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 The 13 Artifacts

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PostSubject: The 13 Artifacts   The 13 Artifacts I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 5:13 am

1. Lia Fail, the Stone of Truth, or Stone of Destiny
as others called it because the Stone would reveal who was the rightful leader to rule all. (Galen's Possession - status, Unknown)

2. The Cauldron,
the pot that could feed all of Boston (for example), without ever emptying. (Jessica's Possession - Status, Unknown)

3. The Spear of Finias
a weapon that never missed it target - supposedly the one that pierced Christ, though that was well after the time it was initially created by the Fae. (Penance's Possession - Status - Discovered)

4. Fragarach Or The Answerer, The Sword of Light

that will cut through any army and that no man could escape from. (Peter's Possession - Discovered)

5. The Glacier Stone
set in an ornate blue and silver pendant worn around its bearer's neck on a silver chain. It has the ability to transform its bearer into a large ice gollum with powers over ice and snow. Its bearer appears to always be male. Unlike wielder of the Balance, who have some degree of control over her symbiotic when it is separated from her body, the bearer of the Glacial Stone can only utilize its powers when the stone is worn.

6. The Ember Stone
set in an ornate red and gold pendant worn around its bearer's neck on a golden chain. It is said to be a "thing of fire, an agent of creation." It has the ability to transform its bearer, who appears to always be female, into a being of fire that ranges from human-sized to a giant, flame dragon. Like the Glacial Stone, it must be worn for its bearer to utilize its powers.

7. The Bloodstone
Made of jasper, with specks of red, the Bloodstone is one of the 13 artifacts of the Fae. Magical and powerful items that the Fae have kept hidden over the millennium. The stone itself is believed to carry the blood of an ancient Fae crone, who by using the stone could heal anything or anyone, including the dead. In the wrong hands, this powerful item would well raise an army of the dead. (Current possession: THE Goblins - Safe Keeping)

8. Wave Sweeper (Boat)
A boat that can travel both land, air and sea.

9. Eochaid - The coat
Anyone wearing, cannot be wounded.

10. Lochlain’s Armor
Armor which no weapon could pierce.

11. Gofraidh - The helmet
had two precious stones set in front and one behind, which flashed as he moved.

12. Padraigin - The goblet of truth
Otherwise known in Christian religion as The Holy Grail though it is far older than that. Anyone who drinks from it will speak the truth no matter what, also believed to give extended life.

13. Tiarchnach - Magic cloak of colours:
Gives the powers of invisibility to any who wear it.
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The 13 Artifacts
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