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 Triskilon Manor (Part I)

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PostTriskilon Manor (Part I)

:39:27 [BWRP] The Diner. Fresh baked goods and coffee. That was the norm. But the previous day had destroyed the usually quiet café, leaving it in shambles and most of it’s occupants in a state of shock. What had started out to be a typically foggy day in Boston, turned into a battle of the strange and mysterious. Delaney’s attempt to question the human Jessica quickly festered into a near nightmare for humans present as Dannethion, the Lust Arch-Daemon Fae arrived on the scene. The beast, ferocious in his looks soon made it clear what his intentions were - the human, or Delaney, cumulating into a near battle between, Torch of the Light Clan, Delaney who was willing to be the sacrifice to save Jessica, and Dannethion’s Son, Jon who arrived soon thereafter. Meanwhile, in the background the dark Prince, Galen, having come to spy on the Neutral Succubus shifted into female form, though the full moon rising and the sensual heat that the Succubus releases caused a stir and near panic in him to the point where he could no ---10:39:42 [BWRP] longer contain himself and shifted full into that black and white tiger, betraying his cover before crashing out the backdoor. As the scene escalated, Clan Leader, the High King of Light arrived on the scene, putting an end to all with a few, strong words. The Ash all powerful could not be ignored or denied for banishment had been threatened and very few Fae could turn their heads from it. The souls of humans had been sucked dry by the Large lust Daemon leaving Delaney and others in a state of shock. Eveylne, the small changeling Cat had desperately tried to stop Danniethion but to no avail. And yet, in the end - despite his terrifying display, Dannethion opted to return the souls of the dead, allowing them to live, giving back the very essence he’d stolen before disappearing. Delaney was left carrying the guilt, Galen making it quite clear that the events of the night had been on her. Torch, had tried to offer her assistance, but he too blamed her, and the newly discovered Succubus had left the scene with -- 10:40:07 [BWRP] had left the scene with many a thoughts running through her head. What is known is that the chaos of the night is just the beginning of the tear in the fabric that is dividing not just the Worlds but also the Clans. Delaney now believed to be the one selling her blood to the humans for the drug known as spellbound is unaware she’s been blamed, while both Light and Dark Clan aim to find out the one behind such a blasphemy and destroy them. Humans are getting closer to the discovery of the Fae, while the Fae struggle to remain hidden - though Boston is only so large.. Perhaps not large enough for both Worlds to exist anymore. Only time will tell.. For now, it’s a new day. Late afternoon, less foggy but still wet, like the entire City has been waterlogged, unable to dry. Temperate is cool, offering a chill to the bones. A meeting has been called for All FAE to gather at Triskilion Manor, Home of the Morrigan and headquarters for the Dark.. Those arriving on the scene will have time to mingle before hand, the --10:40:32 [BWRP] Manor itself under the guise of a school for gifted children and adults is welcoming as it is large and opulent. Even though who are neutral will have caught the word. Attendance is mandatory..

10:57:08 Torch awoke in his apartment, rising out of his bed from his afternoon nap; he'd received word about the mandatory meeting in enemy territory, and he wasn't pleased about it. He focused and took on his human form, sliding on some casual clothing as he got ready to leave. After a few moments he was dressed in a plain white t-shirt, a dark auburn jacket, black slacks, and a pair of grey tennis shoes; he locked his apartment door once he exited, feeling the magical wards lock into place. He wondered what the hell this meeting was about; it made him nervous going to the enemy's base of operations blind. He shook his head and made his way to Triskilion Manor, wondering if he'd encounter any of the fae he'd met last night. He knew the arch-demon, Eve, Tatts, and Del were Neutral, belonging to no clan; the arch-demon's son he wasn't sure about. The shifter was Dark, and clearly had it out for Del for some reason. Torch had heard rumors about the selling of Spellbound through his contacts at the club; the stuff was 10:57:26 [Torch] spreading like wildfire. He wondered if Del could really be connected to that; if so, then she was even more dangerous than he thought.

11:05:31 Ainfean had refused to take her human counter part into the heart of the dark court. Even fae marked and fully possessed, she doubted her beloved Kylie would live to see the end of the night were she taken to gathering. Still, she couldn't notattend, either. The Clans hardly ever made things mandatory, but when they did, you went, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. Brushing back the brown hair of her glamoured form, she'd smooth her hands down her usual flowing green dress dress and give the mirror a tired smile. “Let's get this over with,” she'd sigh, closing her eyes and focusing on her true form. Willing her energy across town, she'd appear just outside the border of land where the dark made its home. They were probably allowing fae to transport themselves directly inside, but she wasn't quite willing to chance it. Besides, going on foot gave her more of a chance to psych herself up for this. -11:05:42 [Ainfean] Dealing with either Court was trying, especially if you belonged to the opposite Clan, but dealing with both at once when you refused to take a side was the stuff of nightmares. She knew as a will o'wisp she would not be a suspect, but that did not make her safe by any means. If the Clans asked her to possess a mortal for the sake of studying their memories or simply to spy, she couldn't refuse. The thought made her uneasy, as she did not like the idea of leaving her mortal partner alone without her protection, especially with everything that was going on.

11:24:06 Reilly` looked out over the damp streets past the gaudy brown flower-print drapes, curling her lean frame on the windowsill. As the sun slowly dipped closer the horizon a grin spread across the woman’s face. Ah, the afternoon was coming to an end and a new day was about to start! She hopped off the sill and moved to the single suitcase which still had its contents strewn haphazardly over the cough. Dark brown cargo pants were quickly tossed on over bare legs and a horribly tacky flowered shirt thrown over her head, the thing a few sizes too large as it had been intended as a man’s shirt. Spidery fingers were combed briefly through her short raven hair. Pockets were patted briefly and made clear to her what her first stop for the evening would be. A casino. As she grabbed the door-handle she slipped on a pair of raggedy sandals before slipping out into the hallway. “Ugh, is you again. Burgest ghas been yowlink at your door all mornink!” The voice was none other than that of Reilly’s new landlady, a --11:24:50 Reilly` portly old woman with the voice of an opera singer. “Ghwy you lie in bed all day, is wonderful day! And ugh, what are you wearink! A lady must always be presentable!” The woman was dressed neatly in a grey outfit that was in high fashion the last time Reilly had visited 1940. “Well, a lovey day tae ye as well Mrs. Evanna.” The old woman simply grumbled and turned about, mashing one crooked finger into the elevator call button her other arm cradling a basket of washing. A grin spread over the girl’s face. Wasn’t it always that the first mischief of the day was the best? She thought as the turned towards the stairwell. The elevator rattled into place and its doors ground open. Mrs. Evanna stepped into it and the doors shuddered shut behind her. Once reaching the bottom she would exit the cage and turn into the small washing area. “Cheeldreen zese days, no sense of duty and class. Always fluttering about after dark doing who-knows vot and zen sleepeenk ze day away!” The ancient --11:25:08 Reilly` coin-operated washing machine’s lid was opened with a clang and she started shoving handfuls of clothes heavily into the machine. “Zey take everythink for granted! No idea of hard vork. Algweys taking taking taking!” At that point a large fat grey cat sauntered into the little room and rubbed against her legs. “Yes Bargest, I do not like her very much eizer.” With that the lid was slammed shut and the button pressed to start the cycle. The machine hummed into life and Mrs. Evanna took her basket and left. “Come Bargest, ve go get you numnums.” Only when the door of the elevator shuddered shut behind the woman did she realize that her basket was still full of clothing... Reilly grabbed the handle of the glass doors and pulled them open, sauntering out on the street with her hands deep in her pockets and a wide grin splitting her face.

11:45:21 Torch approached Triskilion Manor, wondering if he should take his natural form or not. He appeared extremely hostile in his natural state, regardless of his intentions, and this concerned him; appearing hostile in enemy territory was NOT a good way to start things. He decided to stay in human form for now. He saw that several fae had already arrived, and more were coming; he kept to himself, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one with a flicker of thought. He took a deep drag and sighed, waiting for the meeting to begin; he hadn't seen anyone he recognized off hand just yet.

12:06:16 Ainfean approached the manner with trepidation, her face positively unreadable. Already, others were gathered, although she suspected they were dark fae who had simply been within the manner's wards. She seemed a little more at ease than some of the lighter creatures she had passed, and the thought made her choke back a slightly hysterical giggle. Ainfean had chosen to remain neutral until her mortal anam cara went on to Tír na nÓg. After all, what were but a few decades in the life span of a fae? She could always make a choice once the girl had gone beyond, and she would not do it a moment before. Gathering her skirts in her hands, she glided past the ever growing crowds, fighting the urge to turn tail and flee back to safety and seclusion. Both Clans had made it clear that any neutral who failed to show up would be eliminated, and she would not risk herself nor Kylie like that. The girl was faemarked. -12:06:26 [Ainfean] She glowed bright as a beacon even without Ainfean being in residence, so there was no hope of her remaining hidden. She would be brought before the Courts and sentenced to death for her association with a traitor, and probably be killed in front of her as part of the spunkie's punishment. A fae's death was the only way to break their connection with their chosen human. Should the human die first, the fae would feel unimaginable pain....which is why it was so rare. Mortals were considered toys, not partners. Why bind yourself to something you'd only grow bored with?

13:08:47 Reilly` of course knew nothing of any meeting. The fae had arrived in Boston scarcely two days ago and had not yet made contact with any other non-humans. Well...apart from her landlady’s cat Burgest...but he was a mean-spirited old tom and made his dislike of the Pooka very clear. He, though was unlikely to be privy to the fae-court grapevine. Reilly generally preferred her own company and was not overly interested in befriending the local fae. What had brought her back to America, a place she was not overly fond of to begin with, was of far more importance. She had felt the pull of the Bond after 72 years of nothing so much as a whisper. She had believed her name lost to the family, was it possible that it had been rediscovered? But then the pull was so weak... Where normally she would know immediately where each of the Bonded were, now she only had the vaguest sense that it was somewhere in Boston. Was it possible that the bond still lingered even without the belief...that something was telling her 13:09:26 Reilly` that the family was in danger? Green eyes looked up to the slowly darkening skies and she pulled in a deep breath of air. It tasted sour...unclean. So different from centuries ago... But on the winds travelled a hint...a tingle of excitement...anticipation...worry and confusion. Something was going on in this city, even though she had only been here for a few days she could sense the tension in the air at large. Perhaps her visit would be more interesting than initially anticipated... Shrugging her shoulders she continued on down the street, unused to the slight chill but finding it refreshing. First she would make a brief foray into a gambling house to try and swindle some people out of a few dollars. After that, well, perhaps she might decide to see if she couldn’t pick up a chaos-trail to follow, see what all the confusion and tension was about.

13:12:59 JessicaG Is walking in the streets of Boston, in quite a bad neighborhood but this is where her craft tutor is living. After she read some books and went to lectures about witchcraft, she searched on the net for an experience tutor and after talking with her Misses Deleon was the right person. She taught her a lot in protection spells, which Misses Deleon thought that is most important. She was very proud in Jessica in the divination spells, and she almost feel that Jessica is her daughter, mostly because she didn't have any children. Jessica reaches the tutor's building and went upstairs and knocked on the door. 13:13:14 JessicaG Still felt her hands and feet are shaking from the incident last night. She didn't remember much, only that probably what the police told her is that a fire broke off and unfortunately the people didn't make it except for Jessica. She thought it was odd, but than again she didn't remember how she was saved, so probably she got out in time before the others. Some tears gathers in her eyes and she wipes them quickly as soon as Miss Deleon opened the door, but she saw that something was wrong, "Jessi, darling, what is the matter? Come in, come in…" Jessica entered and sat on the couch before she will collapse.

14:31:22 JessicaG Her craft tutor walked to the kitchen and prepared a glass of water and some cookies and brought them to the living room where Jessica was sitting. She put them on the table, and then sat herself infront of Jessica. "Now, dear, tell me your story…." Jessica looked to the ground, thinking how to start, because her memories were so confused and hazy. She finally said, "Well….you know I told you about the weird visions I had….yesterday I was working at the diner, and there was a weird accident, some kind of fire….I…I was the only one who survived…." Misses Deleon was shocked, "Oh my! What happened?" Jessica shook her head, "The police didn't know and neither did I….I…can't remember anything that happened, I blacked out again like the night before when I did the divination spell…."14:31:34 JessicaG The charm tutor nodded, "Oh, yes….what spell did you use exactly?" Jessica replied, "The finding places spell….I wanted to know what that place was, but I guess I didn't succeed….I was wondering, can I stay with you for a bit? I want to be alone and maybe just practice the craft with you…" The tutor smiled and nodded, "Of course you can…I'll get things prepared"

14:37:05 [Dannethion] With all technicality, Dannethion answered only to one entity; to one creature, to one being. And this one single entity was stronger than the Leader of the Light, the Dark; combined. The one entity was the God of Hell; Lord Lucifer the Fallen. He only adhered to the Laws and regulations of these 'Clans' because Dannethion, whilst understanding the futility of keeping ANYTHING hidden from the mortals, also understood the value of keeping powerful entities on amicable terms with his Master. Around the Manor, if any humans were present that were not invited by the Fae--would be put under a spell to render them oblivious for the next few minutes as a tear in the fabric of reality occured. This tear was shaped like a swirling opal opening into a purplish black abyss. Out from this gateway stepped Dannethion, Arch-Daemon of Lust; and he was not alone. Likely with little Evelynne following behind him--if she was in cat form, he'd be adamant that her fur be groomed, her claws held in, and her manners be absolute.
14:37:11 [Dannethion] His own fur was cleansed and groomed, shining brightly in the light. Upon arriving, he went to enter the Manor itself. If Evelynne was in human form, he'd have given her a formal attire that formerly belonged to his Mate--before she became a Clawdragon Daemon.

14:46:06 [Fenrir] [Jon was summoned. He knew his father would be there, and a portion of this either made him worry or expected a fight to break out. Either way, Jon knew that he would still have to go. He wished there was a way he could become his human form again. Concealed weapons were his specialty when he was bipedial, but now all he knew was claw, tooth, and tail. With these weapons alone, Jon knew he wasn't going to be much help to anyone. But he was still a Black Talon operative. He would get through this and save the day... somehow. He arrived behind Evelynne through the tear. He was still limping from where he had to exert himself and then got his ass beat down by his father's wrath. He didn't want to, but for the time being... he had to go with what Dannethion was doing. He just hoped that that Jessica girl was safe.]

14:47:51 [BWRP] Word had reached as it had all other Fae in the City of Boston that The Morrigan had called a meeting. A meeting agreed upon by The Ash who would also be making an appearance. Invitations had been sent out, magically so, so that no Fae had an excuse not to attend. It was to be an evening of glamour, of conversation, hor d'oeuvres, drinks and hopefully merriment. Despite the fact the meeting wasn’t exactly the type of meeting you wanted to go to, the opportunity to actually visit Triskilion Manor was more than enough reason to accept. The Home of the Morrigan was a glorified palace of richly designed textures, marble, ornate and illusive art, velvet, dramatic and dark materials, reminiscent of early Gothic periods that had long since faded into the history. The building itself was a large, sprawling castle, complete with spiral towers, running under the guise of a School where Fae (disguised as humans) attended classes and more. Behind the school were the Court of the Dark Clan, those who were high up in---14:48:10 [BWRP] in the scheme of events, the Lords and Ladies, Princes, Princesses and of course, Heirs, and their consorts. The Light had a similar structure at Trinity Hall; it was a perfect cover while being completely out in the open. The meeting itself was to be held in the Hall of Shadows, the Ballroom of Triskilion Manor, though the lobby and entire House will be open to all those attend, no matter what clan. Though be sure, if you are found snooping in places you should not be, you will face dire consequences…

14:48:39 [Evelynne] Ah, Evelynne, would indeed be along. She was yes well groomed, her claws were not out, and manners were not a problem. Her black coat shined but it was hard to cover her scars. The idea of the Victorian dress hadn't gone over well. Her steps were silent. With her having rested, she was in a much, much more pleasant mood. Sometimes it could take her days to get back to being more normal for her after being feral or it could take years. Likely, it would be a surprise to see her again and with Dannethion, but, alas, cat's don't speak do they? Maybe, she wouldn't even be recognized?

14:53:03 Ainfean clutched her skirts a little tighter when the air shifted, the anticipation and anxiousness of the other fae making their surroundings practically hum with the excess power their nerves caused. Even Ainfean, who was one of the few fae who had the least to fear seemed edgy, her glamoured from shifting her weight from one foot to another and crossing her arms. Several of the fae had gathered in groups and were talking amongst themselves, speculation and accusations flying wildly, hisses under their breath. Absently, she wished she wished she hadn't come so early...the wait was doing nothing to soothe her already frightened mind. Spellbound was a big deal, and part of her wished she could simply go home, repossess her mortal, and hide under the bed. The will o'wisp honestly wished she hadn't been summoned...what did she have to offer to their conversations? She'd been in seclusion for decades. Still, the manner grounds were lovely, from what she'd seen. -

14:53:06 [Ainfean] If the inside was nearly as gorgeous as the outside, the petite fae would probably be swayed to return to her natural alignment once Kylie passed. Nodding in greeting to those who were still arriving, she'd steal her nerves and glamour shoes upon her feet before slipping inside the manner house.

14:57:17 Galen had been passed out in his bed for a majority of the daytime hours, wishing he could have just stayed there well into the night as well but a meeting had been called and it was his obligatory duty blah blah blah. The Full moon had come and gone and his shifting was now under control once more but it had left him completely drained after the fact, hence why he had secluded himself away for the day. The good news was that it was on his turf, even if all Fae were in attendance, and he would at least be able to tolerate the other Fae that would be in attendance. The Bad news is that he would be running into a few with whom he hadn't exactly made friends with, that and his Father would be there to which just further pissed him off. He had been born into the Light Fae's but his own path had lead him to pledge allegiance to the Dark Fae, causing a rift between both Father and Son. Thankfully, with everyone there, none of that mattered tonight. He had got up and showered and needed to pick out something that -14:57:45 [Galen] wasn't his basic streetware since he already knew it would be required, he'd been around for awhile and these things happened on and off. He decided to select a pair of black dress pants, a dress shirt that was a dark crimson in color, almost black as well as a black suit jacket and a black tie to finish it off. It wasn't anything too fancy but it suited the situation well enough and it brought out his dark features even more. It would be about an before others would arrive at the Manor, That he would have arrived, walking the hallways and pacing a bit, still feeling some effects of the night and day before. "Yeah..this is going to be fan-fucking-tastic." He spoke the words to himself but there were a few others milling around in the hallways, away from the main lobby and Ballroom. He began to reflect on the night before, dreading having to deal with any of them tonight but he would be on his best behavior, which for him didn't set to high of a standard. He already had a drink in hand, something like - 14:57:59 [Galen] whiskey but it had a more herb like taste to it, something that would calm his inner beast to be sure no mishaps happened. -e-

15:02:50 [Delaney] Delaney had received the information just as anyone else had and at first, she’d been cautious to respond. Though the indication was clear that she truly had no choice. Perhaps a meeting would be wise; not that she questions the Clans publicly but after last nights disaster she was more than skeptical about things. This whole World was chaotic - she thought living as a human was bad, being Fae was downright trouble. The blame was held entirely by herself, Galen, even Torch had made that clear, but Jessica had been safe in the end, making it home. Del even ensured so by having stopped by the witch’s house that very night. Hopefully Jessica was away from the rest of the Fae world, for good. Little did Delaney know that Jessica would actually receive an invite, though it would appear as if she’s been invited to a party at the school, as if she’d won a scholarship to attend Triskilion for lessons in Magic. The Fae had their way of twisting things around, and Jessica had been a pivotal part of situations --15:03:29 [Delaney] of situations recently. Delaney’s wardrobe was limited. The invitation had stated semi-formal, but aside from her leather jacket and pants, there wasn’t much else she had that would be considered as such and she imagined if she showed up at the Manor dressed as usual, she’d likely be kicked out. It was nothing a little “touch” couldn’t solve however. A quick shop, the gentle caress of the sales person and voila, she had a simple black dress. Cocktail style. It was fashionable that she’d not stand out like a sore thumb, but played upon her natural physique, which was for lack of a better word, perfect. Delaney would dress the part with grace; there could be information on the Blood Stone she was hunting for the Goblin. Beyond that, perhaps something about who her real parents truly were. An hour later, she was leaving her apartment, leather jacket draped over her well-to-do dress, boots rising to her knees as she called for a taxi, heading - Triskilion Manor.

15:06:31 [Dannethion] Like it or not, Jon was a magical creature now--and he was forcing Jon to remain in that form he was to basically teach him that he doesn't need any form, any scientific gadget, or anything else to do good. However, the Shadowseeker Suit was left back at the Lair--for Dannethion prohibited Jon to come in anything other than his fur. Which he made sure was properly groomed and well-kept before they arrived. He was his Son, and by the Dark Gods, he was going to look presentable! He had thrashed the young Clawdragon soundly the evening previous, as he was not one to take being crossed or struck by his own kin lightly. He was the Alpha Male of a pack of daemonic wolves, he had to exert his superiority over the upstarts lest he be contested for his position as Alpha Male. As the three of them entered the Manor he speaks to Evelynne and Jon both, "Mind your manners as if you are in the presence of Royalty, for you are. And I will not hold responsibility for either of you two if you outstep your bounds. In short: 5:06:39 [Dannethion] Behave. That goes especially for you, Jon." he had informed Jon that if he behaved himself for the entirety of the gathering then he would tell Jon his Daemon name--and teach him a new trick. Hoping that was incentive enough for him to stay OUT of trouble! He lead them both into the Hall of Shadows, where he went to lead them both off towards the side--so that he could find a place to seat. Despite the Arch-Daemon's large size, his footsteps were strangely quiet--the only noises he made were from his claws tapping against the floor, unless it was carpetted--in which case he made no noises at all as he moved along. Ah, the blessing of having pads on one's feet. He leaps up onto what appears to be some kind of huge strangely-crafted couch of sorts. It was actually a seat made for quadrupeds, and there was enough room for Jon and Eve to lay next to him. He gestures for Eve to lay down against his side, and for Jon to lay down between his forelegs. Once they were in position, he'd curl his tail around Evelynne
and hold her close--she was special. The first female to have ever gone to his lair, and remained unbroken by the Arch-Daemon's lust. It meant she had his favor. Due to the nature of this event, Dannethion did not have his illusion up on either himself or his son. But on the same token, he made sure that any human that saw him that was not used to Fae; would forget about it within a few short minutes. One of the 'perks' of being an Arch-Daemon, one could say.

15:15:52 [Fenrir] [Well, Jon had been something of an aristocrat when he was in human guise. When dealing with royalty, and with the noted exception that children are best seen and not heard, Jon was very well capable of being civil, polite, and even very charming. However when it came to the Shadowseeker suit... that was a biotechnological advancement that had bonded with Jon's DNA. When he was transformed, the Shadowseeker unit came with it. Removing it forcefully could easily result in Jon's death. It was not something that Dannethion wanted to tamper with without proper preparation and advanced knowledge in the field of biotechnology. The second leading expert aside from Jon was dead. He can't very well do brainsurgery on himself. He did as was instructed, despite the limp. If Delaney was there, or Jessica, they would be greeted by what would seem a smile on the clawdragon pup's face and a wag of his tail like a puppy. but he would not / could not leave his position by his father. Let's not poke the beast with a stick.]

15:18:05 Reilly` stepped into the alley, letting the heavy industrial metal door swing shut behind her. Well, that was laughably easy, she thought as she rolled up the bundle of notes and stuffed it in one of her large pockets. There had not been many people in the place what with it being afternoon still, but she had managed to entice the men into a game of poker and had walked away with most of the winnings. Most because walking away with everything usually ended up with her being accused of cheating, which was true, but that also lead to people trying to knife her and that meant phasing in broad daylight which was not only harder to do but it really caused it to lose a lot of its..oomf. Reilly had walked away with something else as well though. A young man had proffered a small vial when he had run out of cash to bet. Called it Spellbound, some kind of drug no doubt. Curiosity piqued the Fae’s interest and she had obtained it. Her time in Jamaica and South America had led her to try out many of the --15:18:52 Reilly` humans’ ‘herbs’, purely out of curiosity of course for the stuff barely affected her at all. She did find though that those under the affects of such things were much more entertaining than sober ones. To that end she had turned a small fortune over the years selling such things in small but potent doses to select individuals, following them and making them the brunt of her jests. Hallucinogenic were her favourites. She took the small vial and gingerly unscrewed the cap, peeking inside. Small multicoloured crystals glittered merrily under her gaze. She licked a finger and was about to put it to the neck of the vial but then decided against it. She would give it a try when she returned home in the morning, she didn’t know how strong it was and she would rather experiment with dosage later in the safety of her rented apartment. She screwed the cap closed and popped it in her top pants pocket, close to her skin where she could feel it. Well then, her day was still young and there was still the --15:19:07 Reilly` matter of finding the source of all the energy bouncing about. Struggling at first she would eventually find a trial that she was able to follow, latching onto the chaotic energies that she enjoyed so much. And follow it she would, where she would end or how far it would be before she found something she could not say...

15:20:54 JessicaG Jessica and her craft tutor were preparing their altar for their spells casting. Before they started, they ate some cookies and snacks and drink orange juice. Jessica felt much better in the place of her tutor, it was like a familiar place even than her home with her parents. They sat down on the carpet and started to pray and chants, closing their eyes and prepare their protections spell and divination spells.

15:34:28 [Dannethion] Dannethion was proud to have a Son that actually was at least interested in the goings on in matters that were beyond merely the Hunt, the Mate and the Lair. He was going to have to teach Jon the value of the all three later--and have to teach him that he had to stop thinking with his Heart and start using his Brain. His violently emotional state is the main reason that innocents keep dying when he attempts his Vigilante tactics. So by teaching Jon to use his Brain before his Heart, he was also teaching him Patience and the virtue of calculated plans and risks. He also wished that Jon was a tad bit more grateful about the new gifts he was given as a Clawdragon, or maybe was more warmed into it--but alas, even an Arch-Daemon can't have everything he wanted. He curled his crab-claws around his neck and rested them against Jon's body, to hold him in place--as he peers about, taking account of all who were present currently.

15:37:29 Galen downed his first drink within seconds and then went to get another from a cabinet that resided in the hallway, pouring the glass full before he decided he could tolerate the 'mingling' aspect of the night. Frankly, he would rather go, get the meeting done and then get the Hell out do Dodge but he knew it would be a long night, even well before it started. With a heavy sigh, he straightened out his posture, head held high and shoulders squared while holding the glass in one hand and sticking his other hand in his pants pocket. He walked to the door that lead into the lobby, followed by a few other Dark Fae that held lesser, various postions within the Court, himself dubbed the Dark Prince, lead the way inside where he paused off to the side, watching those who had already arrived. He decided against the Hall of Shadows for now, doing his best to smile charmingly and make small talk with his kind mostly, though to give his due, he did mingle with some of the Light Fae as well, as a gesture of respect. -15:37:51 [Galen] After spending some a bit more time in the lobby, he began to move into the Hall of Shadows, drink still in hand as he looked around but it wouldn't be long when he spotted Dannethion and his little troop that laid on the couch with him. It was the thing from last night and he couldn't help but look amused, despite himself, as he approached them. "I see that when they invite everyone, they really do mean Everyone. "-e-

15:38:22 LongShot had decided within five minutes of being in the checkered vehicle that he really didn’t like cabs. Let alone their drivers. He had even begun to formulate a theory that, like himself, all cab drivers were from another universe, given their lack of linguistic comprehension, and utter inability to figure out where the hells they were going. Nearly two hours later, he was exiting, handing several small bills to the increasingly angry driver. “Keep the change.” The gunman mentioned as he closed the door. “There is no change, you ass!” Smiling, LongShot shut the door securely, half ignoring the man. “Then that should tell you something.” Still smiling, he headed towards the houses main door as the cab departed in a squeal of burning tires. Stopping, he cocked his head slightly. Ok, so house wasn’t the best descriptor. Giant, oversized, horrifically designed, facetiously decorated, gaudily trimmed place of residence was a little more accurate. But only a little. Too kind, he felt. Handing the doorman the15:38:43 [LongShot] invitation he had spent half the night deciphering, LongShot simply kept smiling, despite the man’s stares. “I know. I’m early.” Knowing full well that wasn’t the reason for the stare, he stepped inside, adjusting the neon green tie wrapped about his neck, made all the brighter in contrast to the metallic black body-suit he customarily wore, engaged face mask and all. He already knew, call it a feeling, that tonight was going to be a great night.

15:41:04 [Evelynne] gave a curt nod to Jon before settling down with Dannethion. At first she had stiffened but that quickly passed. He'd been right about her being long without her pack. Eve would smell heavily of the forest, but that was more of her nature then anything she actually put on. Settling in was going to take a little time. Anyway, with a meeting about, she was curious to see what she'd never been told or taught about herself. Maybe, the little outcast had finally come home? As per her having manners, she could have them. In fact, it had taken great restraint to get her anywhere nearly civilized at one point only to go feral again. The Devil hadn't been kidding when he'd said she'd truly be on her own. The trust she'd been shown was unexpected and it was something she wasn't in a hurry to lose.
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Triskilon Manor (Part I) :: Comments

Post on Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:31 pm by Delaney
15:41:58 Senese was new in town - that is, he'd recently moved in from the not-so-small mini-city of Little Italy. As the name implied, there was a deep history of Italians in and about that area, which made it simpler, more or less, for those of them that were Fae to hide their identities from plain humans. And even though he wasn't new to the world of the Fae - or how it worked - Gabriel supposed he'd never really get used to the 'out of the ordinary' things that Fae so enjoyed. For example, the letter he'd found on his kitchen counter inside his locked house, upon returning home. Of course it couldn't have been an email in his inbox, of course it couldn't have simply been in his mailbox, because that would have been so terribly silly - someone had to walk into his house, and put it on the counter. Which meant he knew the sender was Fae even before he opened it - but the contents weren't too different from what he had been expecting. Your presence is requested, at... In other words, the Fae here 15:42:02 [Senese] knew he was here - and having him present himself would be a good way to start. A final glance at the invitation would reveal the last bits of information the man needed - semi-formal attire, and Triskilion Manor. ...With all luck, a cabbie would know what that meant. He sure didn't. Semi formal, semi formal..A few minutes later, he'd hail a cabbie outside his apartment, and settle in for the ride. Black shirt, white tie, light khakis. Good enough, he supposed.

15:42:28 Ainfean was seconds away from losing her glamour, returning to her true form, and hiding. Surely they wouldn't notice a glowing ball amidst all the chaos? This form called far too much attention to her. Still, she held it, forcing herself to calm. It would do no good to lose it now. After having been worked up by all the rumors and fears she'd been hearing all afternoon, she, needed to know what was to be done about the situation. It was already spiraling out of control, and action had to be taken. It was just a question of what actions, and by whom. This was where Ainfean struggled to find a happy medium...she could present herself and offer her services, but as a rogue, no matter how earnest, she was risking not only their distrust but also their displeasure if she failed. Could she risk Kylie by sending the girl out to get her hands on some of the drug? Could she risk herself, spying? - 15:42:30 [Ainfean] The first sent a cold shiver of dread down her nonexistent spine while the second merely made her stomach churn. What to do, what to do? Feeling dizzy as thought raced around her head at lightning speeds, she'd find a chair and gracefully lower herself into it, focusing on breathing and clearing her mind until her focus was needed elsewhere.

15:45:38 [Delaney] The cab ride didn’t take long. The driver however turned out to be Fae, as if it was pre-ordained that someone would pick her up to ENSURE she got there. Del was slightly pissed off but couldn’t deny that the Fae had their pull in this City. What people, humans saw on the outside was far different from the reality of the situation. Now, Delaney was a part of it, and as she exited the cab she stood, gazing over the monstrosity of a castle, that despite the beauty was quite obtrusive. The gardens were night, she noted as she allowed her eyes to slowly take in the scene before landing back upon the stone structure. The Addams family came to mind and she couldn’t help but wonder if Hand, or their Frankenstein butler would be answering the door. The smirk played upon her bow shaped lips as the cab driver nudged her, his irish accent quite clear. “C’mon you. Let’s go now. Theres them who’d not be waitin’ lassy.” And off he went, moving toward the large, gothic doorway. Boots treading confidently over the ==15:45:57 [Delaney] the stone-laden drive, she followed suite and was welcomed at the entrance by the doorman, who was, for no better word, Jeeves. A dark brow arched as he motioned to take her coat, leaving her to feel somewhat naked, slightly uncomfortable in her attire. The dress was tight fitting, snug to her feminine form. The upper bodice was much akin to a corset, allowing for the natural swell of her breasts to be pushed upward, eluding to the cleavage that was both inviting and intoxicating. The small spaghetti straps allowed the smooth ivory column of her neck to be visible, more so due to her gorgeous strands of luscious ebony which were piled loose atop her head; several unruly curls framing her face, escaping the updo to lick the porcelain smooth flesh in an enticing manner. The material of the dress was satin, the sleek shin smoothly gracing the swell of hips, her small waist to just below her thighs, leaving just part of her legs to be bare. Delaney, no matter what she wore had that natural give of charm and==15:46:12 [Delaney] charisma, then beyond that was the illusive appeal that just seeped from her - causing most to just look her way. Her presence was soon noted, some falling in love with her the moment she appeared, others fighting the look she offered, while few had the natural ability to ignore it all together. Regardless, the Succubus was a bombshell, even more so since she’d actually dressed as such and the confidence she carried couldn’t be ignored. Inward though, her stomach was churning, that sense of nervousness, even innocence lit within the depths of her hues, as she broached the main area, chewing upon her bottom lip. Good god.. I shouldn’t be here.... Like a bump on a log, she barely noticed anyone as she stood there, even though she was looking around.

15:48:47 Torch had been waiting on the Triskelion Manor grounds for what seemed like forever now; yet more fae kept arriving, and he simply didn't draw attention to himself. Whatever this damned meeting was about, the Dark clan leader clearly did mean to invite all the Fae in Boston. Even in such an expansive estate as this, it was beginning to get a bit crowded. He had seen a few familiar faces, but hadn't taken the time to converse just yet. He was tense, nervous; he'd burned through over half a pack of smokes in just an hour or two. What the hell was this meeting about? He took a deep drag off his current cigarette and let out a puff of smoke, looking around again. He'd spotted Eve already, and along with her the arch-demon; he got the sense that the Morrigan was still waiting for a few stragglers. Patience wasn't one of Torch's strong points, and being surrounded by so many Fae wasn't helping his composure. He picked up a familiar pull and moved back towards the entrance, spotting Del instantly; he could only hope 15:49:04 [Torch] that she could keep it together in this of all places. Losing it here would have catastrophic results; he finished his cigarette and incinerated it in his fingers. He slid off his jacket, leaving him in just his white shirt and black slacks; surely the meeting would start soon.

15:49:59 JessicaG After they finished their casting, it was kinda making Jessica feels better. She than smiles and says, " Oh….I completely forgot, I've got an envelope from some school". She reaches her backpack and took out her envelope she found in the mailbox today. She opened it, and started reading it while her tutor sat beside her and read it too. The letter said, 'Dear Jessica Grayson, we are happy to inform you that because of your talent in the craft you've won a scholarship to The Triskilion school of Magic. Congratulation! Come today to the address stated for a welcoming party and celebration for the scholarships' winners. We anticipate your arrival.' 15:50:11 JessicaG After reading it, she looked at the address and than at her tutor, she was looking confused but smiled. "Wow, dear, congratulation!". Jessica thought for a second, "hmm…do you think I belong there?". Her tutor nods with a smile, "of course you are, they are right, you are talented. Go there, dear, it will be good for you a party right now". Jessica smiles and nods, luckily she is wearing a nice dress for the party. (like in the pic). Thanking her and packs her invitation back in her backpack and stepped outside to catch a cub to the Triskilion manor. Hopefully the driver will tell her where it is, because she had no idea where it is. Finally she was on her way.

15:50:28 [Dannethion] The scent of Galen reached the Arch-Daemon's nostrils long before he heard the man's footsteps approaching him, and long before he spotted him. Turning his head to regard the Dark Prince he bowed his head in greeting, "Had I not made my presence known the evening previous, it is likely I would not have been invited. It was only a shame that my attempted lesson last night had twisted out of control. But sometimes, relatives can toss things into harsh disarray." he places his right foreleg around Jon's body as he hugged the small wolf-sized Clawdragon pup against his furry chest. Peering over at Galen a bit more intently, "Ah, where are my manners, Your Highness? I am Dannethion, Arch-Daemon of the Clawdragon Pack on the Plane of Lust; Herald of Lust acting on the behalf of His Will, Lord Lucifer the Fallen. This smaller Clawdragon between my paws is Sanguinnoth, my birth son--he is only Half-Clawdragon, and the other half is human. The figure to my left is Evelynne; not a family member, but she is a good 15:50:37 [Dannethion] friend regardless." he leans his head over to nudge the female in the side gently with his snout and then he lifted his head to glance upon Galen again, "I am aware of your station, but I was not informed of your name; Who do I have the pleasure of addressing?"

15:56:37 [LongShot] “I love this band. They’re fantastic!” The comment, which, incidentally sent the sharp faced elderly gentleman turning on heel with a sniff, had been in reference to the music filling the ballroom. LongShot loved events like these. The key: be an idiot. It wasn’t very difficult, actually. A couple random comments, one or two intellectual observations that were wrong, and suddenly everybody neither wanted, nor expected, anything from you. All around, beings moved and spoke, effectively ignoring him. The suit was doing its job even better than ever he thought, patting the pseudo-armor appreciatively. Normally, he might have tried blending in, but when it came to standing in a giant room full of creatures who spent their whole lives lying, he’d had a strange desire to be the only honest one there. It wasn’t really hard. Lavish gowns, immaculately done hair, custom suits and clothes, amongst all this, he stood out. Horribly. Not caring, he snagged a random glass from a passing server, having no intention of15:57:48 [LongShot] of actually drinking it. He normally wouldn’t at a regular gathering, let alone a Fae induced one. Already his skin had begun to itch, the amount of errant magic having its customary effect. Now if only they’d hurry the hells up and start the damned meeting, he thought impatiently. He had work to do.

16:00:54 [BWRP] What most people knew, those at least familiar with the Clan Leaders was nothing was rushed. The time on the invitation was stipulated, but when the meeting would actually begin was left to The Morrigan and it wouldn’t be until she was ready. The intent was to let both Clans mix and mingle, spend some time, chat it up - share stories, even see if a little chaos would ensue before The Morrigan and The Ash would make their presence known. However, the party was not without it’s fun - there was music, yes and those who wished to dance, would do so. The Fae weren’t anything if merry and the chance to live it up, party and drink wasn’t lost on most who attended. Seriousness lay down the road, for now however, the night was just starting and if the Morrigan demands you have fun, then you simply have fun.

16:02:34 Gwenhwyfar strode confidently through the front door some time after Delaney, giving the succubus who held the room's attention an appraising look before nodding curtly in approval – although what she seemed to find acceptable was unknown. Still, her darkly lined green eyes did not linger on the younger woman over long, seeking instead to familiarize herself with the fae around her. Some she knew, others she vaguely recognized, but more than a few were complete strangers, and the lady found herself frowning for several moments before she remembered herself. Smoothing her hands down the airy dark green chiffon of her tea length party dress that was cinched at the waist, the leanan sidhe would slip into the crowd to mingle, the tap-tap of her black leather peep toe stilettos swallowed up by the chattering of gossip going on around her. She did not seek anyone out, although she would occasionally pause to hold a conversation if she were approached by an acquaintance.

16:04:27 Galen had to admit to himself that he was rather curious of the two creatures before him but he hadn't actually seen too much of them the night before, it seems he had missed most of that party but now he had finally got the story behind who he was. He held nothing against him, the only thing he had been cautious of was that he didn't want Delaney hurt or killed until he had a chance to find out what she knew about this drug being disturbed around the city. He shook his head. "No need for formalities, trust me. Call me Galen. I'm the son of Ash Mac Giolla Phádraig, or better known as The Ash, though he and I hold no love lost between each other." He didn't offer an explanation of it, simply an FYI only of his family. "All of you, welcome to Triskilion Manor." He offered a nice enough smile, still impressed by the main creature before him. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Hopefully tonight will be.." He paused with a grin. "Less eventful than it had been last night." Though a part of him , the mischievous -16:04:58 [Galen] part, almost wished something more than a meeting would happen, now that he was on home turf. "I do have one question, and excuse my ignorance on the situation, but what was your intention overall last night? Again, I missed a lot of what was going on but what was the reason you sought out DElaney?" He doubted that it had to do with any drugs, but he still wanted to know all the same.-e-

16:06:10 [Senese] A mansion full of Fae. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that being in the presence of so many other Fae - especially when the Clans would be intermingling - would be more than a little unnerving, but Gabriel had full faith in his ability to remain true to his duty and refrain from doing something terribly awkward, like...lose control and tear something to shreds. Those sorts of things weren't very socially acceptable, after all. As it had turned out, his cabbie must have been Fae as well, as instructions to Triskilion Manor hadn't been necessary - upon closing the door, the man at the wheel simply took off. Just like the Fae to set something up like this. He'd settle in for the ride, tip the man when they finally arrived, and straighten his tie once more as he walked to the door. The butler at the door would get the slightest of bows in greeting before Gabriel stepped inside the Manor proper, taking a moment to take a deep breath of the scents inside - and steel himself against the temptations 16:06:13 [Senese] that would lie within. ...With all luck, he wouldn't be the first representative of the Light to arrive. Wouldn't be polite to have the new guy get there first, and so forth. ...Too bad he there wasn't anyone he recognized. Throat suddenly dry, he'd make a beeline for what semblance of a bar the Manor had, and get his tongue wet.

16:08:58 JessicaG Finally the cab driver drop her off at the manor of the school, she paid him and got out of the cab, watching the school for a bit while rearranging her dress. The school look big, and very expensive, she thought that it was a very good school. She was already learning psychology in college on a scholarship, but this school appeals much to her, and she will defiantly connect to the people here. She walks straight to the front door and shows the doorman her invitation, she asked for direction to where the party is and he directed her to the location. She thanked him and walks slowly to the place, looking around the place with amazed look at the richness of the place, feeling quite a stranger. Than she opened the door to the ballroom, hearing the music and seeing people already chatting among themselves, she gave a faint smile and nods to people close by. She found herself a chair and seated, quite shy to approach people and talk.

16:11:29 LongShot found himself unintentionally close to the main doors. Figures, he thought. This many Fae, he was amazed he had yet to have pulled a gun on anyone. Speaking of….his trained eyes darted about, trying to identify if anyone else was carrying any sort of weapon. A mildly pointless effort, he knew, given that most these beings could simply conjure weapons into existence, much as he could. Still, old habits and such. Nodding towards the door man, he adjusted his tie again, at least pretending to be concerned about fitting in. Checking the door one more time, he went back to waiting, nearly hoping that something went wrong. At least then , the night wouldn’t be a total waste.

16:11:47 Ainfean curled into the chair she had perched herself upon, making no move to join the festivities. The spunkie had neither allies nor friends here, a fact she became painfully aware of as she watched the crowds make merry around here. There was food and drink to be had, but as she had no body, she did not even attempt to indulge as the others did. Part of her wished she had taken Kylie with her, if only to fill the achingly empty silence of her own mind, and then she recalled just where she was and who called this place home and retracted the thought. Better lonely and scared than to risk her only friend's life for one night. Besides, the fae were a passionate race – merriment could easily turn into malice, as she well knew. Some part of her still craved that release, and she found herself shifting restlessly in her seat. Delaney's entrance filled her with a sense of unease she couldn't quite quell, especially when the air seemed to still, even fae falling under her unintentional spell. 16:11:51 [Ainfean] It did not seem to last very long, for another entered, and not soon after, the band struck up, causing her to sway in her seat and sing along when she recognized the tune playing. When she recognized the human from the other night, however, she nearly lost it. What exactly was going on here? This was supposed to be a meeting about the drug. As soon as the thought rose, she fought to quell it. It was not her place to question such things.

16:12:11 [Evelynne] The cat almost sneezed with all the magic around her and it had her head buzzing. She was highly sensitive to energy around her after not being around it for so long. The woods she'd hunted had been dangerously depleted of essence from the foolish or those who didn't care. With the music her tail swayed and she had a hard time staying still. Most of the music types didn't matter- if it moved she would. Also, she'd sniffed Galen quietly and was trying to decide whether or not she liked him or not. Cat shifters had been hard to find, but his temperment and her own..Ah she loved showing the half of her that was the most comfortable to live by without conflict. When the trays were brought along she canted her head to the right and asked, "Our...derves?" She knew they were a common snack item and she looked back to Dannethion feeling the change in her voice. It was still rough and she didn't even know why she'd said it other then it was a distraction from Galen.

16:14:47 [Dannethion] Dannethion nodded as Galen bid him to be informal for the time being, "She was exuding an aura of Lust into everyone present. Only those who were aware of it were able to resist it. When you push a Sin into a mortal's mind, it opens their bodies like a door. Their minds become fogged and hazed, their Will becomes as malleable as a ball of wet clay." he holds up his right paw and clenches his toes as if crushing something in it, "I did not force my way into the Minds of the mortals at the Diner, I merely...walked into their minds. For the doors were left wide open, their wills inexistant due to Delaney's aura. It was as if someone opened a door to their house and allowed a man-eating lizard into their home. The lesson of the evening was that Delaney must learn to control her powers, lest bad things will happen--I only momentarily consumed the souls of the people there, before returning them to their bodies. I did that so that I could siphon the Lust out of them and leave them without the Lust. However, my Son 16:14:54 [Dannethion] and Eve had intervened--Eve attempted to give her own soul to save the others, it didn't work--and Jon attacked me fully, discarding any possible charade that our kind may have had. That is when the figure you call 'The Ash' appeared and made it known to halt the altercations. Shortly thereafter, I took my Son back to the Dagon Spawning Pits for...disciplinary action. I had to make it known to my Son that he needs to keep his violent emotions in check." Sanguinnoth seems to cringe lightly at being chastized in front of the Lord, and he glances over at Evelynne, "I wouldn't know what those are--I do not fancy myself on knowing of foods other than the beasts of the wilds." and he glances back at Galen, "Though it seems I had more than one person at the Diner that evening, that had to learn the value of restraint and control."

16:19:12 [Delaney] Due to the previous night events, as well as those at the Cork, Del was well aware her name was upon the lips of many, and not just in the manner that it should be. It was an uncomfortable feeling; beyond that sense of not belonging - this wasn’t her World. For a moment, she near bolted, prepared to turn around and just leave. She was unaware she was the main suspect on the list for selling of blood to create the drug, Spellbound. While she was aware of the drug, she had her own case to work on, having been hired by Goblins to find the Blood Stone. “Chalk this up to a business function..” She commented to herself in a casual moment, soon catching sight of Torch, and several others though she groaned inwardly at the sight of Dannethion speaking to Galen. “So, they are working together it seems. Perhaps last night wasn’t so much my fault as it was planned.” Eyes narrowed as the thoughts escalated in her mind, though she quickly turned away pretending not to notice any as she moved forward, --16:19:23 [Delaney] entering further within. The were several she recognized from The Cork couple nights before, including Ainfean who seemed to shy away from her. Was she truly such a terrible creature? Del believed she was on the side of good. Though most seemed to think others. Regardless, this Succubus too made it for the bar. A drink was indeed needed.

16:24:16 [Senese] So many scents, so many sensations. The deeper part of him, the one that tended to sport claws and a mane, would have liked to simply prowl about and see if someone would throw the first punch - but instead, Gabriel would simply channel the itch in the back of his mind into a tighter grip on his glass of...something. "Gimme somethin' strong," he'd said. So far, so good. A casual glance across the room would reveal that a good handful of Fae were gathered in a circle, presumably friends and acquaintences, while a couple others had scattered themselves around the room. Loners. That said, of course, Gabriel knew it when one of the Lust-type demons started making her way over to the bar; intentional or not - the man couldn't figure out if they even knew the difference - she was putting out enough pheromones to get a panda randy, and probably more. He'd give her a moment to take a seat - and toss back a gulp of whatever it was in his glass, pushing the now-empty glass back t16:24:20 [Senese] towards the bartender - before turning, almost brusquely, towards her. "D'ya mind tryin' to.." Raising one hand and holding his thumb and forefinger an inch apart, "Tone it down jus' a little?"

16:28:03 LongShot needed a drink. Just one. They had a wet bar and everything. And besides, just one wouldn’t hurt. He might even decide to have fun. After having a heavy drink, provided by Fae, in a hall filled with Fae, all gathered together for meeting between the heads of the opposing Fae factions. Yeah, real smart LongShot. He chided himself, refusing to move from his newly assumed post by the exit, his mind already running through the mental listing of which weapons in his arsenal would be effective in case the door was locked shut. He had no faith in the goodwill with which the invitations had been sent. Fae were always playing games, and they never made a move without an obvious purpose, and a dozen hidden ones.

16:28:28 [Evelynne] She found them! d'œuvres! The item was the pretty little snack items often passed out at parties, before meals. "Be...fooore..meal..snacks..", she said slowly. The stuffed mushrooms that wafted under her nose brought back some serious hunger even if she wasn't hungry. A demon of gluttony could have a hay day with her when it came to food. She mewled softly and realized she was intterupting a conversation and ducked back down and looked at Jon for a while. Her tail still didn't stay put. Mortal music could siderail her like few things could when done correctly, let alone the music of the Fae.

16:30:04 Galen took another sip of his drinking, taking his time with this one as it was meant to be somewhat of a sedative of sorts to keep him in check while the effects of the Full Moon slowly dissipated but he listened with great interest to what he was saying, feeling more at ease that he hadn't been trying to hurt or kill Delaney. He nodded his head to show he was listening and paying attention to his words but then a slight grin crossed his face. "I see. I suppose we're all creatures of habit and opportunity, in our own ways. I was merely curious of the intent but that seems like a rather curious and interesting way of life you have. I wanted to be sure Delaney wasn't in any immediate danger, and like you, I agree she should learn to control the.." Again he paused and bit his tongue against using the word 'curse', "..ability she has. I think it would be wise of her to do so for the sake of her own heath because someone, somewhere, will come along and she'll not be able to control herself and that will have dire -16:30:25 [Galen] consequences for her." He had thought to strangle the very life from her for daring to attack him at the Cork a few nights back but he had refrained, she may not be so lucky one day. He kept the grin, looking to the feline laying there, tilting his head slightly with a wider grin but then looked away. He was about to say something more to Dannethion but a suddenly feeling of warmth took over instead. He turned his head to find the source, catching sight of Delaney and it took every ounce of his civility not to glare at her this time. Instead, he turned to look back to those he had been chatting with. "I commend you on your efforts, I only hope it helped her some. It would us all good if she could get a grip on it."-e-

16:32:12 JessicaG Is sitting and enjoying the music, looking at the people around, she sees no one of course she knows. But suddenly, she sees someone, someone she met twice already but still couldn't find what her name was and why she looks so familiar. She decided it is a good opportunity to go and ask her in these circumstances, maybe she was in the clan of witches she was. She walked over to Delaney and taps on her shoulder to get her attention, "It is you again! Hi, please, tell me where I know you…."

16:35:47 Gwenhwyfar smiled pleasantly at the members of the Light Clan when she saw them, otherwise her face seemed to fall into its default expression – smirking. Pushing the ruffled strap that held her sleeve up a little higher on her shoulder, she'd bite her lip and give the fae she was speaking to an apologetic look. “Terribly sorry, Athar, you know how these damn modern dresses are – more and more skin showing with each year that passes,” she'd say, shaking her head in disgust. The woman beside her waved her hand in a casual dismissal, laughing. “Dear me,” the other woman would say, “I seem to be all out of firewhiskey. I'm off to get a refill. Won't you join me, darling?” Gwen tossed her head back and laughed, patting at her curls. “Too right I will, Athar. When have you ever known me to turn down a drink?” Linking her arm with the other fae, they'd both glide to the bar, whispering quietly to each other, until Athar fall silent, her eyes fixating on Delaney. -16:35:52 [Gwenhwyfar] “Athar,” she'd call, waving a worried hand in front of her face. “Athar, snap out of it! Oh, dear...” Steering her friend onto the nearest empty seat, she'd make her way over to Delaney and the mortal, her glossy pink lips pursed. She clearly wanted to speak with the succubus, but she wasn't about to go blurting things out in front of a mortal.

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16:36:15 [Dannethion] Dannethion chuckles at Evelynne as she seemed to be enjoying herself. He lifted his left forepaw and brings it over to press against Eve's back and rubs the pads into her furred shoulders and then brings it up to scritch behind her ears before returning his paw to the couch itself, "I doubt it. She either despises me for taking advantage of her like I did, or she refuses to acknowledge the fact that her deeds are what sparked it into what happened; it's easier to target the Arch-Daemon as being the instigator." he shakes his head, "I had already sent in a petition to the the Lords of both Clans to allow me to train all low-ranking Demons, Daemons and Devils who are just getting used to their powers on how to properly channel, control, and utilize them. It's my main task in the Planes of Hell. I train all newly-trained Hellblood and make them into warriors worthy of the name of Satan--but there are a few who would rather train on their own." he smirks a bit at that.

16:42:18 [Delaney] Tone it down? Tone it down!.. that was the response she got as she approached the bar and she paused, eyes shifting to an icy blue hue as she gazed toward the Knight, a fine brow arched as her features revealed she cared neither for his comment or his presence at that exact moment. “E’cuse me?” She commented in response, having fully heard what he said. “I’d think that the experience you Fae all seem to have, you’d have some method of keeping things I do, a mere young woman to a limit. Or is that a power you don’t hold?” The question was both enticing as it was insulting on some level. Del had just about enough of people telling her what she could and couldn’t do. Damn, half of what she did she wasn’t even aware of most of the time. The frustration clearly lined her features as she gazed from Gabriel back toward the group across, Dann, Galen, Evelyn (the girl unconscious from the night before!) and of course, the son - Jon. The more she saw the more she believed that the events had been --

16:42:55 [Delaney] planned to some degree. Eve had been left unconscious yet here she was, mewing next to the beast that had caused it. What the hell was going on? An expelled sigh was pushed through her lips before she rose the newly appointed glass to her lips and a swig of whiskey was taken just as Gwen inched in closer to the bar, close enough for Del to notice, that is. 16:46:10 [Delaney] A familiar voice however caused her to completely turn around, looking in bewilderment as Jessica came bumbling toward her, Del’s face paling significantly to the presence. “What.. What are you doing here!? - the succubus was unaware that Jess would be invited.. What the hell was going on here!?

16:57:48 [Senese] Couldn't she see the effect that she was having on the people around her? Foolish child. At the young woman's retort, Gabriel would turn a pained expression to the bartender and motion for another drink, hoping it would arrive before too soon. He supposed Shifters such as himself would be more affected by compulsions that attempted to release their more bestial sides, but it was still rather irresponsible of the young lady to...put out, in a sense. Holding a hand up, palm towards her, Gabriel would try and salvage things. "Experience is one-sided, missy - trust me, if I could give you some of mine, I would. Thing is.." Where was his drink? Whichever hand he hadn't held up was currently hidden beneath the counter, in part so he could clench it at will, and in part because he was releasing tension by allowing his nails to grow into full-fledged claws. Drink wasn't here yet. Frustration. "Thing is, y'need to try and get a handle on your powers, or yer..." Was his breathing a 16:57:57 [Senese] little ragged? Maybe. "Gonna start doin' stuff t'more than that poor guy." He'd point as unobstrusively as possible towards Althar, the most obviously enthralled person in the near vicinity. "S'not that I'm tryin' ta be mean, but Fae that can't keep their..." Insert vague motion towards himself here. "-Y'know, Fae-ness about themselves sort've sets everyone else on edge. Jus' thought I'd warn ya, eh?" Turning away from her, to try and find that bartender, he'd muse, half to himself, half dismissively to the young woman, "Now where's that man with my drink?"

17:02:11 Ainfean was out of her seat and following after Jessica before she had time to think about it. Rationally, she knew having Jessica amongst them would end badly. Too many fae were spooked at having her turn up in their stronghold, and many would seek to...eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, luck didn't seem to favor Ainfean this night, as her estimation quickly went from things going badly to them ending much, much worse when she caught sight of who the mortal was on a collision course with. Mentally groaning, she'd stop amongst the crowd and pinch the bridge of her nose, trying to ward of the headache she could feel building. She was a woman divided – part of her said they couldn't afford a human death at the moment, not with things they way there were at present – but the other part, the one closest to her true nature, screamed at her to just let the girl go and hoped she got what she deserved, in other words, that the succubus would drain her dry. -17:02:21 [Ainfean] Feeling conflicted was never good, and she childishly cursed Kylie for making her care. Coming to a stop inches from the human as Delaney began to freak out, the spunkie would groan. “Just pretend it's Kylie,” she muttered under her breath, gently touching the human girl on the shoulder in an attempt to run interference. Hopefully, she'd turn to look at her and receive a sunny smile and a warm hello so that Delaney might have time to compose herself and come up with a cover story.

17:07:38 [Dannethion] Dannethion had noted that Sanguinnoth had nodded off it seems. So the Arch-Daemon willed his son away, the smaller clawdragon vanishing in a swirl of blackish-purple smoke as Sanguinnoth was returned to the Packlands--his Mate would ensure that the pup was taken care of. The daemon began to push up and off the couch as he gets to his feet. His size alone made him something to be wary of--he was almost eight-feet tall, and that was in a quadrupedal height! If he was up on his hindlegs, that would be even greater--but like with any other beast of the wilds, it was painful for him to be on his hindlegs for even a short amount of time. He stretched. Similar to a feline, but keeping it so no limbs hit anyone else nearby. He turns around to face Galen as he glances down at the man, "I am going to go find myself a banquet table and see if they have any large meat slabs or steaks available before the gathering begins getting to business. You both are free to accompany me." and already he could sense that Delaney was 17:07:49 [Dannethion] starting to exude her aura into the crowd once more. He sighed. Audibly. The sound was deep and coarse as he glances into Delaney's direction with his gaze looking on exasperation, "She's doing it again." he shook his head, "Not my problem this time. If she doesn't want to learn, there's nothing I can do for her." and off he goes--padding away to find himself something to eat. Even a daemon has to eat!

17:12:16 [Delaney] Gabriel’s words weren’t lost on her, nor was his actions. She knew she had a certain power. And if she truly wanted, she would worm her way into his heart, latch on to it and make him hers no matter how much will power he used to fight against it. If kissing him was anything like Gabriel, then it’d be a thought to truly consider. There was something about being with another Fae that enhanced her powers ten fold, the kiss being as if July 4th had gone off in her mouth, leaving her in a complete, utter state of satisfaction and bewilderment. Though, there was far more distractions around her to face. One being Jessica - though luck be had it, Ainfean (although Del didn’t know the fae’s name) had come upon the girl. Two humans may actually hit it off - at least talk and give Del enough of a reason to put Jessica aside - at least so she could just focus on her task at hand. Her job. The case she was working on. As far as doing anything, Del wasn’t aware she was giving off any particular aura. She was just being - 17:12:40 [Delaney] herself so Nico’s words gave her cause for confusion as she paused, looking to Althar, then to Gwen, then back to the Lion. “Fine. I can take the hint.” she commented loosely, grabbing her drink. Perhaps it was better she just left the group and she headed to the dance floor. At least she could try to dance her wiles away? Did no one understand her? At All?

17:15:28 [Evelynne] The cat arched her back but didn't purr. When Delaney looked her way, she would find that Evelynne simply was looking back. She was quiet afterward with her looking faintly uncomfortable but that was due to her not liking crowds. Various thoughts floated through her mind. Wheter Delaney wanted it or not or knew it, she was making a naturual leader amongst people purely because of the attention she drew. Not all of it was bad. Some females would kill to have a fraction of the ability she had. As for her planning anything, she hadn't. There was just a need for her to come out of her seclusion. Something had snapped her awake. Was it Jon and Dannethion's interacting with her to begin with? Her musings probably would have little merit in the long run, but good ole' Lucy had a habit of selling advice to people for a nickle which could be a bad business deal. Two cents worth for a nickle! Any takers? Ainfean looke about the most uncomfortable out of all of them. Idly she wondered what was being hidden? Her tail wo17:16:36 [Evelynne] ld lightly flick Dannethion before she washed her paws, as a reality check. Music caused things to blurr around her and she wanted to stay focues rather then being lulled into comfort. When Dannethion raised, she would raise with him and walk over to the food before walking over to Delaney suddenly and would purr gently and would rub against the woman's leg like a domestic cat might. One thing was for sure, when she had her wits about her and was satiated, she could put on a show! Given a break again she probably would join Dannethion. Hell, half the fun of her having the cat form was to be able to listen without fully being expected to speak.

17:24:27 Galen nodded slightly, he already knew that Delaney had a stubborn streak within her and that didn't bode well for anyone. When he mentioned that he was a trainer of sorts, he grinned more widely. "You train? Excellent. I find many of my own kind rather, daft in such things. You have my vote, for whatever that counts for. You're methods are extreme, in some people's view I'm sure, but to be subtle is to coddle someone and in doing so, they will never learn a thing." As he stood, Galen took a few steps back to let him have his space to stretch and then looked over to where he was looking, well aware that Delaney was there as he could feel the heat from before, only this time he didn't want to look at her or acknowledge her. "It seems many have tried to help, she's pissed off and she's more stubborn than I've known many to be. If someone can help her, all the power to her. You tried though, good method too." He was impressed with the creature and instead of having to deal with Delaney right now, he moved off with-17:24:41 [Galen] Dannethion to find food or something else to drink.-e-

17:39:05 Gwenhwyfar chanced a glance back at the other female and sighed, completely and utterly irritated at Athar's state. Athar was a strong fae, and a stronger woman...she should not have fallen under Delaney's thrall quite so easily as she had. Which meant the younger succubus was either too new to know how to control her powers, or she was just completely and utterly reckless. The thought unsettled the leanan sidhe quite a bit, for either way, she was simply too powerful to let go unchecked much longer. She was sure the Clans had tried to “help,” but she knew what their methods were, and her heart went out to the girl. She may have been a killer, but she was not heartless. Her victims knew what they were getting into from the beginning, and still they sought her out, having deemed leaving a legacy behind more important than their own lives. Decision made, she strode after the younger woman, dodging through the crowds until she'd hopefully reach Delaney, her hand reaching out to grasp the younger woman's wrist. - 17:39:46 [Gwenhwyfar] “If I may, I'd like to have a word....and no, it's not to scold you. I remember what it was like at first, having no control over that magnetic attraction used to put others under your thrall...and I have a bit of advice, if you'd like to hear it. The offer was genuine, the tone soft. The question was, was it enough to keep the other woman from biting her head off?

17:42:04 JessicaG was startled by the reaction Delaney gave her, she had the impression their maybe best friends or something. She shakes her head, "I got a scholarship to this school of magic….the triskilion school of magic, never heard of it, but it is quite a dream come true…". She suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around to see another woman, and she returned a smile to her too. "Hello, can I help you?" She turned around and saw that Delaney was walking to the dance floor, she sigh and puts herself in a seat near the bar, looking back at the other woman. She thought this place is going stranger and stranger. "I don't understand anything here….", she turns to the bartender and asks for a glass of water.

17:42:32 LongShot was once again by the door, simply waiting, watching, observing the various people, things that looked like people, and outright beasts that were wandering about.. He had returned only a minute or so ago, having abandoned his post on a very important quest. A failed one, but nonetheless important. The music had started to bore him horribly, enough to the point he had sought out the band and placed a request, inquiring if they could change things up a bit, maybe with a little Metallica? The dozen or so of blank stares, and the two or three angry ones, told him that most had no idea what he was talking about, and the others….well obviously they weren’t fans.

17:42:48 [BWRP] People were dancing, their bodies shifting in time with the beat. The cumulative emotion of having a succubus in the room, along with other Fae who were prone to such things. Meanwhile The Morrigan stood within her room, peering into the large gothic mirror, watching herself. Dressed in a simple dress of red that was short and to the point, the feather boa around her neck adding to the allure. Her own hair was raven, just as much as Del’s was, held up in a pony tail that slithered down her back to the curve near her buttocks. Lipstick of stark red doused her lips, her face made up simply because she could, with long fingernails to match. . There was no denying she was a power, due to how she merely presented herself. It went beyond sexual to demand - anyone in her presence would be compelled to look, to stare and to listen. “What do you think? Should we go down?” She question to the African American in the background. The large, dominating male dressed in white, yet his flesh was as dark as dark could--17:43:06 [BWRP] be. “I think we should make our presence known. They’ll start to get antsy if we don’t.” The Ash responded in his deep, succulent voice, the tone rich and commanding. “You’re already perfection my dear. There is no need to preen further.” He added as he glanced toward The Morrigan, his words causing her to gaze sharply over her shoulder. “This isn’t the time for insults. I told you that I wanted the Succubus dead, but you had to give her a choice. Now look.. She’s selling her own blood. “ Her eyes narrowed. “Perhaps you are too blame.” The Ash shook his head, leaning against the wall as his eyes fixated on the sight before him, large white teeth portrayed in an elegant manner as he chuckled. “She has no idea who she is, let alone what she is. You truly think she’s that smart to sell her blood for profit, knowing it would make a drug? Aye, I think not. However, I’m with you on the fact something needs to be done. I hope my son has his ways and of course, there is the Demon Dog that has -- 17:43:26 [BWRP] surfaced. He could be beneficial in showing her the ropes. As well as anyone else caught not doing something.. Right.” The Ash was of course, referring to Dannethion. “For now, I think we should head down.. May I?” He offered The Morrigan his arm, leading the way. The King and Queen of the Clans would soon be arriving..

17:53:49 Senese would flick an ear if he could, but it was a gesture that couldn't quite be managed in his current form. All the same, the conversation nearby informed him that someone would - hopefully - be taking the situation over, and though he didn't know who it was, he'd turn to the source of the new voice, and nod, more than half-thankfully. The others that had been approaching the bar seemed, for the most part, to be on their own business once more - which meant that he could drink as he so pleased until the hosts decided to show. ...He didn't have any objections with this plan at all.

17:56:10 [Dannethion] Dannethion had to be self-conscious of how he walked and where he kept his tails. Being a mammal as he was, certain 'things' were visible that would be considered inappropriate if seen. But it wasn't something that he could really dictate if they were visible or not unless he utilized magic to hide them with illusion. As he meandered through the crowd, people moved out of the way--unfortunately for Jessica, the table that the Arch-Daemon was heading towards put him squarely in her line of sight as he wandered past her. He only scanned the table briefly before his right crab-claw reaches over his shoulder and plucks up one of the larger meals on the table--a stuffed turkey--and the other claw picked up the plate that it was resting upon. A creature of Dannethion's size and girth required meat that was at LEAST the size of this turkey to be even considered a 'snack'. He turns around and began to make his way over towards a wall away from the others so that he could eat in peace, "My methods are extreme, Galen, 17:56:19 [Dannethion] but one cannot argue with the results. I tried to use her friend as a bargaining chip to get her to come with me, so I could explain things to her--but that backfired when my Son barged in and had to get involved. He has no tact whatsoever." and he stops by the wall as he went to lay down on the floor. Placing the plate down first, and then settling the bird onto it. Licking his lips as he began to ponder which part of the bird he was going to consume first.

18:01:50 Ainfean smile was as bright as it was false, although Jennifer was too much a novice in fae interaction to be able to tell. “I'm sorry,” she'd apologize, the words tasting bitter in her mouth, still she needed to come off genuine. Ducking her head so that her hair curtained her face, she'd continue, “I just thought I had seen you around once or twice and I wanted to introduce myself...” The half truth slipped smoothly from between her lips, as she brought her head up to study Jess through her lashes, feigning shyness. “You see I don't really know anyone here, and I saw you all alone before, and I thought...” Suddenly seeming very interested in her shoes, she'd allow her shoulders to slump. “Nevermind, it was stupid of me. I'll just...go. Excuse me.” Turning on her heel, she'd slip into the crowd, walking briskly in the direction of the chair she'd formerly occupied. -18:01:52 [Ainfean] She had bought Delaney enough time, and had swallowed her pride to play the pity card, so perhaps she had bought more time for the succubus than she thought. Jessica might have been the type of bleeding heart who would follow.

18:02:59 [Delaney] The music was influential as it was moving. She tried to loose herself to the beat, ignoring those around her. Including Dannethion, Galen and others, especially Jessica who seemed to have shifted of with the other human - fae. What she wasn’t expecting was the feminine voice that made it’s interesting appeal as she let her gaze land upon Gwen. She paused in her actions, her eyes briefly landing back on the Lion at the bar before turning to the woman again as she swallowed, taking time to think on her words. “And you’d be someone who could teach me a thing or two..” The woman was no doubt, a beauty. A woman who Del could see herself with. The Succubi had no sense of sex in terms of gender. It could be one, or both, or all! Though Del would try to keep the attraction to a minimum. This woman had years on her, not physically but she could just sense the power of the Fae before her. One with experience. “Sure, why not? Everyone else has been giving me their lessons thus far.” The words were spoken in a-- 18:03:12 [Delaney] near scathing tone, her eyes landing on Dannethion, even Torch and of course, Galen. “Seems I’m destined to be the butt of all things wrong. Guess that is just how things are suppose to be.”

18:08:21 JessicaG She got the glass of water and sips from it slowly, looking nervously at the people around the room. The conversation around were really strange, she thought, what kind of new drug they were talking about? She turned back to the woman and smiles to her, "oh…that is so nice with you…I…", then the woman left quickly. She was quite shy, like her, and she wanted some friend to talk in this strange place, she went after her. "Hey, wait….I want to talk…", suddenly Jessica froze as she got into the line of sight with Dann. The creature infront of her looked like a big dragon-dog-demon hybrid. She was opening her mouth, trying to gasp for breath, until she gave a loud scream that it echoed through the room.

18:13:22 [Evelynne] That was frustrating! She'd wanted to stop over and visit Delaney and she'd gotten ignored. A soft huff was given but it would probably get missed by the beat. A look of wonder was given with her facing -UP-, to spot the handsome pair. She canted her head at them and looked at them for the longest of whiles. Now what? Her tail flickered about. She took a deep breath and stepped behind the table. A 17 year old beauty would emerge with her having her long black hair curled and red streaked almost like blood traces, a faint touch of make up to deepen her eyes and lips, a Victorian style pale blue dress was donned with it having white lace and ruffled sleeves, and brown elegent boots with gemstones on it. She looked for random guys to dance with just wanting to give Danne and Galen space. Was she using glamor? No. She was a shapeshifter after all. Senese was found. "Hi there." Her voice was a little more gruff then she wanted it to be but she could use a drink to fix that raw voice of hers. "What's good here at

18:14:23 Gwenhwyfar arched a brow, seemingly concerned. “I shudder to think what kind of lessons you have been learning then, my dear. Trust me when I say each and every fae you'll ever encounter when you're young seems to think they know better. It's not true, but we are a very...proud people.” Her tone suggested that was not quite the word she might use were they alone. As it were though, they were in a crowd, and considering where they were, the walls probably had ears. “Still, most mean well, even if their methods are abhorrant. On behalf of those of us who are semi-sane, I'd like to apologize.” Sensing eyes on them, she'd lightly give the girl's wrist a slight tug, not enough to be painful, just enough to communicate the need to be closer silently. If she obliged, she'd murmur three words near her ear. “Dance. They watch.” Using her powers, she'd produce a card with her name and phone number, slipping it to Delaney. -18:14:36 [Gwenhwyfar] “Should you wish to practice, merely call. For now though, I will offer a bit of wisdom safe for all ears – your power is not merely a power. It is a part of you. Such as you live and breathe, so too, does it.”

18:15:15 [Evelynne] "the bar?", until Jessica screamed. She winced and closed her eyes. "Ow.." was said softly enough with her turning her head to see why. Oh, Dannethion! Senese ...Right. She was caught by the music and not really having fun.

18:17:55 Galen finished up the last bit of the drink he had then placed the glass on a tray as someone walked by with one. He didn't need to be drunk, he needed to be clam and under control which was proving to be an easier task than he had once thought, even though he could still feel Delaney and the power she was giving off against her will. He followed along, taking no food for now, drinking see,e d to be more on his mind right now as he picked up a glass containing whatever alcohol , he wasn't picky at the moment but he continued to listen. "I agree your methods are effective, and impressive to boot. Perhaps without the interruption you had, maybe you could have been successful. I can honestly say, that from my standpoint, I wish she could control herself. I need to talk to her eventually, about something totally unrelated. I think that maybe you should be the one to show her the way. I know of a Light Fae that was trying to help her but I would much rather it be you than him." He suddenly heard a scream as he -18:18:19 [Galen] looked over to Jessica, was this woman everywhere? He rolled his eyes and before leaving the are, he spoke to her. "You'd do better if you could learn to control yourself. I'm not entirely sure why you're here but get use to things that look different. Suck it up already." To further torment the woman, his eyes flashed a yellow hue and he bared his fangs at her, hissing and growling slightly before going back to normal. "You know what they say, if you can't take the heat..." He laughed to himself before following Dannethion to where he was now eating while Galen sipped on his drink.-e-

18:21:27 [Delaney] Ainfean had bought her time, though the Succubus was caught between a rock and a hard place. Ainfean’s actions hadn’t gone unnoticed but she was with a female who had perhaps some skill in surviving this World, which Del had little training in. Gwen’s motion and pull had the younger Fae falling for it as her hips began to sway, her body moved more, dancing. She felt the music spread through her, the rhythm, the beat, the tranquility of just being lost as the sensual action consumed her. Using Gwen, she’d make no pause in allowing the woman to be her partner, bodies colliding, inching together, swaying as the card was passed. The opening of knowledge being given. That was until the scream. It was enough to break Del’s moment into a thousand pieces as she seemingly sucked back to the now. That scream which tore through the room - she instantly knew it was Jessica and Delaney couldn’t excuse herself fast enough. It mattered not what it was - it was human and it was Jess, a girl Del started to feel more and --18:21:39 [Delaney] to feel more and more for as days went by. Delaney was there to protect and yet, Jess seemed to end up deeper and deeper into things. If apologies could be made, Laney would make them before she shifted off toward the human who’d passed out before Dannethion. It wasn’t long before Del was on the scene, lowering to kneel in that dress beside the human. “What did you do!? What have you done to her!?” She questioned accusingly. “She shouldn’t be here! Why have you done this!” All Fae were given the same question, including Nico at the bar. Even he had a part of this.

18:27:11 [Dannethion] Dannethion heard the scream and it made him smile. Oh how much he loved doing that. The only thing that kept him from scaring the shit out of all of the mortals on this Plane of existance was because he had to keep himself under control lest the war occur--and he wasn't going to be the one to go and tell his God that he was the reason that his plans on Earth were destroyed. No, Dannethion wasn't that STUPID. He had heard what Galen had told him but at the moment his jaws were biting down into one of the legs of the turkey--ripping it off with minimal effort. Using one paw to hook two toes around the leg, holding it that way as he bit down onto it and ripped off the meat straight to the bone this way. Chewing and swallowing...then he tossed the now stripped bone into his jaws and began to chew that into tasty little crunchy bits. His breed of Daemon were capable of digesting anything organic--and bones were considered organic substances. However, at Delaney's demanding questions--he merely 18:27:21 [Dannethion] glanced towards her and then returned to his meal. Not his problem, not his issue. Let someone else take care of it. He had no time for fools and idiots. That, or he was too distracted by the honey-basted turkey that tasted like something straight out of Heaven's Paradise. The daemon made growls of appraisal. The sound...visceral, gutteral. He was utilizing all of his willpower to keep himself from going BEAST EAT FOOD mode on this turkey's cooked ass! Was now eating another leg from the turkey. Delicious turkey! Om-nom.

18:28:29 JessicaG stoped screaming and just looked shocked, but she shakes her head and suddenly was quite understood where she is. A school of magic, maybe myths are wondering around here too! The man that spoke to her rudely but to make her calm down suddenly flashed his yellow eyes and fangs, and her eyes widen up again. This was a dream, but if it is it's kinda what she expected from her mind. The woman who she knew heard her scream and she saw how she became angry, she thought they hurt her. She then smiles and touch Delaney, "No....wait, it's was a shock but I know what it is now, they are myths, creatures of the fae! oh my....this is probably a dream...." But she hopes that it is not, than she moves slowly towards Dann.

18:30:55 LongShot nearly threw the whole room straight into the fight he had been expecting it to break into. His attention had been wandering horribly, seeking any form of entertainment possible when he had heard the scream. Instinctively, the P90 had appeared in his hands, its barrel instantly sweeping the room, keen eyes searching for a target, finger a hairs breath from releasing a barrage of steel-penetrator rounds. Finally, his sight fell on a human looking girl standing near one of the larger Hell-beasties he had noticed earlier. Apparently she hadn’t really understood what it meant when the Fae invited everyone to a party. Relaxing, the P90 vanished, much to the doormans relief, a loud sigh escaping from his thin lips. Shrugging, LongShot tossed a half-hearted shrug towards the man. “Uh, sorry bout that.” Quietly, he slipped back into his silent role of observing, mildly disappointed at the incidents anti climactic ending.

18:42:18 [Senese] The scream made Gabriel freeze in place, glass halfway to his lips, currently full of some amber liquid - but since everyone else seemed to have things under control, he'd sit back and let things unfold as they would. After all, he wasn't truly a part of Boston's Fae yet - he'd see how they handled things like this before making a move. People running around, people pulling guns; from across the room, he'd take note of the demon that seemed to make the same move - that is, nothing at all - and raise his glass in a toast.

18:43:04 Galen rolled his eyes again as Delaney came on the scene. He was trying to behave himself and not throw too many insults out there but the heat he felt, the feeling that had stirred in him from a few nights ago, he couldn't resist as he began to walk toward both Jessica and Delaney. "Stop being so dam melodramatic Delaney!" He held the drink in hand as he regarded Jessica now and her ignorant words. "Yeah, a dream, you wish. Something brought you here, no mortal finds themselves in a place such as this without being claimed. If you aren't claimed then you got an invite. Again, suck it up. This isn't some fairytale. This is Very real." He looked back to Denlaney, as much as he didn't want to. "And you, always so eager to help. You're wasting your time on the HUmans. They're a lost cause. Look at what you're doing to those around you. Seriously? You think you can consider living as you have been. Stop being so heroic already and pick a bucking side or at least get some help." He took up his drink, sipping -18:43:49 [Galen] from it casually, head held up high with a certain cockiness.-e-

18:45:28 [Delaney] The beast chose not to acknowledge her as Jessica woke and began to move to the creature. Del was confused, lost - bewildered by the moment as she inhaled lowly, though she remained on her knees for the moment, her eyes gazing at the wooden sheen of the dance floor of the Ballroom. It seemed people around her were moving, as is a dance of puppets were occurring, a waltz where couples swirled in time, motion after motion. Yet she was in the center, surrounded by this activity yet unable to fit in, unable to blend into the time and beat.. 1, 2, 3.. 1, 2, 3.. It continued. Jessica was okay and yet Delaney seemed stuck in the position she was, held in place. “What.. ?” She spoke, though the voice was constricted as she struggled to move out of position, her eyes landing on Nico, then Galen, his words weren’t lost on her - then anyone who may actually see her. Was this real or had she been drugged? .. And then she paused. Her drink. The bar.. She was feeling so strange. So ultimately beyond what she was - her--18:45:45 [Delaney] breathing seemed almost inexistent as her eyes, usually bright were dulled. A trap? No.. why would anyone choose to have captured her, trapped her. Here of all places? Wasn’t this a safe house? The thoughts echoed in her mind as she tried to stand but stumbled again - appearing to most as if she’d had too much to drink. Those aware however would know she’d had only one and that this reaction was far from normal. What they weren’t aware was her drink had been specifically drugged, though by who, it remained to be seen. For as much as it took, she stood and tried to make her way out of the room.. Pulling a curtain down in the process as she struggled due process. Something truly was off..she couldn’t breathe..

18:46:18 [Evelynne] She got frustrated and shook her head and dropped behind the table quietly and would be the cat again. Only light blue flashes would be noticed and with people and lights etc, it would likely be missed. A little at a time she'd weave through the crowd and sat down at Dannethion's left side. The right was for his mate, and that, she was not.

18:47:34 [Evelynne] She canted her head back toward Delaney and sniffed the air. "Not..okay." was said slowly. One thing was for sure, the Fae were maddening in their own ways.

18:50:28 [Dannethion] To the observing Jessica, she'd notice that Dannethion only had teeth to grip--nothing to chew with--but he was chewing anyway! He didn't mind the human watching him. By now he was hooking his teeth around the whole turkey--tired of playing with it. Tilting his head back as he uses his tongue to pull the whole damned bird into his jaws as he closes his lips over it and crunches it loudly. And then swallows. Yummy! As he was beginning to push himself to his feet--he stopped. Gaze fixated itself upon her. Wheezing, rasping...the change in her posture, the way she was standing and moving. The beast suddenly...vanished? Having teleported, two clouds of blackish-purple smoke filled the spot at where he was before and where he was now. He appeared near Delaney, using one claw-limb to grip her and steady her. She was weak--he could feel it through her body. His eyes scanning her over. She was...asphyxiating?

18:53:22 JessicaG looks from watching Dann as he suddenly disappered to looking at Galen, listening to his words with quite the curious look. She smirks to him, "And what kind of Fae are you? werewolf? I am guessing from the yellow eyes.... so, everyone study here magic? ". Than she was thinking more what Galen said and she looked even more courious, "Oh....sorry, you have already magic in you..... and what do you mean claiming human? ". Wow, she had lots of questions, this thing really overwhelmed her.

18:53:29 [BWRP] No matter what comfortable arrangement the Fae had, there was still the underlying fact they were split. Dark and Light. The Morrigan had made it quite clear that her need to kill the succubus was far beyond other things, though why, it wasn’t sure. She’d not made it clear. The Ash however had given the young woman a chance to fight and live. Though, as the Royal Linage made it’s way toward the hallowed halls of the Shadowed ballroom something was amiss. The Morrigan arrived near licking her lips, satisfied that the distractions of the night had been taken care off, while The Ash paused mid step, eyes locking in upon the scene as he spoke. “What is going on here?” There was a mystery in his voice, sure and true while the Morrigan stretched in a feline manner. “What on earth do you mean?” She answered as she gazed around the room. “We are here for a meeting. Someone is selling their blood and making a profit.” She made no guise; she looked to Delaney. “ I think we’ve found our guilty party. The question is, --18:53:42 [BWRP] , how does she pay.” The Ash remained silent.. Contemplating the events.

19:01:27 [Lilium ] Clank! The sound of the ceramic coffee mug sounded as Lilium set it down roughly on one of the tables she was waiting. Tips had been fairly scarce tonight, which meant that bills would be rough. Her left hand held the steaming pot of coffee as she poured it carefully-yet quickly-into the customers coffee mug. Most of the customers at the diner enjoyed her being a waitress, mainly because of her very blunt personality and her feisty temper. The customer, Jake, is a usual and normally takes the same both every night. "Ow' are you tonight," that forced light French accent slipped from her pail orange lips- a normal casual greeting she gave to all customers. "I'll be better as soon as I scarf some coffee down. Got a late night as always," he grumbled through his shaggy beard that covered a bit of his upper lip. Jake had been a security guard for the office complex across the street for three years now. "Late night for the both of us," she responded as she turned and headed back to the~c19:02:03 [Lilium ] to the counter and stools. Lilium ran her right hand through the wavy locks of her red hair, inhaling the soft peach scent of the shampoo she normally uses. The pot is set down on the counter and she retrieved the receipt book and a pen from the hip apron. She added up the prices for another table as Halley took the coffee pot and placed on the eye. "It's a very slow night, aye," her Canadian voice spoke softly while cleaning the counter with a rag. "I'm about ready to throw in my damn apron. If jobs were not so scarce...I'd find another one," she grumbled before mumbling,"Travail fichu..." Her blue/grey eyes rolled lightly as she pulled the receipt off the holder and took it to another table, bidding farewell to the customers and then headed back to the counter.~e

19:04:45 [Evelynne] She sighed and looked back toward the regal couple and dropped her head quietly but stayed put. For now there was little that she could do other then watch. Her tail got washed quietly while she waited. With the events of the party, she'd already given up on finding somebody to hang out with for a while. Parties weren't really her thing. Selling blood? That wasn't a good idea, but for the most part, she still had not a clue of what was going on. Others had left the party early and she pondered why. Maybe they were just there for the drinks and food? She knew that happened.

19:05:41 Galen Both Delaney and Dannethion had walked away, or more so one had walked the other teleported but if she was just going to hide from it all, then let her. HIs patience was already pull to it's limit as it was. As Jessica responded to him, he turned and looked at her, so she knew some terms, look at her go. "No Darlin', I'm not a werewolf, I'm a shifter. Do you know what one of those are? I turn into a really big tiger but I also have a very special ability too, though you need not know." He took a step closer, his look was now almost like a predator, so much for the drinks working. "And what are you exactly?" He leaned in and sniffed her, taking in her scent and memorizing it, if he needed to find her again, he'd be able to unless she was able to change her scent permanently. "Why are you here? And why don't you know about claiming humans? A Fae always needs to claim a Human before that human is allowed anywhere Fae are." He took another stop closer and just before he was about to say something else, he - 19:06:11 [Galen] was about to say something else, he felt a familiar feeling inside him, a bond that couldn't be broken by a decision alone, his Father was near. He turned his head to see both The Morrigan and The Ash appearing into the room now. He remained silent, looking from his Father and then to The Morrigan, grinning slightly, cat-like and mischievious. He wanted to comment but he decided not to at the moment.-e-

19:14:24 [Senese] Two people entered the room. Or rather, that wasn't very accurate - as soon as they entered, Gabriel knew who they were, even if he didn't know their names. Apparently, however, there was a sort of crime that had happened recently - something important enough that this meeting of the Clans had been called - and..perhaps the young woman that couldn't control her powers was at fault. Somehow, he wasn't so sure - but given that the young woman had decided to go ahead and stagger herself off into the curtains, he couldn't quite figure out what to make of her anyway. ...So he'd continue to watch, and see what would happen.

19:16:52 Delaney hand rose to her throat as it to rip away the flesh that remained there. No air was coming in, she struggled but no matter what she did, it only served to make it worse. “No.. I ..” she tried to speak as the Morrigan and The Ash made their appearance. Dannitheon’s postion behind her barely noticed as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. The fae were good at getting what they wanted. They knew how to. They knew what to do. But the difference between light and dark was light gave a chance, an opportunity to react, to respond - a fair trial while the dark would make you pay and if they were wrong, so be it. Delaney was now at the centerfold of things and it wasn’t for once, her doing. This wasn’t her fault. “Wait.. Its not..” she tried to respond, tried to speak, to reach toward those before her. The dramatic moment was ever present and Del was once again getting mad only she couldn’t vocalize it. She felt the blood in her thinning, the moment slowly coming to an end where all she could say, or do to --19:17:04 [Delaney] defend herself was being cut off. The drug was powerful as it was skillful. A test upon her now would prove fateful for Delaney, but that was just how the Morrigan wanted it, so it seemed.

19:21:51 [Evelynne] She was with Gabriel on that one, and realized she herself had not chosen a clan. The bit about claiming had some bad results, and she blinked remembering what happened. That was another time and place. Her eyes didn't miss the feline shrug of The Morrigan and remembered the Ash. The hair on the back of her neck stood up but it was far from a threatening gesture. They held command, and she probably was the youngest there at the party.

19:26:09 [Dannethion] Dannethion was not knowledgeable in the science of poisons and drugs, but he knew that whatever was happening to Delaney was not natural--and he also knew that Daemons, Demons and Devils could not be killed by something as mundune as a drug. He could take things that would fell a rhino in under a few seconds and just shrug it off as if it was some kind of passing bug. He noticed that The Morrigan and The Ash had arrived. But, whether or not these Clan Leaders liked it or not--Delaney was a Child of the Father of the Fallen--her death might spark a War between his God, and the Mortals of this realm. It might. If she perished, she may appear in the Plane of Lust in Hell--or she may not. Regardless, it was out of his hands and it was not his choice whether or not she lived or died. He merely laid Delaney down, and then...walked away. Just like that.

19:31:43 [Delaney] The Morrigan had little time to deal with nuances. In fact, she’d ignored The Ash and his requests of a trial. She had already assumed that Del was the cause of this latest trouble. Coincidence had proven as such thus far. The Dark Clan was ready to face the moment. Morrigan had chosen the meeting tonight, in the Dark home of the Triskilion. The powerhouse of the black magic to show she meant no nonsense. The woman stepped forward, inching through the crowds until she came upon the group of Fae who were actually on her radar. Evelyn, Dannitheon, Galen, Gabriel and then Delaney. “You.. “ .. and that as it. Delaney was left alone. Even a Lust demon of her own clan, her own blood in some ways had left her to deal with a power that had simply overcome her. “I didn’t.. I did..” she tried to speak but her body was numb. The rest of her was slowly coming to that forefront. Though The Ash stepped forth. “Wait..” He commented, putting a stall on things. “Isn’t there anyone here that would claim the Young one.. To--
19:32:05 [Delaney] defend the honor, to stand the test of trials.. To show her innocence?”

19:49:54 [Dannethion] Dannethion glances down at Delaney again and then up at Ash. In ways, she was part of his Clan--for she was a Lust Demon. Even if distantly, the two of them were related; he growled. Mostly to himself, and somewhat at Delaney--why couldn't she have been more careful? As The Ash made the proclaimation, the Arch-Daemon stepped forward--as it seemed nobody else desired to do so. He didn't know Delaney, he didn't like the girl's attitude or arrogance; but he knew one thing for sure: She was of the Plane of Lust--and he was the highest ranking being of that plane here presently, "I shall stand up for the Succubi named Delaney." afterwards he mentally sighed at himself, ~If you make me regret this later, Delaney, I swear by the Lord Fallen that I'll eat you personally.~ the daemon promised to himself, mentally.

19:58:57 [Evelynne] The cat would likewise step forward and sit down next to Dannethion. Earlier she'd attempted to give her life for a room full of strangers she hadn't known and she'd stand with him. Why? There was respect there as well as the fact, that they'd had a chance to talk about clans. Oh, it had been a long night. In her head the music stopped and she was as focused as she'd ever been. She was losing her chance to walk away, but was tired of being lonely and the hunt and lonely and the hunt..

20:02:45 [Delaney] The Morrigan had wanted Del dead. It was that obvious. There was no reason for her to give trial. No reason for her to give reason. If it was to be, had Dannethion not stood forth, Del would have been out of the way. But, for those sharp-witted Fae and humans alike who may have been in the room, it begged the question why.? Why was the Succubus so dangerous? Obviously she was untrained and new, but to be given a trial of Death - wasn’t that the extreme? Luckily Dannethion had come forward to offer his name for Delaney. Had he not, she would have been dust in all senses of the word, yet why did no one else question what was happening? Had there not always been a trial, a moment where Fae could defend themselves, to prove themselves innocent? The Morrigan was quick to condemn, more so than usual and in this case in particular. Those witnessing this event should see that. Should catch on as The Ash had at least given an out. Even dark fae should question the situation for even they, as dark as they were should

20:03:06 [Delaney] catch on as The Ash had at least given an out. Even dark fae should question the situation for even they, as dark as they were should know and understands that no one is given a guilty clause unless there was proof. The only proof they had on Del was she was new. She’d passed one test and survived. Her choice had been human. She was young, she was new but that didn’t make her guilty of any crime. Least of all one deserving death. As it was, Dannethion had stepped forward and her life, her essence had been claimed by the Lust Daemon. Although she was unconscious, when she’d wake, she’d belong to him. The Ash would speak in response. “Very well, Lord Dannethion. She is yours. You have proven yourself worthy and from hence forth, you are responsible for those who are young, untrained and new. You have the power to teach, to give and to reflect. Beyond that, you shall know if one is guilty of such crimes they have been accused off. It shall come to you to make that choice.” He paused, a near smile on his lips--
20:03:20 [Delaney] as he gazed toward the Morrigan. Her dark eyes flaring in response. “This isn’t how it is suppose to be! This night was called to put an end to those that sell our blood. You agreed, Ash.. You agreed!” The words stopped as the Dark Clan leader shook her head further. “Let her life be on yours. All of you. This meeting is adjorned. Feel free to exit… and soon.”

20:08:25 Galen Jessica seemed to have taken her leave which was just fine for him, less to worry about. He continued to sip at his drink as tensions mounted, watching and waiting until The Ash spoke up and asked if anyone would stand up for her. Galen stood as he was, hearing that another would stand up for her and a wise choice at that. He wasn't going to stand up for her that way, he wanted answers, not to protect or make excuses for her. He downed the rest of his drink, placing it on a nearby table, then watched the scene unfold. If she was alive, then her purpose was still intact, and so far she was okay, even if he couldn't stand her.-e-

20:12:12 [Dannethion] Dannethion turned his head to regard Delaney. She was his property, his responsibility, and now his to deal with. He growled under his breath. He wasn't happy with the idea of having a human-looking pupil under his command, he typically transformed his students into Clawdragons in order to better train them. It was hard to train one in a bipedal shape without them growing rebellious, precautions would need to be taken in ensure that Delaney learns quickly that he OWNED her. However, Morrigan, in a fit of rage and--perhaps frustration at her game being foiled--had declared the gathering over. So that was it? This was all a show to put on simply for Delaney's death? How trivial of her, how human of her...and how utterly pathetic of her. But what more could he expect, from Earth? He padded towards Delaney, "Awaken." he commanded as he waved a paw over Delaney's face as blackish purple tendrils jerked out of his hand and into her body. She would either awaken by gentle methods, and if she resisted--then 20:12:23 [Dannethion] she'd be jerked away by a violent jolt of warp energies. Dannethion hated having slaves and servants of any kind, much preferring to just have students. But he was given a task by The he was to train the pathetic here as well? "I will take you from the rags you are now, and remake you into a creature befitting of your origins. Now get up, and compose yourself." he glances ahead and then his eyes flare up with a brilliant black-purplish hue. As a swirling vortex of purple energy appears, and he began to walk towards it--he was going on, "Come, Eve. We are returning to the Packlands."

20:20:14 [Evelynne] Her mother had been ousted' crudely by another Fae. Yet, she remembered something about, "If, it happened at night, could you see it to prove it?" The hair on the back of her neck hadn't gone down and her tail brushed out. She wanted to ask why, but she wasn't about to demand them from royalty either. Being forced to be overly responsible for her own actions, had caused her to age beyond her 17 years. Up on her feet she went and took a breath and the fur she had calmed down. It was rare to see someone's emotions go out like that in an instant. The being free to exit, was just as much of a command as it was a request. You either served or didn't.

20:25:55 [Senese] ...Well. Wasn't this an interesting turn of events. The clan leads were, apparently, bickering - of sorts - about what was to be done with the youngster, and although Gabriel hadn't approved of her actions, he also hardly thought that her lack of courtesy was worth death. Then again...this wasn't his city, so perhaps things were run differently here. Perhaps, perhaps. He'd keep an eye out for the young one, whether she was of the Dark Clan or not; though, somewhat idly, he wondered where the rest of the Clans happened to be this evening. Unless this poor showing was yet another one of the Fae's intentional misdirections - but if that was the case...there would simply be more to learn. Nodding his thanks to the bartender, Gabriel would push his slightly-less-than-sober self away from the bar, attempting to catch the eye of the one known as Ash and salute him quietly, before making his exit as well. It wouldn't do to push the temper of the other Clan lead present.

20:34:43 [Delaney] There was no choice as to who she was given to. Despite the fact she had chosen no clan. Now, she was under the leadership of Dannethion, the very one who had caused the trouble just the night before. Little was she truly aware as she lay unconscious. Any could have stepped forward and offered to help her, but none other than one of her own had laid claim. It was a testament to who she truly was - for all the lust she could help one feel, all the pleasure she could truly give to another at the end of the day, no one else made it a point to give her a chance. Her body stirred as her eyes opened, the ceiling overhead coming into focus as she writhed on the dance floor. Was the meeting over? No - there was still much to be spoken about but for Del, the indicative need to come too was all to aware as she managed to change her position. Eyes landed on the creature she knew was one of her own, she shook her head, loose curls falling further around her face as she tried to speak. At first, it was hoarse, as if --20:35:03 [Delaney] been denied water for a millennium only moments later, she found her song. “Wait.. What?” She questioned as she glanced around the room - that sense of being lost, of being pulled into something she’d not wanted, nor desired gathering around her. First Gabriel - a pleading case, a moment of apology for making him feel as he did - a question of saving her, before her eyes shifted to Galen. A hatred that burned within, a deep, dark energy that festered without life, that pulsated with pain as she was taken ownership off. So many had had the chance to free her from the binds she know held but non other had stepped forward. Non other had claimed to be the Knight.. To keep her as their own for whatever purpose. For now, she belonged to Dannethion. And as much as she’d try to fight it, that bond, that painful connection had been made.. Though thoughts echoed in her mind and would with the one she’d connected too.. A simple question of why?… why didn’t you help…? was issued. Those guilty would feel it, -- 20:35:17 [Delaney] deep within their hearts. Perhaps it would start a reason to search, a reason to defend.. Or a reason to run in the other direction. Either or, Delaney had been given to one, and for now, she was his. This was likely what he wanted, all along..

20:57:49 Galen wasn't quite sure what this whole meeting had been about, it lacked a certain organization, not common among his elders but who was he to question? It was what it was but there was twinge inside of him as another spoke up to take responsibility, he couldn't just let it go so easily. Even if he had claim, he couldn't' change that but he was going to speak his voice, after all, he had agreed that Dannethion would be an ideal teacher and better than that Light Fae Torch but he did have one request. "Hold on! I have a request." He understood that he wasn't the owner of her, he didn't have a right to her but he couldn't let her go so easily. "Let Dannethion teach her as he seems fit in his own realm but she will have to be here as well, in this world. While she's here, I request that I be responsible for her. I can't lay claim for her completely but if Dannethion agrees to it, let me look after her when he can't. I agree and support his methods, I've seen them first hand last night and I will respect that if - 20:58:23 [Galen] he lets me look after her in his off times. Taking her away from this place completely wouldn't help, she needs that tie in order to get a balance." He spoke his words, looking from The Ask and The Morrigan then to Dannethion and Dalaney. He couldn't' do much else, he would be foolish to try and fight the creature and he had no desire to as he looked at him. "I've told you already, your methods are just, and I understand. Just let me have her while she's here. Let her have that balance and I promise you won't have to worry."-e-

21:03:49 [Dannethion] Dannethion stops before entering the portal as he turns to glance towards Delaney--and then his eyes focus towards Galen, then he glances towards The Ash and The Morrigan. This was their realm, their laws, their rules--their say-so. It would be up to them if they accepted it, but he glances at Galen, "Those who train under my command will be temporarily given the shape of a Clawdragon. Those who are not aware of our ways will see her as she appears now--but to everyone else, she will look like I do. You have my leave to watch over her in my absence, but it is my decision to choose how she trains." he glances over at Dulaney, "You have until our next meeting to enjoy that form--because the next time I meet you, your training will begin." he glances at Galen, "She is your responsibility whilst I am off and away--I have many students and many duties to take care of. Let us hope that you can teach her the value of knowing when to keep that loose lid shut. I'm going home. After the events of today, I feel the 21:04:00 [Dannethion] need to engage in some 'activities' with my mate." and the daemon turns and pads into the portal at this point. It would wait for Evelynne to enter--and then it would seal up behind the two. He was tensed up, and required an outlet. A female outlet.

21:10:53 [Evelynne] The cat would enter, and vanished from sight making sure her tail flicking was the last thing seen of her. Delaney was about to get a rude awakening, and she mrrr'd softly not really wishing that on anyone. the packlands..At least it was a little more quiet there!

21:11:02 Senese would think more on why it seemed that of those present, there were only a scant few people affected by the Succubus' charms - and if his observations were correct, and that she was only selectively affecting people...perhaps his judgment of her had been incorrect all along. That the Clan Leads would take no notice was one thing - but that the young man that spoke up afterwards would not either spoke of something else altogether. But there was a chance he was wrong, and that the young man was something special - more special than simply being Fae, that was. The large beast-demon would take his leave, the one that had been assigned to watch over and train the young one - and in his wake, Gabriel would nod, solemnly. That one, at least, was still honorable. Had he refused to help her? Yes, he had; it was not his duty to watch over those of the Dark, at the very least - and she, like himself, had made the conscious choice to join whom she would, once upon a time. More than that, it would 21:11:08 [Senese] be doubly improper for a newcomer Knight of the Light to step in and interfere in matters of the Dark Clan - and there were far more toes to step on in taking such an action than Gabriel was willing to commit to. ...But at the very least, the slight disorientation that the young woman had gone through meant that he could breathe just a tiny bit easier, which was a plus. He'd hope that she would survive her ordeals.

21:17:40 [Delaney] The moment was lost - she seemed to be given from one to another and yet did she not have a voice? Did she not have an opinion!? The Ash was not her Leader, nor was The Morrigan and the latter had proven to see her dead without a trial. “What.. Wait!?” she issued, her voice now found as she gazed to Dannethion who had issued a proclamation of sorts - she didn’t want to end up like him, or looking like him. She enjoyed who she was, though it was the voice, the depth and the tone that caused her gaze to look toward Galen. Whoa.. He was standing for her.. Just a little to late. He’d requested her presence, so he could spy more? She was mere a question, an answer to a means for him and yet, was she not the same with Dann? She stood, stretching her form that was near catlike as she pulled each muscle, each bone, each tendon in reaction while she responded. “I am not a toy. “ the words had no further left her mouth when Dannethion had left, needing to be with one he had, one he felt comfortable enough to bare his 21:17:57 [Delaney] his soul as Del was left behind, a clock ticking over her head, her eyes shifting around the room, landing on Gabriel, the others and then Galen. I am not dark. I have chosen no side. I am.. I believe in humans... The thoughts echoed her mind as she closed her eyes in a resigned fashion. “Did you just.. Buy me?” She questioned to Galen, as The Ash and The Morrigan turned to discuss things among themselves, the meeting seemed to stand but neither were ready to make anything further of the night. Mayhap they knew of events and had been an instigator to such things.. Being the Fae world, it was likely so.. “Am I nothing more than a morsel?” the words couldn’t be spoken more clearly as those azure hues beckoned the male, the man who hated her and made no differential about it. From one beast to another, she had no rights, no say - she had been claimed and time was running out. All the while she’d wanted to help humans, and here she was, paying the price for doing that.

21:30:26 Galen why had he done what he had? He didn't know but he still needed answers and at least this way he'd be able to get them, not matter what her fate was in another word. As it was agreed, he stood there until the great beast had left, giving little care to the Ash and The Morrigan, done was done and he had her for at least a bit to find out what he could. When she looked at him, asking if he had bought her, he shook his head. "No, You aren't bought. Whether you see it or not, this will help you. You need control of what you are and that will happen, one way or another. You're in my charge until he returns and if you refuse, then I will make sure he take you earlier than expected. You chose this, you should have picked a side. You're still you, and what you claim but you need to learn that if you are to exist in this world, you need to blend in more than you have been." Eat, drink and be what you will, we'll be leaving here together, like it or not. I am willing to overlook your attack, but you and I will be -21:31:04 [Galen] talking, whether you like it or not."-e-

To Be Continued..
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Triskilon Manor (Part I)

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