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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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 Lust with your Coffee

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The Diner. Fresh baked goods and coffee. That was the norm. But the previous day had destroyed the usually quiet café, leaving it in shambles and most of it’s occupants in a state of shock. What had started out to be a typically foggy day in Boston, turned into a battle of the strange and mysterious. Delaney’s attempt to question the human Jessica quickly festered into a near nightmare for humans present as Dannethion, the Lust Arch-Daemon Fae arrived on the scene. The beast, ferocious in his looks soon made it clear what his intentions were - the human, or Delaney, accumulating into a near battle between, Torch of the Light Clan, Delaney who was willing to be the sacrifice to save Jessica, and Dannethion’s Son, Jon who arrived soon thereafter. Meanwhile, in the background the dark Prince, Galen, having come to spy on the Neutral Succubus shifted into female form, though the full moon rising and the sensual heat that the Succubus releases caused a stir and near panic in him to the point where he could no longer contain himself and shifted full into that black and white tiger, betraying his cover before crashing out the backdoor. As the scene escalated, Clan Leader, the High King of Light arrived on the scene, putting an end to all with a few, strong words. The Ash all powerful could not be ignored or denied for banishment had been threatened and very few Fae could turn their heads from it. The souls of humans had been sucked dry by the Large lust Daemon leaving Delaney and others in a state of shock. Evelyn, the small changeling Cat had desperately tried to stop Danniethion but to no avail. And yet, in the end - despite his terrifying display, Dannethion opted to return the souls of the dead, allowing them to live, giving back the very essence he’d stolen before disappearing. Delaney was left carrying the guilt, Galen making it quite clear that the events of the night had been on her. Torch, had tried to offer her assistance, but he too blamed her, and the newly discovered Succubus had left the scene with -- had left the scene with many a thoughts running through her head. What is known is that the chaos of the night is just the beginning of the tear in the fabric that is dividing not just the Worlds but also the Clans. Delaney now believed to be the one selling her blood to the humans for the drug known as spellbound is unaware she’s been blamed, while both Light and Dark Clan aim to find out the one behind such a blasphemy and destroy them. Humans are getting closer to the discovery of the Fae, while the Fae struggle to remain hidden - though Boston is only so large.. Perhaps not large enough for both Worlds to exist anymore. Only time will tell.. For now, it’s a new day. Late afternoon, less foggy but still wet, like the entire City has been waterlogged, unable to dry. Temperate is cool, offering a chill to the bones. A meeting has been called for All FAE to gather at Triskilion Manor, Home of the Morrigan and headquarters for the Dark.. Those arriving on the scene will have time to mingle before hand, the -- Manor itself under the guise of a school for gifted children and adults is welcoming as it is large and opulent. Even though who are neutral will have caught the word. Attendance is mandatory..
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Lust with your Coffee

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