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 Love And War

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14:55:26 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had spent the night in his own apartment. But his mind was still a sea of chaos, uncertainty, and disgust. He was angry at The Ash and The Morrigan both. Angry at the Fae. At the stupid Veil. At everything that embodied the Fae. As he had awakened--he ate a bowl of birdseed (Yes, birdseed. He thought it was good eating! Plus it reminded him of the Roadrunner Cartoons), and drank a bottle of water and was now outside. He was in a more secluded section of the Apartment complex. Standing up on a higher level on a concrete floor, with his arms folded over the railing overlooking the city. He didn't care if people saw him--stared, glared or whatever. He was presently fed up living a lie with everyone he lived with. He knew the Morrigan was going to likely come after him for some answers, or the Ash was; at this point, he didn't care. Let come what may. He was ready for it. He wore no clothing--but he was wearing Penance's courage amulet, and her daggers were in holsters that he wore around his left thigh.

15:12:41 Delaney chose to go with Galen. It just felt like it was the right thing to do today. Though the jovial Succubus seemed almost oblivious of the previous nights events including the attack on her person. There was definitely something odd about her and yet it was pleasant in a manner, a welcome change. She appeared to be more agreeable to things Galen said and suggested, though if not a little irksome in her questions as they moved quietly through the City. “So, how is it you chose the dark side? If you didn’t want to be Light - could you not have chosen Neutral, like me?” Pause. “I mean, the Ash is your Father - he seems like someone I’d prefer to be around that The Morrigan.” paused. “The Morrigan did try to kill me, but soon enough it’ll be over. I’m going to fight her. Put an end to all of this.” Perhaps she hadn’t forgotten, but her actions were quite different than the previous occasions. “But there are certain weapons I need in order to win. Four of them.” She stopped, reaching a hand toward Galen, aiming to -15:13:24 [Delaney] aiming to take his wrist. “Will you help me Galen?” Delaney’s sultry hues rose to meet the man’s as her fingers would tighten around his arm, affectionately. “Please? And no, I’m not using my powers on you right now. This is legitimate. I know what I have to do. I dreamt about it last night. Now, I just need to put it all together and you’re suppose to help me. You and others. Others who want to help put a stop to all of this. Help me find the Four of 13. Have you heard of those before?” It would seem that during the night, in her waking dreams, the Succubus had had an epiphany - though the details still remained sketchy at best. "Where are we going, anyhow?" cocked brow..

15:15:45 [NPCs] The Ash did indeed with to speak with Peter and a messenger would be sent - typically Mortin or one of the others who would approach the Bird’s apartment. He wasn’t exactly difficult to find. Then again, The Ash had an eye on most, without actually being there. Foresight was often under appreciated. The messenger would say to meet at Trinity Manor, in two hours. There wasn’t an option to say no. So far, there was no word from the Morrigan on matters both yesterday and previously.

15:17:22 [Penance] If Peter could see Penance from where he stood, which would be at the Park, she was there virtually by herself. The jogging suit was gone, and she wore a long sleeved black gothic style t-shirt, with some baggy brown cargo pants, and boots. The woman had her hook swords out and was doing a meditation dance of sorts with her blades. An invisible foe was getting parried with her hook swords. The dance was pretty in a way- but anybody close to her would have quite a problem. For a human, she moved like she was enhanced, and truthfully she was. Something called Nanites were in her blood stream. Had she not over exerted herself over the last couple of days, Rath might of had a problem! The blade dance she did was faintly elfin, but not many of the Fae were around to remember some of those ways, let alone the people of Boston. Sweat trickled off of her and she decided to play a game with it- and slice it before it would hit the ground using her left side before going into a roll- that would of taken the legs off of15:19:03 [Penance] of a man and disembowled another on the way back up to her feet. There were areas where she could be working on being more graceful, but she was working with what some called an obsolete weapon as it was already. Finally she paused for a breather.

15:28:05 [Peter_Xarhilm] Typically a normal person couldn't see Penance from where Peter stood and observed--but the phoenix's eyesight was on par with an eagle, so he could see for miles and with pinpoint clarity. So his beak was brought upwards in a pleasant smile as he watches Penance training in the park--however, the sounds of a pick-up truck pulling up--the door slamming and then footsteps coming up drew the bird's attention away as he glances over his shoulder. Expecting to see a person coming up the stairs. But instead he saw Mortin there. As the goblin walked up to him the phoenix blinked, "Mortin? What are you doing here?" Mortin shook his head, "Times are really bad when you're being used as a messenger--imagine that, ME! Mortin the Best Dealer in Used Arms and Armor everywhere in exports AND imports, being used as a simple messenger. Pfah! The indignity of it all. Anyway, here's the message." he reached into his pouches and withdrew a cheese sandwich. He blinked at it and grinned and put that one away, "Whoops! Wrong15:28:12 [Peter_Xarhilm] pouch." he now produced an envelope that seemed to 'glow' with a white light and handed it to Peter who took it into his clawed hand and glances at it and nods to Mortin, "Thanks. I gave the amulet you sold me to that human woman who was being harassed by an incubus." Mortin blinked and then he smiled and nodded. Patting Peter on the side, "I know why. And I understand. I gotta get back to my shop before Bruno thinks the grenades are gumdrops. See you around, Peter!" Peter nodded to the goblin as he wobbled off and then glances at the envelope. He sliced it open similar to the one The Lady Dark had given him and pulled out the letter and read it. He sighed and ignited both into flames in his hands turning it to ash (how ironic), "Of course. Everyone needs answers. Everyone always wants SOMETHING from us 'little folk'." he growled with exasperation. He wasn't certain if he was going to go or not--as he was still angry at his own people for all the deception and lies they did. He heard the truck pulling out and
15:28:19 [Peter_Xarhilm] driving off as he glances back down at Penance--looking with admiration. ~Heaven help me...I think I've fallen for an Angel.~ He smiled as he watches the woman train--a dance of blades that he found oddly attractive.

15:31:06 Galen had to get away from the Cork and it's influential music as well as find a place that would be safe, however, he didn't think he would be leaving with Delaney. Maybe he should have insisted on leaving her back at the Cork, it was neutral and she'd be safe there, then again, was anywhere really safe anymore? For as many answers as she wanted, he ad his own but right now they were moving through the streets, his eyes constantly moving to judge everyone who dared walk by them. As she began to speak, he turned his head to look over his shoulder. "I guess you could say it chose me. I've always had a dark streak inside of me and by the time I was ready to pledge to one side or the other, the Dark already within me was much more than the light. Ironic, I know, considering who my Father is." And that was the other thing, his Father had helped him last night, the others too and somehow he'd been healed and now he found he had a stronger bond with his Father than he ever had before. That didn't sit well with him. 15:31:22 [Galen] He was Dark, not Light. When she mentioned killing the Morrigan, he stopped moving altogether, turning around to look at her square on. "No! You will not go off on some vendetta and try to kill her, Delaney. DO you hear me? She's powerful." Even taking her form last night, he'd felt darker in doing so, had it not been for his Father, he could have been dead or wishing he were dead. She went on about the items that she would need and he shook his head. "DOn't! That's probably all lies anyway. A dream, like you said." Yes he'd heard of such times but there was no way he was going to support something he hardly believed in, mostly didn't believe in. He did look skeptical though, "I'm suppose to help you? I doubt that very much. I don't believe it, none of it." ANd that for the Prophecy too. If people wanted to fix things then they should go about it logically, not because something was said in myth so many years ago.-15:31:57 [Galen] Now was the time to switch topics and he gladly jumped on the chance, painfully aware of her hand on his wrist as he tugged her along. "First I have to check on a place that may be safe to lay low for awhile." He looked over at her again he insisted they keep walking. "I'm glad you aren't using your ability on me because that has got to stop. If you truly want my help, ask for it without anything behind it. Makes it easier." There was an old lot, the building above in shambles but below it was well secured, and it had the basics still intact, or so he hoped.-e-

15:40:22 [Delaney] Continued to walk with him, moving faster due to the fact his legs were longer, his stride covering more distance then her own. If he wished to deter her by telling her NOT to face The Morrigan, it didn’t work. “You don’t understand, Galen. This isn’t something I have a choice in.” She paused in a matter-of-fact manner, mulling his words. “I know how to end this. And honestly, its either her or I and I’d much rather the old witch be dead. Look at what she’s done. For all we know, she is the one selling HER blood killing humans. Pinning it on me. I know how to stop it. Well sort of.” Delaney paused once more as they crossed the street, her eyes going to the warehouse ahead, catching his thoughts. Not that she could read minds, it was just instinctive of him to think the warehouse would be a place to hang out. “Myth or not.. Before I found out what I was, I didn’t believe in ANY of this. I never had any idea I was part of a World I belived was myth. Stories I read as a child! Galen, I’m part of this---15:40:38 [Delaney] World now, so don’t you tell me you don’t believe in things, stories, because I’m sure as hell LIVING proof that things do happen. Just like you thought you’d never choose the Dark because of what fate was to hand you and yet, here you are.” Maybe it was a moot point. Maybe he was too stubborn, but once they got settled somewhere, she’d speak of her dream. “And yes, you are to help me. Along with others. Some will come, knowing what I seek and offer their advice. Others will be less willing and I’ll have to seek them out. Or something like that. I can’t remember it all right now.” But that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. Delaney felt, for the first time since she’d arrived in Boston she had a sense of purpose, though she was unaware it was a prophetic one that would effect all their lives. “And really, what’s so bad about my powers. I thought you liked it.. I mean, in the dream the other night you were quite interested to see what I could do..” She grinned near impishly..

15:46:47 [NPCs] Aware that the message had been sent, The Ash stood before a large hearth, a fire glowing within though the heat was not necessary. It was, however the atmosphere he enjoyed. In the background, Handel’s water music which was soothing and calm. His eyes peered at the flames, the way the lit, flickered and changed a myriad of colors while he was lost in his thoughts. Morrigan was getting out of hand. Even those of her own Clan were starting to realize, to see how the cracks were becoming bigger. The assassin was just the icing on the cake, nearly destroying all the Fae had worked up toward in one single night. However, if things were true and prophecies were to be well read and acknowledged, then all that would be coming to an end regardless. He was frustrated for he understood change, knew it was necessary, though deep down the Light would remain truthful, honorable, believing in justice, in love. Peter’s actions could come to try in the Court of Light. Especially if he didn’t show to the requested meeting--15:47:02 [NPCs] A Warrant would be placed upon his name, banishment would be the result. The ultimate price for any found negligent of keeping Fae laws.

15:50:05 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter wanted to go and visit Penance before he departed--maybe tell her more about himself and his world. But deep down, Peter wanted answers himself--he wanted answers from Morrigan and Ash both. He brings up his feet and clenches his toes around the railing bar as he crouches on the railing--leaning his body out of underneath the apartments' awning as he glances down at Penance, "See you again soon, I hope." he said--mostly to himself--as he kicks off the railing bar and flaps his wings as he takes flight! He took off towards where the Manor was located. Closing his eyes as he lets the air wash over his body, enjoying the way it felt--the one time he actually felt 'free' was when he was airborne. Letting the wind blow through his feathers. Opening his eyes, he began to descend as he flaps his wings--dropping down in front of the Manor. Two hours? Yeah. He wasn't waiting two hours to find out the truth. Folding his wings behind his back as he pads up towards the building and taps his talons against the door.

15:51:18 [Penance] The prattle between Delaney and Galen went unheard by Penance as she was just too far away to notice them. The woman slid back her shirt slightly and tapped the blade to her left shoulder and the hookswords vanished. All and all, with her being a human, she seemed comfortable living amongst the fae and handling some of the magic and weaponry that was crafted by them, yet didn't have a drop of magic in her blood. After her little show she started off towards Peter's apartment knowing of a coffee house not far away. With the coffee being as good as it was, she had a different motive in mind however, and that was finding out which parts of Boston were damaged and how severely. The news reports had signs out of the Bible appearing out of nowhere, and running rampant. Incidents of demonic activity weren't new to the woman. She was a little more aware then most, but yet, not a hunter. Some of the coolest beings she'd ever met were demons. Some of the worst she'd met were angels. It was good to be out.

15:58:19 [NPCs] A young man answered the door with an icy pallor, an elemental it seemed who was working for The Ash at the Manor. “This way.” He didn’t question who the Phoenix was, nor was he surprised to see him early. “He’ll see you now.” was his response, spoken in a monotone manner. He lead they way through the beautiful Hall - the foyer of marble, art, beauty, statures adorning the walls, and a large circular staircase that seemed to never end. Peter was guided through the hall toward the back where a full glass conservatory welcomed the evening sky, allowing stars overhead to appear much as if in a planetarium. The Ash stood, awaiting - dressed in white, the negro male so very dark. “Welcome Peter. I won’t keep you long. However, I do want an explanation of just what you were doing last night.”
16:02:25 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter didn't reply to the elemental, he merely entered after him and padded after him. He glances around at the various pieces around him, but eventually came to the Ash's room. He glances up at the sky past the Ash and then glances at the Ash, "A contract. I was contracted to kill the Succubi." he crosses his arms over his chest. Despite his anger, Peter felt most guilt at himself--things shouldn't have gotten as bad as they did. Seventy-three people died last night because he wasn't able to control his inner rage--nobody could have controlled that. It was part of being a Phoenix. And it always had to be taken into account, "I thought it was going to be just like any other job I've been given--take out one person, give the exact location of where she was--possible allies. Guards. Permission granted to do whatever it takes to make it done--from the highest authority in my clan." he uncrosses his arms and glances at Ash's face directly, "The Lady Dark. I think you know who I'm talking about."

16:20:20 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter avoided looking the Ash directly in the face as the man approached and placed a hand on his feathered shoulder. Even to this clan Leader, the Phoenix's body was rather warm--warmer than a typical creature should have been. Peter needed answers. He wanted Answers; he glances at the Ash now, "I need to know if the Morrigan knew that I was going to explode last night. I need to know if she wanted me to detonate like that--you and I both know that wouldn't have killed me, but it would have killed hundreds if not tens of thousands of lives, all at once. I'm...glad Mortin stopped me. The fiery man that I fought last night tried to stop it too--I could sense him about to shoot flames at me, but that...would have only accelerated the process. First time that I've ever gotten that close to...a Supernova." he shook his head and reaches up to take the Ash's hand and remove it from his shoulder. Then he went to pad towards the glass wall that overlooked the planets in the sky as he places his hands upon it--his16:20:47 [Peter_Xarhilm] sapphire eyes narrowing as he stares into the depths of the abyss, "I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. I'm not even certain if I'm proud to be a Fae anymore. It's like I'm living a lie. I have to hide myself like a coward from everyone I know around me--humans, fae; alike, they know me for what I am--and they don't seem to care." at the question about the girl... "The Morrigan doesn't take it lightly when her assassins fail. She'll likely have another assassin come to take me out--or kill me herself, I don't know. Or she might not--a Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, renewal and immortality. And as for the Succubi? I don't really care about her anymore. I only have two options--wait for The Morrigan to cast me out for failing or whatever, or kill the girl." he narrowed his eyes. Feeling a bit of agitation at this whole situation and it was showing as his body was beginning to distend the air around himself.

16:22:04 Rath took a few steps forward, bringing himself to the edge of Lilium's bed. He wore what he usually wore, hands in the pockets of his tattered jeans. Some of his bangs fell lazily over one eye, concealing it partially from view. He smiled, watching her in silence. Rath had been standing there for some time now, head now and again canting from one side to the other. He licked his lips, wetting them. Last night's events puzzled him; the phoenix, he knew, worked for The Morrigan. As was Rath aligned with the Dark. Why would this Fae, then, put his neck out to protect a human girl? Was he going soft? Rath looked back down towards Lilium, biting down softly on his lower lip. Was he himself going soft?

16:27:30 [Delaney] Galen was so defensive around her. Why would he just not give in to her charms - even when she was genuinely being kind and caring he seemed to put up a brick wall. Which at times made him a challenge. The more he’d fight her, it was in her nature to try harder. It irked her to be honest and she wished he’d just give in and let things be. Though there were other matters at hand, that being safety. Understanding his apartment was in shambles, she wasn’t sure why HE was choosing to hide out. The fact he’d pretended to be The Morrigan had been missed by the girl, who at the time had been kissing the face of a Cop in order to try and heal. As he gave the instructions, she nodded, thinking he was doing this all for her. “Don’t you think this is a bit.. Much?” She questioned. “I mean, underground? Abandoned warehouses. I’ve already told you I’m going to stand up to the Queen. I’m not going to be afraid of her.” Her eyes narrowed as she neared him, allowing his help down the ladder that spun the side of--16:28:12 [Delaney] spun the side of the wall until her feet touched the ground, though she turned around as she did, literally landing in his arms. Her own immediately sliding around his neck once more as if to hold him in place. Without trying she was oozing with sexual essence, predominantly because the man was trying to evade her on the whole. “Don’t Galen.. I realize you may not like who I am. What I am, but it is everything am I. I can’t help the dream you had, any more than I can help the way I make you feel. Why fight it? Would you rather not just give in to it? You and I both know how it feels when you do.” She paused, her breathing slightly heavier, her chest heaving with the undertones of lust, her legs squirming as she was inclined to push against him. “Please - we don’t have to like each other, but we can like what we do to each other.” The words were spoken, the tone implied - her eyes, magic, hypnotic as she gazed deep within, seeing beyond the man, into the animal he truly was. “I know you are here to help me.--
16:28:30 [Delaney] I know you will help me. This is just the beginning and no matter what, The Morrigan will pay for everything and you’ll be free of her and of the things she’s asked you to do.”

16:30:29 [Lilium ] Lilium slept soundly at the moment, covers snuggled close beneath her face as she rolled over with a yawn. Beneath the black fitted T-shirt set the charm that Petter gave her and as usual, she wore nothing but undies on her lower half, black bikini cut. This was her house and she could dress the way she wanted. On the table set a box of sea salt that she was going to use to line her house and windows, but she fell asleep before she had the time to use it. From being so close, she could feel the skin crawling affect that runs over her skin when Fae is near. Black lashes batted lightly as she awoke, staring at the wall before suddenly sitting up as she caught him out of the peripherals. "What the hell are you doing," she exclaimed in a question as she pulled the covers close to her chest upon sitting up.

16:35:46 Rath couldn't help but smile. Her reactions always brought at minimum a quiet species of glee. He watched her carefully, eyeing her almost as if he was looking through her. The classic thousand-yard stare, lost in thought. Though reality beckoned, and Rath blinked, seemingly clearing his vision. His tongue tasted his lips again, swallowing as his gaze focused upon hers. "Bon soire, ma coeur", he said. Softly, as if trying not to disturb the peace any more than it already was by his presence. "I see you've bought some salt. No doubt, the Phoenix and his friend were here. I can feel the remnants of their passing through. You wish to harm me? Kill me, perhaps? From where does this animosity towards me stem? Have I hurt you at all, Lilium?" His tone was calm, collected. Almost smug, but not quite.
16:36:17 [NPCs] “Well Peter, I think you already have the answers to your questions. You just chose not to acknowledge them.” The Ash paused, watching the male bird move toward the glass caught in a cage, it would seem. “The Morrigan is far smarter than what most give her credit for. But she also has tunnel vision when it comes to such things. What she says however is the true. While many feel her to be a liar. That she is not. Deceptive however, she is. Everything is twisted, manipulated to work for her.” The Ash paused. It was not his wish to get into a battle of who was the better person, but to point out to the creature that he had a choice. “Morrigan will hunt those who have failed her. You yourself have hunted many of them in the past, so you are aware of this. However - those who tried to stop you last night, could help you if you allow them.” The Ash followed Peter’s gaze out the glass, up toward the sky as the stars began to truly reveal their colors. “Think on this, Peter. Your powers are strong.--
16:36:29 [NPCs] But your nature - is more so. You grieve over those lost. it’s a burden you carry. Yet it wasn’t you who placed that burden upon your shoulders. You were doing as instructed.” There was a silence before he turned back to Peter with a smile that seemed to light up the darker man’s face, as if a glow. “There is always room for you in my Court. Here. Peter, if you decide. I will give you sanctuary. Peace. There are changes coming. The fabric is torn and I’m afraid it may never be fixed. Until then though, know you have a choice. Not a life or death, but of prison or freedom.”

16:39:50 [Penance] The coffee house was found. The Starbucks, she went into was also attatched to a Barnes and Noble store. Books on Fae were glanced at and she snickered at the occult section. Boy, were those books a little lacking! She just browsed around for a while before snagging a cheesy romance novel. "Christine FeeHan or Edgar Allan Poe?" The vampire romance was shoved back onto the shelf and she went around looking for the classics. A few guys watched her with a grin. One offered to buy her coffee. "No thanks man." she said with a grin. "Nice LOG t-shirt." The guys kind of laughed at the apparently bored metal chick. "Idiots..", was uttered under her breath before she snagged a Poe book, paid for the coffee and settled in to read for a while. Cafe Americano, and mint went well together. Her feet were propped under the table and on the chair next to her. "Never Bet the Devil Your Head", was partially read outloud. "It is not my design, therefore, to vituperate my deceased friend, Toby Dammit. He was a sad dog, it is >16:40:46 [Penance] t is true, and a dog's death it was that he died; but he himself was not to blame for his vices. They grew out of a personal defect in his mother. She did her best in the way of flogging him while an infant-for duties to her well-regulated mind were always pleasures, and babies, like tough steaks, or the modern Greek olive trees, are invariably the better for beating-but, poor woman! she had the misfortune to be left-handed, and a child flogged left-handedly had better be left unflogged. The world revolves from right to left. It will not do to whip a baby from left to right. If each blow in the proper direction drives an evil propensity out, it follows that every thump in an opposite one knocks its quota of wickedness in." She chuckled lightly at the mini crowd she'd drawn in and kept on reading. Now and then she sipped her coffee.

16:42:16 [Lilium ] She ignored what he said at first and pushed her covers off and stood. She figured he was not going to leave and she at least wanted some damn shorts. Lilium moved to the dresser behind him and retrieved a pair of dark crimson lounge shorts and put the on. "You have harmed me emotionally. You are nothing but a person bent on tricking and using women." Lilium walked to the kitchen, grabbing the salt and opening as she continued to talk. "I'm not going to fall for your tricks and thanks to Peter I wont," she huffed angrily while causally opening the salt in the kitchen. Her body turned to face the bedroom, unsure to how he would act to salt if she dumped it on him.

16:45:43 Galen She thought this was a bit much while he didn't think it was enough, he'd no doubt pissed of the very Queen of Darkness of whom he was suppose to be serving and it didn't help that she already likely believed he'd fallen for Delaney's charms. No, this wasn't nearly enough but it was buying him some time at least. When her hands went to his shoulders, he wanted to back away, to tell her to leave him alone but he couldn't quite put those thoughts into actions as he stared back and listened to her. The tone of his voice had at least changed, talking less harshly and a bit more quiet. "She'll come looking for me. I did something last night I shouldn't have done but for some reason, it seemed like the only thing I could do." He wanted to look away but he couldn't. "Why should I give into something that isn't real? You do this everyday of your life and you will continue to. You don't like me, you've used me and now what? You want sex?" Hell, he wanted sex but he held true to his reservations." -
16:46:00 [Galen] "The dream, that's all it was. Just a dream. It wasn't real, this isn't real." But he was immediately caught off guard when she spoke about him being free of things she's asked him to do. Did you know what had been asked of him? HOw could she? "Who says I want to be free? I chose this side, it's what I am. My Father helped those pledged to the LIght, and he helped me. I'm not them." And now he had an extra bond with him because of it. "You haven't pledged a side. I technically shouldn't even be helping you and yet here I am." But why? At first it had been about answers, he'd got those already and now he wanted to clear her name but what did it matter? She'd end up dead by someone's hand, even if it wasn't his own. "You seem so sure of things." His hands had been placed back on her waist, pulling her closer as he confessed something to her. "I use to be so sure of things in my life. I knew where I stood, I knew who I was and now I don't know either of those things anymore." He shook his head, pulling his -16:46:20 [Galen] hands away from her waist. "I just can't."-e-

16:46:36 Rath stood still, facing the bed as she moved past him to the dresser to retrieve her shorts. He didn't want to frighten her, or make her think that he was here to hurt her in any way. The truth was, he wasn't. Though in all likelihood, he didn't think she'd believe that. Not for long, anyway. When she finished dressing, he followed her to the kitchen, leaning against the frame of the doorway. His gaze fell upon the salt, though it was only a momentary distraction. She'd be able to tell he didn't look too concerned about what she had in her hand. "Peter, eh? Kind of an anticlimactic name for a phoenix." Rath shrugged. "So, what do you think that salt is going to do to me? What if it kills me, and all your questions go unanswered? Perhaps you ought to be cautious about whether or not you're going to wield such a deadly weapon."

16:48:26 [Peter_Xarhilm] "Death will never come for me." Peter said to The Ash, "You know this, I know this--whenever I die, I'll just re-emerge from it anew. True immortality." he listened intently to the Ash as the man spoke, "And why would they seek to help me? I almost killed the Dark Prince last night, I think he took my initial Ash Sphere pretty hardcore--the guy's tougher than most Fae, I'll give him that. Most fae who get near my Ash Sphere tend to...turn to Ash." he closed his eyes and bowed his head, "Yes. I grieve over the death I caused. Seventy-three people died from my rage. I almost shattered the Veil--do I care? Probably not. I'd join your Court, but until certain things are changed I think I may switch my allegiance to neutral. I'm tired of hiding from the Humans--they're going to find out, sooner or later. I'd rather it be sooner than later--and without explosions involved." he opens his eyes and lifted his head--growling as he forces his anger back, "My violent. Like a storm rolling over the plains 16:48:40 [Peter_Xarhilm] during the Monsoon. I'm...feeling guilt. Alot of it. The humans, the majority of them, have done nothing to make me hate them. I realized that last night. I wanted to kill Delaney so badly...I was so convinced she's been selling the blood for the Spellbound." that drug played a deep and painful part of Peter's past--hence the reason he left Arizona and came to Boston--he tried to start anew, "I'm a killer, there's no gentle way to go about it--I was designed to kill, to hunt, to force renewal. It's the way of the Phoenix, of a Bird of Prey. Two things;" he pushes off and away from the glass as he turns around to look at the Ash, "I am planning to attone for my actions. did Mortin know I was about to go Supernova? He normally doesn't keep tabs on me, it's not in his nature to interfere in the lives of his clients other than giving them their products and severing ties."

16:52:52 [Lilium ] Lilium stopped and set the salt on the counter, hands on her hips, and walked angrily to him. "I could care less if my questions go unanswered. At least I will have rid myself off you." Those grey/blue looked up to his face as she stood about five inches away from him. Her right hand rose, index finger pressing against his chest. "You could melt, burn away, explode, or what the fuck ever. But I am tired of these games, the Fae, and all your tricks." Lilium turned away from him and moved back to the counter, facing it and the salt, back to him.
16:56:10 Rath paused as she moved up to him, starting slightly as she pressed her finger to his chest. As quick as she turned around, he regained his composure, smiling once more. He shrugged, though she probably didn't see it. "If that is your wish, Lilium." He stepped closer to her, returning to the 5-inch gap between them, hands hanging loosely at his sides. He chuckled softly, just under his breath. "My games.. and my tricks? Lilium, you're being awfully civil for someone who wants me dead. In fact, I might even go so far as to say you want me here."

17:00:26 [Delaney] Sex. Of course she wanted sex. She was a succubus. There was no beating around the bush. However was it just because she’d essentially chosen to be her mate for that purpose alone, or was the more. Delaney believed there was something further tying the two explicitly together. Galen had just admitted as much until he moved away. He kept denying her. Putting her off but she knew deep down he wanted her on some level. Something deeper than sex, though it had been a long time since Del had put her heart on the line for anyone. The last person she did, had died because of her and by her. Allowing a purse of air to flow from her lips, she moved away from the ladder, already pacing in the small room, feeling closed in. In all sense of the word, they were. “I’m sure The Morrigan will understand why you did whatever you did. And at any rate, I doubt she could truly harm you because of who your Father is. No doubt you’ve got some pull with having Royal blood.” She waved her hand dismissively, her back turned to him ==17:00:48 [Delaney] as she gaze up toward the hole she had just moments ago climbed down. “In the dream I had. I was back.. It felt like home, but it wasn’t any place I’d been before. Although that isn’t true either. I felt I’d been there before. Like.. Déjà vu. “ She paused, fingers reaching to the rung, playing with the rusted iron, focusing on it instead of Galen. It seemed to help. “I was shown a Fountain that was sprinkling water, but water I couldn’t touch. It was for those who were not eternal, I was told. Beyond that, was a large tree - biggest tree I have ever seen, but I was told again, I could not touch, for it was for those lacking knowledge. Then finally, I met an old woman. A crone.” Delaney shivered. “But she called me Daughter. I’m certain it wasn’t my mother though, even though I don’t know who she is.” A slight laugh was given, followed by a shrug. “Anyhow, she told me you’d fight me. But in time, you’d see what the truth is. And you’d come to support me. And that without you, I’d have no way of--
17:01:15 [Delaney] , I’d have no way of defeating The Dark One.” Del glanced over her shoulders toward the male just briefly. “As long as you keep thinking I’m using you, we’ll never get passed this stage. I’m not, Galen. I could leave right now and you’d never see me again. If that is what you truly want, say the word.” A pause, then in closing. “However, I will not allow the Morrigan to continue to do what she is to both Human’s and Fae alike. And I will not stop until she is stopped. Or unless I die trying.” She gave just a moment before she began to crawl back up the ladder, hand over hand as she moved away.
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Love And War :: Comments

Post on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:45 pm by Delaney
17:01:55 [Lilium ] Her hands pressed down on the counter top, listening, she could tell her was ever so close. Her body turned around, figuring he back up to give her enough space to do so and return to the space in which he stood. The palms of her hands pressed against the lip of the counter, giving him a silent glare of uncertainty. She did not know what to say to him after what he said. It was true, she sometimes felt anxious when wondering when he would pop up, but she figured that was after effects of the strong powers he had pushed over her. Her upper right front tooth bit down gently on the side of her bottom lip before she spoke, "What..makes you think I would want someone like you around me?" Her right hand ran through her hair, brushing through the cute and messy bedhead.

17:09:21 [Rath] /me continued to smile. His gaze held hers in his grip; no incubus powers required. Like most others of his kind, Rath was aesthetically flawless. Hawk-like eyes, smooth lips, a strong jaw and chiselled body, as if sculpted by one of the ancient Greek artisans themselves. He took a half step closer, a hand raking back through his dark hair. His head canted to the side as he spoke. "You've said it yourself, Lilium. That amulet, the one Peter was wearing last night, he gave it to you. Told you it suppresses my powers. Now, you've only two options, then. First, he was lying. Or - and this is the more likely option - what you're feeling, that pit in the bottom of your stomach, the increased heart rate, that slight feeling of light-headedness and breathlessness... That's all you." He chuckled softly under his breath. "You don't want to kill me."

17:09:32 [NPCs] The Ash wasn’t about to break an alliance or a secret that Mortin had, even to Peter. It wasn’t his place to explain that Mortin was in fact, working for The Light. The question would never be answered, though The Ash did focus on other things. “A killer, yes. We all are on some level.” He paused, moving out of the Conservatory back toward the fire, watching it flicker in the large hearth. “Fire is an element, something the mortals believe they can control. They know how to create it but control it, no. You on the other hand, know both. There fore I would conclude, in certain things, you are both wiser and stronger than the humans in many many ways.” The Ash reached to a poker, prodding the wood causing it to flare suddenly. “The girl is not the one tied up in the blood. It is one of Morrigan’s deceptions. Morrigan should look more closely to her home for the one who is, though. She protests to much, I think.” The poker was dropped back into place before The Ash turned around to face Peter again. “I --17:10:00 [NPCs] understand your choice, but my door remains open, should you wish to change your mind. However, I cannot offer protection and should humans, or Fae under my arms come into danger from you, or your actions, I will not hesitate in stopping you. It is not a treat but the state of things. You break Fae law, you will be punished. That law is upon all Fae, no matter what Clan. Rebel and it will be quickly squished. The time at hand is not about rebellion but of change. You’ll see, Peter. Times are changing and all of us have a place and a part to play. All of us.” His eyes locked with Peter’s as if speaking a silent language, knowing yet obscure. But The Ash was done giving an audience. The same male who’d shown him in, entered the room to show Peter out, The Ash having turned back to the fire, hands in pockets, in silent thought.

17:14:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] And so The Ash was like Morrigan. The only difference was that he actually had a Heart. But to Peter--it just seemed like the two of them were content to Play God and everyone else, all Fae and Humans, were nothing but pawns. Pawns on their game of omnidimensional chess. As the servant returned he gave him a look but he wanted to get the last word in, "Times are changing. Yes. But at what cost?" he let the question linger in the air before he turned and went to follow the servant out. Once back outside, he unfurls his wings and went to take flight--he hovers high in the air, glancing over his shoulder at the Manor--and then he took off. Flying off back towards the apartments, to go and check up on Lilium--he was hoping Rath was there. He was at full power now, and the Incubus would be an idiot to directly challenge him this time!

17:16:07 [Lilium ] His words pulled at her heart, causing it to ping painfully for what he said. Could this actually be true? She had fallen for this Incubus? Was that why she hated him so much, because she did not want to realize that she may actually harvest feelings for him. Those angry, unsure eyes stared up into his as he stood ever so close to her. In a sudden bout of thought, Lilium rose up on her bent toes and pressed her pale orange, soft lips against his. Her heart beat fast, hearing it in her ears. Quickly, she eased back down, pushing her body past him and into the living room. "I felt nothing," which was a complete and utter lie. Lilium worried more than ever about being hurt by the Incubus.

17:16:13 Galen didn't put his heart out there for anyone, never had and never would. To love something meant it would eventually go away and he didn't' have time for such things. Walls were easier to put up then they were to take down so why change it now? He couldn't admit to himself that he'd been acting odd, doing things he normally wouldn't have, keeping Delaney safe for one. She wasn't even on a side, and back in the day, if someone was believed to be doing something, you'd just kill them, problem solved but he hadn't been able to let that happen with her. Maybe that scared him to, that changes were coming and that things may be coming true. He scoffed at her words though, "The Morrigan isn't going to forgive and if she does then I'll know something else is up. Do I agree with her all the time? No. And my blood has nothing to do with it, if she killed me then yes, The Ash would be no doubt furious but if I'm wanted dead, I'm no different than anyone else." -17:16:24 [Galen] His gaze followed her around while she remained in the room, though he knew he should look away but he was intrigued by her story, by the dream she had, only the ending didn't make sense. The Morrigan told him that he may have to kill her and now some place else was telling her he'd help her? He knew one thing, he didn't want to not see her, despite himself, he couldn't let that happen, so when she started back up the ladder, he moved quickly behind her, a few rungs down and leans forward to place his hands over hers. "I never said I didn't want to see you again and I can't have you running out there by yourself so here's something you can do for me to make me trust you. You can stop trying to get away from me, you were doing good there for a short bit. I don't want a repeat of last night." He sighed, too close to her body. "Please. I do want to help, legitimately so, no tricks." Was he keeping her close to kill her? No, far from it. Something else he just couldn't believe from the Morrigan, this was -17:16:39 [Galen] becoming a trend.-e-

17:19:28 Rath , incubus or not, could still be taken by surprise. As she kissed him, his eyes went wide in shock, completely taken aback. As always, he rapidly regained his composure, just in time to relish the last moment of the kiss. He stumbled a half-step back, swallowing past a sudden rising lump in his throat. He stood there, almost dazed for a moment. What was he thinking? Turning on his heel, he strode purposefully to Lilium in the other room. A strong hand reached forward, gently taking her forearm as he whirled her back to face him. His arm encircled her middle, holding their bodies together as he reclaimed her lips in a hard, passionate kiss, his lips melting against her own.

17:28:02 [Penance] "And I know your hear their voices, Calling from above, And I know they may seem real, These signals of love, But our life's made up of choices, some without appeal, They took for granted your soul, And it's ours now to steal, As your nightmare comes to life, You should have known, The price of evil, And it hurts to know that you belong here, Yea, No one to call, Everybody to fear, Your tragic fate, Is looking so clear, Yeah, Oooooooh, It's your fucking nightmare!", was sang by Penance not long after she put the book back on the store shelf and made it outside. Her walk took her several minutes, as she was crossing town in part taking the back streets to get back to the Apartment Districts. She didn't want to admit it, but Lili probably could use a friend, and she liked hanging out with Peter. The few friends she had were hard core, and understood life all too well. Most of them were mercenaries and assasins, yet, she herself simply stuck to making the weaopns for defense, often times for those who had the jo17:28:21 [Penance] b she didn't. Now and then she did crack, and throw a pitty party but that got lonely, so she kept herself busy. Her weapon training alone, would of scared half the sane mercenaries. THe afore mentioned scar of her nearly being cleaved in half, had come from a little training accident..Part of her knew that she was training with an assassin, yet it made her job as a bouncer so much easier..

17:32:51 [Lilium ] She had not expected him to take hold of her forearm and she just about threw a punch until he pressed his lips against hers. The her eyes lids closed, soft lashes touching, and her arms rose ever so quickly around her neck. Lilium had to lean up to better allow room for the kiss. Her arms held him close, taking in the warm feel of his lips against her. The action made her heart flutter, blood boil with passion from the kiss. Strands of his hair touched her face, caressing her checks, and soothing her body. The pale cheeks of her face became a slight hint of red out of slight embarrassment and enjoyment of the kiss. It felt nice within his arms, bodies so close, and she kind of felt safe within his arms. Lilium broke the kiss, lightly pressing her forehead against lips as her body shivered from the chills he sent through her body. Still , her arms hugged behind his neck, left hand brushing through the back of his hair. "Is this not against...the Fae way...or anything," she whispered through a soft ~17:33:12 [Lilium ] exhaled breath. Why did it matter if it was against it or not, its not like her would probably listen to the rules anyways. It had been true. Every time she was around him, there was something building behind the tricks and powers he had. Lilium could feel the charm beneath her shirt, which slightly hurt due to the way it was pressed between her breasts due to the hug.~e

17:33:56 [Delaney] He stopped her. Part of her had wanted him too. Part of her had wanted to escape the confines of the small room. There wasn’t enough space for the two of them, but then his body was next to hers once more, behind her, pressing against her. She could feel his breath teasing the strands of hair that dangled over her shoulder, the sensation of which sent a flurry of butterflies through her stomach and below. “Forgive me..” She whispered before turning around and without waiting, her lips found his, her hands gliding up over his back, tugging at the material of his shirt, clinging to it then finding the skin underneath as her nails raked over his flesh. The strength and muscle felt as she opened her mouth, deepening the kiss further while leaning back against the ladder. It wasn’t sex. It was passion. Hunger. Desire. Need. She would hold the kiss for as long as she could, through as she did a strange sensation shivered through her and Galen would feel a connection, as if a light bulb had literally--17:34:18 [Delaney] turned on, taking away the dark. A chance to see the dream she had, the same images, the same visions - all played before him so that he too had been a part of it. Sharing her energy with him, they were co-mingled as her mind unleashed it’s truths so far. The Four of 13 - Four ancient and magical treasures. Lia Fail, the Stone of Truth, or Stone of Destiny as others called it because the Stone would reveal who was the rightful leader to rule all. The Cauldron, the pot that could feed all, without ever emptying. The Spear of Finias, a weapon that never missed it target and finally, Fragarach Or The Answerer, A Sword that cut through any army and that no man could escape from. Of the 13, these were the four prophesied in by Midhir to be used by one. The Keeper who would take this items and destroy all. These were the items given to Delaney by the Crone, and these were the items Galen now knew. Delaney broke the kiss with a rush of air, pushing Galen away, her eyes held in utter --17:34:31 [Delaney] confusion as she gazed. “Was that you.. Or me?” finally breaking the silence unsure just who had been able to do that.. For it wasn’t anything she’d done before.

17:47:45 Rath relished the kiss, every last second. As she pulled back, he let his lips fall against her forehead, the contact slightly muffling his voice. "The rules, eh? To be honest, Lilium, I'm not sure what rules there are. Nevertheless, in all likelihood they're going to be more or less guidelines." He smiled against her flesh, feeling her amulet dig into him as well. He pulled back enough to take the charm in one hand, admiring it as he turned it this way and that. "Mmn, I suppose I should thank Peter for giving you this. It's the one way I could prove to you it's not just my powers that are making you feel that way." He winked slyly. "Besides that, it looks pretty good on you, too."

17:52:12 Galen was there, too close for his own liking or maybe it was because he liked it too much but he was about to step down only something stopped him. He heard her words, looked confused but before he speak or protest, her lips met his and he was frozen in place. What happened next wasn't anything that he could explain, unlike anything he had ever experienced before and it was now as if they were connected, something had clicked and he was seeing her dream as if he had been the one to dream it. The scene unfolded and he listened as the Crone spoke about the items needed. He was there, against her in real time but he felt as though he were somewhere else completely. Everything she had spoken about was right there, being communicated back in the words of the Crone and they were real, or so he believed while in this state. The Cauldron, the Stone, the Spear and the Sword, all of them listed off just as he had read in books but surely these were not books she had ever seen before.-17:52:26 [Galen] Was this another trick? He would have believed so only after the kiss had ended and the vision was gone, she was left just as confused as he was, after seeing her with his eyes now open. He held the e ladder tightly, though when she pushed back on him, he lipped a bit, losing his footing and feel down to the ground, landing on his feet. He couldn't stop staring at her, even as he shook his head. "Why the Hell would that be me ? I don't have that ability!" He looked bewildered, stunned and his face showed every emotion thereafter as he continued to stare. "That had to be you. Whether you knew or not." But he had seen the truth behind it, causing all the more confusion on what the Hell he was suppose to be doing. He took a couple of steps back then turned, hands running back through his hair while trying to make sense of what just happened.-17:52:37 [Galen] "I saw it, all of it. But it isn't suppose to be real." He turned around to look at her. "Just what the Hell are you..Really?" The kiss had been one thing, perhaps it would have been something more but all of this.."If you didn't know, why did you just kiss me?" Not that he didn't enjoy the initial thought or feel of it.-e-

17:57:44 [Lilium ] Lilium took the charm from his hands and placed it under her shirt, which was a bit chilly between her breasts. She stepped back away from him, smirking and shaking her head as she took a seat on the far left side of the couch. "This is definitely weird. So, I will have to wear this amulet at all times or I will fall prey to your power," she asked while pulling her legs up to sit crossed on the couch. Both hands ran through her hair as she let her head rest back against the couch, eyes closed as she thought. "I can't let things escalate like this. I barely know you and your true intentions.. So, I still don't think your as trust worthy as I expect you to be." she huffed and let out a groan as she looked down to her feet and pulled her right knee up to her chest, massaging the right foot. It still ached from the previous day of walking awkwardly in the ballet shoes.

18:04:21 [Delaney] So much for passion. It had turned, yet again into another argument, both blaming and accusing the other. Delaney was growing weary of it however she couldn’t ignore what happened and that if it wasn’t Galen, then it was her. “Shush! I’m trying to think. STOP yelling.” She snapped back as she too slipped back to ground level, though motioned toward the old bed, opting to sit. Placing her head in her hands as she leaned forward, the dark braids falling around her, hid her face further as she mumbled under her breath. “I did that. How the hell did I do that. Mind sharing.. What the..” The events of yesterday, the damage she’d obtained from the rubble falling on her, the voice - most of it was coming to light. Maybe there was something more to this Succubus business than she thought. Pursed lips lead to a breath of air being expelled as she flopped back onto the bed, her legs, however continuing to dangle as she placed her hands, folded atop her flat stomach. “Okay. So, lets just say that was me. All I know is =18:04:41 [Delaney] what the Doctor told me when I was first brought to the Fae Courts. Dr. Lauren examined me and, well, if I recall she was quite taken with me.” She smiled at the memory of the young, beautiful human Doctor.. Then cleared her voice before continuing. “Anyhow, she is the one who told me I was a Succubus. I was poked and prodded, and I guess those were the test results, or however she does it. All I know is all my life I’ve been this way. I figured everyone else was at first until I got older and realized that that wasn’t the case.” Del stopped, closing her eyes as she thought back on Sam. Her boyfriend at the age of 18, who she had killed during their first sexual encounter. “As for me kissing you - well damn it, it was the moment. I felt you there, like right there and something just came over me. The urge was too strong not too. The way you make me feel is like nothing I’ve ever felt with anyone. Not just sex. Its.. deeper than that. Its like I’m meant to know you. Meet you. This is all meant ==18:04:56 [Delaney] to happen, somehow.” Opening her eyes, she angled her head on the bed, gazing toward him. “And you saw the dream. Somehow, we’ve got to find those items. I think you may be the Chosen one, Galen and I’m the one who is suppose to help you become him.”

18:07:30 Rath moved over in front of the couch, easing down to sit on his knees. Gently, he took her foot in both hands, nimble digits working to massage the knots out of the tender places along the muscles. He was quite good at it, too. Rath was well-versed with human anatomy, after all the... exposure he's had throughout his life. "I'm not asking you to trust me. In fact, I haven't asked anything of you. Yet. I'm not sure if I ever will. To be honest, Lilium, I have this fascination with you which I can't describe. At first, it was because you could sense me. Now, I'm not sure." He paused, though continued to gently knead the sole of her foot. "You misunderstand my power, though. An incubus is able to easily seduce a woman because he amplifies their emotions, and heightens their tactile senses. Everything you touch feels better than it normally would, everything smells sweeter, looks more beautiful. Your heart races, endorphins are produced at a much higher rate in your brain, enhancing pleasure and 18:07:47 Rath encouraging.. certain thoughts." He paused once more, allowing for the information to sink in. "That is the magic, when broken down to a science. I have other powers, some other incubi do not, though this ability to influence behaviour through both chemical and suggestive means is something I share with the rest of my kind."

18:08:36 ClaireMether sat at her desk at the police station, going over various forms of paperwork; she'd been out of it all day, and working wasn't helping like she thought it would. She'd been distracted, edgy, and more than once she'd snapped at other officers for no reason at all. She was hurting for one, and despite the pain pills she had taken her whole body still ached. Second, she couldn't get that woman out of her head...Claire wasn't attracted to women that way, but something about that kiss had been different. It had left her barely conscious, but she had still wanted more. Just thinking about it had her flushed again, and she quickly attacked her paperwork with renewed effort. It seemed the majority of it was concerning this drug, Spellbound; none of the labs could make heads or tails of it, and the stuff was spreading around like wildfire. She got a call on her desk phone and picked it up, trying to clear her head. "Detective Mether." Got something for you. Pick it up at the usual place. Then she heard the18:08:52 [ClaireMether] phone click and she hung up. She smirked, getting her paperwork stacked up neatly and leaving her desk. She'd had a contact at the local bars and clubs for years now, and she'd been waiting for him to come up with something. She wasn't entirely sure how he got his information, but he always left whatever he'd come up with in a box near a dumpster downtown. She knew she had to get moving too; whenever he called, the intel was hot. She climbed into her Toyota Echo and made her way to what they had dubbed 'the usual spot.'

18:10:07 [Peter_Xarhilm] As Peter was heading back to his apartments his ears could pick up the sounds of two people quarreling...and a familiar scent. It was the Dark Prince, and the Succubi. He glances downwards as he spotted a building--the scent was coming from it, or he'd see them if they were outside! He stops and hovers in mid-air. ~The choice was mine. That's what the Ash had said--and that's the Morrigan's heir. Why is she just standing out in the open like that? Especially after last night? She's either completely frickin' retarded or utterly clueless about how EASY of a target she's making herself!~ the phoenix suddenly drops down and flies down as he went to land upon the ground nearby the two. His toes splaying apart as they touch down upon the concrete sidewalk as his wings begin to fold up behind his back, "You know--for someone trying to avoid becoming a target, you sure do suck at it." he stated with an amused smirk on his beak.

18:19:51 [Lilium ] She about melted into a puddle on the couch when he took her foot and began to massage ever so wonderfully. Her chin set against her knee, arms wrapped under her right leg as her hair brushed over her shoulders to cascade around her face. Blue/grey sharp and now soft eyes looked at him, listened to him completely. When he spoke about not knowing why he was attracted to her, Lilium pulled her foot away from him and pressed it against his chest, shoving him back against the side of the coffee table. "Your attracted to me cause I am pretty and will not take your crap," she huffed while standing over him. Lilium moved her hands up and pulled the amulet up over hear head. "Well, if this is going to work out or even come close... I don't want anything holding me back." She let the item drop, if not caught it may hit his crouch. Her legs moved over him, stepping past him and to the window, staring out at the alley way next to the apartment. ~c18:20:02 [Lilium ] "I don't know why I even care to want you around. I tend to hate the Fae and still since Peter helped me, I cannot stand to be around him and find myself hating him still. You, your entire being enrages me and I want nothing more than to beat you down and erase your existence." Lilium turned and moved back over to him, kneeling down next to him on the floor, "And yet, I awaited for your appearance. I called to you and couldn't help but want to be in your arms."~e

18:23:33 Galen shut his mouth as she told him to be quiet, a frown on his face showing he wasn't pleased to be told what to do while he folded his arms over his chest and watched her go toward the bed. Of course she choose the bed. He focused on the ground to stop focusing on other things but he did listen, asking herself the very question he wanted to know the answers to but he let her continue. He rolled his eyes as she went on a small tangent of the Doctor. "Yeah, yeah. Everyone is into you, I get it." He paced a bit, arms still folded but this time he watched her as she spoke and tried to make sense of it. She really had no clue what was going on, anymore than he did and it wasn't solving any of the questions. The explanation on the kiss caused him to look at her directly as he paused near the bed. At first he thought she was jus lying, making up some excuse but somehow, he had the uncanny way of knowing that she wasn't lying about it. The worst part about it was that he kind of felt that too. -
18:23:45 [Galen] Was the Morrigan wrong on so many issues? Was she using him and not Delaney? Her next words weren't received as well. "No, Delaney, it's not me. I don't know what it all means but I can promise you that it isn't me. I have no part in it. I only said I would protect you and help when I could." My, didn't he get defensive and touchy on the subject but he did sit on the very edge of the bed, the very, very smallest edge he could manage to sit on. "That first time you kissed me, in the Cork and you caught me by surprise. I felt it then, something and all I had to go on was that you were a Succubus. The second time, it was there again but you always seemed more surprised about it each time. And now we kiss again and we're sharing dreams?" He sighed and shook his head, hands on the bed with this back facing her now but he looked over his shoulder at her. -e-

18:24:21 ClaireMether had to pay for parking downtown in order to get to the usual spot, which always irritated her, but her contact's intel was never off. Never. In fact she'd had several cases go to trial because of intel that this contact had given her. She only knew him by the name Cancer, which could have a few connotations, but she hadn't pushed the issue. Her cell phone kept buzzing, and it was her partner, probably about to bitch because she'd left him behind, again. She couldn't stand the guy, and he was one more stupid one-liner away from getting a sexual harassment charge shoved up his ass. She picked up her cell phone after she had paid and parked, not surprised to see him calling again. She hit the SEND button and listened for as second. What the hell are you doing, we're supposed to be partners and you up and leave! How the heck do you expect- She clicked the END button on her phone and stepped out of her car, opening up her umbrella and locking her car quickly, making her way down towards the usual spot.18:24:41 [ClaireMether] She was just in an amber-colored blouse and khaki pants along with black shoes, nothing fancy for work. She found the box, covered with saran wrap, and smiled; she was very curious to see what was inside. She grabbed the box and headed back towards her car.

18:25:47 Rath flicked his fingers towards the amulet, a brief burst of telekinetic energy sending it sliding across the floor a few feet from the far wall. He moved his hands to rest on her shoulders, squeezing them reassuringly. He had no control over the powers that were his because he was an incubus, no switch he could pull to turn the "lust" effect on and off. It was just there. While Lilium was wearing the amulet, it felt like stretching forward and falling on his face. Always, an incubus was able to sense when his power was affecting someone, like a radar, almost. His aura would sweep forward, and pass over her, leaving her untouched where there would normally be some resistance prior to submission. Now, he felt that small tug there again. He could feel his aura mingling with hers, enhancing her senses. He licked his lips, exhaling quietly with a small chuckle. "I suppose you're right. That's why I like you, I suppose. You don't take my 'crap'." He smirked. "You sound terribly conflicted, and I'm afraid that
18:25:59 Rath removing that amulet, it'll be even harder for you to think..." He paused, letting the tips of his fingers rake slowly down her sides before his big hands gave her hips a small squeeze. "..With me here.. distracting you."

18:28:16 [Ogawa] [Up on the rooftop of his apartment complex, the ninja was with his animal familiars. He was not hunting, but instead meditating. It is said that the most cunning of masters of his art will play out an entire battle in their mind before making a move. Ogawa knew this to be true, and the reason why was immeasurable. It calculated the opponent. It helped the ninja anticipate the move, and at the same time prepared against it. This was primarily done with duels, however. Ogawa meditated now to focus his mind on this principle, and at the same time, understand how it worked. His mind had to be completely relaxed, and at the same time his body had to be willed for the same. When his eyes opened, it was like he was in a far away place. When he stood up, he pushed play on his boombox, where a new-age like rockband played something with a japanese theme to it with the traditional flute peice. He started+18:28:43 [Ogawa] - off easily, sparring with an imaginary partner with a flurry of lightning fast punches, followed by a leap into the air and a double roundhouse. He would land in a legsweep, then kick off in a back handspring. That led into a backflip, where Ogawa's arms sweeped out widely. When he landed, he picked up a Boken that was laying beside him on the ground. He picked it up, and three twirls from the blackened wooden blade led into a sideways sweep aimed for his imaginary foe's head. He spun counterclockwise and let his body drop into a crouch; the boken swung fast in a wicked slice that would have taken the legs off of a dragon. From his crouch he would leap off in a kicking flip that sent him into a graceful backflip and into another crouch just as the song ended. When his eyes closed, his mind returned. And he looked at his two familiars with a grin. Getting better, Boss, Maneki said with a smirk. Yeah, soon he'll be able to start working with Witchcraft more! Gojira said. Ogawa grinned. +18:29:16 [Ogawa] - "Alright," Ogawa said with a grin. "Let's go hunting!"]

18:34:45 [Penance] The woman found herself outside of Peter and Lili's apartment district after a long walk, "When am I ever going to get myself a car?", she asked knowing she had more then enough saved up to get a luxury car. Working four jobs, had been kind to her! "Ah well, I've now got a great ass.." She chuckled and reached into her pants pocket and slid on her ipod and flipped it to her favorite radio station, which was GFR. She bobbed her head along to the metal she heard in her ears, which was often something called GrindCore/Thrash/DeathMetal. The songs would seldom be heard over the radio anywhere else. Ogawa and Penance seemed to meditate in the same way...with her moves not being as advanced as his. The woman wasn't necessarily a hunter, but little kept her from it. Stuff like politicking pissed the woman off to no end!

18:38:36 Delaney felt the bed sink slightly under the weight as he came to sit, though she remained where she was, her arms moving up over her head, fingers grabbing the mattress as if she was being stretched on a rack. Legs still dangled, held together in a ladylike fashion, though the hem of her dress was marginally up her thigh due to the position. It wasn’t difficult to miss his tone and how quick he was to push aside her belief, the way his voice caught just slightly. Though she didn’t speak on that. It was his last sentence which basically agreed with what he was saying, all along. “Don’t you see? I mean you just admitted as much that there is something. Call it fate, destiny - I don’t know. But it is something. I may be a lust Daemon, part of the Fae with unknown origins but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel things for someone. I loved someone once.” Her own tone seemed quiet suddenly, but she pushed the thoughts aside. “I loved him for who he was and he loved me. Though now I can’t help but wonder if he truly 18:38:56 [Delaney] cared or if it was me all along. One thing I can tell you is when I kissed him, it was nothing like when I kiss you and as for sharing dreams, ain’t never happened until now. With you.” Gazing up at the ceiling, she mulled slightly on her past. “We just gotta face it, whatever we are in, we are in together. I know the dream was more than a dream. You’ve seen and felt it too, now. We’ve gotta search for those items. Only problem is, I have no idea where to start..You’ve been around longer than me, you’ve had the teachings. Maybe your Father..” she peered his way, a quick sideways glance before looking back up to the hole in the ceiling of their underground shelter as she shrugged. Even though she wasn’t trying to be enticing, there was something that couldn’t be ignore in how she lay on the bed, how tempting she appeared, like a candy or moist chocolate that demanded to be savored.
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18:41:54 [Lilium ] If she was going to get used to being around him, then she was going to learn to keep his powers from over powering her. She figured, if he will toy and poke at her; she would do the same to him. Lilium pushed him on his back, between the coffee table and the couch and crawled over him. Her face met his, auburn hair falling on either side to curtain her face. "You, a distraction, never," sarcasm at its greatest. Her lips came close to his, eyes peering into his as she spoke. "I guess, I will just have to make sure I keep my head on level." At every word, those pale orange-lush lips graced his. Penance could probably fill the presence of Rath within Lilium's apartment. Her elbows now touched to carpet, fingers running through his as her legs still set on either side of his body, stomach and chest an inch above his body. "I'm sure your are such a pusher over under that sleek exterior. Lilium may have not had the body of the gods, but she did hold a firm dancers body-fell toned.~e

18:47:10 Rath 's free hand slipped around Lilium's lower back, pulling her down against him. He teased his lips back against hers before stealing a taste with the tip of his tongue. Smirking, his eyes half closed, Rath leaned up to rake Lilium's lower lip between his teeth. "I see what you're doing, ma coeur. Do you think it will work? Is this how to show you're the one in control? Or are you merely submitting to your deepest, and darkest desires?" Rath knew, of course, she was trying to turn the tables. To seduce him. He was a creature of lust, after all. Each time he took a woman, he felt the pleasure as any man would, perhaps more so. It was very rare, however, that an incubus would be the one being seduced. For Rath, this was a first. It was why, this sudden and unfamiliar loss of control, drove him to toy with her, see how serious she was.

18:50:57 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter finally reached where he lived. He was going to check up on Lilium--but, Penance was there. He hated to admit it, but the woman seemed to do something to him whenever he saw her. Or was it merely the Incubus resonating into him? He tried not to think about it--but he did eventually plan to rematch that bastard and kick his seductive arse into the ground. Slowly he drops down and comes down on the ground next to Penance, "Hey." he said, "..." he noticed she was constantly lurking around his and Lili's apartments and he sighed a bit towards her. He was basically told by Ash to keep himself a secret--but Peter was still sketchy on that. He didn't want to hide himself anymore--he was sick of hiding from the world like some kind of dejected, beaten half-sibling. He extended a clawed hand to her for her hand to take so he could escort her up the stairs, "What brings you here?"

18:52:41 ClaireMether got back to her car and unlocked the driver's side door, climbing in and closing her umbrella, setting it in the passnger side floor. She took off the saran wrap and felt a little giddy, like a kid at Christmas. Cancer's intel was always something a little off the wall that never failed to bring a case together. She wondered what it would be this time, and she took the lid off the box. A rock and a small note laid inside, and the note caught her attention first. The lettering was bright blue, sharply contrasting the inside of the box and the rock, and she figured Cancer had meant for her to read it first. Do not show this to the police! Keep it safe. Someone will come to you. She frowned, but she gave the rock a harder look, trying to place where she'd seen anything like it. It was jasper, but all throughout the rock were red flecks; she had a strong instinct not to touch the rock. She couldn't quite explain it, but she tended to trust her gut, so she retracted her hand and studied the rock with her18:53:05 [ClaireMether] rock with her eyes. The red specks that were all throughout the jasper almost looked like blood, although the reflection of the light cast by her car's inside lightbulb made it clear that the specks were solid. She put the lid on the box and sighed, lighting a cigarette and taking a drag. Someone will come, eh? She wondered what the hell he'd meant by that. Maybe someone who knew about Spellbound would come talk to her? She shrugged, intent on finishing her cigarette before heading back to the station. Her shift was almost done anyway, all she had left to do was some routine paperwork.

18:56:04 [Penance] She grinned faintly. "I am contemplating why miss Lili there is playing Russian Roulette with a cubi, unless she really likes his sorry ass." She didn't jump because she could smell him. The cubi' pull did have her in a better mood then usual, but hey, so did resting. "I also wanted to see how you were doing too. You seem like a proud kind of guy, and its like someone tried kicking you in the nads." Disturbed's Down With the Sickness played in her ears. Her foot tapped along. Stuff just seemed to go better with music and when explicit lyrics came on, the occasional misanthrope, could envision it happening to them. A little morbidity didn't bother her one bit!

18:56:11 Galen had almost wished he couldn't tell if she was lying or not, at then he could accuse her of lies and of tricks to use him but as it stood, it sucked that he knew she was telling the truth. And to boot, she was right, they were in this together whether either of them wanted that way or not, he'd willingly got himself involved in her and now he was in deep. That spark images of the dream he'd had and he quickly looked away from her. She had lost one person, the tone and the words had proven why it was no good to care and he wouldn't allow it. When she brought up his Father, he nodded without looking at her. "Yeah, I do have some things to say to him, aside from all this so I guess I'll ask about it too while I'm there." He dug his fingers into the bed then turned his body some to look at her. "I'm sorry you loved and lost but that's just it. You love someone, they leave. -8:56:17 [Galen] Easier to not get attached and as for feelings for you. Okay, I do feel something alright? It doesn't matter because nothing is going to come out of it. You are what you are and I know you can't change it, I wouldn't ask you too but between kissing others, being taken away and getting beat or God knows what for training." He sighed deeply, eyes still on her, looking over her form. "I don't begrudge what you are but the thought, I just don't think I could handle it." And that was his excuse and he was sticking to it. "It's hard enough to see you coming back as you do, it hurts to see you like that. To image what goes on. ANd you have to heal, and then more images. It sucks Delaney!" His words escalated as he finished, angered again but he leaned down, taking in her scent again before his eyes locked on hers. "Tell me it could somehow be different, that all my fears are unwarranted."-e-

19:01:21 [Lilium ] She let out a soft sigh as he took her bottom lip between his teeth, nibbling ever so lustfully. "I'm not submitting to anything. Vos prises diaboliques," she whispered ever so gently as her body now lay against his, breasts pushing gently against his chest. Her lips slipped from his grip, letting her own tongue run over his as she placed a soft kiss to his lips. Lilium let her kiss move to his chin before she set up on his lap. Her hands ran down his chest, eyes peering into his ever so deeply. Her slender fingers began to massage his pecks, running her hands down his stomach before returning to his lips for another round of kisses. She fully let her body lay against his, pressing her lips to his as she slid her tongue into his mouth gently, taking in the taste of him. Her arms took his wrists, playfully hold them above his head against the carpet.

19:04:19 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter lead her up the stairs slowly towards his apartment as he sighs a bit, "It's alot to deal with. I'm a Fae--to many humans, I'm an abomination of nature. I shouldn't exist. But it's my chaotic nature that makes me violently dislike the rules of my people, it's just how Phoenixes ARE. And my actions last night still weigh on my shoulders. There's alot of intrigue going around, and I have reason to believe that someone is going to be making an attempt on my life very soon. But am I going to run and hide? No. I'm going to wait for them--if they show up, then I'll simply do what I do best. Fight." he reaches the level where he lives as he began to head towards his apartment and went to open his door--he didn't keep it locked, because nothing inside was actually anything 'expensive' for him. He went to lead her inside and then closes and locks the door, "Have a seat. Get comfortable."

19:07:57 Rath couldn't help but moan his approval against her lips, allowing his hands to be moved above his head and held in place. He smirked inwardly as they kissed once more, eagerly gliding his tongue against hers, massaging and exploring the wet, pink muscle. His eyes fluttered closed, shivers coursing down his spine and throughout his body as his muscles tensed against the unfamiliar thrill of letting someone else take the wheel. His hips rolled up, grinding them against her own as his back arched off of the ground, another small moan muffled between their embrace. He mused at the back of his mind that he'd met succubi who were less seductive than this minx here.

19:12:30 [Delaney] Things had suddenly gone from chit chat, dream sharing to bearing ones heart? This was getting a little to deep for Delaney. She had been on her own for the last 8 years and now she was listening to a Prince ask her to tell him that somehow they’d have great lives together, white picket fence with 2.1 kids. Or close too it. Sad thing was she wished she could tell him what he wanted to hear, but she’d be lying. If she was purposely trying to seduce, she’d give him the world. The irony being, she actually cared for the man on some level and doing it that way just seemed wrong. Unable to bring her eyes to meet his, she held them closed, keeping her position as she struggled to find an answer he’d find acceptable. Beyond that, Galen had admitted something far more than he may have realized. That he cared too. If it hurt him to see her go with someone else, leave for training, getting hurt, it could only mean that he genuinely felt something for her. Part of her was relieved for at least he’d said the words but -19:12:36 [Delaney] when it came down to it, nothing was truly solved. “It does suck.” She shrugged, then carefully rolled over on to her side, bringing her knees up to her chest, grabbing the pillow and pulling it over her head as if to hide before speaking in a muffled voice. “I want a normal life, but it isn’t going to happen. I’m not very good at listening when being told to do things. I don’t work well with others. But I accept things for what they are. Someone is out to get me. Kill me. Why? I don’t know. But I think it has to do with these items, or maybe Morrigan is just jealous. The pillow was suddenly tossed toward Galen, before she peered over her shoulder toward him, then moving on the bed, crawling on her knees she reached toward his arm, then aimed to pull him to her in the process. Her eyes on his, the light shining with a resonate glow. “You can’t resist me, Galen. And as I said and you agreed, we’re in this together. Love ends up hurting - but passion can’t be ignored. When it’s you and I, everything else can --19:13:09 [Delaney] be forgotten. I can help you forget, just for the now. Ease your mind. Take the pain that’s within it. Empty it of questions, if you just let me. “ She inched closer, her hand motioning to his face, just under his chin to pull his face to hers as she stared deep into the Prince’s eyes, equally mesmerized by what she saw. “This isn’t my power, or a game. This is me. Completely.. ”And she pulled him back with her, onto the bed as she lay, his position of such enabling to land atop of her, unless he put up a fight and denied her for good, that is.
19:14:13 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had padded off into the kitchen, "Hope you like hamburgers, that's what I'm making tonight." he said as rattling of pans was heard--the sounds of the fridge opening and closing as he turns on his stove as he began to go and wash his hands, using soap too--followed by drying them off with a towel and then using a hand santizer lotion to cleanse them of any further germies, "What do you want on yours and how do you like them?" Peter liked his medium-rare. Because the pink in the middle appealed to his bird of prey nature.
19:19:02 [Lilium ] Lilium grinned outward before she suckled on his tongue. When he attempted to grin against her body, she would lift her hips, not allowing him the pleasure for rubbing his warm body against her. Her hands let loose of his wrists, sliding them down his arms as her kisses moved to his neck, placing delicate lustful kisses upon his smooth flesh. Lilium set up, pressing her hips into him before standing slowly above him and turning away with a sly smile. Her hands ran through her hair as she spoke and walked to the kitchen, "Hm, I believe that is all you are worth giving at that moment." Her body stretched on her toes, arms reaching up into the cabinet to search for anymore hot chocolate. Her shirt rose and inch or so above her shorts, revealing the supple flesh of her back. "See, you are not so hard to get rilled up yourself," she spoke with an high attitude as she felt around for maybe a last pack of hot chocolate.
19:21:03 [BWRP] PlotPost: The Morrigan’s eyes flew open as she sat up suddenly, her visage one of shadow, darkness. A flock of ravens burst through the surrounding trees of Triskilion Manor as she moved - barely seen but felt. A cold chill would entertain Boston for the moment, whispers of wind that would haunt those around as her eyes honed in at the City, despite the fact she remained on the Manor grounds. A sniff to the air.. “A human.. Someone has given the Blood to a human..” She laughed inwardly, those at her side joining her like the cackles of hyenas’ about to enjoy their prey. “Who would be so foolish.. Their loss though, is my gain. Go.. Find the one with the Stone. Bring her to me. .” A small search party would be sent, similar to hell hounds, yet human in appearance. They sought the Bloodstone - the stone with the power to heal even the dead. While hidden by Fae, it was hidden from all Fae but Claire’s contact had just made one incredibly stupid mistake and given the artifact to a human.. It was now on the ---19:21:31 [BWRP] PlotPost: and the stone had spoken.. it was only a matter of time before Boston would once again be turned upside down with the wind at it's heels.
19:23:18 [Penance] "Awesome. Want some help?", she asked him sliding the ipod off into her pocket. "Its been a while since anyone's cooked for me." She admitted slowly and decided to cool down. Relaxation was something that rarely came to her, aside from when she was working out. "Mayo, onion, tomato." She really didn't like ketchup at all. As per the issue of bloody meat, blood aggrivated her yes, but didn't really make her sick.
19:25:09 Rath allowed his body to relax, letting her work her lips across his flesh, exhaling quiet breaths of pleasure as she continued. When she stopped and got up, however, Rath smirked at how cocky she was being. He'd have to show her what it really meant to rile someone up, as she said. Standing, he brushed himself off and followed her into the kitchen. "You're not bad at pretending, my darling, but you have to remember what I am. I can feel, and see -clear as day- how you feel right now, and how badly you wanted to continue." He snickered under his breath, snapping his fingers and gesturing with two of them towards her. Lilium would then be able to feel a small breath of hot air against her neck. It seemed to focus against her flesh, the warmth dragging slowly, tantalizingly down her body. Between her breasts, lazily making its way down the front of her stomach, below the waistband of her shorts, and between her legs. There it would stay, radiating warmth. A warm kiss of concentrated air and heat, whirling 19:25:21 Rath and massaging the sensitive flesh between those beautifully shaped legs. Rath didn't say anything, instead pausing to watch with amusement her reactions.
19:28:29 ClaireMether started her car and went back to the station, pulling up into her usual parking spot and was glad to see it had stopped raining. She looked around for something to cover the box with and found one of her jackets. She put the box down in the floor, then tossed her jacket over it, covering it up nicely. She got out, locked the car, and went into the station, seeing her partner already moving towards her. She groaned inwardly and sat down at her desk; he was right there, glaring down at her. "Don't even start, Wilson...I got a lead on Spellbound, checked it out. That was it. I'm about done for the night, so please just let me finish my shift in peace." There was silence, and for a split second she thought he would do just that. Then her chair was whirled around to face him, and she was suddenly looking up at a 6'4", 255 pound, pissed off detective. "What is your problem, Mether?! You leave on your own, don't tell anyone where you're going...what's the deal here?!" Claire sighed, wondering if he would19:28:49 [ClaireMether] ever come up with anything new to say. "I'm not in the mood to placate you Wilson. If I was in any trouble I would've radioed in, now leave me alone." She turned her chair back around and went to finish her paperwork. Again, there was silence for awhile, and she thought he'd left. It was quite a surprise when she felt her chair being whirled around again and suddenly Wilson was right there in her face, planting his lips on hers. She cringed against his touch, and immediately brought her knee up into his crotch. He fell back, cursing but managing to stay on his feet. Claire got up and resisted the urge to punch him in the face. "Nice knowing you Wilson." She went into the captain's office, filled out the necessary paperwork, then explained what had happened. She was confident that she wouldn't be dealing with that asshole anymore. She went back to her desk, smiled as she heard the captain yell for Wilson, and finished up her last bit of paperwork. With that she stretched, got up from her desk, and went out to 19:29:03 [ClaireMether] to her car, glad to be able to call it a night. She stood by her passenger side, lighting a cigarette and taking a deep drag.
19:28:33 [Ogawa] [Ogawa finished his training regimen, then donned a wifebeater before he headed back downstairs and into the hallway of the complex. But once in there, he stopped and sniffed. Something made him bare his teeth. Maneki felt it too, judging by the hackles of her furr rising. Together, man and tiger silently made their way into their respective apartment. When he opened up his doors he let Maneki inside, then closed, locked, and warded his apartment. Then he donned Crow-Sensei's armor and robes. He attached his satchel pack to his waist, and then ensured his equipment was in order. Runed Shurikens, check. Excorcist tags, check. Stronger banishing oil aimed at fae. How was fae involved with this? It had fragments of cold iron in the mix, which enforced what was called "banality" (pronounced BANE-al-it-ee) this acted like a poison like cyanide to fae and other fae creatures. Ogawa was a trained demon hunter that knew his craft well. Once he was ready, Gojira slipped into his protected leather pouch inside his +9:29:46 [Ogawa] - robes, and Maneki was by his side. Soon his apartment was locked, and Ogawa followed his senses. There was about to be a serious bit of trouble in lower Boston. We can presume that there will be many a broken waterpipe. When he turned to the source, he narrowed his eyes. Someone's apartent. The Incubus is here... and Ogawa was ready. He took a look at the structure of the door's hinges, then made a calculated judgement. The small fry incubus, or theone after Delaney. He looked towards Maneki for some advice. The big cat sat on her haunches while Ogawa shrugged. Maneki rose an eyebrow. Oggie nudged his head towards the door. Maneki shook her head. Ogawa shrugged, and Maneki snorted. Ogawa and the big tiger went outside. "Okay then. You don't wanna fight the incubus. The Succubus then?" Maneki nodded, and then ran off. Ogawa began to run after her. The tiger cub would surely lead the way to Delaney's position. After all... such was the purpose of this morning's spitball. ]
19:30:09 Galen had waited for some sort of answer but he didn't even know why he had bothered asking. He knew that things only got worse from here so why hope on something better to take it's place? As began going about things, it didn't seem to answer any question he had at all, then it switched over to the real issues and he had got his answer. It shouldn't have bothered him as it did deep inside but outwardly he wouldn't show it. There was no answer he would have actually believed anyway. It was as it was, he'd continue to be pissed off at her leaving, at knowing she'd feed from others, as it were and he'd deal wit it. When the pillow was tossed at him, he caught it with a hand then dropped it to the floor, still watching her with an unreadable look upon his face. With her hand on his arm, he listened to her words, could she really take it away fro awhile? Maybe it was just this, passion and nothing else. If he had to help hr then so be i, whoever ended up living or dying, it would happen as it was meant to in the -:30:39 [Galen] future but he had denied himself this for awhile now. One night couldn't hurt, before she was taken away again. Get the tension out of the way, make everything go away for awhile. Maybe it would help, maybe he was being naive, it didn't matter anymore but he did stop it, at least from being pulled down with her onto he bed as he watched her eyes. "Hold on." He got up off the bed, moved to the ladder and got to the top in order to pull the door closed to enclose them inside the make shift hideaway. He slide down the ladder then moved back to the bed, kneeling down for a moment. "Just one night. To make it go away for awhile." He leaned forward to position himself as he would have been if she had of pulled him down with her, and now that they were in close proximity of each other again, he knew he couldn't resist her anymore as his head leaned forward and he pressed his lips down on hers. Just to forget it all. Spoken to himself as he would just let himself go, nothing held back anymore.-e-
19:33:37 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter shook his head, "Nah. I can handle this, no problem. Besides, I like using my hands for things other than ripping people's faces off--makes me feel less like a beast, and more like a person." the sounds of sizzling meat was heard as he began to apply the patties to the pan itself. As the meat was cooking he wiped his hands off on a towel and went to fetch the items she wanted for her hamburger from the fridge, and set to start slicing them up into servable pieces. He didn't flip his patties the conventional way, he merely picked up the pan and flipped them like pancakes--oddly they didn't stick. He did this every so often to keep them cooking, "I learned how to cook from my mom before the incident. Damned fine cook, too. I was hoping to eventually attend college, but without Glamour--a Fae's ability to hide themselves--that really isn't going to happen."
19:34:18 [Lilium ] Ok, maybe it was a bad idea to drop the amulet. Lilium's skin became over run with pleasure and goosebumps as the warm breath covered over her body and moved about. Her feet set flat on the floor, hands pressing to the sleek clean counter top as a gasp and exhaled breath passed from her lungs. Her legs shivered, eyes closed, and body became arousingly warm. Her toes curled and then stretched. She was fixing to mess him up. Lilium grabbed a handful of the salt and turned around, chunking it at him. He was going to play dirty, then she was. Her back pressed against the lower shelf doors as her bottom touched the tiled floor. "That, is cheating," she exclaimed through little lustful breaths as her hands gripped the black cloth of her T-shirt. Her head made a small thud as she let it rest back against the shelf door, eyes opening to stare at him with a sultry teased look.
19:39:11 Rath coughed quietly as he had salt thrown at him. Anyone would, really. Salt isn't exactly the most breathable substance. The warm, now throbbing ball of heat and air continued to work between her legs, unrelenting. Rath snapped his fingers once more, another one focusing on Lilium's neck. He managed a small smirk while dusting some salt off of his clothes. "Salt, really? " He teased, chuckling under his breath. "I'm still going easy on you, too." He grinned, now. To think that a human girl thought she had the ability to out-seduce an incubus was almost insulting. It would have been insulting, if it weren't for the fact that he really liked this girl.
19:41:45 [Penance] She did join him and smiled watching him. "I used to be a terrible cook, that is until I learned a bit more about heat and some of what pans are made out of. Nonstick?" She made a gagging face. "That stuff's crap." It wouldn't take her long to perch against the door frame of the kitchen just off to his right side. "I think about college too, and with online tech stuff, I could do it via paid for classes." Well, he could too! "I'd just have to work two less jobs." She dropped her head at that point. "For apperance, if you really want, I can ask some of my associates for a pendant or something like that." She saw the use for magic, without necessarily being able to practice it all. "I usually trade rare knives for magical items." She wriggled her fingers and looked down at her heavily calloused hands. While she had the gloves, and they did get used, with her being a human, constant repitition would indeed ruin her hands!
19:43:28 [LeeSaoren] Lee's booted foot kicked in the door of his office, leaving a grime-encrusted heel print on the battered wooden door. The once-gold nameplate on the door swung on its last hinge, the name "Saoren" faded anyhow. The office was still a mess; Lee had decided to call in a cleaning lady, but hadn't actually made the call in over a week. He stomped into the small square room, moved around the desk cluttered with papers, notes, food wrappers and his PC and slammed down a small steel box. That done, he plopped down into the creaky rolling chair behind the desk and exhaled sharply. His dark hair was disheveled, the omnipresent rings around his chilling blue eyes all the more obvious now. His white t-shirt was stained with...well, the goo was an odd color and the imagination could fill in the blanks. His dark baggy pants also sported a few splotches of this nameless ichor and his boots were crusted with it up to the ankle. He glanced at the steel box, which, from the moment he set foot into the office, was 19:43:30 [LeeSaoren] rattling and snarling. Lee raised one dark eyebrow and yanked open a drawer in the desk. From it, he pulled out a three-quarters empty bottle of amber liquor. "Yeah?" he seemed to be asking the noisy box's occupant, "You and me both, pal," he said, popping the top on the bottle and taking a long pull. He slammed the bottle down with a satisfied sigh and reached for the stereotypical type A office phone on the desk which rested on a pile of newspapers. He punched a few digits and waited. "Yep, got it. Uh huh. No, it's a...well, I don't know what the hell it is, but it chewed through sixteen dresses, a couple of suits and the shoes of the manager before I got it. Uh huh. No, 'fraid I'll have to ask for eight hundred this time; spent a lot of bullets trying to nab this...thing. Uh huh. Right. Alrighty, Ben, catch you later. Oh, and you owe me a bottle,' he said before hanging up the phone. He turned in his chair to look at the wildly rocking box. "Well, whaddo we do with you, huh pipsqueak?"
19:47:17 [Peter_Xarhilm] One thing Penance would notice is that his pans and pots were made from stainless steel instead of cast iron--that was obvious reason, because he couldn't touch iron. 'Cold Iron' was merely a superstitious way of saying Iron, because it felt cold to the touch. He was pretty good at multitasking keeping an eye on the patties and sitting the toppings up. After a few moments he took two hamburger buns and slided the tops onto them, and then placed them over the bottom halves of the buns on their plates, "There you go. Toppings right next to them." and he placed two slices of american cheese onto his own hamburgers. As they were melting, he was decorating the bottom of his buns with lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, onions and pickles. He decorated these with ketchup, placed the top buns on his own hamburgers and slid them onto his buns and then went to put water into the pan--turn off the stove and then went to wipe off his hands with a towel.
19:50:02 [NPCs] The human Hell hounds, for lack of a better word would slither into town. Dark shadows that didn’t catch the eye of most, but it was merely their masking ability that kept them concealed. Truth be told, they were bogles - annoying more than anything else, but terrifying when it came to humans. The creature in your closet? Bogle. The one that goes bump in the night or hides under your bed, Bogles. The Dark Queen used them for gathering items in particular when it came to humans. Six of them had come to find The Bloodstone, the one a human now had in it’s possession. They cared neither for the human, or really, for the stone itself however they did fear failing on behalf of The Morrigan. “Is here.. Somewhere..” The unfortunate thing was they weren’t very smart, however they were expendable so if only one made it back it would be of no loss to The Morrigan who continued to watch via her all seeing eye from Triskilion Manor. The fact it was dark made the hunt all the more as the Bogles neared the Precinct, 19:50:18 [NPCs] catching the scent of the stone and following the direction of the Queen. “Is in there.. Yess..” snakelike and hideous, Claire would soon find herself in a building with flickering power accumulating with strange shadows on the wall. Enough to cause one to notice such things that is. And this was primarily just the start.
19:53:07 [Lilium ] Her heart continued to pump the blood quickly, chills playing over her skin ever so softly still. Lilium pressed her hands against the tile and stood just as the second breath wrapped around her and now licked at her neck. Those tone slender legs of hers brought her to him and she placed her hands on his chest. Like a kitten returning to the hand that feeds; Lilium pressed her face against his chest, feeling the warmth of his body against her. The woman is but human and it does not take much power to overwhelm her fragile-compared to him-body. "Signifier, vous êtes. Utiliser les pouvoirs que vous avez," she spoke in a soft half dazed tone, enjoying the warmth that covered her. Lilium let her right hand touch his left check, caressing his lips gently with her thumb. "I don't know...What my fate is with you yet, but I know I will have to work on...being so weak to your little powers." Her lips let out a small gasp as her left hand slid around his waist, resting on his lower back.
19:57:10 [Penance] She made the burgers with the toppings and nommed one not minding the heat from them. Hell, anymore, she barely noticed it! "These are good." Om NOM NOM! Her metabolism ran high anyway. Suddenly! She shivered and closed her eyes. "Outside, I get the feeling something big is on the move." Gingerly she ate the burgers then went still. Hanging out around other kin, left her intuition raw, and laid open, however, she was far from a psychic. She was just a mortal exposed to the elements a bit more then most. "Headache.." The good left her feeling high, succubi/incubi left her feeling high, but the bad and dark left her with a headache.
19:59:00 [Delaney] It would appear the male had finally given in and Delaney felt it as she began to near tear of his shirt, her hands running over his upper body as the weight and warmth of him was upon her. Legs parting, she was more than willing to share her power with him, to help ease his mind while at the same time pleasure each other to heights she hadn’t yet experienced. She didn’t have to worry about waking up the next morning and finding him dead. It was in that moment, Del lost herself entirely into the arms of the man who she lay with.. And.. //Fade to black.
20:00:33 [LeeSaoren] Lee drained the rest of his bottle in one go and set it down ontop of the steel box. "Jesus, give it a rest, will ya?" He stood and went to the window, yanking aside the blinds. Boston, still as murky as ever, sprawled out below, all the way to the horizon. Lee frowned as he mentally scoured over his options. His best bet was probably selling the hungry little bastard to an interested Fae. It wouldn't be that hard; Fae were always buying, Light or Dark. "Bet this biter goes to the Darkies," Lee muttered to himself. And then, without warning, the urge to get the hell out of the office hit Lee like a subway train. "Do me a favor and guard the place, huh, pipsqueak?" Lee paused long enough to yank open a desk drawer, grab the gun kit kept there, reload his trio of guns and head for the door. Outside, there was a faint, lingering stench to the air...a scent Lee immediately didn't like. "Huh. Bet patrol tonight is gonna be interesting as hell," he murmured as he shoved his fingerless-gloved hands into the 20:00:36 [LeeSaoren] pockets of his dark pants. He needed a shower, let alone a change of clothes, but something about the air simply made him feel jumpy. Long ago, he'd learned the hard way to trust his gut; his gut told him that this was going to be a long day.
20:01:19 [Peter_Xarhilm] "I know." Peter said, "I can sense it too--but I want to enjoy at least one dinner before I go out and fight again. I was starving last night after my altercation with the succubi." and he took his hamburger and it's plate into the dining room and went to sit down onto an open-back chair as he leans back and used his talons to cut his hamburgers into delicate pieces and then popped them into his jaws and swallowed them--the disadvantage of having a beak is that you have no teeth. And lacking teeth meant that you didn't really get a chance to enjoy the flavor or taste of his food anymore, "I hate beaks sometimes." he complained as he ate--well aware of where the power signature was located, but not really inspired to go after it.
20:05:03 Rath grinned wickedly, amused by her reactions. He was quite satisfied with himself, and her reactions. Licking his lips, he watched as she approached him, and when she reached his body, he would reward her struggle with the circling of his arms around her, pulling her into a comforting embrace. This hug, however, only seemed to amplify the feeling of those typhoons of torturous pleasure he placed strategically along the most delicate and sensitive parts of her body. He cooed softly in her ear, "Ca va, ma coeur, we'll see how well you can adapt to my powers.. though I've only just started. You haven't the slightest idea the kind of pleasure I can give you. But I intend to enlighten you on this matter.." He let the tip of his tongue drag against her earlobe, giving it a soft, suckling kiss.
20:08:20 ClaireMether finished her cigarette and was about to head into her car when the power began to flicker inside the station. She paused, narrowing her eyes and frowning; this was way wierd, considering that it was the ONLY building with flickering lights. She picked up her phone and discovered that it was dead; that was damn strange, it had been almost fully charged earlier. What the heck was going on around here? She was parked right in front of the building, and she had a clear view inside; she saw shadows across the walls, but they weren't of the people or objects inside. One of the seargants came outside, looking around. Claire addressed him at once. "Seargant, what's going on in there?" Can't figure it out Detective, power's going nuts, shadows of stuff that ain't here...strange, but nothing to really worry about. Aren't you going home? She nodded, but couldn't shake the feeling that things weren't quite right. " guys stay safe ok?" She got into her car, locked the doors again, and started it up,20:08:57 [ClaireMether] pulling out of the station and heading down the street. She lit another cigarette, taking a deep drag and wondering what was giving her goosebumps.
20:11:34 [Penance] "I can't say I blame you." She'd damned well eat before going out into a fight herself. "I'm not sure what hanging out around what I call other kin's done, but I can feel the battles that go down sometimes." The burgers were good. She sighed and sat down across from him. In her head she was seeing visions of things that would get her into trouble and she tried thinking about the marks on Peter's ceiling and floors. "So what do you do in the rare moments you get some spare time?" She wanted to talk and get her mind off of the activity going on a few doors away. The ipods were slipped back in her ears after she sat the plate down, intending on washing it when she needed a chance to step away.
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20:14:37 [Lilium ] Her lips parted, letting soft lustful gasps escape as he roamed her earlobe with his warm tempting tongue. Even with her untrained sixth sense, she could feel the immense aura from whatever now was roaming through the city. At first, she thought it to be something from Rath, but she now knew it was something else. His warm embrace took all care she had for the sudden skin crawling that came about. Lilium took a hard breath and pressed her palms against his chest, using all the self control she had to back him away. The arousal in her body hit such a high level, that her legs became wiry, but she did find way to the living room in order to grab the amulet and place it on, but she was unsure to where he had flicked it off to. Lilium lowered to her knees, peering down under the coffee table and then the couch, head pressed to the carpet. "You... devilish man. Quit messing with my body. I can't handle this anymore," she spoke quickly in a girls sultry voice full of ever growing lust. Her arm slid under~c20:15:00 [Lilium ] the couch, searching beneath it as she spoke to him. "I think I wi--ll use that amulet...till I can get stronger. You wait till I get that damn thing. I'm going to stick my foot into your stomach," feisty and violent, Lilium tended to be this way, but she was just playing with him.~e
20:16:43 [LeeSaoren] As he walked, Lee found himself astounded for what must have been the millionth time. How people could walk the streets, utterly oblivious to the things that walked along in the shadows, on rooftops, in the sewers or, sometimes, right next to them. He shook his head as he strolled down towards the PD, intent on picking up the cash Ben Keyes, public liason for the Boston PD, owed him for his few odd jobs he pulled. Ben knew nothing of what Lee called "the other side", but he did keep an ear out for strange calls into the PD. Sometimes, he would forward the info to Lee, who would sometimes act on it and accept a "freelancer fee" from the billing department. Not entirely legal, but it helped keep humans--and Fae--safe from time to time. His hands would stray from their pockets from time to time to unconsciously touch the armaments he had on his person, carefully concealed. It just wasn't a safe place, anymore, Boston; the trio of guns he had slowed or scared some Fae and simply pissed others off. He opted to 20:16:45 [LeeSaoren] carry them regardless. More often than not, a Fae would not be affected by the weapons, but the tools did buy him time to improvise and figure out how to bother a given Fae. Of course, this was only necessary when they got violent and posed a risk to humans, Fae or even themselves. As he neared the PD, he could see in plain view that the lights were flickering...power surge? Lee raised a brow. "Sad day when the freakin' cops can't pay their bill," he said dryly as he headed for the main doors. He'd have to make a comment about it to Ben; Lee took every chance he got to poke fun of the boys in blue, but he did respect what they an extent.
20:16:45 [Ogawa] [Across the street from Claire and from on top of a building, Ogawa stopped. He turned about, as Gojira whispered something in his ear. Maneki stopped as well. Together they looked over the ledge and found a woman. Gojira and Maneki agreed: She was marked. Or at least, she had something that caused her to become worse: Hunted. Delaney, Lilium, and the others were put on immediate pause. This girl's life was in danger. "Let's go, Maneki. That girl's gonna need our help," Ogawa whispered. When the car drove off, Ogawa followed it. With his incredible agility and amazing acrobatics, the ninja followed with relative ease. He leapt over air conditioning units, ran across telephone lines, jumped gaps in alleys. It was like this boy was the living embodiment of Altair in Assassin's Creed, except so much faster. His internal energys were needed to give him a boost in his endurance and agility. He was going to help this girl. There would be no failing. Someone's life was at stake!]
20:16:46 [Felica`Verdias] “This place sure could sure a latter.” Felica stated as she extended her arm above her head and stretched up onto the tips of her toes. The top shelf was just a bit to far out of her natural reach. Teetering on the tips of her fingers as she gave a push upward. The book hovered on the shelf for a moment then slipped back toward her only to stop and move back in the direction she had intended for it to go. Her amber gaze narrowed. That was strange. She turned about to see if Sasha was there. Weird things often occurred in the shop on rare occasions, namely when Sasha was there. That was how Felica figured she wasn’t alone. But as she looked about there was no sign of Sasha. Felica turned about the shop and looked at all the things that Sasha had collected over the years. There were strange, unique items, rare, as others would put it. But they did not hold a candle to the clientele that frequented the shop. Of course a magic shop had its weirdoes, and the odd eccentric, sometimes even had its down right 20:17:01 [Peter_Xarhilm] "Watch television, go out flying above the city, or just look through my mail. There's nothing really all that different about me than a regular person--I get bored like everyone else. I just have a harder time being able to do things because talons aren't designed for human luxuries, and it's hard gripping that damn controller without breaking it so I just push the buttons on the television directly now." Peter was done with his first hamburger and was already starting to work on his second, "What about you? I know you fight--nobody dances with blades like that and doesn't know how too. I also know that you made your weapons. Your work with your hands alot, I can see the callouse marks on your hands. And you wield your blades as if you know exactly what they do. And you'd only do that if you made the weapons yourself." he smiles over at her, "Heh, Sherlock Holmes is my favorite fictional character. Listen to his audio books every chance I get."
20:17:35 [NPCs] The Bogles continued to surface around the Precinct, but as the car began to pull away, the quickly followed, the scent of the stone pulling them via The Morrigan. The beasts were quick as the swarmed forward, aiming towards the rear view of Claire’s vehicle. Three behind blocking her view from the back, the other three moving forward, spinning around the swirling at the car as she drove. This could end up very badly for the woman if she wasn’t careful or skilled in tactical driving.
20:24:39 Rath snickered once more, watching her struggle to get to the amulet. He followed her into the other room, flicking his fingers at the artefact. He watched with a certain satisfaction as it flew into his grip. He admired it, canting his head to the side, occasionally glancing from it to her, and back again. Extending his hand, the amulet floated over to her, hovering in front of her face. If she put it on, she would feel the pleasurable feeling of the hardened air against her flesh dim, but not entirely. The power affecting her now was not that of an incubus, but that of a Fae creature, and his legerdemain. "How d'you feel, my love? Any better?" He teased her. How he loved to tease, being an incubus. He was interrupted, though, by that sudden dark sense passing over Boston. He tensed momentarily, frowning. Something big was going down. Did he want to get involved? Should he? He was, after all, allied to The Morrigan.
20:24:43 [NPCs whispers to LeeSaoren] Right now, it appears as if they are black smoke, but you in one looks close enough, they can be seen. Especially with the HEADLIGHTS on xD
20:24:55 [Penance] Peter would get a rare eye to eye look from her. It was a sign of trust of him to do so as well. "So you did see me." She huffed and tucked her hands into her pockets. "I do make weapons but I'm an amateur at it. I've made one falchion, a katana, clawed gauntlets, and several daggers so far. I am a little spoiled when it comes to metals." Alright, she was a lot spoiled when it came to metals. "My boss likes dealing in rares which might be traded again or melted down for other projects." She bobbed her head along with the tunes. "As for the dancing...Its from a couple of things really. I've been learning how to stage dance at a night club that I fill in for, serving drinks, dancing, and playing bouncer, and me street fighting. I had a little uh, accident in the arena when I heard some fighters were in the area. I tried smacking a trained soldier in the kneecap with a baseball bat. In a few moves, he had me on the ground and offered me a chance to submit or get my shoulder busted." She uh coughed to clear her
20:27:24 [Penance] throat. "I found out that I go crazy around blood and combat so I started seeking out a teacher. One found me and made me my hookswords." He knew the secret of her tattoo. "They go with me everywhere." Why had she decided to tell him all this? It kept her mind off of Rath and The Morrigan. "Betwen working and training, its not often I can get out like this but my two jobs with the bar are closed for now until the city has power as it should."
20:30:49 ClaireMether wasn't the last action hero or a stunt driver, and when her view was obstructed in all mirrors, she slowed down a little. Then when she saw three black...things sweep out in front of her, she slammed the brakes and turned to the right, skidding across the pavement; she had turned down a small side street, and she was suddenly very afraid. Whatever those things were, they could keep up with a car, and they didn't look like they had come to her for a chat. The car burst out of the alley and onto the main highway again, and now all six of the damned things were right behind her. She floored the gas, wishing that she WAS a last action hero or something; she had visions of her performing all sorts of death-defying car stunts while firing her handgun out the window. She had to laugh, and barely avoided hitting a car that had tried to cut her off. No way was she gonna be shooting and driving at the same tim. It hadn't occurred to her that bullets might not do anything to the things chasing her.
20:33:07 [Lilium ] Her eyes lids lowered, starring at him through slights as he teased her. Lilium did snatch up the necklace and put it on, though all the feeling she did not leave, it is enough so that she can move more coherently. With a easy motion, she pushed to her feet. His eyes revealed what he was debating and she knew he felt the same disturbance that she did. Lilium walked to him, placing her right hand against his cheek once again, happy to feel the warmth her held. "If-you need to go... I understand," her eyes peered into the beautiful eyes he held. For the first time in a while, she became utterly and completely serious, past trying to ignore the feelings he was washing over her. "Rath, don't trust me. I'm still against all of you, even if you are holding my heart by a leash."
20:34:37 [Ogawa] [Ogawa saw them. He knew it. As his eyes adjusted past the Veil while he followed from above. Hell hounds. Both around and behind that car. Ogawa needed to move fast. He leapt off the building and onto the top of a telephone pole with soundless grace. When he leapt again, he was on the trunk of a a passing car. when he leapt again, Ogawa and Maneki were on Claire's. And in that moment, Ogawa's sword would flash. Reizo, the special sword granted to him by the mysterious Crow-sensei, would strike like a bolt of lightning and give off the sound like rolling thunder. Ogawa's speed and precision were deadly to shadowbeings with this sword. The light from the blade was enough to blind most, but the blade had a nasty bite against such creatures. If they struck, Ogawa's sword would probably banish them back into Otherworld. But that would be only for the ones on her tail, and presuming that Ogawa was not unfortunate enough to get greeted with Hostility. The past time he tried to help somebody he was rejected +20:35:02 [Ogawa] - horribly. If he didn't help this one, he knew she was as good as dead.]
20:34:47 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was glancing over at her as he was swallowing the last piece of his hamburger--listening to her intently as she spoke. He pushed to get to his feet--but this was because he was padding towards his refridgerator to get himself something to drink. Which was a bottle of water of all things. After obtaining it, he closed the door and sat back down. He opened the bottle by placing his beak around it and then just basically biting it off. Spitting out the cap as he went to drink from the bottle. There was a reason he didn't have soda bottles--because his talons were useless in opening them up, "I'm a loner, though that much was probably obvious." he glances at her more closely, "I can't explain why--but I just feel...more human when I'm near you. It's as if you look at me and you don't see a bird. You don't see a beastman--you don't see a phoenix, you see a person. And it's that warm feeling that I enjoy whenever I'm around you." but he frowns and glances down.
20:38:02 [LeeSaoren] Lee had fast reflexes; he was a pretty quick guy in general. But what he heard--and seen--left him stunned. The sound of squealing tires echoed long and hard in the valleys formed by tall buildings. This wasn't something unusual, however, but when the car came flying up the street--from the direction of the garage, Lee guessed--he spotted...well, he wasn't sure what the hell he spotted. Misty, black, smog-looking clumps were hot on the trail of the car, obviously intent on either eating the damn thing or...something else really bad. Lee sighed, exasperated. "Looks like payday's gonna have to wait," he growled as he began to run. No sooner had he begun to chase after the car and its odd attackers than a blur came flying at the car. Lee's eyes were keen enough to see a flash, a glint of metal as something struck out at one of the shadowy shapes. "Holy shit," he barked as he ran "gonna need...another bottle..." He couldn't manage much more as he focused soley on catching up to what could be described as mayhem.
20:41:45 [Felica`Verdias] ~Stay in the light and never stray from your path~ Sasha’s words echoing in her head to the point that they soon came off her lips. She was only about a block from the shop when that tingling feeling worked its way into her head again. Her head spun about as she thought something moved to the right of her, in the shadows. She narrowed her gaze only to turn back around and continue onward. She knew better then to call out to shadows. ~Who’s there? ~ Or ~hello~ did she really want an answer. Heck no. She quickened her pace, only to feel a rush of cold move to the right of her. She turned about again, this time in a complete circle. What the heck was this? Her fingers were tightly wrapped about the stone she had taken from the shop. The tingling moved from her head down her arm and into the centre of her palm. Her amber gaze narrowed upon the stone as she uncurled her fingers. The stone was freezing. It was in that moment a rush of whispers came from every angle. 20:42:08 Rath /me looked at Lilium with some degree of urgency. He nodded, reluctantly pulling away from her embrace. Brushing off his clothing with one hand. He turned to the door, placing his hand on the knob. "I'll keep in touch. Best you stay inside, tonight." And with that, instead of opening the door, he vanished with the telltale wisps of black smoke.
20:42:56 [Penance] "I am for the most part too.", she admitted. "Its not easy for me to let people close either." The plate was picked up and she would wash the dishes for him and towel dry them leaving them on the rack on the counter. "You are a person." Now, she was being just blunt. He'd find her a pro, at washing dishes! As per the water, she would get hers out of a glass without the ice this time. She understood about the glasses. Despite her healing more quickly, there were days she couldn't open her hands either. Why was she so hard on herself? It was easy to do when she mostly lived on her own, but that didn't mean there weren't people she cared for. She'd been teaching a young girl to fight, helping at her friend's resturants, and trying to avoid a few other trainees of Sifu's. A faint grin reminded her of the Sifu, as he was called affectionately as she hated giving real names, she pulled out the crystal raven pendant around her neck. Jewelry and hookswords were about the only thing that was with her constantly aside20:43:45 [Penance] from her well worn boots and backpack, and even at that, for those who decided to rob her, they'd find some humor and dissapointment in the items she carried.
20:44:05 [NPCs] Bogles were relatively harmless on some level. It was how they pitted human fear against human that made them ultimately powerful and already Claire was reacting. They could feel it from her - as could The Morrigan. The stone in Claire’s possession a link to Claire from the Dark Queen. The Police woman wasn’t aware just how dangerous the stone was she carried. The Bogles would stay with her, even as she turned the corner, screeching across the highway. But as the blade came down towards those on her tail, there would be a wretched screech that could be heard, two of them getting immediately taken by the weapon. Though one managed to escape through the exhaust, pushing in through the pipe and into the belly of the car itself. Those at the front remained as is, viably attacking the windscreen as best they could.
20:51:39 [LeeSaoren] Lee didn't like to break the law, but sometimes, it sure as hell was necessay. Now was one of those times. Old training kicked in, training that had saved his life on numerous counts. Without missing a beat, he ran up to the side of a sporty-looking red kawasaki cycler and, using his shoulder, shoved the rider off of the bike just as he was pulling away from the curb. "Scuse me!" Lee said, sliding onto the bike in one fluid motion, "Official business! Sort of," he added, throwing the throttle forward. He glanced behind him to see the douche-bag-looking owner throw his cup of Starbucks down on the ground and start screaming into a cellphone. "Sorry pal," Lee muttered to himself as he guided the bike between cars, "but I get the feeling I'm gonna need this more than you." The kawasaki was a prize; the engine was low-sounding and all kinds of fast. He had to throttle back twice to keep the thing under control, but he smirked all the same. It sure did feel good to be in the thick of it. In no time, he'd be 20:51:41 [LeeSaoren] right on the car's tail. Of course, the question remained: what would happen when he caught up? Screw it, Lee thought, improv is half the job anyway.
20:51:58 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter glances down at his feet--at her words, he couldn't help...but feel...he sighed. He puts the bottle of water on the table as he gets up and pads over towards where Penance was. As she was drying off the plates he reaches over and went to place one hand around her wrist, the other arm went around her waist as he went to unfurl one of his large wings and wrap it around her body as he went to lay his cheek against hers. The warm feathers were rather soft and pleasant to feel against. If she didn't pull away, he'd keep at that close touch--he decided to take the plunge and risk it. He wanted her to know he truly cared for her--no, not even that. It was more than that.. "Heaven help me, because I think I've fallen for an Angel." he said as he closes his eyes and then opens them and glances towards her. He hoped she understood what he meant.
20:53:36 ClaireMether screamed as she heard thumps on the top of her car; she didn't know what the hell was up there. She did hear an awful screech shortly after, and she noticed that there were A second ago all six had been behind her. She shifted her gaze ahead and saw that the other three were almost at her car. The Echo bounced as the creatures landed on the hood and started bashing the windshield. She shrieked and slammed the brakes, trying to turn down another street, but instead she flipped the car, and thank goodness she was wearing her seatbelt. The car flipped twice, landing upright on the side of the road; the glass from the windows had been busted out, and the roof caved in a bit. She was shaken and disoriented, but alright; she looked around and found that the rock had fallen out of the box and had ended up right in her lap somehow. She shoved it into her pocket and unfastened her seatbelt, getting out of the car and leaning against it, wondering what the hell had just happened.
21:01:00 [LeeSaoren] He didn't have to see the wreck to know what just happened. The screech of steel, the high-pitched protest of metal as it was hurled, slammed and dragged across gravel was loud enough that Lee could hear it over the bike's steadily-rising whine. "Ah hell," he murmured. If there was one thing that made everything more complicated, it was the injury of bystanders. Not to mention the part when cops show up and start asking questions, Lee thought darkly. He raced along the road until he came to the corner that the car had attempted to take...and had ended up belly-up instead. Lee could see a pair of the black-smokey things near the wreck as he slowed the bike, pulling it up onto the sidewalk across the street from the wreck. A lady stumbled out of the vehicle; from what Lee could tell, she was more or less okay. "Get away from there!" he bellowed, already glancing up and down the street to check for traffic. "Lady, get outta there!!" Lee had not forgotten the other thing, the thing that had killed the black 21:01:01 [LeeSaoren] cloudy things. Friend or foe? He didn't know, but he had to oe fast. Cops were annoyingly fast these days. Boston just wasn't safe anymore...
21:03:46 [Ogawa] [Ogawa grit his teeth, more than expecting the girl driving the car to do something terrible, like slam on the brakes. This battling on top of a moving car shit was super hard and very dangerous, ladies and gentlemen! Thus he was going to have to try to stop this, if not outright save the girl in the middle of the wreck. Highways have more than just her involved! He did notice that the car was about to become possessed, and the human was freaking out. This was gonna get hairy if he didn't react. Luckily he had a bottle of that banishment oil on his person. That training and meditation he just did not even thirty minutes ago then paid in handy. To the ninja, everything suddenly slowed down as his mind focused to a razorsharp edge. He opened up the bottle and then ripped open the cap to the car's gas tank. He slammed the open bottle mouth-first into the car, then nodded to Maneki. She fought against the wind to climb onto his back and latch on as the ninja used a special set of gloves with spiked palms to +21:04:28 [Ogawa] - scale to the other side of the car, but when the brakes were slammed Ogawa went with the moment and used it to attempt to kick the two Bogle off of the windshield. If this succeeeded, he would have let inertia take him until he hung precariously off of the driver's side door. Using those spiked gloved palms, he would clamp down on the metal and then attempt to punch out the window, unlock the door, unbuckle her seatbelt, grab her, and leap away with the girl in his arms. Ogawa was good at timing, so all of this should have gone down as the car was suddenly vertical. As they would become airborn, the iron in the banishment oil would react with the moving parts of the engine and cause the gas tank to explode. The Bogles would be caught in the wake of the explosion. Ogawa would have Claire and Maneki outside the highway and onto the outskirts when they landed, safe and sound. "We don't have much time," the demon hunter would say calmly. "Can you run?"]
21:03:49 [Penance] She almost dropped her glass of water and sat it down on the counter next to the dried dishes. It was the one thing that kept her from jumping and going stuff, as when she was usually touched some pain came afterward. The warmth was nice..and she wanted to melt between feeling guilty and nice! Penance had the o.0, look on her face she was known for, before hugging him back. "I'm no Angel." She wasn't really! He had her about choking up tho between feeling raw and the sudden embrace. He'd find she ran a little warmer in temperature herself and she was blushing.
21:08:14 [Peter_Xarhilm] As she went to hug Peter, the Phoenix sighed--he went to place both of his arms around her as he went to close his eyes and rested his cheek against hers--he'd kiss her if he had lips, or lacked a beak. Bringing both of his wings around Penance to embrace her back, deeply and warmly. He truly felt warmed by her--both in body and soul, "You could be the Devil incarnate, and I'd care less. But I feel...human around you. No one else ever gives me that sensation. There's just something about you. Being with you, being around you--talking with you. t warms my heart, my soul."
21:16:00 [Felica`Verdias] The whispers seemed to grow in numbers. Crossing the expanse of shadows that surrounded the light. Oh how she wished that it was daylight or better yet, the power in the city was returned back to full. Vanquish the shadows and whatever the hell was in them. Felica hated to say that she was not a firm believer in magic. Sure she worked in a magic shop, for a magic user. But the most of Sasha’s abilities were used to locate missing items for people. Channel lost loves and the dead to speak to those still living. Personally Felica thought that the patron saint of lost items was the one to believe in. Not shadows that moved and whispered. What the heck was with that? She finally managed to get her keys out and the door unlocked. Entering the shop again. She locked it up tight. Going to the window and looked out into the street. Nothing was there. Good it was only her mind playing tricks on her. Her brow furrowed as she looked down at her hand. The stone she had been carrying was warm again. 21:17:32 [NPCs] Ah… Success! The car was flipped, the woman inside it - they had managed to stop her run. The Bogles’ hive mind likeness would allow them to work together as a unit, even though they were spread out and spread out they would do. Circling her and the vehicle as it spun, once, then twice. However mid air, before it landed, it would appear the Demon Hunter’s attack had in fact been successful, regardless of how crazy it truly was and there was a massive explosion. 3 of the remaining bogles were instantly taken, shattering into oblivion, the same wicked screech heard as before. But one, one had eluded the explosion and was still under the power of The Morrigan. It spread it’s black smoke, following the fast heist of Ogawa and the Woman, but stopping beside the man. Closing in upon him, it oozed with darkness, and though he’d not see their faces, hhe’d be well enough to image her worse nightmare. Simply because bogles became the one thing you truly feared and that was different for everyone. It began to tease, --21:17:49 [NPCs] the taunting would being much like a bully picking on a young child. Though within their words would be “Give it us… give it us… she wants it.. She wantsssss it. T’is oursssss” The Morrigan remained watching through the all seeing eye as her teeth bared. She wanted the Stone for herself to raise an army of darkness, more than just the Clan members she had. It would wipe out the White completely and put an end to the foolish notion of “balance” while at the same time, the War and annihilation of the Clan would lead to complete and utter destruction of the Human race, which was a wonderful side effect. “Go Get it you FOOL! Leave the man alone!!, The Queen ordered, telepathically instructing the creatures fully. Whoever else was around were paid no heed, no notice. It was the woman in their sights.. And the rock she held in her possession.
21:19:24 [Penance] "Awww!", she said in frustration! It wasn't far from that little girly squeal that females were known for. "I didn't do anything special!" really, in her mind, she hadn't! She didn't know how to take affection all that well! She just liked living with honesty, herself and if she liked somebody, she did! She really did feel like a deer caught in the headlights and unable to move. Her heart raced and drummed in her ears.
21:26:19 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter made some kind of odd noise. was like...a combination between a cat's purr and something else. A cooing noise is probably the closest way to represent it. He could feel her heart racing--as did his, but he felt it was right. He felt that she wasn't afraid--just caught off-guard. Slowly opening his eyes as he went to place one hand against her back between her shoulder-blades. Being careful and gentle as his talons could be felt against her skin as the phoenix looks at her with his bright sapphire eyes, "You didn't. You were just being yourself." he said after a moment to her statement.
21:28:17 ClaireMether would have to sort out everything that had just happened later; for the moment she didn't feel like she was out of danger just yet. She nodded to this strange man and his even stranger animals, then she felt a chill crawl down her spine. She backed away from the man, seeing the black ooze crawl beside him, and in her mind she saw the image of her father, bearing down on her. She pulled out her handgun, holding out towards her father with trembling hands. "Stay can't touch me anymore...stay back! No more needles, no more horrible pain...STAY BACK!" She started firing at the Bogle, intent on emptying her whole twelve round clip into what she believed was her father.
21:32:33 [Ogawa] [Ogawa was not so easily deterred, and he was not easily frightened. Not when he had two animal familiars that were not blind to the tricks the veil could pull. The tiger was a symbol of strength even to fae like Redcaps. and the Pseudodragon... well... he knew the importance of things like stones... because it was Gojira's job to act as a mentor and an assistant in Witchcraft, which in fact relied heavily off of stones. When Ogawa and the cop landed, the ninja wasted no time. several handseals were made through intricate motions of his fingertips and careful placement and rhythm. They looked as a blur due to their speed, and ended with Ogawa pointing his index finger at the last surviving Bogle like his hand was a gun. He snorted. "Bang," the ninja said, and suddenly a bolt of pure light like energy erupted from his fingertips. It was positive energy. An exact opposite source of energy that spawned from emotions like joy, happiness and determination. In a nutshell: Positive energy. +21:33:02 [Ogawa] - It would be the worst fate for a Bogle to endure. It would be like being burned alive fromt the inside out... and no doubt that the hive mind queen would feel it before the monster died. Ogawa would turn to the cop. "Lower Boston. Melbourne Street. Apartment complex. Third floor. Get there. Now." Ogawa said that simply, and Maneki dropped off of Ogawa's shoulders. Show her the way, Maneki. Keep her safe and be careful, Ogawa said to his familiar before he turned. He suspected that there would be far more bloodshed about to occur with him involved. He was ready. -You- be careful, Maneki retorted before The tiger cub would run off. Ogawa would look at his hand, and clasp a stone. Gojira, his familiar, was one that was clever. In the rolling of the car, it had snatched a magical stone in midair and replaced it with a lump of his dinner: rock potassium. That was a stone alright, but the only magical raction it was having is if you mix it with water. +21:33:17 [Ogawa] - And then you better hope that God is merciful to you for earning a Darwin Award.]
21:41:42 [Penance] That coo/purr brought a smile to her face. It left her feeling better then she had for a while, more then well enough in fact, that she'd lost track of Lili and Rath. Part of her really didn't want to care one way or another about the woman, especially after she felt the pair of them toying with each other. The coo/purr sent warmth through her that she hadn't felt in a while, with her usually tending to those who drank, fought, or the one ups! The one ups, was a condition in her opinion, to where the ego couldn't be satisfied, there was a need to constantly mess with someone else for a victor, or ONE UPPIN' somebody! Various bad situations danced through her mind, and were extinguished by a simple moment of endearment. "You're right." The ipod cord fell out of her ears and she just stood there looking at him. The young woman who'd been on the line of having Personality Disorder, and near absolute apathy, really didn't know how to handle the situation?! The pain was a delicous one however. "I don't know how to 21:42:28 [Penance] handle the situation?! The pain was a delicous one however. "I don't know how to handle this but I'm far from mad about it....Its..its.." She about choked up on him.
21:43:03 [NPCs] The last bogle was dealt with - Claire’s gunfire unfortunately not killing a shadowed beast, but the power of positive energy would and combined it sent the final creature out into the oblivion, leaving Claire to deal with what she’d just witnessed. The Morrigan had been foiled again it would seem. The Dark Queen becoming more angry at the failed attempts as she faded from the grounds to re-appear in the Hall of Shadows. She knew where the rock would be and she’d keep close attention on it. However she’d also seen the human trying to help - not the daemon hunter, but the man. A man she could very well use in retrieving the rock. She began to formulate a plan. A meeting to be set up between herself and one Lee Saoren. Of course, it’d not be in Fae words, or with Fae names - however Triskilion Manor was also under the guise of a School for gifted children. And knowing his background, he could be a wonderful lecturer to some of the younger children in terms of law enforcement and what not to do. Calls --21:43:32 [NPCs] were made, so that as Lee would return to his Office, there’d be a message waiting for him to call the School from a Ms. Morgan who would very much like to speak to him. Of course, there’d be plenty of cash involved in an attempt to entice the male to stop by for a visit to discuss the job further, perhaps tomorrow some time.
21:47:44 [Lilium ] After Rath left, Lilium moved to her bedroom and changed; putting on a bar, the black shirt, and switching to a pair of dark grey cargo pants. Since the city had finally regained lights and power, she figured she would do some research in on the Fae. Lilium grabbed her keys, cell phone, and a bit of cash and her I.D. She slipped on her converse shoes and brushed her hair, applied eyeliner and mascara, and moved to the door. She opened it, locking it behind her, and shot the door. Quickly, she scaled down the stairs and then into the night. Lilium knew of a library that a security guard worked at, he was often a regular at the Diner. It took a good long walk, but she soon came to the building and tapped on the glass gently. This alerted the security guard and he came to the door. Upon opening it, he gave a large smile. "What brings ya here, darling," he asked in a amused voice. ~c21:48:10 [Lilium ] "I was wondering if I could use the library for a bit... I have home work and everything is close. Next meal is on the house," she bartered with him about it. He eventually gave a nod and allowed her access, locking the door behind her so no one else would enter. "Al'right, jus don't mess anything up," her spoke and returned to watching T.V. Lilium gave a nod and moved through the library, searching for anything and everything on the myth of the Fae. She found a few books and set down at a computer, scanning through them about 'The Dark'. Her fingers roamed over the keyboard, typing the information she wanted in Microsoft word 2007. She took some information about cold iron, holy water, and exorcising the Fae. She also found out that people with the sixth sense can send Fae to another dimension by using spells. Within the text, she also found a way to hide ones aura so that Fae could not find them. All of these required blood and carving into the skin, but nothing to extreme. The last thing~c21:48:33 [Lilium ] she copied to word was about how to train the sixth sense. It took a while, but she got all the information and printed it out. Lilium put the books back and shut the computer off. She retrieved her three pages of printed out paper and was let out by the guard. Lilium headed to the store and bought a water bottle then headed to the church. Once in the unlocked church, she filled the water bottle full of the holy water and sealed it. When she left, she noticed that the church had a rickety old iron fence, which she figured she could pull a piece off. Lilium took her free left hand hand gave one of the iron bars a tug. It broke free, but the old piece of crap fence bent and fell part way. Lilium then returned home, locking the door behind her, and set down on the couch. She set the one foot iron bar, water, her cell phone, keys, money and I.D, and papers on the table. She read over the paper, studying the picture to carve into her body. Lilium stood, moving to the kitchen and retrieved a box cutter from ~c21:48:54 [Lilium ] inside the drawer and set it down on the coffee table. She knew that what she was about to do would hurt, but she was not about do it right now. Her back pressed against the couch, reading over the papers as she laid down. Time passed, reading more on other Fae at the moment and then went to the seal. She held slit confusion why the seal did not match exactly how it was described, but she figured it a fluke. Lilium calmed herself and sat up; she was going to do it. The paper said that it did not matter where the seal is engraved, nor how big. However, it would give the Fae a slight confusing if they tried to search with her, if the seal is done right. Lilium took her shirt off, changed into shorts and grabbed a dark purple shirt, and twisted the used shirt then bit down on it. She grabbed the box cutter and gently began to cut into the skin on her right foot, between the heel and the tendon. She did it enough to carve, but not so much to shred. It took a while and many breaks between carving the symbols.~c21:49:18 [Lilium ] Finally, she carved the last symbol and washed it over with holy water, which oddly made the seal burn into her foot instead of looking like a cut. The seal is about a quarter big and not very detailed, which is how the picture showed it. Her muffled grunt and curse words had been muffled by the shirt. She set the box cutter on the table, sweat touching her forehead, and removed the shirt and cleaned of the now burn mark. Still, she wondered why the description did not exactly match the picture. She twisted the top on the water bottle and set her shirt beside it. Lilium limped to the bathroom and grabbed a rag, wrapping it around her right ankle, and then returned to the couch and laid down. She grabbed the chunky headphones and set her music to play loudly, locking out all sound, and fixed it to play orchestra, piano, and violin, and ballet music. She clipped the MP3 to her shorts and then out she went like a light. Her body seemed overly ran, more tired than she thought, though this may have been~C21:49:39 [Lilium ] tied to the power of the seal.~e

22:02:34 Ogawa is hogtied, but being a ninja he undoes it in a faster record, then tackles Felicia into the shadows. There is a muffled scuffling noise, then the sound of something squishy. When Felicia is seen next, she's bound and hanging upside down from the ceiling.

22:04:52 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter brought his beak up in a smile as he brings one clawed hand up to her head--the size difference made it so that her head was likely at equal level as his collarbone or chest. But he kept his wings down low enough to keep her head exposed. He truly felt as if he loved her--he really did. The clawed digits of his taloned hand was felt against the back of her head as he gently stroked those smooth talons through her hair. He just wanted to feel her warmth, her soft skin against his own body. The outside world was irrelevant--the prophecy and the violence, they could keep it. All he wanted was right here--in his arms, "Shhhhhh, you don't need to describe it--I feel we both know what it is." he went to wrap his wings a bit closer around her body as he went to lay his cheek against the side of her head as he closes his eyes--resuming that soft, contented, cooing noise that birds were known for making.

22:12:48 Rath watched as The Morrigan's minions fell before that ninja from the night before: Ogawa Asumoto Masanori. He wasn't bad at all, Rath just might have a problem or two with him. Though now wasn't the time for him to be engaging in anything. Allowing the bloodstone to fall into this demon hunter's hands, however, perhaps not such a good idea. The Morrigan wouldn't be happy. Nevertheless, Rath felt he should be checking up on Lilium. What she told him about not trusting her still played over and over in his mind. He wanted to, which was strange. Rath hadn't trusted many people, if anyone. Things were getting interesting. He shadowstepped back to Lilium's place, passing through her door. The place was quiet, and he looked around, not making any sound. Entering the living room with the couch, he noticed the printed pages she had retrieved from the library, quickly scooping them up into his hands, reading them thoroughly.

22:38:16 Rath looked down at the sleeping Lilium, a frown on his face. He reached down to take hold of the metal bar, though flinched and drew back his hand. Iron. He licked his lips in thought, eyeing the girl once again. Was she arming herself against him? Or, perhaps it was against other Fae. Rath wasn't against her having a line of defense, though what she told him about not trusting her bothered him still. He swallowed uneasily. After a moment of thought, he sighed with relief. She was just a human girl, sixth sense or not. If she tried to kill him, he could defend himself. He looked towards the sleeping girl again, then back to the seal the paper detailed. It was designed to cloak her from Fae senses, though it didn't appear to be working. He noticed her bandaged heel, arching a brow. If she'd messed up this seal, things could be terribly wrong. For now, though, he decided to let her sleep, and took a seat on the floor, leaning his back up against the couch. He closed his eyes, exhaling another sigh. "Lilium,"

22:40:12 ClaireMether would follow him, and she lowered the gun but kept it out of its holster. "You still havent told me your name. " (sorry for shortness, importamt phone call)

22:48:03 [Lilium ] A yawn passed her lips as she turned over, facing away from the couch. What woke her a few minutes later was when her arm brushed against him. Lilium smiled, as she looked at the side of his face, then rolled over on her back and stretched. "Bonjour," she smiled and sat up. Her eyes closed and reopened, adjusting to the light as she turned the MP3 off and took the headphone off. She sat them on the coffee table and moved to sit her feet on the floor. "How did the thing go," she asked as if the things on the table should not bother him. Her body bent, resting her head on her arms-on her knees-and looking over to him with those happy looking eyes. A strand of red hair fell over her face, much of it brushing against her legs. ou...look...worried," her voice held the soft tone.

22:51:39 Rath glanced back over his shoulder, but only briefly. He offered a small smile before staring blankly ahead of him as he had been the last while. "Shouldn't I be? Holy water, iron... carving seals into yourself? I read over your research, and whatever you scratched into your flesh, it isn't creating the desired effect. In fact, I can sense you more easily than before." He pinched the bridge of his nose between a finger and thumb. "Things are at play, here. Big things, bigger than you could imagine. This is Fae business, and I'm afraid you might have gotten too far involved for certain.. powers to just sit by and let happen. You could be in real danger."

22:52:26 [Ogawa] [The boy looked to Claire, and rose an eyebrow. When he entered the city limits with her, the tiger to Claire's eyes would vanish as the veil's breaking point. The veil was usually weakest outside of a city. When Maneki and Gojira breached the veil's reaches, they vanished. The only one of the two who would be able to see them was Ogawa. Such was the way the veil worked. To humans, Maneki and Gojira were now invisible. "My name is Ogawa Masanori Asumoto. If you try to investigate me on your forensic systems, you won't find me. According to your world's government, I simply don't exist. To other various organizations, you will be asked simply not to speak. Rest assured, though. My goal is the same as yours."]

22:57:25 [Lilium ] She sat up and then stood, pulling the back of her shorts down to make sure they covered her bottom. Her left foot pulled the rag off her right, no sense in hiding it now. "Look, I didn't just get those things because of you... I just want to make sure that I can take care of myself, should anything happen," she huffed and snatched up the holy water, iron rod, and papers. Lilium walked to her room and slid the iron bar under her bed and set the water and papers on her nightstand. "I'm not just going to sit by and let something happen to me, plus it was you who dragged me into all of this shit," she grumbled loud enough for him to hear. Lilium set on the edge of her bed, right knee close to her as she inspected the seal and the paper. "It doesn't look messed up," she spoke to herself.

22:58:31 ClaireMether frowned as the man introduced himself, wondering what the hell she was getting into. "Come on Mr. Asumoto, do you seriously expect me to believe that there's not a single record of your existence in the world? I've seen some strange shit today, but nothing that would convince me that according to the governments of the world you don't exist. And how would you know what my goals are?" She was being quite demanding, and in a small part of her head she realized it, but it came back to the control issue again. She felt control of the situation slipping out of her hands again, and it was eating her up.

23:01:01 Rath almost huffed. He folded his arms over his chest as he got up, following her into her room. "None of this would have happened if that birdbrain hadn't have interfered. You can blame him." Rath snatched the paper from her hand, and bent to look at her heel. He glanced back and forth between the two before he finally straightened himself, sighing. "You carved the seal upside down." He stared blankly at Lilium. This was a terribly amateur mistake. Then again, she was only human.

23:01:48 [Penance] IT was a good thing that he wrapped his wings around her, because her knees would of buckled or she would of darted out the door! The feeling was akward and really something she didn't know how to accept. FINALLY! She'd found the word! Acceptence! She kind of slumped against him and would just hold him for a while. She didn't know what to say either, and didn't fight the moment. So much tension was gone! The outside world was neatly wiped from her mind, even if it were only for an instant. A faint bit of wetness would touch his shoulder as she too closed her eyes. It was ironic really, the one thing she ran from the most, was also the one thing that could heal her. How long would it last? That thought was batted to the side with a 16 lb sledge hammer.

23:05:43 [Lilium ] Full of anger, Lilium snatched the paper back and pushed him away from her. "He was trying to help me at that time. You were trying to press your power on me and take everything from me," she yelled at him and bent close to her knees to curse herself about the seal thing. Though, upon being down there, she grabbed the handle of the iron bar, trying to pretend she was checking out her foot. Lilium quickly pulled it out and swung it at his knees. For some reason, she just felt very angry-enraged. Maybe she was frustrated at herself for putting the seal on upside down or that he was trying to blame Peter, when Peter was in the right and he the asshole incubus trying to claim a victim at the time.

23:06:12 [Ogawa] ["Because I was trained since my birth to hunt and kill the things you faced... and more. There is a war going on that mortal eyes do not see. You, the human being, so proud and so powerful and yet so blind are the prize. I am the last of what can be considered a true Witch. I am a Demon Hunter. I was born in Osaka. My father was a demon known as two things: One is The Three Tailed Tiger King, and the other was "The Dark Messiah." My mother was supposed to hunt him. As you can see by my standing here... this never happened. My mother is dead, and my father is missing. It is my clansmen's duty to ensure that I fullfill their destiny and reclaim my mother's honor. This is not a joke. I am very serious. I do not exist in your files, because you do not believe in my existence."]

23:08:40 Rath hadn't seen the iron bar coming. Not until the last second. He jumped back, but not before she could clip his left leg at knee-level with the tip of the bar. The jagged edge cut into his flesh, causing him to cry out in pain. He stumbled back, reflexively throwing out a hand in defense. A sphere of compressed air extended forward from his palm, aimed directly at Lilium's centre of mass. If it hit her, it would probably send her tumbling against the far wall, on the other side of her bed.

23:05:43 [Lilium ] Full of anger, Lilium snatched the paper back and pushed him away from her. "He was trying to help me at that time. You were trying to press your power on me and take everything from me," she yelled at him and bent close to her knees to curse herself about the seal thing. Though, upon being down there, she grabbed the handle of the iron bar, trying to pretend she was checking out her foot. Lilium quickly pulled it out and swung it at his knees. For some reason, she just felt very angry-enraged. Maybe she was frustrated at herself for putting the seal on upside down or that he was trying to blame Peter, when Peter was in the right and he the asshole incubus trying to claim a victim at the time.
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23:06:12 [Ogawa] ["Because I was trained since my birth to hunt and kill the things you faced... and more. There is a war going on that mortal eyes do not see. You, the human being, so proud and so powerful and yet so blind are the prize. I am the last of what can be considered a true Witch. I am a Demon Hunter. I was born in Osaka. My father was a demon known as two things: One is The Three Tailed Tiger King, and the other was "The Dark Messiah." My mother was supposed to hunt him. As you can see by my standing here... this never happened. My mother is dead, and my father is missing. It is my clansmen's duty to ensure that I fullfill their destiny and reclaim my mother's honor. This is not a joke. I am very serious. I do not exist in your files, because you do not believe in my existence."]

23:08:40 Rath hadn't seen the iron bar coming. Not until the last second. He jumped back, but not before she could clip his left leg at knee-level with the tip of the bar. The jagged edge cut into his flesh, causing him to cry out in pain. He stumbled back, reflexively throwing out a hand in defense. A sphere of compressed air extended forward from his palm, aimed directly at Lilium's centre of mass. If it hit her, it would probably send her tumbling against the far wall, on the other side of her bed.

23:10:38 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter just wanted to hold her close and never let her go. But he knew he would have had too. He could feel the weakness in her body through her lax muscles. He just wanted to claim her, to make her his--but was that really right? It was at times like these that made him wish that his Mother or Father were still around. After a few moments he went to scoop her up into his arms as he opened his wings a bit as he peers down at her, "I really do love you, Penny. I do." he had picked her up so that she wouldn't have to resist the urge to fall or have to deal with her weakening legs, "You...are my everything." he began to pad out of the kitchen--holding onto her in his arms. His wings cupping around to shape around her like a blanket of sorts. But his thoughts were interrupted as he heard a loud muffled BANG through the walls--he stopped and glanced over, "That came from Lili's apartment..." he frowned.

23:14:01 ClaireMether stopped walking, her eyes wide and her hands trembling a bit. Something he'd said had resonated within her memory, and where that memory rested was in a place she had hoped never to go back to. She managed to holster her hand gun, but she couldnt stop her hands from trembling. "I've...I've heard that name before. Look, fine, the world doesn't believe you exist, but what does that have to do with the stone and my case? What the hell were those things that attacked me?" She caught herself demanding again, but it was hard to quell the anger when it held her fear and panic at bay. "It's been...a rough day. I'm Detective Claire Mether. How much farther do we have to go?"

23:16:38 [Penance] "I know it did.", she paused and sniffed the air. "Iron." She sighed and almost cursed out loud but didn't. As per her being claimed, she both was and wasn't. She lived a fiercely independent life yet was loyal to her boss and in part to the ones who'd given her an upper hand and a chance at fighting a smaller part of the very same war Ogawa was. How did she know about the iron? Truthfully, she could smell metal and a good distance away. The odds were high, if she meditated enough, she could operate quite well blind, with that sixth sense of hers, but it was more of an active impression of what was around her then the future or past. "Anger.." If he sat her down, she'd stay with him. It wasn't cool and she wouldn't suggest going after Rath or not. Had anyone tried mixing phosphorous and water lately? Any takers for mixing hydrochloric acid and sugar? Chemistry could be bad!

23:22:05 [Lilium ] The blast would hit her, but due to her sitting, it would hit and knock her back on the bed-sliding across. In the process of sliding, her right hand grabbed her cover-dragging it off the bed. She smacked her plugged up radio on the floor as she tumbled off the bed. It knocked it on, which continued to play from the Incubus mix CD she had been listening to a few days. The song pardon me began to play at a medium volume. Lilium scrambled to stand, the music surprising and scaring her. She got on to her knees, chunked the iron rod at him, and then turned and smacked the CD player-but failed to turn it off and just turned it down. Her right hand pressed tot he wall, helping her to her feet as Incubus-Warning began to play. "That fucking hurt, you bastard," her eyes glared at him fiercely, before she started crawling over the bed to grab the holy water.~e

23:26:18 Rath was at first surprised with himself for reacting in such a way, but after over a century of fighting, it was only reflexes. He was about to apologize when Lilium threw the iron bar at him. This time, he was ready. Snapping his finger, the bar halted in mid-air. A flick of his fingers sent it flying up into the ceiling, where it stayed. Rath growled under his breath. "Don't you even think about going for the holy water, Lilium. Je ne jeste pas." His knee stung something fierce, though the cut wasn't deep, and there were no broken shards stuck in him. But damn, iron stung like you wouldn't believe. In a matter of moments, he'd be completely fine.

23:29:22 [Ogawa] [Ogawa smiled as he began to walk up the fire escape towards his apartment. Claire was going to follow. But after a whisper from Gojira in his ear about an energy level spike that was both negative and aggressive, Ogawa put his hand up. He stopped walking. "... Give me a full clip of your gun's ammunition, then follow me. And most of all... keep quiet." And then Before she could move, Ogawa's eyes narrowed. "Nevermind. Get in apartment 3 and lock the doors. I'll knock in a code when I come back." And then the ninja literally leapt up the rest of the fire escape and tore down the hallway. Maneki and Gojira became invisible, and Ogawa didn't even bother knocking. Maneki... Ogawa asked through their innate Psionic link. The Tiger simply roared... and then charged forward. Remember the wall that exploded in Lilly's studio? Well... it happened again with Lilly's door. And Ogawa came charging down the Incubus. The ninja's right hand was clenched on his sword handle, but his attack was not such+ 23:29:45 [Ogawa] - an attempt. The ninja leapt at Rath, and extended his right foot. With the running sprint and the sudden commotion (Not to mention that Maneki took care of the door for him) Ogawa would attempt a flying side kick at Rath's head and attempt to force him out the window. if rath found a countermeasure in his wind ability... well... That's why Ogawa had Reizo.]

23:30:51 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was stuck silent for a few minutes. It was obvious he was debating between helping Lilium or staying here with his lover--to take her, claim her. But...that conscience began to rear it's ugly head. Then he bows his head and glances back down at Penance and sighs, "She invited him back in--she'll have to deal with it. It's her problem, her test. I'll go check in on her in a bit." but he made a vow that if she turned up dead--he'd hunt that Incubus to the ends of the world. She was a friend damnit--but...Penny demanded his attention more. He needed a vacation from the violence, from the bloodshed--from the death. He continues to carry Penance as he went to head towards the bedroom. Maybe claiming her wouldn't be right, but it was a release he knew that both he and Penance likely desperately required. As he uses his foot to close the door behind him--the latent wards in his bedroom came to life. Flowing fiery emblems came up and over the door, and along the floor and all around the room. The walls 23:31:01 [Peter_Xarhilm] surrounding the room had the appearance of 'flames' they leaked up from the floor--but these were merely illusionary.

23:36:15 ClaireMether began to head up the fire escape when she saw that Ogawa had stopped walking. She had her hand on her handgun again when he asked for a clip of ammo. She didn't know why he'd need just the bullets when he told her nevermind, and go to apartment 3. She almost yelled at him again, then thought better of it and just entered apartment 3, locking the door behind her. She made it a few feet, then just collapsed, sitting down and leaning against the wall. She didn't realize how tired she was, but now that the adrenaline had worn off her body was exhausted.

23:37:15 [Lilium ] Lilium paused just as her hand took hold of the bottle. Slowly, she pulled it close to her-disregarding his words. Her left hand slowly unscrewed the cap as she backed up to her radio. Both feet gently pressed against the carpeted floor. She gazed to the radio momentarily and pulled the plug from the wall before looking back to him. Then the crash. WHAT THE FUCK? The thing came rushing in like it knew how her house was set up. Lilium slung the water bottle at Rath and the doorway, causing the water to spew out as it turned in the air. Her foot stung a little when it brushed against the cover. "My damn door, what the hell," she screamed in the fiery red headed temper. "And I'm fucking tired of hearing these voices in my head," she grabbed her head, finger tangled in her hair. It seemed she was becoming quite unstable.

23:39:34 [Penance] "I have a feeling that Lili is gonna keep getting help." That roar, might of had something to do with it. Her headache got a little worse. "Ugh- powerhouse too." She felt the same instinct to go rush in and help but felt smug relief and a twinge bit guilty about not going in to help Lili. The Fae were a mess! Her shoulder actually burned with the witchcraft Ogawa brought along, but, it wasn't all that often she got scooped off her feet and carried off into the distance! She longed for something better! "Neat trick with the flames..", she said with an impish grin before ducking under his wing. It was comfy..

23:40:56 Rath 's ear perked at the sound of a tiger roaring. He sniffed the air, which smelled of herbs. Ogawa. He almost sighed - what terrible timing. As Ogawa charged in the room, Rath had just enough time to prepare. However fast the ninja was, he wasn't as fast as Rath. Dark wisps of smoke danced about his form before he appeared behind the ninja, his movements so fast it looked like he teleported. Maybe he did. Either way, Rath didn't wait. The water was flying towards Ogawa, and Rath threw one hand forward, sending a small telekinetic push at the ninja's lower back. With his other hand, he manipulated Lilium's bed sheets to fly towards him in an attempt to wrap him up, sort of like a cocoon.

00:01:22 [Lilium ] When the covers jerked out from behind her, due to the fuck face Rath and his powers; Lilium's feet were shoved out from under her and the cover simply entangled her body. Her body came crashing down, head and back hitting the wall as her bottom smacked painfully against the floor. "Merde, she exclaimed upon cupping the back of her head with her hands. She pushed from the ground, aching from the fall, and climbed on to her bed. Lilium jumped on the bed, reaching up and yanking the iron bar down from the ceiling as Ogawa had begun to turn around. Lilium's initial attack had been on Rath, but when she jumped of the bed and aimed the iron rod at Rath; she took the blast as she stepped between the two. This caused her to smack against Rath, iron bar pressed between the two torsos. Maybe the force would not leave her blind and what not?

00:04:00 Rath had seen swords like that before. The moment he felt the kinetic attack dissipate, shadows swirled around his form once more, and he was gone, causing Lilium to fall forward and not against him. A cheap trick, and not anything revolutionary. Rath knew exactly what he was up against, as he had seen the night before. Water loses to air every single time. Though Rath didn't so much manipulate the element as he did the molecules. Compressed air in different shapes could cause different effects: a scythe for cutting, a ball for crushing blows, and so forth. The incubus appeared behind the ninja again, so close he was touching him, almost grinding. His hand gripped onto the spellbreaker, securing it in its sheath. If this was going to be nice and clean, he'd have to dismantle him. Rath coiled an arm around Ogawa's neck, holding him still. "You've meddled in my affairs for the last time, kid." He snarled.

00:29:37 [Lilium ] Her hands stretched out, catching herself as the iron rod slid into the living room. Lilium pushed to her feet, red hair dancing about as she scrambled to grab the iron rod. Thankfully, her back had been to the blast and it did not harm all of her senses, though did cause her to be temporarily deaf. Her body turned around, realizing that she could not hear the movements of the two fighting. She saw Ogawa's mouth moving and the athame, piecing tow and two together. Lilium knew he was fixing to completely try to get rid of Rath..then he vanished. "Stop!" she yelled at Ogawa, hoping Rath could hear her as well. Lilium was unsure why she wanted it to stop, but she charged towards Ogawa, shoving him away from the doorway and towards the closet in the room. "Don't," she spoke roughly, though unsure if anyone could hear her due to being deaf at the moment. "Fucking quit. Stop attacking him. This is my battle and my life, let sort it out," she still yelled at Ogawa. Interference, she hated ~c
00:30:49 [Lilium ] such a thing. Lilium turned away from Ogawa, talking into nothingness-figuring Rath could hear her. "This is between you and me," she wielded the rod.~e

00:32:23 [Ogawa] [Ogawa rose an eyebrow. The youth was not deterred, and the incubus was going to be the one proven thick. The sword? He would find that the sword wasn't just painful to touch, but instead it was absolutely fatal. For those of you who do not know what Reizo is OOC'ly, be prepared to be informed. Reizo is a sentient weapon which is capable of bonding to a specific bearer. The Bearer in this case is Ogawa because Ogawa is the last of Reizo's maker's heiratage. On top of that, it was blessed, meaning that it was Holy. So if a DEMON tried to grab a SACRED ARTIFACT then we can presume that what was about to happen was that Rath got the equivilent to being burned at the stake, crucified, baptised, and then kicked in the nuts all in one instant. Unfortunately, this all happened because the incubus grabbed the sword. This is not an attack or an attempt. It is an effect. Rath should have asked about the sword. Lilium did. Now, if Rath still wants to fight, it would be ill advised. Ogawa will find himself now in+ 00:32:52 [Ogawa] - a great deal of an advantage, because due to the fact that an incubi is not of mortal means, he's probably suffering a magical effect called Mana Burn. Which is where his mana is being expelled AT THE COST OF HIS LIFE FORCE. Never touch a strange man's sword. That's dumb.]

00:40:59 Rath reached the top of the building in an instant. He glanced down at the sword, bits of steam and a quiet hiss coming from his right hand - the hand with which he was wielding the sword. Curious; it seemed to be some kind of holy artifact. Holding it was rather discomforting, so Rath didn't intend to for much longer. Winding up, shadows surrounded his right hand. With a mighty heave, Rath tossed the blade while partially stepping through shadow. As a result, the sword would fly with a greatly increased velocity, but only for a short while. He suspected the ninja had some kind of secret ninjutsu desu to find his way back to it, though it would at least get him out of his hair for now. Rath shook his hand a little bit, displeased to find some mild burns marring his otherwise flawless flesh, though his spirit was raised again as he watched the blade soar off into the distance.

00:48:26 [Lilium ] Lilium did the same thing she did last time, leave. If those boys wanted to play bad ass; she was going somewhere else. Lilium walked through her broken door, not caring out being barefoot or in shorts. She headed through the alley and to the ballet studio. The iron rod is still held in her hand, but just because she forgot to drop it. The door to the ballet studio was unlocked, but was the mirrored walls. Lilium shut the door behind her and walked up the stairs. The sound was slowly coming back to her, everything seemed a whisper. She kept the light off in the ballet studio at night, as to not run up the bill, and cause people to think someone broke in. Lilium made her way to the window and spread the curtains, letting what little sliver of light enter. She laid down the the light, head towards the window, and gazed up at the night sky, bar beside her on the left, and hands beneath her soft hair. Why did people think they could just bust in on her personal affairs? Rararaarara.~e

00:49:36 [Ogawa] [Ogawa narrowed his eyes as he felt the sword flung. The Holy Dragon blade Reizo was no so easily dispelled or taken away from its master. No sooner did the blade leave the incubus' hand it suddenly emit a bright burst of light. Thunder clapped from a distance. The sword itself was back in Lilium's room, laying at Ogawa's feet. The ninja picked up that blade and slipped it back in his sheathe. The Demon Hunter narrowed his eyes out the window. There would be a next time, Rath. There would. For you see, Ogawa still had the Bloodstone... and the Morrigan wanted it. Provided he had that, the Morrigan's forces would keep coming. Ogawa would be ready. After all, he wasn't going to leave. He was a representative of his clan, and organization. The Hunters stationed him here. He wasn't going anywhere. Now as for the poor girl that had been stuck here to bear witness to this, Ogawa chose to follow the girl. "Wait!" he called out to her. "Stop!" Probably not the best thing to be doing after you broke + 00:52:00 [Ogawa] - into someone's home, and fight on their behalf.... but something was different about this entire situation. The girl was attacked by a demon, didn't know how to defend herself, and her home and studio was infested. This woman had no safe place to go and her only means of protection was something flimsy she ripped off of a fence. C'mon. Demon versus Fence Post. "Can we talk for a moment?"]

00:57:29 [Lilium ] Lilium sat up quickly to the sound of Ogawa. She grabbed the iron rod, eyes of hate and dislike glaring at him. "I suggest you leave me alone right now," she hissed through gritted teeth. Lilium slid the tip of the rod against the ground as she stood. Her right her let the bar stretch out to touch against the mirrored wall. Slowly, she walked towards him, letting the tip scrape against the wall-creating a small screech that took hold of the room. Lilium brought the rod in front of her and then slammed it into the mirrored wall, shattering a section of it. "Get the fuck out. If I need help, I will call for it. Let me handle me own battles," she spoke standing close and staring up at him.

01:19:04 [Ogawa] [Ogawa raised an eyebrow. He wasn't so obviously disuaded. "Oh then? And how exactly would you call me if you don't even know if I own a phone?" Ogawa didn't own a phone. He didn't have much in terms of electronic devices because negative energies travel easier in them than in anywhere else. Ogawa was more than just oldfashioned that way. the young man was wise. "How would you call me if you do not know my name?" Ogawa asked again. He was not being agressive, but rather shooting down her frustration with logic. "Miss. I think you and I both could use a moment away from the madness. Would you like to have a drink with me? I know a tea house down the street that is amazing. My treat." And insert the true charm. A good man, not too bad looking, just fought her ex-boyfriend on her behalf because he was hurting her. Come on. Like Ogawa is going to be cruel. If he had a temper that was easily sparked it would have been set off by now. The male was patient as he was kind.+ 01:19:30 [Ogawa] - "At least step away from the glass?"]

01:26:16 [Lilium ] She turned to him, leaving the window after grabbing the rod. "You are right. I'm going to step away from the glass and go home. Don't follow me. I have business to take care of," she grumbled and left the room, moving down the stairs and out the front door. If he followed her, she was going to put him at the top of her list. Lilium walked up her apartment stairs, holding the rod with her left hand against her left shoulder. She reached her apartment and entered, cursing about the door she would fix later. Once in her apartment, she started picking up the covers and tossed them on the bed. Then cleaned up the bottle and her room. After cleaning her room, she called out to Rath. "Get your slimy ass down here, Rath. I know you can hear me. I called and you came to me before," she yelled at nothing. Lilium held the iron rod with both hands, adrenaline rushing as her body wanted nothing more than to kick his ass and let out some steam.~e

01:30:03 Rath casually slipped into her bedroom behind her, a moment after she called. He rolled his shoulders , cracking his neck. With his left hand, he brushed back some of his hair. His right hand was bandaged. "Slimy? I prefer to think of myself as smooth. I mean, slimy just has all these negative connotations, and--" He paused, glancing down at the iron bar in her grip. "Really, no more iron. If you want to let off some steam, you can punch me a bit, but.. not the face, okay?" He managed a small smile, despite the annoyance that this Ogawa character was posing. Rath took a few steps closer. "Are you hurt? I'm sorry if I hurt you, it was just reflexive. To be honest, I didn't think you'd take a swing at me like that." He chuckled quietly. "Guess you proved me wrong."

01:26:16 [Lilium ] She turned to him, leaving the window after grabbing the rod. "You are right. I'm going to step away from the glass and go home. Don't follow me. I have business to take care of," she grumbled and left the room, moving down the stairs and out the front door. If he followed her, she was going to put him at the top of her list. Lilium walked up her apartment stairs, holding the rod with her left hand against her left shoulder. She reached her apartment and entered, cursing about the door she would fix later. Once in her apartment, she started picking up the covers and tossed them on the bed. Then cleaned up the bottle and her room. After cleaning her room, she called out to Rath. "Get your slimy ass down here, Rath. I know you can hear me. I called and you came to me before," she yelled at nothing. Lilium held the iron rod with both hands, adrenaline rushing as her body wanted nothing more than to kick his ass and let out some steam.~e

01:30:03 Rath casually slipped into her bedroom behind her, a moment after she called. He rolled his shoulders , cracking his neck. With his left hand, he brushed back some of his hair. His right hand was bandaged. "Slimy? I prefer to think of myself as smooth. I mean, slimy just has all these negative connotations, and--" He paused, glancing down at the iron bar in her grip. "Really, no more iron. If you want to let off some steam, you can punch me a bit, but.. not the face, okay?" He managed a small smile, despite the annoyance that this Ogawa character was posing. Rath took a few steps closer. "Are you hurt? I'm sorry if I hurt you, it was just reflexive. To be honest, I didn't think you'd take a swing at me like that." He chuckled quietly. "Guess you proved me wrong."

01:36:04 [Lilium ] And she was about to prove him wrong again. Lilium had turned quickly, facing him as he spoke, but when he stepped closer; she lashed out with the iron rod. The rod zoomed through the air, attempting to slice at his right arm. Her fighting stance seemed very week, though graceful in turns and her movement, due to the ballet she has much of her life. She stepped back, keeping the iron rod up and pointing towards him. "You...You make me so damn angry. You act like seducing me and controlling me was no big thing. It might not for you, but for me it is... Plus, you got fucking pissed because someone tried to help me, to save me, from you. Hell yeah I appreciate it that Pete gave me this charm. And so what is I put the damn symbol upside down on my leg. This all so damn hard to get used to. And you, you are a slimy bastard-sly-and Argh! she huffed angrily at the end.

01:36:51 [Ogawa] [The ninja sighed. He looked down at the tiger cub before her, and it in return looked up at him. The cub knew what kind of hurt Lilium just put him through. It wasn't so much that Lilium ignored Ogawa's request and made her way out. She was able to do this. It was part of the beauty that was the human race. Free will reigns supreme, after all. It was the fact that the girl was only going to go off and repeat the same mistake all over again. She didn't want help, and she wasn't interested in the words of one experienced in this sort of thing. He doubted that fate would be kind to her in the future. But in the mean time, Ogawa was going to go to his own apartment and set up his altar. He had a bloodstone to examine. ]

01:41:29 Rath hopped back a step. Despite her ballet training and so forth, he was still a creature of Fae. Faster, stronger, more agile. The iron rod whizzed past his arm. He held up his hands, taking another step back, eyebrows raised. "Vraiment, Lili. Tu peux me blesser avec un jouer comme ça." He cleared his throat, frowning at her. "Hey, just wait a minute. I might have seduced you, but I didn't control you into doing anything! Even with the charm around your neck, you acted like you always do! Secondly, I didn't get 'pissed' about anything! So he helped you, that's fine! What I have a problem with is how you're turning me into the bad guy despite trying to keep you out of harm's way!" He huffed, folding his arms across his chest. "And I am not slimy."

01:49:02 [Lilium ] "Je sais. Je veux a. Ma vie était autant de plus simple sans vous dans il. Maintenant mes blessures de coeur, mon corps, et mon esprit, she spoke while lowering the rod and letting it drop to the ground. "Everyone is against you and I don't see anything good in you. I still think all of the feelings are a lie and I don't trust you, but I can't help but to want to be around you. You make everything so complicated," she spoke with her hands running down her face and back up. Lilium walked forward till she felt her hands, over her face, touch his chest. "I don't think this will work out," she mumbled through her hands, "But I will brace myself for the fall if it doesn't." She knew that she could not hide her feelings, even with the amulet and all its magic, she still could not push herself away from him. "I'm going to kill you one day. I swear it. I will get rid of all the fucking Fae," she would probably never be strong enough to do it, but it made her feel better saying it.

01:55:18 Rath swallowed uneasily as she approached. Was she going to attack him again? She did say she wanted to hurt him. He was conflicted about what he was going to do. His instincts said to push her away. Distance himself, don't visit her again. But she was in too deep. He could disappear, not see her. But that wasn't what he wanted; and he was an incubus. A creature of desire. He had little self-control in matters such as these. He licked his lips as she touched him, almost flinching. Hesitantly, his arms circled about her, cradling her protectively against his chest. "Shh, ma coeur. It's alright, you're safe." Rath pressed a small kiss to the top of her head, leaning into her.
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03:35:20 [Peter_Xarhilm] Mean boss was an understatement. The Morrigan made Malificent look like the frickin' Fairy Grandmother! He frowned as she ruffled his feathers--which caused his neckfeathers to floof a bit, fluffing outwards and then downwards. He sighs, "I hate it when that happens." and he reaches up to smooth out his feathers again, "Feathers can be a real pain in the butt. I have to preen them occasionally, and when they start itching I have to find the one that's itching and remove it." and then glances over at her, "Confused about what?" he asked before he glances down and began to pick up one of the eggs and split it with his talons and let the yolk spill out between the shells onto the pan directly. He tosses the egg shell into a trashbin next to him and then repeated this with the second egg. Then fetched a whisk from somewhere above and started to whisk it--lets it sit, he uses the pan to move it around, then whisks it some more.

03:43:06 [Penance] In part she did want to find out where she could or couldn't go. Meticiously, she would put his feathers back into a more organized fashion. Lightly she giggled at the feathers being a pain in the butt, yet she believed him. "I bet." She sighed and decided she didn't want to overthink things. "I don't really want to go back out there. I know im in over my head..but its okay for the first tme and that's what scares me." She wanted to be close and be a normal gal for a change, yet at the sametime, she was a gal that knew what was under the bed come story time. The darkness was all too real. She was uncomfortable with herself yet wanting to be with him and needing to be close.

03:50:54 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter muttered to himself--as he whisked her scrambled eggs. He decided to ask a question that he wanted back when she was in the shower but completely forget, "How does it feel to be mated to a bird?" he finishes making her eggs as he reaches over and turns off the stove and began to slide her scrambled eggs onto a plate. He then put water into the pan like with the one before, and leaves it on the stove. Then he snaps his talons with a clicking noise, "Damn! Forgot the toast!" as he went to go find himself two slices of bread and put it into one of those popper toasters and pushed the button down as it began to tick-tick-tick as they tended to do. He picks up his bowl of bird seed and went to fetch a spoon from one of the drawers in his kitchen and leans against his fridge as he places the spoon into the birdseed and glances down at it and frowns and sighs, "I feel like an overgrown canary."

04:02:36 [Penance] "I wish you wouldn't of asked me that.", was finally said in frustration. "I see a person there. I see a person there who's lost very much..but a person all the same." Finally she sighed and said, "Between the two of us its time I showed you my bit of difficulty.." She went to his silverware drawer and snagged a fork and stuck it into her right hand. Black blood pooled up to the surface that smelled acrid. When she pulled the fork out, the blood on the end of it turned to ash and dissapated like dust in the air. The four holes in her hand started to bruise and badly with the bruise healing and the marks vanishing in about 10 minutes. "That's not fun either. I feel like ...a bad caffine high, mixed with bits of numbnes altogether, and when the bastard found out that I could heal like that..", she shook her head. "Its not as cool as it might seem." she accepted breakfast from him and sighed. The woman looked truly distraught as she slid down the wall onto the floor to sit down with eggs and the fork which got w

04:03:40 [Penance] iped off onto her black pants. "Moody is all and please don't be so hard on yourself. I'm not." Finally her blue eyes trained on him and her words seemed to really die for a while.

04:09:48 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter could only watch in amazement as she bled blackened blood--and then it healed, but his fork was undamaged. The smell itself made him cover his beakholes near his face with his wrist as he coughed a bit, "Oh....wooowww...." more coughing. The one time he wasn't really too keen about having an acute sense of smell! "That isn't normal--for a human. Are you sure you aren't a fae?" he asked her as he went to pad over and sits down besides her. He glares at his bowl, and viciously attacks the birdseed with the spoon. And...noms it. Basically eating it like someone would eat a bowl of soup. He swallows the seed whole, it felt like gulping down a bunch of little hard pebbles at once--but the flavor to him was amazing. It tasted like...he tastes it by smacking his beak open and closed a bit, "Hmmmm...burrito flavor." he stated after a moment--and DING! Her toast was done!

04:14:41 [Penance] "Seems to me you can spice that up a bit.." She said with a half smile. " you smelled was miniture computers of sorts in my blood stream. I hate em'." Once the toast dinged, she slipped back up and put the empty omlet plate on the counter and snagged her toast playing hot potato with it for a few seconds before nomming a peice then pausing and sitting down next to him again. "I feel good but all I wanna do is sleep again." She was emotionally drained.."'re a miracle..cause like I don't normally sleep till I drop.." Her boss knowing that had tucked her in the back room of the shop more then once. The food of the fae had been eaten by her at least once.

04:21:36 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter smiles at that as he went to curl a wing behind her and around her as she ate her breakfast and hugging her against his feathered side gently, "It seems like fate found a perfect mate for each of us--maybe, when Humans and Fae actually can get along with each other instead of hating each other, we can make it known. But it's nice to know that I have someone I can trust and be around without worrying." he frowns as he takes another spoon of his seed and swallows--burrito flavored bird seed. Nice, "There's a law amongst my people, that we can't ever reveal the Fae to the rest of the world--if we even think about trying to break that law, The Ash, one of our Clan Leaders--will banish us from this world. I don't know what happens to those who get banished--but they simply cease to exist on this world. In my opinion, both clan leaders are just really powerful Fae who like to play god with the rest of us--like Oberon and Titania did in Shakespeare's plays."

04:30:12 [Penance] She leaned against him. "I understand a little more then what I let on. My one boss is a daemon. He's not quite high ranking but his class is tough for combat. Another of my bosses is more light based..not sure on what exactly he is. The other tied up with magic and a lot of bad stuff happened to him. He's an assasin..that tried to kill me. Ironically now I polish swords for him. Other Fae started becoming clear to me after the daemon. My intuition started to grow.. a bit..with feeling presences." She sighed and would cuddle him after finishing her toast. "My martial arts teacher is an elf..and an old one." No wonder why she was a bit more aware right? "So, I could swear to death that you weren't the one who showed me." felt good. "I know the bad's out there but I refuse to think about it all the time."

04:35:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter glances down at his feet--his legs, were digitigraded. Which meant that he had double-jointed ankles. Like the legs of an animal, and his feet were far from human-looking. He flexed his toes and talons and clenched them a few times as he listens to her--within a few moments, his bowl was empty as he tosses the spoon into it. As he went to place it on the floor next to him as he lifted his right foot and clutched it around his water bottle on his table--like a third hand--and brought it down as he took it from his foot and stares at it and then lowers it to the floor as he takes a drink of his water, "Can you really blame me all that much for feeling like an overgrown canary? I'm not exactly normal-looking in the body department. Not saying I'm kicking myself in the beak, it's just it feels odd--so many new sensations that even after all these years, I'm still not used to them." he glances over at her, "And I hate not being able to kiss you the normal way." he frowned.

04:43:16 [Penance] "I'm not all that big into that's okay.", she admitted. "As for feeling sensations, few can even begin to understand, and I simply choose to accept that there are things that I may never understand and that there are things out of my control. Its not been easy." As per her own training, she'd learned more about human anatomy then she ever cared to know and how they broke down and healed. The sifu was a master at surgery, tho even the fae would be very afraid of it. "The hardest is teaching yourself to think differently..and some of it goes against instincts and the tinyest of things can throw you back into how you were before..or at least it was that way for me and still is." She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. Her heart was racing and it had her dizzy again.

04:47:34 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter switches his water bottle into his other hand and places one arm around her and hugs her against him as he leans his cheek against the top of her head. It was nice having a mate to be with and relate with--not only did they love each other, but they both have had bad experiences in the past with the opposite race--Faes for her and Humans for him. He ponders back and his beak smirks a bit, "I remember this one time that this whacked out human biologist was trying to catch me--he thought I was some kind of evolved human-bird link or something. He's still out there, somewhere--looking for me. I managed to lose him somewhere in Australia--good place. I love the hot days. Probably because I enjoy the heat." he shrugs and takes a drink of his water bottle.

04:53:41 [Penance] She chuckled again. "Good place to lose somebody. Tho the last thing I'd want is for either of us to be caught." He wasn't the only one who hated humans however. She just had seen foul play on both sides. "The heat..I've learned how to take it ..I kind of had to to work with the metals. Alchemy's been fun." While she didn't work magic there was no reason why she shouldn't understand the craft! "Think you know anyone that could use a ew rare knives or blades from time to time? I really do enjoy making stuff or seeing if I can find miscellaneous items.." Between technology, arcane, and the good old fashioned hard way of making weapons, she knew how to get ahold of it more then most. In her own ways, the little minx, was dangerous.

04:58:01 [Peter_Xarhilm] "Nobody I know of that I would trust with them." Peter sighed. He knew that Morrigan was going to be furious when she found out that he was in love with a human of all things--granted, she was a human that knew of their ways and their people; maybe she could enter the Cork now? Though if not, he could always claim her officially--thus making her able to attend any Fae-oriented event, "I run into people all the time who think it would be nice to awaken in a fantasy world--I pity them because they don't realize that everything they could want is right there. It's not fun being a Phoenix--my very nature is dangerous." he also didn't want to mention that he was practically immortal--his mate would be dead long before he neared his period of rebirth. He sighed, this made him a bit conscious of it, "Being a fae isn't all it's cracked up to be--it downright sucks at times."

05:24:46 [Penance] "Its been both relief and curse for me.", she admitted. "But..its nice not feeling so empty. With some of it, I've learned to have faith again." She smiled and fell asleep leaning against him. Her mind had finally had enough for a while. Her dreams were pleasant..which was again rare. She usually blanked out her mind and found a state of nothingness that had been taught.

05:26:09 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter drained the rest of his water bottle and then tosses it into a wastebin nearby. Then he pulls her close as she passes out. Leaning his cheek against her head as he went to close his eyes and settle against her--sighing as he decided to get some rest. For some reason, he felt that today was going to be one heck of a hectic day!
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