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 LongShot (human)

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PostSubject: LongShot (human)   LongShot (human) I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 7:06 pm

”We’re going up against meta-humans. You know, monsters physically superior to us that defy physics on a daily basis. And you’re bringing simple ballistic weapons and agricultural tools?” “Look…One: I prefer ballistic as opposed to that crap energy stuff others use. I never want to be in a fire fight, searching for a nine volt. Two: Superior or not, I’ve yet to meet something that walks steadily away from a chainsaw to the face.”

Name: LongShot
Race: Human
Alias: None
Height: 6’2”
Hair Color: Dyed Black, shoulder length
Eyes: Dull Green
Alignment and Alliances: Wars have never worked at for LongShot, whether they be ones he’s participated in, or even started. Having learned his lesson thoroughly, LongShot persistently maintains a Hired Affilation relationship only, willingly working for anyone who pays, but refusing to ever become an actual ‘joiner’. It’s just bad for business.
Personality: LongShot is the epitome of a here and now person, preferring to deal with the problem in a direct manner, and worrying about later….well, later. While this proves him highly effective and extremely unpredictable in battle, it has directly contributed more than once to his being placed in what to others would be an easily avoidable situation (bit of friendly advice: when stealing a high-tech prototype from the enemy, call and gloat over the comm system only after you’ve made your escape.) Generally a carefree being, longtime crew member Martyr has mentioned more than once that he has never seen LongShot in a bad mood, yet always ready to take part in devastation and destruction. To which LongShot merely replies “Life’s too short to be unhappy. Find what you’re good at and stick to it. Oh, and get paid for it too.”
History: Not much is known about LongShot, save mostly what has been passed on by himself. And many would not consider him to be the most reliable of resources (his “So I killed a planet once..” pick-up line is nigh infamous). Accordingly, LongShot hails from a portion of the universe held in rule by two political factions, neither of which are very people oriented apparently. His expressed companions, a rather misfit freelancer group known as Psycho’s Inc., seems to have disbanded recently, and quite suddenly, leaving LongShot both unemployed and homeless. Having no real evidence to back up his claims, most consider LongShots stories to be simply that. (It doesn’t help that his confessed home and shared base of operations was called the Asylum.) With nowhere else to go, LongShot wanders, lending out his skills to whomever can pay, waiting for the day he can go home.

Skills: There are many kinds of artists. LongShot is one of them. His brushes are his weapons, his paint his ammunition, and his enemies the canvas. It’s been said that if it shoots, LongShot can write a symphony with it (his one attempt at note-writing Beethoven’s Fifth ended half way, when he ran out of ammunition.) A natural affinity makes any range weapon in his hands seem as if it belonged nowhere else. His skills however, are not so limited as to make ranged weapons his only choice. Explosives, bladed weapons, and the random tire iron all become pure devastation when wielded by him, all while smiling. When the need calls for it, LongShot has discovered that there is yet to be made a vehicle, ground or air, that he cannot drive or fly. (Let it be noted that the qualifier well is nowhere to be found in that sentence.) His knack for ingenuity constantly helps him identify new weapons and tactics that, normally, should never be called weapons or tactics (he stands adamantly behind his coffee pot defense). Knowing that, despite his best efforts, combat would eventually include close quarters fighting, the wandering gunman has studied, albeit randomly, into the martial arts. Having picked chosen from dozens like a salad bar, he eventually created his own style, lovingly known as Mei Gno Dei. A subsequent style that is a fundamental branch of this hodgepodge of techniques, is what he refers to as Gun Fu, implementing nearly any form of fire arm directly into the martial art techniques themselves.

Abilities: After years of being shot at, ran over, blown up, beaten, and just generally abused, LongShot has developed the keen senses and reflexes of any professional gunman. While sometimes it may look like an action scene straight from a movie, and others a mimicry of a Three Stooges skit, LongShot has so far always proven capable of coming out alive, if not on top, one way or the other.

Long Term Goals: Despite any outward appearance of always having a good time, the wandering gunman wants nothing more than to go home. While he will never admit, the loss of his makeshift family has had a detrimental effect on him, dulling what otherwise he would usually consider to be “One hells of a ride!” To this affect, his actions, both planned and random, are all steps leading him to what he needs most: a way to call home.


Body Armor: While always one to prefer speed over protection any day, LongShot does sport a full body kinetic-dispersal jumpsuit with pull-over full facial mask. Two layers of matte black metalloid material house a unique frictionless gel that helps to disperse kinetic shock, negating most physical blows, and even reducing ballistic damage. While not impenetrable, the suit aids greatly in his survival by minimizing damage (even if it usually is accidently self inflicted).

Quantum Mass-Compression Storage Unit: This Squibb-made device is a testament to the marvel that is Squibb. Comprised of two gloves, and two 1 ½ foot long, ½ foot wide strips, this device has been put to amazing use by the wandering gunman. When commanded, the gloves scan items held in hand, placing them into stasis within the storage units, which Longshot wears on the outermost part of either thigh. When the device was first obtained, LongShot utilized simple voice commands for storage and release, only to later on discover mere thought worked just as efficiently. While the overall storage capacity is unknown, LongShot has discovered that the transfer limits are a maximum of 20 pounds (having been tested on more than one vehicle that caught his attention). Storage and release are near instantaneous, leaving LongShot always with a weapon at hand.

Weapons:Once the freelance mercenary group known as Psychos Inc. was temporarily disbanded, LongShot found himself on extended vacation with only what he was wearing. After extensive exploration of the Nexxus, he made several desperately needed withdrawals from a military instillation, once again putting a complete arsenal at his disposal.

XM8: This experimental weapon caters greatly to LongShot’s needs, given its versatility and multi-function use. (He made sure to take two.)

XM25: A weapon based off the original purpose of the XM8, this 25mm smart grenade launcher fire a plethora of rounds, including non-lethal, anti-personal, anti-tank, and even FAE rounds. (Each of these LongShot took as many he could find.)

Benelli M40 Super 90:This semi-automatic shotgun greatly appeals to LongShots tastes of heavy firepower. The reloading system being superior to most other semi-autos, it has yet to disappoint.

Pancor Jackhammer: This fully automatic shotgun is a wonderful prototype that LongShot rescued from obscurity. Originally designed for the military, if not for the wandering gunman, it would have sat in its box for years, alone and unused.

FN P90:Accuracy through quantity. Plus, LongShot thought it looked cool as hell.

AMP Technical Services DSR 1: Despite the XM8’s ability of sniper capacity, LongShot wanted to ensure he had a weapon specifically for the job.

Walther P99: Requiring a smaller side arm, in those few random moments where he remembers what subtlety is, LongShot chose the P99 for is durability, lightweight body, accuracy, and again, because it looked freaking sweet. He of course stole at least two.

Heckler and Koch VP70: Wanting at least one more handgun option, yet still wanting the “accuracy through quantity” option, the VP70 nearly called out to LongShot (more that he cracked his skull on a box of them blundering through the dark). Three or more are currently in his possession.

M202A1 FLASH: Sometimes rifles and grenades just won’t work. That’s when the rocket launchers come in. Having a weight issue, the FLASH is stored unloaded, requiring at least several seconds on LongShots part to load all four chanmbers.

XM320 Single-shot Grenade launcher: Two pistol-sized single shot grenade launchers that fire 40mm rounds? Whou wouldn’t want them?

Grenades: Ranging from smoke, flashbang, riot control, and even incendiary, or regular explosive, LongShot uses each in ways that no handheld explosive should ever be known for.


Shotguns: 12 gauge buckshot/12 gauge slug/1965 US Military issue flechette rounds/12 gauge Dragonsbreath/12 gauge beanbag non-lethal rounds

9mm rounds: Standard lead round/Glaser Silver Safety Slugs/Ballistic Round/Non-Lethal Rubber Round/Steel Jacketed Penetrator Round

40mm Rounds: HE/HEDP/HEAT/Flare/Non-Lethal Beanbag/Russian Anti-Personal Delayed Round

25mm Rounds (All are modified Smart-Rounds): HE/HEDP/Thermobaric/HALON/Non-Lethal Beanbag

FLASH Rocket Rounds: 66mm Incendiary Rocket Rounds

Tactical Gear:

Tactical Drop Chute:Falling is never fun. Especially from massive heights. The chute is pre-packed, ready for use. Now if only LongShot actually knew how to use it.

SCBA Gear: Considering how often LongShot is filling the air with flame, smoke, or bullets, he figured having a ready source of oxygen nearby was a worthy investment.

Knives: Lots of them. In varying sizes.

Chainsaw: Having fallen in love with this archaic tool, LongShot originally picked up two of these 32 inch wood cutting devices, only to discover fundamental flaws in their design when it came to wielding them in combat. Refusing to be rid of them, he simple modified both, adding an extended grip, bringing the throttle trigger further down, adding two sharpened steel plates to either side of the bar, and reinforcing said plates with a two in thick steel spine. What remained, was, effectively, a chainsword. Sadly, still reguired mixed gas.

Automated Coaster: Another Squibb made device, LongShot made sure to keep six of these before all were destroyed due to Squibb’s consideration of them being failures. LongShot employs them as reusable landmines.

Toaster: A silver metal toaster. A large red button is concealed underneath, with the inscription “Press in case of emergency.”

Elmo Love Bomb: Do you really want to know?

Financial Standing: Current Balance: 65,746,000$.
Going Rates: Single Hit:180,000$ Group Rate Above Five:700,000$ Procurement Jobs: 300,000$ and up Long-Term War: 5,000,000$
No Checks, Money Orders, or Credit Cards…Cash Only or Direct Transfer.
Current RP’s: Any that will make his money.
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LongShot (human)
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