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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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The prior night had been interesting to say the least. Word was out about the drug, Spellbound though finger pointing to each Clan had seemed to come to a pause. That was at least while the newly arrived Succubus had caused a stir in the Cork. Most people had come to expect a certain reaction however Delaney had been given something of a free reign until Trick, the Elder Dwarf had put a stop to her frenzy. Not before she'd upset Galen, the Dark Prince and the Unseelie he'd been having a conversation with. Beyond that, the human that had entered within The Cork had added to the chaos, Jessica having somehow found her way through the doors of the glamored Pub left most Fae on both sides feeling imposed upon and unsafe. The action itself had caused for a meeting of Clans, one that was to be set up at Trinity Manor, Headquarters for the Light, and home of The Ash. While the Dark had originally argued, this wasn't the time to bicker over small antics, but to deal with the picture at large. The fabric between two Worlds was slowly ripping. Someone had their hands on Fae blood and after mixing it with an illegal human concoction, they'd created Spellbound which left most human users in a strange, euphoric state. The worst had yet to be discovered - human's using Spellbound could tap into Ley lines, pulses of power around the Boston area and actually perform spells. If the Mortals grasped the very meaning of this, it could mean utter chaos. There was an uneasy sense through the City of Boston. The glum of a thick fog lingered solitary over the area, damp beads of moisture in the air clinging to whatever they could. The lack of wind made it worse, adding to the chill as if a sense of doom lingered within the atmosphere. Those who were planning on attending the meeting would have hours to kill before doing so, but that didn't stop the new found rumors that had began to seep through the whispers of Fae lips - it only made sense that whoever was selling their blood didn't belong to either Clan. It was sacrilegious for such a situation to occur; therefore one could deduce that it had to be someone who was neutral. And there was one person that came to mind without thought - the newly arrived Succubus. Her desire to help humans had perhaps lead her to selling her blood for profit, enticing the humans.. Of course, it was only rumor, but as in any City, anything could happen.
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