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  Ainfean (Ana Gale)

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Cónaímid i spreach solais
Mear mar eite fáinleoige
Lá grianmhar is lá pianmhar

Name: Ainfean - storm, fury, violence. (Pronounced AWN f'yun)

Present Aliases: Ana Gale – Glamour. Kylie Johnson – Possessed Form.

Age: Unknown. Looks about 24-25. 22 – possessed.

Date of Birth: Unknown. Chose Beltaine, 1986. June 16, 1988 – possessed.

Place Of Birth: Ireland. Salem, Massachusetts – possessed.

Nationality: Irish. American – possessed.

Occupation: Singer. Writer – possessed.

We live in a flicker of light
Swift as swallows' wings,
A day of sunshine and pain.

Height: 5'7”, glamour. 5'3”- possessed.

Weight: 140 pounds, glamour. 118 pounds – possessed.

Hair Color: Brown, glamour. Black – possessed.

Eye Color: Always brown.

Build: Curvy, glamour. Petite, possessed.

Complexion : Tanned, glamour. Golden – possessed.

Ansin titeann an contráth:
Agus eitlíonn an t-éan abhaile san oíche.

Then dusk falls:
And the bird flies home for the evening.

Race: Will O' Wisp. Spunkie. Fairy Light.

Natural Abilities: Compulsion, Confounding, Possession.

Will o' wisps are a strange phenomena, even amongst the fae. Born in litters, these balls of energy are known to remain with their own families, making their homes within the marshes. This particular species makes its living luring innocent victims to their deaths, often by drowning. Once a human catches sight of their light, they are compelled to follow, all other thoughts becoming little more than confused white noise – which may lead to anything from a harmless jaunt across the country side to death.

They are infinitely mischievous, and have been known to lure away not only lost souls, but to also possess them. If they are not caught or cast out, they may spend the rest of the human's life span inhabiting their body and living their life, fleeing only when death is inevitable.

Clan: Neutral Dark.


Teleportation – as will o' wisps are made of pure energy, it is easy for them to move from one place to another by simply transferring their energy.

Water Elemental – will o' wisps are born in marshes and bogs, and as such have an affinity with water. They usually kill their victims by drowning not only to gain the necessary sustenance, but also to strengthen their ties with the element


Near invulnerability – a will o' wisp is made of energy. It can not be killed, only weakened.
By nature, they are calculating, intelligent creatures.
They are fierce, wily tricksters that are near impossible to be free of without their name.
Their natural allure in any form will help draw humans in.
They excel in acting, as they may possess a human for years without being caught.
Once a will o' wisp possesses a person, any memory they've ever had will become part of the creature's knowledge – this makes them prime choices for spying.


Their names number seven. If you can guess it correctly, they will be cast out.
Much like fireflies, they can be caught in a container blessed in the old ways. This is rare, as the old ways are considered lost to humans.
A will o' wisp can not turn down a challenge or resist a riddle.
A will o' wisp can not cross a circle of salt.
A will o' wisp can not enter a house blessed in the old ways. Should their possessed form cross the threshold, they will be cast out.
Iron – all fae grow weak in the presence of iron, especially cold iron. A will o' wisp may be weakened to the point it simply exists, its energy depleting to almost non-existent levels with continuous contact unless possessing a human.

Sheol mé long dúghorm an stuimine óir
Thar sáile áiféalta réaltha go brách,
Thrasnaigh mé imeall tine an chaomhnóra
Is ghaibh mé isteach sa Bhrionglóid.

Ainfean was born in Ireland, the youngest spunkie of the litter. She spent years haunting the bogs on foggy nights, but as the years wore on, she found herself growing bored. More and more often, she found herself using glamour to escape into Dublin and spend time with the humans there.

It was during this trip that she met Kylie Johnson. The child was barely old enough to be in school, and she had managed to wander off from her family, getting lost in the process. Unable to bring herself to harm the little girl, for even amongst the dark clans, children were sacred, Ainfean brought the little girl back to her parents. It was with some horror, about an hour later, that the will o' wisp realized that her allure had kicked in, and the helpless child was following her.

Seeing a way to both save the girl and her boredom, Ainfean quickly possessed the girl and led her back home, staying with her even after the child had left the shores of Ireland. The young spunkie quickly adapted to her surroundings, even going so far as to adapt a new look and become the Kylie's imaginary friend.

As the years went on, she grew closer and closer to the girl. Eventually, they formed a strange sort of symbiotic relationship that had the spunkie possessing her as often as not. She is seldom far from the human's side, even when not possessing her, going so far as to create a glamoured form and a human alias to remain there.

I have sailed the blue ship with the silver prow
Over the sea of eternal stars,
I have crossed the guardian's rim of fire
And passed into the Dreaming.

Poem: O.R. Melling.

Picture Sources:

Kylie - Green Day, by Behind The Words On DA.

Ana - Arrival In Green, by Nusbaum on DA.
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Ainfean (Ana Gale)
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