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 The FOUR of 13

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PostSubject: The FOUR of 13   The FOUR of 13 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 29, 2010 9:13 am

The Fae concealed and hid 13 powerful artifacts with each other since the dawn of man. For any to get their hands on such things would turn the World they know upside down. Each items is specific in it's cause and effect, a power that could corrupt and kill. Having witness the Mortal's ability to cause war and strife the Fae buried this items, spreading them out among the races. One such item is the Bloodstone - which is, strangely missing.

However, of the 13, there are Four ancient and magical treasures that are part of the Midhir Prophecy in seeing it come to pass. These items are ultimately poweful that if the person destined to find them does, it would end the World of the Fae as it is known.

1. Lia Fail, the Stone of Truth, or Stone of Destiny as others called it because the Stone would reveal who was the rightful leader to rule all.
Ruling Deity = Fal
Ruling Element = Earth
Direction = North
Magical City of Origin = Falias
Magical Properties and Description = The Stone who knows the heart of man.

2. The Cauldron, the pot that could feed all of Boston (for example), without ever emptying.
Ruling Deity = Dagda
Ruling Element = Water
Direction = West
Magical City of Origin = Murias
Magical Properties and Description = A Cauldron with endless supply.

3. The Spear of Finias:

The Spear
Ruling Deity = Finias
Ruling Element = Fire
Direction = South
Magical City of Origin = Gorias
Magical Properties and Description = The Spear that never misses the mark.

4. Fragarach Or The Answerer, The Sword of Light - that will cut through any army and that no man could escape from.
Ruling Deity = Lugh
Ruling Element = Air
Direction = East
Magical City of Origin = Findias
Magical Properties and Description = All are subject to the will of the Sword.

These are powerful items. Locations currently unknown.
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The FOUR of 13
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