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 Clash of Titans

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PostClash of Titans

Loud booms of thunder crescendo overhead, echoing through the entire city, clashing with the stark, brilliant flashes of lightening that were fierce as they were powerful. A war of wills was occurring; a battle between Light and Dark as The Ash and The Morrigan bitterly pitted wills over the previous evenings fiasco. The Morrigan was firm in her stance that using a Meeting was the appropriate way to deal with the Drug issue that was plaguing the Fae. Making an excuse of the young succubus worked two fold - 1. If Del was the supplier, her death would put a stop to it. 2. If she wasn’t, her death would have been an example to the one who WAS doing it. Though was there something more behind The Morrigan’s actions? Why had she wanted Del out of the way without standing trial, without proof? Her reasons were just on some level but a little over the top? Was she trying to silence the succubus? The Ash was equally firm in his stance. Meetings were held to discuss Fae business. Fae issues. Fae problems. Not problems. Not to kill or make examples of anyone. All Fae were innocent until proven Guilty in the eyes of the Light. Justice, truth, honor for all. Had The Ash not stepped in, there would be one less Succubus in the World but what purpose would Del’s death truly serve. The King was well aware that Dannethion would stand forward when he decreed that someone should stand for Del, knowing the elder Lust Deamon would not allow one of his own to be slaughtered in such a way. However, The Ash was surprised when his own son, Galen had stepped forward to claim Delaney, openly in front of everyone. Was his son perhaps shifting to the Light? Or did Galen have ulterior motives. Either way, the event had caused a rift in the strained “peace” that had served the two Clans for over a Millenia, leaving both sides feeling the anger of their Leaders and tensions to be taught on all levels. All were questioning why human’s had been brought into the fold, The storm itself beckoned with a fury that no one had been prepared the mortal’s predicting today was to be sunny. How wrong they were! Then again, the weathermen had no cause or reason to believe the Fae truly held the weather in their hands. The problem being that both The Morrigan and The Ash were so infuriated with each other, their magic had a pull on the land and people, as they’d run or take shelter to hide from the torrential downpour would momentarily be given glimpse of strange creatures among them, giving rise to panic. Most questioning their minds, were they going mad!? The fabric between reality the humans believed in and what truly was waning this night and would likely continue to the wee hours of the next morning.
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Clash of Titans

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