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 Disaster in the Diner

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PostDisaster in the Diner

1:25:17 [Delaney] The prior night had been interesting to say the least. Word was out about the drug, Spellbound though fingerpointing to each Clan had seemed to come to a pause. That was at least while the newly arrived Succubus had caused a stir in the Cork. Most people had come to expect a certain reaction however Delaney had been given something of a free reign until Trick, the Elder Dwarve had put a stop to her frenzy. Not before she'd upset Galen, the Dark Prince and the Unseelie he'd been having a conversation with. Beyond that, the human that had entered within The Cork had added to the chaos, Jessica having somehow found her way through the doors of the glamored Pub left most Fae on both sides feeling imposed upon and unsafe. The action itself had caused for a meeting of Clans, one that was to be set up at Trinity Manor, Headquarters for the Light, and home of The Ash. While the Dark had originally argued, this wasn't the time to bicker over small antics, but to deal with the picture at large. The fabric between two 11:25:34 [Delaney] Worlds was slowly ripping. Someone had their hands on Fae blood and after mixing it with an illegal human concoction, they'd created Spellbound which left most human users in a strange, euphoric state. The worst had yet to be discovered - human's using Spellbound could tap into Ley lines, pulses of power around the Boston area and actually perform spells. If the Mortals grasped the very meaning of this, it could mean utter chaos. There was an uneasy sense through the City of Boston. The glum of a thick fog lingered solitarily over the area, damp beads of moisture in the air clinging to whatever they could. The lack of wind made it worse, adding to the chill as if a sense of doom lingered within the atmosphere. Those who were planning on attending the meeting would have hours to kill before doing so, but that didn't stop the new found rumors that had began to seep through the whispers of Fae lips - it only made sense that whoever was selling their blood didn't belong to either Clan. It was --11:25:48 [Delaney] sacrilegious for such a situation to occur; therefore one could deduce that it had to be someone who was neutral. And there was one person that came to mind without thought - the newly arrived Succubs. Her desire to help humans had perhaps lead her to selling her blood for profit, enticing the humans.. Of course, it was only rumor, but as in any City, anything could happen.

11:45:11 JessicaG Wakes up with a scream in her own room in her bed, waking from a nightmare. However, she can't remember what it was about, only that it was something scary. She rises from her bed slowly, walking to the bathroom and washes her face. She looks at the mirror, trying to remember what spell she was doing and what happened last night, but she couldn't find any memory of it. She got back to her room, got dressed, and walks downstairs. She eats quickly her breakfast, and ran outside to catch the bus to her work at the diner. She works as a waitress there. 11:45:33 JessicaG She was thinking about the night all the way there, but still couldn’t find anything in her memory about it. She even whispers a silent spell to remember, but it was also quite difficult. As soon as she got to the diner, she got dressed in the uniform and started working immediately. Forgetting about last night for the time being.

11:58:33 Saul smiled as he walked down the high street. The soft clap of his shoes as they bounded off the ground with each step. The Fae court was in chaos and Saul was joyous for the recent events. Passing a young couple as they exited the diner, he held the door for each of them and head inside. The diner was cosy. Taking a seat at one of the tables by the window, sliding into one of the decorated seats, his dark denim pants making next to no sound as he seated himself. Opening one of the paper menu’s his hazel hued orbs scanned it’s contents. “What to eat?“ He asked himself aloud, the base of his neck and the height of his chest exposed, the buttons to his black shirt were open casually. As he read the menu, it seemed he had caught the attention of several patrons, his appearance rather exotic, the phrase “Well dressed” came to mind. After several seconds of finalising his choice, he waited for service from one of the few waitresses which hurried to and from the counters. 11:58:48 [Saul] The young woman from the night before was still vividly occupying his thoughts, her strengths were something he wanted to make use of yet the political events of his world were causing a bit of hassle. Leaning back on his seat, he ran a hand through his brunette hair, caring for ones appearance was something of a kink for him.

12:09:39 JessicaG This hour the diner was not packed with people, so Jessica was giving order and had time to chat with the other waitresses. Than she looks at the door as it opened and saw the man coming inside, looking at his clothes which seem like a rich dude. She watches him as he seated and browsing the menu. She takes her notepad and waited to see when he will call for ordering, while waiting she looked at him closely, thinking that he was sorta cute. The phrase "Dark prince" comes to her mind on him.When he asked for service she came to him and smiles, the usual service. "Hello, sir. What would you like to order?".

12:24:32 Saul was greeted with a friendly face. The waitress who had approached him smiling asked Saul what it was he would like to order. Before answering he looked into her eyes intently, taking in her face and memorising her look. Returning the smile he replied in the distinguishable British accent. “The Cheeseburger and fries looks suitable and a glass of water please.” As he continued to gaze into her orbs, he could feel something peculiar emanating from the young woman, almost as if she was one of them. Bringing both his hands together, entwining his fingers into a fist, resting his forearms on the table he watched as the waitress would supposedly leave to ask the cook to prepare his order. He smirked some “Sorta cute.“ he murmured to himself, his own intuition activating itself and taking in the thoughts around him. He tapped his foot to the beat of the radio, evidently playing music for the patrons.

12:30:55 [Ryalvran] If the previous customer had seemed well-dressed and immaculately groomed, the opposite could probably be said for the the next patron who walked in. Looking as though he had no idea whatsoever about fashion, his plaid shirt was dark green and blue, his jeans looked a little worse for wear, and the boots on his feet were practical and well-used. If a good woman were to take him home and give him a sprucing up, he would be quite handsome. As it was, he looked at best like a labourer, at worst, a bum. His hair hung to jaw length, and his beard was a little bit past designer stubble length. He shot a wink from sky-blue eyes at the waitress, before unceremoniously taking a seat opposite Saul. “Well, well, well,” he said. “Fancy meeting you here.” The accent was odd, as if a pirate was trying to imitate an Irish accent. He didn't offer any other greeting, just made himself comfortable in the chair, and tore open a serving-size packet of sugar from the table, downing it in one.

12:42:21 JessicaG Looks at the man when he raised his eyes to look at her. He was silent for a moment, his look kinda gave her the chills. She nods to his order and write it down on her pad, she smiles again to him and again she feels the chills as he stares at her eyes. She shakes her head, gave a nod and walks towards the kitchen, she saw the other man winked at her and decided to just ignore that. She gave the cook the man's order. "I need cheeseburger and fries, please". She pours water with ice to a glass and put it on a tray. Walking back to the man and puts his drink infront of him, but careful not to look at his eyes.12:42:34 JessicaG While she waited for the man's meal to be ready, she was thinking what she will do to remember what happened last night. She decided she will visit her craft tutor after work and ask her about it. She will probably know. The food was ready, she picked it up and put it on the tray. Walks back to the man and gave him the food with a smile, "If there is anything else, let me know". Then walks quickly back to the counter.

12:47:01 LongShot was having a bad day, and wasn’t seeing it get much better any time soon. Above him, the lights of the empty office flickered momentarily, threatening to cast him into darkness. Wouldn’t really be surprising, he thought pointedly, sharp ears catching faint swish swish of a fast moving blade somewhere else in the maze of cubicles. Stupid little bastard! He’d tried reasoning with the thing, he really had! But how do you reason with a foot and half tall sociopath armed with a scythe? Daring a quick glance from the corner he was hiding behind, LongShot caught a flash of red darting from one small office space to another. Reflexively, the P90 appeared in his hands, locked and loaded specificly for this occasion. Timing it just right, he shot forward and down, dropping to one knee and snapping of three rapid shots, each signaling a hit on their target with low guttural screams. The smile that had appeared on the masked gunmans face disappeared as he watched the wounds on the tiny Redcap rapidly seal shut,12:48:08 [LongShot] the item from whence it got its name. “You serious! Three hours of trying to kill each other and you’re sewing! Mother fuc…” Out of anger, the P90 vanished, replaced by two silver canisters that had been specially coated in wax. As the Fae continued to ignore him, LongShot pulled the pins and simply tossed the flashbangs across the floor. Not even waiting to watch how it ended, he was already at the stairs leading down as first the blasts echoed, followed by a long shrilling of painful, dying screams. The steel penetrators had been a bit iffy, admittedly. Hence the iron filament-packed flashbangs. Having ground the wrought iron bars himself, he knew they would work. And the fact he’d stolen them from a church fence couldn’t have hurt either.

13:00:22 [Saul] Upon the waitress leaving to take in his order, Saul was graced with the presence of a rather rugged and eerily dressed individual. Perplexed by his choice of joining him without an invitation. Saul was what you would call appropriately rugged, fashionable stubble and windswept hairstyle. However the man now sitting across from him appeared to not have the slightest clue on what was appropriate to wear. From appearance alone Saul had no incentive on who this man was except from the inclination of mystery. Only when he spoke did Saul understand and get a grasp on who this man was. “Manners same as always. I did not think I would find one of hers here.“ It was an odd sight, two men who appeared to be on the opposite sides of the attire spectrum were having a civilised conversation. “Old habits die hard.“ He noted as the man cracked open a sugar packet. Upon the waitress returning he sat back and gave her a courteous nod. “Thank you.“ Leaning back and preparing to dig in. 13:00:33 [Saul] “I am sure I may be calling on you shortly.“ She averted his gaze, a smile stretching upon his lips. Taking a napkin he placed it on his lap, a signification that Saul came from a well mannered family…or perhaps that was all that it appeared.

13:02:25 [Delaney] After last nights embarrassing escapade, Del had returned to her crumbling apartment angry but also ashamed. Her actions were obviously at times, beyond her control and it was something she didn’t care for. Neither was the way the Elder Fae, Trick had spoken to her. Del had lived on her own for almost 8 years, having been on the run and doing her own thing. Of course, that in turn left a path of dead bodies behind her but not because she wanted to kill. Because she just couldn’t stop when she started. She was unaccustomed to being told what to do and how to do it but she understood that Trick had meant well and Galen had every right to be angry with her. Today, she fared a little better, trying to put those issues aside. She had a case to work on, finding the Blood Stone of the Goblin which in turn could bring her more information about her past, more so her parentage. She was unaware that rumors were spreading about Delaney actually being the one selling her blood to the humans to make--- 13:02:39 [Delaney] Spellbound, in fact, it wasn’t even a thought save the fact that the drug and the missing stone may have some sort of correlation. Adorned in her usual black attire, form fitting t-shirt that was snug against her feminine curves, alluding to the perfect swell of bosom that rose and fell with her breathing. The leather jacket was worn, having seen better days but it provided comfort as well as use. Matching black leather pants fitted her lower body like a second skin, melding against her shapely form, the subtle angles of her hips, to her long, shapely legs while rising to her knees were leather boots, equally worn as the jacket yet practically in all manner of ways. Her raven strands danced in delight around her exquisite pale features, a startling contrast that encouraged the azure hues to stand out all the more and the ting of rose for bow shaped lips which was moistened by a trail of her tongue briefly as she head out into the Boston air. Fog covered most of the City, the dampness was readily felt--13:02:54 [Delaney] as she exited, footsteps carrying a confidence few had as hips swayed hypnotically in time with the beat. Human’s were drawn to her, instinctively - like a moth to the flame; Fae had a lesser reaction to her pull but one all the same that would leave them feeling breathless at the very touch. Luckily for most however, the feeding from the night before had given her enough substance for now. What she did want however, was coffee.. And lots of it. It wouldn’t be long before she broached the diner, unknowing that others where within, nor the female from last night that had provided such a tasty snack.

13:14:27 JessicaG looks from the counter on the two man sitting infront of each other. They looked so different, but it seem they know each other, and she always thought that opposite attracts is a true phrase. She walks to a group of five people who came and got them some coffee, cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Than it was quiet again, no one eneter the diner for now. She started cleaning the counters while she was deep in the thoughts.

13:18:37 [Vran] “I'm sorry,” he replied, contritely, with a little bow and a smile. “Been spending so much time as a bird – it's been slim pickings as a human, I'll tell you – that I've just been scavenging for what I can get where I can.” He folded up the sugar packet and put it back into the little pot in the centre of the table. “Not,” he added, “very courteous behaviour.” He shook his head at himself. The food that the waitress brought smelled delicious, but instead of ordering for himself, he just sat back. Something even more tasty would be here soon. “Don't worry. I haven't come for you. Yet.” the harbinger of death pointed out to his companion. “If you're worried about trouble, I'd eat that quick, and get out of here.” It was almost a challenge. Vran stared at the door, waiting. She would come. And the scent of Death would come with her. Then all he had to do was watch. “Brandon Winter,” he finally got around to introducing himself to his fellow Fae, “at her service.” 13:18:51 [Delaney] just if you start getting into groups, then sort the order out between you is all xD )
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Disaster in the Diner :: Comments

Post on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:05 am by Delaney
13:20:40 LongShot felt his skin begin to tingle, then itch, a sign he had grown to readily recognize and heed. Something magical was nearby. Strongly magical. As he scanned the cliché street corner, the tired lamp post playing butter yellow light onto the cracked sidewalk, his keen eyes caught nothing, scanning of tossed trash, an empty street, a park bench, stray cat, various shrubs and poorly water bushes…He stopped, then slowly slid his gaze back towards the cat. The cat that was suddenly five feet away, staring at him, and the size of a small pit-bull. ‘I hate fae’ was the unvoiced thought that ran through his mind, as he simply waited for the grimalkin to speak. ”We wanted him alive. You were told this, and yet you have not done this.” Silence hung for a few moments, the gunman ensuring the grey, cat-like creature was done talking. Finally “No. You said bring it in if I could. That I was supposed to reason with it. I tried. I really did. But I got the distinct impression that peaceful negotiations were breaking
Post on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:06 am by Delaney
14:58:19 Galen Now this was where it was going to get tricky, he would have to pass as a Human in front of her but somehow come off that 'she' was somewhat more immune than others, which was easy to do as himself but he had to make it believable. Why did he have to put himself through all of this? Already he could feel her presence, that odd thing he felt lingering deeper inside of him but 'she' would focus now on the waitress to take the order. A smile was given and the order placed in a cheerful, feminine voice, how he loathed this. "Can I get a cup of coffee, bla-" She cleared her throat, stupid habits. "With two cream and one sugar?" And he would have to drink it, though he hated coffee with cream in it. The waitress nodded politely and left to go fill the order, leaving 'her' seated there, 'her' gaze sweeping over the other occupants, each in turn, before 'she' finally let her eyes wonder towards Delaney and some woman sitting across from her. Now here was the trick, act naturally and give into the character he was -14:58:55 [Galen] now portrayed to be without raising suspicion and letting his own thoughts wander. First 'she' would stare, looking a little lost but not over doing it, God knows he'd seen enough humans with this look, but it had to be just right. Thankfully she seemed to involved with Jessica to really take notice, no one had noticed him actually and that was perfect but the sound of the door opening up, someone walking in, 'She' didn't turn her head to look but he knew something was there and it wasn't good. When the waitress came back and placed the cup down, 'She' would look away, half in a dream like state and nod, leaving the waitress to tend to something else and immediately, 'she' would pick up the cup and bury part of her face in it. This gave him time to look up over the rim to see what had come through the door, and he was right, it wasn't good, then again, unless anyone tried to start anything with a 'Human', then he'd have no problems.-e-

14:59:54 Delaney shook her head slightly, allowing her inner ability to seep out somewhat, trying to overcome the lack of patience she felt - trying to push it away as her pheromones increased with the pulsating blood through her veins. Unaware she was fighting against one of her own kind, the warmth quickly spread through her and eventually would also the Diner. Humans within would move dreamily, the waitresses sultry in their actions, the baker himself in the back burst into Italian romantic serenades. The atmosphere on the whole was slowly changing, though she didn’t want a repeat of the night before therefore she fought to keep control of the surfacing lust. Demure eyes pointedly gazed toward Torch, how casual he seemed - and that gut instinct she held within and trusted kicked in. Perhaps he had been the cause? However, her sweet smile landed on Jessica who now sat across from her - the poor girl would be basically hypnotized by the Succubus due to the direct contact. Other Fae would feel the heat, most recognizing it -
15:00:15 [Delaney] for what it was, but at some point, even then it was hard to say no simply because the taste, the scent was so delicious it was almost undeniable on a number of levels. “Perhaps..” She whispered in response to the girl’s question. “I need you to tell me something. What power do you have?” Delaney asked with regards to Jessica showing up in The Cork late last night. “Tell me what your secret is..Tell me what you know of.. the Dark and Light” She was unaware that the other female was in fact the Dark Prince in disguise or that she was even under suspicion as being the one selling the blood to humans. Had she fully understood her new World, she’d not have reacted as she did when Dannethion entered within, instinctively jumping back with fright and near panic, “What the hell!?” heart thumping against her rib cage as she openly stared. Not realizing humans couldn’t see what she was, she tried to compose herself quickly so she could protect them somehow, as the beast approached her. Noting only then that--15:00:27 [Delaney] that no one else seemed to freak, realization dawned upon her - “Let me guess.. They can‘t see you, like I can?” .. What else did this World have in store for her?

15:15:44 JessicaG Looks only straight at Delaney and no one else was important to her. Jessica's boss was looking at her and saw she was sitting and talking to a costumer and when there is many costumers coming in. He wanted to shout at Jessica, but then the atmosphere in the diner change, everyone felt like in a dream state. Jessica felt it too, her eyes half-closed but still looking and smiling at Delaney, listening to what she asked. Then she answered quickly, "I am a witch….I am learning the craft from a tutor, and I basically very good in divination spells. The Dark and Light? I know that in the morning there is light, and in the night it's dark, I don't what else you mean. I only know I have visions sometimes, of a strange place with strange people. I tried to find it…." When Delaney jumped up startled, other humans in the diner will look at her confused. Jessica will just look at her, smiling, because of her hypnotic state.
15:27:33 Torch regarded the woman who had just entered a moment longer, his skills as a bouncer coming to the surface as he regarded her speech, body language, and overall comfort level. He'd been trained to regard everyone suspiciously, and despite her casual apperance, his gut insisted that something was off. Before he could ponder the issue further, his senses were assaulted by Delany's power, and he had to focus on keeping himself from fawning over her. He wondered how far she could push it, then decided that he may not want to find out. Already the other humans were practically drooling; then he found a lifeline. The woman from before was frustrated, and although he didn't know why, he latched onto it, feeding and nurturing the negative emotion. It helped his mind stay clear. He noticed the Fae enter the diner and of course knew better than to say anything about it; he cringed as he heard Delany shout and panic upon seeing him. Then she even spoke to him as a Fae, asking an incredibly obvious question. He shook his
15:27:49 [Torch] head, sighing; this woman had either no sense, no training, or both. He still held his silence, hoping that the kitchen staff didn't burn the place down because they were too busy oogling over Delany.

15:37:08 [Dannethion] Dannethion regarded the Demon of Wrath for a moment, he could feel him siphoning the energies out of the negative feelings in the area--when you were an Arch-Daemon, you tended to be able to sense a majority of the Sins and when they were being performed. For this reason, he was able to sense a mass aura of Lust seeping into the whole diner, effecting every human, fae and otherwise--he was apparently uneffected. A creature of his power in Hell was not effected as easily by a creature of Delaney's standing. But Delaney could see that he was growing stronger from a result of her resonance into the diner. If only she knew how he could dominate the minds of those who fell into the grasp of Lust, then perhaps she would have cut it off--but he didn't want to risk that, the flavor of their growing desires was intoxicating. Whilst he did pad up and sit down upon the floor similar to a canine in his 'true' form, his human illusion seemed to pull over a chair and sit down upon it. Slowly his jaws opened as he began to 15:37:17 [Dannethion] speak, "I wouldn't know." came his deep-throated response. He gave her a look and then glances sideways towards Torch--one of the unfortunates of being on Earth is that he rendered his Gaze Attacks inert. A small price to pay, he supposed. He peers back towards Delaney as he lowers his voice so only she can hear it, "I can sense your growing anxiety from a great distance. You seem tense and pent up--haven't had any outlets lately? Tsk, such can be dangerous for a woman of...your standing." and those blackened lips curled upwards into a sort of knowing grin. He knew what she was--was it not obvious?

15:43:52 Galen He/She, both and all of him were getting warm, the coffee wasn't helping but whatever the Hell was radiating out of Delaney was making it warmer than it had been and he was feeling uncomfortable because of it, that and there was something else but he had tried to forget about it, even if his body wouldn't let him. It was the Full Moon, a dreaded day for him no matter how old he got in years, no matter how much he had tried to prevent it, he would be shifting uncontrollably and without much notice. SO far, it hadn't happened but right now there was so much going on, so many different forms of Fae and on top of that, he had to keep up this glamor but he wasn't able to get close to her. He was holding himself together, still in his glamored form, drinking the coffee but 'she' didn't look over at the group, instead he was focused on listening in on what was being said between Delaney and the other woman. He caught words, could hear what was being said but nothing that would give him the proof he needed. This-15:45:09 [Galen] was ending up pointless, but he stayed where he was, biding his time. Something was happening though, he knew it as soon as he felt the first twitch of his skin but he tried to fight it off Not now.. The glamor he'd ben holding had faded briefly, showing him sitting there in his streets clothes, but it was only a brief second and then he was 'she' again. He couldn't do both, fight against the shift and hold the glamor, he was running out of time and he needed something to go on, something that would prove she was the one dealing in he drug. He looked up suddenly, hearing Delaney yell, eyes focused more intently now but looking at her only made things worse, his image faded again as he gripped the cup tightly and the image righted itself. Stare into the cup, focus. You don't have to shift. He tried to calm himself with these words, trying to prevent the worse case scenario from happening. He couldn't stop it now, the image of himself as the woman had fallen away and he was left sitting there in -15:45:49 [Galen] full view now, he should held off a day before trying to find information, knowing damn well this would happen or something like it. It didn't stop there though, he could feel his body changing as he let out a loud growl from deep within his chest, a scream came next as he threw his head back and focused enough to bolt out the back, but before he could, his skin was turning to hair,l a tail and ears were forming and clothes were being ripped apart and shredded as he took on his full form, a very large tiger, but it held no orange color, instead it was black and white but more stripes of black than of white, making him a rare breed for anyone to see. He shoot out the back, jumped and toppled down a delivery guy who was bringing boxes in through the back door, and then he was gone out of sight. He'd be back, but first he needed to let the shifting take over until he could control it again.-e-

15:52:53 [Delaney] Jessica’s words were spoken while Delaney was still crouching on her chair, literally afraid to put her feet down due to the monstrous looking beast. She’d not know of Dann’s nature but what was on the outside was enough to make her weary of crossing his path. The fact no one else had reacted around her was unnerving. Glamour or not, how could they not see this creature for what it was. Her fueled energy seemed to pause, though the scent of her was still well lingering in the air, surrounding them all - it doesn’t just turn on despite the scare she’d had. Of course, Torch’s assumptions were correct. She had no training and was out there on her own. Though, she didn’t want to partner up with anyone for two reasons, one - she wouldn’t trust them and two, she’d probably accidentally kill them. As for sense, the woman wasn’t stupid. Her whole World had literally been turned upside down, after an already large upheaval during her late teens. This was going to take some getting use too. “Ah er.. People..”--15:53:05 [Delaney] She commented toward Jessica who was still within a dream like state, Del trying to focus on that rather than the unnerving beast. “What else do you see? In these mome…” She was cut off as the beast began to speak, her gaze shifting toward it’s features, her eyes narrowing to it’s words while a shiver ran down her spine. Was it one of familiarity? She wasn’t sure - but it was a near kinship on some level and the words Dann spoke seemed to confirm it on some degree. “What’s it to you what I’ve had or not!?” The words were snapped in retaliation. Somewhat insulted, she positioned herself to stand, slipping of the chair and rising her full height but compared to others in the room she was still quite small, save Jessica and the other woman who’d entered within. Yes, Delaney was frustrated. All she had wanted to do was grab a coffee, then work on her case. Questioning Jess had been a simple task and yet it seemed that wasn’t to be the case. Someone had been pulling her strings and she had to wonder if it -15:53:18 [Delaney] wasn’t the creature himself. “Was it you? Did you do this? Were you doing something to me?” She hissed in a hoarse whisper. Had it not been for the stupor everyone (most everyone) else was in, it would look somewhat bizarre for her to be yelling at a complete stranger who’d just walked in and sat down. Luckily her own energy had created that effect to shelter the truth from the eyes of Humans around them. It served it’s purpose for Galen too, for as she spoke, she caught sight of the woman shifting - a familiar face and then it was gone.. Only to appear again. Just briefly Del thought she may actually be going mad. Take control.. Laney. Grasp it.. Take control. - It was him, Galen..the male she’d kissed the night before having little choice to literally force him into it. The male who hated her guts and yet, he’d been here as a woman. SPYING!.. Was he spying on her? It was enough to spin her emotions into a turmoil though she held them at bay, getting angry, insulted at being so --15:53:41 [Delaney] so blatantly treated as she had been. Not by just Galen but others, watching her, following her - insulting her. Her features slowly revealed the deep, faceted feelings within just briefly before she was near stoic, allowing her body to near ripple in heat as she spun around. “Get away from me! All of you!” she called out before moving toward the door, brushing back Torch, bumping into him in the process - not caring who got in her way. She needed fresh air and she needed it now or someone was likely to get hurt.

16:08:10 JessicaG The questions coming towards her has stopped when Delaney has shift her attention toward another man who came beside them. The man was talking about Delaney, but she ignored him, and kept her gaze at Delaney. She looks a bit worried as she saw Delaney speaking to the man in anger, the dream state she was in starting to become care and worry to the woman. Suddenly she jumps from her chair as she heard Delaney shouting to get away from her and ran to the door. Jessica was running after her, shouting "what is wrong, miss? Please, I want to help…." She was stopping a few feets from her, thinking she might want to be alone.

16:24:21 Torch clenched his hands into fists as Dannethion regarded him; he could only hope the fellow demon wouldn't cause a scene. However, it was the woman he was feeding from turned out to be much more of a disturbance. He at first felt her frustration turn to anger, then he saw the glamour fade; the man had shimmered into view, then he too began to change before bursting out of the diner at breakneck speed. Then he found a new source of anger as Delany began conversing with Dannethion. He drew on it, listening as she began to rave at the other demon; he had to moderate how much he drew from her so that he wouldn't begin to change. Still, he was almost glowing with vitality and strength, and as she bumped into him he got to his feet and stood in her way. "You're about as subtle as a wrecking ball; you've already drawn far too much attention to yourself. Tone it down before anything else happens." He caught the smell of smoke and grimaced; something had caught fire.

16:24:35 [Evelynne] Ah foggy afternoons! The one known as Evelynne, Damned Cat, or thief, loved it! Limited visibility often left people a little more apt to stay indoors and stupid about being outside. Stuff got dropped and not found, people bumped into each other, and just didn't seem to realize the fun a half feral creature could have pickpocketing! Maybe, she'd get that chance. Her stomach growled at her and she winced contemplating which hurt worse; her pride, her tail bone, or her stomach? What had looked like a 5'8 143 lb, black panther would meander about toward the backdoor toward Galen as he'd just slipped out. Faintly glowing blue eyes scanned the fog. Now and then a -sniff- -sniff- was heard softly. The werecat sneezed and switched up to human form. The daemon was here! Should she stay or should she go? Silently she shifted up to what would look like a pale human, with faintly elf like ears, peircing blue eyes, and had raven blue eyes. The outfit she wore would be a simple one with a cat skull on the front with the 16:25:02 [Evelynne] the cross bones behind it, black jeans, and a pair of well worn sandals, with all of them being a little loose over her form. She shook her head briefly then walked quietly around the building to the front door and opened it with her glowing eyes scanning the room. Dannethion was hard to miss. A grimace crossed her face as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her and propped her back against the right side of the door without going in much further. The cafe was nice and it had her salvitating with a little foam at the corner of her mouth. Ah, it wasn't hunger after all! She was thirsty! Her home had a bad water supply, and she wasn't happy about needing to move on. Maybe the locals would have an idea for work or something? She knew the double role of being a cat and passing for a human all too well, but seldom stuck around for anyone to get to know her well enough to keep her. She stuck her hands in her pockets and wriggled her claws that came out. Tension seemed to almost spill out of her pores. The 16:25:42 [Evelynne] night before hadn't been pleasant and there was one, who knew why all too well! *The t-shirt she wore with her outfit

16:31:14 [Dannethion] Dannethion began to laugh. A deep, dark, twisted laugh. He was already beginning to worm his way into the Minds of those effected by Delaney's lust--even Jessica was not exempt from this, all who were being overwhelmed by the Sin of Desire and Pleasure were being taken over--by Dannethion's Will alone. As Delaney rushed towards the door to flee, she found it was barred--by five individuals, five random patrons--who stood there, their gazes as if looking far off and away--preventing her from leaving. The Arch-Daemon now began to resonate HIS power. His Lust filled the air far more thickly than hers, but it was only for a moment--he wanted Delaney to FEEL the power that resonated from this beast. This was no mere beast, no mere Daemon. This was an ARCH-DAEMON! A creature who far exceeded her own status and power, "Hit a sensitive cord, have I? Good." he was working the Wills of those he could control via her Lustful Aura by weakening them--making them more susceptible to the aura in general, and 16:31:29 [Dannethion] thus--increasing his grip on their minds. Violent? Good. Let her get violent. It would only fuel the Demon of Wrath nearby--and despite being on another plane than Torch, he could still command the lesser Demon by sheer status alone. His eyes focused now upon Delaney as he began to pad towards her in a slow, casual, and reassured way--he was the dominant one here, and he knew it; just how he liked it, "Did I make you resonate your aura as you are? No. That is only something you can control. I merely fed upon it, and it allowed me to track you here." he laughs as Torch got in her way and stated what he did, "Relax. Nobody here can understand it now--as deep in the Haze as she brought them, and now--they are under my control. Thank you for that, my dear, very much." he stated as he glances towards Delaney. Torch could try attacking this Arch-Daemon, at his own risk...but such things would prove to get...bad. For him. If Torch knew what Dannethion was, he'd be wise and not try to interfere. And a fire? 16:31:35 [Dannethion] Good. Chaos. Delicious chaos--the only thing he loved more than feeding upon Sins was Chaos. He focuses his eyes upon Delaney--and sent a SURGE of his own powerful Lust towards her. If she wasn't able to resist it, then he'd be able to render her under his will as well--what did he plan to do with her? What was the main thing an Arch-Daemon of Lust tended to enjoy doing with genders of the opposite sex? Things...are about to get interesting.

16:42:02 [Fenrir] [Looks like Jon arrived to see things just in time! A wave of lust, his dad is at work, at there's... a witch! Jon loves witches! He's a witch, too! So... Jon, the son of Dannethion, and clawdragon pup, apparently sees a true blue pagan. He pads over to JessicaG and sits before her. His head tilts to the side as all four of his eyes travel around the room. It gives him an odd and kind of goofy look when he does this, but it helps him keep track of what's going on. Jon had been practicing how to communicate through facial expression, body language, and when all else failed, using his voice. But voice hurt a bit. He still took the time to look at his father's claws. He was envious of the claws. He wanted a pair. He kinda wished that he had a breathweapon other than slime, but hey... not every dragon breathes fire. Regardless. He's claiming Jessica from his father, and then he's watching everything else. If this fire here gets too crazy, Jon's probably going to be the one to start yanking people out of the+6:42:11 [Fenrir] - building.]

16:45:46 Delaney was stopped, though not before she’d offer a swift punch toward Torch simply for getting in her way. If she hit or not, it wouldn’t have actually helped and his words served only to push her further. “You know, I’m getting rather tired of being told what I can and cannot do!” she commented wryly, the mirth clearly written upon her face beamed within the elegant features, despite how angered she was. The close proximity he had to her would encourage her pheromones to secrete further. “I’ve lived for years on my own and now, I’m forced into a situation where I cannot do this, or that, or have to watch every move I make.” Poor Torch, unfortunately Del had began to rant, little did she know she was feeding of both the Wrath demon and the otherLust daemon in the diner. She barely gave notice to the small girl entering within and Jessica’s pleas went unanswered. “I just wanted a damn coffee. Is that TOO much to ask for without all of you breathing down my neck!” There was a hint of sadness 16:46:05 [Delaney] within her eyes but it was quickly masked. It wasn’t her fault she was so new to this. Didn’t anyone have patience anymore? Of course, beyond this conversation was those humans who were blocking the door, standing in her way. It was much akin to being held behind bars. “Please.. Just stop..” she seemed to quiet as if everything that had built up had come to a forefront, a climatic pause that held for more, only it came in the wrong kind. The scent, the power - it was obvious the other Fae were more powerful that her. She’d not question that, but she did have free will! Or did she? It was becoming more and more confusing as the moments passed, her own desires surging through her with each breath taken. “What do you know of this? You..” She turned to face the beast, eyeing it’s strange façade and blatant mannerisms - cocky bastard if ever there was one…”Look, no one is going to fight here! We’re all the same.. Are we not!?” Now came the bargaining as she felt the heat further, snake like tendrils 16:46:20 [Delaney] coiling up her form, surrounding her as if to pull her into a lull. Must.. Control.. her mind throbbed as she fought hard to do the one thing everyone had been telling her too, only it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do between two demons of opposite poles. “This is just out of hand.. Really.” A glance to Torch, near pleading to see if there was anything he could do before back to Dann who could, perhaps truly help her? Maybe teach her, show her a few things.. “Lets just try to work this out. One, I’m not going anywhere, with anyone.” She paused. “Two, these humans need to be released.. Let them go. There‘s a FIRE! “ Was she in a position to bargain, probably not but the girl didn’t lack spunk! “And three..” She paused, turning to see Jon enter and head to Jessica.. “That girl is mine.. “ God, did she just say that? It seems she did.
16:54:33 [Dannethion] "Why should I?" Dannethion replied back towards Delaney, "Why should I release them?" and then his Son appeared. Good grief, was he running around the city in THAT form? He sighed and gave his Son a chastizing look. He held up a foreclaw towards his son as it began to resonate with that black and purple arcane essence, there. It was done. He gave Jon the same as he did himself, to the normal humans he appeared as a teenage-version of his human self. But to other Fae, he appeared like a Clawdragon Pup, "This isn't the Sanctuary, my Son; you cannot just run around in that form without causing a panic. Whilst that would be good--it would also draw those we do not want to deal with right now." and his head turns to glance towards Delaney again. Then he glances sideways at Torch. Then he peers at Delaney, "Bold you are, to stake a claim with a demand--rather than a question." he mentally commanded Jessica to come towards him and to prostrate herself between his foreclaws and against his furry chest, "Like with all 16:54:44 [Dannethion] the others you lulled, she is under my control. And will be, unless--you are willing to bargain. I will either claim her, or you; as my playmate for the next few hours. I will leave the choice to you, Succubi." and he curled his lips into a grin. If she wanted him to teach her, this was her first lesson: Learn Control.

16:55:17 [Evelynne] Ah, what in the ___, did she walk into?! Evelynne canted her head to the right and quirked a raven right brow. Her hunch about people getting stupid in the fog was right. IF she were allowed to pass, she rubbed her eyes and sniffed the air again. Finally! She'd found Fae after how long? In her memory, the fae were but a dream. Her last attempts at blending in with humans had mixed results with her having terrified the police after they tried cornering her. What had them acting so funny? It wouldn't take her long to figure it out. "Oh boy.." said the teenager in a heavily dry voice that sounded more like a cat growl then a voice. She slid her hands out of her pockets that stayed as black cat paws and face palmed. The scent of cat/forest was strong. If she were given half a chance, she would scamper off to the bathroom and service closests even if she had to break a lock or two to do so. She wanted the friggin' buckets out of there. Surprise! 16:55:46 [Evelynne] There was indeed a modern bathroom! Evelynne hustled in and got herself a drink- and a long one. Her desire for water was far greater then that of lust for anything else. Once she had her drink, she hustled out with a bucket of water and would stop before the fire and start throwing water into it. If she could splatter some of the patrons with it, there was an extra bonus! She'd keep the process going until the fire was out if she were permitted to do so. Despite her being quick, would any of them notice the pain on her face as she threw the buckets of water? Under the shirt, she had a badly bruised back and tailbone. "SSSSNRAP OWRRRT OFFF IFT!", shouted Evelynne in her rough voice. It was obvious it had gone long without use. Her voice really was nasty and feral. As far as she was concerned, if she had the water, she already was paying for it by putting the flames out that she really was afraid of spreading. Great..The son had shown up! She'd been really confused as to why the daemon's son had healed her an
16:56:17 [Evelynne] d why the other had allowed her to eat the night before, yet she was witnessing domination. Somehow she figured, she'd gotten lucky, yet again as she hadn't been in the Cafe as the compulsion for -lust- was cut loose. For those sensitive to emotions, she was just as pissed as she was confused. She'd forgotten how to block those..How long had she been gone now?

16:59:12 JessicaG Suddenly she froze in place, the lust that she felt towards Delaney shifts into an hypnotized lust controlled by Dann. She walks toward the creature that she saw as a man, and just looked to a far away point waiting for instructions. When Jon came near her, she just gazed without a word. As Dann commanded her to come towards him, she starts walking towards him, walking in a zombie state, ignoring all others being. In her mind was the image of the man call Dannethion.

17:07:09 [Fenrir] [Jon only looked human again. Damn... for a moment, he thought that the beast that claimed him as a son was being merciful enough to give him his body... but no. Just an illusion. Then the beast demanded a consort... the witch or the succubus. Jon raced in his mind. This... This is not what Jon stood for! A choice like this... is this truly what he had become? He didn't want to do that! So suddenly... Dad heard a noise: a growl. It... it was Jon! Suddenly the pup would spring inbetween Jessica and Dannethion with his teeth bared and his eyes narrowed! The heckles of the fur rose and the tail twitched as though he were a cat. The human mind of the half-breed had awakened, and it was standing up to the pack leader as a simple pup! "Stop this. Now!" Short and choppy, but the demonic voice was forceful and commanding. He lacked much in terms of the arcane, but hopefully the voice would incite some hopeful type of negation on Dannethion's hold in the Diner. "All of you; RUN!" The pup is +17:07:21 [Fenrir] - helping people. What the crap is this. ]

17:15:06 Torch took the punch to the face without blinking; being struck in anger simply fueled his power. He drew in as much of her anger as he could, using it to stave off the waves of lust coming from her as well. He avoided direct eye contact with the arch-demon; as much as he may want to fight, he would lose here if it came to that. Still, he wasn't helpless, and as smoke began to billow out from the kitchen area he looked at the arch-demon. "I hate to interrupt your little game, but this place is about to burn down. Excuse me." He put his hand on Delany's shoulder, and a small wisp of smoke would rise from her skin as she was burned. A small black candle would be left, and although the burn was minor the black candle would remain on her skin. A little trick he'd picked up over the decades; when he willed it, the candle would burn her again, then vanish. He normally used this sort of thing on inanimate objects, but pain had its uses. He focused his will on the fire in the kitchen, and soon he had drawn the flame out 17:15:17 [Torch] from the grills and into his hands, condensing it into a small orb that burned just above his left hand. Another fire flared up, and suddenly he noticed Evelynn dumping buckets of water. "You moron, you don't pour water on a grease fire! Stop it, I have it under control. All you're doing to the humans is getting them wet." He sighed and brought the flames into his right hand, then combined them with the fire in his left and formed another slightly larger ball of fire which simply hovered in front of him. He couldn't challenge the arch-demon directly, but he did have tricks. He eyed Jessica for a moment and grimaced; he was bound to protect humans, and he would have to be very careful how he acted next. The arch-demon had superior rank to him back in hell, but here, now that he was bound to the Light, he could not act in contradiction to the code. He looked at Delany, shaking his head. "Stop projecting your's only making things worse. Get yourself under control." He focused on the arch-demon now,17:15:26 [Torch] seeing Jessica slowly walk towards him; in the blink of an eye a wall of fire erupted between the two. "You're not taking that human."

17:25:57 [Delaney] It was just days ago she was given a choice. To live or die. Then she was given another choice after she survived. Light or Dark, and once again she’d surprised both sides by saying HUMANS. Now, the choice was her or the human and it was a choice that really had little decision making. Could she let Jessica be a play toy for the Lust daemon and his son? No. Could she defeat both Father and Son with a battle of wits? Hard to tell - she may be new to all of this but she was a fighter. Only it wasn’t just her life at stake. Her stomach churned as she closed her eyes momentarily, closing out the scene before her, catching the scent of burning fill the area now the fire had been doused. Whoever had doused it, Delaney hadn’t seen though the smoke soon spread throughout the room. What was her course of action here? Sacrifice. It was all she could do. If it meant saving Jessica who was really in this entire mess because of her, then what else could Laney do. “Fine..” she commented, letting out a 17:26:13 [Delaney] of air through pursed lips as her eyes opened, the azure hues near hypnotic themselves as they lightened, a pale, ice blue that resonated with her own inner power. The succubus wasn’t without her charms, even when she was trying to keep her own lust under control. Spellbinding, her look was more than appealing, it was wanton, pure on some level and yet entirely masterful in how she simply knew what to do, what so say. If the Lust daemon wanted a match, she’d give him one but ow! What was that? The pain in her shoulder was suddenly present, a burn as she reached up and batted herself subconsciously. The momentary lapse caused her to pause, her eyes turning toward her pain that surfaced suddenly, and then again. She could be wounded. She had flesh as any mortal would and it could be cut, torn, peeled off and or burned and that was exactly what it was doing now. She winced inwardly, hearing Torch’s voice in the background once more telling her to control her essence - though all she’d been trying to do was 17:27:04 [Delaney] she’d been trying to do was save Jessica and give herself up to the Lust daemon in order to do so. Why was it every choice she made, every decision that came her way ended up being the wrong one. “FUCK!” she swore through clenched teeth as now not only was the fire within Torch’s hands, but also the Daemon’s son stood in the way and just for a moment she was confused. But then it sunk in, the younger one was helping. Telling people to get out and while Torch could distract the elder Lust daemon Delaney could be of some use. So without further thought, she skipped into action, reaching to grab Jessica, her eyes scanning the area to try and control the minds of those humans within. Hopefully the fire and the son had caused enough of a distraction to the Beast to at least allow her that much. If not, she’d be literally aiming to take them one by one inwardly wishing that she’d never left her apartment and next time she wanted a Coffee, she’d think twice. "IF someone else cares to help, NOW'D be the time..."

17:32:25 [Dannethion] Dannethion merely laughed. At both his Son, and at Torch. His Son was barely a Pup, and being Half-Daemon made him even weaker than his Human self. His forepaw flicked out as he went to backhand his Son across the room and towards one of the far walls--this had a double purpose. The first was to show his Son that he had no say-so in this matter, and to toss his Son aside so that the flames that were about to strike up wouldn't kill his Son. He hit Jon hard enough to either wind him or knock him out right off the bat. But Torch's plan had one flaw--he kept willing Jessica to approach. If he didn't lower the flames, he was going to have her walk THROUGH the flames--which was likely going to kill her. He could have killed Torch for that--by all means, it was within his Right as an Arch-Daemon of Hell. But at the same token, he enjoyed Chaos. The more of it in an area, the better. However, he released Jessica out of his control--and with it, he sapped all of the Lust out of her, as well as implanting a mental 17:32:36 [Dannethion] barrier inside of her--to prevent her from being affected by Lust again for a full month. If only to spite Delaney further. He decided to show his Son what he was capable of--and what kind of Destiny was in store for him IF he stood against him before the Final Battle again. The daemon tilted his head back as his jaws began to slowly open. His eyes began to pulsate with a blackish-purple hue, and he inhaled. All of the humans around that were previously under Delaney's control suddenly jerked and then fell to the floor--as if they were all dead. Out of their bodies, spilled a thick viscous glowing light blue essence. And all of it poured into the daemon's jaws. All of it. With a sickeningly loud 'gulping' noise. The daemon consumed the souls of every human he had been mentally dominating. After which, they became nothing more than empty husks. Empty shells. The arch-daemon's body pulsated with the raw essence as he bows his head and closes his eyes. Then his lips curled upwards into a grin as he opens his17:32:44 [Dannethion] eyes slowly, "Chaos...Reigns Supreme." was all that the Arch-Daemon stated before his body was engulfed in the same purplish-black essence, and he vanished in a swirl of smoke. Jessica's soul was left intact. However, everyone else--excluding certain individuals (PCs)--crumpled to the floor, in deep dark comas. For their souls, their energies--were drained dry.

17:41:46 Galen should have kept himself locked up today as well as this evening, the full moon had already once taken it's toll on him by causing him to shift against his will and he knew that by the time the night was through, it would happen again. That wasn't going to stop him from going back to the diner, something was just beginning when he left and he wasn't about to let anything happen to Delaney. Now was that compassion? Hardly. If he wanted proof then he needed her alive so that the Dark Fae could deal with her accordingly, she'd be no good to them dead. He had run, keeping to the back streets and small alley's, knowing that someone would have seen a large tiger running around the streets but he knew this area, he knew most of the city well and he knew of a place he could shift back and to find some clothes. Other Fae had jobs to and he came to a stop right behind a building, a back door closed but he began to frantically scratch at it, digging away pieces of the wood before someone finally answered. It was a 17:42:22 [Galen] tall and lanky man, at first taken back by seeing the large beast at his door but quickly he opened the door and let the tiger inside. "Jesus, Galen! Are you mad? What are you doing running around like that?" Of course, Galen couldn't answer but the man already knew what he needed. "I'll be back, stay put." A few minutes later the man came back with a new set of clothing for him, jeans, a black shirt with a random brand name or logo on the front on and shoes. Yes, he'd be going commando for now but it was something to cover him at least. The man set the clothes down and turned his back as fur turned to skin, the tail disappeared and the ears were gone, leaving Galen kneeling on all fours naked. Without saying a word, he grabbed them and began getting dressed then slipped the shoes on. "Thanks, I owe...again." He didn't stay to chat, he had to get back to the diner to make sure everyone was still there and alive. He ran as fast as he could down the street, coming to a stop behind the diner and to an 17:42:27 [Galen] unconscious delivery man, the same one he'd run down in leaving. AS he was running through the kitchen, he stopped as a ball of fire had been drawn from the grills and was heading to the main area. "Guess that answers my question." He followed it, only to find a group of them there, watching each one as he tried to make sense of what was going on. His eyes landed on Delaney, he could feel that thing again, same thing that he felt yesterday after the kiss, warm , but he let out a growl to force it all away, still watching Delaney specifically. He paused as the Demon thing did his thing, watching around him for a moment then once he was gone, he looked back to the remaining crowd, unsure of what he had missed, but hey, his main objective wasn't dead at least.

17:43:18 [Evelynne] Half lust starved females kicked and clawed at her as she would outright grab them and take them outside, starting with Jessica, trusting that Torch, really did have control of the flames-, using her 3x speed Going back in sucked! She wanted to run! One's compulsion was catching her and she glowed a faint blue as she used a small amount of ki to push the smoke away from her and out the door. Oh, why was she so reluctant? She'd grown to hate people, yet couldn't see a reason for them to burn. Hopefully the mayhem would allow her to operate around them, and get them out- but her plan had changed as she sensed the startings of his feedings and a blue glow errupted out of her and she sent out a ki blast within the Cafe that would be enough to brake windows- with her looking in the doorway. Dannethion would feed alright- but it wouldn't be on the innocent patrons. He'd find her will to be indeed quite strong- but she put herself at the risk of being consumed. She had about three minutes before she would drop right 17:43:38 [Evelynne] at the doorway and would seemingly buckle under the pressure. Bits of her dark fur would actually fall out. It seemed she was familiar with this kind of attack but had NEVER, and she meant NEVER- done anything as dumb!

18:00:19 [Fenrir] |===X[::::::::::::::::> [{ Jon was hit, and thus flew across the entire room. He landed against a window with a yelp. The wind was taken from him, and his strenght was being stolen from his legs... but incredibly the pup began to stand back up! This was what Jon was, then so be it. He can be a beast, and he wasn't interested in a happy family reunion if this was what it meant. So Jon decided: it was time to show how dangerous he truly was. "Biomorph." The word itself was enough to make most cringe. The history of it was both a curse and a blessing. A curse to him, but a gift to mankind. When he said the words, the AI snapped into place. A voice whispered into his head Well well well, look who came crawling ba--- Whoa, Jonny! Someone's been naughty! That small whisper was a demonic artificial intelligence system that called itself 'The Darkness.' It had a twin sister, too. But where Jon was halfdevil, every sound she made in his head was ripping through him like white-hot agony. +18:00:56 [Fenrir] - She said nothing, but in his mind's eye she shook her head. Now... on the outside looking in on this, the following happened: When Jon landed, the room immediately got darker and the lights in the ceiling exploded. Soon, the only sound light that presided was the LED from the diner's radio. The speakers kicked in as Skillet's Monster began to play. Something in the shadows in the back stirred, and for a time, the only thing that Dannethion was going to see were a pair of ice blue eyes that stared right at him at his height. Then the voice came. It was Jon's human voice, only altered slightly to sound digital. "Oh Daddy..." To expect to become fueled by Jon's rage would be fruitless. In this form, Jon's own raqge amplified his own power, being demonic in his origins. Couple that with a suit made by a psychotic vampire that gave the damn thing an AI that fed off of Jon's own negative emotions left nothing but scraps for Dannethion to feed from, if anything at all. +18:01:42 [Fenrir] - A blast of arcane energy erupted past the group from the shadows, intending to hit Dannethion straight in the chest and launch him out of the diner's wall. If he hits the wall he might find himself crashing through it and into the street. When this happens, the new Fenrir steps through. The beast is jet black with six eyes. Four stare from the front of a canine muzzle while two travel along a path that curves around the back of the horns of the creature.There was no fur, only an armor plating that occasionally had electrical nodes that coursed down along the body and created a wavelength of electrical discharges. Jon had no claws, yet at the end of his one tail was a cannon that resembled a megaman blaster. Jon was about as tall as Dannethion was. If this was Jon's full power at pup status, the creature would become something to be worried about when he was fully grown. "I said leave them alone," Jon reiterated calmly. The three cars behind Dannethion would suddenly roar to life.

18:25:01 [BWRP] News traveled and fast. Especially in this World and in the Fog. Perhaps there was a reason it was as murky outside as it had been all day. In fact, there was. The smoke slowly parted as the music began to play, the clouds dispersing leaving the small, damaged diner to stand alone, as if all by it’s self. A figure stepped forth. Careful, but confident steps as the tall man appeared. African American, his skin was as rich as chocolate, his eyes equally so, standing out further due to the white suit that draped his large form. Long, slender fingers tapped the tips of each other as the calm, assertive manner couldn’t be ignored. Accompanying him were six others, draped in white dressed akin to Templar, Knights of the Light who beamed with energy and presence, minus the red cross that would usually be seen. The Ash came to a stop, demanding attention, his large lips parted revealing white teeth that gleamed, though the smile itself was cold. Whatever had been going on would feel the need to stop. It 18:25:35 [BWRP] wasn’t just any Fae walking in. This was the Clan Leader. The King, the penultimate of Light that bore a thousand plus years of power, the true essence of Fae, hidden behind the guise of a man. “This ends. Now.” He commented, canting his shiny head to one side, the small fuzz of hair covering the scalp though making it somewhat soft appearing, like the fur of a teddy bear. Deceiving on most levels, the man known as The Ash stepped forward, side stepping over any remains that may lay on the ground, barely looking the way of others save those fighting. “There will be a time where the fight WILL be necessary. This is not the time. Neither of you are on a Clan and I speak for the Dark as well as my own, that if this keeps up, you will forced to make a choice.” His eyes landed specifically on Jon and then to the Lust Daemon. They were both powerful enough The Ash would want them on the side of the Light, but this wasn’t the time nor the place. “Make your peace Brothers, or your existence will be ended 18:26:19 [BWRP] and banishment shall be given as I live and stand, right here, right now.” A threat, perhaps but a promise most definitely and the man was powerful enough that he merely had to say the word and this realm of humans would no longer be privy to their beings again. “Clean up the mess and let this be a lesson.. A‘ight?” Though to who exactly he spoke to, was unknown. Arms lowered, he paused momentarily as if waiting for someone to challenge him, but the High King merely arched a brow amusingly. Moments later, if was as if he was never there, but his presence had left an impression and he most certainly was paying attention. To everyone.

18:37:15 Torch had been prepared to do something drastic when that girl appeared again, and he could feel the power she was putting out; she had something planned, but even her power paled in comparison to the arch-demon's. Then the other clawdemon made his move, and for a moment only the illumnation from the fire pushed back the darkness. Some kind of loud music filled the diner, but Torch was still shocked that so many people had just essentially died right in front of him. He felt Ash's approach a split-second before he came, and at once the flames were extinguished as he bowed his head in respect. He hadn't dared hope for reinforcements from his clan, let alone the clan leader; yet he knew better than to be joyous. Ash had come to make a point, not to back him up, something made clear as Torch wasn't even mentioned by the Light clan leader. After Ash departed Torch looked around, taking count of the few who remained conscious; it seemed Jessica was the only human who hadn't suffered at the arch-demon's hands. Torch's18:37:24 [Torch] hands clenched into fists, but there would be no more fighting here today. He looked at Delany, sighing. "Get the girl...pray she doesn't remember what happened here."

18:44:49 [Delaney] “Get the Girl..Pray she doesn‘t remember..“ The Enforces voice rang in her mind as she’d done just that. Jess and a few others had got out, but Del couldn’t save the other humans. She just simply wasn’t able to in time but inside, it spurned a hatred for the Fae even further. If this is what Fae did with humans, why would she consider joining ANY side? She had whispered to Jessica to run home, telling her to forget all she‘d seen. The power, the coercion was easily accepted. The younger woman would have obeyed her and left. Thankfully the girl was safe. However, as Del gazed around at the soulless humans, each one of them became her boyfriend so many years ago. Their night of passion; her only night of pure passion had ended up in death. The features upon the faces of those husks were much like that of Sam’s, a smile; empty hollow smile that gave her chills. There was no lust in her. Only remorse. If she could have torn of her skin in anger, she would. If she could have given her soul, she would - just like -18:45:06 [Delaney] Evelyn was doing now, the small girl who‘d tried to stop the Lust Daemon. Del had nothing in her to react on. There was a grief deep within that bubbled to the surface; despite popular belief, Succubus did feel something other than lust. This was pain. Pain that etched her shoulder from the burns, pain that ripped at her heart - the humanity she’d been raised with tore at her innards as she gazed at what remained of the chaos, sinking to her knees. Laney didn’t notice Galen had returned, or where anyone else was. If Torch had gotten free or had he too been injured. She didn’t even know the Wrath daemon’s name. She didn’t know anyone’s name -- not even Jessica. It gave her a moment of perspective on things as a single tear trickled over her cheek, a tender caress that fell to the ground, dropping in silence, lost in the fog that had mingled with the smoke from the fire and the open door. The smaller beast, one she could only deduce as the Lust Daemon’s son had been smacked across the room, or close to it and--18:45:33 [Delaney] fought back. It was all happening so fast, a blur. Though the presence of the one in White was felt as she raised her face momentarily, stunned. She’d met the man before. He’d given her a chance, when the Dark had merely wish her dead right from the start. The questions of what Clan she’d belonged to had gone on for hours and each time she’d responded she wasn’t Scottish. She had been ignorant of this World, but it was slowly awakening before her, tumultuous and out of control. It wasn’t her that needed reigning in. It was the whole damn Fae organization. All of them were crazed, mad. All of silence seemed to still the room, just briefly. Her illusive hues, pale as they were, laden with tears of those who may have fallen landed on Galen, seeing him through the cloud as she resolved her place. Spying on her, when all of this was going on. Did the man have no conscience? Didn’t any of them. She held her look - it was dark, it was hatred, and it was condemning. Most of all, it was sad, the remorse, the

18:45:47 [Delaney] couldn’t be denied, just as much as it was hard to deny her on the whole.

18:52:56 [Dannethion] Dannethion was hit--long before The Ash had come. As he was coming in, Dannethion was leaving--sort of. He was struck full-force by that blast. The force of it causing his human illusion to dissipate entirely, revealing him for what he was. He was thrown out of a window, where he toppled head over-heels and then crashed up against a car. But the Ash had given him an opportunity--the stasis around the diner he created via the Fog gave him time to re-establish his human illusion. ~My Son still has much to learn about the ways of the World.~ he thought as he pushes himself up and off the ground and began to pad back inside. Even outside, he could hear the Ash speaking. The souls of the humans he consumed were still fresh inside of him. But his Son needed to be disciplined. He needed to be taught NOT to strike his Elders! As the Arch-Daemon re-enters the building, his eyes pulsated and...he returns the souls. The essences seen flowing out of his body and back towards the individuals on the floor, they would
18:53:05 [Dannethion] remain unconscious as if in a dull dreamless sleep. The arch-daemon vanished, his body dissipating into a swirl of blackish-purple smoke--a tear in reality formed behind Jon into another dimension, as the arch-daemon appeared in front of Jon and promptly went to tackle him into the tear! "You will be made to learn your place!" were the final words uttered by the Arch-Daemon before he, and his Son, would vanish into the Tear--and it would seal behind them. Jon was about to receive the worst beating of his life.

18:55:02 [Evelynne] She'd failed. The blast was enough to knock her down anyway. There was no giving back what had been taken. She hadn't been fast enough! A soft mew was given toward the Ash, before she blacked out. Large blasts like that one had been, took a great deal out of her. Once again, they'd met and he'd walked away. Why?!
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18:55:02 [Evelynne] She'd failed. The blast was enough to knock her down anyway. There was no giving back what had been taken. She hadn't been fast enough! A soft mew was given toward the Ash, before she blacked out. Large blasts like that one had been, took a great deal out of her. Once again, they'd met and he'd walked away. Why?!

19:11:52 Galen Two creatures fighting in the open, soulless humans laying on the floor, a defeated looking Succubus, he could have made a hit song out of all this misery but he stood there, not moving, not saying a word as he continued to assess the damage out of curiosity more than anything, that is until he felt a strange presence arriving. Well, not so strange to him, he knew exactly who it was but for once he knew it wasn't about him. He had been good considering what he could have got himself into that night. As The Ash made his appearance, Galen only looked at him once and for a mere second before his gaze was cast down to the floor while he listened. Of course he came here to put an end to the fight, even the Dark Fae weren't so stupid as to cause a disturbance this big but hey, who was he to judge. He didn't move again until The Ash was gone, even though he held no intelligence to the Light side, he was still his Father and he'd show some respect at least. Once things had calmed down, he looked back around,-19:12:16 [Galen] ignoring everyone else since they equally didn't seem care about his presence there but he did feel one person looking at him, Delaney. He turned his head to look at her, that dark gaze set on him as he watched her back. "Life is bitch..and it has puppies." HE looked around and called out. "No pun intended." He rolled his eyes. "You and I are going to talk at some point. No, I don't like you and you don't like me and all that shit but tough. This was done by what you choose. This wasn't the Dark and it wasn't the Light, figure out what's left." A rush came back into the DIner and Galen paused to look around again, the expressions changing, the humans were now different, like they were sleeping. He turned to look back to Delaney, "See, all better. Not everything can be fixed so easily. You tread on very dangerous ground, Delaney." He dared to walk closer to her, sniffing her with a slight smirk smeared on his face. "Now I really do know you, and I will find you. We aren't nearly done. Not even close." He had -19:12:35 [Galen] felt something more in that kiss but he still wouldn't admit to it, he had no reason to admit to anything. She was being accused of dealing the "Spellbound" into the streets, he'd find out the truth one way or another.(e)

19:30:06 Torch couldn't believe it as he saw the arch-demon return the essence he'd taken from the humans. Still, it seemed as though the two clawdemons were going to have quite the altercation wherever they had gone. In any case, it was yet another fae that had his attention now. The shifter was throwing around a lot of hostile words, and Torch bristled as the man came closer. He held out his hand, the palm facing the shifter as flames appeared on his fingertips. "Back off, shifter; whatever quarrel you have with the lust demon will wait. She's inexperienced enough without having to fend you off now too; leave it for another night." Torch needed to get the girl some training, or at the very least some solid advice on how to pass along amongst humans. Her power had drawn the arch-demon, and had very nearly cost over two dozen humans their lives. She needed control and discipline before something tragic happened. He didn't know much, but he knew how to blend in, and that would be a start.

19:38:24 [Delaney] The remnants of people seemed to flow back within and if she could have thanked the lust Daemon, she would have but Galen was right. The onus was on her. Somehow, her being here, the humans, those Fae who’d tried to stop it all had been a part of this mess because of who she was. Of what she was. Galen’s words were felt intricately but it only spurred the hate for the man further, like a foul taste that lingered in her breath, one that even Listerine couldn’t wash away, despite how much she gurgled. She couldn’t help retaliate despite the finality to his words. “Not if I find you first. I can invade your dreams and trust me, when I do, you’ll wish you’d never met me, more than you do now.” The words were whispered but heard true enough as she slowly rose to stand. Her posture was firm, confident once more. Those who’d been dead were slowly stirring and despite this being on her shoulders, she’d not let those around her make her feel worse than she already did. She may have started this, but --19:38:40 [Delaney] she most definitely wouldn’t let it happen again. Not this. Luckily Torch at least seemed to understand on some level as he too snapped at Galen as the Shifter left. An allie? Perhaps, though Laney wasn’t likely to trust anyone soon, especially one that had burned her. “Thanks.” She offered in response. “Though I’m more concerned about her..” as she pointed to Evelyn who was passed out on the ground. “Me, I’ve made enough mistakes for one night. I may be new, but even you wouldn’t let me forget that I was out of control.” A shrug of her shoulders as she cleared her throat. “Can see it in your eyes. I’m responsible for all of this. Maybe I’m just in the wrong place, after all.” It wasn’t pity she needed, no. It was far from it. She had been injured, and the only way to heal it was with.. But that was beside the point. She’d had enough contact for one night, even the Wrath Daemon might had satiated her once, now, he was just as condemning as the rest of them. She shook her head, long, raven tresses--
19:38:52 [Delaney] dancing around that oh so perfect face, hands fitted into pockets as she began to inch her way out of the Diner. Night had arrived - who knew that time flew when chaos was occurring. Del did though, at least now. That was the lesson for the day.. Another one to chalk up to experience it would seem.

19:42:56 [Evelynne whispers to Thane] Dannethion used a lust spell on everybody, Torch kinda set the place on fire to stop Delaney from using her abilities, Delaney tried to keep Jennifer from getting taken by Dannethion, Evelynne tried putting out the flames, getting people outside, and used some of her life force to stop Dannethion from feeding on the humans of the area, Fenrir attacked his father Dannethion, and The Ash showed up and said kewl it NAO, and Dannethion gave the souls back, and the humans and Evelynne are out cold on the floor.

19:53:49 Galen could clearly hear the whisper, the threat she laid upon him but he didn't flinch, instead the grin grew. "See you there then." He even gave her a wink, eying her over a few times and though he was completely clam on the outside, inside he felt a chill and it didn't sit well with him. His eyes then turned to look at Torch, hand up and a fire show going on. "Seriously? Don't test or threaten me." He had to laugh when he mentioned that Delaney was new and in experienced. "Jesus Fuck boy. You sure you aren't under her spell too? You think she's inexperienced? You could have fooled me by the way she decided to attack me openly last night at the Cork. So keep that pompous shit to yourself and mind your business. She started this thing, it was not provoked, but I will make sure it gets finished." He looked away from him and then back to her, his eyes flashing a bright yellow as he let out a moan and bent forward. Round two of the uncontrollable shift and he turned away from them and left through the front this- 19:54:19 [Galen] time, trying to find a place he could do it without drawing attention to himself. He'd be back to talk to her, let her come into his dreams. Either way he'd get what he wanted.-e-

19:58:49 Torch smirked as the shifter lost control and leapt out through the front entrance; he had a feeling he would cross paths with that one again. He lowered his hand and extinguished the flames, looking at Delaney. "You need to lay've managed to get under a lot of people's skin in one night." He walked over and put his hand on Evelynne's neck, checking for a pulse. "She's alive...whatever that blast she threw was, it used her up. She needs to rest." He got back up and sighed, wondering how the night had gone to hell like that. He turned and caught Delaney's eyes again. "Folks call me Torch...what's your name? You're gonna need help, I know that much. Maybe I can give you some."

20:04:49 [Thane] <b> Walking towards 'The Cork' again, this time from his appartment instead of pratice thankfully, Thane saw several drug deals going down. As he rounded the corner on to Main St. he walked up towards the door to the bar. Entering, he was almost tackled by the shifter form the other night, and then smelled smoke as soon as ho opened the door, and not smoke from tabacco, or any drug for the matter. It was the smell of burnt wood, and he hurried inside, only to see no fire. "What the hell?" he said outloud as he saw someone laying on the floor, he saw a man walk up to her and check for a pulse. Then man stood and walked over to the girl from the night before, the one who had pissed the other shifter off. "What the hell? I smell smoke like this place is burning and nothing? Are the booze ok? Is SHE ok?" he asked pointing at the girl, as he walked over and lifted her up placing her on the seat of a booth instead of leaving her on the floor. <i>"And what the hell was up with the shifter bailing so f20:05:56 [Thane] "And what the hell was up with the shifter bailing so fast? He get spooked by something?" he asked with a chuckle. </b>-e-

20:07:51 [Delaney] At least someone was helping the Fallen Fae, and the Humans were all still rousing. Del was out the door but not before she heard Galen’s words, which caused her to roll her eyes in a facetious manner. Man had to have the last word.. Well, she’d give him that much, at least tonight but when they crossed paths again, there’d be more than words exchanged. A good sucker punch to the face to knock the cocky bastard down a peg or two. Though, her thoughts were cut by the voice of Torch introducing himself and for a moment, she stopped. Glancing over her shoulder, she peered back toward the Wrath Daemon and the Fae on the ground who would hopefully come too. “Delaney. Friends call me Del. You can call me Delaney.” Her eyes narrowed, her brow furrowed. The guy was offering her a hand, but she wasn’t sure how to take it. “Another time, I might have jumped at the chance. Right now, I just need to figure things out. Thanks though..Torch..“ It felt awkward saying his name. Not for any reason other than she --20:08:42 [Delaney] wasn’t sure what he wanted. If he wanted anything. She couldn’t read minds, as much as she could coerce them and maybe he was after something more. A wince crossed her features however as the leather jacket she wore had burned into her flesh, courtesy of Torch. “Maybe next time you’ll keep your heat to yourself..” A joke in her words, perhaps - regardless she was hurting and the only way to heal was to get a good fix on a human who was willing to give. Too bad Galen had left; would have been the perfect opportunity for her to take advantage of him again. Not like she could have controlled it the first time. The man really did have the wrong impression about her and the more she thought on it the more it caused her burn to ache. “Maybe we’ll talk later.” She commented to Torch as she smiled loosely, then headed into the fog, leaving the Diner behind her.. And a mess in her wake. Such was the life of a Succubus, it would seem.

20:10:34 [Evelynne] Something about Torch's touch roused her very briefly, and she mewled. With her having catlike paws, it would be easy to tell that she was a shifter as Galen was. Thane had done something very kind for her and she smiled faintly at him before curling up into a ball. Yes, she needed rest. Using that much Ki on her young body hadn't been kind. Delayney? She'd remember that. A mental note was given to not piss off the other shifter.. A weak wave was given to show, that she did indeed live before closing her eyes again to listen. Heartbeats? That was good. The daemon hadn't killed them all? She was so confused and every part of her ached!

20:16:49 Torch watched Delaney, allowing himself a small smirk as he saw her wince; that little burn he gave her would let him know where to find her should the need arise. Nor would it continue hurting her; after an hour or two, only the mark of the black candle would remain, although if one looked at it closely, the wax was slowly seeping away. The mark would last two days unless he dispelled it before that time expired. He turned and walked back into the diner, sighing and looking at Evelynne and Thane. "you missed the party...and unless you want to stick around for a hell of a mess, perhaps we all should go elsewhere. These people are going to be confused enough without us here."

0:28:27 [Thane] Stretching, he looked ath the man as he spoke, responding with: "Sure, where are we going? And what about her? We can't leave her here, she is half shifted." then he grinned, as he realized how he could make a joke, but didn't. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he allowed his tattooing to shift to become more gorey, and making his eyes 'blackout' to seem as they had been tattooed all balck as well. "Can I at least grab a drink before we leave though?" he asked, his accent dominant, still wondering what the hell had happened, and wondering how there were going to walk down the road carrying someone who was half shifted into a cat, and shugging subconsicously. 'Whatever, I'll just persuade the cops to look to other way if it comes down to it.' he thought easily.

20:37:18 Torch sighed, shaking his head. "We can go to my place, it isn't far from here." He looked around for something to conceal Eve's partial shift and frowned; the only thing he saw were the table cloths. He snatched one up and went over to Eve, wrapping it around her like a blanket. "Grab a drink if you have to, then we need to get moving. The longer we stick around the more trouble we're likely to be in." He held out his hand and there were several flashes of white flame that came and went in seconds. "Had to burn off my prints...don't want the police knocking at my door. Alright, let's get moving." He picked Evelynne up and carried her like a child, one arm under her legs and one supporting her neck and head.

20:41:45 [Evelynne] She was weak enough to not be able to work her usual magic of partial or all shape shifting like she'd done. The table cloth was a good idea. She didn't fight them as she was actually pretty weak. Given the chance, that night she would of given her soul to save every last one gathered there, and had attempted to try. A soft mew again was given. Torch, would find her very light for a shapeshifter btw. Later, she'd remember them, and when she could run again she would. Some of her hatred of people was fading quickly.

20:43:32 [Thane] Shrugging, and walking off instead of getting a drink, thinking about how odd they were bound to look. Laughing slightly, he shifted his prints enough to be someone else, hoping he gave the police a hard time. He hated the police, mainly because they kept showing up at his band's practice. "Never thought I would leave a bar and go to a man's place." he said merrily. There was very little that would bring him down at the moment, and this was just a excuse to get out of the house really. "Do you ven know her name?" he asked, still keeping the bar humor going.

20:55:34 [Lilium ] Work always seemed to be pushing the dirt on Lilium. Not once in the past month had she had a reasonable work schedule that did not have her working late. Nine hours had passed, running tables and tending to the unappreciative customers, and now it hit time for her shift to end. The job sucks. They don't even give overtime! "I'll see you guys tomorrow afternoon," the feminine French accented voiced spilled through lovely with teeth and pale orange lips. The bell sounded as she pushed open the door and slipped out into the street. Black converse shoes pressed against the cold grey concrete walkway as she began to head towards her apartment a few blocks away. The black waist apron lay over her right arm, black small purse on the same shoulder. Over her torso set a long sleeved white button up shirt, the ends gently overlapping the skirt around her waist-which ended just below her knees. Being a waitress is not the best job, but it gets the bills paid. On top of her head, pressing down the soft silky~c20:56:28 [Lilium ] locks of red/orange hair, sat a black cap that read in white 'Dance'. At the moment she did not pay attention to anything except for the urge to hurry and get home. Lilium is more than ready to change in to shower and change in to a T-shirt and undies. She always kept the curtains closed and rarely had company over, so why not? Oh, hot chocolate and music...How that does sound magnificent.~e

21:00:25 Torch looked at Thane as they walked down the street. "No, I don't know her name, but I'll ask her when she wakes up. She put her life on the line for over two dozen strangers back there, and that makes her ok in my book." He walked a few more steps before thinking of something else. "What might your name be? Folks call me Torch." They were getting close to his apartment now, and the streets were pretty deserted; folks didnt usually get out at night these days. He noticed a young woman walking towards the same apartment complex; he vaguely recognized her from various sightings going to and from home. She looked like she was in a hurry; the walls in the apartments were thin, and he'd heard her rant more than once about work. He had the luxury of enjoying his job; well, at least the one he had to keep up apperances.

21:10:35 [Evelynne] hey would notice that Evelynne was running a fever, but this was okay, it meant she was healing! "Evah lin", was said slowly. The growl was gone out of her voice. As for the other woman, she hadn't even noticed. Locations, were lost in the fog. She wasn't much for communication, but she did have a name other then "cat girl". She'd sank her claws into somebody's stomach for doing that to her once! Her eyes were closed again but it was clear she was at least listening or lightly napping.

21:16:18 [Thane] Listening to the man, Torch, say how she put her life on the life to help others, he wasn't sure he would have done the same. Torch said he was unsure of the girl's name, then asked his "I'm Tatts, or at least thats what everyone calls me, my real name i--" he stopped as she said her name softly, growl gone. Evaline, he thought. He didn't continue saying his real name, as there was no need to. Looking up, he saw they were headed towards a apartment complex, and there was a women heading towards the same building. Shifting all of his tattoing away, his eyes to a dull blue, and growing his hair out to a normal length, down to his eyes, he shifted it to brown. He didn't want anyone recongizing him, except, perhaps Torch. That could always be changed though..

21:20:12 [Lilium ] Lilium did well to ignore the world around her. Yes, it might seem a little odd to see two men and one holding some women. This is Boston and the city is filled with many unsavory characters. Her attire must have seen a little funny; this nice waitress outfit fixed with a pair of punk converse shoes. Lilium held class, but she loves the comfort her converses gave her, especially since she stands on her feet all day. Lilium knew about uncomfortable shoes. Ballet shoes are one of the worst. Yeah, Lilium always seemed to be in a hurry. Though she did not know much about the other creatures in this world; she did know she hated Vampires with a passion. This is one of the reasons she became a hunter on the side. Though, throughout the time she has spent hunting Vampires; she has only managed to kill one. That Vampire was not the strongest and had just recently been turned. After a few more moments she turned the corner and walked up the apartment stairs to the door. A light shove pushed the rickety door open.~c 21:20:43 [Lilium ] About four apartments set on the first floor, three on the second, and four on the third and final floor. The third floor is where she resides, at the back-overlooking the alley way. Her shoes made little noise as she headed up the first and then second flight of stairs, but the top floor often creaked even to the smallest mouse. Once she reached her door, she rummaged around in her purse till she found her key. As she pulled the key ring out, the mail box key rattled against the apartment key. This action reminded her that she had not checked her mailbox in quite the long time. Well, about a week. Ugh, mail. Lilium went ahead and opened the door and tossed the apron and purse down on the small square table beside the door. She did not bother to lock her due, knowing she would be back up in a minute. She shut the door and moved to the stairs, eyes focusing mindlessly at the steps as she thought about songs to listen too. The key ring is held lightly within her left hand. Why did the mailboxes have to be on~c

21:28:50 Torch heard Evelynne say her name but couldn't quite understand the second part, so for now he would settle on calling her Eve. He glanced at Tatts as he changed his appearance once he noticed the waitress. "We're here...I live on the third floor. Try to be quiet, the walls in this place are thin. People hear a lot." He watched the woman, practically his neighbor, ascend the stairs before them, and he got his little group inside before she had exited her apartment again. He laid down Eve on his couch, looking over at Thane. "Keep an eye on her...I've got to check my mail and pick up something that the USPS doesn't deliver. I'll lock the door behind me, but I shouldn't be long." His apartment was simple but sufficed, and it was suprisingly clean. He had the couch and two recliners in the living room, along with a small tv; the kitchen connected to the living room, and down the hall was his bedroom and a bathroom. He walked outside and locked the door behind him, trotting down the stairs to the mailboxes. He <c>21:29:15 [Torch] hadn't counted on the waitress being down here too. He offered her a smile as he went to his mailbox. "Long day I take it?"

21:36:25 [Thane] As they entered Torch's appartment, he watched as Torch laid Eveline down. Torch said he would be back soon, so Tatts sat down in one of the two recliners he had, and amired the man's home. Sure it was small, but it was nice, and had an air of hospitality to it. His own apartment was a reck, and definitaly a scary place for children. Looking over at Eveline, he said outloud "What would make you want to do this to yourself for someone you don't even know..." Then he glanced around and found the remote, turning on Torch's Tv, hoping Torch wouldn't mind. He changed it to the Discovery chanel, as 'The Colony', one of his favorite shows, was one, and a new episode at that.

21:40:45 [Evelynne] To Evelynne, the place looked like her own place that she'd had before she went feral again with a run in of the cops. It would go a long while before she answered, " chance..fight back." Her voice was rough and there was a high likely hood of her having not spoken in years. She flicked the cloth off of her. She hated the heat! She reached over to grab it and almost fell but brought it back up as a pillow. She closed her eyes and winced as her shifting took energy to do and her hands glowed a pale blue before they rippled and returned to hands that had nicely painted orichalcum on them. They might notice she had an extra finger on each hand- marking her race. "" They wouldn't find much of a problem with her as she slept through most of the day, but it was rare for her to sleep at night as she was mostly nocturnal.

21:44:52 [Lilium ] Now that she was off the clock, Lilium did very little to hid her thick French accent. Her lips did not form into a smile as she spoke,"You've got no idea. I believe one becomes accustomed to such things after a while." While she spoke, she had already slid the key into her mailbox and unlocked it. Upon opening the door she found a house bill and junk mail. The woman did not exactly care to make small talk, due to believing that everyone holds wrong intentions until proven otherwise. Lilium retrieved the envelopes and closed the small square mailbox door. At that moment, she knew there would probably be some small talk when the two decided to head back up the stairs. Her left hand rose to sit on her hat, smoothing down the back of it to readjust it. Blue/Grey eyes peered to the envelopes and the keys in her right hand. "I hate bills," she mumbled in an exhaled voice. Two years she had lived her and this was the first time she ever spoke to anyone of her neighbors. Seclusion, she favored such ~c21:45:17 [Lilium ] a thing. Her apartment is always clean and fairly modern looking. The front door opened to the living room, to the right the kitchen-the two rooms separated by white tile and a small counter in the kitchen to light grey in the living room. Next to the stereo on the table to the far left-also left of the stereo is the small hallway-bathroom on the right and bedroom on the left. Lilium turned, pulling the keys out of her right hand with her left. Casually, she began up the stairs-not minding if he made small talk or not.~e

21:51:52 [Dannethion] Dannethion has since given his Son his space--he'd discipline him later. But right now, he was bored--and curious. Sure, he could have just grabbed a random prostitute right off the streets and broke her inside of an alley somewhere and ate her afterwards but really, there was no challenge in it. Humans were too easy to break, to control--as all he needed to do was prey upon their weakest attribute. However, he's been watching Torch and Evelynne for the longest time. And when Torch would eventually seek to return to his room, he'd find Dannethion standing outside of the door to his apartment--almost as if he was waiting there for him. To humans, he appeared human; to this Demon, he'd appear like that large monstrosity of before. He didn't expect a warm welcome, especially after earlier.

21:52:21 Torch shrugged as he opened his own mailbox, revealing two letters addressed to him from seemingly innocuous places. He grabbed them and closed the mailbox, sighing. "You'd think so...doesn't sound like you've gotten used to it." He chuckled, walking with her up the stairs. "There's worse things than least its not an eviction notice." 21:56:01 Torch wasn't the best in the world for small talk, but he figured that perhaps the waitress would appreciate a bit of banter after a hard day of work. He'd heard her literally screaming about her frustrations at work before; he wondered how she'd react if she knew the atrocities he'd seen in his long life. Still, these were different times, and he sort of envied her for her biggest problem being a hard day at work. As they came around to the third floor he froze in his tracks as he saw the arch-demon. He was glad he'd placed the wards around his apartment; otherwise Tatts and Eve would've had one hell of a nasty visitor. He knew that the arch-demon would appear normal to the waitress, so he composed himself. "Didn't expect to see you here...what do you want?"

22:01:54 [Thane] Heard as Torch said something outside, but he wasn't sure who he would be talking too. Standing up, he backed up against the window, then got down on all fours shifting into a massive wolf, easily three times the size of a normal wolf. Walking over and standing in front of the couch, he was unsure in Torch was betraying them, or what, but he wouldn't let a fellow shifter be harmed without a fight. 'Racial pride will be the death of me...' he thought dourly. 22:02:34 [Thane] Also corrected typo, even though the Typo(maybe not all of them lol) demon is here!

22:04:45 [Evelynne] Racial pride? He'd shifted to something that sent the hair on the back of her neck standing up or was it something else? Yup- it was both. Her senses were painfully strong, including hearing. In a half hearted attempt she threw the table cloth over her head and just wanted to duck back and hide for a while like a kid. How could she go from hunting orcs to being that sweet? What was she like when she was on her feet?! The claws came out again and the cloth was easily shredded. Oh- she wasn't happy, especially with herself!

22:08:25 [Lilium ] Her right front tooth bit down on her bottom lip a moment before talking, "Yeah, I kind of got that last month." Her shoulders shrugged lightly as a sigh passed through her lungs. "Seeing as how we have not formally introduced are selves... I am Lilium Marie Lenore Vancourt." At least things would not be so awkward now when passing him in the hallway anymore, instead of the small glance and head nod. She stopped momentarily on the stairs and slipped her shoes off, picked them up, and held them by the tied laces with her left hand. Her white socks would get dirty, but she did not care. "Hm, better," she refereed to taking her shoes off and the relaxing feel of being out of them. When the two reached to top, she noted how the man looked at the other man. The look was odd, like he saw something she did not. At the moment, she did not press into this matter and silently moved to her door and opened it. She would find out his name some time or another, it didn't really matter. After closing~c22:09:15 [Lilium ] the door; she headed straight for the bathroom and undressed. Before stepping into the shower, Lilium pulled her hair up into a messy bun. Washing hair everyday can strip the hair of natural oils that is good for it. She washed as usual, grabbed a towel and dried off, then moved to her room. She tossed to towel into the dirty clothes hamper and grabbed a form fitting comfortable white T-Shirt and a pair of bikini style panties. She pulled her hair out of the bun in front of the vanity mirror next to her dresser and set the hair bow down on the dresser. She picked up her head phones and pulled them over her ears-a large white pair that seemed to come from the 90's. She plugged the end into her MP3 player and clipped it onto her the thin side strip o her undies. The MP3 players held a variety of 90's and recent rock, opera, goth opera, metal, techno, and screamo. At the moment, Blink 182's The Rock Show began to play. Her bottom plopped down on the square like couch and she grabbed the ballet magazine on her~c 22:09:36 [Lilium ] lass coffee table. She opened the magazine and began to read varies articles. Relaxation at its finest.~e

22:10:25 [Dannethion] Dannethion lifted his head to regard the Demon of Wrath, "To talk." his voice was deep-throated and gruff. He shifted on his pawed feet a bit, his claw-limbs stretching and then relaxing. He could smell the scents of the two inside of the apartment, one was a friend--he regarded her as such for helping his Son, even if Jon was a complete and utter fool and didn't understand the meaning of Life just yet. Or about lessons. He thought too harshly with his emotions and not enough with his brain. The other, was an unknown. He shrugs his shoulders at him--he wouldn't say more until they were someplace that wasn't out in the open. He lifted one clawed paw to his face at the female that strode past--with a particular smirk on his blackened lips. His human persona merely tipped his hat towards Lilium with that same smile, and then he regarded Torch once more.

22:30:42 [Evelynne] "I ..don't like..this.." she said slowly. "Drink please?" Her s's were drawn out and so was her d's. Her vowels were stretched out like a cat's. She shook her head suddenly before tossing the cover to the side and pushed herself up to stagger into the kitchen, knowing the way as she smelled old food in there and water. It would take her some fumbling around to find a glass and she turned on the Spikett to get a drink. She was dehydrated more then anything! Knowing Danne was outside, was a good reason to slip away from both door and window for now. A wall prop was taken as she closed her eyes again. She also hated to admit it but the quick changes of Tatt, despite his good intentions had her nerves more raw then what they already were. Being around people again was going to take time!

22:40:05 [Lilium ] Her right front tooth bit down on her bottom lip a moment before talking, "Yeah, I kind of got that last month." Her shoulders shrugged lightly as a sigh passed through her lungs. "Seeing as how we have not formally introduced are selves... I am Lilium Marie Lenore Vancourt." At least things would not be so awkward now when passing him in the hallway anymore, instead of the small glance and head nod. She stopped momentarily on the stairs and slipped her shoes off, picked them up, and held them by the tied laces with her left hand. Her white socks would get dirty, but she did not care. "Hm, better," she refereed to taking her shoes off and the relaxing feel of being out of them. When the two reached to top, she noted how the man looked at the other man. The look was odd, like he saw something she did not. At the moment, she did not press into this matter and silently moved to her door and opened it. She would find out his name some time or another, it didn't really matter. After closing~c 22:40:16 [Lilium ] the door; she headed straight for the bathroom and undressed. Before stepping into the shower, Lilium pulled her hair up into a messy bun. Washing hair everyday can strip the hair of natural oils that is good for it. She washed as usual, grabbed a towel and dried off, then moved to her room. She tossed to towel into the dirty clothes hamper and grabbed a form fitting comfortable white T-Shirt and a pair of bikini style panties. She pulled her hair out of the bun in front of the vanity mirror next to her dresser and set the hair bow down on the dresser. She picked up her head phones and pulled them over her ears-a large white pair that seemed to come from the 90's. She plugged the end into her MP3 player and clipped it onto her the thin side strip o her undies. The MP3 players held a variety of 90's and recent rock, opera, goth opera, metal, techno, and screamo. At the moment, Blink 182's The Rock Show began to play. Her bottom plopped down on the square like couch and she grabbed the ballet magazine on her~c22:40:40 [Lilium ] glass coffee table. She opened the magazine and began to read varies articles. Relaxation at its finest.~e

22:40:31 [Dannethion] Dannethion lifted his head to regard the Demon of Wrath, "To talk." his voice was deep-throated and gruff. He shifted on his pawed feet a bit, his claw-limbs stretching and then relaxing. He could smell the scents of the two inside of the apartment, one was a friend--he regarded her as such for helping his Son, even if Jon was a complete and utter fool and didn't understand the meaning of Life just yet. Or about lessons. He thought too harshly with his emotions and not enough with his brain. The other, was an unknown. He shrugs his shoulders at him--he wouldn't say more until they were someplace that wasn't out in the open. He lifted one clawed paw to his face at the female that strode past--with a particular smirk on his blackened lips. His human persona merely tipped his hat towards Lilium with that same smile, and then he regarded Torch once more.

22:49:38 Torch gave Lilium a friendly smile as she went into her apartment, then turned his gaze on the arch-demon, his smile disappearing like a candle being snuffed out. "Talk? What would you and I have to talk about?" He was sure that his two acquaintances could hear him through the thin walls; he hoped they wouldn't unlock the damn door. He looked around, trying to think of a place where they wouldn't be overheard. He thought of a place soon enough. "If we're gonna talk, let's do so away from prying ears." He glanced around, then leapt down from the balcony, landing on the ground three stories down. He walked to a door marked 'Employees Only' and opened it with ease. It led to an old underground system of tunnels that ran underneathe the apartment complex. He would wait for the arch-demon, knowing that he could teleport.

22:58:07 [Thane] Staying by the couch, he listened as Torch said something about going somewhere else.... 'What the hell is going on out there?' he wondered, apperantly something big was happening out there, as Torch wanted to have complete privacy. He then shifted from his wolf state back into his human guise, and walked to the kitchen and asked "Hey.. You ok?" as he saw Evelynne had gone in there.

23:01:47 [Lilium ] Hear? At the moment she could hear nothing but the soft ballet music now playing out of the sleek black MP3 player. She sat down the magazine on the coffee table and swung her feet off the couch and to the soft carpet. Her hair and the cord from her headphones swayed lightly to the movement. Bare feet pressed lightly to the ground, noting the difference in the floor texture subconsciously when entering the kitchen. Her left hand pulled open to cabinet door, above the counter to the right of the sink, and retrieved a coffee mug that she used for hot chocolate. She went about mixing the power and hot water in the mug till it became fully stirred. Her bottom pressed against the counter, both hands cupping the warm mug. Her lips pressed against the lip, sipping back a small amount. "Mmmm," she sighed happily. After drinking the rest; she removed the headphones and MP3 player and headed to bed.~e

23:02:08 [Dannethion] Dannethion turns his head as he observes Torch. The demon didn't trust him, but then again--demons generally didn't trust daemons. Demons were predictable, Daemons weren't. Daemons were creatures of pure chaos--hard to predict, hard to follow, and hard to control. As Torch jumped off the ledge and landed three flights down the daemon's body was engulfed in swirling blackish-purple smoke as he appears not far away from Torch as he padded in after him through the door. Once the two were securely in a private sector of the apartment complex he glances towards Torch, "You saw what happened back at the Diner. Do you honestly expect me to get away with eating the souls of that many humans in one place without the Father of Sins knowing about it? Without the Bastard Lord Above wanting retribution? You know as well as I do that the female that opened that many doors needs training."

23:04:37 [Evelynne] "..........", it wasn't always easy for her to cross refrence human to cat and vice' a versa. "I don't do..good..talking..anymore..but..wolf..not ..friendly..Daemon..confused.." She sipped the water with her hands slightly shaking as she worked on grounding herself with sleep desperately calling her name. Now and then erratic flairs of blue energy would cause the lights to flicker and the TV to go haywire. OH, they would learn quickly, why she didn't always do well around people.

23:09:20 Torch crossed his arms over his chest, nodding. "I told her as much...she needs to learn to blend in without drawing attention to herself. A particularly hard task for a lust demon; she needs to control her cravings. What are you suggesting?" He had an idea, but he wouldn't jump the gun just yet. They were talking, and as long as this remained a simple conversation, he may be able to salvage something out of the night.

23:14:09 [Thane] "Wolf..bad? You mean me?..." he asked, being reminded of why he no longer helped others. It simply wasn't worth it. Looking at the door to the complex, he contemplated on leaving, and just going home. Or causing som hell as someone else, that always took his mind off things. Getting a glass down, he got some water, then walked to the living room. Pulling out his cell, he texted someone, waiting on their response, he sipped at his water.

23:20:51 [Evelynne] "You bad no..Been hunted..", she admitted. Once she had water, the TV would flicker off like it got hit by a power surge. "Thank you..feel" Her cheeks were flushed. "Tatts?" She nodded her name to that adding it to her memory. "" She had vaguely heard Lilium rant about it or mentions of it? She was still in bit of a haze but sure enough, was coming back to being at home in her skin again.

23:23:09 [Dannethion] Dannethion rolls his neck around, "Lust Creatures are like animals of nature, in a way. They have periods where they need to get the urges out, or it will drive them insane. And sometimes, mere mortals cannot satiate it. My guess is that she was in 'season' and she wasn't finding an outlet strong enough, hence--the aura. Likely trying to draw in a fellow Lust Creature to mate with to expel the urge. What I am 'suggesting' is that she needs tutelage--and from a creature of Lust that is strong enough to see beyond the veil of lust and desire, able to control it, and one not holding close to such things as Morals as my Son does. I want to train her. And you know how things work--only a Lust creature can train her, the other Sins and Mortals don't have the instincts or abilities that my our Planar Creatures do. Or do you disagree?"

23:30:59 [Thane] "No worries. I understand, being hunted can change you..." he said. He had only been hunted once, and that was when he discovered he wasn't just any old shifter, and his race of shifters had unique powers, even to shifters. He wondered about the struggle between Lightr and Dark, as hunting and being hunted reminded him of it. He had always stayed out of it, but now he wondered if that had been wise. He had no job, his life was his music, but he couldn't be famous, because he would expose the Fae.... 'No, I don't have a job... I make music, and steal..." realizing how he had lived, he began to cement the idead of joining the Dark Fae...

23:32:47 Torch considered his words, a frown forming on his lips. While it was true that another lust daemon would be able to teach her to control herself far better than anyone else, Torch doubted the arch-demon's motives. After all, he could just as easily turn her into his thrall, and have a powerful lust demon at his disposal. "I agree she needs training; as she is now, she'll draw the attention of every damn person in Boston. What I disagree with are your methods. I may be from the plane of Wrath, but I have chosen to side with the Light clan. I fear that your 'teachings' would make her into something more dangerous than she already is. There's enough stalking the humans in this city without having a lust demon added to it. You've shown no respect for human life; she only needs to be taught control, not your way of thinking."

23:38:40 [Dannethion] Dannethion laughed at Torch and his words, "You think me of the Dark, do you? Light, Dark...these are as relative as Good and Evil. There is no such thing as Good or Evil, Darkness or Light--everyone exists on this world and the next to act as their basic instincts dictate and how they were raised by their parents. If I had shown an entire lack of regard of human life I would have kept the souls of those humans inside of me and let them fester and boil within my stomach. What happened at the Diner? I was showing everyone how easy it was for me to take advantage of her--you saw how easy it was for me to rile her up, and by riling her up--it opened the doors in everyone's mind at the Diner--a door that I could freely enter. You may not agree with my methods, but the results should be enough to convince you that if she does not receive the training she needs then the Fae will be exposed and this world will be plunged into a world-wild war of the humans versus our kind. It is a war that will destroy 23:38:49 [Dannethion] everything that I hold dear--the open expanses of the wilderness will be laid bare, animals slain in mass quantities being mistaken for Fae. It will become a Worldwide Genocide. You know what is at stake here if she should happen to open doors to something that doesn't have the longview to realize it."

23:39:59 [Evelynne] She took a deep breath and let out a gruff growl before her voice seemed to come back to being more pleasant like a purr. "I've done that." She was fairly good at adapting, with being given enough time. "Stealing that is. In the wild, if you can't you're going to starve." For her while she'd been part of that struggle between light and darkness, she was about as neutral as they came. People had been on the menu and her appetite really didn't discriminate. She seriously preferred those that could fight back tho! Sadly she shared a lot in common with Dannethion's logic, but that was for another time and place.

23:47:27 [Thane] Looking over at her, he smiled gently, and said "Its easier for me, I'm sure...". Getting a text, his almost broke his glass when he discovered his bandmates were about to experiment with the drug 'Spellbound'. 'Idiots. Looks like I will be out of work for awhile.' he thought aggitated. Claming himself down, he wondered about war.. He was a powerful shifter, and could take on many Fae, and if he ever met a human he couldn't kill, he may rampage though some random town as a elephant. Grinning, he looked up, then back at her and said "Do you mind if I call you Eve?"

23:50:29 [Evelynne] "Nah.", she said shrugging her shoulders. "Its a mouthfull." He was agitated? She could see it in his face. She canted her head to the right and sniffed the air again. "I'm going to have to get work or head back to the woods again. I don't do well just lingering around." Many wouldn't like it, but she'd go to which side paid better at the time.

23:53:35 Torch grimaced as the arch-demon struck a nerve, and torch's whole body became immolated in flame. Here, away from prying human eyes, he was able to let himself go a bit. "Don't talk to me like I don't know anything. I know damn well that you side with neither the Light or the Dark; the fact remains that you are more than willing to use Humans as tools, and that you treat them as such. I know that if left unchecked, she will expose us and likely bring about the end of the world as we know it. I've lived here amongst humans for over three hundred years; they've waged enough war without our kind being involved." He sighed, the flames around him turning into a dull orange color. "There's more to her than just being untrained...she has a purpose, and morals of her own. Neither of those need to be lost."

23:55:41 [Thane] "Well.... I made a desicion while I have been here. I am going to finally join the struggle between light and dark." looking over at her, he smiled gently. His body language suggested he would choose light, then he asked "Are you withing the war?" he hoped if she said yes, it would not be with the light. "I am going to join the Clan of The Dark." he stated bluntly. Standing up, he waited on her response...

00:00:05 [Dannethion] Dannethion shook his head, "Struck a cord, did I? You can try to hide it, to suppress it--to try and forget it. But the Father of Sins will ALWAYS be there, overbearing you. His shadow will always be around you. His claws around your heart. You live, breathe, and die at his wish and whim. Humans are useful. But they are far too intelligent to become Tools. But I see you value moreso about Morals, than about survival--you would rather listen to your Heart, rather than think with your Brain. You've lived for three centuries amongst the Mortals, and yet you've learned nothing. These mortals, these humans; they care nothing. Many of them are selfish and self-conceited. If you revealed who you were to your closest human friends, I wonder--would they welcome you with open arms still, or would they hold a Crucifex to you and command you to Leave their presence?" he could have pulled rank--it was within his right for being talked down too by a lesser rank--but he didn't.

00:00:13 [Evelynne] "I don't do so well with those clan things.", she said honestly. "I've been badly burned.." If he were to see her in her full panther form, he would understand she meant that litterally. "I guess I kind of created my own side tho. I like those who I like, and don't those, I don't." Some might find her answer chaotic, but there were things she loved about the light and dark, despite living most of her existence in the dark. "Trust however, doesn't come so easily." Her mind returned to a time where her name had been Lunch and she had to answer to it. Structure, the way of the wild, and survival had been drilled into her brain like a reflex. She'd started to pace quietly. Yes, she was back on her feet but it would be a long while before she blasted out windows again.

00:07:06 Torch shook his head, the flames around him turning bright red. "I have no human friends. You're right, a good lot of them are selfish, hateful creatures; I've seen firsthand the horrors they've inflicted upon each other. They fear what they dont understand, and our world is beyond their understanding. They are capable of great things, these Humans, as well as great horrors; they deserve the chance to decide what they do for themselves. And our kind hunting them down and treating them like worthless crap isn't helping!" The flames became bluish white in color now, and the ground he was standing on had begun to glow red hot. "I've survived among them, and I've even shown whole villages my true form; yet here I remain. They are worth fighting for."

00:07:19 [Thane] Smiling at her response, he turned towards the door. "Well, I am going to find someone to sign me up with the Clan. he walked towards the door, then looked back and said "It was nice meeting you..." Then he walked out towards the balcony, then looked around, and saw no one. Shifting into a raven, he made sure it was almost twice the size of a true raven, and then took flight. Enjoying the sky's freeing embrace, he began to head for The Cork, to get some information...

00:15:46 [Dannethion] Dannethion found the rage that the Demon invoked from within from his words to be amusing. Though when you were born in a dimension where the typical landscape was fire and brimstone, you tended to be use to it--and given his status, the floor merely heating up did little to hamper or inconvenience the Arch-Daemon, "Of course they are." he replied--and not with sarcasm either, "Even the wolf realizes the folly of hunting down every last sheep in a herd. Whilst you've been living amongst the Humans, I've been out--facing our Archenemies and having to deal with imbecilic underlings. But the Father realizes that whilst my methods are extreme, they grant results. She will not benefit from any kind of training you give her--because you are a Wrath Demon. Your kind are not known for your Patience, as you are exhibiting right now with your rage allowed to flow loosely and freely. You cannot teach a Lust Demon how to be better by yelling at them or by branding them with pain each time they branch out of what you 00:16:03 [Dannethion] feel is the true path. Lust demons are creatures of pleasure, of emotion. Wrath demons are full of negative and violent emotions. And as for the humans? If they can actually pull their heads out of their asses long enough to understand what's going on around them, then yes; they are worth fighting for. Otherwise, it would be like trying to herd cows into a pasture without a fence in it. A waste of time."

00:29:03 Torch let out a deep breath, the flames around him flickering out. "I have already decided that they are worth fighting for; their potential is worth my life. A hundred of my lives...a thousand. As a being of Wrath, I am hot-tempered, and my patience wears thin easily; however, I have learned to control myself, and doing so amongst humans whose negative emotions run rampant on a daily basis is no easy task. I have enough enemies...if she loses her value of human life, then she is one more enemy I must worry about. I don't want to see that happen. There are bigger things happening here, as I'm sure you're aware. The war looming over the horizon mustn't happen...on that at least we both agree. We've fought amongst ourselves longer than the humans have; if nothing else, let it stay that way."

00:29:58 [Evelynne] -just curls up to watch till the guys come back for coffee or something XD..but notes she prolly caught a nap-

00:38:16 [Dannethion] Dannethion shakes his head, "I don't care about her morals, or about changing them. I don't rightly care what she does with her powers once she learns how to control them, my only concern is helping her obtain the power to control those powers. And be aware that if that War does occur here between the humans and our kind, I will relocate to another dimension entirely. I do not care for wars: I've fought in enough of them to last an infinity of your lifetimes. I've killed my share of Angels, Demons, Gods, and Demigods alike." he growled under his breath--beginning to see the futility of this conversation. With Torch stuck in his mindset as he was, it was impossible for him to get Torch to understand the true meaning of Life. He sighs and shakes his head.

00:50:58 Torch shook his head, wondering what he was still doing here. "I do not have all of your experience, but I know that this conversation has run its course. Train the girl, make sure she doesn't bring all of humanity down on our heads." He sighed, glancing upward. "I have guests to attend to...if there's nothing else, then let us part ways and be done."

00:55:18 [Dannethion] Dannethion reaches out to place a forepaw on Torch's shoulder to turn him around so that he could look the Arch-Daemon in the eyes, "She will be trained. She must be made known of the dangers. If she runs from them, it will doom more than just herself--but also be aware of what's going on. And remember that you were a Demon long before you came to the Humans. I do not want to have to draw my claws upon you. The curse of being a daemonic wolf, I suppose--I get a bit attached to my students." he releases his shoulder and then he began to fade away, "Go with the Hunt." and he was gone.

01:03:09 Torch was surprised when the arch-daemon turned him around, and even more so at his words. The fae's parting words hung with Torch, and he let out a sigh, looking up at the sky as he exited the tunnels. What had he gotten himself into? He shook his head and made his way back up to his apartment, unlocking the door and entering. He frowned as he didn't see Tatts, but Eve was snoozing on the couch. He went over to her and gently touched her shoulder. "Eve...are you feeling alright?"

01:11:32 [Evelynne] She cracked a right eye open and looked him over. "Headache, but yes.", was said plesaantly enough despite a soft groan going with it. "Tatt's had to go..and did before I said goodbye." She wasn't going to pry overly far if she could avoid it. "Thank you guys for not leaving me hang back there. hating..people.." She was used to being burned or left alone for the most part.

01:17:46 Torch nodded, taking a seat next to the couch. "You were willing to give your life for all those people back at least deserve a place to stay and get rested up. Are you hungry or anything? I don't have much here, but I can whip up something." He was getting a bit tired after the ordeals of the night, but he was going to be a good host for Eve at least.

01:24:12 [Evelynne] had a blank look on her face for a while. "They couldn't fight back.", was all she said slowly. "Anyway- ..I hate to say this but I eat raw hamburger and stuff like that." While she was speaking in a civilized fashion, if she were threatened again it could take her years to come back to conversing like she was. "I will be alright with ..sleep I guess and quiet. Noises hurt my ears.." Cell phones would have her nearly ripping out a poor guy's throat, let alone teenage girls with ipods!

01:29:02 Torch chuckled, getting to his feet. "Don't worry about it...I've been around a long time Eve, and eaten my share of stuff that humans would find disgusting." He went to his fridge and pulled out some chicken breasts that had thawed. "Will these do? Don't worry about other people; no one gets in here without my permission."

01:33:42 [Evelynne] "I believe that." she'd been around warding some and could smell it to an extent. "Yes.." She blinked and for her own comfort switched to cat form leaving her outfit behind. There were indeed burn scars on her sides and her belly. A large shrapnel mark was in her right shoulder. The orichalcum claws of hers were pulled up so as to not damage the floor like she'd seen another do. She sat down expectantly and mewled at him like a kitten with her right paw out batting at his foot. One thing was for sure, she was quick with her changes!

01:37:28 Torch opened the chicken and held the breast pieces in his hand for a moment. He used just enough heat to knock out the chill from the fridge then set them down in a small bowl for Eve to eat at her leisure. He went to the sink and washed his hands, watching Eve with a grin. He was glad he could be of help, although it looked like the shifter had seen her fair share of battles. She obviously also had great mastery over her shifting; she had changed in almost the blink of an eye. "I've got milk too if you want that."

01:44:43 [Evelynne] She cocked her head at him for a bit before stepping forward to the dish and waited until he stepped back like a proper cat with manners would, and lapped at the chicken taking the blood off of it before -crunching- the bone. When he said milk, she sneezed and blinked. Maybe it was a psychosimatic reaction ? She actually said, "Noooo.." and shook her head before eating the chicken again. Once she was done she snagged her clothes and would go into the bathroom and came back out and picked up the dish to wash it if he allowed her to do so. "Tatts wasn't able to help me much but what's there for work to do around here? If I don't get something and soon, I'm going to have to go back out to the wilds again and its hard to get me back to sane..." 01:48:44 [Evelynne] come back in human form, dressed*

01:50:45 Torch chuckled at hearing her say no to the milk, even while shifted; he finished washing his hands and waited for her to eat. After she emerged from the bathroom he stepped aside so she could clean the bowl, grateful that she had done so. "Work, eh? Depends on what you're good at, Eve. What are your talents? I've got a few underground connections, I can probably find you something." He frowned as he heard faint yelling from the room beneathe them. "Come on, my room is almost soundproof compared to the rest of the place." He led her to his bedroom, which was simple but functional; his king size bed sat in the center, and he had a desk on the left side of the bed.

01:55:17 [Evelynne] "Awwww..", she huffed and looked back out the door toward the couch. "Well..I do odd stuff like run packages to wiping down tables. ..but its not wise to put me around electronics." Her energy fluctuations had a habit of causing stuff to get fried. "I can get carried away in fights.." She went toward being soft spoken. "Have you considered insulation up here? Whether you pay for it or not, its always worth it to keep people from prying.." Not many were going to have their extended senses..but! "Also you might want to look at your ductwork- it carries noise up..and down as far as it reaches.." One thing she was good at, was sound proofing! Food and water brought her vigor but later she'd need to hunt..and strangely, she didn't want to.

01:59:03 Torch thought for a moment, then motioned her forward to his desk. He got out a pad and a pencil and wrote down a name and telephone number. He handed the paper to Eve. "Call this number, ask for this girl, let her know Torch said to call. This woman facilitates the traffic of special packages; specifically ones that need to get from point a to point b discreetly and quickly. Sound like something you'd be interested in?"

02:01:19 [Evelynne] "I can do that..depending on one thing..How firm are they on "obediance"? I don't want repurcussions of getting tied to something again or paranoia.." Remember that fragment pattern? For being 17, she'd lived a brutal life.

02:08:10 Torch lifted an eyebrow. He hadn't quite heard it worded that way before. "So long as you do the job that's given to you, there won't be any questions asked. Just don't take on a job that you can't handle; there are always plenty that need to be done." He offered her his hand. "I can give you something in case things get out of hand...but I have to tell you that it will hurt, both now and if you use it."

02:18:35 [Evelynne] She was wary of the bed out of courtesy but snagged his chair and spun it around to look at him and sat down with the chair being backward and her propping her front against the back. "What's that?" she asked granting him rare eyecontact with her. The cat and fae were in her eyes in an eerie mix. He was seeing trust..
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