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 Thane Demmer

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PostSubject: Thane Demmer   Thane Demmer I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:52 pm

Name: Thane Demmer
Aliases: 'Tatts'
Age: Appears 23, actually 223 years old
Date of Birth: According to fake records, Sept. 13, 1987
Place of Birth: Germany(spent about 150 years there), moved to ireland at 15(spent 72 years there )
Nationality: American immigrant
Occupation: Irish-German immigrant

(All of the following information can be altered, but is set like this in general)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 147 Lbs.
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Gernerally blue
Build: Medium
Complexion: Light
Tattoo(s): See pic., if altered, I will describe.

Race: Shapeshifter
Clan: Neutral
Position: (Folk, Prince, Princess, Bard, Count, etc.. )
Powers: Omni-linguism(ability to speak/read/understand any language), coersion(ability to convince someone of something, on a extreme level)
Strengths: Speed, strength, senses, agility, dexterity, learning capability, musical talents (x3)
Weaknesses: Silver, holy symbols
Family: Both deceased, died in a car accident 7(Fake documention, really they died over one hundred years ago) years ago
Brief History:

Thane's life has been a fairly decent one, with the exception of his parents dieng in a car accident seven years ago(fake documentaion), and his discovering that he isn't human. Thane is currently living alone, in a small apartment. He works in a cafe', and is a screamo band, doing both cleans, and screams. Thane is extremely skilled when it comes to musical talents, and can quickly learn to use an instrument, no matter how exotic. Thane speaks with a deep german accent, and is your typical 20 some year old: Fast food, fast cars, fast women, cheap drinks, and is up to try most anything...
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Thane Demmer
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