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 Fae Weaknesses

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PostSubject: Fae Weaknesses   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:04 pm

Weaknesses can add depth and dramatic potential to a character. All fae, no matter their Clan, share the following weaknesses:
* Cold iron
* The ringing of church bells
* Hallowed/holy ground

Please consider choosing one of the following weaknesses (or one of your own more specific to your character) as well:

* Dislike of holy items
* An aversion to salt (can’t enter a room where salt’s been spilled around the entrances, etc.)
* The ability to be bound to a mortal’s task if the mortal learns ones true name
* A tendency to upset animals in ones presence
* Disinclined toward direct sunlight/daylight hours
* An aversion toward bonfires
* Church hymns pain you
* Fear of mirrors (or any reflexive surface that may show your true nature)
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Fae Weaknesses
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