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 Evelynne (cat)

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PostSubject: Evelynne (cat)   Evelynne (cat) I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:58 pm

Name: Evelyn
Aliases: Damn cat! Thief! Lunch!
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Unknown other then she remembers 16 winters.
Place of Birth: Some hell hole of an apartment.
Nationality: She doesn't know!
Occupation: Thief, traveler, random work

Height: 5'8
Weight: 143 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Build: Athletic
Complexion: White
Physical Description/Hominoid Form: She has raven black hair, piercing blue eyes, is well built beyond that of a usual 17 year old but still maintains feminine appeal, but has an extra finger on each hand, and may or may not have a tail and cat ears. Looking into her eyes would reveal a deep soul of passion and pain far beyond her usual age and something that indicates a primal level of being feral yet she can still be genuinely sweet. There is a faint but permanent scar around her neck from a collar that she wore.

Attire:While she does have the outfit in the pic, she will probably be wearing a black long or short sleeved t-shirt with matching black pants or rarely a black silk robe or dress.

Alternate form: Werecat, resembling a petite black panther, having the same weight she has and would still be proportionately similar as to what she already has, but instead of having normal claws, she has had them modified by an elfin weaponsmith to be orichalcum covered. Her silky smooth black hide reveals scarring on her back, shoulders, and one on her stomache-showing she may of been into multiple fights at some point giving a more honest truth of what she is and has faced.

Race: (Fae) Shapeshifter
Clan: Neutral
Position: None known.
Powers: Greater control of shapeshifting, (She can call her paws at whim or ears etc) Increased senses, as a cat, Chakra useage: Ki blasts and the like, elevated healing rate.

Strengths: Elevated healing rate, increased senses, catlike agility, 3X human strength and speed, excellent night vision.

Weaknesses: Loud sounds are agonizing, due to severe light sensitivity she hates daylight, severe silver allergy, mortal blows, aversion to mirrors, fears fires, may upset other animals in the vacinity.

Family: None known.

Brief History: Evelyn was orphaned at an early age when her shape shifting father killed her mother. A few years of cat form allowed her to survive as she went feral. Her humanlike form wouldn't be noticed until she attempted to speak at a tavern begging for food. The male devil that found her forced her back into humanlike form which nearly killed her. He collared her and used a rare ability, which allowed him to see out of her own eyes. A kid after all is far less feared then a devil! He found her just as useful as he did amusing. A little at a time, she grew and when he was bored of her so he said, he freed her. He would never tell her that he saw her as a kid of his and just didn't want to get attatched! Once she was free she went feral again having no family to really keep her.
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Evelynne (cat)
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