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 Fae Powers

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Based on affinities, natural skills, and passions, the fae possess a strong focus in up to two of the following areas. Younger fae may find they only possess the power to deal in one of the arts. Older fae move through two with ease. The areas are:

CHICANERY: the deceptive magical power of illusion and emotional manipulation.

LEGERDEMAIN: the ability to control ones environment through telekinetic means (i.e., hurling objects, calling objects to them, etc.). Those advanced in this art can also create solid illusions (objects, creatures…people, however, are difficult and rare).

PRIMAL: the ability to manipulate the forces of nature, from summoning the elements (typically mastering one element instead of all four) to communing with inanimate objects. It also gives the user power over the body, allowing true masters to harden their skin until its texture resembles tree bark, spur on the healing process (though not instantly by any means), or shapeshift.

SOOTHSAY: similar to the mortal ability of precognition, this allows a fae to see short distances into the future. This can be used to discern the near fate of a person, place, or thing. Newer users will only be able to see up to a few days into the subject’s future. More advanced users may see as far as a month.

WAYFARE: deals with a fae’s ability to move through space, including teleporting from one place to another (within reason), shadowwalking, and moving on incredibly fast, silent feet.
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Fae Powers
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