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 Aftermath and Ownership

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PostAftermath and Ownership

11:54:51 [Dannethion] Dannethion was content and happy. Despite the agitation of being summoned from Hell to attend a gathering that he originally thought was just going to be listening to the Leader's speak turned into something more...pathetic. It was simply a gathering for The Morrigan to show off her spoiled bratness by trying to kill off Delaney, which he had foiled when The Ash announced for someone to stand up for her innocence--Dannethion took a chance when he did. But she was a fellow Lust Demon. Now Delaney belonged to him. He was beginning to think that these creatures of this dimension only knew how to bicker and fight like a bunch of spoiled children. It was annoying him, and it was an insult to his status as an Arch-Daemon; in the future he will be less inclined to attend anything The Morrigan is running. Mandatory or not. Because he would likely feel it'd just be a waste of his time. Today, the Daemon was padding along the sidewalk of a random street in the city--just wandering. Wandering, thinking, planning. Of11:55:01 [Dannethion] course his illusion is back up now for the non-allied humans. He was beginning to wonder if Earth was even worth his time now. If he wanted intrigue he'd just stay in Hell and listen to the Devils of Plane Wrath argue with the Devils of Plane Greed.

12:02:50 JessicaG After the so-called meeting at the Triskilion manor, she was still in a state of shock and amazement. She saw creatures of the Fae! That was a dream comes true! She now walks the streets of Boston, looking at every people and now she can recognize that some of them were Fae! It was amazing! She saw their true form, she saw many kinds of creatures, she thought she even saw a unicorn but she couldn't catch her eyes on it. She finally took a seat at a bench, catching her breath and smiles to herself while still watching everything. She thought if that woman she met several times and had some deep connection to her is also a Fae.

12:07:31 [Dannethion] Dannethion stops in his wanderings as he glances upwards--noticing the female human from the evening prior. The one that seemed to have screamed when she saw him (which had amused the daemon to no end, such a heartless and sadistic bastard) and then apparently had an undying and endless curiosity of him. She now would be able to see the Arch-Daemon as he truly was, everyone else would still see him as a human. As he padded on over to where she was seated he went to sit down upon the sidewalk nearby her--though his illusion appeared to have sat down on the bench next to her. His illusions were extremely advanced creations--things no ordinary human could replicate without decades and decades of study, trial and error, and constant revisioning. But when you were as old as Dannethion, you had more than a few tricks up your sleeve; "You seem more composed than last night." he said to her.

12:15:12 JessicaG She continued to watch the people and Fae around, until she saw something coming towards her. It is the creature that at first scared her out of her wits, but than she realized where she was and what those creatures were. She than got very curious and started to ask the man beside her who kinda helps her figured out but with terrible insults. She saw Dann coming and sitting next to her on the sidewalk, she nods and smiles to him, "Oh yes….it was scary at first, but I than thought about it, and I figured it out….by the way, don't worry about me spilling the beans, I am not going to tell anyone, who'd believe me anyway?". She chuckles.

12:19:13 [Dannethion] Dannethion chuckles as she replies to him with that statement, "Likely, no one." and he glances aside at all of the humans wandering around. He didn't look at them like he looked at Jessica. He looked at them in a fashion similar to how a Lion looks upon a Gazelle--as prey. For to him, that is what they were. Prey. Whether emotional or literal. However, he had to be very select about which creatures he preys upon in this area--because his illusion vanished when he was eating something larger than human food. And the illusion didn't return until after they were ingested. Slowly he returns his gaze towards Jessica, "Things turned sour for your friend, quickly. The only reason she still lives is because of my intervention. An arrangement neither I, or she, is currently pleased about."

12:50:28 JessicaG Nods and smiles, she thought about what will happen if she tells it. She doesn't have many friends, and the people at college will laugh at her. Her family won't understand. She watches the daemon as he looked at the other humans, and got a bit of a chill. It seem like he was about to jump on someone, but it didn't happen. She shakes her head, smirking. She looked at Dann with widen eyes at his comment about her friend, "What? What happened to her?"

13:05:25 Torch sat on the bottom floor of his apartment complex, a small pile of cigarette butts laying next to his left boot. He was dressed for work this afternoon, a black t-shirt, dark red slacks, and a pair of black boots. His shirt had a flame emblem on the front, colored orange and red; it had led to his nickname at work. He took out another pack, opened it, and lit another cigarette as he got to his feet and willed himself to walk out into the city. Last night's events had left him feeling hollow and useless; he had to find something to get his motivation back. He made his way through the foggy streets, coming across a stray dog that immediately let out a yelp and ran away from his as fast as it could. This brought a ghost of a smile to his lips; animals could sense his true self, and wanted nothing to do with it.

13:11:09 [Dannethion] Dannethion shook his head as he glances aside and away from Jessica--eyeing the street for possible targets of becoming his next meal, humans were a prime target--but with them also came the chance of getting chided by the Clan Leaders attempting to 'Play God' as it were. So animals were looked at next--various ones. But any one of those animals could actually be fae in disguise. The daemon let out a growling sigh of exasperation. These bloody rules and regulations were making his life a living Hell (no pun intended), perhaps that's why he decided to not choose a clan--because that would mean having to adhere to a set list of rules and regulations. And as we all know, Daemons are the exact epitome of 'Screw the rules, I'm going to cause some chaos!'. Then he glances back towards Jessica, "You can ask her when you next see her."

13:16:22 JessicaG Looks at the creature with a worry look, she nods to his answer. "I hope I could see her again soon….You did say you two have some arrangement between you two. What is it?" She than figured out another thing, she didn't know if he would answer this but she wanted to be polite. "By the way….I don't know your name, may I ask what is it?". She gave a very polite smile towards him.

13:19:34 [Evelynne] Ah, poor Torch was about to be in for a surprise. Little Evelynne remembered the way back to his apartment and wasn't really so little anymore! Another clawdragon had emerged..The form she carried now was about 6'5 in height, had two sets of claws on her back, three tails, five eyes of red, and some of the silkiest almost tie died black and red fur one would ever see. Smartly, Evelynne kept her distance away from torch by about 15 feet and to his right and sat down. A soft huff with a familiar voice would carry down the street to catch his attention. A faint signature of lust would trickle off of her but it wasn't something that would demand attention. Truth be told, she'd liked Torch anyway, which was why she'd come back!

13:23:49 [Dannethion] Dannethion shakes his head, "Such things as that are best discussed in private and not out in the open. There is a reason why I dislike coming to, and the main reason happens to be because I find these games of intrigue to play upon each other are complete and utter wastes of time." and then the name asked for, "I have two names. All those of the Lower Areas have as such--you will only ever be given the one I have on a public basis, as will everyone, the name you will know is Dannethion." he could sense Evelynne's presence suddenly--and the light lustful pheromone she was broadcasting. He hoped she kept it under control, as he didn't need to have another Delaney to have to look after!

13:27:49 Torch stopped in his tracks as he heard someone's voice; not only that, but he recognized the pull of lust from a demon, albeit faint. He took a long drag from his cigarette, exhaled, then turned around, seeing Eve. At least, it was Eve's voice he'd heard; this was clearly a clawdragon demon before him, although it was colored like none he'd seen prior. He remembered that Eve was a shifter, but why would she take this shape? He kept his human form intact, although the street was deserted, and the fog obscured vision of anything beyond twenty feet or so. As such, the fingertips of his right hand became points of white-hot fire. "Who are you?" He wasn't going to take chances.

13:31:32 JessicaG Listens to his words and shrugs, but nodded. "Yeah….I guess you're right, it is a private matter that need to be discuss in private…" She heard his name and smiles, "Than nice to meet you, Dannethion. My name is Jessica, but you probably know it already…." She thought about the woman-friend she has the connection with, "Can I ask you another thing? What is the name of my friend you have an arrangement now with?" That answer was keeping in her mind for the last two days now, and it was quite nudging her.

13:35:55 [Evelynne] She would of face palmed if she could of, knowing that he probably wouldn't be happy with her answer, however, she answered him all the same, "Evelynne." It was indeed her voice and she decided to give a showing of washing her paws all the same as a cat might being very careful to keep the saliva to a minimum. The feeling of lust would fade some but it was as far back as she could push it but there was still a faint trace of it. She remembered the days of being around the Devil, and some of what would of happened to her if she would of been caught in heat. Why had she? Some things were best asked outloud rather then assuming and accusing, yet, seeing Torch's uneasiness and tasting it, had her holding her ground and simply sitting there.

13:41:04 [Dannethion] Dannethion regarded this female human with curiosity and partial interest. Not many were polite with him unless they wanted something out of him--Galen, for instance, wanted him to train Delaney. He flexes his toes on the ground as he spreads his toes apart, letting the claws splay apart. He curls his tails against his side similar to a feline's posture when they were getting comfortable, "A pleasure to meet you as well, Jessica. And her name? Delaney. Why a creature of her standing would assume such a simple name is beyond my understanding, but it is likely what her parents gave her to let her fit in--apparently they lacked the foresight of what would happen when her powers became manifest." he turns his head around to glance around the area again. Boredom was etching it's way onto his features, and he wanted to go hunting--but the lack of viable 'safe' targets was causing his agitation to rise.

13:49:28 JessicaG Smiles to Dann again very politely, it was her character that she was kind and polite. She thought that even Fae creatures were different from humans and has certain powers, they still have feelings. She finally heard the name, Delaney, which wasn't familiar to where she met her but she guess it was a kind of magic she had that made her forgot. She was listening to what Dann was saying on her parents, but she didn't quite understand it. She looked at her watch suddenly and said, "Oh no….I've got a class to attend to…I am sorry, I need to go. Maybe I will meet Delaney afterwards, I really want to talk to her when she will have time….see you later!"

13:55:51 Torch extinguished the flames on his right hand, sighing. "I thought so, but I had to be sure. I have to admit, you look much cuter as a cat than a clawdragon. Why take that form? Not exactly subtle, especially during the day." He moved closer to her, glad to interact with someone he at least knew; at work later tonight he'd be busy throwing out undesireables and pretending to acknowledge the people he worked with. Only under the cover of night did he ever use his true form, and only then in places he knew were deserted.

14:00:59 [Dannethion] As Jessica got up and hurried away. The daemon watched her go, and then glances sideways. Spotting an old man, a homeless man, meandering into an alleyway. His lips curled upwards into a smile. He's just found his prey for the afternoon. As he turns to pad after the homeless man, he willed his illuison away in favor of an invisibility spell upon his form--so that nobody could see him. Someone is about to have a very, very bad day.

14:02:19 [Evelynne] "Only Fae will see me like this.", she said gently. For those that could see her that were not Fae, she hadn't changed one bit in looks aside from the fact that her eyes were almost a shade of purple instead of blue, she'd be wearing a silk pants suit, and spiked boots. "I'm learning with Dann..", was said slowly. "I needed to have a family again." She snagged her tails with her paw and washed them too. She was being as casual as she possibly could. Dannethion's annoyance was spreading to her and she took a deep breath to keep her stomach from growling. +You mean I have a minor advantage Dann? The non Fae do not smell of magic.+ She was humored as she would tease him without saying a word outloud. Whether or not her thought reached him, she still felt better for trying.

14:28:16 Torch crushed what was left of his cigarette as both of his hands curled into fists. Quick to anger, an eternal vice of those who came from the plane of Wrath. "Family, eh?" He chuckled mirthlessly, both of his hands now engulfed in fire. He picked up on Dann's annoyance in her mind and it fueled his power. "What does the arch-daemon teach? He'll have a little school if he keeps recruiting at this rate." His own anger was beginning to cloud his judgment, although he was aware enough to keep the flames around his hands instead of letting his whole body be immolated.

4:54:55 [BWRP] Loud booms of thunder crescendo overhead, echoing through the entire city, clashing with the stark, brilliant flashes of lightening that were fierce as they were powerful. A war of wills was occurring; a battle between Light and Dark as The Ash and The Morrigan bitterly pitted wills over the previous evenings fiasco. The Morrigan was firm in her stance that using a Meeting was the appropriate way to deal with the Drug issue that was plaguing the Fae. Making an excuse of the young succubus worked two fold - 1. If Del was the supplier, her death would put a stop to it. 2. If she wasn’t, her death would have been an example to the one who WAS doing it. Though was there something more behind The Morrigan’s actions? Why had she wanted Del out of the way without standing trial, without proof? Her reasons were just on some level but a little over the top? Was she trying to silence the succubus? The Ash was equally firm in his stance. Meetings were held to discuss Fae business. Fae issues. Fae problems. Not 14:55:01 [BWRP] problems. Not to kill or make examples of anyone. All Fae were innocent until proven Guilty in the eyes of the Light. Justice, truth, honor for all. Had The Ash not stepped in, there would be one less Succubus in the World but what purpose would Del’s death truly serve. The King was well aware that Dannethion would stand forward when he decreed that someone should stand for Del, knowing the elder Lust Deamon would not allow one of his own to be slaughtered in such a way. However, The Ash was surprised when his own son, Galen had stepped forward to claim Delaney, openly in front of everyone. Was his son perhaps shifting to the Light? Or did Galen have ulterior motives. Either way, the event had caused a rift in the strained “peace” that had served the two Clans for over a Millenia, leaving both sides feeling the anger of their Leaders and tensions to be taught on all levels. All were questioning why human’s had been brought into the fold, The storm itself beckoned with a fury that no one had been prepared 14:55:46 [BWRP] the mortal’s predicting today was to be sunny. How wrong they were! Then again, the weathermen had no cause or reason to believe the Fae truly held the weather in their hands. The problem being that both The Morrigan and The Ash were so infuriated with each other, their magic had a pull on the land and people, as they’d run or take shelter to hide from the torrential downpour would momentarily be given glimpse of strange creatures among them, giving rise to panic. Most questioning their minds, were they going mad!? The fabric between reality the humans believed in and what truly was waning this night and would likely continue to the wee hours of the next morning.

15:16:08 Galen The night before had been taxing on a lot of people and Galen had been no exception as he had still remained a bit drained from his uncontrolled shifting the night before last. He knew it had been taxing on his Father and The MOrrigan, the weather was too perfect of an example of it but he didn't care about anything his Father may or may not think, nor what the Morrigan would say. He had stood up, but he didn't understand the motives of his own side, why would they want her dea? An example was an example but if she wasn't guilty, then it was a death in vain and he couldn't let that happen. At first he hadn't cared, kill her if they waned but something had been sparked inside of him and he just couldn't let it see it happen. Thankfully another had stood up for her first but for now he was responsible until he returned for her. He admired the practices and the teachings but he couldn't quite grasp why she would have to be changed and it somehow didn't sit well with him, but first thing was first, he needed -15:16:15 [Galen] to get answers and do it quickly. Sine he was to watch her, that meant she had to be under his watch but last night he hadn't wanted to do anything but sleep, questions could wait. He had brought her back to his place, a decent sized apartment that was moderately decorated in dark colors, nothing fancy but practical and he had given up his room to let her sleep in his room. The couch was fine enough for him and it would allow him to hear her if she tried to escape. It was evening now and he was up but the last time he had checked on her, she was still asleep, and he thought he was lazy. He was at the window and watching the sky, dressed in a pair of jeans and a black shirt, arms folded over his chest with a serious and grim look on his face. "Why the hell did I do this." He spoke the words to himself, shaking his head with a sigh, trying to ignore what had happened a few nights ago.-e-

15:24:46 Delaney didn’t usually get headaches. IN fact, she’d never been sick her entire life thus far so as Delaney roused with a throb in her head that pounded like the beat of a constant drum, she groaned. Hand resting on her forehead, her eyes were closed as the groggy sensation followed suite, her memory clouded. What had happened? The meeting had been called, she’d arrived.. Then things got fuzzy. “Ugh..” remaining in spot she tried to focus, to get back the evening as she seemed to have lost and then it hit her, like a punch to the face - bham. The drug.. The potion someone had put into her drink. The Morrigan had called her out. Blamed her for something.. But what was it!? Del couldn’t remember, but the anger in her started to rise as she recalled being near paralyzed from the concoction. “That the hell..” She whispered as her eyes opened, luckily to near darkness save the flash of lightening that lit up the room on occasion and the large crash of thunder that echoed in her already hurt head. Another groan and she 15:25:07 [Delaney] slowly sat, feet landing on the ground as she inwardly stretch, looking around. The smells, the room itself, the atmosphere - where was she? This wasn’t her place. This wasn’t where she lived and last she recalled was being on the ground at Triskilion Manor. Panic set in as she stood, knocking over something close by that crashed to the ground, while she commented in a hoarse whisper. “SHIT!” .. under her breath as she wormed her way to the window, using her inhuman strength to try and open it up so she could escape.

15:39:23 Galen looked almost amused as he continued to watch the sky, commenting to himself. "You two are worse than a married couple. SOrt it out already." With a long, drawn out sigh, he turned from the window and was about to go get something to drink, beer sounded good right about now but the sudden sound of something crashing in his bedroom and the faint swear that ensued had caused him to run quickly to the doorway , just in time to see her trying to open the window to get out. With a frown he moved quickly to get behind her and wrap his arm around her waist and toss her back onto the bed with a slight growl. He didn't want to touch her long, that alone had been almost too much as that pang was felt inside of him. His eyes flashed yellow for a moment then returned to hazel as he looked her over and shook his head. "Tsk, Delaney. Trying to escape already? Are you that eager to go off and get yourself killed or have Dannethion come and fetch you early?" He watched her, trying to picture what she would look like if -15:39:47 [Galen] he changed her and then immediately he looked away, standing now at the foot of his bed. "I know you don't like this and you don't think it's fair but at least you're alive, that's got to count for something, right?" He paced once, back and forth the length of the room before coming back to a stop at the foot of the bed, making sure to keep his distance. "I have questions to ask you before he takes you with him but first, you need to promise me you aren't going to go all crazy or whatever. I can get you a drink, something to eat, but before this night is done, I want straight answers, or your life is back on the line again, whether Dannethion agrees to it or not."-e-

15:51:26 Delaney was focused on the window and had it raised, ready to climb through - the short dress she had proving difficult but it wasn’t that which stopped her. Something else with significant strength pulled her back and she was sent reeling onto the bed, landing with a bounce. Instantly she prepared to fight back, though was shocked to see Galen, let alone hear his voice. “What the fuck!?”.. An automatic response to what he’d done, she kicked her leg in an attempted to push him back as she struggled to get up off the bed. “What the hell are you talking about!?” His words were clearly puzzling her, her elegant features giving way to a stupendous, incredulous expression as he moved away from her, stepping further back. He feared her. That much she could tell but his reaction didn’t give her the answers she was now looking for. “Wait.. What? Why do you have me?” She didn’t recall The Ash decreeing someone take her - be responsible for her. Knowledge of what Dannethion had done was completely lost on ---15:51:45 [Delaney] her. “Just a minute.. “ she inched on the bed, moving to her knees as she gazed toward the male. “Why do you have me as prisoner? I’m not something to be bargained with.. I’m not a product. I’m hum.. “ she stopped, realizing her near mistake as she raised her hand to her brow, pinching her nose between her eyes. “I’m so confused right now. “ Her anger seemed to lessen but her guard still remained. “I don’t know what answers I can give you. I don’t know anything about anything, other than just discovering what I am. What do you want from me, Galen? Its obvious you hate me as much as I do you… so what the hell is going on?” She paused, looking around the room as the rain smashed in through the open window, wetting her in the process, the bed sheets and the floor around them. Her skin beaded with tiny morsels of water causing it to sheen a near bluish hint, while her disheveled strands of raven shone further in response. “and who the hell is Dannethion!?” She’d never gotten the Lust Daemon’s name..

16:06:15 Galen understood her confusion as to why he would have her, at least in the way of his motif but he was a bit confused himself to be finding out that she really had no clue as to why she was here. The rain had gone unnoticed for that short time until he decided he didn't need to have to mop up water on his bedroom floor and walked over to close it in one quick motion. With arms folded over his chest again, he face no longer seemed as serious but he was looking perplexed the more she talked. She really had no idea what was in store for her, well in all honestly, neither did he. He let out another sigh then shut his eyes tight and opened them again, staring at her but in the way she was use to having people look at her. He almost felt compassion for her situation. "You really don't know?" Was it some game, was she just fucking with him? No, there was something in her eyes that told him she really didn't have a clue and he wasn't sure he should tell her everything, or let it be a surprise, then again, even he-16:06:33 [Galen] wasn't that cruel. "Okay, so here's the deal. You aren't a prisoner, per say, but I do need to keep watch over you. Last night, The Morigan was ready to have you killed but my Fath-..The ASh stepped in and offered to let someone stand up for you. Dannethion stepped up and offered his services, he's the one who claimed you and eventually, when he decides, you will be going with him. I stood up and told them that while you are in this world, that I will be looking after you." He unfolded his arms then gave a shrug. "Listen, you need to know something too, so it's not such a surprise. I don't believe he'll hurt you but I recall him saying that you need to enjoy the form you currently have because he's going to change you into something else. I don't know for how long, it's something like what his son is." He almost felt sick as he explained it to her. "I'm sorry for that but that part is out of my control. I know this is a lot to take on. He's going to train you, somehow..I don't know. Teach you how to control -16:06:48 [Galen] that ability of yours. In the meantime, you're stuck with me, until he requires you." First thing was first, let her soak all that up and then he could move on to the questions.-e-

16:21:55 Delaney listened to Galen speak, feeling a shiver down through her body even though she wasn’t cold. That was one good thing of being a lust daemon, one always felt hot, or at least warm. The words didn’t sink it - it wasn’t making sense. Galen was looking after her until Dannethion? The huge beast who’d been in the diner.. And he was going to what!?” She gasped - inhaling as the words as they struck her, climbing of the bed in the process as she was the one pacing now. “What.. Change me?” sickened by the mere thought of looking like that beast had - she almost lost her mind as she reached toward the nearest piece of furniture, turning her back to Galen so he’d not see her struggle emotionally with all that was being said. Del wasn’t weak - far from it, but even the strong of heart would have a difficult time with these words. “I.. it can be. I’ve got to get away. From here, from Boston. I can’t stay here.” She peered over her shoulder, looking toward the Dark Prince, hatred in her eyes - not for him but for the ---16:22:14 [Delaney] for the situation entirely. “You can’t keep me here.. I’ve got things I need to do. Clients I’ve promised to help. “ The Blood Stone came to mind and the goblins - although all of that was nonsense in compared to what Del was facing. “This is insane! It’s fucking insane..” She wasn’t one to swear often but there were occasions where it was warranted, this being one. Her shoulders shifted as she straightened her stance, fighting off the urgency to cry, the hopelessness that was washing over her, to be strong as she knew she could be. Del had withstood some life changing events as of late, this was just one more. Swallowing she turned slowly, facing Galen as she began to walk toward him. Her bare feet traipsing over the wooden floor in gentle steps. Her arms dropping to each side. Her skin still moist, her hair dripping with water that riddled down, creating paths of their own over her flesh. Her eyes, azure and dark, light slightly with the hint of pale blue, resonate and glowing as she revealed her true --16:22:50 [Delaney] self to the man before her. Not to beguile him, though that was just a natural response to being around her, but to open to the man who was, right now the one keeping her from freedom. “You can’t let this happen..” as her those demure hues landed upon the male, deep, pleading and solitary and although she hadn’t touched him, he’d feel as if a whisper of a breath was moving over his skin, a tantalizing notion that even he couldn’t fight. Compelled to help,? no - she wasn’t using her skill on him. She was simply asking for help - everything else was just natural as things go for her. “Please.. Let me go..I’ll tell you anything you want. Anything.. But then you must let me run..”
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Aftermath and Ownership :: Comments

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16:39:32 Galen imagined this would be a lot for anyone to take in, after all, he had been born this way and none of it had come as a surprise, at least not the way it was all being bared down on her right now. He did mange to feel compassion, a rare thing for him since he had hardened himself ever since he had picked the Dark side but right now, he wouldn't wish the situation on anyone. If someone had told him he would have to be, not only taken against his will but to be changed into something else entirely? Yeah, he wouldn't have been dealing with it any better than she was right now. He watched her carefully as she got up off the bed and moved to brace herself, why hadn't she remembered this on her own? Why did he have to be the one to tell her this? He couldn't change it, he hadn't stepped up for her but then again, he didn't know how to help her control what she was and he would have been useless. The questions would wait because she was now moving toward him, causing him to take one step back in order to put -16:39:45 [Galen] distance between them again, he couldn't get too close, he didn't want that feeling again but he hadn't expected the plea and it did wash over him with some unexplained sensation, closing his eyes for a moment before opening them to see her eyes. Those eyes, he couldn't stop staring at them but it wasn't because he was under her spell, he just found it intriguing. He face softened from all hardness he had been using as a front and he looked sympathetic, he even looked like he was contemplating letting her go. "Delaney, if I let you go, he'll find you or someone will kill you. It's not so easy as all of that. If you want to end up like him, then fine. I'll let you go but at least while you're with me, you can still be you." He had to force himself to look away from her, to pull himself away from how close he was to her and then reached for a clean towel in the laundry basket, not put away since he had done it a few days ago. He turned back around to face her, handing her the towel so she could dry off some. 16:40:01 [Galen] "I do have questions, but I can't change what was done and chosen for you last night. I wish.." He paused and looked away again, this wasn't him and he shouldn't be caring at all what happens to her. She had been nothing but a pain in the ass since meeting her.-e-

16:57:20 Delaney would not give in, or give up. There had to be a way to take this.. This ownership that Dannethion had now claimed over her. The Morrigan had tried to kill her! Why wasn’t anyone asking questions of that? A huge crack of thunder burst overhead as she kept her eyes upon Galen. “This just doesn’t make any sense. Why would the Fae try to kill me? Who was it? The Morrigan?” The Dark Queen had made it no secret from the start that she had it out for Delaney, though Del never knew why or understood it. She’d just arrived in Boston and although she’d been a succubus all her life, she’d only just come to terms with what she was. “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about that!?” Calm.. Del.. Calm... She breathed slowly, inhaled before expelling the air, slowly from her lungs, her chest rising and falling under the confines of the corset type top. She too felt something within, a shift that only seemed present when Galen was around her. She recalled the kiss, the explosion that had occurred in her mouth, --16:57:33 [Delaney] , utterly and completely unexpected. It had never felt that way with humans. Her kiss was the kiss of death, generally taking the life from a mortal, inhaling the pure energy into her system but with Galen.. “There has to be something I can do. I won’t give up. If you won’t let me go, I’ll find a way to escape. I’ll hide. There has to be a place I won’t be found. I went unnoticed for 26 years.” Delaney paused, shaking her head, subtle strands licking against the smooth curve of her shoulders, the spaghetti straps clearly defining the column of her neck and feminine touch. Grabbing the towel, she took it, holding on to it though she didn’t use it to dry herself, instead she twisted it in her fingers, showing the inner frustration she was trying to hide from him. “Look - I’ve been here for two months. In those two months, I’ve faced death, made choices and each time I’m getting screwed over. And for that fact..” she paused, recalling something from the night before. “You and Dannethion are working together! --16:57:49 [Delaney] ! You and the daemon, I saw you both speaking last night. And the girl.. The cat. All of you were in the diner. YOU were spying on me, he was there, she was there.. What the hell.?” Del couldn’t trust anyone - this man seemed compassionate, for a moment she believed she may have had an alley but the memory of last night and her suspicions had surfaced. The towel was flung toward the man and using the minor distraction she made an attempt to leave the room. He’d have to touch her to stop her.. Let him try.

17:10:40 Galen Oh, he had many questions about the motives of the Morrigan but he knew better than to question her judgement, though he was more curious as to why his Father was so hell bent in keeping her alive, it seemed more than just compassion. No, none of it really made sense but he had been brought up to not ask questions of his Elders and so far, to this day, he hadn't and he wouldn't. "I don't know any more than you do on the subject, I don't know why she wants you dead or why he wants you to live. Sometimes you just have to accept what's handed to you." He knew well that she was stubborn and wouldn't just take things at face value, that would prove a problem. "There is no place for you to hide that you won't be found. The sooner you realize that, the better off we'll all be." He looked over her once or twice, he couldn't deny that she was beautiful, not just because she was a Succubus but and maybe under different circumstances, things could have been different but right now he had his own motives to worry -17:10:54 [Galen] about. When she began to confront him about working with the others, he shook his head. "No. You don't understand. I'm not working with him, I was speaking to him, the first time being last night. I was curious what he had wanted with you at the diner. And when I was there, I was spying on you. But I had to." She flung the towel at him and he caught it but no she was leaving the room, and he reached out to wrap his arm around her waist in order to stop her, if he could. "I still have questions to ask you!"-e-

17:23:38 [Delaney] The touch was all she needed, that moment he grabbed her, the arm around her waist sent the heat rushing through her and into him. Though he was Fae he wasn’t impervious to her charms and the connection she’d made was anticipated. The warmth would move through him, spreading quickly making him near dreamlike in his mannerisms, as if intoxicated by her. It’d be weak at first though it was rise with each passing moment, even after he’d pull his arm away. “Galen..” his name was whispered; the tone sultry but resolute as she’d inch closer. He’d feel a need to stay in his position, while she’d feed of his power, his reaction to her which in turn enhanced her sensation further. She wasn’t trying to hurt him - she felt locked in a corner, behind bars. He could help her, or be against her and this was a choice he’d be given now as she motioned in, aiming to push him back against the wall, hands against his shoulders. If she is successful in this, she raised her face to his - being slightly shorter she --17:23:56 [Delaney] breathed further, slowly and in control. She wouldn’t kill him. She hadn’t the other night with her kiss. But, she could still get him to feel something. Even Delaney couldn’t deny the tension that existed, one that was taut and ready to burst. “Please.. You and I are going to be in a partnership. Do you understand?” The question was given as she’d lower her face, her lips moving near his neck, her body aiming to press against his, once more inciting a rush that would shoot between them. One hand glided toward the nape of his neck, rushing through the strands of his hair - aiming to pull his head in order to gaze directly down, into her eyes. Hypnotic, influential, purely, sexual - lust at a degree he’d never felt. “You’ll get your answers, I promise. But then, you’ll help me. You’ll help me escape, you’ll help me break free of this promise that’s been made, Galen. You’ll help me find out why the Morrigan wants me dead. You’ll be on my side, my eyes and ears on the Dark “ -- he’d find it incredibly -17:24:10 [Delaney] hard to deny as her lips would rise further upwards toward his mouth, hesitating with breathless delight for his answer.

17:38:39 Galen should have known better to touch her, to put himself in such a position but then again, he hadn't expected that she would have as much influence over him as she currently had, once he felt that first burst of heat. At first, it wasn't so bad but then it got progressively worse, or good, depending on how you looked at it and he couldn't fight it completely. He would go into a dreamlike state but deep down he knew she was using her power against him, only he was unable to stop it now. He was easily malleable right now, hearing his name, being guided to the wall, his eyes over her whole face and body, and much against his will, he wanted her. He was looking down over her as she spoke and all he could do was nod some as he responded back, his voice had taken on a completely different tone, dazed. "Partnership." He shouldn't be agreeing to this, he knew it deep down but he couldn't stop the words from being spoken. Then there was that second rush and he shut his eyes slightly, a smile on his face as she drew 17:39:08 [Galen] his gaze to him. HIs eyes locked with hers, feeling how close she was to him, his hands reaching to rest on her hips while she continued to speak. again he was compelled to agree, nodding his head. He could tell her lips were close to his but he couldn't resist what she was, not completely. "But they'll kill you." He suddenly looked very sad at the thought but he didn't break eye contact with her. "The Morrigan, has her own agenda. I don't know if I can get her to talk, or others to talk." There was an internal struggle, he was under her whim but the beast inside him wasn't and it was fighting to come forth, his eyes flashed yellow again, against his will or knowledge but he still remained as he was.-e-

17:46:49 [Dannethion] It was time. Dannethion had come to collect the female. Humans around the apartment in which Galen lived in, non-allied with the Fae, would suddenly fall to the ground--as if in a dream-like state. Those in cars would oddly feel the compulsion to park somewhere before passing out. And all within Galen's apartment could FEEL it. A surge of incredible energy, the energy of an entity whose power was greater than any one Fae--excluding the clan leaders. An Arch-Daemon was an entity of horrific and terrible power. Evelynne would likely be commanded to wait outside, if the female within had attempted to run she had every authority to bring her down no matter the cost. The Arch-Daemon had eliminated any and all chances of those not aware of their presence to become alerted by this. As the power rocked the apartment, the power flickered on and all repeatedly--the faucets of the sinks and bathrooms began to turn on and off by themselves. If there were wards, these he temporarily nullified with his will alone.17:46:59 [Dannethion] Then the shadows at the main entrance to the apartment began to pool together and coalesce--and from this mass, emerged six glowing green eyes. The power in the house was turned off where the Arch-Daemon manifested. The interior was shaking as well, as the reverberating growls filled the air. He had come to claim his prize--and to judge her, as was his Right--he would find out if she was guilty of the charges laid against her. If she was, then things would only escalate from there. But he wanted to make it clear to both Galen and Delaney--that he was not one to be crossed, and expected his charge to be delivered. He wasn't in the room they were, not yet--but he was coming.

17:55:26 [BWRP] Her powers of persuasion were impressive. Had he been human, she’d have the man completely under her spell though she could sense the strength in Galen. She could feel it inside her. As much as she was controlling him, he was in her system, and the power of the Fae, his own ability was spreading through her in reaction. It was a sensation she’d never experienced and idly she wondered if being with Fae was always like this. His response was what she needed to her, and despite herself instead of pulling back, she remained as she once, whispering against his lips. “Just.. One.. Taste..” Their lips connected, the fusion of euphoria danced through her and into him. The urgency, the need, the thirst that was being quenched. It was powerful on so many levels as she moaned into the kiss, her skin glowing with the hint of blue, tiny beads of smoke rising as the moisture from the rain vaporized. She could have given in, allowed herself to get lost in what he offered - to be with another without fear of killing-- 17:55:56 [BWRP] alone was more than she’d thought possible. “Argh.. “ It took every ounce of strength in her to break it, to stop. Galen wasn’t the enemy, although he was a way to her enemy and a man to have on her side. He’d given her what she wanted and she’d not abuse the situation as much as she desired, ached. Stepping back with a sudden force, she bumped into the dresser behind her as things fell to the ground, her breathing heavy, her heart pounding. The sensation’s he’d have would remain in him, taking some time to dissipate; the bond having been made would remain however, his word given to her when he’d responded -Partnership-. “You can’t tell me that you don’t feel that...” She whispered in a husky tone, her eyes looking to his, knowingly. Little did she know that the sensations overcoming her weren’t just from Galen, they were from the arrival of the Lust Daemon who’d come to claim his prize.

18:11:40 Galen would have been able to control the beast inside him, aside from the full moon's curse on him, but right now the shift was so close that he felt it at the very surface of his body. Was a defensive move? He couldn't be sure because he was enamored with her right now. He had agreed to help her, to spy on his own kind and certainly he wouldn't have done so if he had of been in his right mind, currently he wasn't. Everything was made worse as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his, his eyes closing as he didn't even attempt to fight it off. Even the beast inside had been tamed, no longer trying to reach out and go against his will. It was like it had been the first time only this time more intense as he had been aware of her, she'd been right in front of him and he had his hands on her hips. He hadn't experienced it before, nothing like this and he had once believed it was just because she was what she was only he knew better than that. It was amazing, perfect and his hands tightened on her hips, fingers - 18:12:27 [Galen] grasping over the material of the dress she still wore. He was completely hers, he would have agreed to anything in that moment but she was pulling away, his hands not letting her go so easily. He wanted her, needed to have her but she was now breaking the distance between them. Her lips were no longer on his and his eyes were opened again, looking straight at her as she spoke. This time he didn't try to hide the fact he had felt something and he nodded. "I felt it." He hadn't wanted to admit it before but this time he had no choice. He could still feel the aftermath of her kiss, of how close she'd been but it was slowly wearing off, the beast now trying to rise up again. Among all those feelings inside of him, the internal struggle,something else was happening that he was vaguely aware of. The power had gone out, he knew this because there was no light streaming in from the living room as there had been, leaving them in sudden darkness. -18:12:38 [Galen] He could hear water flowing from the sink then stop, then start up again but then there was an indescribable power that eminated through the apartment. No, he couldn't see the source but he was vaguely aware of what it had to be. "No..Not yet." He whispered the words to himself while still looking at her. "He's coming for you." He looked sad again, the lust was wearing off more now and he actually fought against it, he had to get himself to where he could think for himself, to protect her, but why he couldn't quite place. He had agreed to his methods, he could help her right? But the promise she had made him swear to was over powering most thoughts. He was still against the wall, palms against the surface s he stood very still.-e-

18:21:55 [Dannethion] Out from the depths of the shadows where his eyes lurked, the beast emerged. Pulling out of the shadows, which clung to his body like a thick goo--tendrils breaking away as his jaws remained closed. The shadows broke away from his body and then dissipated into the room again--fading away. As the beast emerged, he knew exactly where to find Delaney--and it seems he came at exactly the right moment, too--for he could sense the intense amount of Lust being broadcasted into the bedroom. He made no secret that when his pawed feet touched the floor, the resonations of energy lurched outwards--so that they could both feel him as he approached. He had engaged in a brief council amongst the females and males of his Pack, determined if this action he was taking was going to work with Delaney--and they had given him some startling information. She was, after all, a biped--he didn't know bipeds, he didn't understand their instincts or goals, or desires. It was best to ask members of his pack which had once been bipeds 18:22:18 [Dannethion] who were all abandoned, abused, and left for dead. He took them in; trained them, cared for them, gave them purpose again--they were his family. But despite the loyalty he granted them, all of them were now dominated by instincts. And like any other wolf pack, if he exhibited any kind of weakness that didn't allow them to feel completely trusting of his decisions than he could have been challenged by an upstart. And clawdragon versus clawdragon battles were bloody and vicious. He was almost upon the door which lead to the bedroom now. As whispers began to filter into the room, only those who had good hearing could make out what they were saying. But amongst the majority of them were along the lines of: ~He have come for the girl...~ ~He comes to complete the bargain...~ ~Judgement awaits the youngling...~

18:32:56 Delaney tensed, knowing something intricately changed - not just in the room but the building on the whole. He is here.. the thought echoed in her mind, it wasn’t hearing the voices, it was instinct. Her time had come, but what did that ultimately mean? She didn’t want to be owned by anyone. She wasn’t property to be cast aside, given to whoever for whatever purpose. Delaney had grown up with human parents, a changling - switched at birth though for what reason, she didn’t know. She had only just found her parents weren’t her own. That two human parents couldn’t have born her. Her memories were lost of her childhood and it was a task she longed to solve. But this, this daemon now had offered to save her, only to condemn her? Her eyes landed on Galen, panic within as she held her look, knowing that the shifter couldn’t stop what was to occur. “I need more time..” She spoke, the words hoarse as she looked around the room, sensing the shifting shadows as overhead lightening flashed once more, The 18:33:09 [Delaney] Morrigan and The Ash still in a confrontation about the meeting that never was. “I NEED MORE TIME!” She called out, holding in her emotion as best she could for she knew Dannethion could feed of her. Should she run? Could she out run the Elder? She’d seen his power first hand in the diner the other night. Laney was much younger. “Galen, find out the truth - I’m innocent of what The Morrigan charged me for.. DO YOU HEAR ME, DANNETHION. I AM INNOCENT!”.

18:46:09 Galen The power that swirled around them, that enveloped the whole area, couldn't be denied and he felt powerless to fight against it. He hadn't been able to ask her what he needed to, so was all this a moot point now? His eyes darted from place to place as he heard noises, saw shadows forming and disappearing and for the Dark Prince, who had been use to power, he knew he couldn't fight against this. He had promised to try, to find out information, to help her get free of this mess that he now felt guilty for. "I should have stood up for you first. I'm sorry." He looked even sadder than before, hearing the broken whispered that fill the room. He was suppose to find out the truth, why should she be judged like this? Thoughts were blurred, the lust now finally dissipating more as he stood up more straight, his gaze back on Delaney as she implored him to find the truth. SHe knew, at least she knew that she was being judged for something and suddenly he didn't feel too sure she had been the one. Was she acting out- 18:46:22 [Galen] of fear because she would be caught with her hand in it all? Or was this legitimate fear, because she really had no clue what was going on. No, something wasn't right and it didn't add up. He'd seen the guilty and how they reacted once caught, this wasn't it. He had to do something and he found himself moving toward her, putting himself in front of her, as if that would stop anything. He was coming to his senses, some of his actions were because she had made him promise but there was something else inside working on it's own accord. "No." He spoke in his normal tone, not yelling, but not whispering either. "It isn't time. There's been a change." Though he didn't say what it had been. "Tell me what I can do to keep her here, to break the bargain. Whatever you want, I'll do it. Leave her in my charge and I'll see that she's investigated and that the truth will be revealed. It's my job!"His words held a certain conviction as he stared blankly in front of him, arms out a bit as if to shield her. -e-

18:47:16 [Evelynne] When Torch had summoned the flames from earlier, Evelynne had simply decided to step away when he went to get a smoke. Now trying to follow the street kid, let alone one that had been enhanced, would be quite the task despite her having a tinge of lust that seemed to be sweated off like phermones. Boston was full of people that lusted whether it was for a better life, drugs, or even what was left in the dark to be found in the morning! A strong pull to be in the area and to stop Delaney had been given to her and she adjusted her path and took the route of building tops to get there. Claw marks in buildings would be deep and she was astonished at just how very quickly she could move and glide through jumps like she never had before. With her having been a cat, it was instinctive to know what she could and couldn't move through and how to turn and land. 'I AM INNOCENT!', caused her to blink hearing Delayne's voice as she clung to the corner of the side of the building outside of where the window that the Succub

18:48:20 [Evelynne] i had decided to try to jump out earlier. called to her, yet in a different way. If humans looked outside, they would see little more then a bat sticking to the window. !!!! Nummy- bugs that buzzed about would be snagged and eaten. While it was little more then a taste to her, she wouldn't turn them down. Hey, it added to the act of her being a bat and was all the better. For Fae however, they'd see a black and red tie died creature with claws on the back of the deepest blood red one could imagine that was at 6'5 at the shoulder, with three tails. Little Evelynne was a huntress, as per her training to eat growing up. Simply stopping somebody wouldn't be a problem would it? Yet, she was there out of curiousity rather then any particular form of malice. Her presence wasn't as easily hid anymore then what it used to be. Ah well. Galen again..She was beginning to understand why she found most males frustrating and disgusting. Despite her working on saving many random lives, she really preferred people to18:48:59 [Evelynne] have the ability to fight back.
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19:03:35 [Dannethion] And so here it was. He had given Galen a chance, he trusted the Dark Prince. And now, faced with being seperated from Delaney, he wanted to break the deal and take her from him. Another surge filled the air as the daemon approached--WRATH was what called the Daemon's power this time. The power was thrown against the door in his way. It was hit with a blackish-purple energy that reduced the wood to naught but ash as it crumbled away. Beyond, the stalking form of the large entity that lay beyond. His form like a moving shadow, the eyes glowing brightly in the darkness--jaws slowly began to slack and open. The glistening of white fangs seen beyond. If Galen had attempted to take Delaney away from him--it would be an affront against the Laws of the Fae; and he knew that the Ash would not be pleased, and it would give the Morrigan more ammunition to throw against Delaney--claiming that she had bewitched him with her powers in order to force him to believe she wasn't guilty. The daemon laughed a hearty

19:03:43 [Dannethion] growling chuckle at the Dark Prince, "Already desiring to break your word already? I expected more from Royalty. A Prince is supposed to set an example amongst his subjects--by requesting to watch over her, and thereafter breaking said word; how does it make you look? I can sense the Lust coming from this room before I arrived--I will have to deny your request. I have come for the Girl. You know you can't contend with me, Shifter. I will be leaving with Delaney in my possession; there is no alternative. I honestly don't care if she is innocent or guilty or not; fact of the matter is, I own her--she is my responsibility, my property. And I mean to transform her from being a blinded and foolish dretch, and make her into a Succubi worthy of the name of Lucifer. I will only ask once: Stand aside, and let me claim what is rightfully mine. These are the Laws of YOUR people, not mine. Were it left to my people, she would have been incarcerated into a Phylactery, whilst the Devils of Plane Lust argued with the Devils 19:03:56 [Dannethion] of Plane Pride on what to do with her--with the Lord Fallen overseeing it. A rare honor, to see the one who gave birth to ALL Hellblood, figuratively speaking of course."

19:17:06 [Delaney] Things were happening - things that had been set in motion though Delaney would do what she could to avoid certain things. She was a fighter, but she wasn’t stupid. And Galen would be no good to her dead. She needed him alive to gather information, to be her informant on the dark. Torch or even Gabriel could be for the Light - though that still required some work. One step at a time. Though with Galen, there was something deeper within that she couldn’t understand. Her plan was to set up eyes and ears in both Courts and have them reporting to her, so she could further help her clients and get the answers she had about her lineage. Though now, this was being halted due to the circumstances that had befallen her. Instinctively she was aware of eyes peering in - a quick glance to the window would see the cat shifter, turned claw dragon. Is that what Dannethion had in mind for her? To turn her into a beast such as himself? Stop .. Calm, Delaney. Galen had spoken for her, stood before her but she placed ---19:17:34 [Delaney] her hand upon his shoulder, carefully stepping around to peer toward Dannethion. Her face was cold, her eyes more so as he spoke of owning her. “I am my own person. I am Fae. I am under Fae laws, not the Laws of Hell. I am not of Lucifer. I am not dark, nor am I a beast.” The words were spoken in such a manner there seemed to entail no emotion and yet the look upon her features, her expression was nevertheless elegant and beautiful. The wildness in her was visible, from the disheveled hair that framed her tapered face, to the slightly torn dress that had ripped on her previous escape tense. What shocked her however was discovering that Galen was a Prince!? She hadn’t know this - his position, she knew only he was a shifter for she’d seen it the night at the Cork and of course, in the diner. This served to give her confusion momentarily though it quickly masked. If he was Prince, then he must be The Morrigan’s son, her own brethren. Her own blood.. She never gave it a thought that in fact, the Ash was his ---19:18:07 [Delaney] the Ash was his bloodline. “I will train with you. I will take your lessons, but you will not turn me into a creature as you are. Nor will you take me from this plane. I take my lessons here. In the Knot. I claim sanctuary here. ” Delaney knew she was in no position to bargain, but she spoke regardless. Her first trail when she‘d initially been discovered was held in The Knot - a rundown warehouse on the outside, but a building situated on Ley lines and one where Fae would face their trials. The Ash has given her a choice that night, and had revealed to her the purpose of the Knot. If she was guilty, she‘d die. “As is Fae law, that is my condition to you owning me.” The word was spoken with distaste though she stepped forward, fearlessly toward the large creature. Eyes locking with the many eyes that gazed toward her. “You are stronger than me, yes. But I will not fear you nor will I cower before you. I will learn and prove my innocence.I'll give you a reason as to why ---19:19:05 [Delaney] The Morrigan is corrupt - and why she needs to be stopped. A beast such as yourself could do that. Placing yourself high amongst the rest of the Fae."

19:28:50 Galen Knew exactly what he was asking and as he watched the power destroy the door, he stayed as he was, the look on his face was neither lust filled or sad anymore, this time he held his head up high, squared his shoulders and there was even a hint of a grin on his face as he heard the words. "A promise? The only promise I made was to watch her while she was here in this world. Perhaps you confuse my request with something else, because that's all it is..a request. I wanted the opportunity to get the truth myself, as it was bestowed upon me by the Morrigan herself, ask her yourself and you'll see. I am not here to stop you, you misunderstand completely." He knew damn well that he was no good to her or anyone dead or hurt and he wasn't stupid. "I know my place and my responsibility so don't patronize me and assume I don't. The things I have asked are requests only. I have agreed to your methods so far and she will be no good to anyone if you break all that she is. " It hurt, to know she would go off with
19:29:12 [Galen] someone else, but he had made promises and he'd keep them as best he could. When Delaney spoke up, he felt her hand on his shoulder as he continued to listen and watch but he didn't something he normally wouldn't have, he moved to the side and let her speak directly but he did remain close by her side. She had a right, more so than him, to speak her peace and though he wanted to protect her, she had a right, at that moment, to be her own person, not owned by either of them. The things she asked, he had hoped it would be agreed to but he had one last thing to speak of. "I request one more thing. Don't hurt her. If that is part of the training then speak now of it and I will tell the Ash himself of such ways, he will agree to it and he will be the one to make this null and void. Understand, I am not standing in your way, what we discussed last night, I meant but I want to make sure it's done right and justly. That is my position as a Prince, to make sure rules are followed and that there is no-19:29:32 [Galen] unnecessary elements. Still trust me or not, I am speaking as I would to anyone or anything in this position."-e-

19:47:40 [Dannethion] Delaney had alot of courage, foolhardy courage, but courage nonetheless; she had to have, to speak down to an Arch-Daemon like that. To basically tell him what he could or could not do. That was comparable to a Slave telling their Master what time they were going to bed, what chores they were going to do, and how the Master was going to treat them. That sheer disregard of respect for his Station and of his stance was insulting. Dannethion was typically a daemon of patience and restraint, but the one thing he had no patience for; was for insubordination. And so, the Arch-Daemon had invoked his power, "SILENCE!!" the command was directed towards Delaney with such power behind it--such force, that the entire room rippled! It was a trick of the eyes, but it looked as if the entire existance around the daemon had rippled outwards like a droplet in a pool of water, "You will not dare to speak to me as if I am some pawn under your command. I decree what you do, where you go, and how you go about doing it--or I will
19:47:54 [Dannethion] relinquish you back into The Morrigan's custody and let her do as she sees fit with you." and then his gaze fixated upon Galen, "And so you would have me coddle her? You would have me alter my training so that no physical hardship occurs? I cannot do that. She will not die in my training, nor was there ever any chance of it. You know of my methods, Galen--they are extreme, but they are necessary. If I make an exception for her, then it makes others doubt my competence. I am training not just her, but two others as well--the woman, Evelynne, has chosen to take up my training; and my Son, Sanguinnoth." and suddenly--the daemon pushes up and onto his hindlegs as his form is engulfed in blackish purple light as his form began to shift--altering himself into the form of his human illusion. Whereupon he places his hands into his pockets and looks at them both beneath the brim of his hat, "I am beginning to question your motives, Your Majesty. If I suddenly turn Delaney over into your custody, The Morrigan will
19:48:01 [Dannethion] claim it is because Delaney has wormed her fingers into your heart and soul and used her powers of Lust to bend you into her Will. It will give her more ammunition to use against Delaney, and it will make her question your competence. Or one would assume. If Delaney is in my care, she will be in various dimensions at random times--out of the range of Morrigan, or those who would seek her dead. All the while, she will be learning the trade of her people, the Succubi." and his gaze fixated itself upon Delaney, "And you ARE a Demoness of Hell. Get over it."

20:05:15 [Delaney] From what Delaney had understood when The Ash and Trick, the elder had made it clear to her that she was a Fae - there was no mention of her being from Hell. The worst part was her parents, her Mother, Father - both were unknown to her for her to even question who and just what she was. Her human parents raised her to believe Hell was bad, that it was the veritable hotbed of trouble, where evil spirits were sent. Was this pay back for killing her boyfriend? That was an accident.. And since then, she’d done what she thought was right, defending humans from other evil things, like rape, murder.. So many things. As Galen spoke, it confused her further when he mentioned The Ash - something she couldn’t quite understand to the parentage and just where Galen’s linage lay. Either way, he had spoken for her but at the end of the day, this was something Delaney had to face. Her words had stirred something of a rise in Dannethion, even if to belittle her further, to re-emphasis his point of owning her. What she felt---
20:05:27 [Galen] No problem. If you have questions, message any one of us three)

20:05:29 [Delaney] within was held of her features, though inside her stomach was churning. She didn’t want to leave. She was only just beginning to understand things and she knew she was needed her. Humans needed her. The Goblins had asked for her help; how could she just abandon all of that. What if she was never to return? Delaney swallowed then lowered her eyes, the human illusion before her not clouding what Dannethion truly is; it served only to make it worse. No matter what, Dannethion would not break her and that was the thought that kept her going. He may think he owned her, could do as he pleased, but she’d not make it a pleasant experience. “Galen.. You do not need to speak for me. I appreciate it. But there is a task ahead and I think there’s more to come as time progresses. Something isn’t right with the Fae. Not just the clans.. Something deeper.” She then turned toward Dannethion once more. “Do what you will, no matter what you say or do, I won’t be yours completely. I have free will and no one can take that ---20:05:42 [Delaney] take that from me.”

20:26:50 Galen kept the grin, something more behind it then mere words could denote as he listened to him speak. "No, I don't want you to coddle her but just because you are who you are and you demand the respect and acceptance from those whom follow you, and try me, I understand that well, doesn't mean beating the living shit out of a person is justified in training. Whether she knows who she is completely or not, beating is the form in which others justify a stance of domination. Making who you are and your position known is not going to make one who is already so stubborn, learn more or less. Again, I'm not demeaning your methods, I'm simply stating a fact. She is well aware of who you are and from which you came from. Beating isn't going to enforce or confirm that anymore than it has already sunk in. Now, if it is because she is disobedient within reason, as in if she is blatantly ignoring your training, then I get it. But if she is forced against her will, beating won't help, you will end up with an empty shell of -

20:27:19 [Galen] of her former self." He had felt the engery, but he for as much as she was stubborn, he was opinionated. "As for placing her back in the Morrigan's Charge, that I'm not worrying about. If that is an option then I say go for it. She won't kill her, not right away. There is a war waging, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out, but there are boundaries." He remained calm, both inside and out, for once. "But I am curious. OUt of all the Succubus's in this world, do each go through such a trial? I mean, I have known others in passing that I know have not gone to Hell and back, to know themselves. Unfortunate as it is for Delaney, and this training, just had to wonder if this was something that caught up to them all eventually?" He arched a brow, still remaining as he was. He stopped talking as Delaney spoke. He looked at her, the look wasn't lust filled anymore.-20:27:22 [Galen] "Very well. " And that's all he would say on that matter. He now held a smirk, his eyes shifting from hazel to Yellow, then back again. "Done is done right?" He hadn't commented on Delaney's observation, not because he was ignoring her, it was because he kept those words in mind and he would do what he could to find out the true motives on all parts. The biggest fear for him was that of the unknown and just because things weren't going as well as hoped, didn't mean he was about to stop trying, after all, he had his own methods and ways of going about things that no one could take away from him.-e-

20:36:53 [Evelynne] Wrath? That always had been harder for her to block then the other sins, but she knew how to work around it. Dannethion had control of the situation. Evelynne became smaller yet in sight, but when she became smaller in sight, she was actually concentrating her energy. Her random thoughts were cut off and she allowed her mind to go into hunting mode. Lust would almost be non existent. She wasn't there to make the situation worse, and understoodn Dannethion's warning all too well. In the meanwhile she watched the streets around the apartment and other buildings and simply listened. She wanted to know the talk on the streets. If she were lucky, she'd hear a half decent rock station, but they almost were never as harsh as she wanted to hear. GAH Eminem? She cringed. Sometimes she really hated that extended hearing..let alone it being stronger then it ever had been before.

20:43:47 [Dannethion] And slowly the shape of the human before the two melted away--leaving Dannethion in his place. The daemon curled his black lips upwards and into a grin, "And it seems my test had provided the results I had predicted. Any creature, biped or not, when backed into a corner will pull out their inner strength and will and channel it forwards. The test was not so much for Galen as it was for you, Delaney. Galen proved that he is more than just a Dark Prince--and that he actually cares enough to take an interest in your well-being. And you stood up to me, an Arch-Daemon, a creature that could have easily swallowed your soul and consumed your flesh like a piece of meat. You will and courage are great--and both will be needed for the coming trials. Everything up to this point was a test for you, Delaney--the stating of losing your form, of constantly pushing you and pushing you until you snapped. But what I did not like was how you had used your powers on Galen, I could sense the Lust coming from here--and I could

20:43:57 [Dannethion] sense them ebbing from Galen long before I arrived. It is that self-control and restraint that I will drill into you, if I have too." he began to pad off towards the side as he glances at Delaney as he speaks as he moves, "Do you know why I transform my students into Clawdragons? It is because it is part of the training. Can you maintain your own self and keep the instincts under control? Can you control your powers whilst holding the instincts at bay? It will push every fiber of your mental and physical strength to it's limits." he stops by the window and slowly sits down. Then he glances towards Galen, "All demons, daemons and devils visit Hell at one point in their lives. Even half-bloods are no different. But no, they do not all go through the same regiments of this kind of trial--many cannot even manifest in this world as physical entities, which means that she was born in this Dimension. Typically, Hellbloods are spirits unless given a body to possess and inhabit--even this flesh I utilize was once a
20:44:11 [Dannethion] human's form, which I took--usurped, and made as my own." he glances at Delaney, "Are you prepared for this? Are you strong enough for it? Or will you let your fear of the unknown keep you from becoming better, able to control your powers, or even allowing your friends to suffer and die at the hands of those who seek to harm or kill you? I am Dannethion the Sinbringer, Herald of Lucifier and High Instructor in the Art of the Sins of the Plane of Lust. I am only one of seven Arch-Daemons, each of one Sin. But I am also the most 'social' of them."

21:02:28 [Delaney] Her powers had been used - but not in the manner she would have if she was trying to get a human to do as she bid. There was something further within that had brought her to Galen, though what it was, was unknown. She knew he was strong and could resist her to some degree. She had wanted to ask for help because of what had just been told to her - that Dannethion was coming for her. Things had gotten out of control to some degree and she’d been pulled into the moment. What was happening now wasn’t something I her power, even learning that all of this had been a test didn’t make matters better. Not at all. She was still leaving, while things were being left behind. “Yes.” Was the only word she gave in response to the questions though, it was simple and it was to the point. There was no reason to argue, it simply would not change the fact that she had to leave this plane, change or shift forms all to become something she wasn’t sure she wanted anymore. A look once more to Galen; she hoped he’d do as she had -21:02:45 [Delaney] requested, to find out what was at the heart of The Morrigan’s court, which she hoped would bring her more answers about who she truly is. Her world was changing. She wasn’t sure if it was for her own good, or not..

wouldn’t do well to have the Prince falling for her, or vice versa. Entanglements and such beyond a partnership would make things much more difficult and the last man she’d given her heart to, she’d killed. However, Dannethion’s arrangements were not to be as she thought and at first, she didn’t understand - a perplexed notion crossing her features, her eyes narrowing, her brow furrowed. Delaney wasn’t leaving now. She’d have until Dawn every day - which enabled her to do what she could for those she’d already promised. It gave her light - hope, though it was clear she was to be under Galen’s “watch.” That made her slightly uncomfortable knowing the feelings that had already stirred in her from previously with the connection. “Very well..” she commented as a wave of fatigue washed over her, her eyes heavy as she swayed in place, like a petal in the wind, a light feather that would fall to the ground to find it’s place of rest.

21:40:23 [Evelynne] The one known as Evelynne would watch out for Delaney as well and more then likely for her own motives that had nothing to do with a court. She saw something in Delaney that she respected and really didn't want to see her fail. Off the side of the building she went and would slip away from where they all had been gathered. As adept as she was with blending in, there was a lot less work she would need to do out in the forest. Damn it, this form had her hungry all the time! She found herself respecting Dannethion, and it was a rarity. Most males to her were just that, males..

21:44:28 Galen got the answer to his question, He'd have her until dawn right now and from that point, he'd have her half a day at least. It was something and she'd only hold a different form while training. He still wanted keen on it and didn't understand but it wasn't for him to decide. Choices had been made, boundaries set and all he could was accept it. "Very well. By dawn she will be yours to have for training, until she is returned here once more." He was relieved, it wasn't a long time in between seeing her and it would give him the time he needed to figure things out. His Father had been trying to save her, his Queen had tried to kill her during a meeting of all events. Something wasn't right and though he held allegiance, it didn't add up and he needed answers, whether or not it was due to his promises or not. The lights came on as Dan began to pad away, but Delaney was swaying and he moved to braced her from falling. He quickly moved to place an arm under her legs and around her waist so he could pick her up- 21:44:45 [Galen] and move her to the bed again. He wasn't`t sure what was done to her, but then again, he didn't`t understand a lot of these ways and means. If they were left alone, he simply pull the blankets up over her while he moved to the window, watching the lightening light up the sky, a war waging between two, but for what? That was what he was going to find out.-e-
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