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 Rising from the Ashes

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14:23:57 [Delaney] The Morrigan had revealed one of her many secrets - her fear of the Midhir Prophecy coming to pass. Her belief that the newly arrived Succubus could well be the one that would destroy them all was motive behind the Queen of Dark wanting Delaney dead. Delaney had no idea of such things, and while Galen was now privy to this information, it may well come to him to end Laney’s life before such things arise. Boston was still in shambles, though the cleanup was being done. Power was still out in half of the city which had caused a multitude of activities during the night on behalf of the Fae. Things went missing, pets acted spooked, and electronics though void of power, flickered on and off. The Mortals were exhausted from the storm and the activities and Police were still confounded over who was selling the drug, Spellbound. Doctors equally so at the secret ingredient within the candy-wrapper cover drug. Though Humans had no knowledge of the Midhir prophecy and thankfully so for else chaos would be the be the only way of life. Even Fae were prone not to believe in it, although prophecies were common and more than half the population had the gift of foresight. The Dark Queen was taking no chances. Not only had she requested Delaney’s blood of Galen, but also of another - an assassin who has been hired to wipe out the lust demon and anyone who may know of her or get in his way. More and more Fae seemed to be arriving in Boston. More than there ever had been before, slipping into the Cork, acknowledging the Clans and making their allegiances aware. The hub itself was becoming central - much akin to olden times when most Fae settled on this land, centuries ago. The pull was strange, unknown - the leylines were growing stronger, more powerful and as such, the Fae were reacting. All Fae. Stories of lands long gone, of Tir na og, and of the 13 artifacts were coming to the surface, especially the Four of 13 which were among the most powerful items in this dimension. Though it was coming to light that several were several items were missing, including the Bloodstone of the Goblins. There was a deeper, darker essence working within the underground of Boston. The Four needed to be gathered in order to protect the livelihood of the Fae and the one who would be the Challenger needed to be destroyed before she destroyed life as it is known in this day and age..

14:27:09 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had awakened early today. He had taken Penance back to her home, and was now back at his apartment. As luck would have it--he lived only three doors down from where Lilium lived. Luckily for him, the Landlord was a Fae. As he opens the door to his apartment and slips back inside and closes the door, he tosses his keys onto a counter and had discovered the daggers and necklace left behind by Penance. As he went to change into his 'work gear' which was basically wearing no clothes at all--as clothes tended to catch fire when he used his powers and incinerated. But the necklace and daggers caught his eyes--possibly from a bit of raven in him. His beakedges curled up into a smile as he took the daggers and the necklace and went into his room and places both on his dresser. Then he turns and leaves his bedroom--and noticed an envelope that wasn't there previously. Padding over as he went to pick it up, his tailfeathers twitching as he slices a talon along the envelope and pulls out a variety of papers. They
14:27:21 [Peter_Xarhilm] were his instructions from The Lady Dark on what his target was, including a picture. The picture was of Delaney, which he took and examined--he'd recognize that face. Then he looks at the instructions. So this was an assassination contract? However he noticed something interesting at the bottom of the instructions: Do whatever it takes to eliminate this infectious gnat from MY city. Collateral damage included. Wow. Whoever this Delaney was, she really got The Lady Dark pissed off--but a contract was a contract. And HOLY BIRDSEED! His eyes widened and he almost hung his beak open as he saw the reward--ten million dollars! WHAT. She REALLY wanted her dead! He took the instructions and envelope and incinerated them in his hands. However he took the picture and examines it again. He spent a good long time looking it over, then he holds onto it and headed out of his apartment again--spreading his wings at the balcony as he kicks off of it and flaps his wings and takes off into the sky. Time to go

14:52:51 [Delaney] Dawn had come and Delaney had been taken away again, only to return just after midday. Sleep was hard to come by, yet she had managed to find a few hours, waking up just as the sun was setting. Her body hurt more today than it did the day before, Dannethion’s training proving to be everything he said. Muscles were tight and sore, skin bruised with welts and cuts, while inwardly she was left feeling like a child, growing up and dealing with the taunts and terrors of high school. At least when she was back in Boston, it was starting to feel like home, which was saying a lot considering she had been on the run for the last eight years. The power was still out in Boston, or at least good chunks of it, though Galen’s apartment was lit well enough - the natural energy of the Fae was enough to at least keep things going, and of course, the inherent magic most of them had deep within. Delaney still wasn’t aware of all her powers nor was she aware of any prophecy, though what she did now was she wanted nothing more -14:53:13 [Delaney] than to heal her aching body. Having gotten out of bed, cleaned up, showered - she had gotten dressed in an old summer dress of hers, the cotton material fitting lightly against her perfect physique, emphasizing her frame in a delicate manner. Despite this, she was strong, powerful at times when she needed to, having all the natural prowess that Fae’s had when it came to stamina, strength, dexterity and agility. Her hair was loose, flowing over her shoulders to cascade in a darkness of gloss, framing her tapered face, the tips of which licked at the smooth curve of her buttocks as she moved. The hem of the dress sunk to her thighs while adorning her feet were her leather boots that rose just to her knees. It was impossible to hide the flesh wounds that accompanied her; she’d given up trying. It was what it was. Regardless, she had other matters to deal with and one was finding a way into Triskilion Manor to get more information on The Morrigan. If not the Manor, somewhere she could find knowledge and there ==14:54:33 [Delaney] was only one other place for that - The Library. She would, of course try to sneak out without Galen spotting her. Using the window in the bedroom, if she was successful..Embarrassed to see the male as she full well knew she'd invaded his dreams just the night before.. not by her own choice, but still. She imagined they'd left a lasting impression upon him.

15:13:50 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was by no means ill-prepared for his target. In the instructions it had stated that his prey for today was a succubi. Succubi were trouble. Especially since he was a male. He didn't feel like being lulled into a state of rutting like Rath had done to Penance and Lilium the night previous, so he had to take a small detour before he went on the hunt. The phoenix had flown over and downwards and towards an alleyway somewhere in the downtown of Boston. As he landed he padded up towards a large steel door and rapped his talons against it in a particular tune. As he did a small panel opened up as two eyes stared out at him, 'The sun warms my body.' he said and Peter glanced at the eyes and replied, "But money warms my soul." as he said that the panel slammed shut and then various deadbolts were heard being unfastened. And then the large metal door slid open--revealing a small goblin dressed in a tinker's outfit, and not far away from him stood a massive ogre armed in state-of-the-art body armor and carrying 15:14:04 [Peter_Xarhilm] a .50 calibur minigun in his arms as if it were an assault rifle. The goblin grinned a big toothy grin and spreaded his arms, "Peter! Good to see you!" Peter stepped inside as the goblin quickly went to close the door--using a step stool to peer out through the panel and then closing it up again, "Nobody followed you. Good." and then he slams the panel shut and hops off the stool and walks behind a counter. The hidden surplus store was more or less like a 'rare' item shop for those with the...magical aptitudes. But it was designed like an illegal weapons and armor dealer. Peter padded deeper into the room, "Eh, no clothes--you're on duty?" asked the goblin, "Good ta see ya too, Mortin. An' yeah, I'm on a job." the goblin grinned--knowing his customers well, "What's the target for today, eh? A daemon of pride, perhaps? Or maybe a sphinx? Or even a giant eagle?" Peter shook his head as he reaches out and places down the picture of Delaney on the counter. The goblin, Mortin, took out a monocle and looked at the 15:14:28 [Peter_Xarhilm] picture--"Ah, yes. Her. Word on the street is that she's dealing with Spellbound." Peter nodded, "Yeah, I was contracted to take her out." Mortin glanced up at him, "Eh? So why come to me? Unless...there's something more? Easy on the eyes, she is." he grinned and licked his lips. Peter shook his head and chuckled, "Yeah. She's a lust-sucker." and Mortin blinked, "Succubi? Ah, I see. You need a charm to protect you from her...ahem...charms?" Peter nodded. Mortin ducked down behind the counter and was heard rummaging around, "Always something new, Peter. You're one of my favorite customers, you keep me on my toes--always force me to keep everything stocked for every occasion! And you tip generously." Peter chuckled, "My father always told me 'You get what you pay for', and it's especially true in this case--the employer's payin' a mint for her head." as Mortin came back up holding a large tray with various amulets and rings, "Oh? Is that so? I wouldn't want to be her." Peter began to examine the trinkets as he
15:14:43 [Peter_Xarhilm] snickered, "Yeah. The contractor actually said to do whatever it takes. Which means they want them gone, no matter the cost. Might want to bunker in after I leave." Mortin began to smile at this, "Always, Peter. Always. Anyway, I know the regularities--they're all fire immune. You can turn into a bleeding sun and they'd still work. They'll keep her from worming into your mind for a good full twenty-four hours! But after that, you...heh-heh-heh, need to bring them back to me so I can recharge them." nodding to this Peter took an amulet that was shaped like a Firebird of legend, "This one will do." Mortin nodded as he extended a hand to Peter, "Good hunting, Peter--I'll be expecting payment at the usual time of day." Peter clasped hands with his friend and smiled. Then he turns and nods to Bruno, "Hey, Bruno--keep Mortin safe, a'ight?" the ogre nodded and slammed a fist against his chest and held it out towards the Phoenix as he likewise hit his chest and touched knuckles to the ogre, "Kill 'em gud, make mess!"
15:14:57 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter nodded as Mortin began to open the door out of his shop as Peter left. As Mortin closed the door he glances at Bruno, "I wouldn't want to be that Succubi. Heh-heh-heh." Bruno grinned, "Nope!" then he had a blank expression on his face, "Wut iz suck-you-bye?" Peter places the amulet around his neck--spreaded his wings, and took off into the sky to resume his hunt.

15:18:23 Galen The day had come and he wasn't about to stay inside his apartment, wondering what was being done to Delaney this time, something were just better left not thought, as was true for many things in his life but then there were the things he was forced to think on, like finding answers and certainly not on the dream he had the night before. That had left him confused and more then just a bit frustrated, in all the bad ways but whether she had done it deliberately or not, it was hard to say. He had his own life to look after as well, maybe if she did keep it up, he would be forced to kill her. They had started off hating each other, she didn't like him now and she had already used him once, how many more times would she try. He wouldn't forget the Morrigan's words, nor the request. Did he know there was another hired to kill her? Nope, he didn't have a blessed clue and why should he really? A lot was kept from him without his knowledge but such was his life. He had been out on the streets for a -15:19:05 [Galen] majority if the day, trying to gather evidence that he could use to build a case, to prove who was really behind it all because for as much as he may be irritated with Delaney, he didn't believe she would be behind it. NOw it was just turning dark and he figured he should head back to the apartment, the question remained if she would be there or not. He got inside and he could feel the air different, a shower had been freshly run and there was her scent and without stopping, he walked to the bedroom just in time to see her starting to climb out of the window. "Leaving so soon? Seems you just can't keep still, can you." He was pissed off, not so much because she was leaving out the window, it was what had happened last night. "Tell me something Delaney.." He was going to question her on the dreams he had had, but what if she didn't have a part and it had been his mind to concoct that. Yeah, that's whey both needed, more tension. He shook his head and growled low. "You know what? Just go then. You won't 15:19:24 [Galen] listen to me and you are going to get yourself killed. Do whatever the fuck you want Delaney, I have asked you to wait for me and yet you try to leave again, so this time I won't stop you. If you end up dead, then so be it. " He stood there, arms folded over his chest, wearing a pair of faded but dark jeans and a black shirt with long sleeves and black sneakers, his eyes not leaving her form as he waited for her to decide.-e-

15:31:28 Delaney was caught. Of course. By Galen who’d perfectly timed coming into the apartment room she’d been trying to escape from. The window wide open, the fresh air felt wonderful on her flesh, luckily so for the moment she turned to see the male, images of the dreaming were brought to mind. While Succubus may not blush, she certainly felt the heat within and a flush over her smooth, pale, porcelain skin. Mimicking him, she folded her arms then narrowed her ever demure eyes toward the man who was in a good and proper mood. “Wow.. Who pissed in your cornflakes today?” She questioned, trying to keep things light. Yes, he had a point. She was trying to leave again but she knew he’d not agree to her idea even if she did tell him and she’d resort to this method regardless. Delaney was just skipping past this whole scene, but unfortunately timing wasn’t on her side. “I’ve not been to my apartment in four days now. FOUR days. I’ve things there I need to get. If we’re going to do anything together, I need my bag.”
15:31:43 [Delaney] There was a pause as a brief gust of wind flickered through the window, catching the glossy strands of ebon hair, whipping it lightly around her elegant face, smooth shoulders and the ivory column of her neck. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate ALL you are doing, but we both know the true reason. I might have suggested for you to be in a partnership and mayhap you feel some sense of obligation but you work for The Morrigan! The woman WHO wants to kill me. How the hell am I suppose to really trust you?” Not to mention, stop thinking about you in all manners of ways, positions and more. “And what’s more, would you keep STILL if someone had a ransom on your head for something you didn’t do? I don’t think so.” Oh, she could be angry - she had a right to be angry. However, she’d really been trying to avoid him because he clouded her thought process. It was difficult to think about running when all she wanted to do was.. DEL!. “I’m going to my apartment. It’s not that far from here. Then, IF you’d --15:32:02 [Delaney] , IF you’d like to join me, I’m heading to the Library.” She paused, then spoke further. “And if you snap at me or yell at me again, there will be a reason for someone to hunt me down. That I swear, Galen.” And she turned to climb out the window, crawling onto the rooftop it opened up to. Luckily for her, it was dark, and relatively hidden in shadows due to the number of chimneys that stood atop it.

15:33:53 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter wasn't stumbling around in the Dark. He loved doing contracts for The Lady Dark--she gave detailed instructions on what the target was, what they were capable of, potential bodyguards or allies, and even where he could find them--multiple locations, even! So he knew exactly where to go after her. But the fact the instructions had even granted him permission to attack the Dark Prince's home if necessary? The Dark Prince? Whoever this Delaney was, she was so deep down a thorn in the side of his employer that she was willing to sacrifice everything for this. And he was coming up on the house just as Delaney began to leave--he grinned. Slowly he flew down and landed upon a building further higher up than where Galen's apartment/house was located. He held out his right hand as flames began to flicker to life over his talons and then coalescing into his palm in the shape of an orb. The flickering of it was akin to a flashlight on top of the roof--within eyesight of Delaney and Galen both, but with the two
15:34:05 [Peter_Xarhilm] interacting with the other as they were it was unlike either of them would become aware of it. However, he kept intensifying the heat in this ball--wanting this to be a one-shot kill. The flames changed color from a dark orange, to a bright red; then to light blue, and finally into a white color. As everyone knew, the hotter flames were--the whiter it got. Hence the term 'white hot'. He uses his left hand to thumb the area above his head like a pitcher's hat as he turns sideways and holds the swirling white orb in his palms, "An' it's th' bottom o' th' ninth. Bases are full. An' it's Rock'em Sock'em Rogers at th' plate; two balls, two strikes. An' it's all on Pitchin' Punkin' Peter ta put 'em out. An' he winds up th' pitch," as he began to assume the pose of a pitcher about to throw their ball, "winds it' lets 'er rip!" as he hurls the orb--the size of a soccerball now--hurtling towards the succubus that was presently at the window! "Rot in hell ya frickin' drugger." he cursed as he stood up straight 15:34:20 [Peter_Xarhilm] and glances down--his blue eyes, peering coldly at the fireball as it was sent on it's way. Hit or miss, the fireball would hit SOMETHING and then it'd explode into a massive surge of white-hot flames in all directions. The force of the fireball's explosion was like a small bomb, shattering the window that was nearby and scorching the ground and walls--but nothing would catch fire. This particular fireball was designed to flash-scorch everything, and turn organic things into ash. At most, if Galen was still at the window, he'd be blasted back with moderate burns--Delaney, if she didn't move, would likely be turned into a pile of ash. However, his target had moved to the rooftop--so likely the result of the burns would, at most, scorch her legs pretty damn badly! He growled as she moved and went to throw his illusionary cap to the rooftop, "No fair! Ya ain't supposed ta move!"

15:53:07 Rath stood silently atop the roof of a particularly high building, only a few away from the one targeted by Peter's attack. His arms folded across his chest, head canted to the side, he watched. Rath chewed idly on his lower lip, debating whether or not it would be a suitable time for him to.. is "interfere" the word he wanted to use? It was the same building as the girl he followed home the night before, perhaps she was being targeted because of her ability to sense his kind, he mused. At last, he unfolded his arms, stepping towards the edge of the roof. It would be worth a quick peek, at least. So he swiftly -and most importantly- silently made his way over to Delaney and the others.

15:57:16 ClaireMether had finally punched out at 4am and trudged home, barely remembering getting her clothes off before passing out in her bed. Her alarm got her up at 11am, thank god she'd had the sense to get one that was battery powered; a lot of the city was still without power, including her neighborhood. She hopped into the shower and was VERY grateful that her water was heated via natural gas. Her refrigerator and freezer had been pracitcally empty before the blackout anyway; only a half gallon of skim milk and some eggs had been in there. She was off today, but she didn't have any plans; the way things were going in this city she'd likely get called into work anyway. She turned off the shower and dried off, getting dressed with a bit of pep in her step. She glanced at the clock, looked at the clothes in her hand, then thought to hell with it and laid down for a power nap. When she woke again, the last of the day's light was fading fast. She shook her head, shocked she had slept so long; hell she was still semi-wrapped 15:57:30 [ClaireMether] in her towel from her shower earlier. She slid on her black panties, blue jeans, grabbed the first bra she laid hands on, snapped it on, pulled a tan shirt over herself and found her shoes. She was a bit edgy now, cursing that she'd wasted almost her whole damn day. She wasn't on duty, but she still had a permit to carry her handgun, and she strapped on her docker's clutch, throwing her tan trench coat on over it. She grumbled as she slid her shoes on, then pulled her hair back into a ponytail before walking out of her apartment and locking the door. No sooner had she stepped outside when she heard voices arguing; that was it, she was gonna give whoever was arguing the chewing out of their lives. She wanted to enjoy her night, and the first damn thing she had to hear was arguing? No way. She went up the fire escape to get a better look at the two unfortunate souls who were going to get an earful when she stopped in her tracks; the bird-man was here?! That was her first thought, the second being that she 15:57:40 [ClaireMether] should've stayed in bed. The bird man was....throwing fire?! She stood there dumbfounded, trying to register what the heck was happening here.

15:59:00 Galen couldn't his mood and now seeing her trying to escape from his care for yet a second time only pissed him off more. Funny how she stayed with Dann, then again, he had more power to keep her put, Galen didn't. "If it's a trip to your apartment then fine. What's the big deal about that. As the Morrigan was brought into the picture, he frowned and shook his head. "I'm well aware of what she wants to do with you." He grinned wickedly and with more purpose behind it but he said nothing further that might give away the real reason. "Don't you think that if there was more to it, I would just turn you in? I said I would look after you here, I'm doing something she isn't exactly happy about but I said I'd help clear your name an I meant it." Oh how he wanted to jump her then take or or kill her, both seemed appealing at the moment. He let out a long sigh, as she decided to tell him what her plans were, no regard to his own position but she was already going out the- 15:59:07 [Galen] window. First I'll help her, then I'll kill her., he thought to himself as he walked toward the window to follow her, much against what he thought best but it was only once he had reached the window that he saw something coming toward it, being still inside he didn't have time to get out of it's way fully but he managed to yell out to her. "Delaney! Watch out!" The words were no sooner out of his mouth then the force of the blast had caused him to be thrown against the back wall, feeling pain along his arms and legs but his arms had covered his face for the most part to avoid damage to his eyes. His clothes were singed, his skin burned but nothing that bad but he wasn't concerned for himself, he was concerned for Delaney and he hadn't been sure that she had got away from that force. He got up, in pain but nothing that seemed to matter as he tried to head back to the window.-e-

16:07:14 Torch had kept a pretty damn low profile as of late. In fact, only two or three Fae even knew what he'd been up to; he kept showing up for work to avoid raising suspicion from the humans, but outside of that he hadn't been seen. Inside his apartment he had been undergoing intense training, ramping up his control and manipulation of fire; the wards he'd set up around his apartment had kept him undisturbed. There had been a lot going on around the city, and he had the distinct impression that things were beginning to was like seeing a chain reaction being set off. All the while, the humans were ignorant to events, and he hoped they would stay that way. There was enough conflict going on without involving them. He got to his feet, sliding on his shoes and grabbing one of his jackets; he didnt have a shirt on, just his black jeans and the blue denim jacket. Suddenly the wards around his apartment lit up, meaning that some sort of supernatural force was at work. He unlocked his door and exited his apartment

16:15:25 [Delaney] Wasn’t prepared for what was to come, though she had crouched down behind the chimney in order to make her way down through the roof so that as the fireball came her way, she heard Galen’s voice first but not before the large crash occurred, debris flying very where - and heat, intense heat. Most of the chimney beside her crumbled upon impact, the stone itself landing on her as she was pinned to the ground, though in some ways this protected her from the actual flames themselves. Caught within a nook - she crouched, screaming in pain for the time being as she felt her energy course through her. Something inside had awakened, something that had surged through her in defense of what was happening. Was this the Morrigan? Was this what the Dark Queen had in store for her? She’d spend time arguing but she was stuck, held in place under the stones, her body feeling more pain now than she’d ever felt before. Blood seeped from the wounds while her body screamed out for help, her grasp on consciousness was--
16:15:37 [Delaney] Delaney.. Wake up, Delaney.. You need to wake up. Use your strength. Feel the blood in you.. Wake up. You have to run.... the voice was feminine, soft, gentle and faintly familiar as it repeated over and over again in her mind, causing her to remain where she was, though being able to cry out for help.. Someone just move the debris.. Just set her free..

16:19:07 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter blinks as he stood upright--tilting his head back and sniffing the air. That damn incubus was back. Likely going to go help his fellow lust-sucker. He narrowed his eyes. His frustration and anger was a component of his fiery nature, and the air around his body began to distend as the angrier he got the hotter his body became. When he was REALLY pissed off he literally bursted into flames. Flames that couldn't be absorbed or put out--like the fire of a Sun. Flames that melted everything he touched or torched them to ash. (Note he wasn't THAT angry. Not yet.) There was a reason that Phoenix Fae were amongst the most rare kind in the World. They were exceptionally powerful--even the weaker ones were far more dangerous than typical fae. And Peter was no exception. He heard something coming up the fire escape behind him as he chuckles and glances over his shoulder at Claire as she came up, "Oh, hey, coppers. How ya doin' tonight?" and then his wings unfurled as he kicked off the rooftop and took to the sky.

16:19:22 [Peter_Xarhilm] Now he glances down towards the building--he missed her, that much was obvious. But the window exploded inwards, and he didn't see Galen anywhere inside. Likely the Dark Prince wasn't dead--if he was, then The Lady Dark wouldn't have cared. She made it clear: Take out Delaney at all costs. And he intended to do just that--even if he had to turn half of this neighborhood into a molten wasteland! He held out his hands as he hovered a good dozen yards above the building. Forming seven smaller orbs of flames that swirl in front of his body vertically. Crossing his arms over his chest as his eyes began to flare up a brilliant light blue color as the orbs turn light blue themselves...then he spreaded his arms with a loud eagle's cry as the seven orbs flew downwards! He hadn't seen where Delaney vanished off too so he had to resort to the age-old tactics of BOMB THE FRICK OUT OF THE WHOLE AREA! Which is what he did, the orbs slammed down against the entirety of the household in an even spread--like an artillery 16:19:30 [Peter_Xarhilm] barrage! The whole building was shaking, each explosion like a missile--causing debris to fly, and these orbs WERE designed to catch things on fire! He hovers in the air and observes the destructive aftermath of his attack, "Suck that ya nazi scumbag. That's fer m'bro!"

16:28:01 Rath was taking his time. No need to rush. He was in the middle of pondering how everything would go down when suddenly the building erupted into flames. He could feel the heat even from one building over, which is where he now stood. Rath licked his lips, pausing. His arms folded across his chest once more, hair ruffling in the warm breeze. Hmn. This was going to take a little more planning that he was used to. No matter. It'd been a while since he had been in a good fight, and he was already thinking about the ways he could use his abilities to turn the tables on the walking roast chicken.

16:37:44 Galen hadn't known what hit him, quite literally, as he got back to the window, his eyes darting around and the first thing he saw was a creature in the distance, something he hadn't seen before but it didn't take a genius to figure out it was attacking Delaney. He hadn't realized that the Morrigan had sent in another to attack and with no regard on his well being but right now his first priority was to make sure Delaney was safe and at this point, he didn't even know if she was alive. There was debris already spread out over the roof as he crawled carefully and quickly but he couldn't see her. "Delaney!" He had seen the creature now took flight, into he air and there was fire coming down from the sky which didn't give him long to react. He looked around frantically and then saw something, under the debris and he knew it had to be Delaney but she was buried and he wouldn't have time to dig her out. The fire was coming down and if he stayed there then he would die and be of no use to anyone. He was crouched down - 16:37:58 [Galen] but he saw something just two feet away and before the fire could hit him, he leapt forward, picking up whatever it was he saw on the roof and then rolled until he was now over the edge of it and falling toward the ground. He'd only managed this once and he wasn't sure if it would work, but it was the only chance he had. He closed his eyes, focused all his power and then he was no longer falling, wings had spread out and the dead pigeon he had been holding was now the one replacing him falling. Galen had shifted extremely fast and was now getting use to his new form, flying out of the immediate danger to figure out what he could do. He hadn't been aware of anyone nearby at that moment.-e-

16:55:14 Torch was suddenly hit by a wave of heat and fire, torching his jacket and a good deal of his jeans. He was immune to the heat and fire, so he looked around to find the source. The flaming bird man in the sky was a pretty dead giveaway. It was also clear that he was just getting warmed up, and that first blast hadn't been aimed at him. He looked over to a collapsed part of the complex; it was clear that it had suffered the brunt of the first attack. Now seven orbs, the color of whitish blue indicating extreme heat, were being gathered. He had little time. Anger, resentment, frustration...he drew all of these negative emotions into him as he leapt into the air, landing on a balcony near the collapsed building. He held his hands out as the seven orbs came crashing down, his hands turning into white-hot points of fire; these orbs weren't of his design, but they were based on fire, and he could feel them like he could any other flame. He caught the two closest orbs and snuffed them out, managing to deflect the third 16:55:29 [Torch] closest orb off a good mile or so away. He couldnt get a grip on the remaining four, although whoever had been around this collapsed apartment would be safe for the moment. As the remaining orbs impacted, the force of the explosions shook the whole block; Torch had the sense of mind to snuff the resulting fires from the blasts, although he could do nothing for the initial damage they had caused.

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17:02:25 ClaireMether couldn't believe her eyes as the bird-man turned towards her; what had he just done? She shook her head as he addressed her clear as day, like there was nothing out of the ordinary. "What the hell is going on here?!" However her cries went unanswered as the bird man drew up what looked like seven orbs of blue fire, and her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. She saw another man exit his apartment, but there was no time, she didn't trust herself not to blast right through the guy while she was moving at top speed. She looked up at the bird man as the orbs desenced, scowling, then she vanished. At least that's what someone moving at over 750 mph would look like. She ran, and while moving at this speed everything else seemed to be going in slow motion; she saw two of the orbs just vanish, and she shifted her direction just slightly, heading for the collapsed apartment. She came to a stop just as the other orbs impacted, the shockwave sending her flying into a nearly collapsed wall. She 17:02:37 [ClaireMether] thought she would be dead, that the flames from the blast would consume her, but after the shockwave there was...nothing. She groaned and got to her feet, still thinking like a cop first, and manuevered through the wreckage. "Hello?! Is anyone in here?!"

17:05:08 [Delaney] Of course, the attack wouldn’t go unnoticed by Humans. In fact, the National Guard as well as S.W.A.T. would be called in, unaware it was magic that was the cause. Overhead helicopters and jet fighters alike would soon light up the sky, missiles ready and launch on command. Down below, Tanks and ATV’s were moving into the streets, as humans were running for their lives, thinking that it was, in deed the End of the World. The Morrigan wanted Del’s death but in turn, she was actually causing a truth within the Midhir Prophecy she was so afraid of. Peter would find himself soon barraged by the planes that flew within the air, firing rounds his way, over and over again causing some distraction at least but it was difficult to see clearly just what was the cause overall. Delaney was still hidden under the shelter of stone that covered her, save a partial arm that wriggled. The blasts kept coming overhead though the voice in her continued to echo, giving her an inner strength she wasn’t aware of. Twitch, a rush..--17:05:22 [Delaney] a rush.. A push.. She began to stir, her muscles retaliating against the pain - the lessons from Dann already coming to pass. Torch‘s action however, had given her time. Given her a window. “WILL NOT.. Die..” she spoke through cleaned teeth. No, she’d not die. But she would put a stop to this some way of another. The creature wanted her.. Then let it come and get her. The rocks around her suddenly exploded, crashing upwards in projectiles of themselves as she broke free, ignoring the pain that near crushed her. She focused her mind on all those around her. Boston itself as she reached out, feeling the energies, fear but also love. Desire - things people do at the End of the World and she began suck it within. Giving herself up to the latent desires, the power of the dreaming as she felt her strength slowly return. Even other Succubus or even Incubi around would feel that sensation, that tingle of taking in the power, Lust -- and in return, it retracted back into the outer fold, hitting though all around --17:07:01 [Delaney] including the Army, the jet fighter pilots, SWAT.. Before long, they would work under her power, her manipulation as the essence of such seemed to near put up a shield around her - one she couldn’t see but one that was there. ATTACK.. Was the word spoken, the indication felt and thus, they would. Peter would be their target. Her broken form seemed a strange sight to be standing as she was - her hair wild, caught in the wind and fires that resonated around her though at the moment she could, the opportunity that arose, she leapt of the roof, using the air, the wind in order to land below amidst the rubble before making an effort to crawl away just as Claire spoke out. “Here.. Over here.. “ Claire would already feel the pull of the Succubus to help - though Delaney was just getting started with her essence.. But she needed help and now.

17:10:26 [Evelynne] "Evelynne! He's a prince!" The once shifter, let out a low growl of annoyance. "So was the damned Devil. What did following royalty ever get me?" There was a lot of bitterness within the young soul. Part of her enjoyed messing with Galen the other night, yet, she hadn't realized the potency of her own gaze. That male was two faced if ever she saw one! However, he would affect things just as much as Delaney would. How did she know? The Ash's son was just as up front and center as the succubus had been. "What good is training her if she dies?" That would cost her later! BOOM! The hell? Evelynne emerged out of the shadows it would seem of an alleyway nearby the apartment buildings. The 6'5" claw dragon that looked like a black and red tie dyed version of Dannethion emerged and stumbled over a dumpster and kicked it over slamming it into a wall. As per what the humans would see, she would be a floating human of sorts, with wings this time- keeping pretty much the apperance she'd had before, but she'd have batlike
17:10:57 [Evelynne] wings. Owch! That wsa the most ungraceful entrance she'd ever made, that is after the little squirrel incident where she'd caught the squirrell but busted her own collarbone in a failed landing. The earlier days of Evelynne's hunting hadn't gone well! The BOOM made her ears ring and she shook her head frantically and climbed over the dumpster debris before canting her head to look at the mess she made. Her back paws were kicked as if she'd stepped in crap before she grinned finding a few items of interst. That grin of hers was terrifying as a sharp row of teeth seemingly overlapped and a bit of flame caught them making them look blood red in the flames. The items were as followed: 1. broken bicycle. 2. Smelly blankets. 3. A metal bar that looked like it might of been for a shower curtain. The items themselves would have little usage or would they? The blankets and the metal bar were picked up by two of her tails. The third one was left free. She took a deep breath and started sniffing the air. Delaney? She fl 17:11:56 [Evelynne] Delaney? She flickered once and attempted to jump to Delaney's location. Nope! Nothing happened! Emotions- they were sniffed for. Fear? Run? Blood? Love? Attack?! The hell? Delaney was about to make a public spectacle all the worse! The scent of burning flesh was located and she climbed up over the top of the dumpster and hopped up on the side of the nearest building to her and climbed it and she spotted the avian- +Oh shi..Phoenix. What brought em?+ She hadn't known them to intervene in matters of shifters before. His wrath, would be signaled out. The young claw dragon attempted to appear behind the phoenix and smack him in the back of the head, using her right claw right after 5 of the seven orbs had been dropped and would get nailed by the last two. OWCH! She snarled and spit some nasty looking phlegm at the phoenix before she would go skidding several feet into the next building- and quite an impact would result from it. Hopefully people were out at the movies or with relatives over the weekend..What ther
17:13:33 [Evelynne] there was a human there? Now why the blankets? If only for a second she would drop them at the phoenix- to obscure vison. Gah- improvised plans em or hate em, definitely left their mark.

17:15:53 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was very observant, even from his lofty height above the apartment complex he was effectively 'nuking' with his powers. His large wings flapping through the air and keeping his body aloft. His toes were curled under as many birds of prey when they were airborne--often he did this to keep them out of the way as he worked. He often enjoyed attacking from the air, most Fae couldn't fly up after him and it gave him a definitive advantage. As he watched Galen come out and onto the roof even as his barrage came down--he saw him leap and then transform into a pigeon. What? "O' nuttercraps, he's a bloody shifter!" he proclaimed with a tone of aggravation. He had to be careful with the Dark Prince--Shifters were a pain in the ass to deal with. However his gaze was attracted towards Claire as she ran towards the wreckage and was knocked around by his barrage. He smirked. He didn't like Cops--they were like nosy neighbors, always sticking their beaks into things that didn't concern them. And this was one of them. 17:16:09 [Peter_Xarhilm] However, it was Torch's assimilating of HIS orbs that began to ire the Phoenix a bit more--the rage continued to grow. And then...the fire from the planes around him. Idiots. Humans were idiots--the bullets that got near him and actually hit him just...dissolved. Into nothing. But it was enough to push the Phoenix over the edge! With a roar of absolute, chaotic and unbridled rage the feathers and flesh of the bird was consumed! His entire body engulfed itself in pure white flames! Flames that not even Torch could control or manipulate, no matter how hard he tried! However, Evelynne appeared behind him--but the claw touched the inferno of his body, and did nothing to him. Instantly the phoenix's wrath began to become apparent--as he let out a screech as his form ignited! A blast wave of flames, heat and concussive force SURGED outwards from the phoenix--blasting Evelynne away most likely, and the aircraft were knocked aside that were close to him! All windows within the region shattered--the fury within the

17:16:17 [Peter_Xarhilm] Phoenix was just increasing, and whilst Torch could fuel upon that rage...this rage was almost never-ending. And if he kept just getting angrier and angrier--the more deadly his flames would become!

17:38:35 Galen wasn't immune to fire, he had no way of saving Delaney without getting himself killed on that roof but then as he floated mostly on a breeze and swirled around, he could see another up on that roof, deflecting some of force. He dove in for a closer look and he could see exactly who it was. He hadn't liked the man, he had interfered but this time he was helping at least. Galen had no clue as to what had been attacking them or where it had come from, it was clear that meant business and had no care for who they hurt in the process. He had seen more movement, having a better view of what was going on but there were so many other things going on as well, Humans were getting involved, and why shouldn't' they. It was their way, their nature, panic and shoot first, question later, and that was exactly what they had planned to do. He kept circling, avoiding the attacks forced upon by both Fae and Human's alike and there was something else, another power was surging up and it was coming in the direction from where 17:39:15 [Galen] Delaney had been. She was alive, and the explosion from her had left him amazed for at least a moment but she was moving, trying to get away. The aircraft had been knocked off and now another creature was by the birdlike thing. He moved closer and saw what it was, she was helping to, all of them working to protect Delaney. It only seemed to make things worse though, because now the bird like creature was becoming more enrage and it was showing through. No, Galen had no clue as to who sent this beast or why but clearly he wasn't onto he side of the Light, so his Father wouldn't be much help be he did do something he had never dared to do before. Would this get him in trouble, quite likely.- 17:39:27 [Galen] His shifting abilities seemed to have been changing slightly over the last few days, taking on the appearance of another was becoming less of a Glamour and more of a fact and that's when he disappeared out of sight. A meeting the other day would prove more valuable then one would have guessed and maybe, subconsciously he had meant to do what he did in meeting morrigan. He had taken her hand, brought it to his mouth and had her scent, and her imprint. Time was running out, and he would only be able to do this once. A power wave that had broken windows, had caused him to blow back and down, out of sight and out of mind but as he shifted back to his human form, it was only for a moment, he took the rest of the energy he had and put it toward the one goal he had as as he shut his eyes he could feel a great power surge inside and he was transformed, -17:39:35 [Galen] and he called forth the powers he knew she had, floating up near the building in a large mass, dark, as if all shadows had formed into one while ravens too seemed to fill in every other spot. The creature was larger then the birdman down below, taller and it intimidated pure evil, a form that was rarely taken but one know by the Fae. She was The Morrigan in her true form, demonic and overpowering. Galen was draining his energy but he held the pose, his voice exactly as hers and if there was a scent that any of them knew, it would be hers and hers alone. The voice was feminine but echoed with something darker as it spoke. "Enough! The HUmans are too aware, I shall finish this myself." It would make sense, since she wanted Delaney dead, that wasn't a secret but Galen knew so much more and in that he used it to form the absolute conviction in his words. "Go, beast!" Shadows formed and disappeared around Peter's form. "Leave me to finish her."-e-

17:46:17 Torch grimaced as he felt an enormous pull, and he could also feel a huge surge of anger as humans began responding to what they must view as an alien attack or something. It was Del, he was sure; he hadn't encountered her in almost a week, but he didn't forget the pull of her power. She was reaching out, calling for something. Suddenly he saw tanks, planes, trucks, SWAT was an impressive turnout, only outdone by how quickly they were getting demolished. Now he had a new source of rage, the pheonix itself; it boosted his power exponentially, his whole body glowing with energy and rage. He couldn't touch the pheonix's new flames like he could others, but he still wasn't harmed by the shockwave; as it washed over him his own body burst into flames, and he stared down the pheonix with white-hot eyes. "What the hell are you doing?! You're going to expose all of us! STOP!" He leapt up the building, quickly reaching the highest point he could; he couldn't manipulate the pheonix's white flames, but the fire 17:46:40 [Torch] bird was continually feeding Torch with his anger. He would soon be forced to use his true form, but he held off a bit longer; whoever had put the pheonix up to this must realize that exposing their world wasn't worth whatever the hell they were after. He hadn't been paying much attention to anything else, so it struck him as a surprise when above the pheonix a huge dark mass had formed. His eyes widened as ravens began to fill the sky, although the heat from both himself and the pheonix would more than likely scorch any that came near them. The Morrigan?! Here? He was stunned for a second, then he regained his composure as he heard her words. She was mirroring what he'd said, with the exception of the 'finish her' part. It gave him an idea of what the hell was going on in the first place. He was still drawing in rage from the pheonix, but his eyes narrowed a bit as he reached for the anger that was behind the Morrigan's words. He had felt her angry before, and it was almost like pure ecstasy for him 17:46:56 [Torch] to absorb; this didn't have nearly the same effect. Something wasn't right here, but he remained silent, continuing to charge power within himself.

17:53:45 ClaireMether began to hear sirens around them, and the sound of aircraft; what the heck was going on out there?! Then she felt something in her mind, a slight itch, then she suddenly felt drawn like a magnet; someone needed her help, and she HAD to help them. It filled her mind like water filling a glass, pushing everything else out. She scrambled when she heard Delaney's voice, coming up to her and grabbing her hand. "Ma'am?! Are you alright? Can you stand? I don't know how long this place will hold up." She had one purpose now, to get this woman to safety, to keep her safe. "There's some weird shit going on outside...I think I can get us out of here, but.." She hesitated, then turned and looked at Del; her trepidations vanished as soon as she took in the sight of her. "Just promise me you won't tell anyone how I did it. Please." She had kept her powers under wraps, and she didn't want to be exposed as a freak. She would help Delaney to her feet if she were able to stand, if not, she would bend down and scoop Del up in 17:53:57 [ClaireMether] into a fireman's carry, staggering a bit; she was in good shape, but she wasn't all that strong. She would wait for Del to answer before making another move.

17:59:44 [Delaney] The jet fighters, the SWAT.. All were doing their best to fight of this thing.. This alien which is the only thing they could believe it to be. However, beyond that The Light had sent it’s army - The Ash not impressed with the events, OR the lack of tact or hiding. No doubt The Morrigan was up to her old tricks again, and due to his connection with Galen, his son - he could sense the trouble and what was occurring. A source of power would aim to erupt in the Prince, a surge of sorts that would soak into the male, but not just him, to all of The Light’s who were battling, the Knights who stood against the this Foe who was now destroying the City of Boston but also stood to cause the Veil between two worlds. This would encourage The Morrigan’s form that Galen had taken upon himself to remain strong. Stronger than if The Dark Prince was doing it alone. There was also the sense of the Succubus - Delaney.. Though The Ash knew that was not her true name. If things were correct, she was The Challenger, The Keeper-- 18:00:00 [Delaney] and one who stood to take the Fae to the next level. She needed help, but she’d not chosen the side of the Light which made it difficult for him to reach her. Del, was, unfortunately on her own but that didn’t mean others out there couldn’t help her. Unknown of The Ash and his power force, Delaney had motioned toward Claire. She didn’t want to kill the woman but she needed to feed. She needed to heal and if it meant coercing the Cop to do so, she would. Though at the same time, Del had promised to save the humans and right now they were being hurt, yet again because The Morrigan was sending someone after her. Claire’s words brought her back to the now as the woman approached, though the moment Claire’s hand would make contact with the Succubus, Del was drawn into the feed. The connection itself would shift through Claire as if in a dream light state, clouding her judgment but in a pleasant, lust filled experience. “I promise I won’t tell..” She spoke in a husky, yet dry tone, locking her gaze with the-- 18:01:06 [Delaney] with the female cop, her eyes so brilliant blue, like ice that were hypnotic, powerful and endearing. “Just help me and I’ll help you..” she whispered as she moved her lips toward the female, carefully brushing her lips in a caressing manner as the lust in Delaney grew, which in turn the power around her grew, which spread through out the City, the area - clouding the minds of those to a near frenzy. No pain.. No hurt, humans wouldn’t feel the need to panic.. A calming affect occurred as Del would aim to kiss Claire, not to kill her, but to take the female energy within so she could heal and in turn fight back. “Shushs.. Everything is going to be alright” as she brushed the woman’s hair with her fingertips delicately, parting her mouth to deepen the kiss. As long as she could stop, Claire would be just fine..

18:09:51 [Evelynne] !!!!! OWCH! A terrible growl emerged that sounded like part of hell itself were pissed at least for the moment. The Morrigan?! The hell?! She felt hot from the inside working its way out and it was going to take her a little while to get back up again. She clawed her way out of the debris seeing nothing but the color red. was a little obsessive. Once she made it up and to the street again she shook herself in a daze. Power-raw power! It had her confused between the dark and the light with both sides doing the calling- yet the one who'd inflicted the pain was growing just as bringly as a small sun! Evelynne took a jump and flapped her wings to simply put herself inbetween the phoenix and the rest of them. She was drawn toward him, without knowing why, yet at the sametime- while she would be cooking, she could do a little detainment of destruction. +Is she really worth the scrutiny this is going to bring for us all?+, was asked in her red gaze. Maybe- the phoenix would look into her eyes, or m18:10:10 [Evelynne] aybe not! Some of her own raw power was waning- as she felt the burns inwardly without them leaving a scent just yet other then the raw energy that had been discharged by them all with a faint tinge of burnt flesh. Somebody had to diffuse the situation and she wasn't sure yet how!

18:10:48 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was like Rage Incarnate--the more he was attacked by the humans, the more his rage escalated. But Peter was...trying to stop himself! He knew what happened if a Phoenix's rage burned out of control for too long: They turned to ash! It was like a Sun going through all of their stages at once--only without creating the black hole effect. As Torch yelled at him he yelled back, "I'm... TRYING!!" as Torch got closer--he could see the Phoenix was writhing in mid-air. It was like watching someone struggling with themselves! He had his hands grasping the sides of his head--the talons clutching tightly. Despite this--the amulet he purchased from the shop was intact. And suddenly--a huge armored vehicle crashed through a fence nearby and halted. The hatch on the top opened as...of all things, a goblin appeared out of it. Wearing a pair of wielding goggles, "Damnit. He's about to Supernova! Bruno, my Cyro-Blaster, hurry!" and he reaches down as the ogre beneath him held up a large gun. Which the goblin began to
18:11:00 [Peter_Xarhilm] attach to a mount on top of the vehicle--then aimed it skywards at the Phoenix. And shot--a water balloon? No, not a was like a cannonball, only made out of pure water. As the water hit the phoenix--it shot outwards a wave of coollant into the area around him. The goblin had noticed Morrigan appearing but ignored it--as he needed to get Peter out of there! "Bruno, get him and let's go!" he shouted at the ogre as the massive brute kicked open the back of the vehicle and rushed out. As the coollant hit Peter the phoenix instantly 'powered down' as the magic within the orb instantly put out his flames and knocked out the Phoenix--and he fell. And fell he did! The ogre caught him in his arms after leaping into the air like a three-hundred pound linebacker catching a thrown pass into the end zone! Then he spun around, holding the unconscious bird against his chest as he charged back and dove into the vehicle! Goblin had since dismantled the gun and was retreating into the vehicle and revved it up! As18:11:21 [Peter_Xarhilm] the ogre landed it was already screeching and booking it! The rear hatch slamming shut as the goblin, ogre, and phoenix got the hell out of Dodge! Mortin pulled out a handheld radio of sorts, "Firebird this is Ton-Ton, Package is in the Cage. I repeat, Package is in the Cage!" then he hung it up. The Ash had already known about this attempt, "Shiz is about to go down, my big friend." the goblin stated towards the Ogre as the whole vehicle bounced around violently as the Goblin drove towards the Cork--he had to get Peter there before the humans found out what the heck was going on, "Birdyman not look so gud." Bruno stated as Peter twitched in his arms and groaned, "He'll be fine, Bruno--once we get him to the Cork." the Cyro-Blaster was effective at knocking fire-based entities out cold, but it also rendered them unable to heat up afterwards; "Just keep him warm, and he'll be fine." Bruno nodded and began to wrap the birdman up in thick blankets.
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18:26:09 Galen was draining fast and he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up this form for long, it had taken more out of him than any other form he had assumed to date. If The Morrigan caught wind of this little show, she surely would punish him but it had been the one desperate attempt at trying to help put an end to all of this tonight. He was weak and he felt as though he would lose the form and fall but then suddenly something happened and he felt an energy burst inside of him. Even though in his current form he was nothing more than shadows, he felt the twitch and then renewed, but something stronger inside of him than before. This wasn't him, he should have faded by now and yet, he was holding the form as he watched the other's trying to help. This was odd to him, he only fought along side his own kind and right now he was a little out of his element. Delaney was out of sight but he'd seen her alive, but something else happened, the Humans weren't running around in a panic, they were clam and now an armored 18:26:24 [Galen] vehicle had emerged. He didn't understand as the ogre came into view, the Giant bird thing was actually unable to stop? Confusion was all around him but he kept the image, not knowing what he Ogre's plan was. Something was shot out and the bird feel, being caught and taken away. And just like that, most of it was defused as he stayed like he was. He didn't speak again, and he was now the one drawing attention to the situation but for as much as that burst of energy had helped, it was now drawing to an end and he felt weak again, lowering the form toward a more sturdy part of the roof. He could see that half his apartment stood and he needed to get inside. He let go of the power holding the shape initially then shifted to his human form, dropping a few feet to the ground with a grunt. He was naked and he needed to get inside. Clothes, check on tired.. His thoughts were fading as he literally crawled to a break in the wall and pulled himself inside. thankfully the dresser had been knocked 18:26:49 [Galen] around and broken, clothes were laying around everywhere and it took the last bit he had to grab a pair of pants, and slip them on, then grabbed a shirt but didn't quite get it on as he finally collapsed on the floor. Even with the unknown help of his father, he had been drained from having to take on such a powerful form, he was out like a light.-e-

18:35:41 Torch felt a sudden rush of power, the urge to take his natural form fading from his mind. At once he heard and felt The Ash within him, empowering him to perservere in his fight. His attention was brought back to the task at hand when he heard the Phoenix scream that he was trying to stop. He looked towards the Morrigan and realized that his initial suspicion had been proven correct; had this been the true leader of the dark, The Ash's power wouldn't have rejuvenated her. He also felt Delaney's presence, somewhere close. He looked at the pheonix, and he gathered his power in an effort to snuff out the phoenix's flames. When you have a fire too big to put out, you snuff it out with an even larger explosion, sucking away the oxygen. Torch's body lifted off of the balcony he was on, and he was ready to detonate a blast the likes of which hadn't been seen when he saw the armored truck pull up and douse the pheonix. With a lot of effort Torch was able to let his concentrated power diffuse into heat that vented out 18:35:53 [Torch] above him; the situation had been brought under control. He glanced at the Morrigan illusion and realized that it was the shifter he had met several nights ago in the diner. The flames from his body had burned away all of Torch's clothes except his boxers; he'd had those specially made after far too many instances of burning off all his clothes. As the armored truck sped away with the pheonix he sighed, climbing down the apartment complex and trying to find Delaney. He knew she was close by, her lustful draw still hung in the air; he'd also felt her when the Ash had empowered him. The humans had all also seemed to lose their prior fervor; their anger had vanished like a candle's flame being blown out. He began searching through the wreckage for signs of Del.

18:45:34 ClaireMether felt like she had just stepped into a dream as Delaney's hand closed over hers; the closest thing she could relate it to was when she had smoked weed the first time, but this was in another league. She couldn't keep her eyes from Delaney's, letting herself get lost in those endless blue orbs; she thought she could stare into them forever. Her own lips parted slightly as she planned on saying something when Delaney's mouth met hers. She hadn't been so relaxed in her life, and the kiss felt natural, easy; when she felt Delaney's hand brush her hair she leaned into the kiss, opening her lips further to deepen the kiss. Her hands reached forward to lay on Delaney's waist, intent on pulling their bodies closer together. Once Delaney began to absorb Claire's energy, she would discover that Clair possessed powers of her own, and that her energy would revitalize her more than a normal human's would.

18:52:16 [Delaney] The Morrigan’s actions had once more tainted the Veil, tearing the fabric further as more than hundreds of thousands of people had been made aware of the vicious attack. Power was down in Boston but it didn’t stop other States from learning that Boston was under some sort of terrorist act, the likes the States have never seem before. Word would spread quickly; whispers in the dark, though who believe in higher powers marching at their own tune how the end is nigh. How we must repent. Though, within the heart of Boston itself, people were, thanks to Del but more so, The Ash - they were slowly forgetting the nightmare, unsure, unaware of what had gone on. Perhaps another storm? Even an Earthquake, though most would seem to recall a bird .. Perhaps a Raven coming down to eat the dead, not just one Raven but many - strangely in the form of a woman. Was it a sign from God? Little did Galen know, but his image, his shifting ability had created a miracle of sorts in some respects - though to the Fae it had proved 18:53:11 [Delaney] proved as foreboding. An eerie reality of what could come to pass. What almost had come to pass this very night. Their world was changing. The differential between the Light and Dark was spreading further, but most were questioning just who’s side they were truly on. The Ash had offered a source of power to the Light to fight against the opposing dark, the acts of which threatened to kill so many innocents. But more so The Ash felt his son, that despite Galen’s dark choice, there was goodness in the male’s heart. His son had stood for good, using his energy to try and stop the vicious attack even though it would have been against his own master. The connection he had to his son was still strong, though The Ash had never forced the issue - now was the time. Power flowed into Galen. Strength imbued in his blood, coursing through the veins to rebuild was damaged, to repair what had been broken and to offer a pulse of life into his tired body. A renewal of sorts that Galen would soon feel, welcome and grow 18:53:33 [Delaney] with. It would bond him closer to his Father than he’d ever been before but it was a gift and not one he could return. Torch would feel the resonance, -- the sense that someone was out there, truly helping. Meanwhile, Delaney was hurt. Incredibly so. From the flames and the crumbled blocks that had near crushed her. How she had managed to do what she did would have amazed her if she was consciously aware of it. Claire’s essence was helping - yes, it was most definitely strong than just human but it wouldn’t be enough without her completely killing the woman, and that was something Del WAS conscious off. The aura Del had given off was over the City like a blanket peace, tranquility, love, desire, though it was only leaving Del to be drained further so that whatever she took from Claire it was given right back out for others to consume, leaving Del just as hurt and just as wounded. Burns on her flesh, along with broken bones - it was a miracle she wasn’t dead, though in a statement of pure lucidity she forced -18:53:53 [Delaney] lucidity she forced herself to stop, to break the kiss, releasing the Cop from the exchange, Del’s lips emitting the soft, blue glow of light. Galen.. She believed him to be dead. The thought was there within her mind as she oozed in and out of consciousness, though the female voice from before echoed softly. Laney.. Go my child.. Go.. You must be strong. You must be the one... she swayed in her spot, whispering the word “Mother..” though the lack of energy, the injury and the sense of others around her made her feel equally strange, much akin to a dream state herself - like a wondering child. Claire would be left slightly confused, but not recollecting much of anything. She’d be alive - just bewildered, feeling the lust still and the sexual need to be satisfied, but Del had walked away. Well, near crawled away through the rubble. She hadn’t seen the Phoenix being taken away, by whom or what. She hadn’t felt the surge from The Ash for she wasn’t connected that way. Del was ready to still 18:54:08 [Delaney] fight, and despite everything, she stood tall and proud in the middle of the shattered city. Her dark hair whipping in the wind, her dress torn, shredded, matching much of her skin in places, between burns and bones protruding through as her eyes gazed toward the sky in a near haze of illusion. “You will not kill me. MORRIGAN.. Do you hear me!? You will not..” she paused, coughing blood, whipping her lip with the back of her hand. “I SWEAR. .I CHALLENGE you MORRIGAN to FACE me alone. FACE ME alone and we shall see who wins!”.. before she collapsed in a blood heap.(DONE)

19:01:43 [Evelynne] The city would be torn aside and she'd see what happened to her last home, happen yet again. The battles seldom were pleasant and she'd somehow managed to feel the waning of the power of the Phoenix, as he dropped out of the sky, and a little of the shared kiss between Delaney. The difference between the kiss and the wrath itself caused further confusion. +GET TO HUMAN FORM NOW!+, demanded her attention suddenly as she started to fall in a not so graceful arch down to the roof of Galen's apartment building. BAWHUMP! Bits of the roof would crack under her weight as she landed in human form hard onto her right side in human form. The black t-shirt Evelynne wore was burned into her skin it would seem- along her arms and chest, as well as part of her side, with faint scorch marks on her legs, and back appearing as well, with an old amulet of change, that had the old rune words scrawled across it actually burned into her neck. She wasn't getting up anytime soon. The fall, the burning of the amulet that allowed her 19:02:04 [Evelynne] to change more smoothly with clothing on, and the burning of the inside out, after putting herself before Peter's wrath, did its share of damage on her. "Nynnngh..", was uttered slowly. Part of her right leg would be through the roof and she weakly tried to unstick it before falling through the roof and landing somewhere into the apartment. She was now just as still as she was quiet.

19:11:40 [Peter_Xarhilm] Mortin screeched the vehicle in to a halt right outside of the Cork--having used an Illusion Crystal in his dashboard to make the vehicle appear like a standard Ford F-120 Truck. Kicking the back open again, Bruno ran over towards the Cork's main entrance as Mortin took off his goggles and pulled out a cigar and placed it between his lips--taking out his lighter as he flicked it on and lit it. After taking a few puffs on it, he turned off the vehicle and pulled the keys out and opened his door and climbed out. Closing the door as he made it 'beep' as it locked and the alarm turned on. Then he opened the door to the Cork as Bruno brought in a wrapped-up Peter inside. Likely earning the attentiong of all those in the Cork present as well as Trick the Elder. As Mortin entered, Bruno was taking Peter over to a table to lay him down on the table--one that was long enough as Mortin waved in the air, "I need some Solar Essence, pronto!" and he rushed over to Peter's body, "Unwrap 'em, Bruno." the goblin stated as

19:11:54 [Peter_Xarhilm] the Ogre began to do that. Peter was shivering quite badly at this point and was writhing--drawing quite a crowd, most likely! "Wut's wrong wit da birdy?" Bruno asked as he looked worried, "He's a Phoenix, Bruno--instant you hit him with a Cyro-Blaster, you've got a timer. I'll explain it later--when the others get here." the others being the ones who escaped Peter's vicious onslaught. Once the essence was brought to Mortin he began to open the phoenix's beak and started to pour a substance that looked like liquid fire into his beak. Rubbing his throat as he made him swallow it. Peter winced...groaned, and then began to calm down. Sighing and relaxing. Mortin sighed and puffed on his cigar again, "Thanks." Solar Essence was a substance that only Phoenix could consume--it helped rejuvenate their body heat if it was pushing into the Kill Zone--anyone else who consumed it was turned into ash from the inside-out. Not a pretty sight.

19:21:54 Galen had been laying there, unconscious and unaware of anything else that was going on currently. He thought for sure that shifting into such a dark mass, and dark it was, that he would have surely died or come close to it. Even before it, he had sustained burns to his legs and arms and the rest of his body would have been left drained of all energy. He had meant to save lives and taking on Her form had been the only thing he could think of to do it. He had her imprint, he knew her scent, even far beyond her human form and he had just risked od knows what in his choice. The last person he would have expected to help him had been his Father, somehow he had known it must of been him, there was no way The Morrigan would have helped in in such manners but the true nature of this help hadn't been realized until he began feeling a power surging through him, healing his body and giving him a renewed sense of energy again, opening his eyes and staring up at the rubble of the corner of the ceiling. A bond had -19:23:03 [Galen] forged, a stronger bond then just blood and he could feel his Father, his presence and he shut his eyes again. "Why do you still even care." He sighed but he knew the answer, they were Father and Son, his Father never wanted to believe he was all evil and his actions tonight had been proof, without intent. His eyes opened again, "thank you.." He spoke quietly but then another thought had over powered anything else, where was Delaney!? The inner question made him bolt upright, still holding the shirt in his hand in which he pulled over his head and stuck his arms through the holes. He realized he didn't feel any pain and he looked down at his arms, completely healed, a gift indeed as he quickly stood up in what use to be his apartment. That was the least of his worries, he needed to find her but it wasn't long and he heard her voice, calling out to something that wasn't there, The Morrigan. The last thing he needed was for her to be provoked, not knowing if she already knew what he had done but before he -19:23:26 [Galen] get to her, something thing, or rather someone, came crashing through his ceiling, onto the floor below. He scattered back,. Ready for a fight if he had to but instead, there was now a burned, 17 year old laying in front of him. He was confused but only until he caught a whiff of her, the surprised look now turned to a frown as he stepped forward. "Well hello there Evelynne, nice of you to drop in." He rolled his e yes at his own words then knelt down, she had tried to help tonight, now wasn't the time for petty insults. He could see her clothes burned into her skin and thankfully most of the inside of the apartment was in tact. He leaned down and carefully picked her up and placed her on the bed, pulling a sheet over her. "I don't know how to help you." You're burned bad. What am I suppose to do." Hopefully he heard her, if she wasn't unconscious.-e-

19:23:42 [Lilium ] Ever since the encounter with Rath, Lilium as been bed ridden. Work had been canceled still, as well as college. Everything seemed so very loud, so strange. The skin crawling effect still did not even leave. Lilium pushed back the dark purple and grey stripped comforter on her bed and slid her legs over till she moved into a sitting position. She had been in bed all day and most of the night so far. Beside her bed set her key ring-which held her house, car, and ballet studio key. Lilium stood and moved to her closet, pushing open the sliding doors, and moved her hands over a few shirts. She could but barely see the clothes from the dim light of the candle, on the night stand with the keys, that had almost burnt down completely. Her hand moved over a dark purple v-neck, form fitting T-shirt, and she pulled it off the hanger. Lilium moved back to the bed and set it on the mattress and then moved to the dresser against the 19:24:09 [Lilium ] black bra and black cargo pants. She slipped into the pants, which fit snug at the waist and hip and then loose at the knees. It held a slight baggy look. She removed her shirt and put on the bra and then grabbed the shirt off the bed. She dressed and slipped her bare feet into her converse before grabbing the white ballet shoes by the door. Her right hand grabbed the keys form the night stand and out the door she went into the hallway. Lilium made sure her home is locked up before she left. She now held both keys and the shoes in one hand, using her left hand to run through her hair till she cleared it of tangles. Lilium passed out the front door and made it to the sidewalk, heading through and alley way to the other side. The ballet studio literally set on the opposite side of the block. She walked up the stoop, moving the shoes to her left hand, and unlocked the door with her right hand and the keys. She opened the door, locking it behind her, and moved up the stairs to the dance sleek wooden floor. ~c 19:24:50 [Lilium ] Mirrors lined the walls to the right and left of the door on the walls. Lilium opened the single window and grabbed a few candles of the shelf-and matches. She set the candles around on the floor, wax is very easy to wipe off the sleek floor. The candles flickered as she sat on the floor and switched shoes out, tossing the converses by the door. Lilium stood, toes aching from how long it had been since she practice. The radio held a battery back up in case the power went out due to the shabby wiring of the building. Lilium pushed play and waited for Kevin Kern-Pearls of Joy to begin playing. Her arms rose to the air as she stretched, listening to the music as her legs moved slowly, fluidly. She tip toed, letting her body move gently across the floor, as if she were walking on egg shells. This continued, the slow practice dancing-warm up-as the song continued.~e

19:25:39 [BWRP] The cover-up was already at work. The Janitors, as they were called - Fae Cleaners who had a place in occupations all through the City were ensuing that what happened in Boston made sense and couldn’t be questioned. Those who needed to be glamoured were, top officials, police chiefs and so many more. The Fae had been doing this for thousands of years - it was a skill they were most good at, making the mortals believe one thing and start the debates among the humans, about humans so no word of “Otherworldly” was heard. The damage to the veil was irreparable however, much like the hole in Ozone that was to blame for so many things. Whilst this was being done, other Fae had indeed ran to the Cork. The neutrality of Elysium was needed while things were taken care off. Most would feel the pull toward the Irish Pub - a desire to go have a pint or two, sit among friends, be merry - dance. Strange how the Fae world could make the best out of a worse situation. Trick was good when it came to such things, the merry---
19:26:07 [BWRP] things, the merry jig of a fiddle playing it’s tune to the beat of all Fae creatures alike. Despite the Phoneix being the one that caused all the damage, along with the attempt on Delaney’s life, he wasn’t turned away. The Morrigan had asked a job of him, and most knew not to ignore the likes of The Morrigan, OR The Ash for that matter. On this night however, even human’s would be allowed the comfort of a warm or cold drink in the usually hidden club. Though what human’s saw compared to what was truly there would be completely different. While the Pub would remain as it is in décor, the occupants were for all intense and purpose, Human. And it only made sense. When people believe the World was ending, or is ending, sights from their God or Goddesses made them weep and in the end they all turned to the drink. As much as it was the Fae way, humans were akin to such nature and the festivities would begin - it was time to turn the World back to a place it once was - where light and laughter filled the very air,--
19:26:40 [BWRP] the sweet scent of nature wafted through your nostrils, where maidens had flowers woven into their hair, and young men strummed on minstrels, serenading their lady loves. Tomorrow would bring other events, but for now - the music called, the music sung and all would allow themselves the beauty of this rich world to entice them within.. Trick would make sure of it. People had to heal.

19:36:05 [Peter_Xarhilm] Mortin glanced at the Ogre, "Guard Peter. The boss will come around in the morning to talk to him." the Boss--unbeknownst to everyone present, was actually going to be The Ash. The Ash was likely curious why The Morrigan had put Peter up to this, what she had promised him--told him, and why he was so willing to reveal them as a result. Brunos gave a salute and nodded. Peter meanwhile was coming around, groaning a bit as he sat up and shook his head--still a bit out of it. Even with the music, he still wasn't fully 'there' yet. 19:36:53 [Peter_Xarhilm] Mortin had meanwhile headed off into a backroom in the Cork, he needed to relay to The Ash that Peter was in the Cork.

19:43:57 [Delaney] Her body had landed with a thud, though she’d not felt it. Everything else was going on around her as she remained as she was, completely still. Within her mind however, it was much different. A light that was bright, resolute and beautiful blossomed like a beacon as she stirred - moaning softly before opening her eyes. Her subconscious was speaking, though it was far deeper that that as Delaney continued to lay as if dead in the street, practically hidden by dust and rubble. The music was light, airy - it made her want to dance as she peered around. She wasn’t in Boston, or any other place she could recall. This was a place of beauty, true beauty to behold. “I’m in heaven..” she whispered and flowers, fauna of all kinds bloomed around, their scent deeply invigorating, pure - and welcoming. A stream bubbled with life, while a symphony of insects, crickets and others played their sweet melody. Intoxicating - hypnotic. The calm she felt was deeper than anything as she slowly stood to rise, her body adored in-- 19:44:20 [Delaney] adorned in a simple white cotton dress. Gazing into the water, her reflection appeared as clear as day, ivy and strands of babies breath had been woven into the luscious darkness that framed her face, curled in to braids with hints of silver ribbon. “How strange..” she arched her brows before standing once more. The delicate light bounced of her porcelain skin, how smooth and flawless it was, tiny beads shone as if she sparkled though it was the reflection of the water, ripples that were ever constant and flowing toward a fountain that stood across the softly padded grass. She urged to drink the water, feeling parched but as she approached a Satyr stepped within the way, shaking his head in a polite, gentle manner. The language she heard was ancient, not of this day but she understood it strangely enough. “No that. Thee not be drinkin’ from there. Eternal yee already are. Like ye sun o’er head. T’is secret, keep it safe.” Delaney gave pause for just a moment as she nodded. “Where am I?” The Satyr’s ears-- 19:44:35 [Delaney] ears twitched monetarily as it shifted it’s hoofed feet before speaking again, wrinkling it’s nose, more out of habit than anything else. “The land that was. Where all is young and at peace. T’is where ye were born. T’is where ye from.” Her heart skipped a beat as he spoke and she started to question again, though the Satyr tapped the side of his nose. “Shush, M’lady. Not the now. But ye come back soon. In the dreamin’ is were I’ll be. For now, follow thee music.. Let it sing to yer soul. A likely tune it is.. For Dear Trick is inviting’t all.. You ready and dressed.. So be off with you now.” as the dream faded, Del’s eyes opened.. And indeed she was dressed much as she had been in the dream though she wasn’t aware of it, just yet. She was still slowly coming too.

19:47:42 [Evelynne] Music? Spritely music? It called her out of a nicely black void. She wriggled her fingers and toes a little with it. Slowly her eyes opened that would be a shade of purple now instead of just red or blue. The sheet? It stung against her skin and she tugged it down a little- " I?" she asked slowly. She reached up to her neck and felt along where the golden amulet was melted. In a way that was hurting her more then the phoenix blast actually had. It had her caught in a form. "Galen..", she said slowly sniffing the air. "Sorry..bout..the" She sat up and hissed softly digging at the burned in pendant. She wanted to go and dance and be free, yet the amulets deteriorating effects were maddening. "Music..gotta..go..agh..get this damned thing off!" Clawdragons didn't stay dazed for long, that was for sure, but she was a little more then dazed at that moment. "Really..hadn't met it either.." Galen would be finally seeing part of the truth about the girl- and that she was yes Fae, but a youth.

19:54:15 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter placed a clawed hand against his forehead as he sat up and on the table. One arm on his lap, his feet touching the floor. As he sighed and rubbed his face. That was the closest call he's ever had. Period. Opening his eyes as he lifted his head and removed his hand from his face--he noticed that he was now in The Cork. Bruno was standing by him, and the music. He sighed..pushing himself off the table and getting to his feet. Dusting himself off. The Lady Dark was going to be furious. He frowned and glances down, he's never failed one of his contracts before. But he's never met such harsh resistance before with his contracts either. She had...a shifter, several demons or whatevers, and a human helping her--more than he could have handled on his own. And he couldn't help but feel...calm. He sighs and nods to Bruno and pads over to the bar and sat down, "Get me something strong, Trick--I've had one hell of a night."

19:57:40 Galen stayed near the bed, watching over her, something he never imagined he would do and honestly, if she hadn't been trying to help, he may not have been so kind. But as it stood she had and she was so young. He'd seen her as a cat and the clawdragon but never in a human form. When she finally came to, he tiled his head, something about the mention of music and then he too felt it, closing his eyes and shaking his head to himself. "When he opened his eyes again, he looked at her. Don't worry about it." He had meant it to, she had invaded his very being but he didn't hold a grudge right now. He could feel the pull but he would deny it. "They're calling to you, you should go." He gave a shrug. "Done is done and we all lived to see another day. For now." He looked grim as he spoke, he knew more was to come, just wait until the Morrigan caught wind of his actions. If you can walk, go. GO to the Cork and find Delaney. Please watch over her until he comes to take her for training. Me being with her right now will -19:58:19 [Galen] only endanger her further. I can't go there right now. Too many questions left unanswered. I feel a punishment coming on for me. If you see her. Tell her I'm alive and I'm sorry that I couldn't completely protect her. I did my best. Also, tell her to tell Dann to send her to the Cork when he returns her. This place is no longer safe. I'll find her when I can." He didn't know what was in store for him but at least she would be protected, even if he couldn't be the one. "Go, find her and watch over her for me. Then we'll be even." He looked away from her then walked out of what use to be his bedroom and tried to gather up some things he'd need for a few days, he had to find another place to live this place had been targeted already.-e-

20:10:45 [Evelynne] "They are calling..", she said slowly before forcing herself to rise and scrawled out a simple not for Galen, saying he had his wish on her looking out for Delaney. Oh, she could imagine he was indeed in trouble. Before she left, she gingerly reorganized his room a little and snagged a pair of jeans and a baggy t-shirt to wear thrown over her form. As per keeping in contact with Dann, she had no doubt he saw the whole thing. The cork was close as she imagined it would be. She limped along and paused on the inside of the door and held her hands up to her ears for the music and about fell over sitting on a stool on the inside of the bar. Frantically she dug at the pendant after lowering her hands. After having had claws this was different and she couldn't change again until it was off of her!

20:15:13 Rath was watching her. Following her. Lilium, that is. She just piqued his curiosity, which wasn't necessarily hard to do, but she had neverthless managed to capture his interest. He licked his lips, hidden amongst the shadows of the ceiling in the ballet studio. Music echoed throughout the room, masking any sound he'd make. Irrelevant, really. Rath could be as quiet as he wanted, up to the point of making no sound at all. After watching her warm up for a few minutes, he dropped noiselessly down behind the girl, arms folded across his chest. He was wearing the same thing as the night before: a hoodie with a casual blazer overtop. Tattered jeans, simple shoes. He licked his lips once more, eyeing her up and down. "Bon soire, ma coeur."

20:17:21 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter was still trying to go over the evening's events. He remembered tossing the Ash Sphere at Galen's window, and then trying to bombarde the area with Hot Jacks; and then it went to hell. He was a Phoenix, they were notorious for having short-fuses and fiery tempers. And they were like a combination between the Incredible Hulk and Time Bomb. Their rage never ended, and if you enraged them too much--pushed them too far, they exploded into a supernova. He remembered that one demon trying to help him regain control--and then Mortin. The last thing he remembers is the goblin shooting him with something and then falling...falling. The falling is what knocked him out. As he takes a swig of his potent drink, he grunted and then turns to glance sideways as Evelynne entered the Cork. He remembered her, she tried to stand up to him--but got blasted by his wrath. He glances back down at his drink and groans.

20:23:48 [Lilium ] Lilium had been in mid spin, fixing to turn with her left leg extended-until he made the racket. Lilium turned her head quickly in surprise, stumbling as her aching toes held her up. She lowered her leg, tip toes stepping back as they set on the block. She soon lowered to her flat feet, walking quickly to the radio and turning the music down. "I'm not your heart." It must have been and odd site, for her attire to look rather punk-ish and the ballet shoes. The four candles, two on each wall, flickered to the soft breeze her body caused while walking to the radio. "This has got to stop. I do not like what you are doing to me," she responded while grabbing a dancing cane for the jazz students, which set against the wall by the radio. "Are you not going to leave me in peace," she questioned through a hurt tone of voice, still shaky from yesterdays events.
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20:23:48 [Lilium ] Lilium had been in mid spin, fixing to turn with her left leg extended-until he made the racket. Lilium turned her head quickly in surprise, stumbling as her aching toes held her up. She lowered her leg, tip toes stepping back as they set on the block. She soon lowered to her flat feet, walking quickly to the radio and turning the music down. "I'm not your heart." It must have been and odd site, for her attire to look rather punk-ish and the ballet shoes. The four candles, two on each wall, flickered to the soft breeze her body caused while walking to the radio. "This has got to stop. I do not like what you are doing to me," she responded while grabbing a dancing cane for the jazz students, which set against the wall by the radio. "Are you not going to leave me in peace," she questioned through a hurt tone of voice, still shaky from yesterdays events.

20:30:25 Rath snickered under his breath. Her reactions were amusing. Good. Canting his head to the side, Rath stepped closer, gradually closing the distance between them. He eyed her, and noted that she had no weapons on her person. That he could tell, anyway. Though he was almost completely sure he was right when she grabbed the cane from against the wall. He was almost at her now. Once touched by an incubus, a girl would be even more susceptible to his powers. With every step closer, the presence she felt would become stronger. "Peace? What excitement is there in peace. Aside from that, my dear, didn't you like our little kiss? I did. I was hoping for another." He smirked boyishly. Almost innocently. He now stood a few feet from her person, tracing his tongue across his lower lip.

20:33:45 [Evelynne] "Help me get this off of me and I'll forgive you and get you a drink", said the girl in a raspy voice. A little humor crossed her mind as she realized accordingly to most modern laws, she wasn't old enough yet to be in that bar without a parent. She wondered what happened to Delaney, but just as she was good at stalking food, she'd find the woman again no doubt. Pain had her annoyed and it showed in her eyes. She looked around for a knife or something to dig that melted bit of metal out of her. The words of change had her having a cat's paw for a tail, bits of jeans on her arms, her human hand shifted to be that of a foot.."Yeash..get this damned thing off of me!"

20:37:52 [Peter_Xarhilm] Sighing, Peter had reached out--hooked his talons around the melted bit in her flesh, and yanked. The sound of peeling was audible as the Phoenix had ripped the metal bit out of her flesh with relative ease. His talons were long but they were also strong, "I don't want yer forgiveness, darlin'." he responded to her afterwards. And then took another drink from his glass, "I ain't deservin' o' it." before he hadn't of cared if he killed people if they got in the way--but typically the kill count never exceeded five. Tonight...he killed way more than just five. And that fact alone was beginning to weigh in on him. With the melted bit tossed aside, he rubs his face with one hand and groaned a bit.

20:40:17 [Lilium ] Lilium didn't wait for him to get any closer; she took that cane and swung at him like it was some sort of baseball bat. The swing of the bat made the candle near the radio blow out, causing the other flame to dance lightly. If she missed, she would continue swinging at him-attempting to strike him. Oh, this is hard. In ballet shoes, trying to hit so freak guy with a damn thin cane. Strands of her red hair danced about freely, bangs sitting brushed to the right of her smooth face. Lilium stopped, stepping back and on point-which means on tip toes. The ballet shoes are not made to be walked on flat for long. She did well dancing on the shoes, very well indeed, but swinging a cane around is different. Lilium held the cane, like she was ready to hit a ball. "Don't kiss me. Don't hung me. Don't fucking touch me," she hissed through her thick accent. It was normal now to talk in English, since she had to due to living here. "You tell me right now, what you are...or I swear I will..." Her face held~c20:40:32 [Lilium ] much anger, pale cheeks holding a slight redish tint.~e

20:43:44 Rath raised two fingers, gesturing towards the makeshift bat. The first time she swung at him, she would find that the cane remained in the air, her hands slipping off of the smooth surface. He paused a moment, waiting for her to realise what had happened before making another gesture, the cane flying into his other hand. He spun it dextrously about his fingers, sending it twirling up into the air. Just as the cane hit the arc of it's journey, just as it was supposed to fall back down into his hand, it didn't. It stayed in the air, twirling, creating a soft whoosh noise. Rath kept his gaze fixed upon Lilium, taking note of her every expression. Finally, the cane dropped down and was caught in Rath's open hand. He extended it to the girl, taking a small step closer. "You can have this back, if you're going to behave."

20:47:17 [Evelynne] She hissed painfully- as the melted amulet went out of her and she slumped over in partial human form and claw dragon before the claw dragon took over. While she changed she slid off the stool and onto the floor. A feeling of raw pain turned to brief bliss, with her closing her eyes and backing up into the corner. +You did what you thought was right.+, was said as she shivered slightly feeling the pain of the burns ease in the company of other Fae. Where was Delaney? Before she did much looking, she needed to be steady on her own feet. Just where in the hell had all the powersurges come from?!

20:50:17 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had watched as she began to mutate back into that demon creature that had attacked him during his rage. He downed the rest of his drink and got up and off the stool, padding off and over towards a table closest to the television set and sat down in a chair at this table. He glances over at Evelynne now, still holding the melted amulet in his right hand, "..." he had nothing more to say.

20:50:24 [Lilium ] Her eyes watched the cane, not from awe, but from a displeased expression. As it moved and twirled, the candle went out, except for the one close to the door, which illuminated against his back. This set the room into a soft darkness. Her arms reached back, taking the metal bar that spans across the mirrored wall. Her bottom pressed against the top of the bar, letting her feet rest from the awkward movements she made. "You can keep the cane," she spoke through gritted teeth. She feared that if she took hold of the cane, it would channel his powers to her or something. "I know...You have to be something out of a fairy tale. Well, more of a nightmare," her voice came out in a normal tone, still keeping the distance between them. The tip of her ballet shoes barely touched the floor as she set on the thin bar, back and bottom against the mirror.~e

20:54:07 Rath nonchalantly discarded the cane, tossing it somewhere to the side. He approached her, closing the distance between them completely. Setting his hands down on the bar on either side of his body, Rath eased nice and close. Licking his lips, his eyes wandered her body unabashedly. When he was satisfied with his appraisal, he returned his attention to her gaze, and her commentary. "I told you before, love, my name is Rath. You've yet to give me yours; it's terribly rude. Please, let us finish with our introductions, and then I'll answer your questions." He smiled disarmingly, bringing a hand up to brush some of his thick, silky blackhair away from his eyes.

21:00:39 [Evelynne] The clawdragon blinked and licked her paws. A little at a time the burned smell would disappear. She flickered out of sight altogether in a black haze. She'd go back to the packlands quietly. She wondered if she'd passed or failed Dannethion, and felt a need to..Ah hell. Old feelings took over her that she was more then willing to let die. She was so..damned..confused!

21:02:58 [Lilium ] She did not give him the pleasure of her looking him in the eyes, though he did still make her skin crawl. Her eyes fixed on the building outside, since the window set above an alley. It did annoy her that he sat within her personal space. "Fine. I tell you my name, you tell me what-not who-you are. I am Lilium Marie Lenore Vancourt. YOU can call me Lilium." Her hands gripped tighter to the metal bar, shoes still touching the floor-barely-and doing well to keep her up on the bar. The strong muscle in her chest throbbed roughly, hands nervously shaking as she refused to make eye contact with the fellow so close.~e

21:05:59 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had decided to get up all of a sudden as he glances at Bruno, "Bruno...I'm going for a walk. I need some time to think...alone." his accent was mostly gone as he held out his hand and handed Bruno the melted bit of metal that he tore from Evelynne's collarbone. The ogre took the item and nodded to him, "Birdyman be careful!" and then Peter nodded with a smile as he went to leave, "Always am, big guy--always am." as he walked away from the Cork--he could hear arguing not far away. And...he approaches it. Ignoring the odd looks he gets from random passers-by. He didn't care anymore. Not about the Veil, or the secrecy, none of it--it didn't matter. Morrigan was likely going to kill him herself tomorrow, or The Ash was going to reprimand him. He really screwed up, he knew it...he should have known it. Everytime a Phoenix is born, things change. He stops at the building and opens the door and slips inside--and lo and behold! The incubus and the human again. The birdman closed the door behind him and padded

21:06:07 [Peter_Xarhilm] deeper into the room--his clawed feet making audible clicking noises as he walks towards them both. He looked...very much unlike last night. He looked like someone who just came back from a funeral, sort of.

21:06:50 Rath grinned mischievously. Bringing up a hand under her chin, his fingertips gently guided her to look up into his eyes. His thumb brushed across her jaw as he licked his lips, listening to her. "Lilium. What a pretty name, ma coeur." He chuckled softly, chewing idly on his lower lip. He mused at the situation a moment before finally speaking once more. "What I am, Lilium, is an Incubus. Do you know what an Incubus is, my dove?" He was playing with her, teasing. Though really, Rath hadn't decided what he wanted to do with her just yet.

21:15:21 [Lilium ] A what?! A fucking Incubus?! Of course she knew what the hell that was. Her eyes widened in fear. Instantly she knew what he was all about-due to tales and what not. Both her hands let lose of the bar, causing her to slide off it as she jerked her face away from his hand and placed both hands on his chest, giving him a rough shove. "Get the fuck away from me! You are just a creature of sex and manipulating women." Her bottom pressed against the bar as she stood on point. "Keep your filthy hands off me. I knew that your power is something devilish. I'm not going to fall for your tricks.". Lilium ran her left hand through her hair, brushing back her bangs to only have them fall back into place. Her hands moved back to the bar, eyes staring at him in slight disbelief. How could she have fallen so easily to this, Incubus...~e

22:33:11 [Lilium ] Though her body eased, right cheek falling back against his chest-still she held a worried out look on the situation. Her hands moved to his sides, holding tight to his shirt at his waist. Her name slipping from his gilded tongue sounded like a lullaby of sorts. Suddenly a small spot of silence before the bird thing yelled out. When the walk exploded, she pushed away from him with all her might, turning on her left point. This caused her to grab the metal ballet bar roughly as shards of glass flew out over the studio. A low whine left her voice as the shards cut her shirt and pants, some small pieces slicing open the skin on her arms and as it ripped through her clothes. The glass did not shred her clothes-nothing close, but did rip them a bit. Her knees buckled to the sudden sharp pain of the glass hitting her and sticking in her hair. The other mirrored wall made slight tinking noises as the glass hit it. Lilium squatted down, knees together and still on point, and both hands gripping the bar. Blood~c 22:33:26 [Lilium ] trickled down her arms, some staining her clothes where it ripped the fabric and flesh. All of this became a horrible nightmare as she leaned forward, head resting on the glass wall. Her body shook from the little cuts and scrapes, chest rising and falling to heavy breaths. When everything settled and the bird man hollered again, she turned her head lightly to see what he was telling to get Rath. Lilium's eyes went wide, largely so, and then dark. All of this, emotional pain-body pain-everything... All of this hit her at once and for the first time in her life, she fainted like some pansy ass girl-which would make her angry when she wakes up. Her face pressed against the glass, knees falling to the glass ridden floor, as her shoulder smacked the mirrored wall and arms fell to the ground.~e

22:39:53 Rath brought up a hand, extending it in front of him and using it to deflect most of the debris away from both him and Lilium. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to redirect all of it, as Rath was momentarily distracted when bits of glass gave Lilium some flesh wounds. A quick appraisal of her health determined she was fine. Rath turned back towards the metal railing, taking hold in one hand. A section separated from the rest, and seemed to melt into the shadpe of a longsword. The blade was double-edged, straight, and curved just slightly at the end, creating a barbed effect. Turning back to his two opponents, Rath smiled, skillfully whirling the blade in a figure-eight pattern around his body. He began taking slow, deliberate steps towards 'Bruno'. "As you wish,2:40:35 Rath "As you wish, Phoenix. I hope this stranger is worth the life of your friend."

22:45:20 [LeeSaoren] Lee kicked open the door to his temporary office and sighed. The place was a mess; papers strewn about, cardboard packaging from at least a dozen fast-food joints littered the desk--a half-eaten Big Mac rested atop his computer--and what little light came into his rented office did so through grimney windows. Of course, the state of the office didn't really bother Lee; he was currently covered in thick, globby rivulets of what looked like black mud. "God damn it...that was soooooo not worth it," he muttered to himself, stepping into the little square room he rented in the Stockholm-Cooper professional building. His favorite blue jacket was smeared with the goo, his white t-shirt sporting a healthy blotch of the stuff and his brown pants were coated up to his knees. He didn't care, but the remnants of the Mud Imp were also in his raven hair and smeared around his face to boot. He had rings around his deep blue eyes from lack of sleep. He kicked off the heavy boots he wore--even his white gym socks were
22:45:23 [LeeSaoren] squelchy with the residue--and stumbled around the crappy wooden desk to plop into the equally crappy office chair. The moment his ass hit the semi-padded rolling chair, he exhaled deeply. "Jesus," he said aloud, yanking open drawers and quickly closing them, "I need a drink." He at last found a drawer hiding a half-empty bottle of an amber-colored liquor. He yanked the top off, glanced at an empty glass sitting atop a pile of newspapers and instead simply began to drink from the mouth of the bottle. He exhaled again and, after a moment of reflection, reached for the unfinished burger. The atypical black office phone on the desk rang; he yanked it. "Yah," he said, his mouth full. "Uh huh...job's done," he said in response to whatever was said on the phone. "Uh huh...yeah...six hundred...yea...sure thing, pal, after I fax you a picture of my ass. You too. Oh and thanks for using Lee's Round the Clock Cleaning service, you lying asshole." He slammed the receiver down. The restraunt owner had not said 22:45:28 [LeeSaoren] a word about the Mud Imp in the dishwasher. Lee sighed and resumed eating what could easily have been a three-day old burger.

22:49:29 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter looked as if he was about to tell Bruno to charge--and he held out a hand in front of Bruno, who looked at the Phoenix oddly, "Huh?" the big brute said. As Peter noticed Rath brandishing a longsword--he seemed He began to walk towards the incubus and assumed a combat pose in front of him. Though an untrained fighter would think he's just standing there--but to a trainer combatant, they'd notice he was focused and determined. He held up his right hand in front of him with the palm facing himself with the fingers straight and extended--folded against each other. The other arm was folded behind his back and his feet were held together, but spaced differently. This was no ordinary stance--it was a Taijutsu stance. So Rath would need to be careful. Bruno sat down and suddenly pulled out a bucket of popcorn out of nowhere and began to munch on it. Om Nom Nom

22:52:20 [Ogawa] [Ogawa had been walking down the sidewalk whenever he saw an obscenely large man in superhero pajamas sprint across the street. Initially, the young man was on the defense. He expected the man to try to tackle him, and the shy bengal tiger cub that was his familiar darted behind him and hid behind his legs. Ogawa simply watched though... as the big man ran past him, collided with the wall, and then blasted through it. Ogawa's mouth just dropped. He was strong, but strong like that? Well, possibly, but he wouldn't think of trying that. That one was clearly all brawn and no brain. Ogawa knew that something was up. Oni had to be involved with this. He turned to his cub. Maneki, the psionic link between them was incredibly strong, but super private. there was no way to intrude upon this conversation unless Ogawa or Maneki allowed it. They didn't right now. Follow three paces behind me, then hide in the shadows. Something isn't right here. So Ogawa raced inside, and the ninja dropped his jaw
22:53:08 [Ogawa] - There were oni alright. Fighting over a girl. He had to play this smart. He ducked into the shadows, and he waited for the right moment. He would know when it would be. As he would enter the shadows, he would hide and suppress his inner energies to a minimum. His breathing would be slow and even. He leapt. Twice. When he landed the second time, he would be above them all. Watching from the ceiling in the rafters. The phoenix was the smart one. He was far more dangerous. The big one... Ogawa saw almost no threat in that one. He was big and stupid. Just the way Ogawa liked his minions.]

22:55:26 Rath didn't stop. He wasn't intimidated in the slightest. A phoenix without their fire was almost certainly no match for him. Rath strode calmly towards the bird, stopping at a distance of about six feet. He held his sword at his side, canting his head as he watched Peter. "Decided to let him sit this one out? A charitable, selfless decision. What's your interest with the girl? Who're you playing for?" He watched him carefully, studying his posture. Evidently sizing him up, nor was he trying to disguise the fact that this is what he was doing.

23:00:41 [Lilium ] It's not like she was going to be out for long. Lilium is not that much of a damn pansy. Her eyes opened to the direct sight of her eyes, both hands pushing her face from mirror as she turned her head and looked up to Rath wielding the sword and the retarded looking thing in the superman pajamas. Why?! Why was this happening to her? She held no powers, no real skill besides dancing, and really is not that unique-besides having a sixth sense. At the sight of the two fixing to run into combat; she stood quickly on the point of her ballet shoes, baggy-yet form fitting cargo pants swaying as she moved between them. "STOP! Look what you have done to the studio! This is the only place I can find peace and it has been wrecked! Do you know how much trouble I will be in? I'm the only one that uses this place at night time!" Tears for the destruction of the ballet studio slowly moved down her face as she squatted between the two-knees together, and began gently picking up the pieces of random glass the~c23:01:18 [Lilium ] glass that covered the floor. Anger, upset, rage filled her body as she ignored the sharp pieces in her hand. Lilium stood and pointed to the door. "Take your fucking fight else where and stay out of my life. The both of you!" The last candle had been blown out a long time ago and they all set in complete darkness. Lilium held her empty right hand out, walking till she found the door and the trash can. She dropped the glass in it and moved out of the door, holding on to the pane before moving to the stairs. Slowly she moved down them, finding it hard to do in ballet shoes-but her skill allowed her to adjust. Once at the bottom, she saw the front door had been broken and just ignored it for now. Lilium moved to the back room, past the office by the door and bathroom. She stepped into the shower room, not bothering to take her clothes off, and pulled back the curtain. Carefully she stepped in and turned the water on till it became very warm. Steam rolled off the water as it helped rinse the glass out 23:01:44 [Lilium ] f her hair, but sting the small amount of open wounds on her body.~e
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23:00:42 [LeeSaoren] Lee tossed the remainder of the burger into the already-full trash bin at the side of his desk. He belched contentedly and grabbed the wireless keyboard from the desk and leaned back in his chair, propping his wet feet up on the battered desk's surface. A few keystrokes and the computer came to life. He naivgated through various screens and windows unti he reached his very carefully protected private files. Here, he opened a text document that was already approaching two hundred pages in length. It was titled, simply, "OpLog" and was filled with his notes on the Fae he'd encountered during his tenure as a freelancer. He began typing, his face losing its anger as he took nips from the bottle as he worked. After a while, he shook his head, muttering under his breath. "God damned mud imps. God damned chinese chef bastard. Why the hell was that thing eating sushi anyway?" he grumbled, pausing to take a particularly long swig of his alchohol. He slammed the bottle back down and sat back, thinking. Was it pure 23:00:46 [LeeSaoren] coincedence or were violent incidents involving Fae on the rise? He spun slowly in his chair, stood up and yanked the blinds up from the window. Through the dusty surface, he stared out at the surface. There was something...murky about Boston these days. He frowned...he hated feeling pensive. For Lee, it was either action or that little breather between bouts of action. "Gonna need some more drink," he murmured thoughtfully to himself.

23:04:09 [Peter_Xarhilm] Even though Rath had moved--Peter didn't move at all. His eyes stayed focused head. Even at an early age he had been taking lessons in self-defense. Alot of people mocked him for choosing Taijutsu out of all of the styles to pick--but they often changed their tune after they saw how fast and how agile he was. Hollowed out bones meant he was lighter than an average person, which also attributed to the speed necessary for this style. As Rath spoke he responded but he didn't alter his position at all, "My interest is that I can't let ya suck 'er dry like a grape. Not after what happened t'night. I ain't lettin' ya do it." there was one other way he could take Lilium out of Rath's hands forever--but he wasn't going to resort to that unless he absolutely had too. However, when she mentioned her wall was ruined--Bruno got up and turned around, abandoning his Popcorn as he began to...put her wall back together? Yes! He was...putting it together, like a puzzle. Humming a song appropriately like 'Hi ho hi ho, off to23:04:28 [Peter_Xarhilm] work we go!' that the Seven Dwarves tended to sing. Weird ogre.

23:09:08 [Olivia_Iconnu] "What happened here?", asked a soft voice in wonderment. The city had been trashed to an extent with fire fighters and rescue crews already being overloaded. The city was in part on lockdown aside from a bar strangely enough. Music called to the white haired girl, and it wasn't quite coming from the Fae either, yet it was catchy and hard to ignore. The girl herself was like a faintly Asianic verison of the "Children of the Damned", wearing a white kimmono with black embroidered daggers across the back and down the sleeves. At her age, which would of been about 14, she stood at 5'6 in height, and already weighed in at 125 lbs. If anyone happened to catch sight of Ogawa, they would see that there was a distinct resemblence there that would mark them as brother and sister, but there were no animal familiars to accompany her that night. Only a faint sense of meloncholic gothic music and a faint scent of cinnamon and sulphur seemed to walk along beside her. The shadows seemed a little more thin then usual. What wa23:10:26 [Olivia_Iconnu] as going on?! "I gotta find em! I know he's close!" Her voice was almost a plea to the night itself. She was tired of being considered crazy for being insistent she had a brother out there! The one known as the Johnson lady, had done a damned good job of hiding the lad from the world, by simply not mentioning his existence! For the Fae out there, they would find an odd mix of dark and light within this one, marking her more as neutral then most, but for her she either really was happy or not.

23:11:25 Rath chuckled softly. "A white knight. That's charming." Rath brushed back some of his hair with his free hand, canting his head to the opposite side. "If you want to play the good guy, that's your prerogative. But I'm not going to let you presume to interfere with the affairs of others." With blinding speed, Rath closed the distance between the two. Ash-coloured smoke seemed to follow his movements, partially distorting his figure. His right hand, the hand with which he was holding his sword, sent the blade slicing horizontally towards the bird's neck.

23:12:13 [LeeSaoren] At last, with another heaving sigh, he took off his jacket, heaving it onto the desk. Revealed was the shoulder holster on his right shoulder, a powerful-looking handgun cradled tightly in its hold. There was also a strap at the small of his back where a second gun rested, nestled just-so in the nook of the small of his back so as to make the weapon concealable, reachable and yet not a burden when sitting. He kept a third gun in a thigh holster on his left leg. He yanked all three firearms from their places and laid them on the desk, on top of his jacket. "Note to self," he said with a scowl, "mud imps aren't hurt by stupid bullets". He sat down and opened another drawer, took out a cleaning kit and began to methodically clean his trio of identical weapons. To his dismay, Lee had discovered over time that guns simply did not cut it when dealing with certain kinds of Fae, thus the wise idea of keeping a log. The weapons did, however, hurt some types and slow down others. Besides, Lee thought morosely, I'm 23:12:16 [LeeSaoren] a good shot; it's about the only useful skill I got. He was a quick hand at cleaning the guns and set about reloading the clip on each. He made a face as he did so; normally, when a gun did not work on a violent Fae, Lee would stop using that particular weapon. But the Imp had been quite the actor and Lee's temper had gotten the better of him...almost four times. As a result, Lee was sporting the backsplatter from the bullet impacts on his clothing. In the end, he'd had to shove the Imp back into the dishwasher and turn it on. After opening it, all that was left was muddy water. "Huh. Didn't even get to put in the soap," he mused to himself with a dark grin as he continued to deposit rounds into the clips.

23:16:38 [Peter_Xarhilm] With almost near-equal speed the Phoenix moved. As the blade was swung out towards him his hands were on the move. He slammed his palms down against the blade and pushed it aside--the plates on his hands offered natural resilience against cutting himself as he went to thrust the blade aside (whilst still holding onto it) as he quickly brought his body around as he brought out his knee to slam into Rath's stomach with surprising strength and speed. If this landed correctly, Rath would have been knocked back and the sword would now be held by the Phoenix. If this is what happened, he'd toss the blade into the air and catch it by the hilt and impale it into the floor at his side and reassume his combat stance. His eyes now focused upon Rath, ~No. I'm not a White Knight. Far from it. But those people didn't deserve to die like that--not from me.~ he thought to himself as his face began to grow more determined.

23:16:54 [Ogawa] [Having a Ninja's eye view of the situation was handy indeed. Even more convenient still was the fact that he had an incredibly smart animal familiar. Now we get to see how dumb Bruno is. Maneki, I need you to distract the big one. There was a feeling shortly following the comment that resembled a cheschire cat's smile before the tiger cub replied back Can do, Boss. In this moment, Bruno might feel something soft and fuzzy rub up against his leg, and it followed with a purr. It was one big kitty! It had pretty yellow eyes, and it rumblepurred, and it was gorgeous! It looked at him with the classic Shrek 2 Puss in Boots Cute face. Loves me now, you fatass ape, Maneki said to herself as she did this. It was funny to her to make fun of the big ones. If Bruno tried to grab her, he would find that she was just a little too quick. And she would always hop just a little bit out of his reach. OO! BIG KITTY PLAYFUL! Haha. In the Meantime, Ogawa's watching the phoenix, the Incubus, and the girl.+
23:17:26 [Ogawa] - Once that battle started, he had a nasty surprise for the two combatants. But his priority was rescuing the girl and leaving before no one ever noticed he was there. However when she left, Ogawa grinned. She was alone, which meant that Ogawa could do his job even better. With an amused chuckle the teenage Ninja slipped away by following the shadows of the ceiling to an air grate, where he would open the grate gently, and slide into it. When he began to swiftly crawl on the tips of his fingers and toes down the ventilation shaft. Where to? Another room. So this way he could find access to the boiler room. What he found instead was the sound of running water and steam. Ogawa nodded and headed to it. When he entered the shower room, he found the girl that had fallen in a shower with her clothes on. This was good. Ogawa was swift, and he was quiet. After all, he was a ninja. When he came up behind her his left hand immediately clamped over her mouth and his right arm crossed over her chest to grab her left + 23:17:46 [Ogawa] - shoulder. "Don't scream, I'm not here to hurt you," he whispered in her ear. "There are two monsters in your house of music and I intend to get rid of them. I need your help. I will lower my hand if you promise not to scream. Understand?" He waited for an answer. And as for Bruno... OMGLOOKAKITTY!]

23:22:42 Rath had expected the phoenix to dodge, but it only taught him more about how to best his new foe. Rath relinquished his grip on the blade, smirking. As the bird brought up his knee, he would find that it met with an invisible barrier - a patch of compressed air which had halted his attack. Rath had complete control of his environment, often including the elements themselves. He shuffled back a step, a small distance from the phoenix. Snapping his fingers, the sword came to life in Peter's hand, wrentching itself free before beginning to hack and slash, if not awkwardly, at the would-be poultry.

23:24:24 [Lilium ] After a good wash over with the water, she turned the faucet off and ran her hands through her hair. She began to turn her hair, wringing out the water as she leaned to the right a bit. Her clothes clung to her body, sopping wet from head to toe. Finally, she found time to take of the slippers. Though just before she went to take of the slippers, this person grabbed her. Lilium did not scream, but she jerked her head back, attempting to knock him in the face. "Release me," she mumbled from behind the hand, body shifting in her wet clothes as she attempted to break free of the random ass hole behind her. Lilium shook her head and opened her mouth, attempting to bite down on the hand. Her feet pressed to the ground roughly, giving her a quick shove to try and smash him against the wall. The points of her shoes hurt her feet as she tried to hurt the man. Lilium did not care if he was there to help her. The warm water still poured down on them, covering both of them in the water.~e

23:26:10 [Olivia_Iconnu] With that 'OMGKITTY', Olivia paused. The girl paused outside of a dance hall. The sent of a phoenix called to her and strongly. Flame! Brother? OGAWA! Frantic thoughts cut through her and she did the vacant dizzy dance and walked outright into a wall and fell back holding her nose. That smarted and her eyes watered! No warm mess trickled down her pallid white face. "Gwah!" That didn't feel good, but she knew she was more distracted then she ever had been. Carefully she stepped to the right and shook her head to clear it and eye rubbed, before using her right hand to pinch her nose to see if it was okay. Yes, she was fine in form, but that pull had her just as lost as she'd ever been. Boston was a city she'd never been to before that night. Odd glances were sent to her that she shrugged off. Finally, she found the building they were all gathered at and all she could do was stare. She was as close to her brother now as she ever had been. What was holding her back?! Olivia really did not know. Would it bring >23:27:42 [Olivia_Iconnu] danger to the pair of them if they were ever reuninted? Would he try killing her? There were too many unknown answers to equations for her liking. For now, all she could do was watch, as if she were affixed to the ground like a child statue made out of marble.

23:31:14 [Peter_Xarhilm] Even though his knee had impacted air--the force behind it was quite considerable. If it had hit Rath would have been in a world of hurt most likely. His eyes narrowed. As the sword came alive on it's own, and started to slash at him the phoenix moved fluidly around it--a few times it slashed through some feathers and let them fall to the floor but he didn't seem to mind. Unless he was channeling his magic into that blade then it wouldn't be able to hurt him, being a Fae and all that. Suddenly he had ducked underneath the blade as he brought out his right hand and swatted it across the lengthwise metal of the blade and deflected it away from himself and flying back towards Rath. Bruno, meanwhile--was preoccupied so much with the rebuilding of the wall he didn't even notice the kitty! But Olivia's bumping into a wall made his wall crumble! His lower lip quivered, "Wall fall down and go boom." he said and started over.

23:32:48 [LeeSaoren] Lee was just finishing up the relaoding of his last gun when the phne rang. He picked it up and cradled it to his ear with his shoulder as he continued to load the gun. "Lee's PI and...uh huh. Where? Uh huh...a what? A WHAT?!" He frowned, set down his gun. "Uh, what is it you want from me? I don't have any place to hold any capti...well, no, but..." The conversation continued this way for a while until Lee leaned forward, snatched the keyboard up and began typing. "Ben, are you sure? This sounds like some shit some old lady would call in after...well, fine, if you're paying. Right. I'll call you back," Lee said as he hung up the phone. Bender Keyes, public liason for the Boston PD, went way back with Lee. Now and then, the PD would get calls of a "strange or hoax-like nature". More often than not, nothing was done regarding the call. But one time, just one time, Ben had given Lee a call because it was his neighbor that had called. Lee, deciding Ben would owe him a favor, went to check it out. What he'd 23:32:52 [LeeSaoren] found was something he would later come to call a "Shade". A creature living in the absence of light had killed and eaten the neighbor's cat, dog and two-thirds of the passenger-side tire of his BMW. The point was, when Ben called, Lee tended to respond. Because of his position, Ben was able to "forward" an informants' fee to Lee's office, usually about a thousand dollars a job. High pay, but then again, if it turned out to be nothing, Lee was stuck with zilch. He finally navigated his computer to the web, went to good ol' Google and began searching for whatever creature it was that tended to do what Ben had said the caller reported. Tracks, claw marks, smell of tar, ash trail...Google helped, but the mountain of crap Lee had to dig through slowed him down. "Ah hell," he cursed as he tried to websurf and reload at the same time. "Might have to check it out blind," he scowled. Going in blind meant, more than likely, he would be unprepared for whatever it was. He holstered his guns and grabbed his boots.

23:34:36 Rath noticed the phoenix coming for hima gain, but Rath was much faster. Shadows consumed him, and he wisped some ten feet away to the left, against the wall with the broken mirror. The sword, meanwhile, which was being controlled through his magic, resumed it's attack. Rath stifled a yawn, watching the phoenix duck, dodge and block the flurry of attacks. "I wonder how long you can keep that up, after today's events? I'm willing to wager I can go for a lot longer than you can." He smirked in satisfaction, bringing a hand up to passively admire his nails. Of course, he kept one eye on the bird at all times.

23:35:38 [Ogawa] [Ogawa was thus slammed against a wall. Is this the thanks he gets for helping people in this crazy shithole? Well, nevermind. It was Boston, and half the city was nuked. Such was the reason why Ogawa was here. But when Lilium jerked her head back, she simply hit his shoulder after straining her neck. He head was beside hers. She wanted to be released, and thus, he released her, but he shoved her forward. Should she turn around and look at the young man she would see that his face was dead set and cold. He wasn't going to put up with much stupidity, and if she thought she was tough, she should reconsider her options, as says the sword on his back. "I'm sorry if I hurt you, but you must understand the urgence of this situation. I must find your boiler room before you are hurt and your theater is destroyed. Please, where is it?" In the meanwhile, Maneki was done trying. Stupid Ogre. She padded off to the shadows, and then down the hall, feeling her Master's presence and following his scent. When she +23:36:05 [Ogawa] - entered the bathroom she would be there in just enough time to see the would-be hero fight with the oddball damsel in distress. Girl had fire to her. Are you sure we just can't leave her to her fate? That Incubus won't take her soul immediately... the tiger cub asked. Shut up, Maneki, was the reply the tiger got.]

23:36:50 Rath meant that he indeed slips back through the shadows as he did, though quickly resumed control of the sword, having it whirl elegantly about his form. With a nod of his chin, the blade was sent flying back at the phoenix, resuming it's attacks. This time, he would find it considerably harder to knock the blade off it's course.

23:41:05 [Peter_Xarhilm] Whilst Rath was arrogant and cocky--and most likely evil--he was correct in that much of Peter's energy was drained. However he seemed to press his feet into the ground and lunged into Rath's direction--as the sword was thrown back at him, he ducked underneath it as he came up at the Incubus with a vicious finger-stab towards the incubi's abdomen region. The phoenix didn't understand it, but people were constantly underestimating his ability to fight without his flames. Was he truly that unintimidating or were people just plain jerks like that? Finally Bruno got that wall rebuilt! And...he did something odd. He ...puked...brown stuff onto it! And began to use his hands to mold the brown stuff over the rocks and such! One of Bruno's powers was being able to create earth, and mold it under his grip. Which is what he was doing to the wall.

23:41:57 [Lilium ] "Boiler room? There is no room like that. This is just shabby studio." Her voice grumbled out as she caught herself against the shower wall. Quite frankly, she did not give two shits about his sword or powers. Her stubborn attitude would not let her be so scared of a weapon. She had lived her for a while, it was common for people to walk around with weapons. Maybe not a sword... Lilium looked at the man quietly, in silence before doing the only thing she could think of doing. Her mouth opened up and she yelled in distress, calling the only name that came to mind,"Raaaaaaath." Her arms helped her to stand on the point of her ballet slippers as she carefully stepped out of the shower, now cold.~e

23:42:15 [Olivia_Iconnu] She went inside and decided to help the Ogre. "Sorry about that.", she said in a near whisper. "Want some help really getting that fixed?" She eyed the wall and looked at the general surrounding area. A faint grin was given. The place could use a little light. So much darkness clouded the area. If the Ogre tried putting the wall back up again, she would glow faintly under her skin with her eyes becoming like molten silver. The wall's edges would heat up and the bits of debris would be melted together like glue. If anyone could sense power, they'd feel probably a little lighter headed and like a warm's summer day taking away tension. Softly she started to sing a song without words- but it was sure more pleasant then the raw scream of pain that seemed to overtake the city earlier yet that night. How long would it last? There was no telling.

23:53:06 Rath was a long distance away from the bird. Over ten feet. To top that off, he was very fast. A drained Phoenix couldn't hope to keep up with him. Again, he dissipated into shadow, leaving Peter crashing into wisps of smoke. Reappearing up near the ceiling, he was briefly suspended in mid-air from the jump he had just made. As he was about to launch his blade back at the bird, he heard his name, if only briefly. An incubus is particularly sensitive to its name being spoken, especially since one rarely distributes its actual name. Ears perked, Rath was distracted by Lilium's call. He knew exactly where she was, though may not have if she had said anything else. Hovering momentarily in mid-air, a cloud of smoke once more poofed into existence as the incubus disappeared. Appearing beside Lilium, he crouched protectively at her side, eyes shooting here and there to determine any potential danger. Ca va? He asked almost teasingly, suspiciously eyeing what was obviously another Fae
23:53:59 Rath creature. Rath stood to

23:58:58 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter growled as he stabbed smoke. As much as he wanted to admit it, Rath was correct in his assumptions. If he wasn't drained from nearly exploding into a Supernova earlier in the day, he probably would have been able to defeat the Incubus already. As the stab happened, he stumbled and fell sideways. The sword was likely lifeless by now--he merely laid on the floor. His heart was thumping in his chest as he rolls over onto his back and closes his eyes. Beak open and he was panting. Mentally cursing himself for being so weak currently, and for being unable to help keep Lilium away from the Incubus--and Lilium for calling him for help. Bruno blinked as the wall got warm--and he kept his hands on the wall even after he finished smoothing the gloop over it--and warmer, and warmer...and warmer until--"OW!" he pulled his hands off and began to jump off and up and down, "Owie, owch, owie! Wall bite Bruno!" he roared!

00:11:27 [Ogawa] [Ogawa nodded. She was incorrect, of course. Every building like this had a boiler room. it was why there were watersprinklers in the ceiling. And then... She started to yell. Keyword being started. First, she was still close to him. Second, he was a ninja. His clan killed people for less. Lucky for her, he was a good ninja. Unlucky for him, there was an incubus in the room. Ogawa sighed. Maneki... / On it, boss. Ogawa's hands began to move in a fast rhythm. It was like his hands were doing some strange sort of sign language or dance. It was very graceful. Keep your eyes on this, ladies and gentlemen, the real show is about to start. See kitty? She's a pretty kitty. That pretty kitty sprints across the room and slams her head into the wall so hard that the pipes leading to the showers explode, and water goes everywhere. Then the funky hand dance stops, and the Ninja speaks. "Ogawa Masanori Asumoto, and you're completely fucked." Behind him, the water pressure erupts behind him in torrential +
00:12:05 [Ogawa] - collumbs before the pool behind him changes shape into the shape of an oriental dragon before it lunges at him. The Demon Hunter takes the opportunity as the water dragon passes him by to speak to his other Familiar. Gojira, NOW! A tiny little lizard pops out from Ogawa's collar and tosses a small little open bottle into the water-dragon body, and thus the principle of the water dragon changed. That open bottle contained sage, bits of Amethyst, and moonwater. In short: Demonic banishing oil. Perfect for something as low on the totem pole of devils, demons and ex wives such as an incubus. Gojira the lizard soon slips back under the collar of the robe, and Ogawa will stand. The tiger that just headbutt the wall will watch from behind. Ogawa's posture is relaxed, but ready. It would be wise not to underestimate this one. ]

00:14:31 [Olivia_Iconnu] She dropped the heat. "Whoops." Bruno was left with an intact wall in front of him, with Olivia sniffing the air. A few things caught the girl's attention. Incubus? Oni? PhOENiX? The hell? What were all of them doing gathered together? Human? "Oh boy, she's not going to like this." She could smell another woman nearby, and water. "Injured?" She canted her head to the right and allowed her feet to lead the way. Where Peter laid on the ground was found. With him being that near to her, he would sense something similar in nature to himself that was gently calling him back up to his feet. The young girl resonated with fire, almost all the way to the core, yet there was an inexplicable darkness within as well. Her parents, really must of been something, to leave something so seemingly conflicting within one person. "Want a hand up?" Just how had she gotten in? In truth, she followed the same path her brother had, through a hole in the wall! 00:15:09 [Olivia_Iconnu] The melody coming off of her was almost maddening. Ah, why had she ever taken off the IPOD? She needed to put the damned thing back on before long. The usual dose of HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY, kept her annoyingly perky and aligned with the light, despite the darker events of earlier that day and backtracking for a few weeks. She knew her brother was close- but wasn't about to go rushing in after him. Water started trickling out onto the floor. "Must get you out the door yes?" Banishing oil? Whether he was villan or not, she wasn't about to stick around her brother's water attacks. If those two collided, she realized, it would get ugly for everyone. Why hadn't he noticed her song? Maybe, it was best that he hadn't!

00:17:22 [Lilium ] Why did she call him? She wasn't even sure what is right or wrong right now. First the 'good guy' ruined the ballet studio and the 'bad guy' had been trying to protect her the entire night. "Please, I just want to go home and forget this even happened. I just want to rest. If my fate is to fall prey to this guy, then I guess it will happen. Just leave me in peace." Though she spoke of this being her fate, she was just talking shit to get out of the place and go home. In all reality, she still would not be giving in a breaking down so easily for the being. Dare say, she was trying to use him to get out at the moment? Lilium took a seat on the wooden bench in the middle of the shower room, removing her ballet shoes and sitting them beside her. The smooth aching skin of her feet touched the grown, toes so cutely painted black with little purple stars. Her toes stretched for the first time in hours. Then the other guy said something and some cat thing went and hit the pole. Lilium thought that the old~c 00:19:14 [Lilium ] run down place was void of sprinklers since it only held rafters and no real ceiling besides the roof. She stood quickly as the water thing moved across the room. Nothing, she did not know anything to do. Lilium just stood there, auburn hair clinging to her face as her clothes did to her body. Fuck this. Fuck all of this. Lilium said nothing as she slid by walking out the wash room door-attempting. Her bare feet touched the floor as she left the building, moving down the street. 'Home,' she thought.~e

00:20:54 [Peter_Xarhilm] Where did Bruno go? He left. Having gotten bored and forgot what he was doing, so he picked up his bucket of popcorn and walked back home. (Everyon should feel sorry for that poor goblin who has to watch the ogre!) As Olivia came up closer to Peter he opened his eyes as he looked at her. The phoenix looked weak. As the hand was offered he didn't take it--but he noticed something through the open window nearby. Sunlight. The sun was coming up! He reaches out a hand to take hers as he went to try and push himself to his feet. One hand against his chest as he panted a bit, "Sunlight..." he stated--even as the sprinklers came on, he ignored them. He climbed out of the window and collapsed onto the ground outside--and he felt the sunlight flowing over his body and against him. Closing his eyes with a sigh. Heat...glorious wonderful heat. It was true about the connection between Phoenixes and the Sun--and Peter was now different. Already he was beginning to feel his strength returning!

00:23:02 Rath was unimpressed, really. He'd seen plenty of 'demon hunters' throughout the century and a half of his lifetime. Fortunately for him, those petty herbs won't do anything but irritate his sinuses. Fortunately for Rath, however, he was in complete control of the situation. With a snap of his fingers, the water dragon was held in place via a prison made of compressed air. It took some effort, though the fact that he was a full blooded Fae meant his magic was superior to that of this 'ninja'. "That's not a very nice thing to do, Ogawa Masanori Asumoto. Attacking me before even asking my name." Rath grinned, making his way over to Lilium. He circled an arm protectively around her shoulder. "Before you continue these heroic gestures, perhaps you should rethink your position. Can't you see, you're scaring the girl." He spoke, of course, as Lilium was leaving. He exhaled a quiet sigh, rolling his eyes. "How tedious this night is becoming.." He mumbled under his breath, snapping his fingers. The water dragon 00:23:15 Rath was freed, though Rath left only wisps of smoke as he disappeared from the ninja's sight.

00:27:03 [Olivia_Iconnu] It was tedious indeed, and she couldn't blame Lilium one bit for leaving! The girl would pull the Phoenix up onto his feet, and he would get a faint sense of her likewise being like a little sister, as he would be brought back up onto his feet. The opened window brought a grin to her face as he'd pushed past her and stumbled outside. "Brother, has it occurred to you that, if we don't get out we broke into this studio?" Her voice was loud over the rushing water. She jumped outside the window herself with a faint smile. Apparently he'd be the last person out. Where would she go? Olivia was content enough just to find her brother alive.
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01:57:27 [Peter_Xarhilm] Lilium could likely hear the footsteps through the thin walls of these apartments. The two apartments down from where she lived were empty--and always have been. Nobody lived in those--but those footsteps sounded heavy from the apartment that was three doors down from where she was. Peter leaves his shower as he was using a towel to dry his body off and PWOOFH his entire body fluffs out like some kind of horrid peacock-parrot misformed child. He took a steel comb and began to beat back his PWOOFHing enemy! After a few minutes he was done and back to his appearance--he debated clothes, and decided against it. He hated clothes--all they did was chafe his feathers. He leaves his bathroom and padded over to his dresser and picked up the amulet that Penance gave him. Sliding it around his neck with his charm against mental--wait. WAIT! Peter blinked. That's it! He pulled his beak upwards into a grin as he then reaches out to take the daggers from his dresser--turning and heading out of his apartment. Padding over
01:57:34 [Peter_Xarhilm] towards Lilium's apartment as he sighed--composed himself and tapped a talon against her door three times. He knew she was probably going to slam the door into his face--but he felt she needed to be given something to protect herself from that bastard that seemed to rob her of her ability to fight back.

02:06:32 [Lilium ] Once again a knock. Could she not attain a moments rest? She pushed into a sitting position, groaning lightly as she moves to stand and walk to the door. Upon opening it, her eyes held dislike as they fixed on the bird thing. "What is it? Why can I not rid myself of you people," her accent seemed a little more heavy due to being tired and aggravated. ~e

02:09:54 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter sighed and went to reach around his neck--removing a necklace that appeared to be made from SOLID Gold! The necklace itself was shaped like a Firebird. He held out his right hand with the necklace on his palm, "Here." he said, "I originally got this to help me kill a succubi--but I think you need it more. It's a magical charm designed to shield one's mind from the charms of the sex demons. Incubi or Succubi--I think you need this more than I do." he looked at her with his sapphire blue eyes. They weren't glowing since he wasn't exercising his powers at the present.

02:13:17 [Lilium ] This confused her greatly. She gently took the charm from him, looking at it and then back to him. "After all...I have said and done...You are giving this to me," she asked, surprised more than ever that he offered her the charm. "Are you sure about this..?" She wondered if he knew she planned to kill him at some point or another in her life time.~e

02:17:53 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter watched her take it as his gaze filtered to the floor, "I have...done alot of stupid things yesterday." he sighs and glances up at her, "I was trying to kill a Succubus yesterday--one that's been reported as helping to sell off a drug on the streets--a drug that...drove my brother to madness, and caused him to kill my whole family." he shook his head and frowned, "I hate how he treats you. I hate how he looks at you--regards you. It sickens me. I hate how you are defenseless to stop him. reminds me of how helpless I was to defend my family." he reaches out with his clawed hands to her palm that held the charm as he gently lays the warm plated leathery hands on hers and began to close her hand over it gently, "Nobody should ever feel like a slave to someone else's will. Ever." there was no deception in his gaze or voice as he spoke--but his voice did crack a little, as if holding back intense sorrow or regret.

02:25:45 [Penance] Speaking of showers, Penance was finally up after having slept for almost two days straight, and taking one. She looked over at her tattoo on her left shoulder of her hookswords and sighed. "Even that close I couldn't stop the bastard." She held her stomach tightly. Lilium, wasn't the only one with cubi' troubles as she called them. One had gotten to her once. Her innocence had been taken from her and it felt like yesterday! One night, had left her marked for a few weeks. Some graphic scars lined her body from stab marks and bullets with one in particular showing her having been nearly cleaved in half. The cool water made her shiver but it took away aches too. Once she was showered she dressed of course and did the normal routine thing before deciding to go for a five mile jog again, after she whipped up some mean omlets, and ate them. "Wonder if blessing my Beretta will do any good?" She loaded her daggers around her waist again noting that these were simple black oiled, steel. Her now clean hoodie was donne02:26:06 [Penance] d again, along with her sweat pants, and timberland sneakers. Minutes later would have her pacing outside of Lili's apartment complex outside. With the power being off yet, she wouldn't have to work the club, but she knew she should get back to her boss's shop soon. Her hands were starting to get soft again from her not forging, catalogging, and polishing weapons.

02:27:09 [Lilium ] Her eyes lowered to her hand as he spoke, watching him close her hands. The feel of his leathery hand made her skin crawl, just like his very presence. His words did hit a nerve. Lilium absolutely hates being controlled. Every time she was helpless against Rath's will, she grew angry. Though, sometimes she wondered if it was because she wanted to fall to his will. Lilium knew she could not let herself get mixed up in the Fae, especially with an Incubus. Her hand moved gently away from his as she placed the necklace around her neck. The solid gold charm is rather heavy, but not so much to cause discomfort. She tucked the charm beneath her shirt. "Thank you. I appreciate this and I will remember this in the future." Her left hand pressed against her chest, touching the gold charm that lay next to her heart. "I am sorry to hear about your family and I hope well to you soon," she knew nothing else to say, now thinking more on the events and about how she can take down Rath, since the charm will~c02:27:22 [Lilium ] keep her sane.~e

02:33:42 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter nods as his eyes focus on the ground, "I am too--sorry about my family, I mean." he glances up at her. Having watched her put the necklace on as he seems to perk his beak up into a smile. If one actually took the time to look at him--they'd notice how vibrant and beautiful his plumage looked, and with the way his eyes shone in the light--gave them the appearance of smoothed sapphires. He drops his arms to his sides as he nods, "I...often felt the same way about Humans, as you do about Fae. But the incident yesterday...yeah, I lost control. Alot of people got hurt--more than I wanted. I lost control...and doesn't matter, it didn't happen thanks to a close friend." he shrugs and went to extend his hand to her in greeting, "Name's... Peter. Peter Harold Xarhilm." his initials were P.H.X. ironically enough.

02:37:45 [Lilium ] She gave a nod, understanding his hatred for humans as she did the Fae. Lilium gave him her hand, shaking it lightly. "I am Lilium Marie Lenore Vancourt. You may come in if you like," she offered. To be honest, she wanted to talk to him and ask about the Fae. Lilium broke the shake mannerly and stepped out of the doorway, offering him entrance to her modern clean home.

02:38:07 [Penance] Was that Peter she heard? Yes, yes, it was. She remembered he lived not far away. Music played nearby and it left her scratching her head. Why go to the bars? She didn't want to go into them if she wasn't working them! She rubbed her head against her right shoulder to pull the sweat off her cheeks. Outside, she stretched for a while. Various people going to help with the cleanup were noticed and she pondered helping them. Really, she was miserable if she wasn't working. Taking the time to have a social life at home, drove her mad!

02:41:21 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter nodded to her and was about to enter when he could smell Penance's scent nearby, "The woman who tried to help you last night against that bastard by offering some pepperspray is downstairs. She knows I'm a Fae too, could she come in too? I don't want to leave her out there...with that guy lurking around." and he went to enter her apartment. Despite his large size, his feet seemed to splay evenly--so not much weight was applied. He was rubbing the back of his neck as he glances around her apartment as he enters. Tailfeathers lightly rustling.

02:44:47 [Lilium ] She shook her head. "I do not mind. She seems to know a lot about the Fae as well." Aw snap. Now Lilium felt like she looked like a hot mess. Nor bra, T-shirt and shorts. She doesn't normally have company though!

02:48:58 [Penance] She wasn't about to come in, until she was directly invited! She would be damned annoyed if it seemed like people were following her too! As per her being there, she wanted to make sure both Peter and Lili were okay with all the events she'd been hearing about going on around town. They were litterally, only a couple of minutes away. Her shoulder itched and burned- something was up with the magic community alright...

02:51:24 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter nodded to Lilium and gave her a quiet 'Thanks' and headed out of the apartment for a moment, and he went downstairs--quickly. Went to tap Penance on the shoulder with his talon, and then headed back upstairs after gesturing for her to follow. THEN he re-enters Lilium's apartment still gesturing for her to follow. And...he was looking for a footstool or something like that. Something to sit on without a backrest. For his tail and wings, obviously.

02:54:39 [Lilium ] She could tell he was looking for something to sit on and pointed to one of the two stools under the counter where the living room met the kitchen. If Penance would enter, she offered her a spot on the couch as she, herself, sat down. "Please, close the door behind you. I am Lilium. It is nice to meet you. Oh, pardon the other night...It was just a rough night."~e

02:57:46 [Penance] She followed. "Tell me about it. I had guys at the bar for three days. It turns out that some of them don't know crap about storm preparations." She sighed and canted her head and studied Peter. "How'd you know I was out there?" She gently closed the door behind her and lightly paced yet before eying a stool too. "Glad to see you two this morning.", really she was. It was seldom she could do a follow up, as she made sure her work schedule was iron clad enough to not be able to go anywhere for a while. Her shoulder burned and she gasped and closed her eyes. Banshee hairs made up part of her tattoo ink, and with all that had been disrupted, it was screwing with her weapon sigil.
03:03:24 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter padded over to the stool and sat down upon it. Closing his wings around himself as he buries his chin between where the wings met around his collarbone region. Keeping his hands on his lap. He felt lucky that he had such a warm and soft natural blanket attached to his body. He glances down at the talons on his toes and then glances up at the others, "We've all been having those." and he glances at Penance, "I'm not just a bird in appearance--I've got keen hearing and eyesight, and an acute sense of smell. I literally could smell you down there. Now saying you stink--it's just people have a scent which makes them different from others." Peter didn't look as jolly as he typically did and his accent was gone--not to mention his rather somber appearance. He looked like he'd been through hell and a handbasket.

03:05:43 [Lilium ] She turned to the two, looking at them over the back of the couch as she set sideways, legs crossed. "Fae...How do you kill an Incubus," she asked, going straight to the question.~e

03:13:47 [Penance] She sighed and propped her back against a wall and slid down it to sit down. "You start with getting your stuff blessed with holy water and prayer, and.." she closed her eyes and thought for a while. "Blocking the entrances of your home with sea salt as well as .." She winced and rubbed her shoulder and her hookswords slid out into her hands across her lap from seemingly out of nowhere. The hookswords were a thing of beauty with them being three feet long with a bird scene on them being done in gold hues of a daylight scene and a nighttime scene, obviously personifying life and death. The faint outline of the weapons was present just under her loose hoodie. "As per killing them, finding their name out helps. Thinking of stuff other then lust helps. Start building a mind wall to keep things in." It was the easiest answer she could give. A faint smile crossed her face as she saw Peter wearing her amulet of courage.

03:20:06 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter wasn't sure how comfortable this question made him feel. He leans up against the nearest stable surface as he frills up his neck feathers a bit. Tail feathers twitching. He sighs a bit and closes his eyes, "Iron. Best way to kill a Fae is Iron. But--sometimes, killing them doesn't get rid of them." his eyes open half-way as he keeps his slitted pupils focused on the floor--at his feet, "They like to call it Cold Iron to confuse people--but really, it's just iron. I personally can't stand salt--it does something to me. Possibly adding credence to the salt on a bird's tail will kill them, right? I don't know--I'm highly allergic to the stuff."

03:25:56 [Lilium ] She listened fully to the two, taking in the information they gave her. "Ah, I see. I already know his name." Her eyes focused on the weapons the girl hand, the tools are indeed deadly looking, but she figured the woman kept them out for protection. "We may have to speak in a different location, Peter. I know in order to keep me safe I will need to take all precautions. I will let you know if I put salt down. I would hate to hurt you, especially after all the help. Is there a way to completely kill an Incubus," she question still. Heh, after all that has happened, Lilium seemed to befriend the two she figured she would not be able to stand to be around. Well, if not befriend then at least get on good terms. It would take quite the while for her to trust anyone.

03:32:04 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter unwraps his wings from around himself as he gets himself to his feet, and moves around to head into the kitchen; "Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude--but I haven't eaten for almost twenty-four hours. Do you have anything I could nibble on, perhaps?" and then the question he shook his head, "No, I don't--I do know that any demon you kill, will always come back for some reason. I don't know how, but they just do--you'd need to find someone who specifically hunts demons to find out. But I do know that those that regenerate quickly, like trolls, are best killed with fire or acid--not iron. Iron just 'knocks' them out." perhaps Lilium and Peter were more alike than they realized. Because both he and she were killers--only difference was that he killed people and got paid for it, she most likely does it for revenge or hatred. He was heard opening the refridgerator as he went to look for something--even birdseed would settle his stomach right now!

03:32:34 [Penance] She brought the blades back up to her left shoulder and they vanished. They didn't want to know the training it took to wield those blades. "Dear, take it from experience, there's not a lot of room left for you to enjoy your life if you start huntin' people. It will own you." She would gently place her hand onto Peter's side if he allowed her to. She needed to get back up on her feet and did so. "After me saying the little I did, you're almost on your own." Her world of having days off, would end all too soon, and she really couldn't be there to bail Lili out. "Between four jobs, martial arts training, and getting sleep, I barely have time to eat. I won't be around much."
03:35:09 [Penance] She reached into her hoodie pocket and scrawled down a cell phone number knowing that she had pen and paper there. She folded it like a mini airplane and flicked her wrist sending it flying onto the closet table. "Sorry guys, I gotta get goin." Out the door, she went, and closed it! An alley was taken and she was gone!
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