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 Love and War..

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PostLove and War..

(DUE to the amount or Rping that was done, I've briefly summarized the events. If I'm missing anything, PLEASE let me know!)

Missing all night, Delaney turned up the next day, dressed strangely and was discovered at The Cork, dancing with the others by Galen. When asked what had happened to her, she mentioned she had been sleeping, though had experienced a dream in which an old crone had spoken to her about four powerful items that needed to be found.

Wanting to find a safe place from Morrigan due to his previous actions, Galen and Delaney moved to a unknown location, where after speaking more, they shared a kiss. However, it wasn't just as kiss like any other, somehow Delaney had been able to share her dream, so Galen could see, feel and be witness to the event. Although Galen knows the truth about the Midhir Prophecy, Del believes Galen is the "One", and that together they have to find the four items of 13, The Sword of Light, The Spear, The Cauldron and The Stone of Destiny. Their discussion led from one thing to another, finally accumulating passion.

The Ash had sent a missive to Peter, knowing the creature was burdened with guilt -- the Phoenix who'd near destroyed the city the previous night. Peter complied and appeared at Trinity Hall, where The Ash made a point of letting the male know that unless Peter joined the Light, switching sides, he was unable to protect him from The Morrigan for failing in his attempt to assassinate Delaney. Peter however, angered at the Fae and their ways, decided to become Neutral. He later met with Penance, and the two of them spent considerable time together, having supper and enjoying conversation, which progressed much further into the admittance of feelings for each other and an evening of comfort and love.

Lillium struggled hard to ignore the Incubus who'd recently come into her life. Taking measures to try and keep herself from his attention, however, deep down there was an underlying desire which Rath proved went beyond what he -could- do. Though, Lillium fought every step of the way not to succumb to his charms, going so far as to mark herself, to protect herself from the Fae. Though when a Ninja arrived to offer her safety and to fight Rath, it proved to rankle her and by the end of the situation, Lili and Rath became much closer, sharing in a moment of passion, as she gave into the feelings that welled deep inside.

Local cop Claire rec'd a phone call from one of her Fae connections and after traveling a short distance from the Precinct she procured a box. Within the box was a stone. What Claire didn't know was that the stone, in fact, was the missing Bloodstone that Delaney had been asked to find by the Goblins. Feeling it's power, she aimed to bring it to safety though Claire had no idea just how powerful the Stone could be. Unfortunately, due to the fact it had been placed in Human hands, all magic surrounding the stone in terms of protection and concealment vanished, allowing The Morrigan to pick up on it's bearing. It wasn't much longer before she sent out six Bogles to chase the woman and to return to the stone. After a chase, where in which Investigator Lee Saoren joined to try and aid the woman, the car she drove was finally flipped as she crashed, though mid air it exploded with a powerful blast that killed all the Bogles, though somehow, miraculously Claire had been pulled from the vehicle prior to it exploding. Lee was left watching from the sidelines, while Ogawa pulled a stunt that very few could succeed. The last Bogle was shot by both Claire, who believed it was her Father and Ogawa with positive energy. Both Claire and Ogawa then ran of to safety, leaving Morrigan to watch Lee. Thinking of another plan to get the Stone from Claire, a call was made to Lee's office, where Triskilion Manor was calling for him to pay visit to the "School", for a paying job..
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