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 Fae Daemons BWRP

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Lust Demons are your incubi and succubae. They prey on the carnal desires of Man for their own benefit, gratification, and amusement. They feed off the energy produced through sexual gratification.Lust Abilities:

  1. Lure: A Lust Demon can manipulate their pheromones to draw someone to them and effectively seduce them without a word or touch. A very strong will may be able to resist the tug of the Lure.
  2. Frenzy: can inspire in a person - or group of persons - a sexual hunger that cannot be placated, no matter what they do. They will continue seeking the fulfillment of that hunger until either the demon releases them from the frenzy, or until they die.


Gluttony Demons thrill in excess, in all forms of excess. They inspire you to shop until you drop, reach for that second piece of cake or that third glass of wine. Gluttony tweaks your "enough" switch and whispers into your ear that just a little bit more won't hurt. Gluttony feeds off the euphoria of the successful hunt for the unnecessary and the glee of submitting to a hunger that never ends.Gluttony Abilities:

  1. Hunger: Gluttony Demons can inspire a hunger so deep that nothing can satisfy it.
  2. Constant Craving: Gluttony Demons can make someone crave something obsessively, whether it be food, sex, shopping, wine, or any other "thing", to the exclusion of all else.


Greed Demons take Gluttony to the extreme. Greed tweaks your "enough" switch, then it rips it out entirely and stomps it to dust in front of you. One of something isn't enough - ALL of something is the only way to placate you. There is never enough money, enough food, enough sex, enough time…Greed loves hoarders, those that can't control their ambition, and those that would sell their grandmother for the next rung up the ladder. Greed feeds off ambition run amuck.Greed Abilities:

  1. Hoarding: The Collector impulse gone manic. If something exists, you must have every last bit of it, every last piece, every last one.
  2. Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Ambition to the nth degree. Nothing will stop those infected from achieving their ultimate goal and those that get in the way will find out how easy it is to fall when you stop someone from reaching for their star.


Sloth Demons, in a way, are the opposite of every other of their kind. They don't want anything, don't crave anything, don't need anything. They would love to convince you that you don't want, crave, or need anything, either. Stay on the couch and watch daytime television; Take procrastination to new and unbelievable heights; Sleep all day without guilt or shame. Just …stop. The Sloth Demon will feed off all that potential you could have been using otherwise.Sloth Abilities:

  1. Sleeping stone: the ability to appear like a stone statue. Sloth Demons have the ability to slow themselves and their body processes down so far that they become living stone. It makes for an effective defense mechanism as well as a way to watch their marks. While in this form, though, they are incapable of communicating or utilizing their other abilities.
  2. The Living Death: Could also be called the Sleeping Beauty Effect. Someone gives in to Sloth so completely that they fall into a deep, impenetrable coma. No word on whether love's first kiss will wake the infected, however.


Wrath Demons exist solely to watch the world crumble in a torrent of rage and violence. They are behind every bar brawl, fist fight, domestic dispute, and episode of road rage. Every war ever fought could be laid, in part, at the feet of one Wrath Demon or another. They feed off the rush of adrenaline, the swell of anger gone out of control, the satisfaction felt after a well-placed blow.Wrath Abilities:

  1. Fog of Battle: Can induce an amnesia-like state in the infected so that they don't remember the chaos they cause.
  2. Berserker: Rage that cannot be controlled or contained. Usually directed at the last person that looked at the individual wrong.


Envy Demons are the voices in the back of your head that convince you that your neighbor has a better car, a nicer house, a more attractive spouse, smarter children, and a friendlier dog. They tell you that the woman on the magazine is thinner than you are and you should do your best to outdo her; that the person across from you in the office is more well-liked by management and you should change that; that everyone is somehow benefiting more than you in life and isn't that just horrible? Envy Demons feed off the feelings of inferiority and the jealous rage that builds as we watch others succeed.Envy Abilities:

  1. Covet: Envy Demons can inspire someone to suddenly want something someone else has, even if they had no interest in the item the moment before or were happy with what they had.
  2. Keeping Up With the Joneses: Envy Demons can cause two or more people to become embroiled in a "race" to outdo one another.

Pride Demons possibly have the easiest job of all, because Humanity's greatest flaw is its inherent pride in itself. Pride Demons want nothing more than to convince you that you are fantastic, have the right to see yourself as fantastic, and that no one else has ever been anywhere near as fantastic as you. They feed off your inability to accept that someone can possibly be your equal, or even your better.Pride Abilities:

  1. Swelled Head: can take the simple feeling of a job well done and tweak it to the point of absurdity.
  2. Deflated Ego: conversely, Pride Demons can sweep away all feeling of self-worth, leaving someone on the verge of falling into their Sloth counterpoint's domain.

All abilities are, of course, subject to consent AND free will. If your character is a strong-willed person, they may be able to fight off the sin.
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Fae Daemons BWRP
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