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 Trinity Hall

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Trinity Hall Adare_11

The physical appearance of the Light Court mirrors nature, to which the fey are intrinsically linked. White ash trees, strong and stately, with their branches intertwining to create a living ceiling, line the throne hall like marble columns. Gossamer streamers of iridescent blues, pinks and purples wind their way through the boughs. Phosphorescent flowers gleam like lanterns amidst the treetops. Semi-precious jewels of amethysts, tiger's eyes and topaz decorate flowers that float down the waterways lining the path to the throne. Statues carved of gold and adorned with gems further attest to the wealth and beauty of the current ruler, as each Leader must display more splendor than the previous one or risk the gossip and scorn of their subjects. The throne itself, a and The King who sits on it, are the focal points of the room. The throne of The Ash is shaped like a large ice dragon, as brilliantly cold and glittery as the fey nobility.
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Trinity Hall
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