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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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 Fae Mystical Creatures

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PostSubject: Fae Mystical Creatures   Fae Mystical Creatures I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 10:57 pm

NCUBUS, male demon that visits women during the night
HYDRA, appeared as a water snake with nine heads
HARPIES, winged creatures
GRIFFIN, largest of all birds
GORGONS, could turn people into stone
FALIN, scottish demon
DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD, hostile spiritDRACI, hostile water spirit
COUNTS OF HELL, demons of superior order
CHANGELING, a mannikin of the elf race
SCYLLA, greek mythical monster
SALAMANDER, the spirit of fire
ROMPO, creature that feed on dead people
YMIR, giant from the mists
VARENGAN, magical bird
UNICORN, mystical creature
PHOENIX, mystical bird

PEGASUS, legendary winged horse
BA, the soul represented as a bird
ASHTAROTH, a fallen angel
APOPHIS, serpent from the nile
ANDVARI, a dwarf
ALRUNES, female demons that can shape shift
CERBERUS, dog who gaurded the entrance to hades
CATOBLEPAS, mythic creature of ethiopia
BASILISK, small deadly serpent
BENNU, legendary bird thought to be the reincarnation of osiris.
CAECUS, fire breating monster
MIDDAY DEMONS, demons who became cisable around midday
MELUSINA, fairy creatures of french legend
NAGAS, serpents who lived beneath the earth
MONOCEROS, mythic creatures that resembled a horse
MINOTAUR, monster with a human head
MIDGARD, a huge serpent
PAIGOELS, devils of hindustan mythology
IFRITS, specters of arabian origin
HOBGOBLIN, a british domestic fairy
GRUAGACH, the long haired one
GREEN MAN, legendary character in british folklore
GHOUL, evil spirit that robbed graves
FUNG HWANG, bird from ancient china
LILITH, a princess who presided over demons
JINN, arabian spirits
ANARAZEL, demon that gaurds the subterranean treasures

BIFRONS, a demon of monstrous size
BALAN, a demon monarch
BARGUEST, a mischievous goblin
WINDIGO, skeleton like giant spirit

XIUHCOATL, aztec fire serpent
SIREN, mermaids who lure sailors to their death
TENGU, winged demonic spirits
TYPHON, hundred headed monster
QILIN, chinese unicorn
SATYR, part human part goat
NUE, japanese beast
ONI, japanese shinto demon
KERES, blacked winged female creatures
LAMIA, woman headed, child stealing snake
CENTAUR, half man, half horse
FENRIR, ravenous wolf
GA GAAH, wise crow
ANANTA, thousand headed serpent
HIPPOCAMP, sea horse, half horse, half fish
JORMUNGANDR, sea serpent
MARAS, torments people at night
LEMURES, ghosts of ancient rome

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Fae Mystical Creatures
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