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22:12:33 [Lilium ] When that skin crawling feeling hit, when he appeared; her eyes lowered to angry slits. Well, she was not taking a step forward into the pond, so she simply turned around. Her arms still continued to stay crossed over her chest, grey/blue eyes glaring through the black lash slitted eyelids. "Can I help you with anything," she spoke with an agitated tone. His devilish looks did not make her timid or swoon. "Have you been following me," she asked in an Alston angry tone. Lilium did very well keeping her inner fear from playing on the outside. Keeping strong, that is how she should be.

22:17:22 Rath looked upon her defiant stature, and resilient glare with naught but amusement. He snickered under his breath. Rather unbecoming, really. Though it did little to disturb the fluidity of his actions. He ran a hand back through his hair, his head canted to the side. He didn't speak, at first, simply examining her. But finally, his lips stirred, a flawless French accent slipping between them not unlike silk stroked the right way. "Bin ouais, madame. J'a pensé que c'était le seule possibilité." Licking his lips, he chuckled this time, taking a step closer. They were only a few feet apart. "You can help me, by telling me what I am."

22:19:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] Along with Rath, it was likely that Lilium was going to be feeling another 'skincrawler' feeling as Peter made his appearance. The park was one of few places that he truly felt at peace. The humanoid bird creature didn't even bother to try and hide what he was, who he was--he was Fae, and damned proud of it. To Hell with the humans. If they saw him, then so be it--like anyone would have believed them. The avian wore a black sleeveless shirt, a steel cross on a chain around his neck, a pair of fingerless leather gloves, a black belt, and a pair of loose-fitting navy blue jeans. He was glancing down towards where he had piled a bunch of pictures and flowers of his Sister against a particular tree. She had always liked this tree. Oftentimes he and her came here to relate and talk. He kneels down as he places down another pair of flowers wrapped up at the base of the tree, "Heh. 'Ey, Sis. It's me again. How are you? Fine, I hope. I've almost found out who has been sellin' that dope-crap. Don't you, ma or pa22:19:44 [Peter_Xarhilm] worry 'bout it. The Dark Lady said that she's pointin' me towards who's doin' it. Soon, love, soon it'll all be over an' I can come home again. Ja, I look forward to it. Take care o' yerself, a'ight? I gotta get goin', have to prepare for the job. Peace." and he stood up and folds his wings around his body. Then he glances up and peers around--sniffing the air. Two others were nearby...

22:26:09 [Lilium ] Lilium only figured the skin crawling feel came from the one in front of her. She held some sort of sixth sense, but nothing great. Lilium held a rock in the grip of her left hand, one she had picked up just before standing. "Je ne sais pas que vous êtes. Si vous avez besoin de reculer," her own feminine voice, as smooth as the petals on a rose, slipped from between her pale orange lips. Lilium attempted to take a step to the right, in order to move her back from the pond in case there would be a fight. Strands of her lightly wavy hair moved ever so gently as a breeze still lingered.

22:26:51 Felica`Verdias had paid only a little attention to the man as he left the diner so did the feeling in her head. She turned her full attention to the woman behind the counter. Asking to take her order. Felica smiled and continued to look over the board. She was hungry. Her eyes darted quickly about before placing her order for a Greek salad, and bottle of juice along with a chicken salad wrap. She was trying to eat a little better these days. She watched as the woman totaled everything up. She would then hand her a twenty-dollar bill and then step back and wait for her food. It was at this moment she glanced across the street to the shop. She was still curious as to how the water had not gotten into the shop. She would have to ask Sasha about it. She knew she would give her this long-winded explanation about outer sources in the world, and how they work together to aid those about them. An endless cycle of life, or something like that. Felica was hardly the person to preach to. she believed in the oddities of things happen
22:27:31 [Felica`Verdias] happening but sometime it was hard to simply walk off the deep end.
22:29:18 Rath took a step to his left, mirroring her actions. "You know perfectly well what I am, ma coeur." He gestured with his chin to the rock in her hand. "What d'you intend to do with that, darling? Surely, you don't expect I'll try and assault you." He eased back on his heels, rocking almostly restlessly back and forth. He canted his head to the opposite side, eyeing her with those piercing amber hues.

22:33:01 ClaireMether took a drag off of her cigarette, still wondering how the hell the whole city could've gone dark like this. The whole damn police department was out it seemed like, either in squad cars or just on foot; it had been almost two years since she'd had to walk a beat downtown. She had on a large black trenchcoat, which covered a dark red blouse and khaki slacks; her black boots seemed to be hitting the ground harder than usual. She shook her head, realizing that it was the eerie quiet that made her footfalls so loud. The whole city seemed dead; even the diner ahead was out of power, although they still managed to serve some people. Claire walked inside, looking around and showing her badge. "Detective Claire Mether, you folks alright in here?"

22:33:10 [Peter_Xarhilm] The phoenix narrowed his glowing blue eyes as he turns to where his sister had been laid to rest--she was a dryad, and so he had laid her to rest where she felt most comfortable. Then he bends down and picks up two pieces of his clothing. Placing a large black wide-brimmed hat onto his head, and then began to slide a large black trenchcoat around his body. Tipping his hat to his sister's grave as he turned and padded off and away. Soon he came upon the two interacting as he pushes through the foliage and peers at the two by the pond, "Evenin' blokes. This an open interaction, or somethin' more private?" he was as polite as he could be--he personally despised other Fae and Humans equally. Because he blamed both equally for what happened to his brother.

22:37:24 [Penance] Thump, thump, thump, would echo across the park as a woman clad in in a grey jogging suit crossed into the park, that would have a tan despite the time of the year, piercing blue eyes, and raven black hair. The woman was human but to those with extra senses, she would smell faintly metallic, which would have little to do with the fact that she was actually carrying daggers on her, and that there was actual metal shards in her Timberland Sneakers. The odds were high that she worked around metals, but like the rest of the Fae world out there, she had a few secrets to hide. Sweat trickled down her brow and dripped to the ground. Finally! Upon seeing activity at the park, she paused and looked the situation over. Slower pacing would ensue with her holding her hands up over her head. Her breathing was harder then she wanted it to be, but then again, she'd just got done running five miles! "Odd.", was whispered to herself. "What the hell happened to town anyway?" The cops were edgier then usual, and she had her ID 22:38:00 [Penance] on her, but wasn't about to do any kind of stripping for searches. Her lungs burned! Idly she wondered also, where her Sifu was at. It seemed he'd either gone back to..Ah hell, why hadn't she realized she should just go to the Dojo despite the mention she should look for him in the forest? A little at a time she cleared her terribly ADD riddled mind. The run was supposed to ease her mind, not add to the plate of clusterfuck that was there to begin with.

22:45:19 [Lilium ] Since he knew about the rock, Lilum figured there was no reason to hide it. Her left hand opened, revealing the rock and letting it slip between her fingers to the ground. Off to the right, two police cars went zooming by-lights flashing but no sirens. Something important, but maybe not life threatening? She did not let herself fall to the gave of his eyes, not like Halley did. "I don't know what they hell you fuckers are called, but you are not meant to be in this world. The only future you have is a meeting with death," her voice came out threatening, but still oddly soft and rather cute-like an angered kitten hissing. "So, why the hell are you bothering me right now," she questioned him, letting her hands slip into the pockets of her jeans. Halley had already got the new girl her salad and water and returned to cleaning a few dishes by candle light. Life still hand to go on right? When the detective entered, Halley greeted her. "Yes ma'am, everything fine here. Just trying to do as much as~c 22:46:51 [Lilium ] we can with such little light. Can I get you anything?" Lilium's attention became directed to the creature that now spoke to them. "What the hell are you," her voice still held anger and extreme dislike for those Fae around her. Lilium did not know that the Fae are 'Fae', she just knew them as creatures. Lilium took a few steps back, letting her hands rest at her sides and move causally to help with balance. Both hands are curled into fists, waiting to strike either one of them whom came close to her. "Both of you need to back the fuck up or I will knock you the fuck out."~e

22:50:29 Rath 's gaze shifted over to the phoenix. He knew he was a phoenix, considering they were both Fae. He offered a small nod, subtlely sizing the bird up. His head canted from one side to the other, his eyes flickering back and forth between this creature, and the human girl. A smirk once more danced upon his lips. "Salut, he'd say in a perfect Francophone accent. His attention was stolen once more by the girl, his gaze transifxed upon her. Licking his lips, he began taking slow, easy steps in her direction, gradually closing the distance between them. A challenge. She didn't know what he was. As he approached, she would begin to feel as if she should lower her guard. He was, after all, an incubus. Women were his forté. His presence did most of the work, and although warning bells were going off in her head, his natural state would be passively working to disable those defenses. He smiled disarmingly. "I'm not going to hurt you, I think."

22:55:41 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter seemed to curl the edges of his beak upwards into a grin towards the female as he lifted his right hand to his hat-brim and lifted it so that his eyes could be seen beyond the brim, "Ain't it obvious, Little Miss Aggressive?" out from behind the trenchcoat--where he had placed slits for his wings...spreaded those large and somewhat beautiful wings. The plumage was like off a bird from the rainforest. A dazzling display of reds, oranges, golds and all colors mixed between. He spreaded his arms a bit and tilts his head back, "I'm a talkin' bird, like a parrot, only better!" he grinned sarcastically and then drops his arms and folds his wings behind his back as he glances over at her, "'Ey, I ain't even near ya baby, so quit havin' a heart-attack already." he glances off and across the pond, "Though I think Mister Twinkletoes over there has got other thin's on 'is mind currently. Where's a can o' Pepperspray when ya need it, righ'?"

23:01:06 [Penance] "Right in my pocket.", said Penance who walked over toward where the others were gathered. With slight of hand she flipped her wrist and a loverly can of Mace appeared in her right hand. "Great. More ..otherkin." She knew of them from her expireiences in the Arena, bar, and random happenings that seldom went well. "I think? Good greif." Her left hand went over her shoulder gently to scratch it. She hated gals getting messed with, and the pair of them that she saw was striking the wrong chord.

23:21:11 ClaireMether shook her head when asked if she needed anything. "No, just checking up on everyone since the power's out city wide. The landlines still work though, so if something does happen, call the station and someone will answer." She waved and went back outside, crossing the street into one of the many parks that littered Boston. She knew that with no power and no lights, parks were a prime place for staging violent crimes; she'd have to be on her guard out here. She pulled out her flashlight, shining the bright light around to illuminate her way. Soon she spotted a small gathering of people, except that one of them was NOT a person. Her mouth hung slightly open as she saw...were those wings? Not just any wings either, huge ones, and brightly colored; what the hell was this? She pulled out her handgun and held it perpendicular to her flashlight, slowly approaching as she managed to take count of everyone she saw; a man, the man-bird, a woman, and another woman who was approaching them. She wasn't sure what to 23:21:38 [ClaireMether] say at first, but she soon just stuck with her training. "Excuse me folks! Is there a problem here?!"

23:25:40 [Lilium ] Her attention had been set on the talking bird. She had never laid eyes on a Fae outside of human form. Not a step did she take. Lilium stood her ground, but his 'powers' were beginning to take there toll on her. As he stepped closer, she had began to lower her arms. Easing back into an more natural state, that is, until he said 'I think'. To those words, she pushed herself forward swinging her left fist towards his face just as the other woman walked up. Lilium is not passed taking up for herself. The way her body moved held a lot of grace, like she was dancing. Lilium had done a lot of jumping in ballet and found herself moving fluidly when she moved and jumped subconsciously. Her nose caught the soft scent of the peach shampoo she used on her hair, it smelled wonderful. If he did not move or block the punch, it would be heading for the bridge of his nose. Slender arms let her shoulder blade move forward, adding more pressure into the punch. Lilium is not normally an aggressive person, but her hate for~c 23:25:55 [Lilium ] Fae drove her to be at times. After the punch had been thrown, then the flash of light hit her eyes. Due to the authoritative tone, Lilium figured it to be a cop and now stumbled in her action as she attempted to stop herself. Instead of her fist heading for his face, both hands now opened and pressed against the males torso. She could not risk going to jail. She had a job and the ballet she is in starts tomorrow. At least she can make it look as if she tripped, kind of...but would the cop person buy it?~e

23:29:18 [Fenrir] [From the outside looking in, this was a sight to behold. Jon had the pack of clawdragons off in the woods outside boston looking for snipes, (haha. Yeah. Human intellect just pwned some puppies.) and he had come back to investigate. When he found himself trotting in the park, though... he narrowed all six of his eyes. The pup had grown a bit, and like his father he had those wicked crablike claws on his back. He could also speak fluently... as well as being able to perform a wide variety of actions. He had no idea the power was out, but upon arrival he knew immediately that something was wrong. And soon enough, along his travels he found himself hearing a woman's, no a cop's voice. The founder of Leviathan Arms International was this clawdragon, although the world didn't yet know it and never would if Jon could help it. However the cop seemed so far that she might be in control... even if not... the darkness behind the woman became opaque black before it took a shape. A wolf the size of a VW bus +3:32:20 [Fenrir] - stood behind Claire with six lightly glowing Ice blue eyes. It had dripping teeth and saliva that formulated from the shadows. Soundless as it may have been, it leered at the entire group from behind the cop. There were no words spoken, but the message was one that would chill the spines of the most stalwart of heroic champions if they tried to fight it: Get. Lost. Would the hooligans duck and cover behind the wicked Shadow animal behind Claire or pick a fight. Odds are the first. That's a big and angry looking shadow-wolf.]

23:32:50 Rath was ready to grab her fist. Her attack was a farce, though this was only natural considering her human... deficiency. His eyes widened just slightly as she fell forward into him, though he quickly regained his composure. It would most certainly be unnoticable to the girl, though perhaps not to the Fae. Rath smirked wider, now, his arms gracefully encircling the girl, cradling her almost protectively against him. She was as good as his, now. Probably. The tender embrace in which she was now held would let that disarming aura meld against her, one of his hands smoothing back her hair. His lips parted, soft words escaping on warm breath. "Ooh, careful there, ma coeur, the ground here is uneven." He looked over to the phoenix, winking playfully before he decided it was time to acknowledge the other girl. He appraised her quickly, some of his bangs concealing one of his eyes. "Ah, this party just keeps getting bigger, n'est pas? Who might you be?"

23:38:12 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter outwardly ignored the 'sensation' of Get. Lost. ebbing from Jon. He's dealt with Hell-Blooded before, and he had turned his head to regard the police officer. Lifting a clawed hand to remove his hat from his face to give her a better look at his face. Oh how he loved watching the reaction of humans when they saw him. Often awe-struck, but mostly they never screamed or ran away--because a bird, even a man-bird, was less terrifying than say a man-lizard or man-spider. The woman brandishing the pepper spray was likewise ignored. But it was true in Boston, when trouble happens--suddenly EVERYONE knew about it and they all surged on the site like a squadron of hungry vultures, "Hate ta interrupt ya, Coppers, but iff'n I were ya; I wouldn't turn 'round. Unless ya like bein' scared outta yer wits by a flesh-snarflin' monster." as for Peter? He was the only one being NON VIOLENT right now. Which amused him.

23:46:13 [Penance] "Hi there!", said Penance who used slight of hand again to make the pepper spray dissapear again but she kept gently scratching her shoulder. Hey! It itched! The get lost factor was kind of what she was thinking and feeling anyway, but not the way it had been intended. "Eh, We were just chillin at the park, Ma'am.", said the woman with a faint accent. "Wanna see my ID or something?", she'd cooperate as best as she could with the situation and just wanted to make sure that the other gal in question wasn't being harmed. She sighed. Why couldn't she of just kept jogging? She needed the breather.

23:55:18 ClaireMether tried to wrap her head around everything that was happening. The first woman looked like she was about to deck the guy in front of her, then fell forward at the last second. She wasn't sure what to make of that, although the guy clearly thought that he was something to her. Lover's quarrel or something...ugh. Her eyes went to the bird man, and she just put aside that something like that shouldn't exist. She was in total cop mode right now, and things that weren't important right now were pushed aside. That being said, the bird man wasn't doing much of anything, except making some remark about not looking behind her. Then her attention went to the jogger, who seemed to be relaxed enough. That was a bit of a red flag, as any normal civilian would be freaking out over seeing a guy with orange wings. She opted not to look behind her, and thusly didn't notice the huge wolf demon that was there, since it made no noise and she had no ESP. She looked at the first woman, who'd fallen into the man's arms. "Ma'am, 23:56:23 [ClaireMether] are you alright? What's been going on here tonight?" Her eyes shifted to the bird man again; she couldn't help it, but they quickly went back to the first woman. She mentally cursed for not asking for names, but it was too late now. She'd have to get them later.

23:57:43 [Fenrir] [Jon raised an eyebrow. Okay... He officially didn't like the one he was naming Chicken Little. But in this moment, the monster that was the Shadow wolf dispersed. And what was siin in this instant? A cute, fuzzy, and adorably little kitten. About... looking at six weeks to two months old. Adorable, in every sense of the word. It had gorgeous blue eyes. Should Claire look at the beast, he would look at her, and give the absolutely most adorable mew she had ever heard in her entire life. I'm cute and fuzzy! Snugglez me nao! Takez me home and feedz me cheezburgerz plz? Oh yeah... the Shadowmani pulator was good at just selling cute. This is the designer of the LAI Suicide Bomber Care Bear. When he started selling those to the troops in the middle east... the tide quickly shifted. No one knows what to make of a cuddly explosive device. Buut. He was not noticed, and as a result, that Shadow wolf spat it's tongue out at Chicken Little and then dispersed. Buzzkill.]

00:00:11 [Lilium ] Everything was fine, ok..That is until she fell into his arms. The sudden ease that overcame her took all aggression away. Her face pressed against his chest upon him wrapping his arms around her. Both of her hands still set against his chest. In the back of her mind she thought, 'Pourquoi je ne peux pas tirer loin?' Lilium could not even find the strength to look around. Her vision included part of his clothes and the pond. She knew that this was something of power. There was no feelings of like towards him, only hate. At the moment, she could feel nothing but warmth from the arms around her. Lilium is only Human, so she is subjected to fall prey to the powers of Fae. In the back of her mind, she fought with anger. This was the first male to wrap his arms around her...and it was a damn Fae with some fucking bullshit powers. If she could get into a good state of mind; she would, more than likely, freak out over such a tremendous beast. These creatures are just like out of nightmares. Lilium debated on what~c00:00:29 [Lilium ] to say and was unsure to what she could push out through her now soft tone. Though she tried, only French slipped from her lips in a gentle tone. "Je suis bien. Tout est fin."~e

00:05:29 Rath smiled politely at the police officer. And by politely, he meant disarmingly. Her 'cop instincts' would do little to sway the persuasive powers of an incubus. Smooth words melted from flawless lips. "As the lady said, madame, everything is alright here. With us, in any case." His dextrous fingers smoothed through the silky locks of Lilium's hair, urging her head gently against his chest, his strong heartbeat thudding rhythmically against her temple. He whispered so that only he [and possibly the other Fae] would be able to hear: "Shh, ça va, ma coeur".

00:14:07 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter seemed to smirk as Jon basically turned into a cat--and when the officer didn't take his bait (Oh GOD Peter would have had so much fun if she had!) the cat stuck it's tongue out at him and dissolved. This 'chicken little' was more like Suicide Sauce Buffalo Barbeque Wing Challenge. He was reaching out and around his body and pulled off his trenchcoat--revealing the clothes he wore underneath as he folds the trenchcoat over the arm that held his hat and held them against his side. He noted how Claire kept looking at him but he shrugs at her, "Eh, what?" it was an honest question. He seemed to be oddly fearless considering she was armed--unless he didn't seem to think her gun was much of a threat! He lifted his right foot and takes a step to the side--enjoying the way his toes splayed apart when they touched the earth. As for Rath and Lilium? She had threatened him, was he going to help her? All it took was for him to say that Rath was a stalker, and problem solved! But was he going too? Maybe. Was he 00:14:17 [Peter_Xarhilm] going to say something to possibly get Rath thrown into jail? Oh hell, why not? "Hate ta be th' bearer o' bad news, 'ey. But I think that man is a stalker, yo." he didn't like Incubi much anyway. But female cop plus incubus usually means: LET'S MAKE LIKE ANIMALS IN HEAT AND GET HORNY ON THE GRASS! Or something like that. He glances sidelong to Penance and shrugs at her, "I'd make a crack 'bout lover birds, but I've already done that a dozen times so far."

00:22:03 [Penance] The poor cop, obviously hadn't been exposed to "other kin", like she had been, which was probably why she was as relaxed as she was despite feeling a bit of a pull toward Rath, with him having something she couldn't quite figure out for a smell just yet. She narrowed her eyes at Rath then looked back over toward, "Chicken Little", as he'd been dubbed then toward the kitten with her right brow raising for the, 0.o look. That hadn't been there before! AGGGH! A rough day was turning into more of a rough night. Her temples throbbed as her heart rate slowed down. "Hey Jayne, did you want to come to my place for the night?" She asked the woman carefully who was in the arms of the Cubi', not knowing that he was one, but outright rage, turning a gal into a love starved teenager in seconds wasn't right either. "Right.." She said with her tone sounding roughly like, "No, you can't have the keys to the car! You'll wreck the damned thing!" Which of the gals could she really help at this point? She hated being in that pr 00:22:45 [Penance] dicament! One could call for help and make a bigger mess and the other merely look half spell bound! PUSS N BOOTS?!..WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS GOING ON HERE?!, shouted her mental voice and intuition!

00:29:47 ClaireMether raised an eyebrow as the girl responded in a language Claire didn't understand...was that French, maybe? She was about to say something about it when the male spoke up. Something about him was magnetic almost, and his words dispelled any suspicions she had regarding him. Still, it wouldn't be good form to let that show. She was about to speak again when the damn bird man interrupted her; she was getting fed up with interruptions. She took in a breath and opened her mouth to respond to his inquiry when he interrupted yet again, this time accusing the other man of being a stalker. Claire wondered if the bird man knew she was carrying a real gun and not a water pistol. Then the other girl spoke up, and she apparently knew the first girl and wasn't comfortable with her being with the male. Just when she thought she was going to blow her top she heard the mewling of a kitten and looked down at the most adorable cat she'd ever seen. It calmed her down a little, and although she couldn't afford to bend over and
00:44:27 [Lilium ] Oh, inside she is becoming quite the fireball. Ready to break free and kick his ass. The fingers through her silky, soft hair only made her body melt against his form. The last time anyone else ran fingers through her hair was when her mom was still alive. The hell is it so easy for her to fall prey for this power? Is she not strong in mind and will? Emotionally stable? Maybe because she never really thought much on love and feelings? Why should she? Her plate is full with work, college, and ballet. Everything kind of seemed slow motion, but not... She felt it was from the skin crawling feel and the mixture of his power roaming over her form. Still, she is fucking pissed on the inside. That fiery red headed temper. At this point her eyes had closed, face pressing into his chest as she turned her head towards those speaking. "Me prendre à la maison," she spoke easily, to the man in which arms she is being held. Hoping to move them away from the group so that way she could possibly have the chance to ~c00:44:54 [Lilium ] take aggressive action.~e

00:45:12 Rath continued to smile at the cop. He took a step away from Lilium, relinquishing the physical hold he had on her. If she didn't manage to somehow fight them off, her mind would be in a slight fog for at least a small amount of time. He took a few easy steps towards the officer, holding his hands up to show he meant no harm. Rath tossed his head, flicking his bangs out of his eyes, those deep, amber eyes. He was maybe a foot from the cop, now. "I'm grateful that you're concerned for the security of my friend and I, but I promise you, officer, that everything here is fine." He canted his head to the side as he watched her, slowly licking his lips and holding her gaze in his. It seemed an age until he turned back to Lilium, nonchalantly taking her hand. It was then he eyed the other girl, Penance. "Her name isn't Jayne. You don't know this woman. If you like, though, you can tag along. It'll be fun," he said teasingly. His gaze settled upon Lilium once more. "Viens, ma coeur, Alons y," 00:45:46 Rath he cooed softly, leading Lilium away, which is exactly what he suspected she wanted.

00:49:35 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter's smile disappeared entirely when she mentioned drugs. That was a low blow, and a sore nerve. He glowered at the female cop. All he wanted to do was just scream out, and incinerate the whole friggin area--Fae, humans, everything...he just wanted to let them all burn to ash. And then, he remembered...his Sister was buried nearby. He wouldn't disrespect her by torching the one place she held dear. Lucky for Claire and all those present, that she was buried nearby. He took a moment to compose himself and then said, "Hate ta break it to ya, coppers, but I ain't on drugs. Maybe you are. Or it could just be th' fuggin' birdseed that people keep crammin' down my throat, that shi' is potent, lemme tell ya. As fer what I am? SUPER PARROT! Bwaaaaak!" he then grinned again and tossed his hat and coat aside--he didn't care that much about those two items. He spreaded his wings and kicked off the ground and flapped them towards the ground, launching his body skywards as he hovers in the air.

00:59:23 [Penance] She shook her head slowly. "Hey Kitteh. Wanna come home with me?" She reached into her pocket that wasn't carrying the mace to pull out a few Slim Jims and tossed them to the kitten. "I kinda' get lonely at home." To a certain extent they were all going to be on their own. She wasn't so very good at being a vigilante. The jogger looked back to the woman and then up to the sky. "Hey, Miss Officer? Is there any place in town left with the lights on that I can go get dinner or something?" More sweat clung to her outfit, and in all reality, it had her looking damned good! She'd worked out hard for a living to get that athletic build. A few steps forward had her standing where Chicken Little, had her concerned. She knew that attitude.."Yeah we should all get out of the park!", but she wasn't making the first move!

01:03:01 [Fenrir] [Jon... just... buries his head in his paws. Chicken Little gave him at least a small bit of dignity. Super Parrot? You see that small bit of dust in the wind, Peter? That was what little pride you had left. Way to go, Super Chicken.]

01:07:57 [Cristal] Cristal walks through the park watching everything happen and is pretty fascinated knowing that since she is new in town, the best thing she should do is get to know some people.

01:09:18 ClaireMether had trained the flashlight and her gun on Rath when he moved forward, but as he got closer she found herself lowering the flashlight a bit first, then the gun as he got no farther than a foot away from her. His words sounded like a melody, and she couldn't stop staring at him. She thought she could stare into his eyes for hours, but he turned away, and for a wild moment she brought her gun back up, intending to tell him to look at her again or she'd shoot him; then her head cleared a bit and she got a hold of herself. The bird man's yelling got her attention, and she grimaced. "Whatever, Big Bird...I just dont want to see you." She looked back towards Penance, still trying to get the image of Rath out of her head. "No restaurants, but some of the shelters have generators, and you can get some food there." Her eyes lingered on Penance for a moment, then she looked back at Rath and Lilium. "Get home, folks...too dangerous out here. Last time I'm gonna say it." She holstered her gun and bent down to the 01:10:55 [ClaireMether] kitten, scratching it behind the ears. "I think the jogging lady may take you home." She looked back up at penance, smiling a bit. "Is he yours? Hope you take good care of him, he's the cutest kitten I've ever seen." She would get up and walk further into the park, flashligt moving all around.

01:16:16 [Lilium ] Finally, freedom from the luring grip of the male before her. When he moved away from her; she stood there half dazed as the effects of his power slowly began to fade. Just as she was beginning to think clearly, his right hand took her left and began to lead her away. Lilium did not say a thing, but she could now think and react a little more on her level-instead of the dazed woman she once was in his arms. As the two walked, it became more of Lilium leading him than it did him leading her. Though she could not break free of the grip, she could manage enough to know where she is going. It took about seven minutes of the two walking in near silence before she reached her apartment complex. With her free, right, had; Lilium pushed open the door to the small apartment complex. Calmly, the two moved up the first set of stairs and second, as they reached the third floor; Lilium turned around and jerked her hand away from him. Her left elbow came towards him directly after the quick jerk. The elbow is directed to~c01:16:44 [Lilium ] knock him down the top flight of steps. Just inside, by the door, is her gun. After the attempted knock down the stairs, if he did not grab her, she would run to her door at the end of the hall. Just like in some cheesy horror film, Lilium fumbled with the keys in her pocket and pulled them out. She shoved the key in the lock and turned, opening the door enough to try and grab her gun.~e

01:23:02 Rath , as he might have stated before, is much stronger, never mind faster than any human. He does naught but smile, catching her elbow in his comparatively big hand. Though he didn't hold her, nor make a move to disturb her movements. Should she wish to pull away, he would let her. He strode nonchalantly after her as she struggled with the keyhole to her door. Rath's head canted to one side, smirking slyly. "Would you... like some help with that? Can't say I've ever seen someone so eager to open the door for me before," he chuckled.

01:26:51 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter watched as Claire left as he narrowed his eyes, "Bitch." he stated finally as he drops to the ground. He COULD have just scooped her up with his feet and dunked her into the Pond. OHHHHH she would have been SOOOOOOOO mad! He glances over at Penance and then pads over towards where his clothing were at and picked them up and drapped them over his arm and held onto his hat. His tailfeathers lifting and lowering rigidly as he turns to look at her, "Should've expected her to be rude. Humans generally are. Especially towards 'my' kind." he stated as he rolled his eyes--turning his head to watch Twiddle Dumb get dragged by Little Miss Violent as he chuckles--someone's gonna get raped tonight! He just knew it. But...he wondered. He scratches his chin, 'I wonder...if an incubus rapes you, is it rape? Because they kinda make you want to do it. Ah well, not my problem.' he whispered to himself as he went to put his hat and coat back on.

01:33:44 [Penance] Rath needed to be caught for what he was doing, yet she was trying to get the cop to go away. Why? She didn't want to see another gal, get messed up like Lilium was at the time? Why wasn't the same pull working on her?! She was forcing herself to stay focused on the matter at hand! Somehow bullets flying was a bad idea, and she hadn't met a cop yet walking around with supersoakers loaded down full of koolaid! Great. Damn it! Her objective had failed with getting Lilium away from the little paper ring around a toilet seat, called an asshat! She sure hoped the gal was as tough as she seemed to be at first, when they'd met. She was painfully reminded of the fight that went on for the plant that housed her existence and theirs! "Sure hope that gal is as tough as she thinks she is.", was finally said. As per the cop again, she could only hope that she didn't have to read it in the paper that a gal was dead under odd circumstances due to her hesitation! "Cat, just how lucky are you?" She looked back to the Bird man 01:35:00 [Penance] and said, "To most, but there's few feelings dirtier in the morning then not knowing how you got laid.." She would go jogging after the young woman a few spaces back to their place. Her steps were quiet- and unusually so for a human woman, who'd just ran five miles! Pretending she was normal and like the rest of the crowd was an outright lie! Just at the door she'd say, "Seriously man, what's up with you?! Let the girl go!" Penance didn't sound happy. Her demand really, wouldn't hold all that much weight, as she was apparently armed with only mace, but why that metal smell?! Her hand was up to her right shoulder again and her feet spaced themselves apart by three feet. Hopefully, she could stop her life and the other gal's from getting messed up.

01:37:28 [Lilium ] Lilium turned to him just as she opened to door to her apartment. When he spoke from behind her, she turned and pressed her back against her slightly opened door, right hand on the knob. "This is my stop, you can leave." She knew the elbow attack would not do anything to him, because he is of the Fae, but it was worth a try. Now, she wasn't so sure about the gun, but figured it is worth a try as well. Lilium leaned her right shoulder against the door pane, right arm feeling for the small desk and its thin drawer in order to retrieve the gun. The slender fingers of her right hand found the small round knob and slowly pulled it open a sliver, letting her finger search for the gun as she spoke-still standing in the doorway. "You are not welcome here," she spoke in a low tone, threatening. Her sharp, slender grey/blue eyes gazed into his with ferocity as her pale orange lips pressed together forgivingly so. This was getting crazy. She liked it when there were not people around her home-people she did~c 01:41:58 [Lilium ] know! Even more so, Lilium felt slight anger at this woman whom kept trying to help her. Lilium felt as if she could take care of herself and this woman was acting as if she couldn't. Simply out of stress and anger; Lilium lashed out at the woman as well. "Both of you get away from me and leave this apartment complex. Neither of you live here, so get out before I call the cops." Since the woman showed up, instead of pulling out the gun; she slipped inside of her house and shut the door. Maybe that guy thing didn't have any teleportaion or some ability like that. She locked her door quickly and grabbed her gun, sitting it on her coffee table as she took a seat on her couch. "Fucking crazy night!"~e

01:42:34 Rath turned back at the other human girl, Penance. He knew she was following them, and things were proving to be as entertaining as he predicted. Licking his lips, he turned his attention away from Lilium, folding his arms across his chest. He smiled. Again. Rath was about to speak when Lilium, having successfully retrieved her gun, began telling him to go away. In the vast majority of cases, Rath could handle several humans at once. But, something about the situation didn't sit with him as comfortably as normal. He would play it safe, for now, and step away from Lilium's door - towards Penance. He put his hands up, smiling that disarming smile of his. "Easy, ma cher, no need for brash actions tonight."

01:45:00 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter sighed as he watches the woman run off, "Hey, wait! You--" he growled as Penance was already gone, "--don't understand, oh for fraktard's sakes. INCUBUS, idiot! Ya don't send FEMALES after incubi! That's like me tryin' ta go after a Succubi and keepin' my mind off my birdy stuff!" he sighs and lifted a clawed hand to his face and places it there--shaking his head back and forth and then shrugs. He rushes after Penance--thankfully, the cover of night and the lack of power made it so he could sneak by without being spotted. He may have not cared about humans seeing him--but he also knew that Morrigan would have his feathers for her frickin hat if he exposed the Fae. He was rushing after Penance--but it wasn't necessary, as Lilium managed to get him to back off. He shrugs and leans against the wall, deciding to watch Penance get her proverbial butt kicked by the Incubi.

01:51:44 [Penance] Once the woman was on the inside of the door, she sighed some minor relief, knowing all too well, that she'd get the crap end of the stick for helping much further. Her day had been just about as rough, with her having customers coming out of the woodwork until closing time back at the bar, as it had been one of the few places that didn't lose power! She heard the, "wait you idiot!", and blinked several times. "Next time before you try picking her up, try dinner or something!" She was furious! Her cheeks were also red with the sweat being all the more noticeable. Penance felt dizzy between the running, the situation itself, and the fact she hadn't had water in a while. The cat probably would be the one who faired the best out of all of them! +Dizzy Penance.+, was said to herself in that little place called a woman's thoughts! "I don't suppose you're going to walk out of here with me leaving her alone for the night are you?" Her tone was as calm as it was going to get. Somehwere outside she knew the bird man w01:52:02 [Penance] aited, but not why. The burden had been made a little worse? Now what?

01:53:26 [Lilium ] A rough huff passed her lungs as she stood, skin still crawling, and moved to her bedroom. No lights still. She pulled out a flashlight, after searching her closet, and turned it on. She moved to her nightstand and grabbed her chunky fashionable white headphones and small MP3 player. Thankfully the little item is charged. She kicked off her shoes and sock and changed into a pair of black sleep shorts. Liliumher right hand moved to the window, unlocking and opening it to allow the cool wind of the night to enter. Lilium then moved to her couch and laid down on her stomach, sitting the flashlight on the floor next to it. She set the MP3 to random and laid there, enjoying the music of Clint Mansell-Tree of Life that gave her chills. Both of her hands slid beneath her head, enjoying her soft hair against her face. The cool breeze, that made her grey curtains sway, scent chills through her spine and caused goosebumps to roam over her body. Still, the creature guys power made her question things. Like, what the~c01:53:42 [Lilium ] fuck he was.~e

01:55:53 Rath canted his head to the side, holding eye contact as he took slow, deliberate steps closer to Penance. He would stop a foot in front of her, should she let him get that far, and wink. Just a simple wink. That is, before he slipped away in a brief whisp of black smoke. He reappeared behind Lilium's apparently not locked door of solitude, sitting on the arm of her couch. Smiling disarmingly still, he offered a two-fingered wave. "Tu m'a... manqué?" 01:56:41 [Rath] Mind you, Penance wouldn't know that Rath had simply slipped into the adjacent room. ]]

01:59:07 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter shook his head as Penance tried in vain to keep Rath and Lilium seperate--he knew how this was going to end. And it wasn't going to be good for Lilium, "Nothin' more ya can do fer 'er, darlin'. Not 'gainst the likes o' that ruddy bastard that just took off." he pushes off from the wall and shrugs in her direction, "Ya don't know what he is, do ya?"

02:03:38 [Penance] She sighed and dropped her head. "I just didn't want a damned shoot out with the police on top of it all.", she said in a tired voice before pushing herself off the steps and toward him. "Faintly..I do ..know.", was said slowly. "I smell demon but not what kind." She slumped a bit holding her head and walked over to the wall and fell against it. "Need to..get a drink badly.", actually she needed to rest more. Her sweating however had quit for the time. "First demon that ever smelled like chocolate to me tho.." Getting her butt kicked, was a whole lot easier, when she did it to herself!

02:06:22 [Lilium ] She did not hear him or seem him. If it was not for the skin-crawling feel that suddenly took over her, she would not have even noticed him there. Her head turned slowly, as if to look around, and just as a sliver of moonlight hit his form; Lilium pushed up and back. Her bottom touched the cushion of the couch and both her hands pulled down the headphones. This...this is so far beyond being a shit night. First off, she is in the dark-something she is absolutely afraid of-and now a Fae in which she cannot get away from is in her home. "Vous a fait comment," she couldn't even finish her question. The gun! If only she could remember where on the coffee table she sat it. Her left hand reached over, eyes watching in the dark, as her hand searched for the gun. Her heart beat fast, body moving into a standing position away from the couch since she could not find the gun. Cornered, in her own home. The headphones now hung around her neck, cord to the MP3 dangling to the right side. Her bare feet found~c 02:07:36 [Lilium ] comfort in the soft grey carpet of the room. Oh, how she did wish the lights in the city worked. "What are you," she questioned hesitantly as she moved her back to the wall near the open window. She rather have her back against a wall than open for attack.~e

02:11:28 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter often didn't feel sorry for Humans--but Penance was different. He saw that she actually 'cared' about Lilium--even though Lilium was an ass, it was that sense of 'hopeless defense' that seemed to ring a tune to the fae. He pads over towards her and kneels down by her side and reaches out and pats her shoulder, "Sometimes, thin's just don't go that way, love. Life can be a cruel and unforgivin' prick. Trust me, I know. Lost m' whole family ta some stupid drug. C'mon, I'll get ya a drink." he went to stand up and extended a hand down towards her to help her to her feet, "Yer not like other humans--fer one, ya ain't freakin' out. Fer another, ya ain't exudin' the same bullshit aura as they do--ya know, only carin'bout 'emselves. My place ain't far from here and ya look like ya could use a drink--and 'efore ya think it, no--I ain't attracted ta humans. Ain't even th' same species anymore."

02:12:23 Rath didn't answer her at first. She'd hear a faint hissing noise. Not exactly a hiss, but that of a wispy breath escaping one's throat. And then he was in front of her. Rath brought up a hand, gently bringing the backs of his fingers caressing across her smooth cheek. "My name is Rath, ma coeur, and you've no reason to fear me. Dim lances of moonlight slipped past the glass in the window, reflecting in his amber hues. They were trained on Lilium, his tongue tracing his lips. "Have I wronged you, my dear? Why this.. animosity towards me? Surely, you feel comforted by my touch." He cooed quietly, the tip of his thumb catching her lower lip.

02:19:07 [Lilium ] She heard the kiss, but did not expect him to be in front of her so quick. When his fingers gently touched her cheek; Lilium jumped and turned her head away from him. "Je, ne suis pas votre coeur," she whispered in a low voice. "These feelings, these are not mine. Your powers, this has something to do with you. I don't know what you are, but I don't like it." Her body shivered from the mix of his touch and the cool breeze. Her eyes peered into his as her MP3 player began to play Pillar-Sunday, Bloody Sunday. Lilium could not help but here the music in the background, trying to keep her mind away from his power. Her heart still beat as her hands moved up to grab his hand and push it away. She hated the way he made her feel, like crumbling into his arms with every breath.

02:22:07 Rath could see it. See their auras mesh, and meld, despite the fact that she was trying to fight it. It made him smirk. His free hand smoothed down her side, circling around her middle to pull her body up against his. He was warm, firm yet simultaneously soft. Inviting. He leaned in, his lips grazing her ear. "Shh. Relax." The hand caressing her cheek hovered behind her head, his fingertips rediscovering her hair, the tips of his fingers kneading the base of her neck.

02:26:04 [Penance] She rocked a little back and forth and uttered softly, "Son of..a..", knowing that Peter was right. "I don't like this one bit.", she admitted before she accepted his hand with her right one that had been slipping to her shoulder all night. There wasn't a gun there no, but two hookswords waited. She didn't know all that many creatures that functioned well missing their craniums! "I could use a drink..really..", she said softly. "Huh? Oh that.. one of my bosses is from out of town." When she said out of town, she meant "Not normal to earth accordingly to my understanding!", but that of course went unspoken. She chuckled briefly before adding, "Name's Penance." Yes, she'd go with him not trusting herself to be alone as she was at the time, knowing that the Cubi' probably hadn't left the area.

02:28:27 [Lilium ] She could not resist the pull from around her waist, no matter how much she fought it. He did, his entire demeanor seemed so inviting. Lilium set her head against his chest as his finger played through her hair. Such a warm feeling overwhelmed her as he held her, even though all the long she still fought to pull away. Her hands rose between the two, pushing lightly against his chest. "No. I don't know you...what you are. This isn't right. Let go of me," she whispered. All of this, she knew it was his power. Her fingers curled around the fabric of his shirt again, attempting to push him away-but the motion is gentle as she fought the feeling he pressed on her. This was a definable realization that she would have to do more research to protect herself from the powers of the Fae.

02:32:05 Rath smiled in satisfaction. She was his. The hand kneading the base of her neck smoothed to her jaw, cupping her cheek before tilting it gently upwards so that he could gaze down into her eyes. His other hand massaged her lower back in small circles, holding her tenderly, almost lovingly against him. "My name is Rath, as I said. What I am is of no consequence." Slowly, he leaned down towards her. Their faces were less than an inch apart. His lips brushed briefly against hers; a teasing gesture. He held their faces close, waiting. Rath could feel it now, his aura surrounding hers. Squelching any last remnants of a defense.
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Later that Night.. :: Comments

Post on Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:16 am by Delaney
02:35:00 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter's clawed digits felt weird. It was like segmented plates, with sharpened claws on the end--like smooth bone. And the gloves felt like normal leather. As he helped her to her feet he went to lead her down three doors--stopped, and went to pull out some keys and began to unlock the door. Yes, he actually LIVED three doors down from where Lilium lived--as the Landlord wasn't what she thought him to be. Once the door was unlocked and open he let her enter first--once Penance was inside, he followed after her. Closed and locked the door, and then put the keys on a nearby counter as he gestures around, "Make yerself at home, darlin'." his apartment was the same as any other person's apartment. The same furniture, the same decorations, the same television, the same food--everything was normal. Except for the fact he had no salt anywhere in the whole place. It was a two-room apartment with one bathroom. As he padded off into his bedroom as he went to open his closet. Taking off his hat and coat and hanging them 02:35:07 [Peter_Xarhilm] up--then off came his gloves and shirt. Tossing those onto his bed. The only noticable thing in the living room was a large portrait above the television which had a much smaller (and much cuter) Peter, along with three others. A large man that looked like a Dark Angel--a human with dark blue skin, piercing red eyes, snow white hair, and huge black raven wings. A smaller female that looked like her skin was made from bark--she had an unnatural beauty about her, and her eyes were sapphire blue--with various leaves and flowers growing from her body. Her 'hair' was like a bunch of cherry blossoms growing instead of hair. A larger female was in it, she looked like a sphinx--in every shape of the word. Only with clothes. She had a regal beauty about her. And a boy larger than Peter in it, but he looked scrawny and sickly--and unhappy, nervous even.

02:40:08 [Lilium ] Her grey/blue eyes seemed wide, pulsing nervously as her own body trembled lightly. Her bottom lip quivered ever so lightly as he came close to her. The petting chills took over her body as she truly felt drained of all the defense she could muster. Her fingers still held tight to his shirt as he rose her chin up so that her lips could almost touch his. The bottom lid of her eyes let a few trickles of tears stream down her warm cheeks. This was the first time she had shed a tear since her mom died a while back. His hand felt so utterly strong, yet gentle and warm. Still, all the while she had to keep telling herself this was his power. Her black lashes touched each other as her eyes closed and her body became lost within his arms. Her tense form loosened, lips quivering still at the want of his kiss. Lilium tears are of anger, but the mix emotions in her could have brought it along as well.

02:44:45 Rath exhaled softly, cradling Lilium in his arms. He leaned in further, claiming her lips in his. Tender, passionate, soft. Rath's eyes closed, a quiet murmur of pleasure muffled against her lips as he indulged in their embrace. Just because he was an incubus did not mean he didn't take pleasure out of something so simple as a kiss. But this kiss was anything but simple. It was a poison, though much less malevolent. Bliss. It would wind through Lilium's body, such intimate contact with an Incubus heightening her sense of taste, touch and smell.

02:49:43 [Penance] Textures were definitely noticed. If he wondered about her own hands, they were heavily calloused from her two jobs that she worked. At first, she'd been desperate needing the cash, which was why she worked a bar when she hated alcohol and drugs period, yet there had been the few she'd managed to help, get the hell out of those kinds of places! "Mine went the way of the can and lust." She closed her eyes and tried not to gag, but alas, she succeeded in that much at least! The proximity of the apartment had her surprised. "Wow! You weren't kidding that it was close!", tho it was unsettling having half a guess what would be happening a few doors down. Her shoes were gingely taken off, revealing pink and black socks with skulls on them and bows, and sat to the side of the courch before she sat down and sighed. The picture caught her eye and she stared at it for the longest of whiles without saying anything. She mourned for a family she never knew. Tenderly she reach 02:49:56 [Penance] reached into her shirt pocket and brought out a small beaded necklace that was black agate, with a tiger's eye bear for a center peice and hung it on the corner of the picture frame before rising and heading to the kitchen. The kitchen water would run before she washed her hands, and cooled it a little, and hunted a towel then decided against it knowing of water bills, and some clinking could be heard as she snagged two glasses, a few ice cubes out of the freezer and made two glasses of ice water, with one being for herself and him. She forced herself to take sips before snagging the other glass and sat it down on an end table for him. Meekly, she curled up on the couch into a half ball, still having the glass in her right hand. She could sleep..tho would feel severely akward about it. She didn't know Peter, at all! Pride..yeash that was another sin wasn't it?

02:55:19 [Lilium ] Her lush lips pursed together softly as the kiss took her away, capturing her very essence. Her arms let lose of his shirt and moved up, between his arms and to the back oh his neck. Her hand clasped together, arms pulling her closer to his lips as her body fell into him gently. Her swept right bangs fell softly in front of her closed eyes as she could hear no longer here the music due to the cord being pulled out of the MP3 when she moved her arms. Lilium completely left herself to him, lips feeling the warmth of a mans for the first time.

02:56:28 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter had changed out of his jeans and debated between wearing nothing at all--or grabbing some shorts. Thankful that nothing showed--so no dignity to be lost! He chose to put on some breathable shorts, khaki ones that were autographed 'Steve Irwin, keep on trackin' them beauts, mate!' on the side. He heard the faucet tinkling and the glasses as he padded out of the bedroom. Moving to take his glass of water and went to sit down on the couch next to her as he stretches out his legs and looked at his feet. Resting one arm on the armrest as he glances over at the female as he takes a drink of his glass, "Name's Peter. Peter Harold Xarhilm. Yeah, initials are P.H.X., same as my birthplace--kinda ironic, how I ended up as a Phoenix myself."

02:58:16 Rath relished the kiss, and allowed his lips to linger against hers for as long as he dared before he would lose control, and be unable to stop. Abruptly, he pulled back, placing some distance between the two bodies. Licking his lips, he savoured her taste. Unlike any other he'd ever had. Curious. Though it'd have to wait, for he had things to do before the sun came up. "Cétait une plaisir, ma coeur. I'm sure we'll meet again." A moment later, he faded away in wisps of black smoke, leaving the room suddenly cold, and empty.

03:03:38 [Lilium ] Her body shivered every so lightly to the lingering kiss, but when the two broke away; Lilium stumbled back till she reached the wall and slid down it. Nothing left her mouth as he spoke, only upon leaving did she completely feel normal again. However, her body still felt drained. Slowly, her back slid down the smooth wall till she sat on the floor. Lilium could not find the strength to stand, she merely crawled to the couch and laid down, drifting into slumber with a blank mind.

03:03:51 [Penance] "I don't know whether I'm happy or terrified to see some stories come true. In one sense, I'm happy because the world's not as empty as I thought, and on the other, its a terrifying idea to completely lose oneself." She shook her head and grinned at the PHX. "Cute in a way." She giggled at the boxers! She couldn't help it! "Ah man..boxers?" She face palmed at that with her cheeks turning scarlet. She took a drink out of the water and looked up at the cieling working on her breathing. "I hate to ask this, but can I stay for a few hours? I live about five miles from here, and its a long trip back for me tonight." Usually the run wasn't a problem but she'd already been on the go, for about a day and a half with dealing with the city's outages and not being able to leave until she had help back at the bar. The storm had left Penance with a rude mess.

03:08:34 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter chuckles a bit, "It was either boxers or nude. Nothing shows, bein' a bird an' all, and I like these boxers--they're priceless now. What wit' the guy who signed 'em bein' gone an' all." he took another drink from his glass and shrugs, "Eh, don't care one bit. But ya have ta sleep on th' couch if ya stay fer that long. I normally don't take well to humans--they treat me like some kind o' second-class freak o' nature." he splayed those taloned toes a bit and then clenched them a few times. His plumage was really beautiful if one cared enough to actually take a look. His eyes weren't glowing anymore either, "Iff'n ya stay th' night, I can fly ya back ta yer home no problem in th' mornin'. Just don't tell anyone 'bout the bird-man in Room 206, eh?" he grinned a bit and glances over at her, "Yer probably full o' questions."

03:14:45 [Penance] "Uhmmm..", she said with her voice trailing off. Two minutes later, she realized with as exhausted as she was, she did indeed have a few questions and they were touchy. "I don't want to have to ask these things, but with the way you reacted around the Cop back there, I got the feeling you knew a bit more then the rest of us about what's going on locally. The city seems uneasy. A girl just turned up dead recently off of stuff that I haven't seen before. A few of my bar clients are ...more strung out then they ever have been. I've been seeing more demons emerge then ever..I know, because my second job has me tending shop with one. Its a feeling I get- a mild headache. Can you help me understand any of this? I need to know what's going on ..or am I going to have to skip town again?" To the workaholic, losing either of her jobs was an insult, she didn't want to forgive. If he was into irony, the Nightclub she worked at was called, "Hell"..

03:19:31 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter sighs as he went to stand up as he places his glass down onto a coffee table. Moving to stand up against the wall by the picture above the television, crossing his arms as he leans against the wall as he looks towards her, "The Coppers out on walkin' pats often don't know even half o' what they're doin', darlin'. There's a new drug out on th' streets called Spellbound. I can't tell ya what it does because I ain't never seen th' effects, but it's like any other narcotic out there. Makes ya addicted, makes ya crave more o' it--then it kills ya. This picture was takin' of me family a week 'efore my bro up an' kilt m'folks fer money ta buy more drug--and he died. Drugged 'emself over th' limit." he pushes off from the wall and shakes his head, "An' there are more demons 'bout 'cuz there's talk on th' streets that an Arch-Daemon has come ta town--arch-daemons are rare. Very rare. Can't tell ya much more than that, I don't know."

03:24:59 [Penance] She was surprised he hadn't commented on the necklace hanging on the corner of his picture frame, yet glad he hadn't all the same. She didn't like explaining her moments of impulsion to do things. "Aint that shitty dandeh." She had a deffinite accent about her that marked her as not from being from Boston. "That's harsh. I can understand your bitterness. So quick too.." Her family's path had taken years to implode and she did have living relatives, but only saw them once a year out of a sense of duty to the military. Her father was a war veteran. Her silence seemed annoyingly loud to her ears before she said, "All I know how to do is" Really, she didn't know what to do with the news! More water was sipped quietly. She felt like passing out and the color was out of her. She'd had a knack of pushing herself too hard for a while.

03:51:22 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter noticed that she reached out and went to try and touch his beak--but pulled back at the last second. He idly began to wonder if she just felt sorry for him, or seemed to attribute to him. Always being on his own had made him kind of lonely, so he didn't mind the affection--even if she was a human. He pads back over and sits back down onto the couch as he crosses his legs and reaches out and takes his glass of water again. Taking a drink from it as he looked at the glass, "Eh, don't mention it. Dangerous out at night by yerself nowadays. Never know what kind o' monsters are gonna be hidin' in th' shadows." and he glances towards her and grins, "Did'ja know it took me frickin' forever ta figure out how ta hold thin's with my hands without m'talons nackerin' it up? An' how ta drink from a glass wit' somethin' that extends out o' yer face?" he taps his beak with a talon to emphasize what he meant, "A few months. Fer each."

03:59:09 [Penance] "Sorry..", she said slowly. "I just kinda' understand.", Sympathy was felt yes, but no, she wasn't feeling sorry for him or herself. "I can't imagine, but it took me a while to get used to making stuff out of metal." She chuckled softly before saying, "I really should get some rest.", she said slowly leaving out, 'before I do something dumb.', as it would of been a foolish thing to say. She'd already decided she wanted to also leave the gift of her blue Mithril daggers behind for him, which would have to come out of her sleeves before she could get some rest. The empty glass was sat down at the end table. Fate could be just as cruel as it was kind, and she hated the bitch for it!

04:03:54 [Peter_Xarhilm] Peter nodded towards her as he downs the rest of the water--and swallows down the ice cubes in the glass, to boot!--and then reaches down and places the glass against his foot--the toes curled around it like some kind of third hand as he places it on the table next to her own. Then he stands up, "'Ey, wait 'ere a tic." and he pads off into the bedroom--and he returns a moment later with one pillow and an extra sheet. Which he hands off to her, "I'll hit th' hay meself. Gotta get some rest--goin' after someone whose been dealin' that frickin' drugger on th' street. Gonna make 'er scream a bit 'efore I roast 'er. Friggin' druggers. I'll take ya home 'efore I do, though. Sleep well." and he turns and pads over towards a few light switches around the house--turning them all off and then heads into the bedroom. Where he removes his boxers and tosses them onto his dresser--he picks up his shirt and gloves and pants and places them over the boxers. Then climbs into his bed and settles down for some shut-eye.

04:08:33 [Penance] She smiled faintly watching the ice dissapear. Penance preferred letting the ice melt, so she'd have water in the morning when she woke up. "Thank you again, very much." The woman's daggers were slid out carefully onto the table with the glass, before she accepted the pillow and the sheet from him. "That doesn't sound good.", she said softly. "Rest well." Peter wouldn't find her being a snoop, as she wasn't one. Just as learning there were demons and angels out there, she'd realized, that she wasn't ready for all truths, and it wasn't the kind of thing to do, after having someone help her out for a change! She closed her eyes and would go out like a lightswitch.

Later that Night..

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