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 Eithne Moore

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PostSubject: Eithne Moore   Eithne  Moore I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 6:44 pm

Name: Eithne (pronounced: AE nyuh) Moore

Alias: Anya Morrison

Age: 22

Date of Birth: August 2

Place of Birth: Inverness, Scotland

Nationality: Scottish - American

Occupation: Legal Assistant

Height: 5'3"

Weight: aprx. 128lbs

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Eye colour: Green

Build: Small, Ample

Complexion: Fair

Race:Fae - Daoine Sídh, Unseelie

Clan: Dark Court

Powers: Flight ~ without wings or any visible propulsion system. Limited in height and distance. Power becomes severely drained if sustained for lengthy periods of time without rest.

Illusion ~ in the way that glamour can alter the appearance of a person, illusion alters the appearance of a thing. In some instances even creating the image of a thing that is not actually real or present.

Strengths: The Sídh are not affected by sickness or disease, nor do they age. They have a naturally affinity and ability for glamor and illusions beyond the innate abilities of the Fae world.

Weaknesses: Cold Iron, holy ground, ringing bells, St. Johns Wort, Clovers and Running Water.

Additionally, knowing the name of a Sídh can grant a person power, for at least some time, over that Sídh and can also be used as a grave offense to the Sídh in question. (Note: To offend with or use the name as a
power hold over a Sídh the person speaking the name *must* infuse it with the desired intention, otherwise it is simply a name.)

Brief History: Born in Scotland to Fae parents, the family shipped off to Boston when Eithne was still young, a move to place them closer to Fae who were of like minds, her parents had said. Having lived since in south Boston her accent is faint and manifests itself normally as a slight lilt beneath the normal rhythm and tone of her voice, elevated under duress or excessive emotion. By nature she is mischievous, ambitious, nefarious, calculating and of dubious loyalty. She makes no excuses for who nor what she is.
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Eithne Moore
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