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 Storm of the Century

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PostStorm of the Century

As the storm overhead rippled the Worlds from one existence to another, Darkness had come to claim it’s prize. The succubus had survived The Morrigan’s attempt on her life, only to end up under the ownership of Galen, the Dark Prince, and worse, Dannethion. The Elder Lust Daemon had promised to switch her into one of his own, to take her to his own dimension to teach her the way of their kind, or kill her if unsuccessful. It would seem that the Dark Prince however had motives of his own which the Succubi had used to her advantage and in a moment of passion instigated by her lust, she’d formed a partnership with Galen to be her eyes and ears in that of the Dark Clan, the surprise however on Delaney when it was discovered Galen was actually a Prince. Dannethion arrived to claim his prize, making it no way possible for Delaney to say no, though she did stand up to the creature, which proved to be a test he’d planned all along. Terms and conditions of her “freedom” were revealed; from dawn each day to midday, she would be under the care of the Arch Daemon, transformed into a creature not unlike himself. From Midday to Dawn the next day, she’d be under the guardianship of Galen, meaning freedom had become utterly out of her reach. Training with Evelynne and Jon, Dannethion’s Son, the succubus would be out of reach for hours at a time, safe from The Morrigan but was it truly the lesser of two evils? Her innocence or guilt were no longer questionable, it was life or death for the Succubus, and neither choice were good. The Morrigan and The Ash finally gave way to the tumultuous storm that had given Boson near hurricane winds among other things. Boston is now on the clean up, fallen trees, smashed windows, lost roofs and downed power lines. It was a storm Bostonites had not seen in a long time and the damage was substantial. Many still had no power, using whatever means they could to survive. News states that it could be days before power lines are fixed and Boston will no longer be in the dark. In other news, Spellbound has taken it’s first victim. A young female from south Boston, 19 years of age. Autopsy concluded that Spellbound was within her blood system, making the drug all the more dangerous and now deadly.. Cops are still baffled by the how and where, unable to figure out the true source of the powerful toxin and those investigating it on the side of the Fae, Galen - under the instructions of The Morrigan were no further to finding the truth, his belief that Delaney is innocent making him start from scratch in his investigation.
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Storm of the Century

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