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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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 The Premise

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PostSubject: The Premise   The Premise I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 9:36 pm

The modern world is ruled by humanity – humanity has spread across the globe, an overwhelming presence on every continent and in every corner of the globe. Yet this was not always the case. For millennia other species’ ruled in dominance, some we know of, others we don’t. There are thousands, if not millions of years that are unaccounted for by people of science, far too much history on this planet to ever be properly documented. What is known, though, is that the earth moves in cycles – as one dominant type rises, so another falls into abeyance. And this is what happened to the ‘others’ – the Fae... Their day of dominance is past, long gone. And yet they have clung to existence, refusing to pass into extinction, instead doing what they must to survive. Some species’ adapted, integrating with humanity to a greater or lesser degree, giving up on a policy of isolation and hiding instead in plain sight. Others continued to hide, moving to increasingly remote areas where they could continue to live in uninterrupted solitude.

Today, a darkness has settled over the city of Boston, deeper than smog-cover and it clings to everything. It’s as if an unseen grime covers everyone and everything in the city. A profitable underground deals in black market magical artefacts and unauthorized temporally displaced frick-and-frack the government would rather keep locked away far out of reach. New drugs surface every day, some human, some magical, all of them highly addictive and easy to access. Betrayal is the new cottage industry; trouble, the city’s biggest export. Local government is more corrupt than clean and controlled by old fashioned graft or magical coercion. Or both. There are a lot of mysteries in this unwilling City. But of all the things people worry about, this is the biggest: If the walls keep crumbling, if the worlds keep hemorrhaging into each other, will there be anything left when they’ve all bled out? Tied with it? What happens when it spreads to the rest of the world?

Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live among humans, disguised as humans, unknown to humans. They are divided into Light and Dark clan that are engaged in a long-standing feud in the underworld, not unlike warring mob families. However, as the war between the Light and Dark clan leeks out into the Boston streets, how will the humans handle being caught in the middle of it? Total war equals complete destruction of the Human race.. Can it be stopped or is it destiny that the race that started long before man regains their power once more.
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The Premise
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