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PostSubject: Dannethion   Dannethion I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:53 pm

Name: Dannethion (Not his true name)
Aliases: The Sinbringer
Age: Immortal
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: The Plane of Lust, Dagon Breeding Pits
Nationality: Hell
Occupation: Desecrator

Height: 7'10"
Weight: 415 lbs.
Hair colour: Orange
Eye colour: Green
Build: Athletic
Complexion: Unknown (He's covered in fur for christ sakes)

Race: (Fae) Clawdragon Daemon/Lust
Clan: Neutral
Position: Lord
Powers: Teleportation, Mind Control
Strengths: Arch-Daemon (can enter holy ground for a limited time and can desecrate hallow ground), enhanced senses (sight, hearing, taste, and smell), inhuman speed (can run up to 100 MPH at a full sprint), immunity to mundune weaponry (he can only be harmed by items that typically can harm fae), inhuman strength (he is equal to the strength of ten bodybuilder humans), can berserk, appears as a regular human to non-fae, unique biology allows him to consume prey and not digest them or to consume their souls and leave a husk behind.
Weaknesses: Dislike of Holy Items, True Name Weakness, Vulnerable to Cold Iron, Cannot enter Hallow Ground, Dislike of Church Bells
Family: Countless Clawdragons in Hell and Jonathon Stryfe, Biological Son

Brief History: Dannethion is a Daemon from the depths of Hell. Born there, bred there, and was raised there. Hell is all that he knows, and Survival of the Fittest is all that he cares about. He is a beast, through and through; he sees the world in millions of shades of grey, but none of them are black or white. He is chaotic, but also neutral about his chaos. He only kills to eat, and only mates to satiate his seasonal rutting. But he does enjoy mating moreso than eating or fighting, and this might be why he's from the Plane of Lust. Originally he was 'classified' as a spirit and thus unable to enter Earth prime material physically. That is when Hector VanHughan comes in. A convict charged of capital treason and sentenced to death. Playing upon the man's mind and deceiving him, Dannethion tricked the human into opening himself to Dannethion's will. To which the Daemon took advantage of--consuming his soul, and claiming his flesh. Mutating it into his likeness and then escaping from the cell in which housed Hector was easy--for the humans did not design such a prison with the thoughs of magical teleportation in mind.

To other humans, Dannethion appears to be a gruff and athletically built human male with a goatee, combed hair, and wearing an outfit one would attribute to an outdoorsman. But to other Fae, they can see Dannethion for what he truly is--a Daemon. Dannethion spent the first few decades of his 'Freedom' going around and mating with a large number of females. Many were consumed thereafter by his hunger after the mating, but one of them he let live--and this female he allowed to grant birth to a single human child, before his Mate joined him in Hell. She became a fae herself there, becoming the first human-to-clawdragon mutation and enjoying her time as his Alpha female. The child she gave birth too appeared human, but that was to limit his daemonic mutations until later on in life. He's been observing his son throughout his ordeals, and has only recently revealed himself to Jon--and he intends on claiming Jon fully into his pack. His Pack of Daemon Hounds. Transforming humans into Clawdragon Daemons is easy--if one knows the right spells. And if they are willing. One might argue that he's a daemon of gluttony, but he seems to favor mating over eating or killing anyday.
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