PostSubject: Lilium Vancourt   Lilium Vancourt I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 8:23 am

She is currently working on a dance to Kevin Kern-Pearls of Joy.
Lilium has become emotionally attached with Rath, but finds it hard as she is slipping away to the light.
Has recently come in contact with Spellbound and it has it her hard.

Theme Song: Collide-Crushed

Name: Lilium Marie Lenore Vancourt
Age: 20
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 112 Lbs.
Race: Human
Birthday: April 11th
Occupation: Hunter/Waitress
Place of Work:Late Night {Diner}
Natural Language: French~Can speak English.
Eye Color: Grey/Blue
Hair Color: Red/Orange
Hair Length: Lower back
Skin Color: Pale
Powers: Precognition{Starting phase}. Force Push{Not Active}.


To those she does not know; Lilium is quite the ‘bitch’, very cold, and does not care too much about making friends. However, to those that have made friends with her; Lilium is a bit nicer, but she still couldn’t care less to what happens to her friends. She absolutely loves her family. Fearsome, powerful, and intelligent.

Enjoys: Reading, writing, studying, brushing her long hair, creating, dreaming, violins, and other musical/creative things, relaxing at her house in a T-shirt and panties-listening to music.

Hates: Ignorant people, Fae, people messing with her hair, and dirt.


Through hard times and good, Lilium and her Father {NPC} have pushed through the loss of her mother when Lilium was about 15. Her mother, Hael, was in a horrible accident while she was on her way to work. The funeral was a closed casket from how bad her body was mangled. Even though it has been around 5 years since her mother died; she promised her mother that she would never stop dancing {Ballet} and enjoying life. Lilium loves anything to do with art and creativity. She has been using part of her bill money to help pay for Photography classes and Ballet classes-not that she needs any classes, she just enjoys being around other talented dancers. Every so often she will be in a small show. Do not play her for the weak minded; she will hunt anything-even humans. Her dislike for most people and creatures is high, though she is a moral person.


Losing a battle.
Being alone in the dark.
Running into Fae that she cannot kill.
{Though she has these fears, do not think she will back down or cower to the easily.}

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Lilium Vancourt
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