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 Fae Clan Information

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Clans Internal Breakdown:

High King/Queen (Air & Light, Air & Darkness) - NPCS
King/Queen - Clan Leaders. (The Ash, The Morrigan) - NPCS

King/Queen’s children = Prince/Princess/Heirs - Open (moderators discretion)
Bard/Champion (always a mortal) = Open
Lords/Ladies/Knights = Open
The Folk = Open
Mortals/Human folk = Open

clan King = “The Ash” NPC, Headquarters:
Trinity Hall

The Light are often benevolent fae, though they still maintain a very mischievous streak and dislike being wronged. The Light live by a simple code: Death before dishonour, love conquers all, beauty is life, and never forget a debt. Promises are something they do not make lightly nor accept without expectation of their being kept. The chivalric code is something to be upheld and the mortals, though often the brunt of their mischief, are something to be protected.

Many artists and bards, both fey and other, have striven to capture the beauty of the Light Court. Most have gone mad; none have truly succeeded. Pure manifestations of nature and beauty, the members of the Light Court view themselves as the pinnacle of perfection. This elitist attitude restricts status in the court to only pure-blood fey. A court fey can trace his or her lineage back several millennia, showing nothing but true fey

Fey high society and the fey realms contain the only creatures whose opinions matter. Politics thrive in this elitist environment. Light fey form cliques and factionalize amongst themselves. In the endlessly politicking and gossiping world of the Light Court, status can be won by hosting guests (willing or unwilling) or attracting followers with great skill in a craft or performance art.

Light Court fey occasionally tolerate the company of beautiful or gifted creatures, preferring those of fey, elven, or celestial blood. These "court friends" may provide companionship and amusements, but only those with pure lineage may hold positions of importance.

Admittance to the Light Court for outsiders is extremely rare, even more so if the outsiders are not of pure fey blood. Upon entrance to the court, visitors must be prepared with valuable and unusual gifts for the King of Light, or they might find themselves lost in an endless hedge maze. Suitable gifts for the King include figurines of wondrous power, weapons, gems of brightness, and magical jewelry.

The Queen =“The Morrigan” Headquarters:

Triskilion Manor

The Dark detest humans and work to bring about misery at every opportunity. The Dark have a code of their own, much as they profess to dislike such structure. They live by the concept that Change is good, glamour is free, honor is a lie, and passion should always come before duty. Allegiances may be formed, but no one who goes into such an arrangement expects absolute loyalty – or expects loyalty at all. No one expects a knife in the back more than the Dark. They would see the rules of fae society turned on their heads, all traditions and laws banished, and the mortals shooed away and out of sight. They have no respect for the silly creatures, nor time to worry about their well being. clan

The Dark Court welcomes anyone and everything with even a drop of ancestral fey blood. Fey can and do breed with anything, creating odd, mixed creatures. Most species consider the offspring grotesque monsters. The mutant creatures gravitate towards the Dark Court, which welcomes them and gives them an environment where peculiar physiologies and abilities are the norm.

The Dark Court is a more hospitable place for non-fey as well. Court nobles eagerly provide patronage for creatures who are extremely strong, dexterous, clever, beautiful, or talented. Obtaining the sponsorship of a court noble is not without its rewards, nor without its dangers. For instance, a gifted bard whose playing impresses a fey nobleman might be invited to his castle as a guest. Once there, the bard will be feted and asked to play every night -- and never be permitted to leave.

The Queen of the Dark has no current consort and no surviving children. The court is rife with gossip and political maneuvering as each noble curries The Morrigan’s favor in the hopes of being named the royal heir.

Outsiders not of fey blood are rarely admitted to the Dark Court. Visitors must be prepared with unusual and powerful gifts for the Queen, or they might find themselves the quarry of a nightmarish hunt. Suitable gifts for the Queen include figurines of horrific power, gems of darkness, and cursed jewelry.

Neutral - In between, Human, or on the side of humans. These fae are either exiles, have broken bonds with their clans, must be neutral between the two clans or simply attempted to live free from the politics of the clans.

Being a member of a Clan offers you certain privileges, to medical attention or aid for your “abilities”, healing, protection and more. They will clean up your messes, hide your kills, though if you become openly to obvious among the Humans you WILL stand trial for your mistakes. Clan councils are made up on Clan Leaders and one Elder of each race. Please note that for now, these positions are NPCD. A list of NPC names will be provided soon for each clan council member.!
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Fae Clan Information
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