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Welcome to the world of the Fae, an organization of mythological, supernatural otherworldly creatures who live hidden among humans
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 Game Play Rules

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* While Between Worlds is a RPG of magic, god-mode play such as instant healings, reality-tearing abilities, and supreme power levels are forbidden.

* Due to the nature of this Rp, it is expected to have Adult situations, language, violence, sex and other elements that may not be suitable for all players. Please consider joining carefully!

* Nothing is absolute, especially in Between Worlds. Everything is subject to change. If someone can find a way around your character’s powers and it is inventive and creative, it is encouraged that you play it out.

* Between Worlds is a RPG of consent. This means that a gamer has the right to refuse to partake in play if the play is something that makes them feel uncomfortable. A gamer must agree on an event that will alter the bare basics of their character (i.e.: personality, alignment, allegiances, etc.) Gamers have the right to say yes or no to something happening to their character.

* Between Worlds is a No Kill Without Consent RPG. This means a character cannot be killed without the express permission of his/her gamer. Please remember this in play and when developing your character.

* In character actions have in character consequences. To be frank, this means if your character does something stupid, if your character betrays or attacks someone or kidnaps someone important to another character, there will be in character consequences. Please keep this in mind while making your in-play decisions.

* Keep adult scenes to non-public-area rooms - Consider this: would you have sex on the Golden Gate Bridge or in the middle of a restaurant in Chinatown? Likely not as this would result in you being arrested. AUP, guys!

* Please keep the out-of-character drama out of play. Gamers are expected to be able to handle their out-of-character disputes on their own, whispers or an instant messenger of your choosing. Do not litter the cork with out-of-character disagreements. Do not pull the entire RPG into the argument.

* Please keep out-of-character talk to a minimum in the RPG room.

* While Para posting is NOT a requirement, at least one paragraph would be expected, and of course, spelling, grammar too.

* Certain actions in game play may require Dice Rolling. (Pass / Fail), specifically fights, injuries or decision making. Use it! It can add an interesting uncertainty to the situation as well as making your Rp much more entertaining!

Room can be opened at any time for play. However Moderators must be promoted upon entry. Room names Boston(BWRP), BetweenWorldsRP, TheCork(BWRP).

MODERATORS have final say. MOD WORD is LAW.

Other than that, HAVE FUN! It's mandatory! xD
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Game Play Rules
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