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 Arawn Pwyll

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PostSubject: Arawn Pwyll   Arawn Pwyll I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:46 pm

Name: Arawn Pwyll
Aliases: The Hook-Up, Insy, Aran
Age: 230
Date of Birth: March 12
Place of Birth: Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Drug Lord

Height: 5' 9”
Weight: 134
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Blue
Build: Sickly
Complexion: Fair

Race: Fae Siren
Clan: Dark
Position: Lord
Powers: Illusions
Strengths: Super Natural Attributes, Glamor
Weaknesses: Aversion to Pentacles, Narcotics are Lethal, Cold Iron
Family: Dadn and Vael Pwyll (parents)
Brief History: Deep within the cities of the worlds exists a being of indulgence, addiction, and captivation. Arawn Pwyll is a dark fae from the bowels of the Other World. This Unsidhe is a calm, delightful person who shows little more than the utmost kindness. Arawn's world is one of habits, addictions. Many whom stumble upon him are addicts to lust, drugs, money, or any number consuming habits. Arawn Pwyll's world is a hallucination, his abilities to see a person's inner most desires allows him to fabricate worlds within one's mind, enticing and ultimately trapping them there. As they let their mind's unravel in his false Eden, their lives drain from their bodies, feeding Arawn and slowly, they fade and die, giving him an eternity. Feeding from their lost lives, Arawn Pwyll simply exists, indulging his own addictions which are as varied as the world he inhabits. Arawn's abilities are dispelled by Pentacles, and he often offers bottle essence to other clans members in return for various goods/services. Currently he runs his drug ring, an attraction to the lost souls he enjoys taking advantage of, out of a hippy convent at the edge of town.
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Arawn Pwyll
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