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 Ethan Varlos

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PostSubject: Ethan Varlos   Ethan Varlos I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:48 pm

Name: Ethan Varlos
Aliases: Torch
Age: 312
Date of Birth: Listed as April 29th
Place of Birth: Listed as Miami, FL
Nationality: Listed as being of European descent
Occupation: Bouncer

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 255 lbs
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Build: Medium, well-toned
Complexion: Tanned

Race: Fae, Wrath Demon
Clan: Light
Position: Enforcer

Elemental: Mastered the element of fire, being able to conjure and manipulate it freely. His body is also immune to damage from fire, as well as being able to reach extremely high temperatures.
Mental- Drawn Anger: Ethan can feed upon the anger of others, using it strengthen himself and enhance his powers. This can also heal him to a limited degree.

Strengths: Familiarity with the modern world, quick to act, able to take charge, unafraid to use excessive force, extremely resistant to most methods of persuasion
Weaknesses: Standard Fae vulnerabilities (cold iron, ringing of church bells, holy ground), animals flee his presence, quick to anger.

Family: True family unknown, nor does he much care; raised by human farmers in the early eighteenth century.

Brief History: Ethan was raised in the early eighteenth century by a group of farmers in western Europe, not knowing he was anything but human until he began working. He was faster, stronger, and more resilient than any of his peers, including the other farmers; he then discovered his control over fire, and went into hiding. He lived much as a beast for several years, hunting down his food and killing whoever or whatever tried to stop him. He had caught the attention of the authorities, but witnesses could only describe a huge, flaming monster as responsible for the crimes. This was the result of catching glimpses of his true form. He escaped to America, where he sought out work and even fought in the Revolutionary War. He had discovered that he did not age like everyone else, which he simply accepted; he had given up on figuring out why he had these powers, and simply used them to better his life. After the war, he went into the wilderness again, and was undisturbed there for several decades. However, after the Civil War, expansion became a problem as more and more people came out west; Ethan had nearly forgotten what it was like to interact with people other than the Native Americans. He respected them, for they left him alone, treating him as another animal; he in turn left their villages alone and didn't disrupt their hunting activities. When the Native Americans began making deals with the colonists, Ethan discovered another talent, the ability to absorb people's anger and hate into himself. He had never experienced such intense rage and hatred until he encountered the Native Americans that traveled the Trail of Tears; it empowered him to the point that he appeared to be a blazing pyre, a living monument of flame that terrorized the outposts and small towns in the mid-west. It was then that he was introduced to the Councils of the Fae, and he learned what he really was; he then had to make a choice. He had been living on his own for nearly two centuries, without aid and with only himself to rely upon. Now there was a chance for him to have a stable support structure, and a chance to give his life some meaning, some purpose. His recent experience in seeing the Native Americans literally stripped of their land and forced into reservations had changed his outlook on things considerably. What the Dark represented seemed too much like the oppression he'd just witnessed; he sided with the Light, and ever since has worked with them to protect humanity. However, he has been known to take pranks too far concerning particularly evil humans; one such prank led to the disastrous fire in San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century. He now resides in Boston, working as a bouncer at a club, where his aggressive behavior can be channeled somewhat. Within the Light he serves as part of the muscle, so to speak, especially now when the lines between the two worlds are beginning to blur.
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Ethan Varlos
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