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 Gabriel Nico Senese

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PostSubject: Gabriel Nico Senese   Gabriel Nico Senese I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:47 pm

Name: Gabriel Nico Senese
Aliases: None
Age: Appears to be early-to-mid twenties
Date of Birth: August 4th
Place of Birth: Italy
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Stunt Double

Height: ~Six feet
Weight: ~Two hundred
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Light blue
Build (small, medium, lean, bulky): Well-muscled, heavier.
Complexion (fair, dark, medium): Medium

Race: Shifter-Fae ( Were-lion )
Clan: Light
Position: Knight
Powers: Slight resistance to compulsion, slight aura of grandeur
Weaknesses: High-silver materials tend to cause a burning effect | Prey animals, as well as normal canids, tend to be unsettled in his presence - mundane felines tend towards the opposite
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Gabriel Nico Senese
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